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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, April 03, 1827, Image 1

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T H B ■Vot.. 1 M.^VyH 0 i.E Ng, . 155 .} Bmanawro/yaiMBi«»gtatt^^ ««»'••-«> B-T'-WBeD MARGIN, ...,. ' ' ^^.IjQGlWESTpa, MOimOE- .CO-1». T. '• ' 'Twfcpij! A vt®Efc Faa t H d ; F ilpare ; DOjF^m p & n . ';>.^VTt*Bi'Qf?PE A WEEK PPK TRE.-eoWNWVf ' ,. ^'4»?>^'Ej:SEafEMT,3 INSEtl'fEp Af THE fau^ljliATES A?«? pisGOHf<.T;Kv Hf-, '•ji 0 ' f!}. I 'i<:- U - t iS'^o fr j& ^ v jsirim - 4 l m o f ^. s t o c k o f |S 'llt|.(^ e iV l B d i t W S , .J3YB4VO OdS $? . jj.'^ii^s.T.nFFS, diV -m r s &. o i l s , LifOdOBS, V^c. .aU of the, !>a.i-est and ' bestqaality; andlho^ ivilLbe sold .a.tQMK«atly dowpTiceSjiij Whole-' ■ 4 al&pr;d^ptaU, MerQliaHsyBhy- '.,;s?Vians, Clothiers, '!Painters. F( ,Othen, can. obtain supplies jipqti better, terms, th^n- jfi'pm; Albany; «r- U tica.-^ FAANTSwill b eatall timesgrqund onshprt potlce-anil a t a small es.- jppppQ. :C a t or Ground DYE- W OODS, in Barrels, rean-anted equal: inequality to tliC'vEr}- Best .Stidk Woods, ■ ■'JhefoHQ\rin^, syith otb&r articles,are coiistant- 'tydnbtthd-i--a Complete aiwl full :assoi>tnient of ^H^gSfOkemlccils^F^ Medicines^ FWflssrWcde^ Wines, Liquors, Teas, . ' V ■ Sr^- &'c. Sperm afid'Olive Oil, .Logwood) ■Lustio,.\. ■ ■Hatolr'W'opd) Nicaypstia, Canisyoad,' ' Bed IV do L. ■ Atuni—Copperas, Blue, FitTiol, fttadder, llf oad,. Beusai, . ■ ^ iSpanish .Flote, blaUnitia'and GnatitnaTa RedTanWr, ■ Oil Vitriol, jintgallsv'Bejales, Press Papers, Boston Jachs, Tentev Hooks >2 § . White Lead, Bed Letaa, Frenph Yellow, Sprue 'YeUovv, Paris.Wbute, Spanish White, Venetian Bed, SpanishRrown, Chrome Yellow, Prussian,Bine, Verdegris, Umber, Bose Pink, Vei'.million, Litharge, Patent Y.eliow, Lamp Black, Copal- Yfarnisli, Spirits of Turpentine, Linseed Oil, S c . &e. tlcicbcstcTi J u ly25,182& . 1 •ssMw M wmT.^p. ■ - 'GOODS. . r n HE sabsoriber, at tlie old store of ITAJIT X gy S^KTOJ^\ lias jnst received frorii B e iv. York,’and now offers for sale an extensive as-, .soruneatof G r o c e r i e s w w t \ O v o e k f e \ w , seloetad from the fall import atii'tis, anri to bn •wM i-.t hi^ WLli-isfl.r.vit,Ub,ir.d iD^ C.A3U paid, as Uaual, Ur A'tflES. THOMAS HABT. jlothcster, Qct. 24,1826, - 62 Jfew S iiJheapG o o d s ZS&ZiBSTO^ St CO, (4 6 the tornrr b f Buffalo Si Exchmge-sirects,] X T f AYEiust received, and are now opening X X a lavge assortment of ST-fiPBB and © O O D S S , vrliicli are. offeretl kt very BED VCBD prices. Et is not necessary to particularize articles or jn e e s ; it need only b e raid, that tlicy will sell a s lo r a s aftyortcefeemtotai. ’ Also, a Hnati, but very clioice assortment of ■ Grocerus^ borisisting- of Tea$^ Su^arst Sigars, S, c. ^ BocIiCslcr,Nov>21, 1 8 3 6 . __________ - J O I J Y M R ’^S T O O L S . A Complete assortment of Bench Planes, S' X*. moulding Tools, just received,and for sale by H. N. CURTISS. ~r.,iLSO—:i. few setts Machine Cards, .Cheap. J U f n T V n B F M . A L arge qnatitity of Fine Lumber, well sea- x X .soiled, for sale— Aho —Tine Tirr.brr of all size!, suitable for Building and Eavo Troughs. • . ,F . M. JENIQ-Yh. Rochester, 1st iltay, 1826. 37tf , 2 5 0 , S T O V . e s . n p iH F siibscrihor has now on hand two bun- X dred and fifty .s rm fs . , ivhich lie is determin­ ed to sclhaslow as can be purchased at any C's- tabliahment -west of Albany, of llie following kinds:. James’ cooking stoves, fromYo. I to No. 8 — . FiankHn’s, with and without door,?, urns, &c. from No. 1 to No. a—■ Ovonstovea, » l to 8 — Plat cooking do . 2 to d— Hall stoves, “ 1 to 4— , Bolt stoves, '< I to 7— Wilsoii’s Boiler stores ass'irtcd. 