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Otsego herald. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1805-1821, October 12, 1911, Image 1

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Historic Truth our HJERALD shaU'proclaim..,,,.. The La<m mr guide, t i e Public Good wr mm* ir i i.-' rjfi t i ' T Ti t ~ i -----. ' ..... -- vrto - ■*■■ ■ . \ ' j- - ' ~ i 1*1 . --'if ' T ----- ---------------- r,,1,vM ......... L. j ........ ' ' »-■■■\ . r[ ... . ........ 1 n » ■ ■ — »-*■ OTSEGO, (N , V .) P R IN T E D AND PUBLISHED BY ELIHtT COURT-HOUSE, Votvwu'-XVU.l O C T O B E R . 12, 18 U . i » wwjiw [Number 863 . s a s s s ’ *55 rnurnm country equal and rightful ad- France | nor any meafures, It is an u n p recedented requifi- tions have produced the utmoft vantages* ’ under the name or of the cbar- tion of the Britifh adverfary injnftice and. \injury ' t o the The em inent body in the after, nature o r quality of reta* belligerent* m ade t o <ho neu- trade o f our country* by the U. States which dlolds, under lt4tion9 Which might be defign- trals, that they, a fter tedrefs to Briufli belligerent; anti • we providence, in high refponfi-r ed or might tend direftly to themfetves, (hould begin a truli, that we have fhown, in. bility, the/olemit power to declare injure the States. The end commercial war upon France, the nineteen numbers o f the nnt foro>mr<»n thr* a r . of this fecund fcriea is further with a vfew to coerce her ro two feriea, that they have like- Loud And An (Mftcaft, nafr'trnded and poor, the employment o f the mean*. complaint, and by various nm the plain duty o f p rocuring G. rent. ftitutipn and the laws have pla breach of the peace ot Amiens, the hoftrle parts o f Ocfipahy, g ^ n t C^hich e ^ e r i t ced In his hands. The exe- U) 1803 , and aftc^lly prior to Italy and Denmark} and a- bright prove) which ihould At the door qf fee ritfeqj#© I fcnuck'd, cutjve meafures have gene to the French Berlin decree of bove all, p f our o w n country, continueTawlcfiriy tow a llcour t/c utmoft extent of executive November, 1866 , had given to W e (honld, in fa ft* incpnlift* fubfUnce on the hi^h fea<,.*o authority*.' • us abundant canfe for a jutl cntly thr c wr ou rfet y es.into the arreft o u r mariners;and:to tief- T o a coanffy impreffeJ war} and hadlaid a reajQnabie very B iuauo#*. _w.p.• bay#., ^ ^ • CAd< with convictions and feelings and |eghttUfeC'fdotid^ibu';fof; fojuRly;rte p i ^ 5 Staieit (aftc# like ihefej awake to the hap fe y ^ a i’vaH o ttA a ^ .pfreW lia ^^^1,1 th.e-cafe-O'fG*■Brkaih-^that Y a r t t > # n a t e t e y t e t e * 4*1^ piuefs o f o#r * fellowrmen of tio.jp' by • b tm tih m p if ig if ■ ^ o f r # tpkSsj 1 ’ evety nation, bui u p iofpourfe f'Tance bp,On the modify 'W ? ;tiw 6 l,iw ;ift-M a y , t l t O t : rbgardlef* o f . u s own prof- the property, anti the p e o p lr a i * # « -And i t r m m o f ppr* te * # f * b e s° n * b o b a f t d ^ b s - o ^ owr wii}, and.accordtngto our fc ^ i m p a r t e k y . „ ■ p e f ts'o f ihe civilized world,, this evident and {Irong rt^ht of views. fndCcd it w o u ^ >be Franr**. hu. fb* >»rv»«r ^f i-v-., r- ■ * ■’’-.