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m m 4 ton«s FO R S A liB . Irons, IloppOrs, c n rhsii; V: tsOUS suUaljlo foi‘custpon ^7Qrk. ■tfiOWCA'S ISM-ERSON. ' _ N?:B, TIip, >t»ove stoftes nro fonr feet fonr - ‘ ttjgbe»^iainetiar. , ________ T. E. h -\ • I fM H.EsnbscriberaVFillse|l a t public Yendue on I .' ', A Thursday the Blfc dciy o f April iOext, a t two f o’clock, Al. a t the^ dwelling house of John W , Strphff, ]|sq, ;in fhiOvtllagei [ ;iiqiior$Ei 3 ;o|^p ;j^atc the property of the. said John W, Strong. L: liOchester, Blaroh 31; _______ -■ , jr|llJRROQAtin Whioh the Telegraph in ^ ■ ‘ ' J L ; printed, will be-ronted, till the Tst o f Janr nary/ 4 » 0 u ir d o f ' jm E D & j;r4nTm \ . Aprii-3. ■ itissO V c J T K m . : E copartnershipheretofore existing under- ,X: the firro- of At. feavber & Q q . vy.as dis§olYed ‘ «ii the'lst'inst. hy inutual oons8iit.-rr..Thoae in- ' id'o^t^’ars requested to inake iipmediate pay- jn^ftoASahelEarher; who is duly authorised ■ io,sOfS;e'the cpncerjis of lbocornpany. ; ^ , ■; ' ASAURR BA.RBER. : ■ : . - ■ ■ -J,„N . STEB m N S .. B a ted .dprii 3d, las-i. s w . B H - H I O T i , k, Co. E E P c o n s tah tly on hand'at tbelr wholesale J | ^ \slore'Bearly opposite Titus* tavern, Itiver' street, Troy, a large and general assOrtirient of Dm/ Salted Spanish liidcs^ SOLfe &lJPPER LEATHER, c g r j ^ n m n ’sorL,& ,i:.& c, M iere those- who rpay wish-tc purchase any of .the,above arhcles can he supplied at reduced ■piip(iS’f0t 'Cii4hor approvcdpapcr. fn'addition to their former stuck, they havejnst received j.OOOBEbJlOlCE HIDES, - 1,000 TERNAMSUCO do, l.SOOMARANHAMdo.- \ 1,000 LAblURA & CURRACOA do. . 1,000 RliSSIA; do, 500 AltRiOAlS; (to, su-itablo. for Hppov leather, ' . 't’foy April 3. lgS7- . ' 6 mo. A p rils List o f Letters remaining in the PostolBco at , Clvde, N ,Y . .April L 1327. T tlR E E D trS CbiptnatL, Geargp A. .Eadus, JD Elias Grow,Isaac T . Phoatt, 2 H e n ry South­ ard, D a n T iroop, Lewis irely. , O. STBOf^G, P . M. M M l I a T O N ’iS W Q U M m s r m r w G W h ich h ave cured an irninensa num b er-of .porspns, of hoth sexes, o f every age, aqd in eyO’ ry sftuation, o f worms, aad of various dangerous com plaints, a m s ing irorn obstructions of foul­ ness of the utomach and bowels. ■ ■ jd Q m e o f Cmve^ . ' T h e dysCntary made its appearance in tn,y farnllyv o f w hich one o f m ychildren a n d aisorvant boy died t another child and a servant g irl rv.oro lahoring Under it a t the sam e time. ' former we supposed m ight be troubled wjth woVpas, and w ere advised to try flatttil tons worm Lozenges, I prpeured them, and used them with an effect tliaf astonished me, 1 can safely say the child: voided nearly a quart of worUis at one time, , 1 then gave therpto tbeservantgiil in a co&firined flux, of which she recovered. My wife had the dysentary, aud I mysejf was threatened with i t ; we both used them with success. A s a worm (iGstfoyor, and as an eyacUant, I think; the Lp- zengpft extrem e ly useful. ^^O N T E A I P L A T B a diilbrpnt arrangem ent in their business on the first o f Q'iay next. dPrevious to th a t time they will dispose of their stock; of Goods at a small advance from cost for p a s h ! consisting of Saddles, Bridles,' llarness 1-Tim n k s of every dcacriptiunisadillors.Idai’d'VV are, Baddle Trees, woodHaines, Persons wish­ ing a n y of'the above articles will do well to jnr- prove the present opportuuity. ' Persons: .Imyiftg, .demands are rcque.s(cd to render them settle­ m ent. Thosig who liave .notes and accounts now dcie must make paymgntlimtnediately of’'eX- pect to pay cost. A rarch 20th,l $27. _ E x c e llently adapted to c a rry off superfluous bile, restore and amend the 'appetitf,^ procure a free perspiration, and,il>ereby^prevent c o lds; a dose n ever fails to remov© a cold, i f taken on fts first appearance. ' They are celebrated for romovitig huoitual costiyeness, sickness a t the stomach, and severe headache. Dhmask Lip Sdlee- F o r chapped and sore hp^’, removing hlf.7ii>h- es.and restoring a beautiful redness k. them. True and Gemihe German Com^Piaisier, An infallable remedyfor cartis, sm.'