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Harm&n.V, Halt, in Iwiolier, amon&ts to te- tivecn 3 and 4000 dollars, or. \*^hieli Uiere ■was.po insurance. Barnard, Marvin & Nel- 4»on, also, lost lumber to a laj ge amount, but it >vas insured. Mr. Hart's jUird was on tl},e north of the factory, and that of JB- M. igt ]^, on 'tho south. Great quantities of lum- beT jvcre thrown into the basin and river. The ongio.es were, ^ept almost conslantlj .snaployed thro»«ghout yesterday, on tiie piles’ Of.Jinnber, and it was with great difficultv tW t they prevented flatoes from spread­ ing.. . T t was extremely diffieult for the engines , to approach, the h r e ; if there had been a . .doatiog engine, property to the amount of -thousaildls,-> would have been saved, which, for the . w ant of it, w as destroyed. The National. Intelligencer announces the death of R ichajd W,, Meade, Esq. Mr. .hleadq w a s the gentlefflan who was so long Ithprisoned in Spain, ajrd has been pressing, for years, hut in vairi, his great, and, in our humhle opinion, ju s t claims upon the Gov- ,fi;ineat,-r-iV! Y. Com. Ado. , /We,are sprfy to leafh from a travellef, says the National Intelligencer, that the ' Otiraberland road is in a state of dilapida- ^ j i p n , , I t is already in many places impas­ sable. Without, some permanent provis- loti by Corigress tor keeping it in repair, by '.,iimeans o f toils, or Othefwisej the whole ex- ; >peuditu'r: 0 -rUpcw^i%willt-aopni be Ipst- to the*; * country. The measures of erecting toll- gates upon it has been heretofore objected to, in Congress, on'the ground that it would conflict with-the rights of the States. Dur- \iirg the last session of her Legislature, the State of Pennsylvania, ,as far as htiT’h’ights . .are concerned, gave the cqwp-de-gface to this ohjection, having no idea of having lier f i ^ t s “ restored” by the wanton neglect of ih e means of preserving this grand and use- fulpublic work. . .* From the Saratoga Sentinel, J uly J. Warm Weather .—^The mercury in -a ther­ mometer kept in the e|fice of Doct. Steel, o f .this village, rose on Saturday to 95 d'egrees. I t has never been known before to rise, in th e same situation, more than 92 degrees.— T h e heahr indeed, of the previous day had >*'fibeen so-great, that three stage horses were found dead on ,§^atUrday morning. , , A gentleman in this village, who keeps a rain guage, informs us that the quantity of fain which has lallen since the 30th of ’March last, is sixteen inches. N O T I C E , ■’T 1 I I R Qp parincr.ship now existing between 1, Worlis & Graves will soon be disolved by routuat consent, and we would say to all who a re tndobted td us, either by note or book account toil are due by the first day of September .next, .'lUst be paid 9 V an unplea|ant raaaner must be .•esorted to,collect. W e pow ofler ageneral ae .01 tinent o f Leather of all kinds at low prices, ^br ready pay only. Wo offe.r tolease o a rT a n - vard and other buildings necessary to carry on the business, for a term of years. Possession given of tk a beam house the first day o f Septem­ ber n ext, and of the Tanyard the first day of Oc­ tober,, or before if necessary. The location o f the business is so welf known w e deem it unne­ cessary to/m ke any remarks. ‘ ‘ SAMUEf.. WORICS. July 7. JACOB -GRAVES. fiT A N A G E R ’S L O 'T T E R Y - O F F I C R ', L* A One door vvcst of Mr; fitlijns’ Druggist Stote .\EW-YORK CON’SOLIDATBD LOTi'ERY. riass No. 10, for l828. To be drawn on Wednesday, 53d of July, 1828,—Yates niid JM'Jniyre, Managers. 54 number lottery—8 dra,vvn ballots. C A r s m i i 3 ? 2 i s z B ; $ 1 0 , 0 0 0 . SCHEME: 1 Prize .of $1Q,00.0 1 4,OQO 1 2,000 1,7.50 4 1,000 6 fiOO 6 200 39 50 39 30 78 15 429 10 4446 . 5 is Eject's of Lightning.—The shower ot Saturday aftempon eXtented about 40 miles -■‘ .alpngthe Jersey shore, and in some places .. -did considarable injury. Two barns at : M iddletown,-N./I. were strijcik by light- ■’ nihg, an^ oqe o f them was -burnt to' the ground. , •The town of Huntsville, Alabama, was visited on the night of the 10th ult. with a tremendous fhunder storm commencing at .• 9 P. M ., and continuing witbout intermis- .