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if t every jparti ,auifcasait5tooQlsl»st.” , B^flse from yea? tp year to rienpvr tljieso caat- o r M i . »BAK?)Eii, iP »be B o w f o i ,«*<N«Vb f«b*aaryvw <he _ _ _ ____ ^ , - . .r »in„«. tQtbe.extreme vetgfM of CMII- laaque,; youivi|) Pause a4esolatid» Tiitti^rto pn^' ■paraUca^ in Uinbistoty ofpur cetrwi«r<*a^^ itips. Keep ttie cufrenpy itf y p p r St^te - in itS; Mf fMl tion iiif iW baultf aloaei r VVe flo nq^ sitJiorc W toidMiiliiifeif Ibe oMbanKif e v ferpo# enesf^or Wi»«<lier tjiPee ^P!er*»t«4 M yo or ....... !-ip'n»y'by' Meb.i«:Pf 1b« ,cpfPO*»>«' 'tiM 'ilfev' b«irne»j»y*4. ;r.air.a,n(lKbor^ b«l>A' -K'»«p ‘bWj. ^fbether FTfeen aottWes of profit or loss lo She jbttZi** wa«er tylib.wbieU.we have noth. *►, BScepttn^ «pf*r fib Poipinooity re Uuve jirauaefi by-, tlieir. ftiispfituiacfj.oy Unoefitteid ifioiRrte*:#hiqlj-<!iey Unye extended to ppr; dsmjjfnUUens, Sfi/btlisrelates totberjitee-' yy Ueftn-e as, we were 'sent.berc to protect tU r-ttee cgre'al interests'of tlie< . ^ f ig l’ififilturo its noRiinerce,- ■a.uti; |r& maiw« . , fesj. And-in. whatever svedo, m filioniil beep J;.\’ .tp»b!&wfe8tfi=«iirttltwnUyt;fe Stop butoiie coo-t pUVvvjioJtfiveaUetiilpd yot3?(lutie|{in tWa-b'e^stoft ^ ^ I r g i r e m y d)anbg PntbP pnrtqfIJis.Mnjesly.y SIS ] ' 'l aw ackppwMgmeUt pf tbp regard wliiab, ^ your Presence, you jiavp shewn-tlie woifarp -of t'ourpojjutry,apcl filso o f that proper rpspeot Which yop have tnanifestod B r the sQV^vC'Sft' frow Whom your henouisavp derived. t‘(^ntl;c!nen of-the 'Assembly, “Itls paiafol to rnP, tiiat I cannot jspedli noy ; « s : eontlpue to advfincn in, QUTprpUd march tercotn- mermal ,pre.&ininencP.^ - . ' : ; wrd'of ReporWdfonthc ^iihfi.ny Pfiily ^^verfiser. , i K s e n a t e , ' ; S(U:umai/yMtrch ^4,. An unfaveurable report wfiSfeceiyeid from the siiry-oyor-getierpl and pomptrolfer, put |bP sijb- r s s s s : s s s 5 ; « » » ^ ^ iu t S A W iP if e ls b i^'these Intei-giits/wlil be by the state o ftbnN ew Smobh>n%P|ri(lmhf>*--, - ': ■■' K\ ■ dad^^ton ihb'Sphjnct n k ti those nhfirfe^^^ sliatl e^- o y r i f ■;: ' ; .Nen ,#-me.® <n»tfcr e f Surprise a ^ » T k r % t s ,» '« a r e y .0 'efeirtl'Wfthn'Me diiSanh • wiifit, ceulp have Indpnpd this wodp: of legis- wisp, i.n the, same mahper asJf .such' cases had ihepd originally .embrapedjn the a c t.i ; ■ T he E li from theiakpmW incoepahate the. v<, - ™^h*rtff«.'n*pkndR^ ' J?32. ,#»S„ w eridhe the'cfihc,t«twithdxawii)g4rpn?< ilW ^ ta te sf ' W^'Tiaye heeavnld that aew p ( j p | j ^ l t , toe Aevihad, and that a P®' .... . .................................... ^ .................. sh^W thgn he %iyPn TvPm' rirck^^ t wouldi ht^»5|?fi' rtokromausb-^randi. There !?•. ^o busi- teh p n r ritkeni are, engaged that poald' slfpe|i.n9t even nap fartn®r? cniild.,6,dr. dstlf^ .erf .all Others whi|Mljeleas| efiect-' ichfi clmnle,.'. I f i» no ylsiphaiy-. estimate tp bay'^frhiiiv teat!ifi.pf the whalr,pro4'in*s'of 'w i n w n d ? tbat fiuA iheie way hp;,- rtar&ti are/ / ifs A t hy thosfi have Oft nteaos of purchasing but • yf*®^cy d'Buy.efpOm\Pn|>noniodinsdtu( ■. . jT f th£ip«q»facturin^ .interests, these institniioos ; morfi imfprbahb.'.jnrpvery establishment V- [' ' .f s W t^ s th e chcefted ifhotxuspended, should you ''hwrseeivpdtrOmbanks. - ■ . X;,, ibesetheilitios they gontmand the materials apc>*. n-^iilch hvhOur.is (0 be expended, and thus.has iani-bivnriMt' WlfisM’y been enabled' to deyclope - tW rngenoity and nfivftnce the independeace of '. e«r riLixena.' i w.ai hot’abps'o the .cownrott sense of the house by ehhnisinghqV ll yybujil bp w.tth the commepeial infer •»Kof’pur state. Withdraw: you? bank pa^ ;»>r-rivfently ffOm pircnlatinn, and a single day S M S t l e s S w l / (lied in a fekhonri, fi«4wfi3h.hried.yos{crday*fit llifQrg!i«, oVirbo Jiatc cndc5ivor«d i» m $ m i)^ l^BiDAT, MAHt^K flO, Thg*?* K.«(^/kiv?-«'l»Ve can find pt>tliin|ln the Albany pppeps to gwhunder this head, The progeedijtgs of.both.tiOHSds ucc yoidofatipjUblickintercst, The tbatJks, Tho procCedingacf lbis Sesssioii impose .ttpcm me a duty,, of which, howevor uapleasasat, I'vvill acquit myself as a iaithfal.servant oftnv K.«g,mcda sincere friehd to theffoviace. “Tbedhtieswpeoted of you iji this (Session, were hot difficulty amQngrthfefjrstvvasan exatn- ipatipa. of the,public agocaimts pMast 'year, and a reportupon them, whetimr approval or othor- w m ; ha? thatduty tieen dp»e so tliat your cuum try cap lmotr thorpspb.^ , _ “Have you considered the Est imated Expen, diturfe for tH&currcht year, abd granted the sup­ ply requii'cd in I|fe Majesljhg- name .? o r have pcascRS-been, assigned for the refusal .of them, that c au be known and understood by (he coup- try - “Have tha Messe^'es from His Majesty’sRep­ resentative Imen duly acIrnSaivledged, k id ah- SaybrooJe,» The Rev. Pr- Spring, ofthi* city, wifh'Mr. S<c» pbea hookwaod, one of the elders of hjs clntrob, was on hofU'di; retorniog from Ilartford, -whither they had oeoh to attend the ins'udlatipn of the- hrotber o fEr, S. over the third CongrpgatiQnal clutroh in Hfirtforth -W e ret to state that iVH'. Ij, a-moit fisljtnahlo ipan is badly—nay, dangerously scalded. H e was passiog the boiler at. lhe.nioineptnf the explosion, and his face is badly scalded, lie was in tlie -act olinspiration, at lh e momept,andit IS feared that ihe lungs are an«J taken spnje pplitical drvislphs. ItgreW- pu.t ol the. proposed sen) 9 v.alofthe Onondagia couri-hnusp le'Syracuse, .upon