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American journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 1817-1823, October 27, 1819, Image 4

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T H E ' A M E R I C A N , 'J O U R N A I — V I I X A G E O F I 1 U A 0 A . T O M P K I N S C O l / N T Y ’, N . Y ^ J O O T O M im UVM , f&fif gggtosfMt [We have observed several poetic effusions on thedeithoftheJatecOmmodoreFeny; but the two following a r e most meritoi U>i ^-possessing beau­ ties peculiar to each. We therefore publish tliem both, as honorable specimens of Amei ican gen­ us aui M i » ? l and as just tributes to the raem- ^ ioryno'j adepai ted herd*} J Rj'omtteParlkmd Go^fte. I INFS ON 1 HP DIAIH OP PFKBY. Hark! Vis tlie miniite gun !—it break-slhe gloom, Solemn and deep, tvhlchi hangs On Perris tomb 1 It tells rib vulgar death, no common woe, But for a hero, bids our tears to flow. NoThlaze of glory spreads its haloTOund,\ N^lwuBWYiemijurlHhra^lobmffofeandy Wasting disease with pestilential hand, Wither thS pride, the promise o f our land. And strangers tob J that stranger once his foe, 'The last sad rites, to honor due, bestow; While silent teats with eloquence proclaim, Hpwgieat our loss, how much helov’dhis jaame. But far, far offtSepaiihm'of hferbreast, Hears not the prayer to Heaven, for her ®d- - ’dress’d;-. ■— •• • • Hhcouscious of his fate, with anxious eye, She m jhlm each sail that carelessly glides by,; _ Wadi sweet solicitude she hopes to find, Some news o f Perry borne upon the wind. It epjnes at last,but with it peace is fled, Ahd all her hopes are with the hem dead. _ A toragnJauad his latest wish receiv’d, F o r wif«an<Ifrirind$ andcouptry warmly tueatliM; In FqfejgnSssndshishonour’d relicfe~liej. r f ~ ~ “ loRg' sh^l heavm ihif tributary High. ' ' ’ 5 * ~ * ^ - • \; • * * . ■ * * \ ■ ** ^ * ' *T D |e |^qt o f i t w i f l ~ V- . breathe npoahls^govern?bolypbayeri • Fuerpay. 1 •; I^-bash <le*5p, its summlt in the skies. ‘ . *H«e shall tell, what Kit Cosey culls *4i coinibrtable.”— i had m(y hat* coat and buckles brushed hem iulm £tvt«jn> and .entered m y lYitnd?s door jusl a-* the bun had ^ifiped his cvi i* burning beanis, lirnuTdeep1hosoni of the western wa.ve. I .hate lea at a late hou«. I dine at two, I have no fashion ahle_pr<r,^ del let ions for tea at eight. 1 was roceiv- by the holt with ihe utmost politeness; In brie o f (he parlours I wart ruotibv lhice_ro- by cheeked rorlipiitg givfe; I smiled on one, complimented tho other, and said some- thUig veijT gallant lo the tliird, for they were sill' old friends, * a q d l ielfe twenty years jounger Jn their pi'cVnise.' 1 even thought that I hriuU have danced a little ; Invas like tee in April, thawing gradually by their smiles. They introduced me to the drawing rdoro, w here J was quickly congealed hy the sight of four old maids <—sir b«ckr<n«,” or rather-dressed as Stiff and ponderous as was t he fashion iff 1672 Tyne—^but it leads lo two apt conclusion!* A ! live,, tlmvirhious^md fhe brave,. Eexty shall livij, while ^ fiejotlsa waye. ~~ mf* % u f d t p A r; , , \ j W ^ a i r i ^ w s r ^ o l i y e r h . P t s i t e Eenown^d on tlie pages of stoiy<;_ Tlresuaof tn$.fame t^atarose in the West, ■ ^iUis 3 « i^ # n th e lm p leo f ^ o r y . N o 1B*^% *cbax& shores,, flieafeiws diss&aess, ^ * We kkssma-^'Ihey a*e •'Wsel?