^sibp until after day break. Much damage , I® ihe trees and crops. Luring a severe thunder storm on the horses“ •attashed to tWO wagons employed in trans- Jportin'g goods froix M’Neil’s Ferry, were r instantly struck dead by lightning. The ,• men.driving the horses had left them but a . moment before, to take shelter under a shed a few rods distant, and thusescaped-uninju- red. The Vermont Adams Convention met at Montpelier, ott the 27th June, and nomina­ ted the following persons as presidential e - lectors: . Jonas Galusha,Ezra.Butler, John Phelps, William Jarvis, Apollos Austin, Asa Algis and Josiah Dana. Drawn Numbers o f the New-York Liter- . atuie Lottery, drawn yesterday atterboon: 42 -29 1-2 20 41 3 3 5 7 , NOTICE. ^ The friends of the National Administra­ tion in the county of Menroe are requested to meet in their respective towns, for the purpose of selecting three delegates from each town, to meet in County Convention a t the House of J.jG. Christopher, in th e -pillage o f Rochester,' on Thursday the 17th day of'July, inst., at 11 o’clock in the fore- moon o f that day, to appoint delegates to represent Ibis county, in the Convention which is to meet at Utica on the 23d in.it. and to transact such other business as the convention may deem proper. By order o f the ..central comtnittee. . O. E. GIBBS, Chh. S. M a t h e w s , Sec’y. d i e d , . ■Yefy suddenly at his residence in Pitts- ford on Thursday the 26th ult., our much jesfeemed and worthy fellow citizen SiMoM S tone 2d, Esq., Clerk of the county of jMcnroe. He has for many years been af- tflicted with disUry and at length with Is- <ihuira, inflamation and mortification fol­ lowed wh'icL terminated his existence. In Ihe death of Mr. Stone, not only his amia- bde family and intimate friends, but the community at large, have sustained a great and irreparable loss. In the several public offices which be has heretofore held, he Jias distinguished himself for hisi correct­ ness, integrity and virtue! He has been a magistrate of the town ot Pittsford thir­ teen years: fronj the correct and Impaitial toaonerin which he has discharged the im­ portant duties of this olfice, he has secured the confidence and universal respect of his fellow citizens. He was a member of the .Eresbyterian church of Pittsfbrd. As a Christian he did honor to the religion which h e professed, was enlightened jnliis views, iib'eral in his charities, and consistent in his deportment; he was an amiable husband aniafifeGtionate parent and a kind relative. [CojnmunirMed. D IED —In the town oi Brighton, June 25th, AugUStUvS E . Thorp, eldest sen of the late R e v . Charles Thorp, aged .33. $ 1 0 ,000 4.000 2.000 1,750 4:000. 3,000 1,200 1,950 1.170 1.170 4,290 22,230 9139 ® A certificate of P ackage o f 15 whole tickets may be had for g49 5P, halves ditto. g24. 75, quarters.d'tto, $ 1 2 37. Tickets and Packages fo/sale a t this office, where have been sold the present y ear prizes o f $6,250, 600, 4Q0 &c, &c. Bneurent Bank Notes taken for tickets, Tickets $ 5 , Halves $ 2 50,Quarters $1 25. Orders for tickets from any part of tiie /^rtimtry promptly attended tr i f addressed to G. T. SMITH Agent Rochester. J u l) Ij for danglers. F > V virtue of a power contained iri a mortgage JLf from Jesse Coder to the subscriber, dated January seventeenth 1824, will bcsold atpublic auction at the house of Po'meroy ,Stone, in the town of Pittsford the premises hereinafter descri­ bed, on the 7th day of July next at two o’clock, in the afternoon, all that c e rtain tract o r parcel ofland ituate, lying and being- in Perinton, in the county of Monroe and state of New-York, being tyro acr.es ofland in lot number fifty eight in saidlown, bounded as follows; beginning on tlie north lk>e of the said lot six chains and forty nine finks, west from the north west corner of EnochStroDg’f land, part ofthesame lot, thence sauth t wo degrees west four chains and ten ijnks, thence west parallel with th e north line five chains and four links, thence north six degrees east, , four chains and eleven links to the n.o-th line of tl^e said lot, thence east on the north line' four chains and seVenty-five Hnkg to the place of beginiijg, as surveyed by John Scott, Dated January 8th 1628. IRA BELLOW S. Jan. 11. , Mortgagee. The sate.of the above property is postponed until Saturday the 16th o f August, a t the same time and place. iR A BELLOW S, M ortagee. July 7. '■ p H E SUBSCRIBER has lately receiv -I- ed. an asso Iment of Castings, viz. STOVES o f different p a tterns. MILL CRANICS, eUDGEONS, RAG WHEELS, - r.AITT.DROUS, POTS Sf KETTLES of vanouabizes, ypiders, Baainej'Dog Jroas, &cr. &o. which he ofTcrs for sale upon low terms.