apppiptingcohiBiissioners toIp-^ injuretU ;Dr, Spring remains. wjth.Mr, E, -and T.he;jpintTe^lotioij fro'tR the assembly for that ; pm pose, which bad hBCn referred J o sherp, was auhspqnently rejected by the seriate^ Mr. J^rele, phrsuant tbhptice,. brtyugbt m a hill tp mhcnd theact to perpetuate the testimony ............... .. . . . . of witnesses ; in certain cases. [jPrcvideSJhat sweiari aq<W’id'“® k md'e& and forms-of cute it. IVlr, Wbrdwell h.ad; uoipiaaiedReflertEef- ferts^ of QueepSj.fbr .fi commissjouer, liiwoh a Sub­ sequent d.sy, haviog .ascertained tjbiil d’p/iM, and not kefteijs,. was tjiegenUe^^ »>ad in hfs ey e,,be moxpd to strike oul Reficrt and insert John, Upon. in(|u!i ipg, it was aspertidneA dmt both gentle, men Were uricsct'pUpnable, saving and excepting, (bat the fcjitnep is a ClintODian---tlic latter a buck- fail, and it is scarcely necessary to add that the mo,fion to amend prevailed. The cPinmissioners are John King,. J.oh.n Tefferts, ahAXot Clark. the pioviSionS of theget bfe. e:s,tendcd ±:p all casefe liafnen t,-qraccorkqg with the respect Which h of contracts for theTmykeht ofor otberv due by e,a,ch Bimnchoftbe Legjsiaturo totlieblb tban4hri?p4mhth&lmvP^^hej?h isuel Eassfidhagakewh mih-PP.mpfinyJp OEfiptiuqUe . .................. , /gpiiutyii vv.asrefidmthird time and-JaiT on tile ta-; blpfi The passage of this hill wias OTposeffi by Mr, Cpldea, ^nd advpcatpd by Messrs. Wilke- ■ son artjMcOall. ' ’. . . The committe&'of the .whole, jvir. liV'a'terriiap! imttfe-ehfiir, had under cpnsid.erptrom the brll to' amend the act tertbe roomtoinafiee arid preserv­ ation pf the canals,, and the works CojMieeled: therewith. ’■Much discpssiom.look.pkee be- tweea Mossr®< Opldcn, Wilfceeon ah,dT|ai t,as .lo Use details of the hill,'; The hoiilHi.ittec pa^pd Sections, andithdinKn^ar 3 ofciobkjTcsskaqri'rer ported. ‘ ■ •* - ' V . K d P S T 'QF 1SSEM.BEY' ' ' ' ' SatUr(layy^Ma(RZ4- The bill to fimehd.theac.t to ergalyise'the mi­ litia Was'under cohsideratidn in Oonscftitiehpf the whole, M r. Hoty in- the chair. Some progress was made thereon, and the commUte'e rose and reported, . The bill to improve the navigation p f theHud- soal;iveri was passed, after undergoing; some a- menjmeats in connimittee of the yvhblea J '.E - Robinson in. thcchair.- [Thethillappr-opriates ■^t4,00t) to the purchase ofndredgiiig-tnacbine for the cleaning out of the provided that the citizens of Albany and Troy g ive secu­ rity that a ^ f i c i e n t 'sum shall be raised for the. Workingbf the same for the space of two yeare.J —Ayes 54, npes 2ft,; .Then the -bouse adj, « - J .-1 cili.-ters,'^we win cbntinue the. healtliful xi vi-ircnlatidgwiCiliuin, scarcely scc<ind to • -«. -y- na -iShw&ibinsbfe-'gtttbe, or by ainipunciiigthat V ? -(i f icton (he subjectnnttl (hb?.h cliarters t j '..fec- n»pc! tbs baftk-S, for tbejr^J.Wn'find fer'thc pau.*W&Aity, gradually tfi hail in. their ImnWase aadthiis check theentri'ijrise 'arid' I k ,^A|jp&toswerliopsOfakmen . (A bafiness, To ia^BfeJtwndwail be-the consequence,. Tell these ■' ‘ will qot act up6.nthose?cbartersaip, “^ftdXhis. wstsm o f rfitrenchttfent ifaqsl bo jasdJ.jarH&C« will dictate such a coarse, ^^drtW abfif this heavy-capital in a single .cany i»2n to those, indebted to these by renewing thh' chartcvs attbis ,l^a*e.|he hankfifirom the check tljar is by the knowietlgethattliele ml soon expicey Which,induces pifidOnce, (Mii^.«nd hononrabie-dealing. - But (bat iMfidjfijpthe charterf twenty years, at a AvMeaw before their present corporate !fi»e, yptt destroy all induCeinents tp dbetPfi thiirpart. Have ggnilenion, who exatnined the last clfiuSe ofthis ^ieiy r y e s to all future legislatures, full “ '‘Jmcfitldnxndicpeaf ? We are bound it those who follow us will fie as watch- ■ (goad a*, we are, and should(i bank,' JW Pt ti'*® fancied sCCuiky derivea j# ^ e f l t l eharterr conducl its opera- abUer calculated-to’cr-e.ite thejust cen- why, sir, -with the expi- M»|K®laiSdr, it Would meet the repeal Iwf j^rM ewaL Such a power is fully ,re, W s lftlh and secures a remedy amply y fliiS imaginary e-riU T)ljp:fi'i$elath!ng new in the policy of extending ■K«kpfewfe£» the expiration of the time for they Were origiunlly grahted. Jt has been d '/itbU sihtp ii> repeafeainstances. Ire.1811, . . p. »hc Mobawknank Was extended, a t a .u ; re f t . i * I *> years from its limits. Tlie State '!. i-< «-J - '.a '. '' hank received roneivals of i five years before thetjme ^ .(*;! ;.- vV.4. itl iS( Tiiese cliarfeVs ivcrei r.- <. >. dir* a. * .'.y-f tmirst-ur buhks have dl , -id .kw-dy vviihstanil the ■ t-S i-%;t'!l.‘vWjseincoofthat day IT .'S e',—-* i '! »c sr.'.ivly die monied iii- r. 1 . -* ci s*;'u,a.5d ta give stabili.ty to the c.;.-r .. (. ''- ■■/ =«y *»s i* ri .j( oar government R, - .r i.. • V, . , 'v4 ;.*>«• riu.-'WS o fthat A'-ter wards, ir, iVIid- 'i-r- eight )■ . *-■* .t i.. in ■ i . vik. - 7- , :*■ '■• • '■ ' V .' *i :r, , -A ' •-• •• o *•- • 1 ■ ,-v.. . ■.'