*' '...; J,-. . • w^f’-gl^l'ness.- . ThDlord of herlove atid Iier spiiit;- ' Bat she’ll find on flml^rt of thesemman efaroll’d .His couragc^liis zCal^uJFiSlncflt? \ .r - ! * - ' ■ * , ' ' ' A- 4r 4 - • * , - * - ■ * ‘ 1 \ . • v- ' , • : T h e stranger was kind, aad PEREy was blest, r_. A ^ & jgadstiip made smooth feroB p Hebreatlied but one sigh-^-lt was breathed to the ^ - f,C/■ # » * , ' _____________________ . V - A?nd4he^ieezs-bore4tsafe^Oiertljeii] I stopped quite short, for the lltermomq- lei* o f my spirits fell to freezing\ point,*— -aid maids cenung in contact with old ba­ chelors, is like comets jostling at each other. I found that a dish of lea was due these ladies, aod they had been collected from the four sections of'th^city, to make but one jab o f if, and I no doubt Was'rail­ ed in to keep them in euituteuance. •Pa­ tience thinks I—there is a punishment due to old bachelors, aqd I must needs submit to mine.' A t length, the tea, that doiight- fuLlMtbinger o f SocKii eonverst^was jn > trocfuecd; tbe old maids sipped a little and tatjked a little. I listened^expected aoine™^ scandal, but I found theoid c m fth p day ehanged^they talked Bo sjjandal,' but in- troducrd an entire new system o f picking eliaSMctcrs to pieces under tlie cover o f virtue and charitable^olieiHides. So, soys iVliss Bridget, a-soutUern lady ha.^ carried ofl-one-f if outi-oity-he aus^-she. Isveiyjueli^; andl some say amiable—but la I there' should become good qualities to compen­ sate for the errors ot their education, and th e ir wm>t o f industry. Tb© hu.sltittid, 1 i*ur, is very clever and ihtefeVtipg-: hut i. ^ - . .• j j . . talkiitg pf marriages^reminds me of one > i! 0 \y~uRdttt* considcration in thfe AmuJnon- rte— M r S t e ? it f t 4 o . M is .MatMflftr.' bu<I. What do think.of that.Mr. Howard, —ace you not.astonisbed 2 By no;nroatist ’ iAL»danv.safdI, wiUi^reat grayity.4 # h y should ! b i astonished, at ihe marriag© of a eouple so qxtremely suitable by' age, *a 6 ttiat^i(id. siyiit if saeh usiioiis Wore, prevented hy any im- fdri^ecn cvenL x Trust, me, M adam, * I bat HfeTff tbrfe tiK ^ ^ ^ rati^ittg,. limn a ybnng couple united by d ie ties o f love and religion, studying to make each other happy, and each pursuing a systern of eenndtny and induslry, cabuiatcd ever to adyatme thelr,prosperity, rearing Up a lamily of heakliy innbeent cljildren in the or raliiersuggestidns, which me; to* mar­ ry wiirji a, suitable occasion present, with­ out waiting for bitter prospects; and if it .should m > happen, that your condition iu iil’v* remains ynehanged, bear Jt with pa- tinie Ajnd further, pid maids sllcrald he peiuliaily ainiable—oiever indulgnig in splenepe remarks, “ amhigupus givings dut” or irascible feelings, because, in all >tioh cases, /it ‘3 attributed to, a f c i’lo bjate of Celibacy, wliii li is supposed Iff pFodueenDtrtlaluTe, malice and scahdal. 