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«m.lM^ -J : A J* • -All- members $y^fc* ^ Bap- ti^te Association ate^reoluested to meet at SW T Jfe«n Bapttste. HaU, Tuesday night at I o'clock. Beports of interest 'to all members wiU be read at tw$ meeting, imorjg them .will be the report of the Travers Carnival that was held some few w*ejt8 fcgfc Tfeeicol^iftteeln chai-ge promise an «nJO>able evening to all t hose who afetsnd., . v , PASSED AM? Injured v. m •\K iHy»;»'»»l»'l'| .;. Miss <Uaajf8 HcManus* t -lf -j§$rs eld, daughjbe&rrof ^. ; «o4, jip- ThomjtS Mc|*M*uSci»f Jtftfc. c South! Ca^hssrlfie Str^^ity, died .aVUne 1 Physicians hospitalAt, &$> |»'ctoek Saturday -night,- five monthe fol- towint an Juccidtent at Wang's raU> r^ad cimsijog wftp ft$,' 6|r $ Which she was riding crushed into a. train. The accident occurred March 17. , 'Miss McManus was riding in ft car belngoperated by WUliam Hicks of PlRUifcurgh, Sfoc suualncd a fracture of, both legs and arms. She ha* been in a dying condition ever since. Hicks sustained ^. fracturei of the leg and otiier^lnjuiies. Pneumo- nia developed in. his case and little hope was held for his recovery but he rallied and i s now convalescing at his home. Surviving Miss McManus are her parents three sisters. Mrs. Ethel Arthur of Pittsburgh. Mrs. Helen Cusprinie of piattsburgh. Mrs Mar- garet Creeden of Piattsburgh; two brothers Frank McManus of New . Bedford. Conn, and Edward Mc- Manus of Platteburgh. The funeral will be hold from St John's church at nthe o'clock Tues- day morning. t *x,\A»l n \ ^HU'JMfelU* Leonora Arait, Ph.P* Joseph F. Castas FliJ)., Ar- tfcaar P. J. Remy, Ph.D., on tedfure Program—» Triduum Starts Thursday—Family Gathering Held Last Evening CAPTAIN HORAN B TO 81TRAN8TERRE0 In i -ii i i irii» » To become instructor «| »fi*«is*ippl ' Agricultural Ck%« •' - ' ' . - '« ;\- 7 ' . •—-—— i • v p.-., . 1 ..J ....II.,.»..,.,.y , ,,i.-., . , , .i ,, ,, f I.-.,. .i^.^—*w_ - i- U \^*\' J| i ^lifrA'/ I. gn^.t.rs., »,.<•»• .\•'^e\ J «^- -W'V I','fj^j\-—•j^.trjP^ 1 i\ ffi! g-^l<U.^»»w—. Att r j ,^ Monday/* Program Masses at :% ¥M and B o'clock. 10 A, M., Lecture by Dr. Leonora Ajsstj on \Oar Links With Soviet' Russia.\ 11 A.-Mn Lecture by Dr. Joseph P. Caahmari on \The Emergence of Contemporary Poetry.\ 2 P. M., Subscription card party at tlfe Brooklyn Cottage \:A5 P M.. Rosary. 8:18 P M, Lecture by Dr.- Arthur E. J. Steamy o n \Standards i n Speech.\ Reception by the Boston Cottage for -all quests. i Tuesday Masses at % 7:30 and, (J.o'clock* 10 A-^M.. .Lecture by pif. Arfnt on •Peasantry,in the United States.' 11 A. V M.. Lecture by Dr. Cashman ori ''Nature in Recent Poetry.\ 7:45 P..MM Rosary. • :15 P. WL, Lecture by V>r. Remy on \Sock! Strata in Language.\ dJnaJ asked. \Ye* «he replied. \Weil my child\ the Cardinal said, \you are doing a wonderful work, for the ^ city and still more impperant work'ri\\ \\ ^.T [for God. and 3e will bless you for tet ^ •****«* it- Mr. Shcrwln declared i that as long as the theater has, .women of the stamp of Mies Bonptell—whose work is like that of Eva LcGalUonnc In New York City—-who i s fighting to keep the theatser what it ehould should^ be. a temple.