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Bolivar breeze. (Bolivar, Allegany Co., N.Y.) 1891-1965, July 29, 1965, Image 1

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■^, 9 CUFF ^e,l) .:i:^ ari I 'veteran •Helen | 'er her 5y Sea. : with a i didn’t ' hit). . Rich.: Hos. I llness. L terof’.f ooperrl ieorge\ f ’ay in | Ha^ I >lean] ’ ndom . dchil- rand- tmbgr hurch' 5 eve-. ■ Pu- , vhere. W Rev. First I tburg:4 I will ' Cem- 75 fear — Number 49 fhiirsday, July 29, 1965 10 cents per copy JustiSome Stuff Off the Cuff by Bernard Hilton Bliss, Bradley Head BeS Board Slate ' Sign ITp August 14 For Midget Football Team Area boys nine to 14 are George Bliss was refnamed Aug^ 14 is the sign- president and John D Brad for the midget foot- iey chosen v ie e-pre^dent Interested youths ® president are to report at 9 a.m. to the Swimmer Of *The Week James Gilligan Named Olean’s CD Director Thursday night as \thp Bnli v a.m. to me var Central School board of ..................... All studeHfebor residents I All iriterested; ^ .citizens, and piness men and women are re- ^ ^ fcSid that ^the'.‘6rgani25ational nual reorganiya+inTiai Meeting for the local fund-raising ing. Mr. Bradliy succeeds ■^©iivar,_Richburg, Allen- p U t i o n (temporarly at leaat.) Richard Pound! S I Ifled d,e Main-Street A-ssociav^ Other feLappointmente- in- S o X f l notSlve“ peached l°“ elude: Supemsing Principal their 14th birthday anniver- I at the Bohvar Hotel. Time of the George Kuhn, purchasing sarv by Sept 1 are eligible leetiag is MO p.m. Everyone the agent; Edward M. Campbell, Don LouiLben*y is cbach last bit interested in the better- Clerk; Mrs. Lucille B-ames, aided by Fred To^mpkins- ' ’ lent ’of Bolivar should definitely treasurer and census enumer- _____ ^ (Ian to attend. . ator; Mrs. Susan Ingalls, col- Win Pri 7 P« in Fftv of fund raising, sector; apd Drs. :Phillips r ilzeS HI rOX Carol Weber, 10,- daughter of • Appointment of T. James Gilligan of Olean as that city’s Civil Defense ‘ director vtrds approved unanimously iPueM^y by the Clean Gam­ mon Council. \ ■' • Mr. Giiligat is a fofmer resident of Bolivar, having spent his early years .here. He has- been seizing as dep­ uty director of Civil Defense under Olean Mayor Edward R. Husted who resided sev­ eral weeks ago as director. Annual salary for Mr. .Gilligan was set at „^1,000.. He has served in various Mr. and Mrs. Bob Weber of Bol- CD c a p a c i t i e s in c l u d in g d e p - J Speaking VJ. ^ ' 1 ----- -----------^ PhSar.s'\'^ John Leahy, Trapping Competition Ling Fund is stiH a couple hun- - The local office of the Citi- Bolivar boys and a ^var, is Swimmer of the Week at u t y director of wardens and\ ted dollars from reaching the ^^ens National Bank was ^i^hburg lad^ were among Moore Memorial Pool. Carol, who deputy director of welfare^ 1,000 goal. Marge asks that you named official depository p® Allegapy w ill observe her 11th birthday thds since 1950. Mr. Gilligan’s Ltinue, to put your change and and members voted to con- ... yeenba^^ «^onthly mafion forThfei^^ate S w ^ MonTay^rough Friday in liners around town and, if you meeting on the second Thurs- ^ ^ o > y Hdton) m the Mu- _ The _ new director was disposed^ you can make d a y a ^ j p j m ^ ----- -- ------------ I t o - t h i - , l i p Z t o M s m . n - P . . g b f i s S bid! attw d e r kppFdil- rarm Bureatr Prans thrislmas - Peqorafmg Fund and I>ooas supply plds will be rna+^^ltr 7 c; r« ____ lail to Marge at Margie> Dress opened Aug. 12. ihop, Mai^n Street, Bolivar. In other action, the beard ®Po^smen, ■Infarmed Robert Sherm:an of wipers,, the number « . graduated from BoUvar Den- ^ately 75 boys, parents and Membership Cconpaigti tral School, and frbm Cor- Approximately 200 attend- n6ll University in 1931: H e ­ ed the ,*Ailegany County attended Cornell LawSciiool,- I Visitors to the Russian zoo were Qiean, a June graduate of St. they caught, and Farm Bureau barb^ue held and' engaged ; in oil produc- to see a cage labeled, Ronaventure University, had their cash prizes were; Mark recently in.Canaseraga. Hon- tion for about 25 years. He containing a-U o n been engaged to teach Eng- -------- . ... ----------- - otne lamhs:^! jjgj, j,j g r a d e s n in e a n d 10, M o o r e , B o li Ind some 1 “How ored guests included Ndman served as materials cointrol ^ A f l t r i t h e y a s s e d Two other positions remain T f o S [he zoo-keeper. I “Nothing to it,” he You just add- a fresh Jamb Ind then.” i^r, SIX, E, Fitzer of Wellsvillevand supervisor at Daystrom Fur- Assemblyman. Frank Walk- niture for 18 years. At ley of Castile, GOP candi- present, he is serving with to be filled.