■l* . ti ' ‘i-d* per, dated Paris,.jam 15th 1828, is antjvttbpirt TVri* 'a»t reiiwdetermhie whether by the renew- ers ’ “ iraye.lhe rules or orders of proceedings in' the House ofAsseipblybeen d'uly aftendedlo, in SQ far as they affect and reoognwe the Rreroga:' live Righ th of the crown ? ‘‘Theseare qbesttons, (gentlemen, which ymn are how’ to ask ypurselve.Siiidividualfy, and an- SW.er to you.r constituents ojiyour refurnto thCsni, ‘‘These are que-vtlons which ypu are (o answer. to your own conscience, as men who am beiatid by paths o f .fidelity to your country and to your irifig,. “ The results o f your proc'eedmgs' in this Ses- .sion have been, the refusal of thp Supp||ea necej- ‘sary for-the Crclitiary pxpenses c>f HovecpmcUt,. tiiei loss offhe .MilitipBill,. tlictajlure pf all pro­ visions for the mafutenance of Rfisoqers 'in yewr Goals and Houses of correction, foHhe kupport cflnsane and Foundlings;and for the estaMish- ments o f Education: and Gharity, find a*tolal oh- struefion o f local and publie iniproVerriart's. ' “In this state of-things',-and with the experi­ ence o f past years itis nmyno Ipnger ,cc?nsist«pt with a pie,per discharge qf the high trust ebratnit- ted to me-, to entertain hopes of a l etnrp to better reason in the representatiye branch qf this par­ liament; but it is still my duly tq call upon yovj as public men, and to call upon tbe coualry, as-dee- ply interested in the result, to consider, seriously tlie consequences of persverance in suchaepurse “ It only remains for me npw, compelled by existing circumstances, .to Prorogue this Pqiilia- ment, whatever may be the inconvenience resul­ ting to the province from such a measure.. Promthc WihviQy (A’. J,} Adtoraic, 77oa.-.—The citizens o f this section ofthe coun try have formerly paid Gonsiderdble AUentto3 to ‘ hir* Ran Bureii’s' ai'riv.11 nt Charlestoo, S. -C- is .duly aiinoancptl, This ge'.iilVjiimi is jirobably tic- gotiaring a pro,fi(.ible sale oltha -votPS ()f Rew-yprk pjparytory to.the nr.xt Predidentiiil election. He finds the southern dealers fStremely libera.!, 'jiwd; although tlie people of this .state refusedto ratify hiecpn,frae.f with Mr.. Crawford, be cherishes cofi- dent hopes/of being able to.make them pfirtlgs to tire pending adventure. IVe knpvv -not upon wlioin the freemen of Revv-York will bestow their next fresMcndal vote, but wc shailalrays 'protesl a- gainst Mr. Van Buren’s right, to sell ns like cattle to the. highest soHthern bidder, fpr.lils. e>wn,. benefit, prrd to proiupte bis own impriDcipled schemes of \ xmilting avikilionj’ MOIIGAR^—W e are gratified wjtli Gov, Clinton’s Troclaraation offering aii atnpld xe- \v--ard for the discovery of the fats of Capt. Mor­ gan, not so much from any hofto bf seeing the mystery devplqped, as for theevidenbe it furni­ shes ofa strung desire oRthe part p f the Execu- fiveto avenge the violated laws-of the State, I f the fears or the cupidity of the persons con­ cerned, can be wrought upon, this proclamatiofi will produce the desireffetfeot- The Georgia war,, as we conjectured,!ls end­ ing in-smoke. The Hancock troop will be pdr- tnilted to sheath their virgin Swords & return to the dull pursuits of private life- Gov. TroOp’s raattial spirit has all Qcjsed out o f the vent, and lie has become as'-tractalde and.anthpngnacious as a petted sheep. The laghts, the wrongs and die honor of Georgia, are all postponed to more convenient season. tviff arrive in the-Maqdondugh fQ-rhOrrow mopn ing) by whicli- boat the OHvef Ellsworth is to be (owed to this city, ' ’ , Teoftold, the'Bifgineer, who belongs in this .city,! was. badly scalded*--Tlje steward* o f the boat is also, among the fcalded^-^-both of .whom have arrived in tUeEuog Branoh» ytbieh was sent far from .J'lew E?nd<«)j.- to brip’g the passengers on- Messrs. Erastus Goodwin, ofhlar-tford, risahcl Hinckley, of do; andstephqaE, Gardiner, of VYoathersfield, were all coosiderably scalded, and were taken back to .Hartford, in the Mc­ Donough. frta»'puniriu»«tiit, »?<% ^ trust rep^ed Itt tfeeim ghardiios o f tbApaiWic : ^ RewRt-^jJlifit we vifiwall ,*eer«t HBeletife m | gomhinationi o f men u& dfingemift tathe iiitriwre fl He rights of wani and ^vo Cfiaool b«t vW . the *V ^ Aoctipn, andT''»4iablc nmrder, p f Wia/, W«r|fiu «* j anevent natiHafiy -ftris.ln'g fmw secret assopittridas. ? Remfted,'That'the proceedings of tlifs judatine fe be sighed % the secretary juid/fibairtnan *#d lishfid in thapublick paiiem ofthi? coanty.'' ■ - ' ' ■ .D, BHftfl; Clititriiumf WM. C.REOS&, fttewfery. ^ . W ith pleasure we publish the iblloJing yihecs./ dote. VYljiie preparations t?ere makjog‘4-few , day5'since.atone of ohr -public.hQ^^^.d^p .the disposajof a piece of property und^t U}e hntnmhr. for the payment of a small tax, a straxigorsbFP^ out of tbestage whiehdeoye'up at thst indkhri '-ia and. hearing the tale pfivti as t'Old by (lie Irife ' o f | tlier-delCnquenii {wlio ibrougli IftS rintettipetale-' ’ habite hasringsihee; cehsed fo, prtOTtde for hfg farai)y,| tvhisjjerfed.in thdear of .the efiicisri'' and ou learniog, jhe relationiof the .ponr.svbrnW thbe, true g.gner,Qus)y Hipped th.e;amo«nl-«f the taxin- intorest tS the Americah reader, though otir ad- cultivation of F lax; but th>a branch o f agri- Videsfrom PraneeaTeof alatter datcr culture,sofavourabloto the soil, hasbeen ggrio- The following Ieticr,andprogl^ation ftoin Gov., Clinton,, p r e addr®5®4d a npinmilteg, appolufed by tlie citizens of Junius, tq splicil the Coyernor to oflfep a higher r-c.ward. for Alorgaur , , . . Alhmyi Alarch . Gentlemen-—I reoeived yoiir communication and have taken it into due consideratiofi,; .and agreeing with you iji Opinion, that my fprtfier mtex’ferenceis proper and may be useful,'I have issued a Froolaination of w hich the. enclosed is. a copy, ' . . You will bear in mind that ray proolamation offering a reward of two hundred dollars fOc the discovery of Morgan, was issued pn the 25ih of ' QotQbei'last; and at that ti’me no one supposed that he was murdered, and under thatimpression apd at Ihot period, the reward was amply suffi- cient, . ihavd hitherto delayed tlngstep under an ex­ pectation of seeing th<3 report of the Lewiston conveation, whioh-it was expected would throw w m m eal ttliey carry (heir >ewi«'d '.tritb tb^m, Tbegrafifntle'of tke pdnr wdma.a w a s .expressed in aToqd o f tears'aftcr'.thhdepariure ri’ffi^^^^ eratisgentlomap, - ' : ■KrifxsX'A'H.'RiattoitQr'’. Frogrm ofCanal^.