4/so,—-a large quantity, of KiiNsian and Eng- lislB O N , Swedgedstove-pipes, m T i W a v e . . € \ v i \ e i ‘y ., & e . S u e . i s o TlOXES OF GLASS. ^ JAMBS FRASER, Oat, 9 , 1828 .' ‘ ' GO ivI..I!jNKfN>S, iiaving the e.sclusive sale A • ef Sash maiui facto red at the 6 W i Factory w «ress)*s. H.twLET & Soss- offers every dcs- onplioh o f the arlicio in general use. 9 liy 7 and hy 8 , at 4.J- and o cents a light. Oa hand', a supply of the above __ Orders for promptly executed. Rochester, Alay R 1826 . S 7 lf tmrmmM BtMMm : F O R S A L T . ^ FIT MIS propei’tv is situ- .X ated in the village I of Wolcott, W'ayno conn ty, about twelve milos north of the village o! Clyde (on the Canaai.) It will be sold tngftlifr m separately upon such L* vPrable terms as to price aod payments as tv wake it aft object. Apply to B A N IB L A R N E , tit irAcoK, dV. B. W E L L E S , til. Gi.nmtnfgurt, or ' M nUiv'T, a f m h t . MJg.81 1828 . . nr, MBi.. FftoM' g a in J iv , for ..do u - ' E. F E C B ’3. ‘ ■ erBitoAW:j.PKiL' the purpo,5e,feO by. 60 feet, and three stories, high,; with a gr«pd rooOa m the iriiddl.e .story OO feet bV; 40 wide, sme) 16 teetliigh. The whole, ewpable of accDtniuodating abp.ut 860 scholurs.''It Is pleas, autly (pCated h i the village of ylcnnetta, 7 mile?; fropnRpchester to and from w hicli pface, the mail Stage,goo.? cUily. The situatioii isreii'-ed nnfl heal- fhy>.' A library is; established, and a settled ininls- tef resides in the village, tfhe priuvipal, having become pra-otically acqoamted with the systoip, has rejceivetl a diplpiu'a froin ,Mr, fiarneg^ ,principal of th-e,jS;e'.v..Vprk High_ bchooi, and lias engpged an '.aSBistantteac.hei', weli qualified for the stati.on, w’ho has (aught .a GonSl(lp,rabr!e llnie upon the Monitori-: al plan, In one of tljc pablic instiiutidlis in the city. There are at present in attendance 8i) scholars, male and female. The principal thcti'fnre, confi­ dently hopes, owing fu the ceicbiily .ifih-u lariilto- riai system, and the favoirrable auspives under vvliich the school has comiinenRcd, it Iiaving been Open for the reception of schoiar.? only sia^q'tlie 22d of the present month, that the inducenien ts (leid out by tins institution, are such that parents, arid guxfdiajis will early emhiacu the pppvrtnnity of placing theii children or w<n ds at a school n bere so many advantages are oiTc.ed. Jt may iioi here be out ofpJace to remarU, vvhat has heeo so frequent, ly iittiijiated tlirough the pr.-'lium of .i.ur public prints, by those who have had ocular demoostra' (ion ofthc fact, and Was lately so pointedly men­ tioned by onr chief aiagish'ate, “ 'rhaftlie nioiiito- rialsys.tc.ia of instruction has completely tri. 0 mph- od over every obstacle, which a t first appeared to hinder its introduction in schools of fne'\ highest grade: inasraueh as it is now clearly ascertained, that the systom is susceptible o f being adapted tp the study of every scienee.” One great pi oof of tlie ciniacnt utility, o f the system, muv be seen, fiom its gwiern] piopularily in our enlightaoed me­ tropolis, where nearly ten thousand cluidi en arc daily triftgbl by it, A detailed descr.iplion ofthc mode ofiprocedure under lliis system,_ cannot given in a prospectus of this kind. Suliice itfoyay it is granted by the most enlightened pai t orcom- muniiy, Ihtit by it, much time is saved to the stn- dent, and much money to the parent, Fhc p rind. lia! invites those who niay be desirous o! getting a mote paHicular knowledge of the system, to visit the institMtigri; where,from a pjcacuc.il*-''.' i'.infion ofits lnliiii.?i<: merits he flatters Irim^e'f UC will be. able to fulfil every expectation gromv.lcd on tliese .remarlcs, ' , The male So iVmaic part,? uf the 3c!io d will be di- videdinto three depurfm-Mts; »->hicl) tog-.her tyitli tlie branches.taught in liirm are a.s follows: i u l v o t o t A : L The alphabet, spelling, .v»ii»g ui slates, reading, writirfg oix paper, elemmits of arifiimetic. English grammar rind geography. 