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S h o p p e r s S e e k S id e w a lk S a le S p e c ia ls By CARMELIA M. HOWLAND Everyone turned a cold shoulder to the w e a ther today and w e n t about enjoying the party w ithout it. The International Seaway Festival, “Gateway to En­ chantm ent,” is going great guns in the downtown and shopping center areas, where sidewalk s a l e s attracted crowds o f people b e f o r t shop­ ping tim e began this morning, tvhile overhead clouds threat­ ened to attempt to dampen the of t h e bargain seekers. Pace Setteer The sidew a lk sales are one of several highlights of the Festival, o n e which a r e a towns a r e copying this year. Canton an d Potsdam are concurrent­ l y conducting sidewalk sales — and it looks as if you can get a b argain just about any­ where if you pack up the kids, your umbrella and pock- etbook a n d go sauntering along the walks. Festival Queen V ickie Sue Layng, w h o officially opened t h e Festival celebration last evening a t the Block Dance at M orissette Park, jo in e d the shoppers today, both down­ tow n and at th e Seaway Pla­ za. A n d parading through the downtown streets w ere bag­ pipers from Brockville, adding a gay note to th e already glee­ f u l atm o sphere amid th e flags (which Mayor Byrnes request­ ed everyone fly during the Festival) and the jumDle ol' goods outside th e shops. A ttending th e Block Dance, as scheduled w e re the mayor, Festival Donald Dodds, Cham b er . P resident George Looney and Mrs. Doro­ th y L a b e rtrandie with Queen Vickie Sue, as well as more than 600 patrons. One spokes­ m a n said T h e Soulmen of Canton were a “crowd-pleas­ ing” band. MANY TO MARCH Tomorrow the parade will hold more thrills for the chil­ dren than the continuing side­ walk sales. “Battle of Drums” pageantry at Cooper Field near OF. Also demonstrating in the beginning at 7:45 p.m. are Ca­ dets LaSalle of Ottawa, Les Chatelaines of LaVal, Que., the 1968 National Canadian Girls! Champions, the Applenockers Beginning at 1:30 p.m. bands, of Geneva N.Y., and the Mag-1 marching units, floats and oth- nificent Yankees of Utica, er units will begin their long,) For exhibition, the Highrisers cotorM parade through town, of Arnprior, Canada, will per-' The De LaSalles Oaklands of Toronto will be out to better form, and the opening of the pageaent will be by the Ogdens- their own performances of the: burg Free Aca~d\emy band°Priz- past two years as they seek to: es for the parade will be capture the Seaway flag with! awarded during the drum pag- their third straight win in the) eant. The Games Sixteen top Canadian and American sottball teams will join the Festival tomorrow and Sunday. Sponsored by the Ma­ ple City Softball Association, the softball tournament compe­ tition will begin at Jeff Park tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock and will continue throughout the day. Eight games will be played. Quarter-finals, semi-fi-: nais, and finals will be held Sunday. Tourney winner will receive a $200 cash prize, with $100 for second place and $50 each for ! third and fourth place. There) will be trophies also for first1 and second place winners and a homerun trophy will be award-j ed. | For those who want to spend the entire day at the ballpark,! there will be an old-l'ashioned chicken barbecue right at the! park. | I Kids, cats, kits and grown-ups a re delving into a truly festive weekend in the ’Burg, and those crossing the border are getting a break, too. J a m e s Mc- Guiness, executive director oi the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority said a special round-trip fee of only $1.50 is being charged, with special-rate coupons which appeared July 24 in newspapers on both sides of the St. Lawrence. Stores are displaying memen­ tos from Ogdensburg's past, un­ der the sponsorship of the His­ torical Society. This evening at 9 o’clock there will be a band concert at Morissette P a rk by the Salva­ tion Army band of Ottawa. Con­ cluding the busy day will be a giant fireworks display at 10:15 p.m . Local H ighlight A r th u r Connor named A s­ sistan t Postm a ster — S tory P a g e 14. ©gticnjsrtmra 3 m t n m l caSlier Forecast Valuable cloudiness with scattered showers or thunder­ showers. High temperatures in the 70s t o near 80. Lowest tonight in low 60s. Partly cloudy Saturday. Highest near 80, VOL. 2 6 , NO. 2 8 9 4 Republican Established 1880 Journal Established 1858 OGDENSBURG, N.Y.. 13669, FRID A Y , JU L Y 25, 1969 Matter Post Office Ogdensburg, N.2. Dally Entered & b Second Glass SINGLE C O P Y 10® A s t r o n a u t s R e p o r t e d In E x c e lle n t C o n d itio n iBOARD USS HORNET (AP) j men have had. He wasn’t sure -- Back from the