. hi vingthpni, root and branch, w iihcotgo; ..r,.u n H A M f L T O i X ^ S ■ G R A N D R E S T O ' R A T . t 10. Is proved, by long and oxtensive experit.! :e. tu be absplntely unpavultelled in the. cure of ne7'v6us dk'Of'de}:s, Qonsinnptions, IbroAds Lint o f Tjiilet's temnbiing in iho post. Office at Brighton, JVl Y. dlpril 1, 1027. ■ffJlXOS Anderson, t!). AltJro, Isaac Ashley, Jonali . 8 . A AHerr, Roswell Beach, W.lomi Ballard, George BlEUichavd, Thbmas Bromn, riiza Brimi, Gapt E Bibhins, Mosiah Bymis, Timothy Barnes, James Bnckland, AVm. C. Bloss, Atesnnrier Chubb, David Carter,: Charles Cooper, James Clemons, James Congden, John McCall, Gideon Cobb, (2,) Harriot Crosby, (2.) Azetletb. P , Crandall, John Culver, Pat­ rick Dickinson, (2,) .Rahniel Gibbs,’ John Giimtue, Mary Gilbsrl, Daniel Hyde, Loyj Hovt, Asabel Hu- kif, Jqhn Haggotmon,. James riiigj;iiis. Ebenezor Heald, Samuel Johnson, Ollis Joy, Jolin Lindley, St-liiiyJer Aloses, A higiil Messer, ,'^amuel Moret’, Napp Jfcjmj.J. p. Nonbwp, BetseyPcfrill Susan AI. Per­ rin, John Phillips, Joel Scildder, Charles M’SloSt, Henry Staunton,.Ebert. Sherwood, Thoodoie Smith, Hiraor Winters—54. BE.VJ. B. BLOSSOM, P. M. TAst'if Letters remaining in Ike Post Offiiccat Penjield, M Y. d p ril J, J027, ’ r^A V lD Allen,'J.esso Adams, .Aaron Behce, Abner JL /' Brown, Arza Bull, Salley Bailey, PaiieBrowh, Thomas Ball, Blkanah Babcock, llahtuib Burdick or Jortatiiaa Burdick, Joualbtiu Dailey, John Burhtist.' Jonathan Barritt, William Beiiy.», Asahsl Lrowii, Calvin t-’rippin, Rev. ZwiasCovr l. James Cole, rnf. ney Church, Ransom CVipp-n, Baptist Cln.n li, Uen ■jaitiin Cone, Doct IJanicI Dm-fre, (J) J<,r.t Dumi VVilliBni B Dean, Joseph Evans, Daniel EtacI, (2,) Henry Emery, Mr, Ely, Ad-iliim F.tirbrotber, J.in,,-.. • Fisk, .Emma Gregaiy, Jonah Gnivop, l.liei.fziT Green, W'hul'.Iovv Heath, (3 ) ,An,iii.v!us Hard, Har. rietr A. Uathaway, Jiaoph fUmih, Thomas Hi!l. J, l,if Hutchinsen, Henry H Mill, Harry H Hill, Wil'inai Hyland, Samnel Joslin, Brty.-tmin JnJ n-on. Hor.-ne i Kellogg Icbabntl Leonaril, John r.amm'm. li..n, Lo- i tbmpf Linsfotd Morey, (.) 1 Staplmri Morey, C’haiies \ P. Moor, Haac T. Monroe, Reuben M-.-rr'i.., Urnry Matthews, t'c-rcos Morey, Jacob N-ie, Daniel Olds, Slcplien H. I'eCt, Eheneser Powell, I!an;,f,nd Perin, Samuel Preston, Roswell P. Paine, Cliarles Phillips. AOroha M Ransom, Miclmel Redmond, .John llidi, CAVtd Ruintlull, l»;.ii(; Siibins. Stoplieii Soulhwoi th, tbonezor Sjitiar, S.immil Sirowgrr, .tohn .‘'tanton, Slitaa Thoinpson, Luke Thompson, Philip Tiokner, Angeline Van Boskirk, Beiijaniin VVhitiiiorc, Reu odn Whitehcac, Cornonos V\ hittiey, Thomas Whit— SI, J. B. BRYAV, P. M. F ^ R M S F O R S^MsPJ. X^I\YE PARM S 'in the vicinity <rf Rochester, X* cont,lining from 75 to 100 acres each, for by the subscriber on reasonable terms __ Bsialliiupi'ovemcotsoufhe most of them. - ■ . RICKARD C. JONES. , Rochester, Mafcli -Sfr, lOa'l. . \ I S E L D m G d l T COST/ ~ ffWHE SUBSCRIBER being about (o remove uk from Ihls place, offers for sale his present stock Of atCost. 'fhosewisbing to Supply themselves Vvith Roods, a t very low prices, will plaaso call. , .t. A. CATHCART, iCF f bose indebted iiivist oa!l and settle tiieir .tc- doiints and npte.s before the first of May. ^ 'March, 1827. _______ violent a-amps in theback and sbnnrwk . in digestion,melanehohj, gout in the sloai •.'•h, pains in. thalimbs, relxxafions,Jlaor,fllbaSi.<, c, Cure fo r Govg-hs and Colds. HAMILTON’S ELIXrR, Bo.vereign remedy fo r colds, obstinate coughs, asthmas, sore throats, approaching coitsimp- Hons, arid most disorders of the breast and lungs. ■ T o parents who hav6 children, afilicted with t'nc Hooping Cough.. Tilts discovery is o f IhU first mag. itu l-s a, it affords immediate relief,.checks lb© j>rogre-'s, ’ in a short time entirely removes the ino.st cruel disorder to-wbich children mte liable, The El- ixjt^is so perfectly agreeable, and tbs dose .