'Ihulatter is principal- Iv taught ffurn maps. Speljing by dlcmtiort,. reading, .peipnanship, a- riilnrieticf coutimmhee of geography, sketching mips, cqniposition, English grammar, clocatiun, elentenis. o f nalural history', taught hylecturCs up on emblemallc paintings. S-;eNIOR BEPAPaTMENT. ^ Analytical grammar^ geography complete, map­ ping, Use of tjte'celestial and 't«Toririal globes, higher aritlimeiic, Bemielt’s system ofltali.an book keeping, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, survey­ ing, mcnsuiittion, ancient geogiaphy, antiquilic,-, liisfory, rlu'toric, composition,explanatory lectures on philosophy, chemistry, and nniural histovy, ha- tia, Greek, and French languages. The i . inh language ivi.il be taught by n native of Frar.oi.. The piincipal has fuinishrd biriisetf wiih i-y-iro- geographic map, for the nid of tbeju iii,t.u l sen­ ior depariinents in the study of geography ; by wliieh is shovni a perfect exemplifica-hm r.f the the earth, (the water rictuniK flowing between the several islands, contiitents, A'c.) and the g'‘n'.\-,i t principles of Uavigatioti. The payment ortuilion will be made to tin ^ .-i'l. cijial ill lulvatice, arid: he terms ofinstmed e .i not be varied from the fonoivingTatcs;—tu' ■ tory ofl perqnarter of 12 weeles—>Jm.i i do.— rieaior § 5 00 . do. The students will be equally taxed u> di fi. . expense of fuel, hut no charge will be m.uh' slates, pens, or ink. Geiiloel board for scholars ofboth sexes, may i-e had a t 8 to 12 shillings per week. . Books (by the most approved autliors) furnisln d by the principal, at wholesale prices. A committee, appointed by the trustees of the institution for tlio purpose, will, at regular intervals, eximinp both the male and female parts o f tiic sclivol, and report for the satlsfactioa of parents, the pt ogress of tlie .students, the general state and moral discipfiue of the school. This is deemed a better mothod of critically Csamining a school, than by |ntbhc exhibitions. Inasmuch as parents H ill thus he made more .iccur’atoly acquainted with the real advancement of their children, andthe.siu dents themselves will thus have a constant stimulan to laudable cinnlation before ihem The moral and religions instruction o f the pupils placed un der the principars care, ,viil bo seduiou.sly atlejided to, but sectarism will be altogether avoidc A D. B.'CRANE, Principal. flfonrocHigh .School, Henrietta, ? M'ln. Co. N. Y. ,ranuary-30', 1827 » |r> Y rirUic o f an execnlion issued b j the clerk . j D> of li\e county o f ftlonroe, tome flirecteil *5, delivered, I iiave seized and taken the followiiig described premisesi to wit, being a part o f lot number forty-nine, in. the town ofPiitsford, him. i- ded a? follows ; beginningat the soii'h eu'l • net ofNertnan Lusk’s land, on the w-.s'. ri.l'. ; the highway, tlicocc wGbt two ■itgrcs.a ..M' thi ty minutes, north thirty six chaiiw, .n;d 'is'' links to a stake, thence south two ik-gie • ■ ; thirty minutes, west nine ciurins and '■.cv.-iil v fr, c links to the south lineot'sai'l lot, ihence easter­ ly on tiic south line thirty three oiioins -and thir­ ty links to the roaii, thence north twenty Iwode greo.? cast to the first mentioned hounds; con­ taining thirty-five acres ofland be the same more or less; which I shall expose to sale, at public vendue, at the liouse of John Acre, in PiilHio,'I, on the 4tli day'of April n ext, at 9 o'clock, 4 . At F or JAMES .SBY,\IOUR, S/iiri/f. P. I-TOPKINd, De/mfy. Dated Feb, 27 1;’2 7 , . Y virtue o f a Writ oi fieri f,ici;t^ i .m-d >ut X # ofthc Sunrenie Court or.lmiicatu t g.frbe slate ot New York, against the goo i & . h e I. Is, lands .and tenements of hte-.h* u ^f.ur ; ei it U’ directed and delivered, I have I-VI n . ' t,i ken the following dcst.j'.. i Mf . i c- ; t.url . and I’l.