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Bolivar breeze. (Bolivar, Allegany Co., N.Y.) 1891-1965, October 15, 1892, Image 1

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' iv‘- ' i ' '■\\I ^ • ................. \ i'V;- {‘t S...P, AW'a. I * . . ir';i“S\# • Mapt or /a^cy ’Erwiiiigi^, come To -mis Office ,AI.U-THItia« ADy&R^IStHe AG%TSf Mrsmm7S ^ perfect fitting- suits m -J ^ a l l ^ l r e i f S p u l a F ^ ^ s l m a e s ^ a nndT 4 ty le f e r - - - = - ---------------- ■ c m i - e n ’? - C h i m j - ^ Siesisl-J-Kalues in tWs I ldwy-as^?e6; Stoiitr fer ~T>uijimfe of Y6ath!s- ' , ]i;. Gi He^t&at|en4e4 ;tht 4edication: pf tile Masomc home in tJtica last Overcoats, f^SS\ an4^ upwards. _ Men’jsji^outlils-andBoys ■i^dw e a r. ' d , % r F i n e s t o c k o f W , Jay-fetsdu-aa-slylefe-- '■ . ..... . . '■'■ ' ^ ■y ;-'7 iOM ’RtoD ABOUT HERE; .WHAT. dOB' CORBESPQMdENTS ; H A y i s t 'o ^ s E i R V f d ^ ^ - \T Hie. -■•--v-ELDRED; ■ Robert King was over from Smeth- iO T p a r o t h a r -:■ ’■ ■/- var 'rs^ejj.this.mee^. ^ ---- /• The Cathohcf are bmlding- a- new rectory on their churchTot., ' d A . ~ ^ ttbi^'Q f Bdiivar; was in iEldfied on bhsiaess,^ Friday. Coudir^' taB6ELdi)ub.W \ Sa McBohaldy w ^ s \ over from Geres-nir^n^jinsss^^ Other day. T^r 4F. S.^ Guliehf of^Bdii^ag^^ -regis^ --iyiUiain-BFadley,, so lon^ connected ?Svlth;ihe^St located ite M. Robert ^wehs, a ^ e K feqown~FS^ i ness man* is seriously ill at his home bn Main streetw • ^ ~ - AryBarden. has aqcepted a po- •ktion a s ^ a ^ lin g salesmen f5r a Ne'w r a r b o b ¥ f i M ^ ^ ^ ^ y t i _ ^ ... ., . -HeaW-fiW^ '’5'.'=• ^ - om an extendea visit-aji|i!as_.toeiada:-^^^^&-''''?*^ j i . : - j' j ,j ^ » ' i-f }’., \ ■-■-•''t m 4 iK”# m c .- *. , _ .:S--. W - ,.J'- •V'r.-i'--' -| - . , ■■ ■ ^ O d RACES,; LQ.VEI^t.'VV'EATHEB. —• ■ - 1' '.;-“^’-;-r.'- _ ~ - .L i * . A tK n d M K e-.BoA -D ^ Th. ^ ^ Qfficlal Kglnes,:; -A.;^W Tipsi j In point of a ^ e n d a h c ^ ih e ^ lF ^ ^ ^ set for if, Idaying bn inefficient time in- whicjbu to ’ prbppdy^ Advertise it. b^he fipt race cahed awas the three minute class, purse |iot>. There Wei'S, five entries, 'It ;Was won in three. Straight heats by Goniet; a bay geld- ingi= owffeb^t!yTVT''Wy^li;' of Alma7 :R..;Y. The o f f i c i a l __ _ Goniet-- ----- i i -M njor-A llen.,_,.;.,../r...rr^^ i 2 SGottish KingL-., ^ r, Tred .Ttoser. - .7 .C l; . . . , _f i-.. 5 4 - itieM. s-This ’ aiso;iWas . won ; in three- fe^ightrby^Kati^ ^K., a' iban* mare,- owned: h y X l p K e ^ of K e ^ p il l e ,, It was quite * a tr expitijig rade. The official.iigttrest .. *; ' , gKatre-Kvviw'j..'iL,^'- , i Jp®‘- “-••''•••'!: ■ —.“ g - L u tkei^s>-=L-^. - W i—-S l ------- -- 3 *“ 5 3 6eto2m e C h a rlie..t-y-I;-------4 4 dis Time, 2:4^M- There worn three entries for the two-yeat-bid^i^'afeejrri^i It was“ cap^ tnr-ed inT,twV. s trait . h e a ts /by Kate % m an extended visit ; ^in Cfb^ord cminty;; ^ ■ - • 'The h b rouifibch^s closed this sek. The teachers are attending' .