-of the living Ood, we should be opUmtstlc about CapWan $m* O. SBQ«ft: o f ^ 26th infantry ata;iot>e4 tt pj,^ burgh Barraoka, Neir %ati^ juid a former residett^ of »rom yni jjg W York, has been.jteUtlil If #k*eiuott or the President, at tb H0«eiwlppi Agricultural^A^jm^f m * lege. StarksvUik^ M1wk«tp K »ccord- ing to War Depirtttwit mm* re-' ceived at the hc*dqu*r*et«, 0 f the second corpa juwjsa on Oofteaora Ja- The eighth week of the current season at C?liff Haven opens today with the third of the series of so- ciological lectures being giben a t 10 o'cloc^ by Leonora Arent. PhJD.. of Port Dodge. Iowa, on our Chang- ing Social Order. The il o'clock course or\ Aspects of. Contempor- ary Poetry. Is being given by Joseph F Cashrnan PhJ?. of Jamaica Training School for Teachers and Fordham University. Arthur P. J. Remy, Ph.D.. of Columbia Univer- sity, is giving the evening course on \Studies in Language.*' Ttlduum Starts Thursday At 7 30 ociock on Thunsdiy «v«- .ning. a triduum in preparation for the observance of the canonisation of St Isaac Jogues. will oped, con- tinuing at the same hours on Friday and Saturday evenings. 'The obaer- vance wiU take place next Sunday, and Rev. John J. Wsiine. rsoatuiitur of the cause of the American mar* tyrs. alii preach the sermon. On the point, overloolting the take! a Aug 18-Wesley Cok> and wlfeb*r*e *&«* cross i s erected oom- irturncri to Schenectady Thursday *wftmoratlng the labors of JOfues aJter *>p<-ading v t^a d«js »-!!h. Mr;' w& : Mrs, charios ^ &imk > | ^ , WiUiam ColHns of Watcrtown K.. Y.. returned to bis hocoe Friday, alter a. weeks visit with- relatives in town. Mr. and Mrs. B. Everest Darrah. former residents, are spending aj two weeks vacation to town visiting friends and relatives. Both are em- ployees of the International Paper Co^ and were transferred from Ca- ciyvtUe, aft«r the mills were cioepd, to Dalhousiej N. B». where the com- pany operates one of the largest pulp and paper plants on the Am- erican continent. . and his feUowriniKsloners in ~ this nOunced during the week; The family GaUteriuc Walter Shcrwln. an, old friend of the Summer School, and a member of the Civic Repertory Th^ter'ln Detroit, featured the program at the Family Gathering, on Sunday evening with a bfl present (state of t Workmen are making the theater's luture, f heiecturers lor the week: Leon- ora Arent. PhJ3., Joseph F. Cash- man. PhJ>.. And ArUiur F. J Remy. Ph.D., sppke brtefl^pf 4hetr lecture courses .telling what they proposed to consider, attd.lh^ interest tha*. might be fountt in Ihefr respecUve subjects. Piano selections were rendered by Miss Dorothy jr^ebnnoe, Mlvj O'Connor has appeiu^^bclore Cliff Mare naudience* ojn, other occa- sions. She is a capable young pian- ist, possessed „of ability and train- tof, and her *efcctt°»» were wc» received. „ , Rev. Francis P . Donncuy. SJ, who has lectured at Clill Haven on mumerous occasion^ was a speaker also. In SOs inimitable, humorous manner, he related a lew amusing Incidents, to the delight of the au- diience. . . I Charles A. Webber, executive ae- cretary. .presided a» c^uroan. Mr, Webber spoke of Hit two reel* of motion pictures, taken at CUfr Ha- ven lgit' year jwrujgi njt^ b§\ ujed by societies andegroups. to^aroose interest in the Supyjitr Sphooi, HJJ mentioned the annual theater par- ty, which takes place tin New York each season, the pu^icttion of a series of postal cafais next season. ami other