-Mx affdtda us ple'asft ro; iw, be etsableid to state, that the vyork 'Wliichjs fijiaK ly fe conheot the Altamaha wfth 'llie'BavartpaJit eonlimies in a course .ofsuceessfut proseoaticjhj,:' and >vill,- wilhbutdouVt, bebpen t6 tljeGgeeoliih within the time specified by the contract. The present force employed upon the caqal consists of six hundred and eighteen mEClianiea arid la\ bourers.-and twenty-one carts,.. 'Gfthe iabptij- ers, J 7Q are blaclm. Three miles and threejuar- lers of the canal are,holtomed anti epmplfetc. > Protn ih^ Soifk Gfg Jsia.ad#.---GfiiJ'Km»kariOf the Ontario, reeen tly arrived at Niahtuckat, left .. . . . .... -^ . . theSocietyTslapdson thesa qf Kovertibeylasri light on this rojstenous affa ir, but despairing pf he informs the editor o f (he lomiirev, (hat the. par ‘‘The cri$i$ here ia rather interoatlng; but you’tvill gatlicr thc aspect of the times .from . the EnglishAhd. Efenc'U /papers moVfe fully tlian J have leisure m vyritfe, . The movements jn the Peninsula: the situations of. the affairs of Greece,, in coiiseguepoe of the negdeiations of Riyssia. Englaud apd E ranee; the death o f the TDuke of York, and otlieT, intelligence of the day, .tvilT feach you from Liverpool long before my letter is .received- Toujviffsee, that the Erehchpapers firelfilled wjth discussions and rnomoiials oft the subject of the restrictions up.on thelilMrtj o f the press, .Tlie ,sensation appears to reach the- in- mp3treeesse,s o f society, -and'institutions which have hitherto kept aloof from polities, find conS- ted their pursuits fo abstract prinCfiptes, are Co­ ming forward in the' g reat capse of freedom.— ;Tomavili see that a meeting o f the Rational In­ stitute is to be held. My- own opinion is, tia t 8h£>»|d the project of the law in gudstion b e adop­ ted, it will go far towards creatihg another rev. elution, for which matjy of the people are ripe. Thoim ^ Iicyand rashness o f the ■royal party in regard TO this bold measure surprise me.- i t is calculated to awaken all the angry p^sions. At any period, the experiment would he dangerous —at present, it looks like madness.* Histnajesty is like a man seated upon an Avalancl;e, which a breath may loosen and bring kown ruin, tin - dwsuch circumHances, wisdom wonld prompt, hirn and his partisans to held their ;hxeaths}‘and keep perfectly still. Rut the Jesuits axe plamor- • T heGrattd Jury wasdischargea yesterday af­ ter finding scfenUm bills off indictment. This ■rally neglected, because there has booh no mar- „ prpttj jopg. catalogue, Oonsidcj ing that ,an- ket for any considerable qufinUty of this article. This has been a subject of regret to our farmers, particularly on.apeounl of the actual loft’ prices of ropst of tlie productions of our soil. ,We are happy to state that it is now in the power of our farmers to efigage anew in tire cultivatioti of this very importantarticle. Ver 3 ' advantageous pro­ positions have been made lo many of our citjzens by a gentleman who is in possession of a. secret for dressing^flarc without, rotting, and Who has bad, tor t w-o years past,, an establishment in suq- (jessfui operation oh-the Korth river, The ffax is receivedfrom the farmers after the, seed is taken off, without any other preparation, at j^l5 per ton, casi/l doton. Very judicious far­ mer’s'say that at-this price, a nAt ■profit from 12 to'18 dollars may 6e reali^edfrom tin acre o f ffmrd, and this with the double advantage: Isto f being relieved from' the'unhealthy and trouble­ some process of rotting and dressing,- 2'd, of be­ in g sure o fa ready market, where they can iii- statilhr realiz^a a reward ffbr .their industry. The owher.of this riCw 'machine is willing to locale himself amongst us, in a'central situation, provided he can be sureofobtaining, for thefirst year, iti6pr<rdueeoJ'tUleasl ltco hundred acres of fiaxlm d . H e offers as guarantees of the per­ formance of his engageriients, securities of the first respectability in'New-Atoi-fcjand references in Paterson and the place where he now resides. H e has already made engagements with several ous, and with all their oharacterisfic canning, respectable landholders inElizabethtown,WQod- ’* 1 7 . 1 1 * ■ * . ; . ... -. . i ■> :' ■ ’ r \• : - -. ;,'re.r. t£jg:r I'l; .• it- j ffr I.V/ ; ViU ti.-'. ,uV.-:t t i'f V-tal£“o I'p .rri vi;-I a.i- j ’• 1 .