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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, March 13, 1827, Image 2

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Is -fhr- S'-L or '.etjeii i • 4 ( S « « f t3 ta* 9 iJ3 |^ ^ < ? ^ ^ epd ^y h ich w re^^^ .'% ^ i # # ^ p jfeci[TbijLe^'Sfta|tes,'^t tlve.,Unie<!f swck’oxr l^9W^tioni.free uf quj: sut^pilttCftt, ohavger F^^^^^^ fe«k9aiii^«tS!^^^ 'to .have-opjnpipstiit|oi»:'i^^^ to 'gr*ti<3> |utors,.fe: 41 fPf,:^'|»l*,;\to ' t>((ve W s * ^ H S 5 s ; s s j 2 S ISWffJbo^froDJ.J: j ; tlie.|»eti(bp)s of|b6:le|i?iatUr<s, rtp Ko^yrtrthutfrto. rfffg9rtoaaiR0tninitti(>4,^^^^ in?>'»l90jf ;tSo:,>pliOit9iae mVgjettW^l^ ■elt, f .: Hj84*feo. 4*»fej«;k: « r 4;'IM isceti. ^.6^c,rni|natioa; V.' ^itiisns t.o. ; 1 4ctc<?t^:8»]^; |ly9*:P9;rri!fct^tOT6, ■^ujt,.i9atigator8 ^ken tcritoe 0 ^ 90 : 390 ^ a. d y e' -^S>“ ««,^avokaen paW,.it,sh^lfeetBeduty ? r the i l ^ ^ S i a t e D i n P a M t o u ^ f e M eowptrolletv pnd he -^.hefeby require^ to- deliYW cifcses; w'fi^e the taterenstipaiat^di to be^paid in any bOnd .qr ipbrtgage executed to'the people^of'this :(tate shall-reniaii) djue one ycaj-. f>0er the same,: p f a fre r ditlwPvha* l>!e?i» cohsi^^^ h a n i of-* can- fjjnftktors dPini)O8edpftbhm0to^ersofftS^^ dete^f-?<S]^S-jlbf.^li0:'deatinieiit,: '’ought' -to diESat* tfed nienldihrt: o£ ftatjjoaiety* h o t t o , a # i n i ^ to; ihjvity by twattog tTt& auibjebt^O vrith iooiffer^^ or coptonjpt. JR ^ fc^ivthait^bc^'a fif tlie tegular yiiirobwicaoftMi. Otgaoiiz become so rg- .gar3r*asafIa>t and'jndw^ yightej^as h o t Only: V iapdnspire' sabtinst thfe libertyiahd life gtaqitizien \I thl'|iqlPSi^I3ik<h (iesperiitiod'tQipersPYer^ tii'i^IWtdpdyd^ itg4S4pfeac%dptii; it is'eatisfadtprily shoKrn,fhat it iq aeitUepthg'hha.t o f gonspiiucjeht tliqi-etreat dofeisunt^drtbdtlMetdof^^^ , ' . - ^e*q?u#that1f the Ihfepht'chff^^ the>pnb- liq [>e»cOi in Jhe'hl^actiQH of«aid fttorgan, tvas notfcp w8pring'oE J e e | depT^yiiy, and total dqrUictiott pf pi indiptesi in thosey wlici: coi}- Bpifed agajosiMtliberty a n l Jifeji must have •ptoOeeiied froiiy'a supposed'given,.-or duty enjoined to keep iacr£(f , the Diyst^hics of their ■(*aer,'tkcHfgl» sealed witli the '6lcoci:af a , freeman. • -' JRcto/t><4j'that while Mte disavoir any r is k to proscribe any class of 'our feilbwcitizens, we can ‘proscribe any class ot our leiiowcitizeDS, w e can look wpoa t^oSe, who were way con- , coTned in the late cotispirncy against tlie rnost »a eBsdiig^ta o f manioc-thdse, who; in any way - tofetath such a p ^ tiplencbr i» unthfertky the confidence o f ah calightenaf o%|®itniii^»'-' ' , . c Sigtoteedyths,taf|erliaying waited , in Tain, a 1S^»o?hciM;ly siJt moothe,,for,efficlent.lnea$iira * hy the BOhipty fwnv ivheac® these ; ' ilk]*ft»^!»ndt.ed».to disopyer* the fafo' of the % M if» a l d luripg hi*kidnappers to ponifiihient, i i i w f l ' it **ir dt«y as, citizens, to use .ail proper „ - i |4 & A l m e s n 8 to disclose his fateapd todetect . ^ ^ l ^ l ^ ’lhk^lfPtbflfehdetljaslicetlie per- '^“ ‘'^ofthUrapacioM sdeedv ’ ' ’ ^^*® S 't|tonai44da!!>M , ®bcae^eplL. -, m A s s m s m . Mondnyi nlaTCh a, hlr, lishtajd on-the tapic tbe-foUowfng.:' , . ’^heroas.the pnbljc.good requircis tl)at,the,inler- .c^.tca.aiilandftandinoi'igages efecuto^^^ thfe peo­ ple of this state,; ghold be sdinaally p-aidi I'herot fare;, ' ‘jRo^Ivedj if .theRenans ,con<h!t‘:bet'^^n m m im ■ -,-l. » t i © i s s w i w i w 'I’UESPAY, M ARCH. 13 ,1 ^ 7 . th e .ronst iniportant businggo -noty beloTe, the Assembly, is. the Chepahgo Canal-and-Eiottcfy bills. ’Ihepniin obstacle in the way ibr- tngr, k a dHCHxneritfrom Judge Oeddes, ©spresr-. ■Sing an opLnirm tbat a snfEcieht supply of vratei\ cannot be obtained, fhe: friends