-i-. small, th a t no difficulty arrises in taking it- Re^taratise Potvder for the Teeth and Gums. Hahn'^'s Genuine Eye- JValer^ A sovereign remedy fur all disoasos of the Eyes, Tooth A che DropSf T h e only remedy yet discovered, which gives immediate relief in thu most severest mstaitqsis. Infallible dgne and Fever Drops., P o r ’the eu r c o f d g u es, Rem ittent and Inter- initteatF'evers. Tbuusaadacnn testify of tlieir being cured by tliese Drops, aRer the bark and every other medicine liad p-’oved ineffectual i and n o t one in a hundred lies lind occasion to take it more than once, and numbers not half a bottle, DR. HAMILTON’S , Genuine Essence and Extract of Mustard. A s a f e and effectual remedy for acute and • ^ c h r o n i c rheumatism. G o u t,rheum atic goufr patsey, lumbage, numbness, w h ile swellings, chilblains, sprains,bruises, pain in the face and neck, &c. &c. ITCH CURED. Lees Sovereign Ointment. Warranted an infallable remedy. F o r sale by G . TIITCMCOG.K, D.’u,..fgi.st KocJi \,Jor. A p r ils, 1B27- F O R S.ILN FO'H C.rdE. A v i l l a g e LOTiin Clinlon st. 2t) r'-I s lutli e a r a of Main st. 33 fen fiunl by 13 i l-'i^p, with a good WELL aiul Side-utiili—pn.- J. .1. Si ■ H E. Roches.tcr, 12fh .March, ISSL s : 4 ? a ^ of til. 'f..i 11 'r '■i '.rBl- 3 P I . J i , S : - S i B S D Pov Sowing. PRHE Suhscriher has a few bushels very hand- ■k sonic Flax-Seed on hand, su’rtahle for so wing Also, Lirtsoed Oil A high. »ric,a paid for Flax seed M ‘he A'oe/iesfrr OU MUl. . ,f. K„ LIVINGSTON. . March 57.1327 ■Jp-ABBING- MACHINES. subscriber has oil hand eight double and four Single machitics nearly compJeted, which 0 Wul dispose of on accoJntnodhtirtg terms. •‘'ost appoved hind, and kept ccmstaiitly ou -v-g, I . R, b.irvFOIlD* flochester, Echuaty d, K20. 25 dravvif'g this day. i . 1 11 .■ r.» :• ge ii’iiic, and « ' :.e I . i„t-Older. Twentj-fivt glata - !i;ay Be had tor 25 cents, iiiffl-ssN o . i j tor 1!127. Tickets for mil'- at -ill !i 'tos. and pri ; /.PS paid a t -sight, at the !Jyg(a/i S’odi, .’'.cad,an Beer Fountains, by J . L iD .- M A T H I E ? . “ To catch dame F o rtune’s gulden smile, Assi.liou.s wait upon lief, And gather go.ar by e.vqry wile T iiat’sjustified by honour: Not for to hide it in a liedge. N o r for a train iif'endaul. But for tlieglori ms privilege O f being independent.” Rochester, M-ircii 25('h,, 1027.. N u inbcrs|)ot'4totA stiitq Dh%yyi drawn March 14 tb I- 3 . 5 , 3 P r . s a , , m m . vash paid for P,ri?:es m the ahoYe Lottery, as soon as presented at C r - .Lottery Sr Exel PRIZED DF $20,OOP, $&,OOQ, .<>/ $1,000, (Sffl. ke..t 0 . be dram TOmmUtOJf.^Cor Abe Cu,pitai§,,caU a l P p A T f ^ S i l 3 ^ m r Pvclcy C>0ee. ~ .'M arpIigT. ROCT®S''|«a,WiWSHni!M. f l N I J E Pipprieter would, rospectfplly jntorm A the citizens.of Rochester and its Vicinity, th a t the KiflSElTM hasTecently been much im­ proved, atnig great variety of curigsllies added, io t b ’, in the n atural and artifieial departmenta, - 5 ^ A Ijbenal prieo g iyen for all kinds of cti- tid3ih‘es,,asnsqaj. RochestepVMarch 13, 1B27., T M I B M R W M T M B . W A N T to contract for fifty sticks white mb oak tim b e r iSinches square.aqd56 tq70feet long,— to be delivered in the river, o r E rie C a ­ nal, near my sawsmifl vVithih two morrihs. IL ELY . Pochesle)', .TtJarehS, 1827. , N O : T I € E , ' ’^ IIE Partnership existing u n d er the firm of J - G P E L D ^ - C O . Is tin's day dis-solvcd b y mutual Consent, all debts due to said company m ust be paid toi Jacob Gould, and all demands against said firm, to b e presen ted, to him for' pavraeut. ■JACOB GOUT.D. S.AM UELP. G O U L D , Rochester, M arch 20, 1827. N B, T h e subscriber requests all who are iiidebtcd to the firm of J , Gould & Co. either by note or book account, to make immediate pay- merit, as all debts due previous to the 1st Jhio. 18:27, Will, on, or betbro tlie151h April n ext, be kft with the proper officer for collection. ' BOO T S , SHOES AND LE.ATHER Kept on