‘•Vfaiiir lo alU“i.is-4>,i- of h er .’ifixeu;, ai.i I doubt p’jt; in atne.i',are ofivii'O'&rc'ight and iou'nd yo-, lt 02 '’-' These are exainplesfrbm which we should Hot rashly .depart. In advocating the passage of this 'bill,!; haVs riot l been .governed by a fear that afulure lEgisla* j ture would, not nave sufficient wisdom, virtue, I audiniegfity to perform what the ptiblic good i shall require; not from ah apprehensiou that any \ oaf! within this bail could be induced, to depart I fro.a theperformanee of the high duties with .which we are-cntrilstpdjbfitffrotna thorough coH- : victioU that Iheprosperity of tlie stale could not I withstand the gradual withdrawal of our hank- ihg Capital,, which must be called-in, should the public voice seem to iiidicate that those ebarters w ill^sUffercd tOeXpife, Gurenterprisingcit- izfifii* who now iltade upon the capital of these bauk»> Wjirbe called upon for an unexpected exlmguishment of their debts. And how is that toliftdOfl|d ? Stitely not by exacting specie pay- hriehfei Kp|riess indeed would be such an at­ tempt, tor this riatbp has not within its borders sutecienl me(alio.ctirrency to keep in motion the cotnmofctal opperatioHS of this single state. H e ' WhO OWed a bank must make paymeot* Tii five j base* out of six, he would expect to derive the weans for this payment from those who look^ \ bdffO hanks fisi thfeir only soiirtie. Yet these in- i StitutiqftS dare riot assist them for fear oftho con- » seqUBHceswhioii would Bow from thb financiiil I reVOlutjoh^sbOuId the legislatures of 1031 and ! 1832 ruftite to wnew the existing ohartofS.— appear to have b u ta moderate share of ah eri-i lightened prudence. The ministry are supposed tobefflivided, to as great a degree ms are the chathbers ofTeers and Deputies, and. al] of them at present seem to b e lying on their qcers, for the I'Urpose of'watcbitig the developerhenfi of popular sentiment. In a word, whether the project is adopted or not, the aspect Of politicai; afiairs in Frahee looks squally. If the laW passes, it *maj only serve to arouse instead bfsimD.thering popu lar opinion—ifitshouMUot pass, its defeat will ho asoribed to.feaV, and the press will becorne more bold and elamorous thad ever.. Such arc 'he two horns of the dilemma, .from which the govereraent are to choose. Public Opinion and die influence o f the press have heconre so oriini. potent in T rance', that the king canno-f play w'tli censorships, establishing and rev(5king them at i teasure. Rut I haVe no time for speculation.— P.f- Inman, , - From the QuebeiJ Gazette 8 th March. kofusalof mpptics 'andprorogatiorz oftho jmo' ; -f.'a? ■pariitim-ent .—A t So’clockyesterdayithe Provincial Parliament Was prorogued to the 1 6th .4prll next, buPit is concluded from the words of thfi speech (which we insert) that i t will in a .siiorl time b e dissolved by procIamatioh,| with a view again to take the sense, of the people On the question a t issue. - \ These are claims set up by the Mother Coun' try of the'colonial Executive to the disposal, witiioutthe vote, or bontrout-of IheffVsseinbly of theprovince, of the inohies levied uoidor tlie l.4th of Iho late King, npw amouUting annually to upwards dfE3Q,poo, that is about one-third of out revenues. Besides this, a very lajgeiuriouut of the revenues has been considered b y the Colo- nial Government as already appropriated by the acts raising thedi, The supply asked for from, the assembly in COnsequeniee, whs tbis y ear re- duoed from .£72,Q0ft to about ifil5,OPO, 6 r £10.- CX)0, the monies‘*n()t oth6rwiseprbVtdq(i for” as. it was stated. This left, in fact, the revenues of the country a t the sold disposal of .the Executive; and those who were to spend them, ffhe dah- gero f acknoWlcdgihg such an anomaly under the British, Government is obvious, and it was increased by the enactment, whether legal or, not, by the Imperial Parliatnent of the 4 th Geo. IV. cap. lift, Which made many of the actsrais ing these revenues permanent. , Xlndbr these circumstanceSj the A^embty a. gain; finding thesbtolaims such asBritisIi eubjecls and freemen cannot submit to,, have refused to, vote the usual supplies, m the iifander asked ; but have resolved that they would vote them on the prineipfe Ctrl .which they were voted in 1825, in which year they Weye .assented to Tby the three branches of thd .Legislaturie, uHder tfce. adiriiois- tration of L t. Governor Sir F ranbisBurtoe. The Goveriiot.says in his speech- bridge, &c. amongst whom .are Major Kean, pre- •sideni of the EssexagricultWtol society. Mf. Ed. Townley, Maj^ Edgar o f Woodbridge, &c. As the time for sowing flax is at hand, it is im ether Grand J ury closed a Irehorious session only a week since. M rs , T ixuot ' s BV.-' u . i i t .—! lti» £ntertitij-,g act- less and aniiahlg woman Gki-i aracewtt} bpnefit thisevening. Mrs. T. .has scarcely recovered I'roni a .severe indisposition, hut as she is entirely depen­ dent for tile 'support of herself and children -upon 'her professional exertions, She vvilt make an effort do perform this evening, for the last fime ibis sen- sou. fill's. T. has so often irttenested a Rochester audienefr with her fine dramafick powers, that wt confidcntly expect to see her exertions rewrerded (V iih a libcral.bcnefit. THESPIS. M^srs, Weed JUartin —ITauftioNr -L ohge lias given Ih^enly barrels offiota'f.o the Greeks, tf you think it ivprth mentioning i n j^our paper to induce othei’s to imitate the example, you are a t liberty to do so. > . In behalf of the enmmitfre, GLITTER IDE. Riga, filarch 2*7.-1827. ff'^ashingtoti .—^Tbe popuintjon is cstimatecl at I9i-ft77. *rhc niimher oriiuildings is 2633, The improvetneois made in 1826, consists of 62 brick buildings of 2 rend 3 etories, and 63 wood buildings ; showing a total of 126, In 1820 the popOlation of the city -was 13,474. Hon. Berejamin .Peirce, an oflicpv of the revolu­ tion, has been cliosen Governor of New Hamp. shire, with very little opposition. Crime in London.