efithn meas­ ure, .hptverer, are endeavonring to $how that ithe Judge .M miatnken^ T h e iropttahee ofwicb .a .canal'is aeknowled^d;, b y , aUj and pothing: will prevent, if a passni®, but the appr6liej^|d deficiency of'Water. ’ 'fbo satn© obstacle, t o 'a greater* extentj'is said to be in theivay o f all the other routes connecting tfia ;Erle Chttal with' the Siisquehann'ah tlvbri. ' The. twin bills tire CopOsee arid Cone-. wongoEanals have n o t j e t beep acted Op, b-ut X am persnadfid thnt enrs ia thg strongest applicii-r: tion, and will be among the iuiprpvemeiits au-. lbori.ze4 by the legislatnre. ’I'he'hptlery bill was warinly debated two Nor- - b « a MtomittCP t n cofrespond yjilk^iiar sciiQinittees, and to'take auchother n t ^ s a ^ to thopght expedi-- shVin liiriiMrtince o f the object of the aboife res options, and that the: proceddingslaftherneetiog 3*0 sigMed by the chairman and iepretaryj an i published* ' ; >.SQ L 0 M a |^ C A S E .aV a . G O iim H C J S O f V B B iJN lT B D STATES- --Xlcstsrjiy, ipcoinplianpe with tbs provisions' • s fjkk a c to f FebVuary lO, 1520, requiring acco- |a£« statemeati pf the Pofeign Commerce o f - tbiSkfnited StateSi, to be niade armualfy to Con- • ^ s s , t o e Secretary of the T reasury inade a re- 'p o rt on tbc^Comlnerce and navigatioa of the .United slatesjfpr the year ending ^p tem b e r ’ > 0 , 18W, acenmpanied with a n explanatory let- W f fiKMU' the Register of (He Treasnry. The reppri eoSbraces--- ' j| A general atatenient of th e quantity'and ykluAofinerchandize imported into the Uni- tPd’States frointhe:firat p f October, 1825, to the 30th of Sepiernbet:,. i52G. A. A summary statompdt o f the same. ■ ”3, A generkl statcinent of the quantity andval- Q» o f domestic articles exported- ii A general atatenient of tbs quantity a n d va- Ine o f foreign articles e x p o rt^. I* 5. pndGt summary iiatements o f domestic and , iproign articles exported. ' . 7. AgoUeral statement of the amount o f Amer- . Usan arid foreign tonnage employed j a the for­ eign trade of the United States. Ok A sjt^tisUpal view of the Cotmnered and na-y- Ration o f the Cnited States. 9k A statetnont of the commorce and nar igatioh pf each state add Territory, and I6i A*flufe»ne;ttt o f the tonnage which entered .Into, and depctrlcd from, the principal ports of the tfniled States and the Labe ports, 'i'yom these Btatements it appears that the |im- jo rts during the y e a r ending On the 30tb of Sep- , teinbef last,hayo amounted t o 454,9(74,477; of which hmqunt ^80i775,'120 were imported in AmaricUn-yestots, and 4,196,357 i n foreign yes- • -fieb.’.' That; the.exports have, during the same peri- odj am o u n t^ tp^T7,595 32-2 o f ivliich g53,055,- 7it) iyerc;. o f domestic, and .^24,539,012 o f for­ eign articles. That of the- domestic articles ; ^|d,l99,523 were exported ini American vessels, and 46,050,182 in foreign vessels; and of the foreign articles g[23,353,98S were n |p o rted in American vessels; ahd g t , 185,624 in foreign yesssls. That 942,206 tons o f Alnorican ship- '9*33jO-1.2,clG3.t6d froiyi' the ports of U)C tJnitrd Stafes,.and that 105,605 tons of fbr- C'g;n -htn’ing petered, and 99,417 cleared du- fh g the ^aire period, Tbp i-teglstor-:)f the TrfeaSUry states, that the a'k 7 ;nnt cf{-?eg».stete<i tbrniage employed in the ftr'jigM lyads o a 'th e 3 lst Depembet 1625 a- - .fenhoted to : , f, , 700,788 . p-Attbecamlled Wd HceOsed tonftage amount­ ed to _ . , , . » ■ ) 757,899 tW t ihW fishing- vessels amount­ ed to , , , , -y .64,424 sacb bond and mortgage to the atlprpey general, whose dm.v i t shail be to proceed to the collection ersucb ip.t«!:c.st, hy the prp^ecuttda of yuc_h bond and fafeclesure.af such Mortgage, or In such otljer manner