itema of tiflgrt$ to the Family Gathering He mentioned also the presence on the irounds of a number of Columbian Squire*. who are i n camp. This group o f young men i? i n UIR nature of a funic*- K of C .and in sponsored by Agnes Clune Quinlan, musical di- rector, presided at the piano, for the Kinging of The Song of Christ- ian Democracy, and The Star Spah- gied Banner. FT. Mahan** SWrsaon Using the text from the gogpel talk on thejfer the day» -At that time Jesus theater, dur- j^pc-fcc wu* parable Ao sonic who % captain i»v«ki''ia- a iiaduatt-ttf' the-infantry JSchfiol Oomfacy Ofll-\ cers' Course,.*t ,Va£ »**p4ng, 0a„ Class of ^9*4,;*ahd wa# trst com- i missioned i& the mm? J|-Aug«tt»' 11917. He served, throufjt Vbe Wojfi | War .and was ajppatoted ss^taiV in (July 1020. .t:apUin Horaa't name I is placed on tt*^ Bet****! pfl»W list while be kp'on duty mth the Paper Was Operated Fran Platts- • burfit 'm A -Brief „.; •'.*;•' .\***** Si*:*'*- Vr **•/(«._ ••••• .^\iiVfj ' ' \•* '•!,. , . .j 'Vummti, Aug. 17^Aj|4tiUoh,«i mm- ay k \ ^ffw^^ fT W JHEN IN m UGHT AGAIIf «%>jiilll r ij.?: '\Hi\ al*J v Customs pafrbimeri added ©{her cnapter m their seekkttfflto ay» m^ornanefi ^vhfea they •©*»•< sped south m Noltfc Margaret St., m A.' fate- & speed gstlwated. m :*• \?y *> '.\..: Todays ;1^»taiii ; #.:3fe A if.^Aftimals*ahd pe Jun- .,• '3iJp. ? l|^lR^reatilori thrx^ugh Re- »-.;.•*- i'i.: bankruptcy iiied i£ fe^Ma^'slibttrtr ^1- ; -«^'^*.ii^/«lae. ^Qcftebfe MM:* ^W.i^terday/'wwkwt the'lh^; ,v -..^v^M^'••-» - • ichapti« 4n .the brief- 'Wp- . of . -#*•• i ®bm ,-tmm'.^• ** -M feature- M*jiena i Jjou|«ak> , publlahed ^? pK«rah4 of *.k»e\ Redpath' Chau^iit- Jp|ii ^' Mcfcftcfeeri '$$ \)sk vil||^ i | pu*vop^nidi^4 large B^endari# tween 60 and To miles.an hour in jO^-mi pursuit of gri alleged liquor mt. m Ti»v» .lajc as oouid be' ieathfed' the latter V&t wasHnot captured. T*e mMmm% took plar# abou^ : 11 d'clock In the mofcaihg. t •'-.«hlu ^*oad is bm$$ t^ele^ by pedestrians and motorists going O Jfoeycity i>eaeh -mk san*hort |tndi evi- dently ^nere'^iha lb be mo re jg;ard» lot* l»eir oife.' * • * v Police v chtef $$ftk U, Sweeney'^ an IEAVE Commlsslanfcra SenecaJ •« MMftrfftr 4$ tw> iiiniu«imwy \ -Si- planning' W make * a protest *to |he«f th^iiieW^^ flft»^«f# GW|| officer ih charge relftuestlhgxttiat &&,miss}m «od tw1> ! ^alli*^#8#*er8'llf? , * lives of residehlsf of be safeguarded 'Mississippi A/lOdU, Oolite. »i .»-i Only One MM Hospital WWi ing which he cent movement tcrred t o launched the rc-jtiu£tc4 in themselTes as just and ,b> Uw_ Idespised. o«*er«~ Rev, Wllham Ma- Cailjohc T%?aicr Movement In New jhftn. O. M. t, resident cliaplain York. He read from the works o! )p lmC hing at the high mp, coun- T. A. Daly and Jojoe Kilmer ^ j&eUcd against unjust and unfound- Mr Shcrwln \\>ent on the fctagejed critlctem m contra>y to the sum at the age of 17 when he played J ucal of Christ's teachings, love, extendvr i r»i crr e Ul ,Thc Two Orphans' with.Faora the cru> in Bcthcicnu to the Tony Romeo. - Miss Nancy Murray of Flushing. L. ,1, is spending a montlxs vaca- tion with he'r sisters ©. Ellen and Josephine Murray iri toij'n. William Storrs retum& to Lake- huHst, N J.. Sunday after a two weeks visit with his, parents Mr and Mrs Charles Btorrs He is an operator, at the Government Radio station there- T. E Hopkins was a visitor a t Montreal la&t week Mivs Alma mm or mgiuand Park Mich . was. a recent visitor at Itte home ol her brother H F. Bis.