— Apply at the store o f Mr. \Y. A . Ritchie, Carroll Street, CH A R L E S L. OGDEN, Rochester, July 3. Iwd' ' /. N O T I O M y y i H E Subscriber having taken R. A . Bimnei JL into Copartnership in the Drug Businessvit will be carried on in future under the firm of G . Hitchcock if Co, Therefore a ll debts dues vV d e ­ mands, particularly those of long Standing must bo settled by the 10th of this month or they will be left with a proper officer for C’o lccttonpio this take, HITCHCOCK July l,3w _ _________________ - f V O O E W A N T E D , r p HE SUBSCRTBERS will receive six thou S sand pounds o f fEOOL, to manufacture in­ to Cassimere, Sattinetts, and Plain: Cloth, at their Factory in Brighton, on Allens creek, four and a half miles east o f Rochester, their Machinery are in good order, and a re supplied \with the first rate workraeu, which -i-vill enable them to do as good work and on as good terms as a t any other establishmept in the country, those having fine lots of wool will do well to ap­ ply soon in order to have their wool worked in Warm weather. FOOT, W H E E L E R , & E A T O N- Brigh’on, June. 30. 3t. A L U M , R o m a n \Vitpiol & c .—T h e undersigned, agents for the Salem (Mass.' Laboratory Company, have just received— 1 5 ,0 0 0 lb s A lum , iin B a r 2 ,0 0 0 lb s R o m a n V itriol v reis ^ 1 ,0 0 0 itjs R efined S a ltpetre ^ Kegfi. Which-will be sold at New-York prices, with the addition of transportafiofi. - . ’ OBdAR,*ROPES & Co. ’• Huntington’s Basin. . Utica, June 17th, 1828. June 20. H /°The Editor of the Rochester Telegraph will please insert,the above three weeks. A C. BURR, has opened a JeweL ./m.» ry Store m the place recently occupied as a Stage-office by Adams & Blinn, opposite the Eagle Tavern, Carroll-street— where will be,kept constantly on hand a general assort ment o f ” A I I L I T J i B r GOOES, &c. and most ullier articles in Ins line o f business.— W ATCHES faithfully repaired, on short no­ tice ;—rand all other branches fif his business attended to with proraptness and accuracy. May 28. jv'E r r H A T HE-illbscriber, sensibly grateful for the -11 very liberal encouragement already con­ ferred upon llie new &Jspleiidid bat store in E.\ change street, two doors south of the new Bank, begs leave to infonn bis ft lends and' the public that lie has recently pfirchased Iho entire stock of Joseph Bull, in the above-store, where he has now on hand and will constantly receive from the most celebrated New-York establishn-ients. hats of Ancli qualities as will at all fimes-render Ilfs assortment general andcoinplcto, which tvill be .sold wholesaleandO-efail extremely low. ■ J uly 4 . ________ OLIVE H S P A L D ING. ^ O L D & MOROCCO P.AP.ER, for .sale ^ by E . PECK & Co. Ju n e 20. \ /■ & -r - T 1 S T O F L E T T E R S ; renia^nuigIn the PpstOffich a.t Pittsford, July 1,18-^8. Jasper A'ndr.os, Gitbest Bonediat, Ansgj Bailey,, Frauois Biifik, Eri flush, Anton Bar.tlet, Jaoo'b Beno- cliet 2^ Sdaa Burley,“HUs'on Boothe, Lewis B. Babr i-ocfc, Benjaiiiiu Bai'liuganie, 3, E li Burehard,, Russel fiiwies, Richard .Ci'am, Paiii?rfi Chappol, Cieme.it raiifie’rJ, () R.Canfield,.CharicsKame, Austin (fiark,, J, E. t anipjCct. Jobii Pickinsoii, David Dexter; Siva H Downer, SarAh DeWey, Baniel Ddivard, j r , Sa'm- uej -Eaton, .Jasper M. Gardner, Hl;ilo Hurd, Wm, ilaryey , Justus Hurlburt, Gapt. A,, Hill, Robert H q - ^lo naribl I-faryey, Henry Hiss, Marvin Hppkifts, Jacob Hades, Mary Heath, John Ifibbard, Samuel Hughs, Charles Riiiter, John Kelly, Stephen Rurk, Lafette Laph.-in, John Lane, Prestqn R. Morgan, Rebecca Northrop, James Miller, ^BridgmaoiVIarsh,. Ezekiel Mann, Robert Muter, Ira iffurry, MaryMat- tispn, John Nash,,William (Jlmst.ed, Salmon Prfistofi, Tiragtliy Phalon, Lqjhrop & Potter, Asa Randolph, John Richardson, Jos'tah T Robison, Capt. J Row ley, Lewis Rady, Joseph Shepard, fheadOre Smith, Jared Seeley, A rtymetie Seymour, Samuel Springer, Joseph' Shavyr John Spelrxian, Bewson Tpiisey John Tilloison, Joseph 'Ponsey, Gardner Tonsey, James ■fuener, R. R. Underhill, Chai-lott 'Vandethcofi fin randa A. Wyman, Nelson Williams, 2, Joseph G. Wheeler, Rev. li. Williams, Ebenezer Walker. E. REACH, P . J/. . July 8,1828. TT 1 1ST OF LE'PTE'KS rcinaiuii.g in the Post •J-J Office a t Clyde, June 30, 1828. ■ Jam ea P. Butler, Chmincey Culver, 'WtUiam Dunn, Edwin Morgan,.Timothy Russell, Maria Sliattuck, 2, John K , Woodworth, July 8, B a V jvi o f f ) d u m b r a S N T ^ E ^ J. B,OBINSON, (IlAia d otter ,,Exchange st. TH E Nobility, and Ladies and Gefitle- j L inen o f Rochester, this Balm is most res (lectfiilly recommended by their humhle apd p, bedieutservanf, j|<rO. P_LDRIPG£J. ■ This discoverywas made o n ly about ttvo .yeaps since, gnd J , Oifiridge fells nu^ck dpted at tW unparalleled success that; has. attended it, aL though thousands have experieuced its restoring’’ effects, and niany have lendtred tlieir Signatures, Affidavits, a n d Afiu-mations, h e haalhough pro­ per to abridge the list, and present to the PUb- Jic only Six o f the many signatures he hasdn bir. possession, with one Affirmation considering fheni amply sufficient ■ to satisfy the most incre­ dulous pfits utility. The aged and those that persist in wearingwigs, may not always e:!?pe- rience its restoring qualities, y e til will certain­ ly raise its virtues in the estimation o f the Pub­ lic, when it is known that three of the following Signers are more than fifty years of age, and the others not less than thirty. W e the undersigned do hereby certify that we have used the Balm of Columbia, lately diSfipiV- ed by Jno, Oldridge of Pliiiadelphia, and have found it serviceable not only a s a preventive a- gainst the falling off o f Hair, but also a certain restorative. Jos. L. fngli^John D. Thomas, M. D. John S. Fure\>, Hugh Macurdy, John Yartfj, J r . W il liam Ti.acher,* Sen. Methodist M inister in S t George’s ChGreh. Gommonwetilth o f Pennsylvania ($!ty of P in-' ladelphia, T-ltis (Iiought necessary to give recornmen, •dations df character to this gentleman a s his of­ fice gives credit to h is Signature. L Robert W harton, Mayor of the said city o f Philadelphia, do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Messrs, Jos. P , Inglis, John P , Furey, and Hugh Macurdy, whose, names are signed tothe above certificate, that they are gen­ tlemen of character and respectability, and as such full credit should be given to the said cer tificatc. t _ In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the city to be affix­ ed, the sixth day of Dec. A. D , 1823. R O B E R T WHARTON, Mayor, Stdetf. ' TO M E W S P J lP E R P I}.O P R tB T C m . IQRSALE. •Three VilL8i#Lht5, hJeasaht, ly situated pij the eas.t sije of thq river,, iieav the uppef bvidge» Apply to lVta.»icfe 5. , . . / Q. y v iL p E R . RODiSEd, Stores, Offices, ,^kcv lO Rd ^ \ ' Chester—^Enquire at the in.telligenc Office. ■— ■ I-.- :e :M_ar 19! tf C ^ O R S A L E ,- - - A . F a r m containing ' ‘”‘8 9f Buffalo JBridffe, on Buffalo st. 30 acres under improvenient, the. ^ R E T O R I I r I r ; n n H B aboyq fQ^^ hu paid fpr a rear spirable/and satisfactory explanation, tp tho sfthsoril)^ and tbepuhlic hd'V R is, thut » th a t had been broken open, and apiJayphf ly ;to6 hCd of p a rtof its Confehf.s.. The uph\ ■^rson,- known fo?sqvorah|ears in flie city of Mif TrhnknveA^M. JVIJt'’ NeW-York Ijy tile namepfFarnswOrth, can be really and truly Vr. BingMI at Jershy city ?r^' •Phis. M r. Farnsworth, itis believed,. liasnot.at any, time represen to# himself as being an a- gefitTor, or a clerk, jtoD. Bingall, (wlifqh lat-' toi-personagY‘^ “°t kpown a ta lta t J e i ’sey Clt^q so far as vyh'^can aseerffiin .) huj this ** L . Big- najj’s” p 0 is. kf5pt.hy M r.' Fjpiqswidrtb, and is .claimed by M r. F, as exclugivoly his pwhf 1 ! ted’to C'alL pro proBoit^^ity c h a ^ y lau o Mlk® JuneaG;. .. 'f' ■ , , ■ • . - J, •— T -T—^ —T. ’T’ • hous.e and lot situated on Clinthn st, e.ast .Ro­ chester also 10 village lots iii different parts of tlie village. T h e a.bpve property will be soi# low for cash Hart st. April 1 Enquire gf the- subscriber in JOHN T.YVILCPX. public, though inuch pretence is Cipjiy mffde, of ,sellipgm«nngej;F'shar|s'io.all cases,. It'fs, an# ■hag been,the, prevailing opinipri amppg all hon­ est peopj^’that in dping business, a profit should, bo realiz,ed. i a all operations of traffic afed sale, and,;that gain should bgianticipated as'the re- O O R S A L E . — L 2 V illa g e L o t s , git^ . uate in different parts of thg vilJage, AT sp -^A valuable farm on the state road to­ wards Pittsford, 2, miles from Rochester. En­ quire pf T. SOOTT. March 2g Intetligepce Gfiice- ah 4 A k AL. arrlYCwat A n h u rn samndjw,. Jutie27.: - .liiA 'M E J lR lL L r.:' - at thesttoe Jatoly o c-' or. Mr, D. R. shall opnhnue in what has been ing-.W.- WhitUc5ey%- -stpro, 'G ^ rofi; ,s|r Iffif, ‘ •F Q R sA L ia- 'FG 'EXC.HANGE fpr property in Mon- roh'Gbunty, 2 valuable F arm s in, Michigan one imp'rpyed with a rnilhsito. 