*’—'-- 2 - . —- a n - ,...• H ^ o d jd jgive thufes tifti hv 8 uerice (o f a co Wfc f t f t « t o y i .1 tow.. ‘ ‘ExiwofdmaTv as raiv have w e * no tighugalotl «t<,4kBin ■*««»»« c n a * A e r). o.i CI 1 fiS, . h / . f t u a ! i « r n r i KU ^ t l y .O r c « n a,e • 0 Gpjl J w i’f thy mtrcifui fi-ft, Nov fecfe on ©if frsnti© defp«U'-? I ir *riy tt'as written fe^r^on | ~Bu tW rich ujan’mv poverty.mock’d Apd ^{.nunj^ly fcid me fae gntte, ' Tf © p “ff occf.wueefsM msr t rMi Avxt ptucd my djfe ; But I fpuro’d at hu proffer’d rrlicf, Tor tuck whs the gUnfct of ffis eye* t JW oy a b » r quet boul? feft’d , 'W rer* gu<iT^fe»er*d joyous and fret | ^ r.wir.tety b!aft| B»t tkerff **s oo entrance far me. % France^ by the repeal o thofe parti of decrees^ jv lu c h ^ ^ io l^ ju i our -,neiitrai : f tghts, has enr{tled 1 Itcrfelf, 0 ’S*** amity commerce u ^ o u ir c o tf r i* • liiitP tVfciriiBfrfttte’v'hMiiflf \fifwation of the U n i^ d htetes, 00 if» k io j fo 0 . Brjiam •■'V Aod.«w»>«...«.u 1 ba™d chfld darin? ihe fcveral wars, which could not derive iny right thal Great Brilain haiintcnd. P u riuga!,T u r licy, M o rocco^ tlewqbft/hedfepfitowfe'feft. have a rife n from i t b i French correft o r ineoirreft ed IP makfe her .K iogtn cdttit-, .apd .ph^a* « T ° . p o tUOfe* G* IS n litirai - ^ i 4 ttlon«in^^^relatboto^. Britaihe^^^rher, (o injore us by preteiwied oetttrsl friendi, a p d M hgeir- her jq have begtm firtt, in % ^m d e e d ^ n e w f d r th *^ parpofe of^ hoth, w a rs^aycm itleherfelfto new , auu, wiccoruv T_i, v - ^ X .a „ yjrjfjr. j r ' •';] .T o « toour.w e ltonfid#< ^ ldeas' bave ieeij thatthicteeii mpd|)d*>| # c a m q t x ^ ' o f the^m e ,^bat fee rcfufcs to re-. ; V-.!;-;- '■’'.k' .»• iMudeiiice and idiiibe* was\ f*vecafaSi;’oi''0;. B ritaini va, the jlates ofc Riiri>'f»e'-ARd of-.Feaf titsr. ordem -ttf council.—* f e ^ t J t T O T C ^ B W T A i W ,0 been teafonahly p ^ « d m B « ; o f W s d m i : a AS *A t ; ■ J d itY c o d tr s : the odipus arid her G&mmem»l; 1 ntcretta 3 « ^ ^ tyoftmf V * / 7 enormity bfrccriiiiT he.r tnilitary opefattOnL '\The Tp|sft t^ e % .M ^ 'is;lb ) e f y - f o i a, tjnd rtct * ^ a®hef jn| her oaval, foroesj by the’ ^xitilh parliament bave opeh; wkni w that e p tf w d dotifotie > luli credtti by peij illegal impreCfitient of neurrah# i f lept theif *W,in the farm df ped. G.-Bfitaih^ wbh a defti- ootogrtnEurope and avithtifpfii« apd orfehv aftttil And .implied mderbni* tutloh o f reafohi that h at (hock* m 18 etT emdStfart tb* Prt JJtribui't(m*;in- » 8 cd . , ' : ‘ a N o , IV . fijnd •ntitled to ' ' •foni of ftdndhig in Europ ^ ° C^ America^ ihit^M Brjiife ;.dfij^;. hs'to !»