-Iths aci-'-s if i i ’ wo-' ■■‘Ud of lot nii-nh'^r t'li i . ,:i in the town o f fTcnrii't'o li. I'l- we t, north and .S'ltitlihs lin ? \f . i cu -,1 by a Hncp-i,ralH with r-ml at such ii-hinr-- \'cr f • , .,■? tdd nnaiiii' nf ' - , of land: wliir!, l-h .i; * - ... ,rih- lie rendiic, rt^ the h-.:i .- a' I ■■■ ' i ”;-fs. ford, on t h e 'ih rkn a'.\ ■ d ■ . A, M , ~ . n a t - ’, F '- ' Ji>’ i \ r \ •: r P I.TO . , i i y I T r o a i t a h ' . M,/' '*4.* W. U S . A new s-' j'idy I'f this article ju-st r Xaa and for \ale at E. PECIv’S BoiJistorc. If®W . .-, , , M O N , t l O J E t t l s t s S e ll® © ! . public are hert*hy tioliw ii'.ataji in- , X stitntion has been es'ahinli' '!, iv:-'’r i tlie t i- tie ofthe IVrft'”’<‘e Iligh School,' iiCHenrietta vil­ lage,,n;ear Rochester;, at which the 'HHufitonril sy's- tern of itislAnction. is adopted, precisely after the rnclhod so successfully pursued in the New-rYork 0igh;BcllOpl,..uridertho'CarR of.IVRssrs flames aiUl. ,, : ------ Grisconi;. A spa'rii'oushrigk bnUdiug is erected foi': j. :,f«tifchaDls itpd, dealers in Hats are r-'q)f* ' t M \ M 7 . i-^rKf^rTwartaa\ ' h ff A v E -op-oned a-Bltop -at the all sta i i of I’ , ,W„. Ketnjwhali', witere they wril k c . ' canslantly on band-, a va-riety'of .HATS-. -■• ’q't <!- jty and price {hat hirist give'sittisLctien^ ,;.«,ArarchiUJlsftpff ■ ■t i igivc US a hali. ■i'asj} iwtt f # E e h . 2 ft, ifl-J; .-|fe -L a : |INFOl;iM theu' ( ‘usteitiers, aild tlipj|,pii.biic I. giiu u'aily, that tijcy Itavet'ffeciiqv.ed their Shop a fetv.doprs North oftheir pld Htand.vvherq tiipy have a much larger ASsortmeiit- o f ofevery description, and pn terni.s (vve bgliove), that will givcgenci-aisilisfaotion : at any rate, we invite Merghanjts aoJ others tp qall arid satm, fy IhemselVes. - ■ ' . c a s h isara fo r RS. F u b .a0l8J7. : 37 R e . m M - F Q R S A L E . Subscriber vyislies to dispose of a very valu id ile#,^ :#^ ^ , situate in the town ofB.righton, ____ ^ _ about three anil a half miles from the village of Rochester, containing 152nnd 1-2 acres.— Thfi farm contain^ a good House, Barn, dnl-Uonses, Sc, thero'is also, a first rate OfChai'id ow the pi-em- ses, wliicli bears fi-ui.t of every description, of the fitet quality in aboiidance, Aboyt 100 acres o f the Ian d is under good enhiv-dtion. There is also on the farm a saw-niill, 6 .rie half of which\ will be'dispo- sod pf with the premises, tegether.witha nnraberof good Mill-seats. The terms ivill be reaS'inable, and'ibe times of payment made to suit the purcha­ ser,^ The subscriber has also between 80 and 40 tons ef at the above, premises, which he wishes to sell, GEOilGE DAILY. March 12, 1827. 3w* - H o e V i e s t e v 'T^riE present conductorof this establishment has kept the same for neat- two months past, andflallers liiraseif tliatlio gaye general satisfac­ tion to 1 ) k ' patrons, and strangers wliQ visited the institution, lie Ihercfotefiopes that art enligJiten- ed puhlielcvvillcontinne-to-patcQftise LliP'SulphPr Spring Bath-House, where liealUv and cojpfbrt are consplted and wiiere the publjck spirited cR tizeu, with pleasu re beholdg a peat resort for the fatigued strangers whP visit our growing vllfage,. fl’he. present occupant proposes if sutfieieul patronage is obtained by way of subscription, to ecdiiinuc his ' , tbrough the winter and add aromatic vapour Baths, so highly recommended fortlie removal of obstructed perspiration, Gatarriis, fUieumalistns, and many other diseases incident to this climate, Ocioler, 1826 . BEJAiMIH BBH F F . *„f^The gentlemen o f B oohester, and its vicini­ ty will he wailed op in a few days for their signa-' tores toa subscription. ^ ^ , m m i m ?