'Enquire at flie lnteiligepc.e0ffi.ee. March 19. ly thA-Rctt, M r, Fennyv and thp^e'd\ wanfe-houSe hhff lot'adjoming aVilh-the,ground:: H* Ely E s q i^'T h e lylidle, •.together' formiilga very edavenientand desirable propet- ty,|andsttitabln fpr auy extensive bnsincss'ei- theKfpr the c a n al or country trad e ; the premi sea-fronting on Washington-Sfregt and extend^ ingback along the north line of the c a n a l about 120 feet. T h e whole Is offered for sale on ac­ commodating terms. Apply to O. W ILD E R . Jap. 30, Marble building, Carr S t a s e s , . F B m B o m E S T m fimecohtffiences its tCguiar daily tfipt’' froffiRochpsWr t« Lewiston—Leaves JtoCJxW-- promisedi; (viz, to.'ell tickets at, sefieme-price) withsa view Of breaking up the other offices at Jersey Cityii he will foi;;once find, himselt mista- kePy no, matter wliat “ backer’’ he;m.ay ‘ have in the city of New'York. This very .sihgiilar.af. fair, if rightly undefstood,,.wi!l cei'fain.ly not:b,e sanctioned by affbeTalqnd pjst public.: and it will be both proper and wise, for the party or parties concerugd, to abandon this prffiectin: ;stant]yas ■ - ' ’ , , “ 4 FQ R L 0 RM'XI 6 je E;» - ?lBS!i;O V A l& --Porla!je’s Homi?, E-Gan-; just received a full stock o f . . sale of tH. stpek^ th#:pricea.ivill be demdidtu muchfbmef thdu usual.---Carybllst.j^ayi^. field’s* New Yofk,S,tate> L o ttery Office is re-.,; , », 1 B lpeG e g ; Ftandjv : ' , AT„, 1^0 ---- V - ^ ^ A B L E Meat E s m k in CO- . r EHM B U S^ q i l i o , for s a l e ,^ —A Sa^-' Mill, and Cotton F actory Buildings o f sufficient size for six hundred spindles, with a good wate'r power; situated on the BciotoRiver, ditectly in the borougli o f Columbus, and a t the point from , which the Columbus uavigable canal feeder i f ; to be’ taken together with, sevetal biiilding Lots adjoining the canal, basin—rmay b e pur­ chased, by making application to-the-siibscriber, living on 'tlie premises. Tliia site embraces tlie jiEST situations for extensive ■yFarehonseSj d - jectly adjoining the Can IBaSin; The g reat ex- tent.of fertile country from Whence the products will concentrate at this spot, for the purpose of passing on the.canal to the New-York- market, offers to capitalists the most favorable opportu­ nity of a profitable investme\nt. A part or the whole Ofthe property may b e had, on reasona­ ble terms and an indisputable title given. I. C. SM ITH. Golumhus, Dec. 8, 1827. dec24 w6m ;he hopes to receive the patronage of his friends, for manT-years fficome* ' '■ ! V Rhode Island w>)hsoMa,ted JLotie^^ Class,, to be drcCwn i n ' Providenie oh'the'2'lsttnd.~r~ SCHEM E —,1 prize of$t6;O 0 0 ,1 of $ 2 ,50,0n of $ 2 .000,1.o f $1,20.0,1 of 1,022,2 of 1,000,4 of500, 5 of300,10 o f 200, 10 of 1.50, 20 of 100, j&c. Tickets only ^ 4 e a c h ; Shares in pro- • ^ Bely utionit, there is n.Q place like, (For- tones) Home, P. Canfield’s offices, 179, :Brdad- ^ v N e w Y o rk; at jersey City ; l29j Chesnut street, Philadelphia:; and -180, M arket street,, Baltimpre: lor the Capital Prizes in all the Lol:- teriesjvhere have recently been sold' in wh61e;, tickets and shares,, and ais'o paid prizes' pf $50,- m m o m o r $ to,ooo, $ 7 , 500 , $5,5'o6, $ 4,000 $2,000j $1400;.$1,000, &c,A[c. amaunting-to millions of dollars— ^Where many other yalua ble P rizes soon to b e drawn will he soldi. O r ders post paid for tichets.-or shares will be promptly attended to if addressed to . ; J*. C a n f i e l d ; jvbm Yor/r, Jerseg City, Philadelphia, and'BattiPiore. Ngw Yprk. May-16. May 21 t t a l u a b l e r e a l e s t a t e , ▼ FOR S A L E . — 200 Building Roto on the high ground south of the village of Rochester, are offere,d,f§j sale on liberal terms The map or plan m ay'M seen a t the L and Office of Pal- mer01evelaq.d in the new bi-ick building north of the Rochester House. D A N IEL D . BARN ARD , ,A JO H N T .T A L M A N , PA L M E R G L E Y E L AND. Jan. 5.1828. formation, wishes to connect himself with a newspaper establishment, cither as Editor or Partner. - '. T h e highest testimonials of character and abilities can be procured from men p f the first standing in this state. A connection with the advertiser might prove advantageous to a co?tcern. >D 'Enq-tire of the Editor ..of this paper. June 23. 