he Shallstippqsq Will best pront,otg the in­ terest ofthe state. Provided, that ndthWg hetein contained Shall prev-eilt the cOintoissieincrs of the land oJhce IVata'directing the survey or general to sell {he land for the pay inent of vybieh any Such bond* stiallhave beeh given, as provided b'y toe 18th iSecliottef-toe act concerning the conunlssio.nera pf theland'office, and the sale of the unappropriated lands, passed April 6,1813. ' ; : Oa jnotiottQf Mr, J, Cainpbell, the special and general ortleys were laid ,on the table, and the house went in committee o f the, .whole, Mr, Dunham, in thechair, oh the bill appropriating f lOOO, to im- : prove a road through the St Regis reservation, Fvadklirt-do. on ephdition the inhabitants raise; a lifcesdhi\: andoh this blH to appropriate $4000, (on the iifte condition) to insprore a toad through the Bupilo Indiaii reservation. Both bills passed. ; The-ho'ute theh'WTentih ;cOmniitfen. of the whole, .ItIf'.'Hartrilton m the-.Chair, on the report.-of the cdmta'ittee o f privileges and elections, on the pe­ tition of James M'91nshan, ofCattarHuguS; contest­ ing the teat a f John a . Bryan, in this house, on the .ground p f illegality in soipe o f the votesi The re­ port cqnclgd.es ■with a resolution that the prayer of. the petilioiiei' ought not to be granted, [Wo pub- lisluhercport on Thursdayij Mr. Mann, chairmaii of said committee, explain­ ed the reasons which inductrd the cornraiittee to Come to,£heir cdnclusioii. - There was soUic discussion atnhngTVIessrs. Speak­ er,Starkweather,Rrowni, Sill, Buckiin, ard, Skin­ ner, whether votes which were placed in the wrong t><jx, owing to the. negligence of the inspectors, onghtto bo a|lowed,;wheu the committee rose with- lixtt taking a.qucstipn, and the house adjourned, Tuesday,, March 5. ThohoUsethen wcnt intocommltteeofthe whole Mr. Riggotiln the chair, on the’^CBEI^AlSiGO CA- ITAD'hill. ■• . ; Thequestion wason Mr. Mosley's amendment,- 'atithorising the canal cptnmlssiooers to make a Canal from the Erie canal to Bmgbaniton, on such raitto ,*j they should deem best for the interest ofthestafe. - • , ‘Messrs. Birdsalt andP. Rohioson spoke in fa- srProfthe bill, andagaiust th« amendhsent. Mr. Mdiley spoke for some time In sappprt of the amendment. Mr. Grranger iriefiy explained the views of the Oanal conunittee,in preferring this route, Mr. Starkweather replied to Mr. .(Sranger, and spake in oppositi-m to.the a:mendinent. Messrs, Dayton aad' Wardwell.nu\de some gen­ eral renaarks. The, amendment of Air. Mosley was lost. My. Starkweather then offered an amendment io mitlie a canal frOin the outletJof Otiegp lake, alon' the vaUey of the Susquehaanab -to Biogham, ton, Mr. S. supported his amendment fpr some Uine, hut before b e had finished, the hour of three arrived, artd the committee rose and the bouse ad- JOUEiied, till TEPJ o’clock to morrpw inprning. C, .Faige, of Schetjectady, against it, and passed the pornmittee of: the whole by a large-tnajogity. The.Senate has speftt three d.aya in defeitiBg the bill which gives looo barrels flour to tli« Greeks, Tt has been adydeated by -Messrs. Col- den, LivingstpD,-Jordan, Speficer and Hart, and opposed by Messrs, Crary, Viqle, ,AUeii, M’ Csl.l aad Waterman. Adr. Goldeyt made . a vei'y pi'etty speech and Mr. V ide a very akfo oac.