- trif. repairs to the house occupied byjjQ^ claxton. » name^ known to ah iC ross on qalvwp-. U>e prtrat aatd, theater goers twenty-five years ago. Christ taught and practised love. Among other successes, he played |H. S forgave 8}. Peicr. Judas, Mag- Slmonedes i n KIo» and Erlanger'sjciaien. Uie wc&an Uken in adultery produaUottof \Ben Hur. wWch nin'Hie taught m love. Charity was for three years?: played With Tay-1 foi^most' in all. his teachings, It was lor Holmes in His Majesty Bunker |t^ chief commandment. Misery in Bean\ with William Faversham in y^ world today is caused to good Prfhce and Pauper\ and in Ra- J measure by tho*- who think them- choel CrotlW play 'Mary Uie ueivcs Just, and despise.otherat Wo- In Piattsburgh 1 '•/. Twenty-Fiye Years J^o ! » » »•« »•* «. » Vue President Fairbanks was-a \\.-Mn «t Cliff-Haven'yesterday. c B Hildreth is putting up a 'hrai tw«> &tory cottage on BeeJcman s: '•',.• H< trjfnrntjaJ- field day sports were ht-.i Hi rfljapsburg^ Barracks un- 'or-T the tkrfctjon o l Lieut\ O E MuhhfUA siA>ervj^or of athletics . Arthur S plague. Esq.: left last evenu.g lur I few. days'' oltting at Chazy Lakt- witjh Dr. 0\Meara. • Miss Mmnie Wells and Lindsay Adaia.s were married August 9 at St Peters church by R5?v Father • Prlletier. it was announced yester- Guy Te'rrill 9 , son Of Mr. and Mrs William TfcmW. was droi^ed \fi.ter<ia> m the Little AuSable ri- \n near Valcour. GLADIOLUS .and other cut flowers ftdr afl occas- ions. Tel. 956 CarhfUes. 9 Rugar JSi -adV. / 'IAI4-2R Third\ For the pa*t five years he has been with Miss BansteU's He-' pertory Company at Detroit's Civic Theater In supporting tne action of the Catholic Theater Movement. Mi . SlMivin m that ho ftM doUilDil to find that U did not eftect Uie work ol the Deiron theater lor^the plays preseiftpd there are 'dean. This theater h*s an !nu»re*ting litst ory It was formerly the old Jewish Templey Beth El »n cliarge of R&b- bl.Leo M Franklin honored and respected in that city as a religious leader and civic leader,as well On Januarv 1 X925 wlien Uie theater was opened the Rabbi s.nid that trie stage on which he stood mark- ed the spot ol his\ pulpn rront which he had preached thf word of Crod for tweptv year.& When i t be- came necessary t o move up toau he wondered with great appreheu- eton a s to what would becQme of the beautiful old temple When he learned that n was to go to Mii>s Bonstell. he was content., lor undej her guidance jt would still be a temple of the in ing God Cardinal ' Hayes has publicly praised the work of Miss Bonstell, Mr Shenviu pointed out. On the occasion ot tne civic banquet in his honor three years ago. Miss Bonstell. was presented to him by a leading business man C J. Uge- man, who said \TrUs is Miss Bon- stell who i s doing such fine things for our Civic Theater. Your Emin- ence.' \Jessie \ Bonstell?