moon but iso- j why. laled from the world, the men! But he was sure that the in- of Apollo 11 today were pro-, flammation in one of Arm- OFFICLAL FESTIVAL OPENING — Vickie Sue Layng, Queen of the 1969 Seaway Festival, opened th e annual celebration at a ceremony at the Ogdensburg Teen Center last night. With M iss Layng are George B. Looney, presi­ dent of the Chamber of Commerce; Mayor John F. Byrnes; and Donald Dodds, c h a irm a n of the Festival Com ­ mittee. — Jack W ood Photo strong's ears was not important. He said there may have been a buildup of fluid in the ear due to the pressures of re-entry and that the fluid was draining. The men will be under pains­ taking medical scrutiny for 21 days due to the remote possibili­ ty they might have brought to earth some unknown and poten­ tially dangerous germs from the moon. Actually, no one knows wheth­ er there are germs on the moon, less deterioration in heart and| Many scientists doubt it. But the blood vessels than other Apollo I National Aeronautics and Space nounced in better condition than astronauts returning from pre­ vious flights. After 11 hours of examining the spacemen, Dr. William Car- pentier said he found no evi­ dence of contamination from the moon. Despite one m an’s minor ear inflammation “I think they’re in good shape.” he said. Tlie physician said Neil A. Armstrong, Air Force Col. Ed­ win E. Aldrin Jr. and Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Collins showed Nixon Rests Before Beginning, Asian Tour * 'i P resident Pledges N o M o re Vietnam s AGANA, Guam iA P t — Presi-J help police a cease-fire in Viet- dent Nixon said today ’. ■: w ill; nam and free election look to America’s Asian allies to do more for themselves militar- lv in the future so th a t the Unit­ ed States does not get involved in any m o re Vietnams. Tlie President spoke to news­ men after a long day during which he greeted the returning Apollo 11 astronauts aboard the aircraft carrier Hornet south, west of Hawaii, then flew to this tiny U.S. island outpost in the Western Pacific, After a n overnight rest, the President and Mrs. Nixon take off Saturday for the Philippines, Nixon’s first Asian stop on his globe-circling torn’. After the Philippines, Nixon will visit Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Romania. During his stops in Asia, he said, he will be looking ahead to American policy in Asia after fhe Vietnam war. He said think­ ing about postwar policy should begin now, so that the United States does not act precipitously When the occasion arises. He said he feels the United States should continue to be in­ volved in Asia because it is a Pacific power. But he added that he recognizes the national­ ism of the Asians who say “Asia for the Asians.” The United States should offer assistance, he said, but should not dictate. The President said the United States, of course, will keep its treaty commitments in Asia and elsewhere, but hopes to cut back military aid, and particularly the supplying of personnel, lest it get caught up in another creeping involvement in war. He said he did not want to be critical of previous administra­ tions, but felt the United States could learn from its mistakes. Nixon declined to discuss pnspects for further withdraw­ als of U.S. troops from Vietnam oi to assess the continuing lull in fighting there, However, he said he would be meeting in Bangkok next week with Ellsworth Bunker, the U.S. ambassador in Saigon, and .quite possibly with Gen. Creigh­ ton Abrams, the U.S. military commander in Vietnam. Asked if there was any pros­ pect of withdrawal of some of the 40,000 American troops in Thailand, Nixon said commit­ ments of military personnel in th- :ountry and elsewhere are be ng reviewed and will be dis­ cussed with higher officials in Bangkok. Nixon also said that he would sound out the Asian leaders he meets on their willingness to States and the countries of East­ ern Europe would find such ex- As for his Romanian visit, the I changes mutually beneficial, first to a Communist country by Nixon _ also specified three an American president since areas which he said could serve President Franklin D. Roosevelt! as a basis for summit talks with went to Y alta in 1945, Nixon said his trip to Bucharest should under no circumstances be in­ terpreted as an affront to the Soviet Union or as being related to Communist China. The President said he hoped the visit to Romania would set the stage for future openings of this kind in which the United the Soviet Union, talks he said could be held if both countries accept and prospects for prog­ ress are promising. Tlie three a reas were the Mid­ dle East, arms control and Viet­ nam. However, he held out no prospect for immediate