-*— My. Liviqgston, pf whoift foubh wasexpeetea, made 9 feeble tnawkisb, effort. To-daj, coa- soious pfhis entire failure on Monday-., hs at­ tempted to redeem himself, btit was utterly un­ successful- Messrs. SpcQcpr, JoydaU and M- Iva evinced nuich thought and talent in their speeches, The M ljis opposed, on .Coustilatioa- al grounds, Jt opens:!! wide field for argutnent, feeling and fancy, apd the whole ground has been thorougVjly tra-velled over. The question Was taken about three oktock to-.day, an4 car­ ried tevenieerti (riiat unBlest nuoiber again.) to thirteen. It will not, however, pass the Asseni- blyi Mr- lYxight, you willhave perceived rcaign- ed his seat in the Senate on Saturday. Mr. Spencer moving its acceptance, paid aliand- some, and I think not undeserved tribute la tixe indu5fcfy,talents&fideiiiy,will> which Mr-Wiright has discharged-bis duties. , Tie .cei tainl/-was, haretick, as be ia in politicks, a very able and useful legislator. TheChernung carnal was blown upon Satur­ day by a report of S ir. W right’s showing that the expense of k eepingitin repair wouIJaraount ,loig25,C)O0a'yi)ar. The Governor of G eo?gia,it seems, has decla­ red war against the general govfcrfiment.' Con­ gress adjourned ivitijont taking «p this eontro- versyj but I am' mistaken in the character o f Mr. Adams i f he docs not take, prompt means to qnell this audacions rebellion. The members begin to talk of an e.xtra ses­ sion to revise the laws. in g be p u U ijheiia jpapefiqpifiktei !'»■ I this village. The U S . Seoate,. op Satttfday, confirfoed, a- raopgst others^ toefclIowj^poiBinatioDa;-- To be comroissiopers for; the payqiePt Pfclalips for slaves, tiiider-jh^; late oPtt’retttioa gitli; GteMBrltaiO''-'' • , EandoS Cbeyes,;bf Reppsylvanikj ' .Jam^sFieasants, o f V irginia t ' Henry Seawell, pf|CoKlb-q Aaron Qgden, oCTfeyr Jersey, to be clerk of this Cpnlrais>idh. William R. ftochester, of Nevir-York,,tQ be :Charge des Affaireaq to the Republic of Uuata- ipala. Beattfort T.-'Watts, of South Cavolina, to bO ; C’liafge des Affaires (0 the Republic of .Go}drp' bia, during the Absence of a Ministor. Philip Si .Markley, ,tp beHayalOffleerfor the: PortpfPhiladeiphib,, _ ' iSralhaiiiel Coxoi to b eReceiver of Pahlid Mo­ neys-.ht (tow Orleans, ______ ^ pVpjh On.fwoki-^Aa Arrival at Nevr T o rk,: for that purpose'ivhen be sailed; % thenew to- riff, the.duty pp alrpesf every article, .of Aroeri- . . can: produce has been increased &0 6i> 75 per daysby'Mr, Starkweatberm favor and M r. A. cent. ' A new .currency in .silver and copper- coins has been i-ssued; the lowest Of the former is valued at ohe fiftieth, and the l a t o a t one- fivc-hundredth ofa dollar- - I'Mbtarasunt of postages” ttccndng.at. each, of the lollQwiug post offices ip this state, for one.year, ending 3lst March, 1,820-rfM m the eflicial 6;ato: mint of the postmaster gineral, ^Albany' - - , |8S64 ' Auburn , , . , i<)M Buffalo - - - - ijQ'i Canandaigua - * - • 17M Geneva . - ■ - 25241 Hudson - - - 1533 Mew York - . - . 110,252 Ps-nghkeepsie . - - - 1346 Rochester - 3960 Schonoctady ■ - , - - 1245 Troy .... - 3437 b’tica - - • - 40M to the n-hole state ‘ $212,636 _ The King ofSasony has issued a decree forbid- 'ding men under twenty one years;of age to marry under pain of ijUprispumcut. 'V7hat opposite vietvs statesmen have in relation to what is for too public, good. Contrast this decree wltli Gen. M’Clure's bill, and the-remark will forcibly appear. Itaveiird^ W p to itQjp, !bA4tajrW wa- w ’Sjdefed oajbaring l«sthi< fii»,«f»dtoallpot!tber^ aftchbcpAriniitc^tolifo* ThA « » u attobc wot ^ r e rapid thsui thut ttstd ig the prdinaty coit» versation;. , Sth. Tbs rightof gtoipg tba vroid> and fbft Chcic.e of stands? shall,bp decided by Idt. 6th, The partito arc fo stahd op fhe groniid an which they are placed, and pot to cccupy more than two feet and a b a lf on wheeling and. firing, and each party shad receitejthe fire of Ms adYCrsary |n a posihon a^erect as is cojitriipAly bbsfeTvcd in ishootiq^*the rifle. ' 7th. The nteMingshtoltake p M pc »t*->:-d’c'loqk, cm the-^day oC^at-^,,.. Sth, The partiep wiip shall he present at the meeting, shall he a.