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Bolivar breeze. (Bolivar, Allegany Co., N.Y.) 1891-1965, June 10, 1965, Image 2

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Pag e 2 June 101 1005 Pinch And Mulch For More Zinnia Blooms Pinch out the terminal tips of zinnia- to grow more flow- ^ -^Siu-The plants will ^put^ out r branches below,the^ pruned tip, become bushy and start more flower buds. According to a Pennsyl> ^vania State University cor­ respondence course on home floriculture, many kind o.f plants flower when termin al tips are removed. Pinching is a method^ou use to change plant growth. A soil mulch is important in the summer care of your annuals. Any loose material, such as good shavings or „_pea^lJm lk^apread two m-, ches^ deep on the ground a- round plants works ' well. Weeds won't come through; soil dryness is reduced and the ground stays cooler. Your garden soil in mid­ summer-sun may go over 100 degrees. That’s much too hot for shallow r.ooted plants like zinnias, marigolds and a host of other plants. Grow­ th of flower buds comes to a halt with roots ip hot, dry soil. To produce more flower, pinch out growing tips on your tall growing annuals. And keep your plants in bet_ ' ter growth by covering the soil with mulch. \ To learn more about_grow- ing- plants around ,yoiir home, study the Penn State Cor­ respondence course. Enroll simply by sending your name and address^ with $2.50 to Home Floriculture, Box 5000, University Park, Pa., 16802. A course copy will be sent you by return mail. you. With^ planning and 'a small investnient of time and money, you can have the ef- pcient space ;go^ dnsire, .Good storage doesn’t al­ ways mean adding closets, nabinets, or shelves to what you already have. More often it means making better use pf f the existnig storage spaced For ei^ective storage': of, small spice box^s and bottles of flavoring in S' Mtchen cup­ board, step shelves are easy to install- Shelves can be one box deep and one box high so you can see each one as you lift it out as needed. -With adjustable shelves, you can increase the number of items you could store in \a certain area without stack- ii^ one on top of the other, for flexible arrangement of shelves in any storage area, old or new. - Home storage problems have no one solution. But you can find help in solving some Of yours in a publication of the Cooperative \Extensio i Service of The Pennsylvania State University. For a copy send your name and address ^ with 25 cents to STOltAGE, Box 6000, University Park, |?a.> 16802. Intemdl Revenue Sets EnrollmenI Examindtion. A special enrollment e^^am- ination-for those seeking to qualify for enrollment to practice as agents beford the Internal KevehUe Service will be held in Buffalo on Sep­ tember 23 and 24, 1965, John E. Foley, Buffalo DistrictUi- rector of Internal Eevenue which services Western New Yorl^, announced today. The' ■ special : enrollment program presents an oppor­ tunity each year for those who are not attorneys, certi­ fied pubTic accountants, nor qualified former Internal - Revenue Service employee^, to establish the proof of pom- petance which is required of tax practitioners who seek to S i m The old:^\feshibned parlor is staging^a comback -— in the. barm thjis- fime. - With some adaptations andnipdatw 4ng, it proves to be the best place to milk a cow» accord­ ing to a Cornell University specialisV in animal husband- i*y. A recent sqrvey by ’ Prof. A.M. Meek, N. iY. State Col­ lege of^ Agriculfoe, shows- six/man-hours a year are., saved on each cow, milked in a milking parlor when, com­ pared to two other systems, and 13 man-hours saved in . comparison to a third method. Therefore, Meek concludes fewer men are needed witm the milking par- lo r aystom . Show Festival B.eqins lin e 29 In Canada Festival, featuring tJ,„ of the Hiate. George c Shaw.will be on^ theatrical ^ summer season ^in agara Palls area Ni yal wiM -he held-at toric village of N,/?® the^ake., Ontari\'^'^«t north of the Pan. ? weeks starting June’ 29 “' acquire enrollment status in The survey compared milk- order to represent their cli- ing time and manpower needs ents at all levels of procedure in systems using milking par- before the Service. The ex- lors, pipelines, dumping sta- amination fee of $25 contin- tions, and buckets, ues to be effective for 196b: The milking parlor is a ____ feiucmuin\ will run starting June 29. , SeaJ O'Casey’s “The Shadow of I Gunniah” will be featurei for the two weeks'startinl July 13. The finale will b| 'a two-week run of Shaw’l “The Millionairess.” July IQ to 13. .