\-. the par- men sell their souls in, traffic of sin. young men behind prs(sen bars, lost to themselves their families, th e w«srld This t» so because some con- sider themselves Just illki <Jiiief& de- spised - The Hack of charity- as i t Is round m unjust and undue cnu- 4&sm, causes great unhapptoess. the pricast said Tins is considered to be the age of speed ,the priest stated The, ywmger generation comes i n for much criticism most ot i t unjust Why interpret their actions as wirong. basing this interpretation perhaps on actions in the past of Five persons- were seriously, tn automobile over the week-end. The injured aj»: Napoleon Burn*, J4 .slrldttlfcefe,. City Injury to shoulder *t : Philip Shutts, IS* aota of Mrs Herbert Shutts of 93 U Av« fracture of r^jht arm. ^ S J Priedmni, 80, Of Tm* & fracture of kneef cap, | Prank Gregory of Saraaa«» atlons about the face, Mrs Henry Tyndall. city, to shoulder, Burao was injured wl>en a Which he was rWirif belnf by his wife collided with a driven by Fred Grmtto of mora opposite the Frederick station just west of this city day night. The Shutts boy was hart be held OKt his arm to back ofr automobile driven by Walter car- H# m iml tcndticM the boo© -cmckftl belw*sjii t and the elbow. Friedman was hurt when 06 <& k in which he wa».rtdint be|ni4rt>\« , by, Josenh irrleqiman 'atas^. te^' » car ,p«rfce4 on %&&• highway Js*i north of CliU Ilatfa Saiur&f nlfht Friedmam stisiek to%| tef* against- the dash boaixt «f tb# auftj OixfQiy. w* -cut c«* the fft«e..bf; WcKa^hen, hi» petitioa ach^duleeifto apfte-of• 4b* weathwr^oii Satur- thow^has UabilltieK of »6.653 with!day. Tte -frorrjuig Program wf^i MeeU of fijm/ jmf cf^to«li^|9ijij^it^| > t^> iM^^^ lllui] ^»nOt^ The Uawcna J^ja^^#ltst $^'M^---b^ ;^ii fea^ta .ofe^jaiajBic-'itnja paarod about three, montlis ,a»^jdid,.not disappoint -his.Army of ; with the. stated mtentioh of pub-'youngsters who were pres««t. - llshirif.tiioe, it'iraesvm 'Mm„&e§d TH* s |d:^taooil , ^ogtaift $ wmh entwdtk*ntry into the dji%ipoija.- MardonJ al^^pf^ded waa. a, be- ljie ; field in the oiring. While Mc-.wiiaeruig exWbit;of the seemingly ICaGhen mana«cd the paper in a***: hnpo*sibJe that lert the audience aenm the newspapjtr was prin1i«?l in mysttfled. Th* program,. in which tha Oedensburff Advahce ottipe at Mardofal was assisted by Madame C^d^naburf, all oopy beln«%s^t to Mardc^l, was dlvWed in three acts. paper jra» jprtate^ & ifiMiMfc^vtneso P«?W^ »hM>Iwo otje could and then chipped here for delivery, i fathom, was able so flcure out what Journal 4tRPpe4^& 6» weekly flteMjWWtcn, the^ numbdr on a- ticjtet, the. and soma time ago tt* Ogiiensburg appeoirance of a w«tch, aU eelected, JAdvat^ company j» said to have at random frotnarryotw In t^ \ withdrawn IU support. Xdward T. enoe. Madame Mardoni. blindfoid- Dlnneen, fonncTiy of C^densburg. ed,-made strange and jaaoet accurste but now «CPlirf<sbutfb, H« Y», Jtoe* \<*Me««palf- j^bout-, ''the. /•' ap^bstora; over *|i»e. editorial management of and drew snany rounds of applause.' the paper and operated It ' 'from' The tWrd act/ in which acardoni Plattt^unli lor a brief period. i««*Uy arid fOmoat *»i^«y|a^-.