\glHE suh.scriber gives notice to all per- X -sons indebted to tlie estate o f ALPilEU-S .if iN'BtHAiVr, deceased) either by note or hook ageourit, that, immediate payment is nedessai-} andthpso having demands against the estate will present tltem for ti'djuslinent. JO H N BINGH-dilVT, Adminislrator, ‘Rochester, January 30, 1827. A T ids STO llE, atone buildings, corner of x X Main ahd Market-stveots, offers for gale', a iccnernl assortment of F A ig lisA v .) ^ L m e r ic a T ii A clioice selection o f TEM, LIQUORS &r WIJYES, •,vi ’'oh he can recommend witlt confidence. Hardware, Iron, Steely JYaik, 8rc. F . AI. J . will be constantly supplied witlr -A7m Seasonable Goods, selected by his agent ' ' sidingf in N ew -Y oijk . Rocliester, M ay-1, 1020. 37tf IEE hi.ghestighest pricerice r ‘|S H h p in CASH, is at all times X paid tor Flax-Seed, at the Woerifcslev OV\-JftiVl, ii-liGre Linseed Oil can be pu-rchased as low IS r t any mill in tli 6 country—Oil exchanged for Kccd, and Oil Meal kept constantly on hand. JAS. K. LIVINGSTON. Rochester, August 7, 18*28. 51 100 BsIBRELS,' Pilch, Tar, and Rosin for sale by GBIFPITH & BROW N. Sept. 18,1826. 57 C H E A T H A R R W A R E ^ Three doors north, o f the canalbridffe,.MiU-st. F|PIHE subscriber has received 20 TONS of X M E R C HANDISE, being a part of his . CONSISTING or I y o w , a i \ d K a i l s , . if all sizes and descriptions, GRIST-MILL SPINDLES, .Saw and Fulleds Cranks, Saiv-Jllill and Cross-Cut S A W S , together with a general assortment ot HilRBW ARE, CUTLERY w w d V lo V lo 'sy - .W & .p c . Tiic above Goods have been purchased for f'ash, and will be sold at a small atlvance from New. York prices, adilmg the charges. JOSIAH 8 HELDEN, Agent. Mav 1 , 18-26. .37 ItARBW .KE, &U. &C. \'■itnE .‘^nbsi-rihcrs arc now receiving their fall ’’ stipi>iy o f Har iwai 0 , ( 'oilery, Saiidlery, and . , \l->iigi:v, which with their former slock .. 1 , a -• their a *o tieent very general. Merchants li -tti-j'-. -1 ’,ii;;-t.) purchase will find it to their .iifi -n'.t lutril! inThem. They constantly keej ’ ’Ild tie fuh-.St ill!.;. '','•' 1 I ( .1 'i.a, F.iig. and Amer. fiat Iron 11 ir-e N .III raJs, Bai-ycl an't Hoop Iron, Eng, Hoo|i li-'in, C vtov - ihar.?, Swe.i; ■' Fr.g-. <\l f-ast steel, t'.isf i . s ' l 11 ’lvti'drldighshoes., flit an i ivrei.g-iit Nails, Brads, A..'. < tiifgi.-on wogg-'V; &i\ .-X, r'c~ \n - if which will b > .ill.) hn, . ■ appr v credit. S. & fl, .-DA, .'D h i . 397 South5Iai'lcct-ct. .Albany ■ SZ’r 3 m. rIFc«t i'nd :-, 'l‘,eh3r:d<i'(i2, ^ a S y . yust recvAVoi. anJ M\W p.lfitrs fur sal* .^.sLa general asiortr -n.I nf A|'«r«lmMdise, gon. ;S,istingot D.RV'-GfH>,DS.:' GM&ckm^x;, S . a - T ; Afl o f iHuchhe will-sc-ll . re:rL ■pay..—.BoWmstef, Dee, i>j, , , , ■ ’ m o rs, * , A . BEGS LE W E , most VOS' ' . pectfoilv -to i/ifonv his riaBrfi’ie.ndsa*u! oat»oosi|mt W '^jSii'he has again c..mmenced business a t hi? old stand, thiee doors o isi df'F, R'ggleston ^ Co. .opposite the-Post. Office, on- Buffiilo street, where liehas now on hand, ami will make on shdVt notice, all kinds o ftadies and Gentlemen’s B O O f S J f f V , S H O E S / ■ ■ generaity called -tor in this market, all of whicli kiJlbfl warranted, as usual, of the fii'kt quality, and will be sold as low tor Cash, as can be purchased at ainy other establishment, tie tiiso keeps on liand, for sale, S o l e . c H \ d L L a tiF O .y.j Calp, _ Morocco^ and Sheep Skins, Saddler's' Leather, Sfc. 4*c. Most of which is of eastern maonfacturo, whiclt will be afforded at nearly the Aibaiiy prices, adding'the transportation. The patronage o f his old friends and the pvthlick generally i.s respeelfully solicited. Rocliester, Dec. 5, -1826. Ifitf -Frotot Albany 1 , Monday, a t IQ A-AI, Tuesday., ■ 