-^Wlthm the last eleven years, there have been executed in London alone, 240 ^ ^ persons, 7 of whom were females. The greater portanl that the a tten ti^ of our agricukuralisto number in any one year was 48, the least number should be immediately directed to this subject, in order to induce this gentleman to establish .himself in thisfegion,. particularly as tliisbrancb of business may be conducted to a very consider­ able extent. He'can sisll his flax dressed 2DTcr cent, cheaper than any other. At the-exhibition of the Ke-w-York agricul­ tural and mechanical society, held a t Albany in 1826, he received the premium for (he best pro­ cess of dressing flax without rotting. tomplicated oliSMaetev. Ylie sliglileyt friclion M bh -Who bM money ifithe^ not I «i come to close this Session df the Provincial M ^ a M a ^ o f f S t o k S ^ statodfyour pro- ceedidgs that riotbihg likely to promote the pub* ‘•To y-oiVGenffemeu of (lie lfig.isla.tlve Coun- JBank of France.—Oha of our latest London papers gives an extract from the report of (liri committee appointed to examine into the ac- counts.of the Bank ofFrancO which was laid be­ fore the'Directors at their half yearly tneeting, outhe?6th of January, 182!'. It appears firoiri this report that the balance in profits for theft toonflis ending the 24th of JUne, amounted to 3R83,992F, 84ci out of 'which dividends of 47f. On 67.000 shares were paid, leaving a reserve o f (If. The report further states, that the bills, &c. carried to anew account, amounted to 102,710,- 563f. l2e. The numh'er of accounts current to 1,800. Bills on hand had increased to such an extent that those fallingiluo the 31slOctober cx% ceeded 21000, amounting to 20,500,000 francs, out of which 3,124,000 were hills still in arrears. Gti t he 30 th November the bank had more than 20.000 bills to receive, amoiipting to 17,350,000 francs,Out of which 2,571, amounting to 1,847,- dOof, were protested. On theStst December there were 21,360 bills, amounting to 514,885,- OOOf. out of Which 2,865, equal to 2,854,OOOf. w'ere not regularly paid, but ha,ve all been since takeii’Up a tthe Bank. This short sketch may serve, says the Loudon Editor, to give an idea of the state of trade and qny farther.developement from tliat''quarter, 1 h.ave concluded to wait no longer.—I am very respectfully, your ob’tSYt‘ ' • . . D E W ITT CLINTON. I, W . Squier, J . Burton, .ft,. Glover, S. Bird- salt, J - ,Metcalf, Esquires, Cornmittecof Junius, .. PROCLAMATION, B y De Witt Clinton, Governor of the state of New York. Whereas the measures adoptefl for (he discov­ ery of VV'iliram Morgan, after his unlawful ab- 'duotion from Canandaigua in September last, have not been attended ivilh success; andwhere- asmany oftho good citizens of this stale are un­ der an impression, from the lapse o f time and oth cr circumstapees, tliat hfi, has been murdered : Now, therefore, to thg end that, if living, he may be restored to his family, and, i f murdered. . that the perpetrators may be brought to con­ dign punishment, 1 ha’i‘e thought fit to, issue this pruolamation, promisiiiga reft apd of one Thmi- u nulJJotlars for the discovery of said William •Morgan, if alive: and, if mardero.l, a reward of Tioo thousund Dollars for the disooverj ref tho offetiJer or offenders, to be paid oii cou- vioLiua and on the certificate of tlio -tlttoniej GcM<-ral,or olilcer prosecuting on the part of tbu State, that the person or persons claiming the said last naentioned reward is or are justlj’ ( n titled to the samo utider, thri prochynui ton __ - .3nd I further promise a free pardon, >f-ir i ain ,authoristcl undei theco.iSiuuUuo i-.i'ti.ri s iat , (p an^ accomplice or eo operator who simli make a full discovery of the, offender or oiTenders.T^ .Soil Ido-etijoin it upon ull officers and ministers of justice, aiid .all other persons, to he vigilant and active .in bringing tO justice the porpetratorf pf a crime so abhorrent to humanity and so de­ rogatory from the ascendancy of law and good order. ^ IN witness whereof I have here- ^1 unto spt my hand and the Privy J-Seal a tthecity of-31bany, this 19lli P' day of .March,v!lniio Domino 1827. DE W ITT CLINTON. PUBLIC MEETING. Notice having been previously given, the citi­ zens ofBrighton convened at the Inn of Wm. B. afilexander, on the 20th inst, to express feelings Upon the late outrage committed on the person of Wm. Morgan. David Bush.psq. was called to the chair, and Win. C. Blo.‘s. appointed .Secretary’, Resolved, tliat a committee of five be appointed to prepare and report resolutions to this meeting. Rcsolved.tha Ezekiel Morse, Joseph Bloss, David Bush, Wm. B. .Alexander, and Joseph Colwell, be said committee} lives were afffioteJ ivith a ,speoiriaaff plague, ex­ tremely yjrffientnudffatal in ilstia.ture, atiffrapid,. ; in its progress. Of this disorder inaiiy -of the .iur habitants'of Taheita and Ulieten had, been car­ ried off, and others tfere dy ing’ daily, Gapt. IE-, was Informed by .two English gentlemen, who ; had just-arrived from the last rhenlioQed-island, . that the distemper Was then raging in ap extra­ ordinary manHer; that at ''ffaheila tliere were ten dead bodies found in onehousc,. As soon as< one memtjer of a family was attacleed, The others nbahdorred the unfortunate victiiti te his fate.— ' This distempei-did not effect the ivliite residents. Although the contagion had not reached Hku- heina, the natives were apprehensive offts ap- ' proaci).