«ia>j ,W ^JbQB'fedinirkfssioii; off AU Jb,. SejusjasliirSsf\ after hoW»i| ^m&M? : Prison, H iMtix&m**f <ft The commission the Jail and the dsy. ^ ask«l to inspect the; crowded* mr iatiWgttii. trnent county' '*! (•H#ip^flflp^» ^pav| '•fsw ^^^^•'^wa' Crpditoci listed to the McKacheii|ca|>e*^ froto ^he rjajokruptay- ^pe|$tloa -are Packard jc48cer, -wa» ,p1lrna|pa'*#ei. *^at fea- Prlo^w Jia«htoery cora^any of:*ur«of^ the prc%r*W* Lyon* PalU, *1JW; 'bt^fflatuttii! In the evtoJag <^r«th Weila in Advance, of Osdensburgh $•©•: Mrs '*. Mmple, «trai«hUorward to the car and they tlsd a rope on % .'car aad $o#rM- ^-#Kpaty. t ' '• This followed a hearing before _ _ _ ^ ^^_ _ ___ _ tJ. S , Commissioner ;Cb S. Bixby. m $Ml: nay. J6tm Bellaihy, t»: tlJtJatoc^ kyafrl^ JieM *lifc,iitt- *«« *a officer Ih ft peifojmancel of existed since the federal ptlsoae'r*. that tfyiz m> mmfj gjolnf to tratiSJfer ift^r amentia OWHslr jailat Canton Mowday. Judge tioldwiith aod «»/, ottte* membeijs o f the tsomxaiSriori eon- craturst^d Sheriff Sepeoal on the - ^Hfth^» U th**#fttt atta^afe^i ^a*-\\ , Tbe } wmtt&*fM*** ie*^;,>i>rd«rs- Cnstom, P*l«lme» T^ Astowfj^ #{#&£ W*mm&*&** *\•*' bile When Own« Refuse* . t ao iloci: to*»4froa*vmJpm*/& 1*.* Handover Keys ^ W'The)* *Mt ^Ml^ Suttttty Jafl and almoat tbKt.many •CuttOma patrblmen- «^*#ed:^oon- [cojarty tosdh^ Jiidge-^liimtte > e ^-1 sldcrahie attention on Clinton atreet early Saturday afternoon when they spied a Hupnioblle sedan ownM by Eddie Green parked on the Street and aeiaed .« .*$ evidence. Greea/must tfjBM$fe& v&Wk «o*oml»* refused'to' pre- «he oflieers thb 1ceS«[sioiae4iW*A.'\- r t, J^T> { % \ » ' * '^alofwSr' lu^ita**!* 1 ' prisoneiss U they lnterfe«*d sslth «*\*( d ifeie r ^«CT|jf-- ^^bosea that ciala that, they -^samot \jOVeirCTOwd the ^tea^iRnA^Mi pjjk^m h G*one H. Rusaeu, $1K>, all of Ma*-jdamp tent j j* ^and. *, <i». Osttt^.'aiittK^.fpWawft , *i«; Onondaga Photo En-[strange and gravers, .|I3 ( Syracuse. ,'jimmfa*%^iti*'&¥*< -let A. Murptoy -of Poti«hi«i 'ref>'.to f 'WA, •%» <g jt» McJCachen. Mr- W«ak, ^rbo wNstt ast~ w iciawiiii same afffenae : .aad. smuggling cpafaa- : K^ ti^^^mt-m^^^' iW\*^ band. The two were arrested foliow- find some other Jaik to ftU with , . ing a wild chase on North Mslrgaret aHeaa^fiel mm dsfiy ^|m«^* ii* T atreefe -last W*dhe»di^ which «^ 4 »rt(Wpi»teM«fl^iii«.,, \ '\ MOm.thifcti^cJ^iah^. i» K A %yam.4BtanCkva l«&* seems *impoiijbiiB4o- l In a manner W«Hter Occarre* Satswftsr AfWt> WMlifw iSwi^W^P^p -SS ^^S^^jqjpw' *^^ ^ Of Tlse Brute's PamiU . jpediUon to the Uountains •^^^^^S^IMs W* (Wy svs*#^s^i^«i? ' % atH H(^T**fr wa^^* 1 ' ^^ws»jp^%**' -^ s^ the Cbicafo Geogriphical s|)ciety. With the aid, of < .A.|»«WiMl^totere«itotf^ *t|ir^-i^p^»M^'s|ip^r«|- ^4E**» % WU|el«Jl a»d- Pittsburgh ^-fr^^pk^^^iiara^^li^m^ owt*d at«» home of Mr, :and Mrs*^ ajojmttdi'ofllNlt in the- clouds Joseph Osil a*, tha former place on 'r^ ^ road* and wb^'espped peaks the f|jtai('«|aa* from' th#-»ladi2iiW^»l^iy «%»^>!S|p ; afc swff «^ek'jWHaT «aU*e \iukej|inls\ paiV Was: \ ' \ \' \ * * \ \ J , '*fc-^^'#Wkr^»--'-^W* *# r -|l«d #v«r the'/e^ttittSr, ftumbling into J«|| .^»dr«l c^'-Jb|«^ v < Danncmor* eoBidfct w^h- •- -tar ,«f ,|fe Wasiey L, -«#MBrs,ff^<M»« krw*\he**h*r -50 l&t in ' '' L ' * * drt\ic«- by Gforft McCaAipd: olj Rediford op.Utt Wfhwiiy : bet^«« Sara»*e*and. Dannemora SatpSisyl' n%ht ; • ilr*. 'Tyhd«W wat- hurtjSuadii *w ter^boft m M*l WeiiWI^ *«lt»«« WaiH Chaxy and In«»whsm. §ht was standing in - ft dMch *lop#«K'* u* road, with hec .hufbjihd lakbvg *=*p- aho|s. Crf |hp|r.'C^iidre».. wh«i ..** dr»ni^'-i|rtiiter dm* iaio itepuiil, aixl struck her down, H« fa^d to) cured. M>e Hoeiiipe uumbtr. of«» caJT: and! will swear out * w&rmi' for uie arrest oi the owner tods* prjaone. 