10 M .BL be givcnr-leaviitg’ the foot: of-Courtlftrid |tteet,' Nety-York, and the wharfneavthesfrians Itoay ofllee, South Market .street, Albany, ns. follows, vi^y.', , \ ' ' . ;:Fr«m: Neiv-Ftorkiv .. AJpuday .at -'a: . , i ....... .Tift'sdiiM .. Wedri.esd.ay fO A.,M h W nPAday 5 .T .J L - FJinyAdPr 10 A<Al,[Tiui»'sday .A,.P. M-. Friday ' lO AVaL FfiAiiy, L M, ' Saturday IQ A. M. Satiirday ' Sunday , . Q A. M.l^iraday- ..IQ- A. M - . ' .TlicBe.bpntS) wligd praptieshLe, wilt qome to a f the principal villages.pu tlte xiygr;; -at, the other intermediate places,.passengers Vyili fae received' and delivered wLftp itcan he done'with safety.' For lurther particulars, apply to ' ' ■ X .Nfv,ITOrFMAN.-’ 71 T3ey street, .'NeF^Moi-k; ' • ' ANDREW B.AUi^H iL 6 ]VT|lW,ir'• ■“ SqutlkMarkefc s|rcp1:f Alhanyy NOTICE* A LL.persons indebted, to the Bubspriber are fna-hereby notified tli-at the nqtc-s and accounts wHlbe left for coDlcction, if riot paid or arranged before tlie IstofO ctobcr riext. \ J. W . STRONG. • Sept. 11, T828, _________ ^ M-f •W ^ M . R. BARTLET1’ has removed to Hie v *T second story of tlie Store occupied by 4* FLiBB/S, Mni-strcet, where he oflers for sale an extensive assorlnient of G O O D S , on the best ferms-^cttlier by ' W HOLESALE OR RETATL. ‘ Cash paid for POT and PEARL ASHBS. Rochester, htarcli 1.3,1820. 31 l i v l t s M U e v &L W . M a M c y , this day tortned .aCopartnetSlap, fw' ' X X e.rirrying bit the ‘IHarinfricture o f f . „ m o m o a a o , in all its various branc'ies— and liavc erected their establishment on the'east side o f the river a few rods North of the bridge- 7 -lhey have now pit hand, a good assortment of A10JROCCO,-LI- JLlJiTG, BdJV'DIJTQ, ^c. In a tow weeks they expect to enlarge their Stock.—-Cash paid as usual, for- , eSi - l i A B S B . J S m ^ S , ' W ANTED. XMMEDlATELY— fl or 3 good Finishers, Also l or2 AppreMices Tlicy have also to sell by' the po'Und or ca.se Cottxm ofvarious Nos. and Colour, Mamifaclurrd, from the best Sea-IsJand cotton, tlicy will «upply tlie AlerGharils in this place on liberal terms. L. L. M iller tenders tiis ackno-t 1: dgiriGiifs to the ptibllck tor past f.ivors, and reapectriillj solicits acontiiiuanoe of Gusiness with .the above firm, Rochester, ATay 29. 41tf. . G apt . , 4h ;Gi. CRD-rriBSPuN^ C l i i e r 3'wl;tve&^ ife g i v s i i a A L ■ C)VP'T,' R. ' W. SffEasrA.!f. new and snfen' dtf heats, MhgUper' ijcitordiKfmtihe despaielr- i.ed daily from Albany aod JNeyv York, .dm-ing the ;pvesent teaspa j. qpto.men ..t^ .or lhe;ean»d'ftsT'.-Q(B<fe , lhft‘Fi|ii. 8 ;ea|bFC^ , . ^ ■: 'BBFH.S''3toEi6SE. m M k « r 3 T AS. just received.-a i gcaeral assortment,of •GO 03 >S,.^ cou.sisti.ng of rich figured R-^grage, iriiltafioft-clp.. figured arid plain Svviss and Booly iMuflirix, averk ■Muslin l^ands, Tliread Laces., Bobinett do. fig­ ured Bilks, coloured arid bLcIc Levaritiries, Sin- cliews arid .GrapeS, coloured' fanriy Prints and Blusliris, Irish Linen, Table Cloths antlNapkiris, fancy Silk Hapdkerqliiefs, BaridanbayFlag 'And; German do.' , • ' - ' , ' . Ready made SDAEVIER.CLOTrJlNG, Dril­ lings ane Stripes,, . , ’ ' EAATCY'inLEOW B M K E T , variety of patterns. ' Rocitester, (East Side) Juae^O, 1826, -44 § c b , 3 = S ! ! ' s : S ® g i S U 5 a S H ' ' S - l 5 This line hast Wght Roats ’riiMcb XvlUifN^-IpMer lime tq toad and w i ; £ £ i m i » x s s c T A t i m s m . , K o . 1 9 , B i L E V i a w s e - s l F ^ e t , ^ P p p o d te tke BatU’A “ .. A R E offering for sale,, unusually low fpr Cash X \ or approved paper, (aV c f tli'eir own raau< facture,) . 1 QUO sides Spanish and slaagUtcr Sole Tcalher, 400 .do Harness and Bridle do 100 do Skirting, - 'do . SOO dq tipper, ' . do 500 Oak Taunetl Calf skins, BOO R ip ,. -» do 100.0 Spanish Flides o f variuu's kinds, 25f Barrels Curriers’T>d> • 3D0 lbs. Shoe Tlireqd,^ Shoemakers’ and Curryers^ Tools, Ate. cfe.