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Bolivar breeze. (Bolivar, Allegany Co., N.Y.) 1891-1965, June 10, 1965, Image 1

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thinkXi ” to 30 ' c: i ir UE ^oupe I f 'E4^ rtf, ' loads ^oupe invert S f ' ra equippe Spt.C Or?Co invert! p|«i w f r “ ^Hard! iort‘c| .Convl - I Plus ffl! noN hstli Y e a r ^ Number 42 Ihiirsday June 1 0 ,196S 10 cents per copy I Just Some Stuff Off the Cuff I '-by BernGtrd Hilton I'fommie Tompkins * reminds us I t the local lir^ e n hold Kther dance tiMl *Satu^day rtighl Ithe Salt M n g BQ^d^piubhonse. ^ e r s and his Slwr lHutnrs.yom Id the dance, will be held come ^at or high water. (The last jnce was held the mght ’iim high Iters hit so hard in hi& ar^a, a |nthJ 2 iL.SP ago.). ■Don’t forget the card party\ to- Iht (Thursday) at \the Bolivar Etel for the toeneht 4 >£ 4 he-JBoL-- Christmas Decorating Fund, ■en and wcahen ar^ invited ; to Graduation Program Ucal Man Serving At GCS Is Outlined Aboard USS Wasp Main address at com­ mence exercises July 27 at BoKvar Central School will be .presented by the Rev. Herbert Harrison, of the Asbury Delewaire Methodist Cburcii in Bn|falo/ . His topic is to be, “Live Invocation wiH be voic^ By the Rev. John P. Hennes- sy, pastor of St. Mary’s (Hinrch here, and the Misses Mary Cawley and Norene Croiyley will lead in the Lord's Brayer. Miss aara Wilson will deliver the salut­ atory address and Brian Jordan,-the valedictory. Processional and reces­ sional niusic will be rendered by the hi^h school bakid. The senior ensemble will preset, “You'll Never Wallk Alone,\ and tl|e high school choir . [Two book store proprietors were ^l:?said-See,buii^isl>adK- O T ajSa ,ie Other said: ‘Tt sure is, I’m mater and “May the -Good irg out of husihe^’: The Lord Bless and Keep You.\ then said he was thinking Geroge Kuhn, supervising ,ng the same lines, “I can’t ......... . ......... awards, and scholarship cer­ tificates will be awarded by Gilbert Brinnier, guidance, coihiselor: ' Diplomas will be present­ ed by George Bliss, president of the local! Board of Edu­ cation. Mr. Kuhn noted, “This is the best graduating class we DIAL SYSTEM TO GO INTO EFFECT HERE ea r l y n e x t y e a r In preparation for cojn- verting Bolivar telephones to the dial system, repre­ sentatives of the New York Telephone Co. will visit lo­ cal homes during the^ next few weeks. Announcement was made by Wesley Vanderhorst, man- ager of the Olean office, who said the conversion to dial requires that all Bolivarr telephones be changed. He added, “This would'be an ideal time to install\ an ex--, tension telephone or perhaps one of oui new Bell Chimes, since any work done at this time wilt he done at no charge to you.\ The new tele^ono build­ ing on Belmont St: to house the new dial equipment will be completed early next year. 'Pollowirier thfi Pionieer Oil Museum Seeks To Drfll Well On Main street Site The question- of amending, a village ordinance' to permit an oil well to be-drilled on Bolivar’s Main Street . will be presented at a public hear­ ing a i ? p.m. Monday at the Tillage EMIT ' The Pioneer Oil Museum of New York, Inc* is seek­ ing permission to . drill the well at the site of the for­ mer Colegrove and Wood es­ tablishment on the corner of Main and Liberty Sts., where the proposed ‘ oil museum will be located. The opera­ tion will commemorate ,the historic oil boom in Bolivar, and Richburb in the late 1800’s, and is viewed as a prime tourist attraction for •' this area. Section 12, Chapter 1 of mate fireman feobert Miller, USN, was aboard the air- p r a f f pW iAr-'TTCicj W qotv ^ 0-1 sEam o n -uo- Monday w h ^ A ^ e S l a T - able to dial aJll local calls as ' provides, “No person,, corn- well as most al station-to- |destand it either’V* said number “Just yesterday, President ihnson said business was better Ian ever” “Well, maybe' he has I better location thon ours”, re­ lined the first one. |lt would appear^at the'golf ;e has re^ y - hit our nfidst. e local, golfers . can;be^seeh-on . _ . _ , local BCC couty'than iti sev- have A e r i i a d ^ ^ a l a s t i i ^ il years. Off the cuff, we can It Won ,^ 9 ix Regents scholar- jink of FranvWp^ Jerry Bell, ships and three alternates. !te HettenbaughrJerry Godispoti, H ine , students maintained “■? Sallazzo, Tony Sallazio averaged above 90 per ceiit.’’ Fred Baillett; Mp^t of the — ---------------------- Bves are playing, also.' It’s real- ri i n i n i silly game, isn’t it? First you 1 lU ieF a l F r i d a y rOF tS S 'S S ^ S I-H o y il-E . W and- jsebaii great. Rogers Hornsby ' , , , lid about golf?-“When I hit>a\ball Eloyd E. Reelsmd, lOcal oil [want someone else to chase it/» ' Producer, died^ Tuesday in • Glean General Hospital after.. est astronautical heroes were fished from the sea. The 22-year-old sailor was not expected to aid in the recovery of James McDiViit and Edward White, accord­ ing to his family. He is the husband of the former Gail Dunbar of Richburg, knd^the son of Mrs. John Simpson of Little Genesee and Ralph Miller of Bolivar. ' _ \ A ig^graduate oT Boli- var Central School, Miller joined the Navy in October of that year. He will be eligible for discharge in 1967. pany, copartnedship or cor­ poration .shall driHl,. any ‘ oil or gas well . . . in the vil- All Bolivar telephonenum- of Bblivlr within lOO ---- “ plus four residence or vil­ lage lot under a penalty of $100 for each offence, and the further’ penalty .of $25 per day for each 'day the said well shall be—drilled after notice to quit the same signed by the Mayor of the bers will be 928 digits, the manager said. ' Letters a-dvismg customers of these facts were mailed' earlier this week. > Persons having questions regarding the changes were advised to caill the telephone company’s cairi tne telephone company’s viTlae-p ' bustoess .ofhee representa- OirMuseum offic; - - » ■ ■............- . - - ---- - ials^.-have -asked—the'“Village Board, of Trnstees to grant Chcirged By G rand Jury Twenty - s i x indictments, nine open and 17 seailed; were handed down last Thursday by the June\Alle- gany County Grand-Jury. Bqm Jan. -1-7, 1890, in iNice to see t o w ^ I d G t o r v ’’ ^ ^ png over the libraiy. The old feg was certainly tattered and |rn. The new one should make a m af citizens happy, according to County M asons To Hold Chicken Barbecue T,h e Allegany DistHSt Masonic Fellowship will hold its annual outiing Jhne TS'arfhe* fair'-grounds in Angelica, Among those, indicted were Leon E. Badier, 25^,; of Wells- ville ED, for alleged seco-nd degree assualit on police oL ffeer Oak Marsh in BoHvar on May 9, while the officer was attempting to make an arrest., • them authorization to drill, “upon such terms as it niay deem adequate for the pro­ tection of' proximate land- owners and the Village.’’ Anyinterested person may attend the hearing. fVew Baby Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick L. Durphy of Bolivar are par­ ents of a daughter, born June 1 at Olean General Hospital. le convnents heard around town [gardihg the old one. Bolivar, Mr. Reeland was a son of Charles and Jiilia •Nprth Redland. He was a member of the First Method dist .Church of Bolivar and its ;officiar hoard, was a for­ mer church treasurer, and a member of the Bolivar Eire Department. __ Surviving are his widow, Leona Gibbs Reeland; two' sons, Floyd J. and (Charles E.y b o th'of Bplivar; four ■ and one I Ken Stedmahj at the Boiiv^ |«leL has suggested it would be _ [ good- idea to \ have*' a BOfliySr light at one: of. j i e Wellsville' Jed -Sox-basebali^jwnes th^ Sum- |er. SoimClike a^^Od id^ ^ I date will be .picked' ahd!jckefe .u g ia m d Children |iu be made ayailabie IpcaEy. for - e event. We will keep you post- frien d s m ay call a f - t h e ------ - . late home, 154 W ellsville S L : Irpt, . . V ' . Vrtiefe funeral services w ill [There’s hew imported soap oh be held^Friday, June 11 , :at^^: |e:. market, called Beatle bubble '>2 pdtt; The ' ReV; Revere ^u; sprinirte rt around the 0 . HerkihA M . K 3 nTWatdh the .Ringo, (Quch!) Church w ill, officiate,, and.. : - r f - ------------- * burial w ill L^ in M aple Lawn : ^ ; Ahp-Bauiuto: hav#> a Cenietery. ’-V: '• ^ arrival in^the family-^!.™ a) \ T ’uner^l a r r ^ ^ m e n t s are : '«-we*K.ld’ BoWbn bU^l^ 5 % ‘^ed “Me#V \S^he little Ar^r WilUansi J*,. rec^yes his. D o livar Firem eh’s Auxilia- CbEeie,^ this^^iye^.-end n^ jsree from Ji^estovm^^.vO day* ■vUng ‘ \ ' . . - , j . . , 4 «, ■ittepia; <7^ Plans s yet, but they in- t m & i bjt flie JuHe c o m m i t ^ / , ^ S <S« i t Ballet, wyn coutfe. < ! in ^ Briiauer, t i c e i t w a m P tethet.;Uebeei^^rni^L-f<3lH^^ ... : ............................................................... ... ...... ' /; -v .T™.,

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