4 V jar *• senecai said %e % ' teaMmopy «» hearing ws^^ aid^^f-^liiip ^r* t •pe^ ; c*-;|iatt^^r.^v.| pi ^ y ijpgoty ijet Mr. Jftftfti |» .<s?Nfcr-. »^<»: ^ \^ |-tn«. ' Man^,, s tr*»4 -and. inj'unltf ChucehiOt na*M ! wa» *&T- «fficla*tog .--, ~~ w . „ -..-. --» - - - ,-—*. -^r—r —•-—,-» T —— — r - Floyd Stickhey. 25'Beckman street,;: KewTrXJEsyen, Cbhn. and Mis. Ella^ Adirondack ^C^mnj'uhltf €8W$Si<**Mto-i&&*&xmtetck things one at three o'clock yesterday afternoon. Herron if thls.cityf LsfUui ^'bj^ Jt .whO|*|« , Mtteed;:-iil''a bwming, and ,#mmmti -' WWte wad^tif^ ic^ri, w«. iawnd«J *^ f 4lb». K«apl 'PjsMfeey..,*-- m** <*?«!» would never beUScyir possible.. fes pietutts of ;Jhe- native* were particularly 4ntcrt«ttog NatiVjes in a strange dvfhxatloh, for that is civll- tgattOR t o than, utrange costumes ootusisting o f whits cotton ^icight- gowm with American ped 'coats,, '^^litift.jatfxttf. af^wt^-^iilttet^iuiavesfwiMi * diet of fiomj water. c# wbJ,tf.piRei pats- imjl :%m Jigptt* j and aalt,. natlvea; 4bo ne\Tr ^seemed' m, m»r Cidi,,ii'|«pth^r vi the. brkJc aUeod#d ^p?g»J ; . i, < rtVto brids fe-n.^radji^-iOf W» Grjeeii car and as .far 'Ms \could be learned ho contraband in it. This $K-Hi% , 'ftSji'-tlnie•^herfejt fe inowtt that olScers have 'selsasd sf ear <oT «yJdeii0ei ; rr ~.- .. * wi'^ir.UW.IiiMr. WES IN NEW yoM cmr Mcs. jSa^Oi At BtaaearJ wjf* «f > Michaeli Blazee, 3te£ aluimJKe of ^ 79, at J(er liome in NewpSTork; c^ty fe on Saturday, morxiing^altW^ia toug | illness. - - j -Besides^ her> ht|sband, Mrs/Bln- 1>I1T Clklfi WA 'W T 't^ f ii' l ^ n ^ burvived loytone 'daughter, »UI rlnil IlU^aHsftfiK^ Mrs. Fred Parks, afi» of \New York, ... t g:.Hs^. land fotir sMeis^'Mlrsr^J-Hayes of The members of* the. fire depart-' Gary. Bid., Mrs: Hafcfcle. Kxorner of ment were called\\to- the home • of jChlclgo, ni,,*M>s. Jehnie^Pardy of On Wednesday evening one hundred Dairymen ar*d tl*«r wive* asserabki at the Town Hill l«, Peru. If Y^ for a neventog & busi- neaa and social activity. . Ilie meeting vps called to order by Mr Ross Claric Prestdect Very ftne reports of the' annual Bating ^ ^ _ '%tw given by Mr. J, W, Creese, de- UK critic himself. Constructive \cri-j^** 8 * 11 * 1 b ^' ^^ G<X*Xm Cromie. muxu tarto be dmrrd always Bul****^ ^^^ 8 « #r * 1 Kusi ^ UJOjust crSlucs ^top at nothing:. \S'oungstera will forget themselves, tor a moment, the priest said. but. har&h criticism wiU aJail nothing Unfair Irttici&m is u%air t o any locality or commumtj People are - accountable not to other individu- al, 'but to God. and if they offend against His commandments, their critics should remember that Ihey too aill offend against that com- mand. Thou shait riot bear false witness against they neighbor\ in their unfounded tariticlsm- God is wailing to forgive, Fr. M&han, con-, elided, and counselled that we for- give by our silence. COSTUME JEWELRY French costume jewelry at the Little Gift Shop Hotel Witheriil.— adv.' • (Ai#*18» selections were rendered fej Mrs. John Gregory and son\. John t»i Sa- ranae. . Mr. A. L. Milks, director from Cattaragus County wi* »«» intro- duced who gave a very instructive talk on the organisation in general. He explaiiied very' clearly tfes pres- ent market conditions and uv new fljiancial »t-up of the orgimzation Following this-a'general ducussion took; place duriiig which may im- portant questions pertaimeg K> the organization were fully discassed. Mr* dohn U a«?ey, dir&un re- presentative *pok^ briefly en (he \txwtoatipw. ?re«a.