summit talks with the Russians on any of these items. Senator Kennedy Pleads Guilty, Receives A Suspended Sentence Kidnapped Buffalo Child Is Found Safe In Ontario BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Twenty - three - month - old Patricia Ann Martin has re­ turned safe and sound to her home in the city’s West Side aft­ e r being held for two days by an unknown kidnaper. Patricia Ann was found Thursday wandering alone on a residential street in the exclu­ sive Lake Ontario resort eom- arm s, and her hair had been trimmed in a boyish cut. “I’m glad they only cut her hair, because that can grow back,” Mrs. Murray Martin sobbed to reporters when her reunited family arrived at a relatives small home in the old­ er section of the city. The Martins were rushed to the eariy-American resort com­ munity of about 3,000 after Mrs By DAVID NYHAN Associated Press Writer EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts pleaded guilty today to a charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident and was given a two-month suspend­ ed jail term. Defense lawyers told the court they had “legal defenses” they could use but Kennedy insisted on pleading guilty and accepting punishment. Kennedy told newsmen as he left the courthouse that h e had requested network television tim e tonight “ to explain to the people of Massachusetts.” His Washington office s a id the report, on both radio and televi­ sion would be made at 7:30 p.m. EDT. His arraignment was in a courtroom in which the m a jori­ ty of spectators were som e 50 newsmen. They were from all parts of the country and repre- quiddick Island, recovered the plead not guilty?” Administration was taking no chances. j Confined in a silvery quaran-! tine trailer on the Hornet’s! hangar deck, the space heroes) could barely see the world theyj had thrilled. But they did call: their wives by radiotelephone. A smiling' President Nixon, aboard the Hornet to deliver his congratulations personally, had to use an intercommunications system to converse with the spacemen as they stood at a window of the isolation trailer, called a Mobile Quarantine Fa­ cility (MQF). Lt. Gen. Samuel Phillips, Apollo program director, said Apollo 12 will be launched Nov. 14 for a moon landing far to the west of the spot where Arm­ strong and Aldrin walked on the Sea of Tranquility. Samples of the moon’s crust i gathered by the astronauts werej expected to reach the Lunar,Re- j ceiving Laboratory (LRL)' in! Houston, Tex., today. Tests! start immediately in a n effort to j answer scientific questions that; m an has been asking for ages. | As Dr. Carpentier delivered! his report through the MQF win-) dow, Aldrin could be seen be-1 hind him, stretched out in an) easy chair, his feet up on a ta­ ble in the dining area. No, your honor. The defend­ ant is adamant in that he wishes to plead guilty to this offense of operating a motor vehicle and going away from the scene of tile accident and leave the dis­ position to this court. “It is the attitude of both pro­ secution and defense counsel that confinement to jail is not necessary or proper in this case and asks suspension.\ Steele also recommended sus- the state asked for a sentence of two months—the minimum in the two-month to two-year pen­ alty provided by law. Steele aiso recommended sus pension. He said: torneys have advised Mr. Ken- “Having in mind the charac- nedy there are legal defenses he ter and the reputation of the de- could bring...” ifendant the ends of justice “Just a minute,” the judge would not be served by a jail broke in. “Do you now want to term.” body, and that when he returned to the station, Kennedy “ad­ vised me that he was driver of the car, and that the accident happened sometime after 11:15 p.m. (Friday).” “It was not reported to me un­ til after 9 a.m. the next day,” Arena testified. Defense counsel Robert G. Clark Jr. and Richard J. Mc- Carron said they had no ques­ tions. “Well, I have,” said the judge. “Was there any deliber­ ate effort to conceal the identity of the defendant?” “Not to my knowledge, your honor,” Arena replied. McCarron spoke up. Your honor, tlie defense at- from the Hornet and the Rus­ sian president and the 14 Soviet cosmonauts wired congratula­ tions. The Hornet, steaming for Ha­ waii, was expected to arrive at about 2 p.m. EDT Saturday. The MQF will be tucked into an Air Force transport for the long flight to Ellington Air Force Base near the Space Cen­ ter. There the men shift to the spacious Lunar Receiving Labo­ ratory for the remainder of the quarantine period. Unmanned Grafts le For Mm PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - While the nation celebrates the Apollo 11 moon mission triumph, two unmanned space­ craft, Mariner 6 and 7, are zip- n ,. ., .. , p ing toward Mars to give Carpentier said the spacemen ^ yi ^ were in excellent spirits and e r spaCe spectacular. still living on Houston tune, [ which probably m e a n t they j Mariner 6 is expected to beam were about ready to go to bed: b ack pictures of Mars from though it was midafternoon) 2.