-fi'icnS .aiid a sergeoa, with :eachpavty,” , jn,ropiy;M r, ARjihsecgml haaaniasuperable robjecUoivlo the pse <jf yiffes-i-^hfo friend, M’D. having ipia previous fiael had bis left arm shat-r tetodtand the rifle ’\ being a Weapon requiring tljeuniinpaired strength q f both arms.” lle coh- sidersthis objection ebpclu'sjve—and, if »t were not, there would b&elheis which would decide him to decline. ’’ They rest o« (he.known afid rapproved grounds of jdie sehtitpent and usage which hava assigned the,pisto) as the appropriate weapon, for the decisipn of controyerues of this diavactor, and wlvich ndmits o f ah entire eqaali- ty in all respects.” R c adds, sds'd, thatany skill; which may have been altrjhutod to W W . five- years ago, though a t |hat .time absurdly exagge­ rated, may, with eqnak jualice, he supposed to have been Iqsb frotn the fact of not having prac­ tised sineb,, or,eVen had; a pistol ia hia hand for two years. , Judge Clarke replies Thokpown dexter­ ity of ;Mr.M’Duffie.ip4he use o f the pistol, and Gen. Alefcalfe’s entire want of it, having never fired onehaif adozeu tim esipbis life,, Would, as I. am persnaded yo-p wRl readily perceive, make the coptest bet weep (lieiP; witU such weapons, alteg^ethcr uneqlual. l l a j you p.ot stated your objections ip spell terras as t o exclude the use of all weapons except pistols, G-pn. Metcalf \vo:uld,' without adrnittipg the lifle to bean improperone, have propoBsd the Iroadsword, and therebyhape manifested additional evidence of bis sincerity to affpto tiie interview whichhas .been requested. In conciusion, 1 ptUst, say, that' Gen. Met­ calfe, being the party ciipllcpgeil, denies to Mr. MtOfillie the right to iusist; on the use of the pis- to’i,” M r, Hamilton still insists upon,pistolsand says, 1 am willing' that nay kiend shcpld meet ypurs,either with one pistol, o rtw d f a t any dis- a p 3 S j £ ^ IS issue order* to hold In readipesa the aeverai R«“> giments and Eathliops wUhip thvir jeapectivp ltorthwM h ,inilfgaUy or upjw ay detMiie^ W BytheGoyerpori; E, H* TiERGll Sed’ey .MiUedgcytltei I 7 tof ^Patoj 1627. f ^mmapds, to repeJ hny hostU* invaston .of thd Tcrritoto'of tiub state, .Uepota'of a ^ s aSd ; aratpunitioP.oentraUo each ©ivisipp, WiU bp established imdue titpe.. •, I, JNO. \ V. A SANFORP, AM-dfe-iCatPpi ' , . MORGAN AFFAIR, ’ After our paper was .ready for press,rye wer* politely furhishefl by the Efotors o flhe Republic'. can, with the l^iagsra Glfeaher,; contaipin^ thS following stateroeut q f ^ r . Terry, iprelatidp to toefactsoomiPunicatcd by him to the Eewfcton Th&Uotsl .—’iVo insert today, ihe Buhstance of a correspbpdepce relative to a quarrel exist­ ing, between IHr, McDniSe of-South Carolina, and Gen. Melcaife ofKentucky, The dilSciiltv between these gentlemen grew out of Iholate investigation in relation to the Vice President. It will be recollected that after the report o f the ^ueer Legulalion .—The subject of -the rexnoVal oftfie scat o f government o f Maine from Portland, has been fuUy discussed during the late session of the legislature of that state. Rvery to-wn in the interior of the stale, webelieve, vas proposed, and its advantages, positive and relative, amply deba- -tsd. The result of all the talking was the passage of a lew through the House of Represjontafives, providing that the legislature shall hold its sessions in F'crlldnd until the:year 1832, and then be per- nillnently fixed at Augusta, This Jatv was sent to the achate. -Ipibofoean time, a r(Stlvt -eas intro- duced and passed in the senate, desighadug Hal- folcel as the place of the next meeting of the legis­ lature. Two daysafterwstds, (the 22nd'ult.) this ■fmlvt passed the house : and on the following day, (23d):tbe Mlffrom the honsc passed the senate.