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,. > te^ I Ji'baroug ly came 75th Year ^ Number 48 | Thursday, J u ly 22, 1965 10 cents per copy TION- Just Some Stuff Off the Cuff by Bernard Hilton Richburg and Bolivar were lavored Saturday by a visit from pri6ridship. l t : cab best be dascsribt, 1 by quoting a letter Bolivar May- r 'Mike' Schafffter sent the Mayor [ Frieri<rsHprWfliram T. Kdflbek. i “Our citizens \yere pleased and nof e*^ today by«the visit of your friendship citizens , who are Ttell- Jng the area about yotir Sesquicen- lennial celebifation We (did. not fhe city, because we have none. like to feel that our village lates are like our hearts— always tpen!________ ____ : ___ ________ Delegates Selected By Demos, \ Includes Local Mon A change in rules for nam­ ing delegates to district ju­ dicial conventions has not altered the size of Allegany Cou^y’s representation at Oilmen Alter lode Of Ticket Sales For Annual Clambake Revised plans for distriba- tion of tickets to the N.Y.S. Oil Producers Association^ Midget Fodtball Team , To Recruit August 14 Area boys nine to 14 years of age are reminded th^t Saturday, Aug. 14, is the sign-up d a t e . for midget league fdotbaR./ Residents and / o r school RCS Board Elects, Notes New teachlers J a m e s McLaughlin as president heads, officials re­ elected for the coming year, at the Richburg board of edu­ cation's rep r g ^ i^ t i o n a 1 coOTenlaon-far the 8«i Judi- announced by William F. Trustee Jldjrar Thomi>son oial District, according to Atty. Robert Fleischer, boun­ ty Demo chairman. He said the ' county still , has three delegates and three alternates to attend the con­ vention at which state Su­ preme Court candidates are named for the i eight-county district. : ------- Named as delegates in a petition to be circulated June- 29-Aug. 10, filing deadline, —^ --------- ^ ----------- -wer-e-^L-Y^^httor-Embser^and: : However,^ we do want you to Atty. Fleischer, b o t h of fenow^ that uU our residents join WeiIsville, and Atty George in extending best wishes to you W, Bliss of Bolivar. County fcnd your community at this histor- alternates areHerbert Malick ■cal milestone-Friendship’s 150th of Belmont, Dr, Melvin tnniversary^.We*are cQ^identthat Bernstein ; of Alfred and .... ____ _ _____ __ tour c ^ ^ a t i o n _wi^ a huge- Thojnas - McElrpy of r Fjeee— revise distributioh methods,** iuccess, and we wish for all our dom. ^ * the secretary noted, “be- lister villagers to thq North, that Wyoi^inff County also has cause in past ^ 5 ’:ear^ some Tie years that Ife ahead will bring three- delegates and three ah members have been unable to \ ■■ ' temates, and two each for Cattaraugus County. announced by William F. Hogan of Bolivar, secretary- treasurer. . He said each member M il be allowed to. purcha.se two tickets before the July 30 deadline, with the right to the. purchase forfeited if not undertaken b y that time. Firms and_ individuals will thep he . allowed to buy ad­ ditional tickets until Aug. 15, after which the remaining will be offered to the public. Mr.Hlogah also said in­ creased costs have caused the xA:ssociatioh to raise the price fiVgntwiH be Aug. 26 at the Weilsville Country Club. ‘‘We have been forced to burg, ,AlIentQLwn and Shingle?- house, Pa., are eligible, pro­ viding they are-at least nine and wilil not have reached their 14th birthday anniver­ saries iintil after Sept. 1. i . Interested boys should re­ port at the Bolivar-Central School athletic field ,at 9 aun: on Aug. ^14. ^D o n a ld Lounsberry is jeoach, with Fred Tompkins as his assis-• tant. , happiness Friendship health , ^nd prosperity‘for all.' Personal best regards! Clarence D. Schaffner, Mayor” \Doe\ and Hulda-^Clafflin. left- Monday morning for Canton where 3iey will visit Doc’s sister for a tew days. \A1 HolHsier and Bob fend Elsie Bartlett spent-last Week i trie B'actlett’s cottage in Canada, ^ob was under the weather for a ^ days, but.other than that they iia(Lan enjoyable-Mlme. — - — We overheard two farmers cohir plaining about the dry - weather. Baid one:- “Never-did see- hay crow so short as mine did this fummer.” , ‘You think yours was short,” knapped his Mend, “1 had to lath- pr mine to mow it.*’ ... Mrs. Robert Hawks Dies At Lime Lake •Isabelle Hawks of Rich­ burg died suddenly Tuesday at Lime Lake, N.Y., while at­ tending Odosagih Bible Con­ ference. She was the widow of Robert Hawks who passed ed in the Richburg area for the, .past 30 years., Mrs. Hawks was born June 23,19.08, i.n.West.Dnion, .N.Yu, a daughtei* of Arthur and Elnora Linza, and was em­ ployed at Richburg Central School as a cafeteria worker. She was a member^ of the First Baptist Church' o f Rich­ burg, and of the V.F.W. Auxiliary, Wefl|lsville. Survivors fnctiide a son, Bbmard, at home; three Ralph (Judge) Bentley walked Into the Sugar Bowl Beslaurant ^esday and was greeted by.Ham JShaner - with,. “J don’t see any |ish” Ralph replied;, “Neither did: . Ralph 0 eht the previous week Wishing ■ in the -wilds of Canada, _ _ ))ut apparently chose a poor week / M iltW 'C Marlene) plhis luck was-aE-badr' -- T Rogefs^^^O^^ . , — tt 7 o brothers^ M!ax and Asel Tony SaUaxio spent last week Linza, both of WeWsville; a Peep-sea fishing, sight seeing etc., sister. Mrs. Orri-n W aH of |n Mexico dhly to returh hoirie Friendship ; and six g r M - ¥ pull a neck muscle reaching children. |or his toothbrush.