3t. ^ o c \ \ e s t e i * U t i o l k . S h o e S t o r e , 'fi'UST R E C E I’F e d and now offered bj the t9 subscribers either W H O L E S A L E or R E T A I L , a large stock o f Sole and Upper Leatlier, Calf-skins, Morocco, Cloths for L a ­ dies bools and shoes. Thread, not only for Shoe Makeis but suitable for Saddlers. ■ Also on hand of o u r own manufacture a more extensive assortment o i Boots and Shoes, of^U' descriptions,'than was ever before offered by us, or in., this p a rt of the Country, we solicit as we' hope to merit a continuance o f public patronage. J - GOULD & Co. A p ril 16. 4wd8wc. . . S T B A T S r , H O U S E S , s t r a y e d from The subscriber in Glark- 1 J son, on the 14tli-of April an Iron Grey M ARE, long and whitish tail, unshod, and 4 years old Also, a Dark Bay HORE, in good order, shod all round, and about 6 ,years old.— Any person taking up the above described h o r­ ses Or either of them, or by leaviagurjjbrmation at this office, or to Ebenezer Towle ofiOlafltson, Monroe Co. will be liberally rewarded. June, 6 - |J G R A C E g a y , A ttorn e y a t L a w , and Solichor in Chancery has taken the office recently occupied by IVtessrs. Barnard & Hill’s,-Esqrs. over J. E . Cohgdone Store in Buffalo street where he will b e ready a t all times punctually to attend to any-busincss intrusted to his care in thelinb qfhispVofessiQn. May 12 ance. Just received and fur sale at the . , — -- - --------- Boston publishers price, by the hundred, dozen, in the town o f Brighton. None n c ^ apply ex- ,or single, by ' E. PE C K Sf Co. cepthe is able to pay and make a considerable May, 29. payment at th e timeof purcl^se. F o r commu­ nication to m e on the sUbjem apply to Charles M. Lee, or Addison Gardiner, Esqrs of Roches ter. T H O S .P . GOULD Pittsfield, Mass. 4 p r il 1,182-7. ■Pr-S. For sale on advantageous term^'to farm, ers and others, about 3000 acres of new^ lands of good quality, in the county of Broome. ap23tf. . . - M R S . LANGWORTHY, returns her sincere thanks to the Ladies of Ro­ chester, an-1 her customers generaljy, for their liberal patronage with which she has been fa­ vored, and confidently hopes for their continued support. Mrs. Langwortny would-also have the .plea- to r e of infoi-ming h er friends and the Tiiblic generally, th a t she has just r-eturned fVom New- York with a most Fashionable fissortmen of M iW m A r ^ . IScoods comprising almost every thing' in the fancy line, together with all the varied Fashions for Ladies Hals, Head Dresses, Pellesses, and Summer Dressesi Neighbouring Milliners a r e particu­ larly invited to call,-where they can be accom­ modated with the latest style o f H ats„Patterns, and the sign of the times. CarrolFsf. april 30, N E W G O O D S , V A T THE OLD STAND. r r i H E Subscribers-are now opening ag e n - JL eral assortment of FAHVpr A m S T A P L E GOODS, O f the latest importations. a H O C E B I S S & H A R D W A R E Which, together with the artictes saved 'from the late F ir e , they now offer'to their old cus­ tomers and the public generally at reduced prices. . D O Y L E & ^ R I G H T . ap 29—tf f i IHE'subscriber has for tbe Ia,st twenty -.five years been in the habit of making Trusses. Those who have used them recommend fhem ve- ry highly. They a r e sold a t the moderate price Any person who wishes to be supplied will direct to the subscriber in the town of O g ­ den, Monroe County. June 9. w3m J DUEL. Q t RAYED from the lO subscriber, in the town ■ of Brighton, near the first lock, on the 1st in.st. a RED COW, a- hout eight y ears old, with a white strip across she back near the hips, and both her e a rs notched. Whosoever will return s.-iid COVV o r give information where she may be found will - bollberallv rewarded. JONATHAN EL L S W O R T H . Jnflp 9, . . l ^ E W W AVERLY NOVEL.— . I N ftau or the Fair Alaid o f 67. f^alen ......... •'\J * K*Lt Uf i^eVihf' Oy the author o f W avorlj. Ju s t pubfished and for E . BECK, k Co. Ju n o lc . P H , Z a S R W Z ( sometimes called GERMAN/D octor .) S I T AVING been solicited by. a great numr C T her o f people in the vicinity o f R ochester to come out there, (forthe purpose o f relieving some of those afilieted with chroniefc or linger­ ing diseases,) adopt this method to let them I know that he expects to be there on the 2d Thursday o f June next. An experience ofmore than 39 years an education in different langua­ ges, and an acquaintance with all foreign arti­ cles,mil the medicinal roots and herbs in Amer­ ica. The German and French practices, as well as many Indian cure's, (Unknown to