&biintebt^Smethpbrt^ — ->, - -1 Shqd^ popular pastor of the M. E. .Church, will re- , FolhiGs heg^^^^ to w irni up, though thps far but-few bets havdheen made. Those few were taade ♦ ven msSuey^' PitcheT.MGFail. hae returned from i^^burg. ■ fiq made al^obd record' .tlusbeasbh yidbonfidently expectsi to g^binfastercqmpany next-season. Thqhias j. I v e r s ,^ e tailor, is qnite a huhtler in hisTine; He drums busi“ nfess'all the way from_ Benezelte- to- .Rtdilyar ahd. isjmee|mrwi,tib: gnccesis,.- :fie:pasnt1S}s*^irp1iice is no# F iy ,.'....V - fccStM in . B,;. !#. GW^ai'in's iiivfslo m iO T * il?n.. store. . Miss '-luBHagHaysns, is the ^ t e r o M : . . SrdredniBce.'. ' - : A Marrfeon 4n4^ R e i |C l u b !; The ^. E. & C.;staiioa at ftis place , was closed-on -ftesday tod from now i! 2 S 3 . 3 -,. 4 s ; s ; ; starter Reebe f.^scored'; another.' 5 dessJ He is clevler, ygry eleyer, ’Sdihe of the boys made money, hy- not betting. That is a pure way, , -.-rS ® Bqol^ak e rsjh ^ d , . but few of thd fsporta did* \^yeral went broke, Bert Hooker, tb« pi ucky little driver of' Scottish King, is but. 13 years, of age.; He knows h is business. ■ -M iss Nellie Wright is visiting friends fh Rochester this Wreck. Mr; and Mrs. W. P. Miner visited friends in OJeari Sunday. - ' Dr. G. T. Dennis of Eldred, was in town on busiltiess one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. Holly of Sijnpson, Pa., were guests of Portville^friends k s t week. _ . . Mrs. Wm.i. F. W h e e^r nnd Miss Lilia Wheeldr, are visitif|; friends .in ^num b e r of enthusiastic democrats went to Efoliwar Monday night to hear, Hen. John Colgan of Buffalo. . ' ^ ,_ The serenhdb h r the and 2 ,2. Bolivar h ands Task- week . was. a real =■ - pleasure to-those that heard it. Affmirktibn Jr^ tiaiQ, ilO tH ,: 3 - 02 , _____ _ _ . ” TSe f b id f a e e r R ^ ,ISo» \wks the most exciting e f- all, Tnere seven starters. In the .heepad heat, M 1 q[og.^yienr- 4 tL-^hi*^hkgr -thteyhT^ shretcH, became rattledi nud kicked his driyer out'.of . the - sulky and ftew around the track-at a terriific ’ raCe and came under-the ivire.ahbab d! the rest, ^ w a s au ’ exciti,h^/s^^ A itet hrthe^ dwneii. Thtetacd:\waf v?on by .Scottish K l h r k 'tiitee straigEft-- T h e official figureg^; Scottish - Kipg- ------ • Fred Rose-, - 1 1 1 ■y§:-4.' . _.