hand, as extensively asu-sual,— The‘'continuance of patronirgo sulicited. Fw, J A t D B GOUI-.D. ECir -AVING taken H arlw d ls store house, .fiTjL would be ihanlifiil for all business in that line. As agents fo; Mo--si's. Hart Si H e rrick commission merchar.tsCoenlies&iip' NeWTfork, tlicy will m ake liberal a lvunces on 'tnosr kinds of Country produce. All properly consigned to them, shall be forwarded ns directed tvRh all pos­ sible despatplh > Cash paid for Whea.h Pittsfqrd, Feb. 26,1827. FOR SALi'-. ^ ^ O N .S I S T I N G of a McrehaiF’s and fluslom FL O U R -M IL L , with tlirm ru.i of Slone— a SA W -M JLL, Office and other out-buddings, situated in a pleasant andfl lurisliing village of 50 or 6 ) houses, in the county of Manroc, on a never failing stream of vvaler, having about 20 feet fall and a power siiffieienl for an atlJitional number of mamifactoi'ics, h ing in the centre of about 0 acres of land, .suilab!.’ for vil!a-e Jots.— The whole premises are plcasaritlv f ilm.tcd on a public road, aiW o f easy access, ami m liie hear! ofa well cultivated and rich wheat country. Il is also one of the best stan-is tor-an extensive country store, which is now much waoling.—- Torrfis of sale will be acc >mmoJ.jHug. Apply at the L a n d Office of WIL'r>ER & HENRY. Buffalo-st., March 17. 13 '7. A & M , m x I'^O U GL.VS.S’ i DViNN-, n-ill pay, on pro- MJ' sentment, all legal claims nn the late firiri of TR O T T E R , D O P G L d S S Sf CO. Albany M arch 27. Drafts on jYeiv- York. ’'|■\\B A F T i3 at sight,on the City .Bank of New- JL-F Y’ork, may be ohtai.ncil at a small premi­ um at Lottery and E.vdtaugc O/'ire o f EB E N . ELAL - Rochester, 1824. r ^ H E sulisoiubnr will pay C A S It for COti.V J . dbltvered a t the mills of G. S. Slichnire k Co, in this village. A. PLUAIB. Rochester, J a n , 9, IC27. ¥ o v ov V ,Y , c \ \ a M g e A e r ® s „ O S 'S . A M B . r i ^ H E suIiscTibpr, as agent for the pro->rictor. JL offers to actual settlers the above quantity of land. lie'w ill sell it for bonds and morige. g t s o r other obligations, o rke will exchange it o r fa'rms'in the couniyof|V1onroe. fof the above-’ quantity are in th.6 township of Montville, county of Medina, and state of Ohio, 'tw enty seven miles southw est of Cleavciand. H.avjng lately been on this tract o f L a n d , I do not hesitate to say that it is a most excclleht town­ ship ; the soil is of the first rate quality and the land sufficiently rolling and well watered .and free from any swamps or stagnant walfers, that would produce disease. The County Seal of M edina is nitliiii sixty rods of the norih liiieof the same, and the g r e a t southern road which runs Noulh west of Clenveland to­ wards thoc'-nt.'C’of the .siate, finsscs through this tdwiishi;-. Fifty five ndle; of vaid mad arc now nearly roniph'tcd, an when finished, will un- doubU'.lIv i-„-oil. i * tin- -Host travelled roads in the stall- -f V,;,, The Oliiocanal which is now rapidly piiigr -sj-ig, passes within 12 miles of the saidtewid.i,-'. Till- rr,): i -'I’l 1.1 is well ivorthy (ho attention - .1 ho wish to inorcaso Ihcdr quantity if,land, -iiidwho are dcsirciis of settling thcin- ■ivc.sand families am-arig Xc\v*lln 1 .-t 1 • • • 1 . Ill ! -if-ir tlic Cf-iltre i-f-' 'if I'l- ; d - *1' ,1.0 .: , •- I ■ of -1 .'■lillc. m . .1 ' . ■■'vt, and ••ln'iil i .! roil-i cu.c'.i-'' ' • ' 1! i.it; logo oui vvilli (Ilf I will cig’ve ;liat the • .'•igi fiii'c ichtndjvidnd sliall nut c v c icd f in doll.i-s. ] would inc-ioly a J I tliut so goo I an op- portunify is suldoiu i,tl’crcil, ivhrii Iho qt; ihty of the .soil, the situation of the huid, anil tin / linialc arc equally good, and perhaps I ought i< c n.hi that I be title which is derived from ! hr' -ioi' fC Co-nri -cticiit cannot ho qiirslitincd •■'he r iiviining 7000-1rres a re siiuatoi! io th r <■'I'l ; ics Ilf Piirtiigp, Tvtinibiill, Lorain, lAshta- huhi. an ' f'uvaliogn, I shall b'e a t Christophers M ill 1 ir. ‘louscin llu.diestcr on Fridays and Sal- ur '.ivs of every week mild I leave