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American journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 1817-1823, November 10, 1819, Image 1

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yUJJLiaULD ON WEDNESDAY.] P%%l>eh> WV TO TO tIBEHTy 4 Nil 14W,~~ XO FAVOit SWATS ys, JlQNto s o KSA* SHAM AWF. IWWf - ^ BY1 MACK At'SEiUtfNGc v t, t ' * n IV — — \ O L . I I I ....N o . 1 3 . ] rtmm, covjrnt om fo^pmm, m .w> jais,' •\ *e s t a t e o f jr . r o i i K m a u d O F F I C E , A iban y , J uiie A V 18.19* T W T O T IC E is hereby giyefl, ib’a t l l i e f o l - J 3 l ' - Towing L o ts in th e M ilitary tra c t , b«ive been balloied, b u t not p a ten ted , to w i t ; , - liot No. 8 §, in the township of Locke,' balloted to n ’ i , Benjamin Chappell. LotrNcr. 54, do* Sctpio, ) do; to CaptrAeromuff— „.*.Lpt No. 64, do, Ulysses, ? Hogeland. 3idt Wo. 18, do. Marcqltus) _ . Lot No.\49 do.*lSoretRlSr i ‘l° to It. Bartholomew lo t Np. 78, do Semprbiuus, y, ” V. Volbenburgli. lots No, 46* 5b, Bud 57, Junius, do, to capt. David, ’ ■■ *, - . . * . . . ...V* JVCfe?* lo tN o : 85, do. Milton, do. to~WUlurtU AbbotL lo t No. 45, <o. Solon, do. to JojmjBuqkhout. Lot No 50, do. Seuijironius, do, tv Benjamiivtfray-^ Lot No. 4?, do. Locke, do. to WdlwniFvsiide,: do. to Samuel t* eery.. do, Id da. tQ,JhhkSmith,:>and T,ni No. 80. do. Hec.or, Lot No. 87, do. feolpn, , Lot No-44^do. Locke,' Lot No. 64, do. CatO, , And ihe |)«as>essors oi*the bak H ois ) espce lively, are hereby retimed to report to the Coiniuibsioncrs oi the Land Office, be * fore the\next meeting oFthe XcgUlatuie, all the oircnnistanm respecting their pre­ tended title and’possessions, pursuant to a, % concurrent- resolution oF the.Senate and ' Assembly of this slate, of the 419th-o£ -^5farehaml^doF Vpril Ujsl, whieh,resolu­ tion i n n the vioids following, to w i t : «*' ffTfte j c«s it is represented to the legisla­ ture* that severnllots in (Tietract scf apart foe satisfjingblpunTihr'Mihtary Services during tlie revolutionary vrar,u ere balloted ' but not patented* anti persons pre­ tending to haye title to some for valuable ■ consideration, and tjie purchasers bpve made large and valuable i mproicrnent thereon, and that there are other Lot son winch the occupants have intruded, and justice lequu eB tfmt the fair and bonajide purebaser should he prpteefetl ia his ii»f '■ provem ws. \ - — r1 ' . ” “ Mtiolxieil* Thai the Commissioners <>f W l A n d tiffiee. $mltaoV;-sell' rLota iditjve de|eiJUK^i; fill fttfer.' the hdst ineetiiig-o£^ihelbe^pafiueLa^lth ■ rpqinire hy. notjfce Jo be inserted in tlu? ‘''he^spapers prirtted” hy the pointer to line lino of suit) lot No 89, thirty-thiee chains audjortyf one UhkS, to a white \pine tree'markell Iqtl j» Ci- oer thonce north along the wpst- line- -of,, lantl- Itniuerly owned hy Annin Ovifen, fourteen chaips ^Hud ninety* four links, to a sUko or post; thence won Ihntvr three chuin»<aiM'v<pity-one links, to a siekt* or post pn?. the eaat lihe of the tjefo) e mrfttiohVo JRicUai d nmg’i) lend; theilce w ith faurteen 1 ohpt, fthnd ninety*' -fouLlink^, to thelplace of heguuung, con aming hfty aciesollaud — Notice’ isthuetofi? herel i .