*»fe letter *e*»ooi tU kas Ui brifa&VmtiL* vilie. Tfae «rtom is popular In Mm C«y »«<* »»' an employee of the Dame sign Company, yyaiowing a mjeption. Mr. and Mrs, pelkey left on a motor trip through the Provinces of Quebec arid C-nlkrio, and the western sec- tion of New York stat*. ,• Both Mr. and Mrs. PeUcey have tim be«t WW*** of' ttwtr many? friends in UtiSi city. pt cp-opemtive .marketing. * f^UowUig this xefmiittteL«. were served by the ladies of Peru local. At the cloae of tne meet^ ^Q^ present enjoyed, dancing mcii about midnight, ' to mind the strain) of the. trjip that easily broke down the whites man. **MWe. In' America\ penetrates jeven into the very center *fj Jungle Africa and the party of tniexplor- ;ers [ouiid Ford cir&well njanaged lioteis run on thi; American- Plan sand ara?vrt.ngly gwid roads t^hat did not seem to be mide In Ameifiea. The pictures of the mokuitains, which the natives r$f«aeci tp climb because .of a. mixture' of common sens* and tradition, were jlcwious. $uge white capped] mountains which were climbed by ^hopping £teps in the cake* of ice; were shown and the tiadlence was captivated! by the beautiful scenery. They found » lot of smoke but no\. ' •• ' . * , s , ! V «J- -Vi jj^ w .. | The *e)nain$ will fTr*r« i^ere MOK* day mfflltdttg^nd will be'iaken to J '* A member of the family-was burn Ing a large quantitiy of. pflper'toith^ furnace and a defective cin^nneylheld caused the smoke lo back up filling the houise^ th- hbrnje: of Mrs^ aerxotn, from Where tjhe funeral > services will be y at- 3 jP. M. <Daylighfe Saving ^ttt^M4riW§3Bgn^a± River- Carveth Wells ii a humofist. His lecture was not nierely a lecture U educate and instj-uct an ^audience 80Y fiHBRT-HFJIi MMM or m \mn m vailed nmI , r niUDIair T©ri7 thrms to be foun 4 in Wkfy** the W iilLt tUiUWimJ llliyu heart of Africa. His lectipre was 4 '. ,-„•• i • \ 'given to entertain as wellj as in- ' Robert Scanff. rune y^ars old, son struct and he.^id just that^ of Mr. and Mrs..fimUe; Scanff of| A good many in that' ^udience Bouses Point, was brought ot the Urent home to pfcur over books of Champlahi Valley ho^ital last eve- 'knowledge to ascertain the height nipg sufferjtng from a fracture of W. Mt, Baker names of strange aniT mals discovere dthere and; to \find the left shoujder. The boy. sustained the injury in a fall while attempt- ing to cUmh a tree. He was attend- ed tjy Dr. l». Q Barton, Sr. This morning (Jan'eth Wells will show motion pictures, of lanimals. necessity of and the passitiUUesl. Ctvi>E. (^>—\Cniil death, do us'many, of which never been Seen out out exactly what bled, , • i flamingo resem part\ was heard'on an average of side of a museum, of Natural Hist- once a day in Wayne. county, dur- ing 1929* aopording to county. ?-e- oords. - There were 365 marriages and only nine divorces in the couu ty during thfe yearj ory. \ ANTIQUES j_ Antiques at the 1 Little Gift Shop Hotel Witherm.-jadv. .* ;iA16-19. i A PARAM0VNT SCRl^N SONG \B$DEU^^ Pathe News & Review—Mat. 2Sc Eve>,; 2Sc & 40c yxiximxm«ixxixixxxixsixxnxinxxi.aiinjm >q ^y

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