—A similar distemper, we UolicvO, says the editor, many years since nearly oxtorininated. the Indian pppuiatiou of Nautuc.kef, l a t e s t EEOiVI EGKCiffJ-. . ' By the Packet ship Jambs Qropper,'<-'irpb G rafiorh, from Liverpool, the edilprs o f tfie com­ mercial Advertiser, have received llicir files of London papers to the l.AUi of Febiitary,- Sl.ip- ■'linglisl of fheridlh, and Livorpoel popersto the 10(1), nih’nclusive ; and by the P acket .ship CntG mws, Cnpt, Allyn, from H avre, immeroug files of Paris papers lip 10 the It: th of FebrUftry, in- clurive. . - ■ The Corn Question lias been a^ain^ postponed, to ihc 2-’'h ofFrhii-i'ry. in rbnt’kU'ratU'l) ofMv. / ' i v.Mth ftosso fid* removed a s ' little doubt that on (hat Jay the-Eight . Hon.^ Gonflemcn would \be able to bring the question forward, ft is cpufidently abtioipalcd, that Sir P.' BiirdetPs motion respecting, (he. Catholics will be also postponed, should lyir. Canning not be so far recovered as fo resiune i.is seat before the day fixed for fip, fiiscuSSiOn.-\ InforiHation Irad b4eii received front BciglitOHj that Mr. Canning was recovering from his se- vereffUncss. From, the following -remarks upon tills iptclligonce in the Coiuier, tire reader, pan judge of the space which this-diftihgtiishedstafcs:' man fills in the eye Of tire British public at this moment:-— “ I f this distinguished statesmeft could know the absolute dismay which Was inspired by (he 'supposed alarming character o f his iliness,. he would undeistaud how all classes o f Ids country­ men appreciate him. It wa-s not the ordinary anxiety which is naturally felt for (he health of ail eminent .public man ; but it vvas the mingled feeling offear, lest we sliould sustain an irrepa- ral Ic loss, and of anticipated, sorrow, for the pre- matuM'cxtincton p f such a master mind, that pervaded every bosom. At no ppiiod in the history of this country, since tho Hedth of Mi\ The remains o f Judj^e Fan JS’ess — The Hud­ son Republican of Tuesday says—‘‘Letters re­ ceived i.n this city’ on Saturday last, froih New- York, give information that the lion . Wm. TV. A^an Ness hav’e arrived in thatciLy from Cbarlos- ton, they will he brought to this city, some time during tlio present week, from whence they will lEi a suitable manner, he comeyed to Claverack and deposited in the family vault.” Fifteen thousand families a re said to he sup­ ported by the the theatres in Paris. The num­ ber of actors dancers, &c. is 2,973; directors and managers 2 0 0 ; leaders of bands lOO ; musicians 1,500. ■ _________ - Twenty five hundred b-ales o f cotton were landed at the wharves in_ Savannah, from differ­ ent parts of the State*, during the 48 hours, previous to the tOth inst. TheQuObeU papers of th Gtli instcontain a detailed statccrien I of the Imports and Exports at Quebec during the year 1826. In that period, 725 vessels arrived from sea, measuring 178,949 tons, and navigated by-6,263 meu. The value ofmerchandise imported, and paying a duty of 21-2 percent, was 1715,836 9.S 8d’; value of goods a-dmitted free, ft,508-3s 3d— total, /730.722 12s t Id—-equal to <§2,923,690 60. AJfiicllngOccur.rence.—ltk with deep regret that vre learn, by a letter from 'Virginia, receiv- cJ in this city on iVednesday last, that the Rev, Thomas Howard, of the Alethodist Episcopal Church, and Presidiug.Elder nftfao Neuse Dis- I J ' V /L I.U l i 3 v , U U J L t l i T } O m t r e r i ' t t i l U V tlV iC t^U \J M A f A I Resolved, that this meeting adjourn to the S'£.i“? r ’r r i M „ c k . ff,l, <o.dio»r„ i - S . f . E S L T T l l j . r r f , u i o , » « T o i°n ment: andOi. meetin* havinj bom m ital Wj nii,la,-in,,/,, L Mm-icU-»n B . W a U „. Iho aam p p io s L f ' stancial evidence has since been produced to .convince iis that their sentence was by no means Gommen.su fqte to their crime. trict, was thrown from his gig on the Saturday , . ,, (24th ult.) after the adjournment of the \Virgin- coinmerce lu FratiGO. ^ The manufacturing dis- Conference, and so severely wounded, as to tricis are a t the summit of distress 1 and, in Pa- ris alone, there are thousands o f workmen o f all descriptions out of employ. Ne'Vervvas there a greater stagnation of ail busincss than at the p re­ sent raoment. Feittale Ingenuity ..—We were a fe'w days since shown a “ garrhent without a seam”—it was a cotton shirt, woven complete iq all its parts, with a welhformed double collar, regular gath­ ering about the neck and wristbands, huttqn- . holes woven in the bosom and wristbands, wilb ail appearance of gUssets under the arms, straps on the shoulders, &c. and, in fine, as complete in. all its parts, as the best-madfe sliirts ,—dnd not a single seam in i t ! The only parts about i t that wore not woven, a re the buttons, wLiob are made of linen thread, but are icovcii to tlie gamiefit. This specimen of laudable ingenuity and industry, is tho production of Miss E trriijV SHEimiL, who resides on theLincoln.ride o f the Catavvhti, above Petie’s Ford. It is the second or third she has woven ; apd ,we understand she has itinvieiv to attempt the weaving of some other gartnent*— fT c d m i Ctirplinian. cause his death on the Monday following.—rI2a- leighJlfgister. Fh'e in-Raltimore.