com ­ mon practitioners) be expects to afford some satisfaction to those who have labored under the following diseases, to .wit: Dropsy, Gravel, Piles, Scald He.id, Eruptions, diseases of the Breast, Side Dispopsia, Costive habits, Diar- cheas, Fem ale Complaints, Rlieumhtism, Ul- cerSjj^re Eyes, (themost distressing relieved in two or three days.) No case of the piles but he can cui'c. A n y other case belonging to the dq- partipenl of eithet Physic or Surgery, will be a t­ tended'to. H e expects to tarry about 3 days, and may be_ found by enquiring at this^nffice'or at the principal taverns in (he town, Judge EcF monds about 3 mnessquth of the corporation, in particular is acquainted with some ofhisperfor- mancej, which probpbly will coenside with the above tints, J . C- M E R W IN. M a'y2l. ■ ''p H L (joparlMei’Ship e^^isting bej tween the subscribers will bg diosplved by mutual consent on tbo 1st of May next. All personsIndcbtCdW-illplease’ gbU and liquidate- their accounts before that time, and savctliem-.- selves cost. FR E D E RICK F . B A CICUS, G E O P G E M ARVIN- ap-26. . . .T/TANAGERS’PRrZE LIST,*-Dravvn J.TA numbers extra class No 2. .Coiisoiidated Lottery drawn at Troy, the 27tb Mayj 27—18— 13—17—19— 35 Tickets and and packages fpr sale a t this, of­ fice in Class No> 8 , to be drawn thc4lh of June highest' prize $12,O00:. Tickets $5, shares in proportion. - G. T . S m I t H, Ag|cnf. June, 2. ^ ^ n t i Orieans/dOr , F'lFierce Rice',. . BKogs Ginger, . . 4'Bags'Coffieqx , . J Ulffi4:<UffipandLpafSugaF, ' 8-,do; M p l a s s e s r : : - - ; '- - ^ • ' : / ^ IS .Ohests, hysonj- young ^hysCU: and hyson -slcinTeas. ■ ' .f.-/' ‘ - ' ' Oranges, Lemons,■ Figs, Magfitrell, Codfishj T o ’ bacpp, ^ c . Jusl received and forsMo by M a y ,2l. . ; , ; ;■ R . R , BROW N, .. m w d e e g o o d s ■ W H I S K E Y . riN I I E Subscriber is daily receiving consign- .1. ments, suitable for this m arket, some o f which he c a n afford to sell lower than usual. F e b '27 - ■ ~ JO N . CHILD. S u b s c i-ibcp k e e p s c o n s t a n t l y ^ on hand—Bottled Cider and .Porter of the first quality for family use, sent to any part pf the village.— Vinegar b y tbe large orsmaJl qilantity, opposite the Rochester House, Ex­ change Street. May 8. tf. \ J . P. N E E D H A M . BdO A lS TO L E T , ^ ^ N E or more large Rooms, with valuable V.W waterpower, and m-achinery, suitable for most mechanical p m poses,, to rent for a term of years in the c e n tre ofhusiness. Apply to May 28. JA S . K . LIVINGSTON. ment. o f summer goods, arndtig • whigb are tlm ! ipllgwmK, , _ ■' ■ 3 d a s e a superior fahey and roeffirftin'gpripts Ginghams^ blki india Levantines, SirisheWs, La?triags,'plain ah# ' fightedrG rgs^^ qoloured do, Avhite and epfoirred FJoteiJce, white Sateen,Rongees, silk damblels-, plain an# figured .G toten G ra^Sj'- fahey e ilk an# gauze •Hdkfs, eilk, eottOn,'ahdrwot'sted Ildse, GlUvea, -Cashmere long Shaws, 80 pieces Irish^LinenSj Long Lawns and Linen Camhriclr RdkfM hpe- rioi- F Iag Bandanna do. fanUy. sllk.and'cotton Cravats, pain iand fipre# Jacoftef, Book and Mull Muslins, Piendh DriliingsyTa^Io Linen, Vesfings. blue and yellow Napkeons,-Ribbons, Clark’s superior sevring CottoUi dortestie Rlaids, Sheridans, StripeSjyGrapdurellS, Ghetsks, Be-\ verteens, Cassimere Sharils ahd Piaperis. To-, gellier with Most articles inthe Dry Goods’ trade wbitsh are offered at; a very small gdvatioe frpm New York prices, Please to call' and examine prices and quality. Mayl22. N E W S P K I I N U H O O D S y ‘ ■ JUST RECEIVED. . TTA L IA N E R S , R k e h lack, Bmwn ^ LUac, JL Blue and Black, Marcelines Sijk, EngliSli Thread Labes, pew splendid pat-, Superior Blk. Bobiriet L ace Vhilsy [erns Nankin Crapes, Bonnes, Riu§ Black Gamlets, new artjolq, Large assortment Merino shawls,, all colours and sizes, , ' German Nankeens, , - - -Splendid a 6 sortioept.drc 5 s»IJdl!f 8 .. Rich Flaid Batteise' Sashes,—^^Rihhons, Plain, Colored,.and Stripqtl B.itteise, F renchD rillin^---F rench Bombazine, iLdies, Misses, and Gentlemen’s Leghor Hats, . 'Large assortment M illinery Goods, Superior assortment Cloths nnd Gassimers, with every variety of staple and 'fancy Dry Goods, at prices ffitich loiVOr than- offered last .year, J . .gWAN^ Jun., April 30. ' •. T O l l I S N T . . T W IL L R E N T Tbb Dwelling, House I now J l occupy on Sp:-ing street, and give possession on Monday next. The gitualion is pleasant and the house a good one. may 22 G- T. SM ITH. N O T I O E . • '\BNO all who have unsettled accounts with me. i please have the goodness to call a t my oL fiice, w h ichis at present over the store I have formerly occu[ ied, and settle the same and you will oblige j'our’s. E . MOORE. May 1, 1828— tf 1 ^ O T I G E .