-i2 d r ’wn : - - 4 , 5 <J^ d i s t a h d ^ \ ! ! t ^ ^ i ^ i t d Dhmdht, -trbiled-thg -ifeurth kone. .. IDixSidht is a'bay stallion owned, by G. S. Bussell ofO lcto-.T h c o-fflaal S intesr ■' Boston, Mass. J. P. Reed and John McDowell of were in t o ^ o ^ husl- jsskestweek. * Mrs.: Myra Gurrier of New York, is visiting her Sister, Mrs. A. F. Hol­ comb, this week. Mrs. J, H. Warden, who- has* been visiting in Colorado the past two months returnedhom e Monday. ig^ his brother, W. P. Roberts, this wpek. ^_^Rev. L W. ^Barnett- retuatid\ feoni cohference last week and will occupy R Q C K W .E L-L imrpit in the M. E, church for i:anotiier 3 i’ean -r—M i^es Gora,; a n d Nellie Holcomb, E. ,M. Bedford and Miss Nellie BSixett attended the show in -Olean Sat^iday eveningr Westbrook, Maine, Sept. 1892. RocKWEt& B ros ., - ' \ ■ Wellsville, N. Y. For several months past the price of raw silk has “ihbwn a ~ g raduarand steady advacce. This has been caused by- an incaeased consumption by both Europesn and domestic, manufacturers and is not due- to-- any speculative tendency, but to a ligitimate business ' like condition affairsT In consequeime of this advance in ' raw material vye are compelled to notify you that on October rst we shall advance . 2 . cents per yard, all our grades now quoted or sold by. us a t '■ one dollar or less, and five cents pdf - yard on aJIather gradps. We also re­ serve the right thereafter, without fur- . - ihfflr nottce.„to makersuch-other ehaages ^ in our prices as the condition of the raw silk market may render necessary. “ ■ RC%ectfuily, H asrele k u k C ompany ;’’ We have juSt received a notice, s tat­ ing that since; the-issuance of the fore-. :go]ng cifciilar the advance on raw siek - / has nearly doubled. . In view of the above faots- we have supplied ourselves a t the old prices and-shall make no advance whatever t A\ Haskeirs silks qntil pur present stock is closed out, which will take A new building is being erected on Green street, between Holdeh’s> and MqDdugald’s, which ruiiapr says [is to ,‘be occupied as a jewelry storey , ■ •The.b^llding^ craze has .\'struck the Young ^ e p X Seciqfy . again and a cominittee is Out With p lan s ., It really looks this time as. though they meant business. ■r'V -* * % ;kfers^eau, W. W.' IdcDon-^. 3, 2 2 i^id, NiGhbl^k Hottbn, - J. E. Djuseh- 3 . 3 ;bury and,W .'W ., Weston fepbsented !— '<K 'A A the^oWhof Pottville ai'fhe Reput>litan: county convention at SalamaaGa last ‘-brderrff;Tho, W s r td ? /^ Ffe Keyes isUhe President-^-and R., F. Main-is-ySecretary. The association Iaj]Lwegj^hr.9j ^ secEetaryj Mr. M a m ,\pgJX e r^fairpn/acconn^^ of receiv e ^ bve, .Uvindrbd f i f ^ dollafSr-b.ding^in'ful-l .for teX we^M. L .,w a s-just’ dnys. ffomTIittApreoFs wout to the home th e . draft w a s. in BROS. D a y p o o p s . X ko SHOiS. WELLSVILt.E» N. Y, GROeSRST; MAY MAY Yes, jeou-- jhaj deal with us as^ much y o t b w i ^ h . / B ' e t ^ s e ^ . ■We k i i j w w e c a n .satisfy youiu goods.. and^.prices . Z . - -P /$ i O. T. COWLES GR 0 CKR 12 S—^-CROCKERY, ■ Ihilt Sked, ’' ^ : 5 « i •T h e - b g ^ n t o n , •r- T H g ■ • SelejCt .(^^-preri^, - ' ‘ 1 . g SS i - -

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