—On Saturday iilornidg a bout 3 o’clook,n fire was discovered tohe raging in the warehouse of Mr. Henry VVebb, in North Howard, near Franklin-strefit, Baltimore. In a short time that and the adjoining building were destroyed. IJnfovtunalely the fall of a gable end aiid chimney crushed two firemen to death, Mr. IvnUp a baker, and Mr.'Ranldn a stone cut­ ter. Several oOiers wore Seriously injured. Pl'om the Com. Adv. Mor</i.24, It has becomeouv painful duty lo record another steam boat disaster, and another sacrifice o f human Itf\. The boiler of the steam boat Glivor Ellsworth which plies between this city and Hartford, explo­ ded—or'rather, in steam boat phraseology, the-col- lapse flew burst, on Thursday evoning, at jjast 7 o’cloOk, Seven miles from Saybrook, on tho passage to NeW-Ybi’k. Mr, Henry C. Porter, of Hartford, who was one oftho pa,ssengers, has callod oii us and epttlmunicatcd'the follovving particular.s b'even of the passengers .'incl three of the crew w W scolded. One of the latter, named Andrus, away, to parts unknown, of-Wm. Morgan, by men styling themselves masons, is an offence against the larvs of our country—an evasion of tiie rights of civil Liberty., (equally dear to us all,) vvhieh call loudly for the severest reprehension. Resolved, that the course pursued by those individuals who, before a court of Justice, ack‘ nowledged themselves guilty of his abduction, was directiycanmlated to stifle enquiry , and to leave HiCimiifi^fthe citizens a t large still more in dou^t as to tne real fate of the said W m. Mor. gan. Resolved, that we depend upon our Judicial pect of such a calamity as the one wcliavo glan­ ced at. The annouocomeiit, eoristquenlly, which we made on Saturday, and which we rejoice in being able torepeat to da_v, will be rrceired with sinceie pleasure throughout the Kinpirc,” The Catholic As.sociation, instipraled by Mr. O’Connel, who but a short time (ig'o was “ band and glove” with Cohhett, have voted CobbetPs Register out of the Associatimi. The imnirdi- ate offence of Cobbeltwas soine rem arks uj oii Counsellor Brie, who lately fell ill a duel, A Mr. O’Dwvor, and a JVTr. Barreit, also spoke wil^ great bitterness of Cohhetff' iVe copy the Officers for the protection of o u r' property, and j paragraph as ftfa>r spccimeri of what our lives, and wc would not be understpod iq j ril speakers said of their late fpicnd and cdiisuro them or any one of them ; and although j champion:— , . , , the punishment inflicted on Chesebro & others, r-evilcc might in the opinion o f the Judges have been , deemed adequate, yet we think sufficfenlcircum J'o)'Permitted it. Well, it is uottdo late. The • « . . . , . • . r v rf c M -f rv^ 1 *-%e. 1 r I ■ reM 1 -, m ^ L- ^ ^ 1 ,%. J L. ^ cahimnialorof the living has heen'~iilso the via-., lator of the dead—(he.ar, hear, lielr,)—liis fell hale had followed its victim to the vevy grave; Resolved, that if common reports are true,(he I ['^has dared to disturb, to profane, with uoscem- treatment given and the respect shown to Clics., -7 ■vurth, and nbald-jost, and liiueous laughter, bro and others by the Sheriff and Coaler of Onto The cold, and lonely, .and silent and defcpcless rioOoanty, is dirc'clly calculated to bring Mur (ftoud cheers.) I fhinlr-I fecchitn, like a Lasvs into contempt, and to encourage base and Covering over (he ynmig mail’s dying unprincipled men to set them at defrance.. moments, and with gross black wing brushin.g Resolved, that the conduct of‘the Sheriff of 1 hisradiant \pint as it mounts to the skies.” Genesee county, in sufi'ering Morgan to be ar ! ~ L o o d continued cheering.”) rested and carriedbeyonJ' tlie limits of his juris- It is said that S ir iValter Bcolt will rCeeivq.a diction for the crime of petty Larceny, w hon he largo pecuniary augmentaiioil from his publlsh- believ.ed, as b e himself acknowledged to Mrs., ers, in consequence tif thti k Rife cfjVapolecmf Mo.fgdn, “ that it ■was a mere pretence t.o get extendiog to eight volumes, ft is dduhtod whe- him away,” was an insult to tlie oitizens of bis ther the work .will be published i n London in county, and a departure from the duties of his loss than three'months from the present, timo- ofiice. The death of hVo Generals is ancqunced W ith-„ Resolved, that these Masons who a re eitlicr in the scrondvvcck in February, n-amely : Gen. directly or indirectly concerned in the abduction Cartwrig^ht. (Col. of the 1st dragoon guards) of Wm, Morgan, and also all those who treat j an.l T-t. Cea. R.imsay. of the royal artillery., the subject as amalter of little or no consequence j The accounts from Ai nheim, Namur, anJ^otb- and endeavor to divert the niinds of tho coffimu- cv places, stcito the Rliioe and VYaalto bo full of nityfrom the rcalstatc of the facts, or to use drift icO, an-l in somqpl.tcesentfteljyfrozop over, , theirown language “ make light of it,” are u n - , A letter of the 1st FehUary ffrom Mchcle, dCr ‘ Worthy of public confidence. par‘mcii( of Lozefr, anviomices that 15 person.^ Rtsokecl, that the Society styling themselves{hav.. j-onh'-dln the snow, It Is apprehended . Masons, inasmuch as they possess tho means ofi - hat a still greater nUniher will be found when oarryingoh .a secret correspondence with each i th<^ snow mdfs. otiior imiepepdent of the coiiiniuni'j’ at large, . The mountains of SaXohy were so coraplete- whereby the Political destinies of the state may . ly eovorc-d with snow, about the 1st of February, he wielded a t their pleasures, is in our opinion fbet the aiitliorHics o f the villages iif tlieir feet an instilutipn dangerous to ou’- Republican form o f GoVernincnt. Resolved, that those Editors of pub>'c Papers who neglected to notice the Wpnapping of Ivhi.. an.l on their sides cause, bells to be, rung night; and day, to acquaint travellers of their .ipproach to inhabited places, theeommuft'iesitioasbeltreeti which arc totally interrupted. T“? _ir PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED »gwSMii»iigaawee5wsa-«S)»*3aK25»«!g«iwM»^^

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