^'ven, that ’ in jiuu.uniice 4 )f theEtijtutoin^lyh pto* vi»lei!,aiuiby^ Vutueof a“ iuu| mortage, the almVe descried «rill he '•old aij public auction, (lt fhe ^otel Trrihj,;v J)a^e^u.L_£lhaaa. Fml (County of lXbirtplun8,ot> thetnen4} t\eutk my'it, November next, at ten fi’cloBlnirtfee. iorenoon ot that day. Bated the(14th day of fit ly* t“fh t , iobn By their Attorney, Ben 50 j<. Tf.yf fi .i ' f f .'v»i IKTfHEREAS David hi! , V*T Wife, of Itiiaci, did by ibdenitu * “tlatejnihe temh dsyT»rMl«filv m <* ^noipatH.t < i^ut hundred and eighteen, for securing tmvpaywi*rMttof •eij?ht huhdreil dolltir«, m the mtinhei thor! trr t ceci|i(ld,' roleasg ana convey, unto Eli typhus ^hfjttiptia apt! Beniiumn Frwbie. of the same place, -all tjm certain ' lot of groanil, siTuated irv the village of- Ithacd, vh( the ^ county of Tompkins, aijul state qf New Tork^ aiTdl known and tUktingiuslied as lot number sixty two; ml, said ydlage, anil bounded on the north by OwegO-. street, east by Tioga street; south by Green-strent ;i und west by.lot number slitry (bree-j bemu lu.leuatnj northanil soiitlttivo hundred and Sixty-six feet7dnd in ’ breadth enstend west sixty-six feet, (excepting arid I rc-erving the right of dower ol^arah MiUer, latethp ( widow ot Elnathpn Andrews, deceased^, in the said-j lot) and whereas the said Mortgage has been duly ; assigned to Williani- Kirkpatrick, of Satina, ‘■in the ; county ol Onondaga; and wjiereas defnult -has. been , i n ! l l w o f pui'bi. ance o f theitatut^ in. % b e h ^ ^ Whde nftd'providftd, th e ^aitl mqrlga^ed prem ises, orfO iD e p R rtthereof.w ill ; fe h e F b l t f l t p iiblie yepdne, a t Uie hpU^e o f J o n a th a n E : Beacli, ip *Divj(»- 8 da&a, pnthesiXlegath day Qf^Detseraber heXt, at4ivd o’ctnuk in thfe afternobh ofthaVday. - Padhd June 23, 1819. . w i E L t A M - eeai roaipMiiSrBrotHnevCol tland anti Os wegb j ih whieh ihev shall specify all ihd lDts thus situated; and* requiring the |ios-’ se$aoi% oCt^ni-' •rb^^tiveiyT to ‘w p w i tn ' the bhu T ctUnmissioners bcfoi'd lbe nexi Cieetingof (he Legislnflii’e^di thecireunv 5 stances respecting O ielyp^V ii^d’title ahtl j pos8essioas~~untf further* th at the Gotn- ^'hia? 8 mherB s h a ll ffejphn 1 t»eit pracrediags f<FtW £ e g i*T p t^^ , By order o f t he GoHimissfonef s. • - - ^ , :G A P P f e E & . 