-^ T h e F ir m of Rathbun, Ricey J-X 4 'Go. is this day dissolved by oonsenl.-f- A11 persons indebted to the said firm afie desir­ ed to makfLpayment soon, as much longer indul- gencecahndtbe given. ■ W m TRATHBUN, JA S . H. KELLO GG , - . A L F R E D P .R IG E . - ‘Rocbesteri-Sth P . S. T h e business of WOOL CARDIM G dr C L O T H .D R E S S IJm mil h e contimed by thesubsciber, who ineaus to superintend the same himself, and do his best to accommodate those who favor him with their custom. ' • W m .R A T H B U N . | 3 EC E IV E U T f llS DAY, a general assort-. JA ,. ment of Nails, Mill and Cross C u t Saws, Mill saw Files,Screen W ire, A u g u rs, &c. &c at reduced prices. \ Allcott, iVatts & Ldngii'orlhy a p l 7 M H W C I i O O X I S . . T U S T RECEIVED , and lowei. than .ever,— t l T h e subscriber is now dpdning a fine as-~ sortment of spring and summer goods,which lie is enabled to sell low in proportiod to the pressure of the times, bis stock is vfiry complete. May 47. - ' ■ - J. D . COMM.lNSf lU J S W GOQBiS.-'-*A lai’gei* supply -Lv of Seaspnabie Goods at towerRmes than he has ever offerddhis cuatomerSfareOow.Upen,. ing and for sale: by S:G,. ANDREW,S.. - May 8 . .■■■■,. * ' ■ O 'I X8I28 S U M M E R g S o U S . ' T T I L L & P E E T (at the Old Stand of G.. J . JOL Hill,) have ctftnmenced receiving, the stock o f goods ior the Suromfirf-wich will be. regulated to accommodate the present mqny pre.?sitre.. ~~7 May l3 , 1828. m w SPU ING g o o d s . , t “ T IN H E subscriber is now .receiving a splendid 1 -L , assortment of N ew Goons comprising a \ variety of rich American and British prints, .) Ginghams 4rp. with all kinds of Domestifc Goods all of Which I am offering, at prices to suit pur­ chasers. T ‘ J . f a t t e r - s G n . Agril. l9. . , J u s t R e c M V e d and, U o T - S a le, Bushels ofa fuperihr article of Can- ada PEAS, freefrom bogs.— 7 0 0 Gallons old LLAfiSEEDO/L. S. M. SMiT 4 4 .Co. . may . 3 . JVb. ABuffdhst. . __ i all descrip^ioris, which h e wishes’fo sell *al un- usuaUy low prices. Tavei-n keepers will please examine them. ' May 8, f E G H O I I N H ^ K T S .- — 1 C a s e fuu* -*-4 Leghorn Hals, 1 do. Gentjemen’s do. do. Just received qnd for sale by May 10. . T. E G L E S T 0 N > C o . ' P I N E L U M B E R F O R S A L E . Fecof twoinch well Scason- eel pine PLANK, to be sold unusually cheap for Cash or appz'ov'cd credit; together with a general assortment ofPine Lum. her, also pinetim b er suitable fot Eave Troughs, #•0. JOHiN BIDEN. Jan t M A U D W A U B , . pocket, tea and tahle'KQivesvBl'iffihia J T tea-pots and spoons, Tea Travs, Cofiee, Mills, Butts, Screws, Hinges, Brads, Jacks,' band, pauneLand coinpa.ss Paws, socket Chisels, and firmers. Gouges, Norfolk and Thum L atch­ es, till, trunk, pad,tand stock Locks, Box wood rules. Piles and Rasps, Sad Irons, Brass and I- ron Candlesticks, togcflier with most articles usually k ept in the Hardware trade in this vil­ lage- Sd'Kegs 3d -t'd J»d '8d ID and. 2C(1 Nails, 7 hy 9 and 8 b y 10 Madison County Glass. For sale by ' - HENRY H . BROWN, P O K A N D . S T A K C H , n n H E Subscriber, keeps conffiehtly on lianil A Boothe’s superior Poland Slafch, which he will sell at wholesale or relail, low for Cash, atj his store, two doors east tif.Me.ssrs.. Alkinson & Etord’s office., • , JJ. tV E L p . Rochester. March 19—,tf N E W G O O R S . ; , ' S A M V E L S T O W E . may 12—tf ■. . ■ , L O T S . '■ , ■snO R SALE, 4 village lots situate op Adani.s f X Street, cornhill, in tlm highest and healihi- f ‘est p art of the Village— ' ' Jiffie 29. -A pply to J. B. cojfimMs. C A S H S T O B B , ' jO L A N C H A R I ) 4\ G E O R G F ,' have .just M3 -irecetved and 'will sell fpr Cash or Produce a g eneral asBprtmont of FAM ILY GROCE- RiES, disUHcd LtgUorscxeeplcd. ■'Aleo, Fac'-* tory Shirting* Sheeting, CottoP Yarn, 4-d- - Directly Opposite the court iiopse, Bu ffafo st. ' ■ T O B B N ' n A HOUSE oft Hart-fifwet,- cod - veareat fur a small fnwUv, apply to 7 ^ 5 7 ' - V JO-NA. CHILL-; PROPERTY .OF UNIVERSITY OF- ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STA! ! ? E D A

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