&*• tips m thei itttniaera sni adVb ed th^ heart St underftanding, f e pw n u M t ; U(u: A a«» inuiviuun awing wwoour ,uons,~ agaimt* tne U. Mates. , , , • • « y COncen, and w.hing uh'h, Thr.e^cuhon o f our l,w «JF ^ w ! * ^ T h f ’ro m . A« le*ft ift»i<a«v6 * ftjiri ,h* lift March, b h i* .o be the >«*? 9«* H BU i t e r ^ ,L v ..e j n e n i ^ .. cai|T . _ . l i i. foPBo£:d ih .. .he courts of admiralty, me by the other belligerent yith topplhari *rtd vtind' fMWantial/ettliations) always « * P « W ^ ?Y«hfe la*r V n p m v t f . <*»« « A new , and, it , «C<i that i^ io n s ^ b u r ^of con&teft receiving and avowedly oheyV and pretended, with an aftoti* * e 6 ® « r h t t e r i r q f i F r ? n c c n .» a i o p e d a re- ^ ^ ic g d r d f » , ru l e i m i regdla- iftih g eou c teM t.eS , to poSbfi) „ lion, from ^W chihiOO g h ihe jteat ;Berlm aqd Mi an 5 ^ - - 1 , a a - - r- ' * lo n g c o u rte 0ln i n « , r e n8y e a , s. deerecs rufficic!.ily e*«»({ve: ® * k “ : m !o i o « iffio n , f e «“ liw f y th e m ,; o r f e t F r i o c e N o r h ’ # the W *6 * . * ^ ^ . !*TL,< l '• . . . • f * ' •. • ^ i, i- whaieyisr. tioUji, froml^jbeir municipal herfelf/the ti^ht to rctaliaiion ptefideney any cpunclt, tiisqiiTeftJy deviating on her .enemy I /And now, : ; r TWTr ^ ^ »T P^wcr w ddty concerfiing from« the pabiic lsw‘r bfthe when A m e r ica preferring tp. % k 5 ? “ --h j y « * leielyaeft,pded : dc(ived fro m the eoc' cjwi|i„d world. NW , ihej- try fiift h « piofeot fM l ' tbat yatieiy of wrong! and^Uy t h ^ decrees : and thattn ope; y have affe^ed tP treat, with tW ^iatimmedies, • baa after nipe*, o f pt»f coon- tnpR U j m ^ k r ^ p te m a m m o y r p p fe try fo rely do pot demand th*c ri We regimen bf!;tW Jaw of^ \ht held ffl^ ardenusioonpolift in wd ihouid ehdeaVor to p rocure betrrgerebl nations, the iniio* aftmi q f eirclufionftpttt a por* the admiffion of Britilh^ pro* ’'cieiilt. ‘ t^e;.pegisef«iv;iM»d'. the don df h t t trade, (tertninable duce o t ::f msnufaftures into Tightful commerce of neiitrail, by HerftlfJ G reat Ddtath9 won-^ fdrefgbm h rket^ which will te- pw®ng from onw p u h i n amity db'rfuUF:'ddblc^gv^llM ^ 'fqri? Ceive 'bar •;^ f i\p r d d b c e . and widi abdtbef* upon a'prqloiii- m t extravagance, pretends ip m a n o fafto ^ - K a f can O f e a ed ,;hteinipg .p f •' i h t x r b w n jn. tf rtght to remiiat^ the xBi.idnF-_ ^ d 6 R y ^ * ^ ^ :^d^dets in <q44il*\varbeq'; ;YfU|^t»er.tii'. o f the CJ. State* I yatjeiy of wrongs I .; juTiet; w'bit-h are ftatcd dr tie tH b p View, ,dur hferi ot Stft Ihd^ftcond ferics pif ;t|rqie, Mayi t^ tp , etnOot be in force pubdieatT6ns#4 agaihft Gre*t Britain, without divine fprctvidefiC® )to iinflV ifetadi^ifig'frQmi tbeinTuehiir^ e*?ce the miad of the regent of taffitory” iheaforei, a* have Gsseatf Brnain to that Happy^ Jbeen generally mhniioned* tvildem and Virtu# k It appear* right, to cbnBder which wail .