forOhio, and in .dl the iifherdaiVs of e ach week if not out of Riichc.stcr. . D R A D F O R D KING. Tvocho-;l--i’March, .’th 18-7. ■G-HJEEN COUNT Jf BANK s , m s w m m w s •fWyiliiL Pay tWepty-fivc. cents pdr in 'I'If Goods for 11 fe.w Hundred Doltnr.p ijf jGfeoti Cdduty pioney iroffered soon, ' »f ' ilbc/dster, M(tvch 2:, 1827. W E T 0 . d :ES ■ W-ANTKDA' n n l L E hfehest; price will h e gi-ven by the, sub- JL, sori’hop fpr SOOTat wethers. . Also, the highest price for 200 setts o f hog’s skins fiOr sassage, anti LOO lb, of'§ago. , FOR b a l d ; . ' 3jX) barrels of S A jiWj- at the Market priee,^ for Ca:sh o r approved credit. ' ' * ' JO H W e Q O K . E a s t Roehoster, opposite Atkinaon’s Mill. RochestqY, jauiiary 15,18.272 ' G ■ hlq-refined V,V uisxev . 'W A R IiA M AYHITNEY., Rocestcr, Jpn,.. 1-827-.. ■ w E i s a S i s i S i i s r subscribe8;s,arehow ready to sell their A valpaUe LDTS oij the.east §ido of Genesee rjv.cr. _, The advantages of this tract are apparent by pn inspegtign of thh Riap, being intersected by ti,ie.Canal-lh 5 Feeder from Genesee river.-- Liviugstoncounty goad,,and the great road to Gauandaigaa, and is the mgst probable, point at wlriqh the (Flean Ganal wilL.uni.te with the Erie. More tlian 300 lots join the E rie Gapal, and of­ fer favourable locations for Boat 'Yard?,. Basins, Dry Pocks, Lumber Yards, and for any hraneb of business connected with the .e-an-al. The propfietQi's contemplate lo make at their owp expense, gresatimprovementsion theTract! such as ai;ching ProM'vayj 80 feet wide, and cover-- ipg it. jyifh stone aud gf aVel-T.^building several Canal Bridges:—construoling a Basin and Ware- liQuse attho foot of Gkariog-Cross, wlienee a handsome street will be opened to meet the Henrietta road, togelher with otherimprovement pecessaw to facijiiate the settiemenl of this pleasarifaeoiipn of the village,. T h e mainj advantages of this T ract are a great indircement for a c tual settlers and sjiecu- latprs toxnakeprofitableinve-stineuts. Persons wishing to jouj'cliase to (he amount ormthousaud doRars or more, will have a liberal di>q,)unt tirade andto actual settlors g r e a t facilities will he of- fgredj and. ov'ory aid and accommodation granted Ten p e r c e n t of the purchase rnoncy will he required dovyii, and the balluncc on a liberal term of years. Application to be'made at the Offic.e.s of Eli- bhaJubason orTVillliim Alkiuson, wherea Mapi of said prejaisos may be .seen. . ELISHA .lOHNSON, W IliL IA M ATlCINSOxN,- F e b r u a r y - 1 3 ,1827. CGavsB and Fmy salp-byllif- cubscribev J j ■ T H m t A « Kr,MP>!;f U .L . ALSO ja«l receive'^ f-jr'iai-o: ( o iMgrirticut, a quauti'v ufiTwip 1 i-hi! T.ut ir., , Jan. Stii. u’127 '®[NINE and tLarao Sait received and for sale 3 l by D ec. 25,1.3-26. C. J. H IL L . 19 P R Y l n e r s b i p ^ ' o m > e d . ■TjlDVYAED DO YLE & HIRAM W R IG H T J - i having entered into Copartnership, the C o p A B a i s s i o D a i v d F o \ \ w a \ d \ \ \ g BUSLTPSS, heretofore codduoted by Edward Doyle, willbocontim jed under Ibefirin of Doyle k Wright, at tlie store fortnerly occu-pied by Messrs. l i . T . Rochester 4' Co. where they are now selljiig off the remainder of the stock belonging to that firm, consisting of Gi'ocevies, CrootseEy, Ste. 5te. To the former customers of E . Doyle, Messrs. N. T . llochoster & p o . and tho]iublic generally they respUcifuliy tender their services, with an assurance o f their best endeavors to comply with their-orders, and a hope to merit a share of the patronage allbrded those gentlem en a t their old stand. D O Y L E & W R IG H T . Rochester, January 29 th, 1827. 