- ' Richburg, five, $15 A total ---------------- - ^ replied. . Permission was granted -2* - \ toxes were turned m dates for assemblymen from the Small Business Adminis- nb now for the midget football te!^ ' l^Oth Assembly district.- trafion ip. its SCORE pro- fu tircxa. to use school' facilities for i S o ” ChamberTain, FB grram ];yhich involves^tilizing mm mm. mmM WS^ Supervisors and the Alle- fcto his Richburg residence the Bolivar Educators. Iressed With the school facilities Ind the local cdtizehs, who have \een very friendly and helpful. iilated for the 1965-66 mem- four cjiildren Sally, Nan,g - > 4 . .1 TT u -rt bership campaign^ It Was Thomas and William, an<Tre_\ gany County. 4-.H Club De- ^oted there ■ are 270 farm side\ at 207 N. Fifth St., in partment. , families who hold member- Olean. The 4-H Pepartwent as- §Hip Th the Allegany County. ^ --------- o. V V V ^ , Slimed the responsibility for oro^mVaHriTi ^ JT? twys who FB S d Of4irectors will Oilmen Plan A n n u al Attend Warkshop Hreet at the Fri^dship office M eeting, Clam b ake ® P-°b on Ang. ■& |touid^be^°^etty _They-g-je : Betty Bartoo, tributed money ' for prizes ..Public Invited To New York State Oil Pro­ ducers’ Assn, will.,hold its annual meeting,., and clam bake Aug. 26 the Weills- >ther golf • “nut’. ' Ken has onlv ^^Bus, Mary Flanaga^^ Vel- Interest in the prograi tirnea or on ^ • diie to--ar-4esire—^ —cor . ^ 6 t t t e “M ^ ,4B a r b e c u ir ' vilTe CountrynCTug. ^ A cnRlo m<^tfn^!^h^d--haK^ Lunch will be served from . XU IltruT iX e n o nnoTi fn f>io r m h l i e nofvn tfv„ 3 rSO ■n.TTI ~ lo b s t e t S fom 3:30 racticing for some time, eh? r A total of ?170 in Bishopville on Rt. 32. Fea- ing will follow a t '5, and din- Iracticing for some time, eh? Wilson of the Bolivar Cen- cash prizes was awarded. A1 and Lucy Hollister are busy tral School faculty; and Mil- kith final details prior to depart-' ^j-ed Dunshie o f WhitesVile TnKllmk^ 1 ?Ar pg for theirnewthome:^in Ari‘2ona,.-. -0^^T.=^^ Hel6in ■ wh YCI d.UUlU^ r li a month ofe two. When they MiJIiihan of Scio Central T|iA R i|riA |i ‘ v v Q Tirf..r Mr and Mrs Burton \C &xtensioH Service is spon- .T.PlantsofWeHsviWe,ivrpsi- TOhased a b e a u ^ ^.The wpirtehop was under and program,, with dent; Frank Q. Hunfferford tiired will be beef, Argentina ner will be served at 6:30 style, with serving from 6 p.m. , ’ . ' , to 7 p.m. . ; Election, of ,officers Ifor The Agricultural Depart- 1965-66 will be undertaken, ment o f the Allegany County Current officers are Williain DIMMER p R W p S Q D teT S tiirpugh ninth grade. N I f L i t t l e - f ^ ^ l f l s S ^ a A .C p u irt^ th r o u g h th e e « ‘>tts . P f v a r i o u s a s p e c t s Of b e e f c a t t l e n u M m e e t t n g r i i b i a la s t y e a r fc t e r t o v s S t f o M j & t o r a t t t e f ^ ^ f h e h o l ^ l w«^^ p r o d u b t t o a n d , m a r k e t i n g , in li^ e l l s v i l l e , a t t r a c t e d 4 7 5 f C h u r c h S c h o o l m e a ts' »* - I S p ^ t e n d m i t ’ o f ' R e v - J o h n C a M sO n . T h d r n u r r h o a iih m o - . -h i V ' K*45 a . m , : Sun d ^ iys, w i t h p R a th e w o r k ^ a t t e n d a n t s y v e r e F r a n c i s J^I^ods. , . . - Former Residents Visit P c h a r d M d n r o d sh o p e m p h i s i i S d t h e i i o ^ s t B # g e i t a n d \ # i s s B « a f n r^rTlm i ^ 1 B o t e n d o r t M p h d e n L M o i ih in g iw d r s M E d d y ; s i s t e r o f t h e g r o o m , foracm Reunion 3tingay;^^^ ^ K a t h r y n . B o le n .^’*9 Jj'^^tKe New liu DMUCtiOlll jAn ^>:-r

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