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Bolivar breeze. (Bolivar, Allegany Co., N.Y.) 1891-1965, August 19, 1965, Image 1

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' i' publish.. depart. ik you\' lassified or each . ^ ■ . . ’ ■ . ' 75 th Year — Number 52 I Thursday, August 19,1965 . 10 cents per copy thanks* )ors for d sytn- recent Pecially ‘t cards fed the he late xke ub J W 'ounty i^ill be It the lb, be- rvisor rer, is raii^e- is be- visors And- ’oe of tained mper- 'ill be lower Meet men’s Cup meet St 16, )-Var im.- Just Some Stuff OffJthe Cuff ; Wirt Seeks Teeth For \Auto Graveyard\ RuBng The Wirt Town Board plans to confer with Edward F. Mergler, town attorney, on Thettobert Burdicks Note 50th Anniversary August 20, 1965 ; Hoag & Sons Bookbindery ^ S p ringport, Michigan Gentlemen: /i had no publication for The Breeze on August 12, 1 9 6 5 . karge rm m of 01ean„ b^pre\ Juccuin'bing.,; The ironical thing, ■bout this is f e t Sally^s dad, Luke, lied for the 2 lead in the Men's III Jofdan Meimtihtiai Membex- iuest Touxney lew weeks jack ahd.'lo^t in extra holes as tell. ■ ■ ■ ’ ■ Over 300 guests were on hand ' Sunday to help Mr. nd Mrs. Robert 0.- Burdick f little Genesee celebrate ieir ^M m -wei^ing^nnni^ Jrsary. Their children, Bob, hb Mrs. Walter (Carol) rhpp, and' Mrs. Ulysses 3hrbara) Morgan and their linilies were, in attendance, i^ther well-wishers who S|ted the open house at the F^fle Genesee Community ^ter were from ^such dis- l|t points as California, i^higan, Ohio and Rhode Mnd. lypmen of the Little Gene- 4fSnn’shine Club, with Mrs-. ?4ce Sanford as chairman, j^isted with 'refreshments ifing the afternoon. Mrs. ALLEGANY PRINTING CO. t^mond Pingrey and other jinen from Poi^villle han- , led kitchen duties during e evening portion. Pouring wereJMrs. Thomas: irdick of Fast Aurora; rs. Naomi Sciiweenj Mrs. tarlotte Roller and Mrs. - --------------- - V ~“J5ess Marsteller of Youngs- to-llie-Job Training-- Woodell of Little Genesee; Milton Ferry of Christmas lighting Fund Has Reached $1,000 Gual Yours truly Will Be Offered In Bolivar, Says Goodell Congressman Charles E. Goodell has announced ap- and Mrs. Angelica. A three-tiered, gold and white wedding cake graced the center table, and seasonal Watkins Resigns BCS Post jFor Oswayo Job The I resignation of James Watkins, grade six teacher at Bolivar Centrail Sohool for ^ the past nine years, was ac­ cepted with regrets by the local Board of Education at last week's session. Mr. Watkins has accepted a post as elementary super­ visor at the Osw^ayo Valley Joint School in Shinglehouse, Pa. Accepted on provisional appointments w; e r e Mrs. Stephen Paytash of Little . Crenesee as hatf^day Kinder­ garten teacher; and 'Clark Jacques to succeed Mrs. Bernard Fox as a sixth grade instructor. Mrs. Paytash is ^^a^^graduate-oLJJoughtonrTToL lege, and Mr. Jacques, a 1961 graduate of BCS, has completed studies at the Uni­ versity of Cincinnati ;and State University College at Geneseo. Board president George The^oal of $1,000 to fi­ nance Christmas decorations for Bolivar's Ma:in St. has been reached,, members o f the Bolivar Betterment Associa­ tion learned Monday night. Necessary , funds were ‘ realized through a series of' }>ubItcriYrnd miring activities, initiated by Mrs. Doris Shaner and Mrs. Marge Kal- khof. John Baker an d Rbbert Thomas were appoint­ ed to complete, details of the Yif 1 etide lighting proj ect. It was decided 10 strings of lights, 175 feet apart, will be strung across Main St. The bulbs have been ordered, and ^one of the guy wires im^, stalled. Bolivar had no Christmas; ITghtrng Th 1964, as the old decorations were in a- state of disrepair and their were no funds to pur­ chase new ones. Named were: Jofin D. Brad- Ihis week l i regi^^er foa* the uiHg. sen^ter. Steve?s. Jnts, Bichat'and ^ a r y Cudahy jupplied the transpoertation, Ruth bilson also made the joui*ney. I Incidently, _Steve participated the big Bartlett Club golf lourney last week and tookjhe Lular John 17. holes' J ,\ More boding o^kt. Looks like operators. Project ihio Univerrity\ is getting its^ hare of good, golfers &om this tea doesn't it? BCC golf champ Wilson is a. JtmiQr in the e college. On-the-Job, project^ in Boli­ var. Training will he conduct­ ed by the Hahn and Schaffner Company here. The project will provide five unemployed and under­ employed woricers with 26 weeks each~ of training as perators. Project was developed and submitted, to the secretary of Labor for ap­ proval by the Bureau of Ap^ prenticeship and Training,. and will cost a total of $3,- 462. __ ■ i l : __ _ The Manpower Develop- I As Smith ivas driving down i ne Manpower I country mad. a pig ran out in “»ent and TrainiM Act w^s V to( the <k-aad was run by CongressiMn Goodell as a substitute for in.e farmer saw the accident the Administration’s propoa- }nd was quite understandably . passed into law in 1962. aioyed,\ and vigotously pro- It-provides training and _al- Med the less. ' “ ' lowances tq pefmit the trai- I Smith was * apolg|getic. “Itai hee to sup'port himself while prry, sir,” Ije “fU replace learning on-the-job skills. pig.’ , : ■ ' Since ihe/Mw was enacted, 1 111 © farmer smiled wryly,-. £md ,t programs haVe been conduct- , “You flatter & T A aU 50 ^ s is te s , resulting ili a b o u l T 6 per c ent em p lo y - boUce chief Oak .Is ^ e n U f o f those receiving the fashing*, down- ^ ’ Village tfainihg. * peedierg ,with-' ■ ebdndriice''.' this,-' • . . ' . ~ ■ r s r S’to® » if :oufttiyte._am,cau^fc, **■ it better to get a tittet for Kepublicans;in the Town o f ^Mfflcvioiatiohfian t o ^ ayfilifaM* 9 ^ on being responsible for ■ test at the September pn- BCC Floiss Beach Party The Summer season at th% Bolivar Country 01 ub will be climaxed Saturday with a Beach Party a Go-Go, high­ lighted by dinner in the '•boat house.” The meal will feature charcoal broiled steaks, com, salad and baked potatoes. A buffet will also be served at midnight. The entertainment com­ mittee includes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bai^ley, Mr. and Mrs^ Edgar Clark” and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pollock. Prizes will be awarded for skill at limbo dancing. - Cocktails will be served at 6:30 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7 -.SO p.m. Dancing will be from 9 to La.m., with raiiric by Johnny' Bloise's Aerovons. Those attending are asked to wear beacl^ clothing m keeping with the theme. ing project wjll be for in­ stallation and additions and repairri The Association made these committee assignments at its first full! session: pub­ licity, Bernard Hilton, chair­ man, to be aided by Robert Schnettleif^ Miss Marjorie Cranston and. William Jone^; Christmas home ' lighting, Donald Saunders,\ chairman, and Mr. Baker and Mr. Thomas; cle^-u^, Robert Morris, chairman, with Har- Pounds and Mr. builing and grounds. »-tedman; Mam.St. Christ- TtiA. decorations, Mrs. Shaner Bi^ds for (^fetena supplies chairman; with Mrs.Halkhof, for the commg_ year were ac, charter presiaen*. : .cepted fronu Beverly Farms - Among luWre'^ events Inc. .of Portville, jce cream jg ^ fashioned products; Stroehmann Bros. ^ijeWalk bazaar with local The 21 members attending leajmed a showcase VrindOw, in the Hogan Building has ley alid Merton Dunshie, transportation ; Mrs.. Fenton Yehl and Richard Pounds, cafeteria: Mr. Bradley \and Mrs. Yehl, teachers; and Mr. an d Blickinger (Red & White) oir-Buffallo, canned goods^ ^ Permission was given for the local Little League to use a school bus for a trip to a baseball game in Rochester. Stipends wfre aPPtoved .Yor 11 teachers Who sucess- fully completed' a two-week language arts workshop in Angelica.^_. ’ :,..L *g someone « iShtiessness? V5u bet sbme-“ ways Superintendent ftWi : J r ■ / J ^ i i g s . 'is ■ opposed by lust remember ;ifisf 0 u sp^a in Bohfert P, Uprrett. '' koilvar ViUage you' are ask-' Unopposed arb Supervisor fur a ^kei wm ; ___ — Floydaunders S ■. and ^ % bowlbri selfe isf lari Wilcox; George* ^Sanpder^, '.'fouriye^ asses-_. coruftiitig would like to sors; (Slalr Watson* fed-year f «4rea men «id women that assessorand Wade'HamgW, (Continued^ on'Bdge'6): ., ;-,;,^..y.counc$mahi.. fclige! __ been made available to dis­ play products manufactured locally. Eugene Kuhn Was named chairman of the dis­ play project. Next Association nieeting will be 8 p*m. Sebt. 26 at the Boliv^ Hotdv ^ CoUisioh. T h r ^ A two^car cqllisi^^ ^ ady night oil ~Rt. 17 hi the Town of Genesee resuiled. in injuries; for three persoiis. Robert Brushingham, 18, of Glean, .^^drivihg a 1959n model sedan, sustained a . neck injury. Charles Crad- dnct^ -B4y Of operating a 1957-mpdel sta­ tion wagon, su l t r i^ a l frac­ tured'left arm and. scapp lac­ erations. William Aaron, 33, of Bortville, passenger in the ... Brushingham autoy w,a s treated fon a. left ami lacer­ ation and neck inj ury. ..,, 2 .1 . 2 . ‘ M i were taken to Olean Generaa^ Hospital. Only Mr. Brushingham remained', hos­ pitalised Wednesday, and his condition w a s listed as : . - # ■‘4 ' '■y

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