0LO11ER SEi D. • F ^ AS received a quantity of superior CLOVER SEED of the last seasons growth, cb. 0 1827 ■ tf. T O T H E P U S L i e . T H E subscriber having bad cXpcrirncG in H O U S E P j i F E R I N a , Wall i.'olouring V White -1 fashing, will w arrant his work to be done in the niccbt manner. AH orders left vviili F. M. Jenkins, will receive immediate atleiilion. II. HIBBARD- Rochester M arch 9, 1827. B A E T L ' E T T ’S F^OUNG LADIES ASTRONOMY-— ALSO ^ Colburns Arithmetic with Plates. . F or sale a t' E. PECK’S Bookstore, Feb 27,1827. _________________ m M s Q z a m o m ej^p O T lC E is hereby given that (be Parlncr- ship which heretofoTc existed, between the subscribers, u nder the firm of Brown & Hua- tcr is dissolved by mutual consent, the business will be settled by M. W . Richards, who is duly authorixed. N A T H A N BR O W N . R O B E R T irU N T E R . (C rThe business, in future,.will he carried on hy . R O B E R T H U N T E R . Lockport Fob. 20. ’ C ^ S I l ■VRTILL be paid for Red and W h ite Clover V » Seed— Also fur Timotliv Jim-Kl by E .'T . SM ITH . Rochester IDDeci 1826. j v o t i c p :. 'SR H E administrators of the estate of William Cobb, deceased, give notice to all persons indebted to the estate, either by note, book ac- ooiint, or otherwise, that an immediate ssttle- ' 1 is •:--r ,,u : - - til tlio.se h.ivitig demands 'll 1.1' - .,'-i i>i'i-.,entllit>in foradjust- - l.--.' - ' I -I'l. !,257. f.OR.Y rOBB, Administratrix. G/DEO.\ COBS, lAdminislrd- ‘ H. B. RTLLI.IMS, ) tors. P. 8,— T lic B.i. K . II ; .-(couiils are left «-qiiI].B-. V ii,r!- -(n. whoi-, duly .u-Iioriscd to etll.- flit V,,. .. J i S asatnijotsisbobv ‘ -*' ■ • : ’ . . . w a ' k e m # s * l h j h ;'' Mfirch30th,H827,- ■ - • . •: 'm R s . a i j s o j n T o i f m i , A It will lie salt .A -snuin lot poMain- uaipAoU tl}o-«iei!t.si(ia .of^gpffiu street and rujar'the.i-esidDdee o f | . IHU esq- March 20. , . - ■ . I.kiff'alo.-sirtsl, ■ f © - l i f t ) : 'lbALlpu.se ishigpodi-B- ...... .... , . situate on, the norih shifiofAIqb ,stf (-east :BtichP3te)\) a feyv rods ;c?ist ?f; Jar., Lamb's tavern,T—Those wishing a . residened plmmitly 'sit- mted, near the centre hfbmnesk, cm ohlkift one, if aiiplifcd-for SDop. - • ' V; ' ‘' ■ ■ .A S A B E L BARBESi- ‘ Buffalo St- RocheHar, lVlar.cU-16, i827i ~ VaSife, ■ ■ ■ A fmali but'egi?ygni.ept Usvellipg- x j L house on Bilffalo.;st-feet,' t 5 'fist -of ,fh 0 canal,'—.Al-so A Jidw ’afid cgrive- , . . I nieht.2 sjofy Bri0;k-hqu#^^ Rean -fhe ceatce of business, possession of dither caA'be had immediateiy. Apply to ' AVlLD.EiR ^ - Land Agents m d Burvei/ors.j - Rochesteri iBtb Mbfbh,'.! 8 ^ , ' Trie- J L i J s * >w.| T O . I . S S T VERT Fnluablgxtgpd for busi- ,_ ™ »ess, in|he YillageofR'rockporl, being a two-stbry Brielt building, ebn- _ _______ _ tahilng a STORE 4iid?DWELLING HOHSlfeTei^, elligtbly sUiiiited about-six rods‘from the Canal on Lake street arid is one of the best staiids for business in the Vil!age?y^fortcrnrs dpply to G Walker fe Co. at file adjoining-Stove in said village, or at the Stove lately ocoupiedy.hy Everng- liiia’s k G o .. Possession indy be had iramedlately ,3d mo. 5,1827., - ■ ' c o j r j v B p m m l k r 2 M ^ : ■ ’L O T ’l ' B f t Y . . JJ'%e,of$:!F,«Xi ' 'li ■X ■ -I tool) ' R - c m : . ■L- '■ ■ • JJXiO'’ t XQ ' y*:.'; '.poet 4,0 ' A' - , ' lOO, ' i ■ 1015. 1,02 IBS-2 - 1S47$■ - V p i s s s i ^ j . ..... ................... L o R b q O ttee. ■ '^ D V E R 'S H O E S . , ' . ' .Valuable Real Pf 7 perty . f - o m § i i . £ S . T h e Subscriber offers For Sttle., t h r e e q u a r t e r s q f a n a c r e OF LAND, lying on the east side j> ________ the river, near Johnson's square. On this properly are Three Pivelllng Houses which rent for onfc hundred dollars enriu- EBENEZEB GRH'EEN, Feb. 9-i-2owtf , and Its vioinityrrrSOFTlCEin.the.byickbM i^W _ west sideofExcliangic sL ,two ffoorsL o lw y canal bridge. . ., ' Feb. SQlh 1827. , , ' f O B - S A U I S . rB T H E House' and lot ocedpiad by J L the subscriber, in East Roclies- ter, near the new bridge, sitnation ve­ ry eligible for a tnvern stand, .Hso a dweHing hoilsc, co.nyeuient for two faia- ilins, in East Roqlipster on Main street. Also the brick building occupied for offices iw Btifl’alo sti'cot opposite tlie'Court House, • A S liLE’K SAMSQN. N-. B. A room to vent very cenveniept for an office in the brick building. , , . ■ ASHLEY S.AMS0N. Rochester February 6th 1827. - tf.