-*-. . \A £ S O , BOOTS 4 L LadiesM -French ''^ l dfesrid strapped . , ■ , . do. ■ da Washingtoh anid Greeiati Tiex,. d'tf dpSltppefe/ firillitt. WelvateeDif' Single sSid apulole Prunell, Gentlotnen’e fashionable Back-Strap and W el­ lington BOOTS, do do tyaX, Calf skin and Morocco PEM P S y .Stc. &c. iCF’ Having employed several o f the first rate workmen, we will hereafter. manufacMire Bools and shoes in a manner that cannot be excelled, jfe December, 12, 1626. the undprsigueU give Notice, that wc W T have this di-iy been appointed l)y Moses ChapiUjEsq. first Judge o f the County of Monroe, Trustees for all the creditors o f Benedict H.-irford, late of the Tcrltovy of Micliigan, an absent debtor, and SVC require all persons Indebted to the said ab­ sent debtor, by the firstday o f April next to payall. debts and siufis of money wliicb they owe tto such debtor and deliver all property ofsucli debtor wbich they have in possession, to iis the said TrUstee-S: and we desire all creditors of the said debtor by the fifteentli day of March nest, to deliver to iis, oronc efus tlieir rcspcStiveacconnlsanddeiuands againsl such debtor.—Dated, Jaiiixam 9//t 1827. T. CHIEDS, J. R, LIVINGSTON, 0. M il d e r , Trustees. -) I T lii on.dehk. at reasonable rates qabins for *’ .n e n H ^ .r s p e e C T ^ ^ ; ^ ^ r c b . a ^ FdsiirX R m iiii. r i l l L E substiribers afri how ready TQ X property iD.sfere,a|;4heipifrave4ouj phia street, hrifi ftwWari the i«Wts ta .oj) tit N^rir York, «ri the oj^iiln]^ mftrs qt others who wish to BBttd IbfcSr C -Uie N ew Rork Triar&ct, e a n h a r e jt »t«, rec.eivehheralftfivt!BiBe«hn if and tins ‘irnrtiftdiaiely afler sale. • A conlirinanoti* o f o g ago of tlie pubhft^eoeitait^tl|# 6 l W § ^ ^ ^ ^ ' ' '4 L L B l ) r * c « A R i8 v . Rochester, FoB. 2 0 lh l$gT. - safo^AaE 4c 3Pi>n' SOSO a Supply of HULL'S PATEJFT inA''OE TliUSSBS. -■ A S a S ® .... PAIRS Silver, Plated and com- monSPECTACLES. For sale al tlie Druggist Store of G. HITCHCOCK. January 7 ,1823. • Y a t E i A t L e a v e p Y e s c M S ^ ^ ' ' , L O S E S . r i J I I E subscriber lias rccemly invented and ob- •fl. tainetl a patent, for a Pereussion Lock, svhich combines more advaniagOs than 'any other in use, iiaving tded lliem to his own satisfaction, and to the satisfaction of many sportsmen in this plac'?, tools liiiHsdf authorised to offer tlietn to tlie piihlic, fiir inspection and use. This Lock is ve~ ry simple, strong and durable,secure from acci­ dental discharges, protects the charge from the weather, fires quicker, and with more certainty dian Ihe common fiiot I.ock,'or.any others now in use, .and requires only two thirds* ihe quaiilitj of Po.”der for lo.i-,iiu.g Ihe sa'ue piece. lie al o k'-f-ps on hand at iiis shop, (near the west end of die i'tidge, in Rochester,) an !i;?snr(ment of Hifles iviih flint arid perrnsaion Looks ; wliich he,will warimnt equal to any 'Uaiie in fim lU it. d Stales. F 'wlirur pieces,y-isiols. percu-sion priming, Ri; fly pow'ior &OT . Rifle conijianie.s eaff% supplict! on a short imtii'i:- tin'i reasoriEbto ttrm \, ,'7“ hi»i\t-'.'c'i are rpq'joated to cull and see '; ; ’ ■' --1 s, J- M E D B SRT. Bpchestor .iugitst 1 s t r >0 B O J V D S & M O B T G A G E S . A LL persons wishing to dispose o f BONDS & alORTGAGES, each of from t|400 to ^lOOO, in amount, w ell , secured on real estate, m this or Livingston county, may hear of a fav- .-vable opportunity o f doing so, by applying per­ sonally, or by letter, (post paid) at Canandaigua, to w il l ia m B. WELLES, or CHARLES SEYMOUR, Nov. 2 -R 1826. I 6 if i l o c \ \ e s t « i L Y e b . b , I S ' i t . will be paid for a- few hundred Barrels Stud? Itfess and Prime, PORK, if application be made soon.