7 ” .vkl^E^Apl^P -hayjog been mude -in ihe payment 0 .: 'AM a'certain «uhi of\ money secured by a mortgage, executedbyCieorge D.5p8de«, ot the town of Lansing- aml county of I'otnpkiiis, Ipenftou / date the seven*- ' t'erhlh ddy^r October.., eighteen hundred and eigh-^ ' Jain C u c tb r parcel oflaud. being p a r t of lot no. 76,, \ia said town o f L ansing, nnd bounded as follows : -hb- ginning ihirty.four feet south-of the south east corn* nr b f lliB, stoce iri Ludlaw-viJi^.novvoccupteili}yLDil* ^eEi^jgglns^-^nning-tiienceuiouth^tWentyTtieL; thencr we.yy ^tw |n ty - s ix f e e t ; thence north Awenty girining—Now thereibre, notice is hereby, given, that s-p 0 Aerl^^siit 6 i|bt^U .' aQrtgagei and provided, the above descaled ntor%aged premrfes will be sold at Jjubijc y eniiue bft '.the ;tbirteen thjlay Joffilay iiextyat ten o'clncfc in Ibe foreiioon, dl the hniiie now-occupied^ Ira J o /; Inflkeeperih4,he Vtl-: Ijl*d io^rvil te pftd toivo of iahsing. • ■ Dated the- 9tu-d.ay ofNoVembtr, 4819. ' r ' - “ . ' ^ CAlfy3N-B t FRBv A. Ali’y.: .-. -- ■•■■-'-• / . u 6. itg-^tds- . m order of Richard Smith; Es<i.^rs^Jt>dge- of the of Jesse- tii BmthokkoWT an ^iisolyjehi-ifebtor in the eOid.copnty, tifat they fIicw iftuse j f sany they have, before the said’ Judge, oh..tbe 4 birtieth slisjrof Novem* ' t'er-nex.t,'at«ne O’clock tin fhekfternoon.at his office ■ in Fteulbr, W % assignineht of the sS3j rtnsoWenfs Aslate.shpuld not'iie;inailc for thebphgfitidf.ail hb»icre- . ditor’s, and the said Insolvent debtoy be discharged,, and he, forever thereaiier exeihpt JraTn arrest-and im- . hd-||^\^r 6 bill 6 uti^( tbe ' act of the Legislature of iyew^fiirk, 5 eniitl^i*‘-eh \act to ,'abolisli iniprisonnien t for deb t^ passed April 7 th;1849 • -Dated S’eptcmber-29tli, '1019. - . . JE p E fi. BaitTIlBBtkMiEiY, Insolvent, ; Nd< 112 6 \v . .* . ■jjrr—^ ,;.'j ' .i 'T. w .-1 ■jr\FFAUlLT having been nmde in the\ payment of L J aceitaih sum of money7sfccured by indenture of mortgage, executed by Mowbray Owen, of the town of UlysseS and conpiy ot ’loi 0 pkm% nnd Mary his i\ ite, to John C Kavtapd Samuel T. Brown, ot ihe sakte place, bearing date the thirteenth day of Match, ip the year of our Lord bne thoilsandeight hundred, and eighteeti, of all thgt tgrtam lot or piet.fr of lai d, situate, and. lying in the town of Ulysses ft «4 county of Tompkins,Hbeing a part of I of number eighty-nine in said town of Ulysses, beginning at the south tss\ cornentfTticliard Manning’s )a«ul, betng asrakeor post for a coi nerrand rupilung thence east along the mm* AU L I !fuvjng| hejsnj made In thb pay ment^of .see;tarn wp »>/ moneyJSseenjjred to be ptnd byS a mo/tgf ge^ie nug 'date' the lourteenlb- day’ of htp- temlwi, on» Ornti an(L%iglitilllinlred and lifteen, exe-| pMigit^HoieuJtfc ime, ot the tow n Ot Uljises, in the (tfiei^c^imiy oi -se.o=cfi, tp ^>r|ab,M>lier,oi Aureliuif in the pmniy ot Cfjjiiga, for ja pait ot Ipt mupibeij 'twenHy-evt.il, i {thb to .In of Ulysses, ip the county-pf * ‘jpnftcatfn w tiuulV ot Tompkins,) and described _jn%v<^r ioUoivin^,txp^Hit: beginning a t the ndith east c(^ne^ot{said l^i aipl lumping ^d 8 tthut> J-Wrtd at.H