— Which prevailslhc law orthe rfesolvel 'lYhichev- cr is; paramount, it is amode of legislation unknown to onr practice,, to Introduce and pass a resolution directlj' adveme to a bill already pending ; and es­ pecially to pass both bill oud resolve at ihe same session, involving, as they do, a palpable contradic­ tion. The legislature of Maine adjourned on the 2<5th ult. after a session of 53 days, during which 83 acts and M resolves were patsed. Mbari^ Argios. ILhed a protest, in wbich be made a staiement concerning the proceedings o fa former coxnuxit- tce on the Rip Rap contract. Gen. MetcaMe, who -Was a member of that committee, replied, and potpted'eut some misrepresentations. 'To this Rlr- M’D . rejoined, and acknowledged tbat bo was in error,.but stated if Gen. M. meant to charge him with inleJitumat misrepresentation, the charge was false. To this Gen. M . replied, that he did not desire a discussion in the newspa­ pers ; that sneb was not the form in which men of honour settled their disputes, and that if Mr. IVPD. felt himself insulted he knew his remedy. Upon this a challenge was sent. The Cou.rt o f General Sessions and Oj'er and Terminer for this county, commenced sitting ia this village yesterday. ; 1 , 433,111 As it appears by the awnual^statcment of the IHsMct tofiiiiiffO o f the United Statesj trans* toittivi ftom thi® bfifice pb tod .lOlii ibst». ThejRcgistor fiiriher states that ib cohforni- L:, ticioS imported wore valued a t thetoaetttM cpsj, Of the value which they bore in the ffoteigtr .port, Catacombs 0 / Alexandria.-^As to the catacombs, /cannot but dissent from the very general opinion of their having been ancient sepulchres.. That the practices o f entombing in .such splendid caves ■!vas •general in Egypt no one doubts ; but the cham­ bers themselves have neither receptacles for bo­ dies, nor any thifig iiidiGative of their being applied t() such a purpose. Every ihihg . relative to to the architecture is perfectly Grecian { and the Central liall or temple, from which all the other wings diverge, ih worthy of the best ages. They t^pear to have been abandoned before they were completely finished -, but although the en­ trance to many of tbe.apartncnfs is still blocked up by rubbish, enough may be sec'h to justify th'e infer­ ence o f these catacombs having been a subterane- .flUs temple dcvojied to soihe worship ebaraeferised by mysterious rites. At present the place is the abode of Jackalls, foxes, ‘ancl other animals, and every p art of its recesses strewed with the bones of their prey ; infleed desolation too hardly be con­ ceived more complete tbaii here, where vve see a work ■wliiph nitist have required years Of labour to hew it o n to/the solid roick,. for some grand pur­ pose, bccorne the habitation o f birds and beasts of the desert, and almost untrodden by human foot,— OriititalJjirald. BiHJh Parentage, mdEducalitm, o fa booh—dt may, perhaps, not b e known to the generality of readert, that the following 22 occupations fire engag.ed ,to producea Bingle'^bopk :-~'rhe author, the dGsignpt, the fag-tnerchant, tlie papef ma- ker, the stationer, the type-founder, the press- maker, the ink-maker, the roller maker,' the chaae-maiker, the reader, the composR^^t', toe pressmhn, the gatherer, the folder, the stitcher, the leather..aeller, toe binder, the Coppersmith, tufiir.actu;d cost, dt the value they horb a t .the toCkseller, RrfiTbf ttmiireiptrtiaGoa-in~thdHtoreW ^ from -svhidi they .were exported,' ah3^l*attoeiar-i tosrotvhichthey weto exported for iinporlatioDjtoPGinbers. JTheJioUseof repreMUtatiyesof M aine have 5 ^exoiitood the editor of tho Arnericati Sentinel ' ftom the Roopj for having ahused his privilege, by reflecting:in an undeCorods TUannerOn Oneof the Adjoumrmat of Congress .