—Also, Cash svill be paid tor tf'ktte Beans, Clover and Timothy SBEB', by ALLCD t T & WATTS, TATERJV STA N D r o m r g l I-TE T.arem stand atllan- X iford’s landing, on the Genesee River, three miles be­ low Rochester, ( where the steam-heat stops), is offered for Gale, togetherwithsixty-one acres 6 f LAND. 7 - said property will be sold loiv, For RarUeuiars enquire of D A NIEL Ale.rE A N , near Scotsvile. in Wheatland. Sept. 2 . 6 th, 1825. 59 STOyES, STOYE PIPE, &c. rrs HE Subscribers hare on band attheip store -*■ in Albany, the following osortriient o f Stoves: 750 Janies Patent Cooking stoves, No 1 to 8 , 260 Wilson’s 2 Boiler stoves, 500 S. Sthfford^'Co. 3 boiler,No.‘l (0 7, 500 Cast Door Oven stoves, No. 1 to 8 , 150 Hall and Church stoves, No. 1 to 4, 100 Franklins with Drfts complete, 2 O.O Cast Door Prauklins No. 1 to 3, 800 Box stoves No. i to 9, too Cast Cabo.sse.stor Canal boats, 15 .Tons English sheet Iron, No. 12 to 26, 10 Ru.sfia sheet Iron pipes, .boilers, pan.?. Sic. ' J They constantly' manufaGRTte ail descriptions of Copper TCorJi: and sheet Iron. S. hi' rchants and others wishing to purchase stoves, will find iltotlieirititersl tocall on them. S, &.H1. STAFFO RD. No. 387 gcBth ?'Iark..'t , 5 t. Albany- r p l p subscrihpr, ppe oDJRie parfhett ^tlw' X house 6 f JOy» B r a c e & Co.wlhQ a te the proprietors of ah extensive line of boats upon (hs Erie Canal called the » B ii . ot L ink ;* keeps Ws - oliicie at the hdrid_ of Clfiltlh Basin iftoijhestci*, and IS prepared with commodiouB Warehouse, for-the fecepUqn 'ofany quantity of coiiritty RRC.. pUGE, and will store and forward fire saifth to its plage ofdostinatioh on a$ reasonable lelrnsj. and With as much facility as any other house. The same concern have also an tetabBshtneftt atBrockport under the firm of ,BKeivs'& I I v s - TEB, and all property delivered thtrt- shall re ceivb the same attoiJion. •- R O B E B T h u n t e r fit C a ' Jaritiary I , IS'27. ' . ' . Elf 5 ®©LAgS ® BWE \ T T A y iN G purchased and taken charge o f X X the Dutchess & Orange Steam Boat Com- pany,^ they offer llie establishtnerit to tlieir plcT friends and the pitblicfc for the fran.sportation of PRODUCE ^ A lEB C m N D T S E oa the the North Bivqr. Boat Capt. R ee U, with the freight batges, I)E W iT r CLINTON, c o n f i d e n c e , ' t b r R e b r o t h e r s , OHIO, MICHIGAN, and ■ \ ' ' STEPHEN V a n RENSSELAER.. Properly shippbd by these Barges is insttrei to the amountof g l 0,000 on each passage up, a n i j^-l ,'000 on eacl) passage downythroaglt the sea­ son. Two of Wliich barges Will leaveExchanga Slip, New-York, on Tuesday andPrldny o f each week; and two from the sribscrihOTs’ wharf, Albany, on Monday .arid Thursday o f each week. Having made arrangements, with' rfegpectahlfc snd regular lines of Boats ’running rtiglit and dair on . the W ESTERN Si NORmEilP^^^ .NJILS, which, with their long experience jn tha business, they c-an yvith confidence ashiirc thft pabhc that all properly committed to their charge, will he attended to with aCctiracy anti mectwitl) dcspalcli. For freight or pas.sage, apply to the sU'bs'cri-. hers at Albany, or WilliaMs & NcWtch, No,. .South street. New \York; passages can also ie» taken ofCapt. Reed, on board, the stteam boat Henry Eckfordi Liberal adyarices’ .made t)t» property ordered .solJ- D O U G L A S S A D D jJN M 'lLLIAam & NEW TO N, Agents, ' Noi 16 South street, NeW-Vork. ' DOUGLASS& D U N N Will contiftuo a line o f vessels o f the first class to freight Irimbers grain-and other article.? that are not CoftvChRM* to ship by life freight barges; ' ' March.27. PR O P E R T Y OF UN.-IVERSITY OF R O C H E S T E R . ORIGINAL STAINED iM»saBiig3>BggS3Mgtta8g5ga«giwiB3BM8eMaggsMgay-agtxar;;^^

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