nltvMiuks ihi' cb south | uy,oLaii)f>, xbenre weSll i ilnily clfainS.aifd httv links, thy* noith fortyjjhajns^ t<> the piuce^if brgufinngjlOlitaidingoae hunOiedWnd thuj^-iwo poteanfld^jd i - \ I U r)te is tnei<hfie 1 i eb 5 (i.vi-n, that thpi^id mot tgaged prdmis rsi w. ilI be hoU’di public auqttpuop syendiie, afrtheliohsei now 5occupied t«Vva^<?o Ingaiis] jin^hi^iUugt Of 'V.ujoiauM)itfte i<nvn'‘ 0 iSeipio,f 0 n the A\ve«ty-f.o^nd iJaj, ot- Miupji jlftxt, it too o^lockon< ihelMoua. Bifed sew k i 8 13 ' 'M V Ev BA.MELfhMPP VHD, Mb A ttfy tn - t t having been nude »n Uie-^iityiiienf ot A J I ai,»r«diii sHja ot riopejrAfr-mi ad ^anl bj a' Ttimh ir .rfgigi, itatc^tl o (j/.vt^putifday ol L*euem-J t\ , mglitet, idrecmT tie^taea, jc.ut«<l by*- Lfbai « I'oiUmm1 a-d ?'an|y firo^han h-n %\ife, ,otf ttpwn*-ti Tj lyvits, cau rrtyv T o nip k i A s to. Atelier j O t f i q u . o f t h e s g m e irliOlTND\' ijitufff ttsrguMtKsa. SB loysi ftbisca, luumtca on the jlMpBSy Bo i slrept, ou^fhe 11(1 ti (^4-dll, ^A uil f'andy Tiro glia n h'a % ju npfxi1 T o nip k i A s to. \I 'VEFAUL’Jhtrvnig been m«de in the puymebt (ifft 'f JL/i Certam spin ot money, secured to be paid by a to, t«ip mortgage, dated theiltn day tpfHJune, one thouttaud eight hundred and eighteei., executed-by tSamuCl Lovo, pftllb tOwd'pl 0 ipton,,in tLc county of TqTihapki^w pnd;<tatt of New*Yoj,K, to Luiher'1 mnble, juniur«J>f the ^mB place, ot the one Tdinth paiit of ft ’ OriitWRn whM tithe piivileges-ot' «a(di and' innd., to sp;kj nnif befopgipg, nnd the one fourth Tau ut . tteippartenarwe.s m^aid mill,situate ouacleek ceil­ ed Filty-j’ivfe in'tlie town of 0 wWnlol^«nd,Jeing CofltainecT ui raig mortgage, the said mortgaged, pit* - mi-esiviU-be-soJd^^-pnbli^-venilire,- puifuant-iiythB statute in sosh^fria^ekabil proyidpjl, at the Colum. bianlnn, in the villpge, of lihaca, ui said county of rompkifis, on the eighth day ot Jaduaiy next, at ten o’cltftjk in’ihFfpienudnr Bated JulyOilK 181,9. < < LtJTH M l JiftlJMBliES, jUKiot^ - nS ^ rT b fct-- fr %j'A wtfl.V. and Bo 1 Iv bis witp. (Tf ' ¥ f the tow n df Hecldr,4in thncpunty of I bmpkinn anii itpte of NrwjYork, fdr,seeming the payment of a-cSrTnm suraixiiKbdey^Ti^ indenture dfJmougafee,' bcauiig date fifth day^ol March, in the year emtitee| bundled ^nd nineteen^ did convey unto Jobn Whitif of the.tame pjpy^y*? ^cll |H$ Cprtainftnict, piece, parCH) of land, situate, tying an«l,being m the- «- -f(* afofenid, being pffrt o f lot numbferJStVentyTCi \ towiis!liffc 0 f-®*mr, bounded as tollovra, toivit :~y by lands ownedF^Ebeoezer jjeeraai); 'v&»$ by ” -owiied by AmwtSiaNBvettS and ObedisirBknv, lot number seventy-one in kaid toWn ; uaa qsignee. D EFAULT havihg'been thade In the pi^y&ehf of a,certain sum of mqney(?ecure^;^'ihjent^re of mortgage, executed by John L. Phillips,. and Susan- iinh bis ivife, of the (th 6 n) town of iDiyTston' auit cqnhtj-.of