-Maybe It can ^ - F r ien d s m ay call at the traced to top much sightsee.^ ^chaffner Fune^^^ 2-5 mg. ^ . : • ■ • . « ri i,.. secure tickets, which often wound up in the hands of those persons who have no connection with the oil in­ dustry.” He also revealed that plans for opening an oil museum in the former Colegrove & Wood building are at a stand­ still pending a rutting on- gifts from the federal tax department. He said a rul­ ing is being sought on de- ,_djictabilitv--jQ£_jdonatiOns to the museum. The Bolivar village board recently granted permission . for erection of an qperal^le derrick on the site, with any proceeds to he used to sup­ port the museum. Other Association officers are ; WiLljliam J. Plants of Wellsville, president; Frank G.HIungerford of Bolivar^md Francis E. Riqhardso 3 M|pf Welisviile, vice presiden^f: Indians TodetY Topic 01 DAR July Meeting Mrs. George G. Sehram o f Bolivar, regent, presided ^ t - the July session of Catherine Bchuyler Chapter, DAR, heTd at the Belmont Methodist Church. - ” ° ^.- Thirty-onfe members and guests attended, and heard Miss Helen A. Wayne, Super­ visor of Indian Affairs for the State Department ^ of Social Welfare. She is con­ sultant and advisor to- the New York State Indians in regard to their various prob­ lems, and makes appropriate referrals for legal council, sociail service, ed u c a t io n , housing and rehabilitatiop. The Weaker told of life* on the reservations^toiiay-^pointo ing out that the Indian has both ability and initiative but requires encouragement and afd. As part of the national defense program, pending legislation in r ' e g a r d . to Trustee Bd&ar Thompson was re-named vice president. Also named WB^e: Ray­ mond D. Starr, merk; Mrs. Ora Jean Bullock, treasurer; and Eldred Monahan, collec- torf Mrs. Leslie Richmo^^d was seated on the board, suc­ ceeding L. Maurice McCrea whom-^he-defeated in the re­ cent election. As no bids were received, trustees voted to extend to bidding on rewiring and^ in- _ _:§tallatiQn .- oi. _ naw: - circuit- _ - breakers on the sepond floor of the main building, as part pi A_tbree^phase4npi[^^ _. Contract t o r supplying - bread and rolls was awarded the Firch' Baking Co. of Bradford, Pa.; for milk, the Evergreen Dairy of Bolivar ; and for ice. cream, Beverly Farms Tnc. of Portvilfe. » Bruce Fomess, new super­ vising principal, told board members five of 11 teaching vacancies have been filled. He said he had hired Mrs. Lee Bohne of Weilsville to teach junior high history; Fred Seeley of Weilsville for j iinior high math; Jacqueline Jones of Butler, Pa., for - j unior high E n g 1 i & h; Donald Garland of Mineral -Point,. Pa.,. fox high school math and science; and Mrs. Ai^drey Markle of W^ells- viile as guidance director through the Board oi Coop­ erative Education Services. , Yet to be filled\ are posi- fMarfon>,|[\c;ilSr of Will TlOphy „ A* Waterfight Tourney F?iendship^ith Mrs. Edward A team of Bolivar volun- . amendnients to the United^ tions as: girls' physical edu- Natiolife' Chapter was re-\ cation director, vocal and in- viewed. Emphasis was placed strumental music instructors, on the fact that should such a combination French’ and legislation be passed, the po- English teacher, and third sition of the United States in grade and Kindergarteh the Security Council and t he—toaohexs^ Economic and Social Gouncil would be greatly weakened. The Anigust session, a n . teer firemen snafedYKe wa­ tertight trophy Tuesday ' night at a . two-hour tourna- m ehtat Portville*s Old Week. Captain for the victors was Diek Smith: wRh BodKilmer, Fred Tompkins, Dave Barber, -Lee Jordan and Joe Collins.' ‘ 1, in- ^ ____ Pori The mmmage sale last Friday The f uher^l\ Ayill bd held in Aliegany^ Westori*s Mills, letted the -Boiitar, Christmas the First Baprist Ghuri^^ of Hejinont, Hinsdale, Gouder:: fecoration Fund $100, to up the Richburg a t 2 p.m. Saturday, ' gp^rt^ E 1 d r e d Borough iotal to the, $800 level. With .about with the Rev. Harold Tucker Eldred^ Township,, and the iSo coming ih iroip. the'Bolivar officiating.' . ' . CeheSee Hbse O q : o f Wells- |asebali.Night at -TuUar Firildf in r. Burial is tq be in Ric^^^ ville. ..... ______ Fellsvilie on Tuesday ,evening, it Cemetery.; The* waterfight was part leaves the fitod about $150 short ''■- .. of the*week-long event spon- f S S S S p v S around the husiness - ; Firimeh*s , A u x ilt rade is Schedhfl^.-ror 7 :30 C. Underwood speaking on - National-Defense.-'—^ - Mr. Forness told the board he is nof processing several applications. D e ^ n a ted official news­ papers were the Bolivar Breeze and the Glean Times Herald. ------ - ------ Swimmers Of The Week At Moore Memorial Pool ice to help make this goal! p.mV on Saturday.-^ _ The Shirley Ferris family will Alma Rod and Gun Club. A reminderpaper fishing! . Frank ____ (Continued on Pa<e 8) and a dish to pass. . few ddys* vacation. and Mr. and Mrs. Roherl Benson of Bichburg. BR^ZE will feature young swimmers iii each issue throughout the Sum- met. ; {photo br Benu. Hilton) ■'w f'\ :o

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