1 ' H O W A H I)* A Farm For Sale, QNTAlN'lNCf 49 1-2 acres, v pndcr \ j good improvement, with a youngor ehard thereon. It is situated in (he town of Ulysses, Tompkins eoUniy, 2 i - 2 miles fi*om-tbe-vd lage-oi—Jkkaca,- near-K.iog-S' 4av«*«, about 10 rods from ihe turnpike. Terms will be reasonable, and payments made easy. For further particulars, en­ quire of tbe subscriber, in the town of Dabby, dr o f E . M ack ., a t the Journal-Of- flee,- Ithaca. . ' , JAIMES BANFIEXiH. ^ Danby, July 26 4819. n i02(f T l^ H E Subscriber having become an JL. Inhabitant of tbe village of Ithaca, and being desirous of rendering himself serviceable to tbe publicjisjvell as Lisjai mily, Jias establisfted a SG^ITENElB’S O F F ICE, at the Yellow House, near Pe- tei I. Duuionds, where he solicits the 'pa- tronag© o f his friends ,and the-public ge^ neraliy.who mayyvish Deeds, Q,uit-Clai)iib, Bonds, Mortgages, Wills, or any other wirings* perlbrnied, that tbeirobustness may requite. I f they will give him a call, heu r u sts-A h eyw ilLdie-prn inptlv—aiitLmu- soiiably served, to their fulisarisfaetlhn, BENJAM IN PELTON. ^thaca, ^liirch4tti»4819. , «.12m ,i-_| , .-...jp, ... % ylrfu^of-writ oi - alias, tegtatawc iicr^IWotas,; -Isiii^l'-'-otiti6f •' in’«m6i^ttrfi J ::sb4ll^aso-¥q:^ alltlie; right ahdtille bf jhevi Dayi^,|o j|ot » o. 50 T5Y vit Cue of an ex< cuiU»ns to mt JeEll vored/ngainst th t real mid fiersotiai pi of perty of Benjafoin Fiisba, I ^hT.il rxpos^ to sale about, one acre' o f land, boi ndefl by t ho Owego t ut xipil.e \ oad,;md ‘■oitfll by l.tpd^ owneij by R icher Green. In­ lying in tlie sontlr part of the yidage o| Ithaca* together with all bis personal pih pcrly, on the 7lh day of N<«\ljuIh r nextJ a t one o’clock in tbe afletdoi.n.i I)>itedj S©ptripfur 28iL 1819. 1 . PE I PHI Ji AO \R 2d,h nnd. Bhhf. for HENRY BLOOM, late hhkT. dve’d, - . No. 4 _ _ ’ * t w M . — r (r— ^ Y Ci!ilie of several writs of testil«m’ ■*-* fit ii JariuL is-ued out qf fhe supicm ^ ©oyrt dijudicaiul C o f (he slate of Aew- 4 Y 01 k, tu. me directed and delivered against fhe.gocds and chattels, lands and ’ tene­ ments of Ncl.ciniali p . 'Bearildry, David \Be'afdsiryr7 Jon.iJ r t i core ahd Nancy\’ in -bifff M. o f suld'day, al the house o f Horace jBallurd, Ihkeejier' in said (dwn.' liated October 29lb, 4S(t9» ■ • .. BY Virtue o f jeVeral executions, LslttdH •,, , . y j v , i >- j t ;. ,i» * ■v [I &Hitii gl»_ 1 I 1 G Vigil * 22 , ysscs, ■ A t r - '^ T m u ^ T ^ s \ M l w B i4 d g e ^ believrid that, you were an advocate ib«*;: ihai riniony ^ '^ r a y ^ iy - ^ c ^ t t t r 4 o ij h ^ ii 'iinlo tliysplf a wife ? Od iot.Tmmiiii trie >of my)4n.isfortune, tnadawfShiif Ff'if VaS. ceVer my happiness -fo engage the affi*e oousisting o f about 41 peres of said Lot, together with all his ^ personal? propevty, ^ . din Friday the fb'»t day o f October «ext, ‘ at 4 o’oloek of said day, at the houscjif the said Riehey, in JaeksonviHe. Hated; Aug-r4Q, 1819. . •' •■• ; ■. : ' ' NICOLL HALSEY; SlPff. ; - ; ‘g 3 Pb lY’lie above sale ia postponed Jill thq i€th day o f Oetpber next, at same: ^lace-and^houi^oFthe day.- Jpafed~Octor. * i s t , 181^9. ;; t ! NiedLL'H alsey * sh®..- ■#£#T h e aboye aale,to litr^Fpit^|ibQ * ifd' until the SOtb inst, at the’ same place andBnie ofdaj'v Duted^Hetj,TL6th*il8i9^ tlons of any' lady of?suit Mdr^uhBfk(attoB^ .W e lli said she« some ififtl have strange so well off, in the way of offers, that they, ace -noty ttstifled in snapping, every, ad vein- •-tnreE—*-Slie- - thcii^rldlgd-a|k-^brfol^ter-: bead significantly, wIvidbTVeiit 'to Say,' ‘‘T : ' . ;.v; ; • ■ - ■ ; ;.I>QAlESTLQ EGONOyiY. 