LompTdhs,. fo O liver L u th e r and Beiiiamiii I.u th e r, of th.ti same plade, bea'ffng d a te the t».;eHty- Mii,ih # y pf 'p m f y 'fa *yep^torfe:ihdusftii5l .'eight hundred and seventeen, of njI tbst'certnio niece or parcel of land, situatd-iyiiig 1 nnd being i n t h e ' town of Biviswpftfo^esaidraMdirbounded-iffnd ,descr»beil as JStmwsTto*wi t rheghihing in'tlfe^outireast Corner of IiAnumherAiiiety^yeAitflftiii fdWn;Liljmft>e running nortliHifagg f f|<t >hii.Jinir pf said; lot twputy seven | -twftnitv^OnA tinbn- int»liee’ A’Pit eiP-hteen tAainLpndtwenty-one links; thferie'e, J*e'st eighteen\ chainsjapd .thirty ndrih -:iwS 9 ^ i l seven cliidpR anil twertty nine jink^f thehce west eight cliaius atid,‘ twenbjTsekeh Jiiikii^ .thence north ^, i. z_ wt« —, >1.., 1 ( ^ S nmim.' .fm „ 1A■(. .4 seventee.u lin k s ; thence south tw o , jcbafas ; ’ thencfe vvest- iiyh'Btialfls'ftnd-thlrty-sitt: lin k s ; th e n c e soiith tweiTfg chains' a nd n ineteen links-to Gyrus-Hnncliet’s n O r t lr i iiT e ^ - - t b im n ire ^ b 'l^ T v e 'iA a m S r a h J # ^ ^ Tf«F« tOTftid. Hdnchet’s northeast *iWi»r * ’ iieApB' fhedce south line c ns anu ,twenty-nve links m tne sppti thence eftst-twefity-seVen chains, end »Uft VIIU I1WUMIVW mw .pi»_wii.yg ««M»»-,uijw*yw |. uup of taa^N C m U B i»ttheBBfbfa tierehy^giyeir, that itt- pursuance of f be statute in such case made antl proViil- ed. and by virtue of a power contained in saiil moi t- gage, the above described premises' wiil ;:l|».Botd.at puolic fmctfon, at the Rbtef in iiie village 'fi ^haca, - Jhe^iwn o f TlLyssefi and-c 0 nnty O.f !Tpffipkins‘,vpft- the in the forendonv Dated Jbne 48, 1 18i9. f il ; • ' •BKN:JAMIN’'H?T|iER, -- v . n * J .’*••_... , */Surviying •Jforjgagee.; J ohivson & HpMFtrgEY.-Atty’B.,. , n97:6ai' Hof ®F: a certaih sura ;of money, secured by a paprtgftge executed by faaag Rmftsey. 6 Y.th'e:idiywdf Wi^ssfe^. county ofTpmpkirtgrand-stftte date the first day of June,' in the year of our loid phe thousand eight liundred and eigbteert, to John SlirMii,' .trfLajising; ‘ thatcertftin piece of land, siluaicd in 't|ie'. eounly 'of J ’ojnpkinS, known by lot putfiiier ohe in ’the subiliviA eion of lot number seventy-four in the town bf Ulys­ ses aforesaid; ss described by Kumphrey Howiaild, hi the year eighteeti hpndred anjl five, boufiiied as fol- lows t bijginning at the northwest corner of dpid|lot number geve'nty-fpur ;. thMce east tWenty-on'e-cliain 9 ■Bhd seventy-nine iiiiks to a steke seven.links north, , of a beach nunjher - thench south .forty' cbains to a stake ten links Bi ft. B. of a beach number, 1, 2, 4, 5 1 thence West twenty-one chains.seymy- nifie'linkS t o . ft stake; the place Of Beginning—Containingje crgditors of Nathan Saybr, of the tawnJofB said county,an insolvent dell tor, to shew cdUse^iifiny they-have, before thp;saiii..judge,,at his office,.in the 2 »,'* vjfv*; *yiup.nii,i»i