-- V TO LUT. A store, DH'ellingrlTpuEc, dhe situation for an AsheVy, in the centre of tlic Town of Byrgn, Gen-, eseecou ntyi. T h e y have been oc­ cupied p a rt o f the time dui-ing the last tw e ire years, constantly for the last four of five years. ■ Apply to L E V I T /A R D Jr. .K o o h e a f e r ,,Jun. 1,1826. T | T t t E l m F o ¥ l S t ^ i o ? ^ 9 1 , 1 3 6 and lS9y in the iowh Of Gates, R lonroeCo These lots, will he sold cheap, one q u a rter o f the purchase money to he paid down, and for the residue, a liberal credit will be given. Alsu— Lots, No. J,. 3 ,9 , and 29, ib. the first division o f lots, and the north half of No. 4, and two tliird.s of No. 57 in the second division in the town of Brighton. H E N R Y W . TA Y L O R . Canandaigua, .Tan. 2,1826- 21tf n O ( f i l J - T J l C : S l .'R E . e 'T ■ a # oiBsaa -la w s Snow ii'ceiiutg, -ii. i.iv 'irilig thepresent wei-k !n>.-it ,-t-'i'' f o t t5 |: - Assortinenls still itioii- extensive, '..p ' pi ii-t s of most articles lower than a t any former period. Nov. 14,1826. ^ 0 Y lliL A S -B FO R S A L E , E n q u ire som i o f E . D O Y L E . Rochester T 5 January ISaf. S A M U E U S T O X E , , v s this day reeewing a rich and extensive as- i sortinont'of Suitable tor the season. A great many arti I'les very dirnp — (,'all and I’ll prove it so: such as Ribbons, Flowers, Flumes, round and flat, Braids,Frog.s,Dai8y Buttons, Gimps, Two c.ase.s wliite and ■ black Leghorn Hats, IV'illow Baskets, beautiful dre.ss silk, Laces, Flushes, aud Plush Gauzo, Gulicoes, Merino Shawls, I ong arid square, f'assimcre and Cash- mere do, Camblets, r iaid s &c .— Bhdl Cnmbs and Hair Carls^ Carroll Street,Nov, 26(h, 1826. A ■ LARUE AND ELEGANT A.SSORTMEN'l, received and for sale by the Package and at tetniJ, at reduced prices, a J. HILL. Nov. 27,1825. Cush fo r Pork. ■S' w-ill pay C-ASII for one or two hnndi-cd J- H O G S , hanisomcly di-cssed, if delivered soon. Nov 11.1026, S, SAXTON. GBSABSHO SOaJEli HE subscriber offers forsaleon good term s, h is valuable static in the c e n tre ofthe village' iifGrEN- ESEO —its situation is equal (o any in the country, being tlio county town. The H O U S E being so well known th a t it is n o t ne­ cessary to make any comments—call and look for V ourselves. x f i s o — r o ' - i y a v s E i i A G - E li X iO d ? 3 , having conspicuous skua tioris. t . JOHN PEIRCE. H’ a,\ -fti. .«<>pt. 2d. 1820. 66 F O R SALE. P .... v A Good framed TIOPSE- BP1RA\ and SHOP, with T il a ^ — - • a y lij half an a c re of L a n d situated with- '3Hi*! in a few rodsofthatelegantbrick i P f in H enrietta ; said buildings, a re suitable fora board­ ing house o r for M echanics’, especially a/tafier, saddle and hai'ncss maker v/hic)\ are much w an­ ted in this place. F o r furllier particulars en­ quire o fL. <J. Chamberlin, Beniamin Baldwin, or O. s'. C H U R C IJ. H enrietta August !2tli 1828. s f s a i f m s f s u » i j i . -^ifi7 W . r i . W A R D & Co. a re just opening a V 7 heavy stock of staple and fancy GGDDS, to be sold for Cd.sh at :low prices, © B Y . * U O O D . S . . Cloths, Cassimets and YostiogS-i-new prices Calicoes, prinis aud chintzes— new patterns. Cambricks, Icnos, muslins, silks, fancy lidkffs, ' &c. (§*e., GROCERIES. Wholesale and Retail, at a small advance from cost. .. ., I - I A K D W A R E . A good assortment, CROCKERYGLASSWARE at reduced prices. H O L L G W -W ARE— a full stock. Ai,s6-^-a few 110 Gallon Potash Kettles, to close, a consignment, cheaper than ever before offered in this Or any other market. Roclip.ster, Nov. 28. 18,26. 15. •trk 0 A A ^ , LQLTG cx0'AqtfdiRM'.- 'ariuBk-»* S4iVRL ftVE ASJJ w t t N W A iftE K . f'lN I-ID subscribBtis goRstkntly T> V- t ■ T.- W h a m -, w a i t N E t . , Roohester.' Dec-'25,1826. S'ubscriim rrkbotjl 3i* mite?