7 ; J 'iv©'riVcuue 'to jiisisty female celibacy, 'seS^! eepl (he ievy eugeslt oiie o f noibeing: to get L'hiust f •. '..a c<v vety 'tfselcss^jpljeeri^ of f o pit urc. afte,r ' a lh imd ^ rh pry'^^^ ersaturrs. -;. ‘.-T;ne •'ocmur e f S. kpend tl®#BnilltL • old thotigli I doaht-Wliether she e v e r had^fau* jegit5:; T[: h u a te pVgposflf in h e r j ifef i ■ T^c liefo oYLric B sleepingafar—; .. : ' --. •• •; : ' ; - TfiarijffitHfef walked puihe W^Wiridof War^ ! . . Beturns to thee nevei^oh never ? ; j, ■ 1 _ acttviub^$.;'T' i ibnab^W e fiave , , , _ _ _____ r ______ u - \ 7 saw-hrirMaidThuyihg’o6tnc-,lu<Iiu*-papei4 I , . covcTdw itli Oo«,cl,uiE; U itlf e f y . # ■• * ' * alHil.e suspicious■:but jqdies. said-1, ;4 - ia tlie graoes . o f .t h e persoa ydo lose . ' 0 %hipt%er\Virtues; h ;eiTej#Jty. fi%t* a u ii - : able tempef* ':HoW.hfteh liaye Lmrithep;,' Teh a cdld frosty murning; wheif fiie ,drizt; ^idln^slerit 'Tn^h^ijttay fo.;d|0?abodev cl£; faisery jah^.1 , Wi* eteh'euuess*r^a0i>rdm^^^ ;4hd:edh-7; lii|g--tfae-V/lddwa be sure.- shed^esfdatfKUch trasiiof tiovcls,’and tvift dabblcih jpqetry ?■^and;^^ shep)ays?dfllghtrol- ly en jhe piaiip;.sald hBr^L.a t,* t hexi^ yea^* f«thd'hc.r^^pt'actieft^^^has-heeh wopdet;» loL : 0 ie htW aehUrming comiife oiiT that they kcep'coifstantly oh band; a neral assortment o f Genttemen% LadicsA _Ynuth! 8 and:.CJ (bfVarious fashions; to -stiit tlie dllfereht iastc^qf-T4ieir-eustom0iis)^wliolesale\antl- retail, at ilici riipaf-W'atdbqbscs I •; i t h a c a ; ^ r * Besides most liipds' o f epiinti^ arid usefuiness as pfompte happiness bei’e smd,Mttil7BViddWv die'i|:ycry pbajritafileV tlie O e : 7-pH.add; . ^fetLiw^j; bhL .hli 0 rfo S ,’she’ of\ tk.it I- eputd: .fj^rhe,?not|iia^ . o fthese’-’ ' H r ^ h i f ’ f h r ' i-mndsemeftti!V, ■ .. •' ' iitilli* (ilirV«i!iifid. uitioti!.- trt-silt i«i>nll>ili!irii>. th^piauoi;'?'I;like'llj^ta7aH^tUey;:are:..,A ljpI^ :v:57;;' ' i : approveu ere Remaining-‘M the Post- ;. % '^fitjriijpitiiV R e v , jtoilm- , 3 Banct>«X 2 ;; Walliaiii D. Brii'ftT^AUftHtan Bate;, Jere- iniah Bright 2-, Antuoay-Baker, Wiltiain - Baird, Ja* bez Bradley, E^q . '.,■ a ~;: - <5t -'CJaieki, Sairi** ■ * uel ChaplnaW, Levi .Countryman« , '• ' •• Di - A k ' • •: .VC^. ., ■YV'M.th).hSi' .^ 1 X.'-^dbBss.;AYiil’iaraytS-opd'Viav' 00 r'» •' \VT?'? ! H-.- Micahftptstf d* ’ ' ' ' ' ' \ ' ' ger^s, and JLunice h is wife, heirs and dev isees o f John Brards- h*y, deceased, I have levied upon and taken* a ll the estate, right audjitle, of the said abovcitjtcutiqncd persons, as suchlicirs and devisees; lo^niue hUp!i’C(l an<l jfifty_aci*es o f land; on lots No. 48 and 49, and their right'and title to lot Jtnmber fi7, ip ihe town oik Lansing, excepting on© hundred and fifty acres in I fie noKbeast corner of said lot number 57, lately owned’ by Da-* Tvid4BeurdsIryyainl now in- the oerrqmtro't jftlltbe said David Beardsley, wliieb I ahatl expose for- sa*e at pubiie vendue, at flie liousc nf L a Joy* innkeeper injthfc town o f Lansing, on the eighteenth day o f No- V^mhcr no^t. at one o’clpelc