V1! .Mip. 7tb day of January next, at S o’clock in tlie nlternoon, Why an flsiignment of (he Saidt insolyent’s estate shOntihRotbe^ made, and bis persnh be n^emptpd from ini|vriHonment, pursuant to VheiBct entitled , 4 an net to - abolish imprisonnteiit for debt Jn certain crises,* .passed April 7 ^ g £ j f e t e d the -wiiAiQvv . :■ .N a t h a n & a y e » . ' ■■ LFY virtue of an. execution I shall expose for sale alfthc iught aBaiUlelpf Juhn Castiio tolotnoil^ B ®?« fa the toivh of Clpvert*. logethpr with aU liis per- J sonnl property, on rf h|u*Hdfty tlte 18th day of Decerns , bor next, at t o’clock P . i*l.‘ of said day at hip hdiisU ■ NlCCtLL Ji ALl^Y, 'SWA : v N '' ' isili. ' ,-4-; •'■■/j '.’1 __ Uuance ofthe statute-in-sucfacasfrttiade^ftd:prb»Med, the ahove described mortgaged premises rvi II be.Sold at publje yendue, at the house' pi'.i^rk Jdy; itfh.keeper^ in the,village df fourth day o f January ;ttbfaroffhrit^ayi^Date(WfihM 2 JtTV,rl- 8 iji-^^!r --L. JOfligEB, yiplue bJlat ibst; JL£ifr iiisiiedi• 04®-' iCfliilFjt «F -Ypi%, riliM l expose ld ^ ^ o t a j ( 3 ^ r ip itr ,-^rtdi' i foil# ' A -d a y db3£fi fjt.e;Vtliago. ;oF . \ r;- ■' * Y Vi k ’ J H a n f t ’ i n I n ’f e S d i b t a s t - a i n l U * » J i ' f p t t j - s i x f e e t , e x c e p q i i g t p f e r e f t o m e i o n i y ' f e e n n l e n g t h f i o i n o l f t h e * n o i t | i ♦ u i o f s a i c o n c b n t l a n d , h e r e t d l o r e s o f t ! b y | J i t i i r i H h i b u t * o T l r ' - n a s D e n i | ; i n g - — f i j p * . i c e t h e r e f o r e - M f i e i e b y ' g i v e n , t b a . * bp v n t u e ' x j f a p a w e i c o n t a i n e d I f f s f f i i l I h o r l g H g e , . i r n i N i H > p i i i ' s u a n c e ‘ o f t h e S t a t u t e m j S L 0 I 3 i | 8 s e m a d e . i n d p i o v n j e j d , ' t h e a b o v f r j d e s c i i b e d i m o r t g y i i e d p r e m i s e g w i l l , b e s o l d . a t p i i j o l i c v e i t d u e . t a t t * h o t e l 111 t h e v i l l a g e o f I t h a c a , i n t b e - c o u n t y ; < - f i ' c i D i p k i n s , o n t l | c t o u r t h T u e s d a y o t 4 p r i ( n e x t , f t t ; t w o o k 1 j c k m t h e . a f t e r n h o n o f t h a t ( 1 4 / . D a t e d * O c - t o b f r 1 8 t h , 1 8 4 9 A K C J t t E B G R l i l v N , ^ , V . - f i i J o h k s o v , A t t ’ y . . - . f i i l 1 4 T ’ \ E F A U L T J . i a v | o g b e e p made liuhepayment-oi s '■■M-P: certain suiq of money secured th be paid u v a mortgage, b e p r m g date_ths 25tb drij ofMercll, '1816, execuwa by :Rlgpy fsurrftl, o;rthfe tpwn p f Ujyrtel, then in thb coiinty of, Spnecatfaow/fhWpklns coiinty. ftbsigoed to the subscMbpr, notlcd'-i^’tTierefbre jierriby giypn, fhat;by-virtue;qf ftpowge in-tl)ri:sriid.-.intftiigftge; cbiitaineJ; the premjsfes uib.kgageJ beipg’ of Iritfdi'beTq^pii'rtnf iut'nufntj^ fifty'diyb; in tj^efhefi i •town fif ’ Gehpia,* 'nbw'Lehiing»ftd Cpjifity'of’’ 'f 6 nYp- nexv, bccypiftd lowviHe/aud toMn of -Lansittg.i - Dated'the .... ___ -Tpctober,i819.'r'; ..