—Congress adjour­ ned on Saturday, 3d inst. between 4 and 5 P. M. The bill concerning the commercial inter­ course with the British Colonies, has toiled, and the subject is precisely where it wasat the com- menccoient of the session. S. Senate Congretskaal JPriniing .—The U. has elected Duff Green,, editor of the'Vyashing- tos.Telegraph, a JaekeoB paper, aa their printer for' the ensuing year. The votes were, for Green S5, Gales & Seaton 2 ^ Peter Force I, and Thomas Richie 1. The Chief Justice of the United States, Marshnli. is said,'according to the National' Gazette, to be a ’ bove 70 years of ago. He is straight and hale, and his mental powers seem to have undergone no dcclinei There never was a more, upright, per­ haps, never an abler judge. His elaborate opinions are master pieces o f judicial logic and philosoph­ ical lay!. The Serkshke Jtsntrican has been, removed from Pitisfieid, Maes, to 'North Adams. The editor re­ marks that the coli in North Adams lias been im- Usunlly severe, insoiiSucb that ’‘ a pitcher o f water froze into a solid hotly while standing close- by the side of a ioHZc o/-r«m.” A le'ft.er from Harrisburg, Penn, of the 2-4th Feb. mentions that, on the Friday preceding, Mr. Dilli- bi'idge, the author of a new tragedy perforine'd there, on passingbehiudthesccnes’aftev the rep­ resentation, was attacked by one of the actors, and receivto a severe wound on’the head with a sword, by -which he,w.is laid senseless oalhestdge. There is reason to suppose that he wiU recover. The ns- Eanlt is.stnted to have been ocensioned by his tov- ing complained to the audience n f a conspiracy a- mong Some of thc 0 Ctor.s to. turn his tragedy 'into ridicule. ^Albany baity Advertiser, A large meeting of the frjends of Gen. Jacksoa, from different parts of'Virginia, was lately held nt Fredeiicksburgh,at whjcb rrsplutiens were paasid, declaring their preference for him as a presidential candidate. The treasurer of the American bible society re­ ceived. during the lart month; 1663 dollars and 34 cents ; and the issues of the society ia bibles and _ _____________________ ____ _____ _________ testaments, in all 3426 books, amounted to 211 Idol- comtnittee on the subject, Mr. McDufiiE piih- A brnte in human shape Was arrested in Phila­ delphia oh Monday morning for cruelly to a horse in making him draw three cords o f pine wood, for a The Augusta Chronicle, in speaking o f the possi­ ble event of U. S, troops being sent into thai state by congress, to protect the rights of the Indians, makes the following remark ;' \ It is not more unpleasant to any one' than to ourselves, that this power of the general govern- ment should be thus necessarily introduced' into our State ; it is humiliating to our feelings and dis- graceful to tfae state; but sensible that it is the ne­ cessary consequence of our executive imprudence and an imperious duty on the part of the general government, wBfeel bound, as good citizein o f the U. States, to nibmit peaceably and respetfully to the exercises of its justice.” . BOGRESTER AND GLEAN c ANT.M.,. A meeting of the citizens o f Rochesfer w as hcKl a t the Merchants’Exchange, March 6,1327; Joins'DicksoS; 'ivas called to the chair, and B? P . M-ARSHani appointed secretafy. The object of the meeting being stated to be to take tneasurto for raising a fund to send de­ legates to Albany, for the furtherance of the canal project between Rochester and Clean, it was Resolved, That Ashley Sam«on, Jonathan Child, and Lemuel Butler be a committee to circulate a suhsoiiption, among ourcitizeus, for that purpose. Resolved, That this meeting adjoarn to meet again at the Merchants’ Exchange to-niorTOW evening, to receive tlie report of the coramiCtee. Jflareh 