in thq after­ noon of said dtiy.' Dated October l* 1819; P, HAGER, 2d, under fciEfti F o p -1 ?. UI.OOM , latesb’f i . d ^ d . RY Y virtue of sundry executions 10 me JbJ| direeted awi dejiveifed, agtiusl the goods and chattels, lands and tenements o f JEtrtjchns^CJLii finpf|fi# If sbalWxposcT^salri a ll tlife wgfiit attdvlijfabft Ue said Euiyefeita t o lots: hb^I>2: aiid tssi oii He Wil*Ti ptdt' pheaete' 'of land now In ihe occuparion of Bciiiaiuin Fi'lshid; bounded east by „ tlia Owe^o amfj Ithaca turnpike ruad, and south k.>fenrtfe- «u fhe28ih day June tiext, at 2 tfetock T O ® , of M id day; at tiro Hotel in rim vlb Of Hfaaoa, > Dated May 4181*, i f o 26ib day of July jjeKt, at jh e m m * place and hour o f the day. . Bated Jane v L'M abhve-propemy is Hirtber pfiatpotted jtlU; tlie-^tbduy Detoberdcxtj a t the saihe place and tinte» * day* t ^ J h i y 2 8 t i i ^ i 9 ; T , - ■ •\ t ■ ,-.-v • . Tlio aliove Oaile is further postcmnV ed till the ' Hifl.h^ day>of^ November r.cact; a t lhcAame place, and hour o fthe'daw Bated dotoliSi* 5 . 4®T9* . “ r* - ~ . • *'* •vn!f , -cmt&l* S ji^SfS ' - JBy^yjif^uefef ’'eKpo^-iVstda^lftba’rigll1'! ahtitlrie of A b -pwii WakehTanv ^ o d l^tlian YVakemati* ftf -thefr person«l peoperfy, on iSatiit day l h o . % m day o f NoVcadjer neX-L^ jit 9 pfelttelfeu A , M* o f saidday^ a H h e bouse o f ~$Yakemaiv BlteirSejiienil No.'lll-.—>td».- ibri«>fis!|ojfi 0 ;«^recte^g ffliast\yIi^rM b ^ n d nperidttnl-pyo^- |iOHyof SylVanhs i | ; | ^ r t o ^ t . ’«!tai'ox- I pose ifor s a f ^ ib o u t 40 hcres oT*iahd dir loT day Of August next, at v2 O’oloek - in me * 4 ftenjoon, a t the hotel la the village o f I t haoii. D a ted June 22 d, 1815,, \ fFhe ahove sale is further postjwti- jed tilj j lie let day o f jnha'ary next, »('*% same' place and hpnref the day. ’ Bated ............. ‘N 1 ^ G L L ^ A l J S E Y ; 8 lrerifr--v ' ^)RARY, dept -y B l i ^ 1 . h i n g e , © ' K . . : ‘A i i g u T i n K e n t , W i l l i a i n K o p l K i m l i l e - , . T': ' L . y a r n u e l L m d i e y , J l i y d m S m i t h , . Drib Eiskj M a r - i i i i l a j - o n , , ' • • • ■ ' • T -.-..V . . - j 2 J S C - - M a ' r t e f r . - J a m a r M C S i g l e r ; A ; M i l t e f . . ' ' m t h a n p . . a i i n p r . ! > . );■ 4 . ; \ . ' ; ^ - r (>,_• rirriti prlin 2 * , . _ r-A..;, , ' , . . ■'.' ^ v\.T- \ R . E l l a s R e e v C J o r t i i e R o V e e t l l r t T , . K i c k a W l R i * . ? ^ .......................... ;Xe^tlbU.lp;;ine.' ^ ei^fd; agafnsf Ihe rei^ 3vkdtjpiers«iiat f'p.»pp|rty4^' jdslab Jodd .tpnv now pccnpied. by James BavisvM tho. ^^n.wyettlUf* d f October itoktv ar on^; j \;p*eiock In’ fhcHptei: 11 ^ jj ' thr yillage Of lriiaeai ; Ba(t(i August 25, r^OS^; “:\ByB4GUJRY;DepkBhC’' ^ I ’ThO' jjostponedtill: ^,JabrisHMlV;%''PiMhn,.7: ;Bmrd.O-ctofier' • ' ' \ \ ' ............ - - Ey order /fi-irt •pjc%;in ,#g .4 1 • 'I'hniiilrins ^nunl u hrtlii:© 4S .Iierpfiv ffivfih -tfi p.l! tl'R 1 .t V . i i n E r T i o k 5 n < ^ ' T ^ 4 r T i ia p p ; ^ i u r j w k y i f r t i f e K E ^ f t r h t a ^ ^ I?.Avuiian): JthxfiMroo'ik--? ■ '•• ■ ; . . * » • > i • iMwrtjihtCftaiSj’-T pasieii ' BOW m a : n , b 4 |, . v L ^ '0^ iy r r .'

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