\.\m M U £ L S B A K ^ D ,i ' ■ . A ..|liL E p s ^ itt’yA -• ,'*., 1 ... 5 . •%/!•; * - & puypidnf M S J - a fcertftiif iiim*. of rnbnqy rtiuyed to he nniilby.g. fcerAiuJnorfg|ge iTalcil ^ 2 g ib '^ (J 8 S| 0 ^ il»,iltw m f ted byjbnus Waterhouse, df' the toivii of Cbieijfirigo, in the r rnnty of B|opinevluDftnie>J/?J.ivifl^' 6 f thfi town pHJly«$», fi^ 4 h€t-cBHnty-*»f%tti(|Kq^ of New York of bI J - land, situate, lyirlg aiiil heing. ‘iubdiyi.-ipn rtiiioherotr.e, in-subilivifion of foLhbiphe^foffy-siXj in the to$n of aBtheyame.waS sfi&dHjidM;'8Sid Sub'divrsTb'rfi^Ctffted ^ nJ|PS.nifaJ.fi/fillou^:i3^jB M n ^ LCornef one Chain. the t'Wpkfc PJ^TIIPI* Cnij fV>f 'tfltonrODrtArlv ' BOrtfrWdsijcnrhef p f 6 aid;|o^;: thfejii^ ' tWertiy- .fStE’ fil&fiif'iqJ'ievenf.y>iiVe iinfcL'to nppsfby eitlphn .Wood,-niarkcu 1 , 8 ; thpiice erist Forty‘chaitfri txi |i- pb^t By a maple,' V f ‘ inftrit of a certain 1 |p^of money, seciTred in s by^ lot number seventy-one in hud toWn ; north by iWikiiJii^obfawQwiAJJan'iwegi by landsi>i payrhPhf bf tltevuni cf onq iiuiullbil rioiiuyj^ with fhe interest thereof-'-Notice is^ber^fbte herij&y given, that thqsfid mprjlgSgml (nr »Uch part (hereofereof &* mayay bB(snfliuentesnjRuent too satirtyatirty thc^mdmd ^um off one hundredundred dollars;ollars; witfi*ith’the the interestnterest andnd cqsts^osts) vyillyiU ria m b t s the ^ ^um o ie h d w i a c v -be s 6 l(l ftt -tbeliouse of-Solhmon Porter; ’iuukeejier in OvidrV*IJ*j&,fiji 'tlm'cougty^of B§ne««foiuilie_JIk teenth day o f March u ^ t , at nine o’clock in the fore*L noon. Dated September 1 , l$f9-< J. M i T’CASS, -Fssiw. JOHNW HfTE. . n r n , ol I y«es, in the* bv indenture ot inurt- A i m ¥ T.( m^ntyqf Tompkins, did by indenture of uiurt- gage^ dated'the >fiftef!|lh *^ay ofTJapuary,'\ ope thou- ssiitl eight huudred and nideteon, for securing the payment, of foitilhuifdibtl uoIlars,m the manner thrt'ei in^ccified, f^|e^a|id C^vey unt'i Miles FitiChV o f iff,. ................. aritl known and t!rttii«uisli'i ,w fa ib e la i U Villikge. a n tl hix(y;three, beifig.rn lenglli north.and noutb two buo- dibd and sixty-six fireLjimfiii Bred^B'Irist and WesL sixtyihc4eet^\-|md-Ygherg«g'th W t M y aswgnedrto- FerrisFinOh o f J ltfcity d f Nevc-york,,gw^p, apd ’ vsh^aa,' ■fefsulf d 'iiM beiM; B M iw im , m m ti w * w t m * r i m m % ...M 1 givnp, that by y |^ teefhfa powe.h tentainwf in raid k o i k t R o ^ n ^ U r trirtflit iho caul . ... ‘V ...... * Onom) - - %P«S .h u n d r ^ o i ^ - i H r i h e m * m 4 hetedff, 7 securml to bepaiJby a mortgage dated the twentieth day of Rlay^ one ihoTipand ei''ht'Jjtimlred an(} pixtGen* eJteccted by Af illlfim Dutttin end Hertirt'DnttOn. o f thelnWffaof Drm'Ah „«» SfU .*..’