^Improving Storage ^ d r S e Challeiige Consider khe lack of con­ venient storage^space in your house a challenge ..mot a pro­ blem that constantly baffles RAHR PROPERTY- 5 Sawyer Si Near ihe Fouiu^. in Friendship , Roomy 3 Bedrooni M New S a a ^ c e Price call Bexnaid H. liUlon, Boh 103 — Licensed Sal^man Leo V. Luddeji Realty 74 N. Main Ph. 91 or 1457 WellsriUe. N. Y. STUDY COURSE ON F L O ^ R ARRANGING Knowing how to make at­ tractive floral aimangements is not a secret belonging to florists oiily. But to have w;eH proportioned arrangements, it’s important, to know and follnw correct procedures.\^ To aid you In developing the art of flower “arranging The Pennsylvania State Uni­ versity has a correspondence course on “Flower Arrange­ ment.” Besides giving direc­ tions forjassemWii^^^a^^^ tive arrangements, the course describes methods used for drying flowers and for mak­ ing corsages Yrom your” own garden flowers. It also has a section on containers and holders. To get the complets course, send yottr name and address with $2.00 to FLOWER ARRANGEMENT, Box 5000, -University Park, Pa.,: 16802: Make your cheek or money order payable to The Penn^ sylvania State University. The material will be mailed promptly^ , , dieate 600 man-hours a yeai ^WQuld be saved in a parlor as Applications, which ar6 to system where cows are moved ^compared to milking into ! be filed with the Director of to. a central point and two or pipeline or using a dumpin. Practice, Washington, D. C., more are milked simultan- station. About 1300 man and detailed informatipin con- eousiy by^achine. This pro- hours a year are saved whei cerning the examination, may cedure requires one or more comparing parlors with tb be obtained by visiting or men, depending on the num- traditipnal bucket system. ber of cows in the parlor. The pipeline system is nexj The study shovlrs 25.8 man. best in totel man-hours witl hours are required a year to 31.3 required for each cow milk each cow in a milking This is very close to tb pahlor. -Projecting . these duniping, .station systen figures for a TbO-cbw herd, which Tequires 31.9 man Professor Meek’s figur-es in- hours a year. calling District Director of Internal Revenue Buffalo, N. Y. Telephone: 842-3491 Penn State Cow Ensure Employment rPennsy Ivania S taterfUniver- sity graduates of winter courses in ornamental nurs-. ery management and pest control technician tfatnihg are assured of elnployment, T h e average taxpayer works 117 days a year to meet federal, state and loqal taxes. Here's a siiiSgestiott for \problem* floois . Armstrong Vinyl Plastic 9X 1 2 rii^, »g. $1^95 T O * -:• ■ ,Sav/'' .$2^-' anj-' hav#.'. ' bzight- n e ^ _^flppr '■' PHone 2191 ^ .''v ; f^^iendrfiip* a ColTege of Agriculture of­ ficial announced this week. “We could easily fin4 em-* ployment for more graduates in the winter course in orna- menta.i: n-u r-s n r-y^ -mauage- -rncnt,,” announced Fred C. Snyder, , agricultural short course director. “Pest con^ trol work also is an' expand?- - ihg industry, and we have the only winter- course of its; type ‘ in the country,” he added. The training for both courses includes 4 eight week terms of instruction, .October thraugh JDecemher and Jan=.: uary. through March, in each of two years.' A six-month * period of on-the-job training is /ecommendeji: fon aULstu- ^ dents, to be taken between \March and October., ^ High school’\graduates or adults with some 'expemence in the field are‘eligible to en­ roll. College entrance exam­ inations are not required for admission^ ^ Interested-personsL 9hL0uM . write to Director of Shoiit Courses, in Agriculture^ 2lJi Armsby Building, University Park, Pa. 16802. it iXl articulated s p e e c h . T^e rest qf hIs conversing ‘ \ .... ^ speht “\ grimaciti^^ , isniiliiigf frowning, shrugging or in other body motions. . Thh Trad* Miric Means Quality^ Jack has ’em Gifts for Dad and Grad BUKolds- ' ± -Watches- Key Cases Shaving Gear Candy ' ■ Cigars lighters Pens and Pencils ::.'S e c M c ,S o ^ 'rs L - ' ■caasps:--. , Cu« Unks ;' ':,y yy jaui canU and gat wrap y y V; , (BEMIMBEH FATHER'S DAY IS JUNE 2D [Boost An « 10 to I jon in t -elected ing Commi mittee, Nam Boyd .school riett I S'A] Russell ville, ac mental Raymoi more, c ning oo ofSupe Inf leditor c |R^port« I Greater land IComme Dr. Si profess^ fred Ur G. Smii .ness m College Angelic Board < farmer izations worth ( district schools visory c in Belm The_ Comrnrt as appi niittee i (1) to the pu sources for a tt develop ficient give pr causes develop anti-poT legany. all soct ta shall 1 ministe] sist the Prograi ty thro I Tion-pro binatior semble; infotma Opporti fonstr Ends, ^ To Res J lion CO jsouthwe iJiastFri poo lab< J a “wago l&n houi pears. . : The 1 L^est( struck ^ ineihber fespech ines an 25 proj.i taraugu M St( .Spgb p an c ted e r .•^kw, I this'wei gembei Hod C tes Cla

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