##«*•;i h f # ' |i« whole extent • oerfl .._Ta|eiif s;. fiH i of and’of ^ Vpftmry* and fppni it# e a flkil eVenia to ihe fra^ f,oce^ file exefudes the true and p b io meaning of k H avowed, muft'Cot#* n fetch inter- prefent time* Aa # Veil in- from her own pom , colphial the Votd* ofthoie order* entt* pel France and 'hernanrnjrOus' ? a funded contribmioh of a mere ^ European# all our manu- /ited:^v'o^dl':iA#-ffel#af#-.‘ alliea to qjfe^'..ilseir':^ta'.'tts f: 'f i t t e r ■ i# a iv id t fa r r^ # f« fii^ M d .p % 'f a a ^ e a m & i i a ^ dmiiigVs; In S du&ioiw^PIF oprfbit/ahd IRhe- proof q f t e p « brv# fhowri A already litUe'^ tfat a ll, ^ o r t 'b# pairi-; rjef . i i ^ t o p c o V e d t o t e ^ febat v a r io m # f r i d i f o f i l e n ^ of TioftMity in her capture*, France to alter mark and G ertpany,iand the; mbr# than hoftrfe in her inw ' .tO-Ho* i,In - t u e ^ e e n t g l i o i m ^ '^ - r ; i n d V p e d ^ f i f • ' fir«t citfea of H # » b # r | and PbeffiuOpts, apd Wantonidg jn oftbeBriiM h k'ngdm , . Brethen, in tf& k # ^ _ J f e e e n pf JbV-feft''■■teafei with G% Br^^jM d * operMip^ and ^diClaf \pro. ■\wlli ^prtlwidcne#. to R e n d e r - lc> A#W ?bat G>% the;. |f r i $ j n , 1 1 would h i manifcftly - .«■ p repoftercu * pg&id* 'o f n ^ V '\ceedrng** .ffigarifies - h e r ; fn$en--. vtu-:’ Mie emperor Of ^ **>fch Mgan^^«*»e *^df^ V^ukfc^^^fequeAoi dar prtfi- arr*t%edi#t«, relate#ipttpm##fnreyi F r a n c s i b # ^ an d fub Ran- r 7 9 3 ,a n d whjich Was deni, were he ao a p p l y tb le d io b e h c ld in a, tUte o f D e p r iv e d ,- hy_her co n d u f t , o f - * y i. •. . *•.*■»_. , . Jr k M 41* J ' ,.' . S‘\ ' ‘ ;■ . , . ». 1.. / • . 8. •._*■/; - ' - - YJk -’m. ^ . .• • •.. ' : * • * ' . '+ \> ' I.- .. .' S' .7 * ' W ■ .. P V . . ’ . I Aiwteoa, oaihe aodi Fiance. It damiot he ejtpcC bldckade ; and jthe innocent much of our ri did norm ^di'that the ;;g a V e i i n v ^nghtte^««ry jw p ^ ,tg;aVpwVd/ com-, we' tiVl ilhpartialpy of our pu .eomir«4is#-imdttie'geii-uiiWf#i#:,. .. ,.._______ ^ , . tlifiiy of; Our ^#eiv# fucb antefior would confidhr *i, # h p t^ e isla i heeh pjfltended to lha11 b#i u n tepretehce Of^re- The denifelai bdt^qttencea #htion? d erived oThk»Vftf tq tbsi gr#at cbuntry '> and 10 neutral coihmefCe, t»ay|gattob r as a tnere^ apology Utt;tho:p»rt\Ae’mnadofi,:;#ndfe'r; i h e t e a t o f -. We ° hot repeal.‘oaf The fupeitor virtues twice th t e s t e ^ r 1 n 1 a # » g * ^ T ihg the ^ contm » pi|nti^iter ju d t-’; tmhm^ of, Fraut# ^-^efatenkittd^ lofttce to us' Qrdeis in Couttfcil, in Tatce cial treatment aocofdihg to aodher a i t e l k ' Frar.te fubftantial' x '^ P u k & i d '^ F/uiaAelp/iipm •agsdnft. ^ -Thefe- -\k Ft -p#*# Yhaicverfeof * hi ! •# while f« leaves to.ihi# the year i s o t the odium tmit#ly upbpfeatm# ffdfi^ ; dpcrfe t e .. % - 1 j . • i ’ x t ■ . ...,A ••' -. m of ibis exam nundrk

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