. : . . ~ dn tfcfolldwiftg^ifc^’o f 1an«j, being a part of lot No! afgtei»iiC£ihoMe .feest , vuence iiorth sixteen rods; thence vtest' • ? fafnee south seventy teds; thence- .. , —'^ r . y \ u; ” v“ —-j-.* . east thirty rods; thence north fifty four rods, to tiie. place of beginning : containing eleven acrhs aftrf one —always icserving the privilege pf adftm across Vir- r 7 Ei’T\! — rr”^'-’ *.r~ p“‘\ -e“ 0 \“ gil Creek, ;tp be kept up sufficient to turn the water be-Wltl aLpUbric vendue, pftrsuant. to the; stetute,m into Mill Ureek Orthe Ufeek that nins from the ^ jhn,”' “ 'afu,re^d^jtL h » e ^ ^ Q ^ i^'' JaW k ijintetj at tefi ij’cjockin the fmreuoonri.DateTdsStbj July, .1849/ ' ' \ •-•• •- -E . - V- DANJpfcvtiHLtYLNdSr ■ :.DyJPobncqik''&Duh'vN;l?Attyfet‘ •*•'. • ‘'\' 7 . 7 th-— 61 ft. ■■ -■ • • llTrll'fD'fifr'rt nnnin fit I nbnVi non a / si.. xL- \-A-.a 7 _ igu, ouu UI |iu>;s . , .. ( piado and provided; thb >Tdilo\fefsi^T:|lre^piSi;». %lIi.' Me ^shidat;pub|lcyjghdiiSjALttghpuWof AhdrftV^CijBbjbl; “ Inhkeepec. itt ;the (own of, NcljBd;n; NriJfajA'ooiiaty,t .on the eighteenth dfiy nfFbhriirify hrixL betWOfen the hoursqftco .^ibb.wfbhqon f iha|. i§ tp say, ail that* piece' 6 f laiij lying in ffie town of DryileiiV. partof loijfo.,38, ifi. said town,' hourideil east oit land formerly owned .by.Joshua Holt; south on laoA •.' pwoid(,;By.- fprrtiertyr ... northbUIanoiftgoSsehsibnhfJ^ Barhlee^.ih 1817 dWTihulif' Abfal-'ht, x -laa4-;'i:D fitejA jiu|i:Ahft^^^^ u } h « i '- A * H 1 ^rN^i'Sp.W;, Art’y,'-... '... - a JU dourt hf common pleas in pnd -fpr r.thc., =county of ■ v\ thnf'tbey gBew haye;bqfqfn’|BA||Ml Tueaday b f JanUaiivgnextV at one d’clocik fa the rifteyp; n^ri^of £Ka^a^h#:kW»wSS^fl^thirSfflr^ ■ '5?f? fT ^ or i g i n a L'; p a g e ( s > ; / y \ y i S A i i p : ’ .a-urt—■- •••c be sold.at pubhc Veriduev at thB lmuse of Hooker BHl. fa™i fadkbeper irt the tawfi. of Dryden,. on ^Itetotiih :<?!y!of:J ?aa.ary »est, at. teu o’clock iu theforeaooff\ of tliut\dSy;;“DatedJffh^£fth ^ ; ■*.., ' ' ' .,,--i--EENJAMlN'LAUY. • \ :: R u f u s . B e a c h , A t t y 7 Jn ja f i u i; ; . Y ’^tu ^ho (tlm^ cqunty of $'eng 0 a, oh the thirfietii ' day of September, in the ydar of our Lord one thou* eandiGiglit huiUkeA-atid idfti l>y-fodenture *i( tmirtgage for se&urirtg (Jie-pBypteut of a'pertain iuitt of money therein ipecifigdi,^ .brirgain^li vfllieU, release and confirm ufito Elijah Miller, of the, town y of Aurelius, in' the cbunfy of Cay uga. all that ceriaitt ; piece or^arqel ofiknd,>lj|ng in the totvn oY UTysses, in tue couiity of Seneca, k|ow» und .disticigiiished by i„ . eolitaihitig.fiye hundred and eleven acres, ex* in pnd therefore' i :Ca AfArhftaiil;o.n: Yh^.; - 1 - last, - ;; prs ftp ||[|biyeHt delfbr;Bitftbh‘ said \ * |Hi d: 3 UJikbii;ofi|fii^«rti^ dhyioYNbybmher Wext, .. ^v,*!**^,- 7 — ’Tyr?—TT'” ’*'»>* v u * , tlieact o| DktW8eywohpr7tlr,18^ V •

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