<300 miles from the surface here. jnext Tuesday, images that will But Aldrin, looking crisp andjtake 5U minutes to travel the c fresh in blue coveralls, raised a paper cup and shook his head. While the spacemen, the doc- tor, and a technician quaran-jP? res on , tined with them to keep the i P lc^ures are expected to reveal MQF systems going, must pass)new details ° f the planet, the hours cooped up in the a, spokesman for the Jet Pro- MQF, the world outside _ heaps puision Laboratory, part of the million miles. Mariner 7 is to start sending 3. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said Thursday both Mariner missions a re right on schedule. tribute upon the Apollo triumph. Plans for a joint session of Congress honoring the astro­ nauts were announced in Wash, ington. Cables of congratuIa-;' tions from other countries | Mars was televised by Mari- poured into the White House. ) n e r 4 in 1965, but NASA engi- of Thursday’s j neers promise pictures far high- splashdown and recovery wereler in quality from Mariners 6 viewed throughout Europe. Mos-; and 7 than was possible four cow TV carried parts of it live, y ears ago. Ghetti, of Queenston, 0 « . > « i t f a g newspapers; artfar away Ont., about 25 miles north of this) city. She was in good condition, her mother said, except that she had bruises on her buttocks and M cEwen Hails A p p o intm e n t O f H u g h es WASHINGTON - - Congress­ m an Robert C. McEwen, R-N. Y ., today hailed the selection oi. E. Burton Hughes to be Act­ ing Commissioner of the De­ partment of Transportation for the Slate of New York. The appointment of Hughes, a career state employee, to be Acting Commissioner will be sagnated next week by Gover­ nor Nelson A. Rockefeller. “I am well acquiainted with Mr. Hughes,” Rep. MriFwen said, “During my 12 years in •the New York State Senate, I recognize Ms ability as an en­ gineer and administrator.” In a telegram to Mr. Hughes, Rep. McEwen sal’: “Your experience, knowledge and understanding of the De­ partment and the transporta­ tion needs of our state, emin­ ently qualify you for this posi­ tion, The Govr n o r is to be con­ gratulated for his choice,” brought the toddler to police , as Japan. Outside the court- headquarters. Patricia was room were 50 photographers alone and no one in the area and television cameramen, knew her, Mis. Ghetti told Chief Kennedy was the driver of a Constable John Laurie. ,oar that plunged off a narrow Laurie recognized the girl as bndge and into a tidal pond on the one kidnaped in Buffalo and Chappaquiddick Island la s t Fri- called the FBI. , daY night. A pretty blonde sec- Mrs. Ghetti said she was driv. retary from ing to her home about 15 miles | drowned^ south of Niagara-on-the-Lake T‘ with her own children when she came upon Patricia. M e d icaid H ead R esigns From E m b a ttled Post WASHINGTON (AP) - Dr. Francis L. Land, a Johnson ad­ ministration appointee, submit­ ted his resignation today as chief of the embattled m c , program of health care for the poor. Dr, Land gave no reason for Ms resignation, which is to be effective Aug. 31. But it follows by several days the publication of reports that he was being eased out. Dr. Roger O. Egeberg com­ mented in the wake of these re­ ports that he thought Dr. Land wanted to quit, but Land denied at the time that he either want- excellent j ed to step out or that anyone • w as trying to p u sh him out. Kennedy’s arraignm ent and disposition of the case took only about 10 minutes in the crowded second floor courtroom of the 150-year-old red brick court­ house. When Judge James A. Boyle opened the session at 9:01 a.m., Clerk Thomas A. Teller called the Kennedy case first. Kennedy stood at the rail as Teller read the words of the complaint, the State’s charge that “Edward M. Kennedy of Boston did go away after caus­ ing injury to Miss Mary Jo Ko­ pechne without making known your name and registration number.” “How do you plead, guilty or not guilty.” Kennedy replied in a low but steady voice, “ Guilty.” Judge Boyle asked to hear some of tlie evidence and the prosecutor, W alter D. Steele, called the Edgartown Police Chief Dominick J. Arena. Arena described how h e had gone to tlie scene <» Chapp*- Asiroaautf N#U A . Armstrong, Mich ael Collins, and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. a

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