-west o f this villagp,o:n m — small stio, abgmt l'2 yOar# old.;-: Alsoasol-rel COLT, £2;j'effrs past, ligjtt main attd t-ailj and a,white gtripeiri Ids. face. ' T lie owner requested lo cail, pfowa propertVy pay phatges and take them array. SA M U E L CU R T ISS M arch 2 7 ,182Y • ' 5 Q . v t a e v , i s ' s « m E , , ' -’ .sale as GpIPJlptuks can be p iti^'ase^ in th e s ta te. - - - ■TIIO M AS'KEM P S M ALL. Rotihester Septeinbor 1st 1826, STAVES I& H -tD IN G .' ' Hogihead Hoop-pottii wanted’bv thc^uUcrJber; ' '* - - PIER c E DARR0W r' Rocltetler, Nov, 1.1. 1826.. ■*' jL l o c ’h e - s t e v l i v e - w e ^ . l^fsH E wrell estJoDlislicd rcpulnltoh of BfilSVl xi J b NE'TTS BfiEIt xiocff s no recoBitncndailoa tb' those acquainted (with (liaf kiperitfr avficl«, •I'fee subscribers barely wisivtct rctnafk tliatjhebrew iiy IS no w in successful opqratiori, apU that Ricv at# • determined to keep o » l)and,..for the supply o f eu». tomei-s, ns good REFffi as can be made in the state. Orders left at -the offieg o f E. DoyH, ot the Brewery, will imcextvitli' immediate attention, ■ SXEBBINS Se DQYLE. • Rochester, 2 1 si IVoV, 1820 . ' 'M s : ^ ^ . c ‘ U £ i t i s s >, ‘ (rn his stombiiildtmgySjl the eaU etidqfihe Iridga) • ^ A S JUST OITINBD AN ENTIRE NEW ■53 b , STOCK OT B R T G O O D S , G -H O G S lSIklE S , cmujcjiJUY, &c, ’ which he is cnablccl lo sell at as low prices tCp.CaCn be fouiid at any olLcr-aiprc. ■ Rochester, Dec. d, L826. yaUUUE’C &.41KBB.-CS, A T the store 3iecclofore Occupied by J . y a l A A - lolt, e a st sitCe^eiiesoe River, in llm sffino H o c k second dodr irom (ho c o m e r of Alainb and. ' M. rket streets a r e receiving from New Y o fk& a ; i opening a g eneral assortment,of Dry Goods., Groceries, Hard Ware Crockery^ Glass- Ware, &c. W h ich they, Jctioiv call he sold as low oj; low er than ti e present tnarlicU Rochester Oct. 21 1B26. 62. m®S 7233 S .' P p H E Subscriber, having been appointed' Agent iBa for the Boston and New Engl.iad crown and Chelmsford Cylinder GLASS COMPANIES, -tvill supply any qnaiiUfyof any size of either dcscrip- tion, that m.ay be wanted. As these Compnaics furnish their agents no fas­ ter ih'aii tlic Glass is ordered, it will be necessary furpurchasers to apply atloasl 30 tlay.s before (lie Glass will be wanleti.. The subscriber will also continue the Fotwavdirvg; Busiwess, from Troy, to 'Boston the ensuing sc.ason. The Line will consist o f 3 Schooners, first.r.atc vessels,' under the cowta,tad of oxperlenced raptaias.' ' T. B. BIGELOW. Troy JIarcbfi, 1827. a o o 3 >Sia W , S T E A M , J t f d Y s (Carroll-strcet, opposite P, Peelers Book-Store.)'' ■rSnm v opening a Jdrgo and rich assoflm ent A of comprising Silks, Races, Merino apd Cashmere (long and square] Shawls, iftuHTnsertings, Swi.ssand India mulls, velvet flowers,' bl’k. &col’d .Vlumes,rich Ribbons, L a c e Yeils, &c fee-—Ahso, ' ' • S T A F I t S @ O O I»g. viz. Broadcloths, CaSfaliriers, SaltiHetts, Plaids, Pelc.se cloths—all colours. Flannels,-B lqpkdSj some very rich London Prints, &c. d m e r i e a n S h irtiu g s , S h e e ti n g s , T i c k - - ' in g , Copton T a r n , from No 5 to )8,Caili?lb-wicl<,Batting,,^C',i and a choice selection o f , Old Sf Young irijsottSr Bijson Shin Teak, _ SUGARS, COFFEE, &C. ASC,-. which, with liis full stnek, will b e sold very lotr. Rochester, Deo 1 , 182G i6 t f m , E t f i i f T - - Y f y AS reinoved his office (0 the roOm lately .E l i . occupied by Doctor G . B. Taylor, at the sign of ibe golden m o rtar, onedocr e a s t ofThotn-^ as H a rt’s .store Ru italostreet Rochester. 'R'^iiere heoflbr.sin addition lixhis. services,a g eneral afrd choice s d e c tion of \ v iinA on as reasonable ternns as a t atiy other cstab‘7 lishmOal in this c o n rity,Patent Medicines, True-, ses Cordials, and preparations o f almost a ll Irinda for sale. • S. HUNT* or?’ All persons inclehted to the subscriber (?i- Iher by note or acoonjit must m ake imotediate settlemojit in orcSer to sSv« cost—^Fail not'to gii-e heed fo this nolicxe, ' »' T'fifTM’Tv F>uciic£tcf,''jAij’ary CtF, ISfif. ■ ” ' PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED i»» i«i»t«te«M*aata>»ie3iwiMgaaB»iaMi»8aieeTO«gtaaS!»<>a<^^ M»M,<KSMaaR«ss«

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