7fft—-Met pursiii^nt to adjournnrent- The Chairman being absent, Elisha Johnson was appointed protem. The committee repor­ ted a ILheral subscriptiofi to .defray the extpens'es of the proposed delegates. Therefore, Resolved, T h a t G iles B otiltoji and T hur - LOW W eed be delegates, and that the committee furnish them with the necessary means and in­ structions to represent the interests of thift vil­ lage, and section of country, in a proper light, to the members of the Legislature. jR^roZrefl,^hatF; T?TiiltIcseyl5e^atppointed.to tinite wilh the above committee, in place o f L . Butler resigned. Rihokfd, T ltit the proceedings of (liisrseet- MR. M’D U P F IE AND GEN. METCAtiFE. Prom the New-York Gazette.J The rumor of a duel having taken place at Washington, between Mr. M’Dufiie and Gen. Metcalfe, turns out to be false. No duel has been fought—nor is one likely to take place.— It sefims, however, that those two individuals have attempted to effect a meeting on the “ field of honour”—but their attempts were frustrated solely by the difficulty of agreeing upon the wea­ pons that should be used. The National Intel­ ligencer of Thursday gives the correspondence which passed between them and between their seconds, James Clarke for Gen. Metcalfe, and J . Hamilton, jr. for M r.M ’Duffie. In the first letter, Mr., M ’Duffie demands whether Gen. M. intended in his communication, to chai^'e him ” with intentional misrepresentation in his letter to the select committee of the house of represen- talives.” To this the General replies that the language employed by S ir. M’D. in his answer to the pub­ lished comirmnication forbids the required solu­ tion, unless he shall he assured the use of that language was not intended to insult him. Let­ ters then pass between Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Buckner, (a friend of Gen M’s.) which are inaf- feclual in healing “ the breach that words be­ gan.” la consequence, Mr. M’D. addresses on the 24th February a letter to the General, request­ ing “ favour of an interview as soon as conve- uience would permit, prepared to adjust the es- istingdifference, in the mode customary amoag gentlemen.” The General in a note o f the same day declares bis willingness to afford an interview, and names Judge Clarke his second. On the 25th, M ’D ’s second receives this letter from Mr. Clarke ; “ TAe terms o f the contemplated meeting between the fioUi M r, JdJRiiffip. and Oen~ Metcalfe. 1st. The weapons to be rifles, each party to have one. 2d. The distance to he ninety feet. 3d. The manner of holding the rifles shall be, with the huts on the ground at what is called at an order, and this to be understood in the strict military sense. 4th. The word shall b e ; “ Are you ready ? ~ fire—one, two, three, four, five, six— stop.”— The rifles are to remain a t ah order tintptlched withthe-lefl hand, and the parties- tostahdbaCk to bfiok until the word fire is givens Between the Word fire and the word stop, each parly may turn and fire alhis pleasurcfrbm the place where he was first stationed; but should eitocr-party nflt tance, from twenty paces to ope paefi, to fire in any time, from one second to twenty minutes, and in a mode which, on the solemn ohligations of my honor, I will engage that my friend has never practised, o r thought of practising.” lie also observes that the argutnent of the General’s want of dexterity in the ase of the pistol applies with equal force to Mr. M’D. who he' believes never fired a rifle in his life- judge Clarke then proposes that each com­ batant if he choose should use a proper rest on wliich to place his rifle. He conceives that the party giving the challenge hob in no-case what­ ever the right to name the weapons, or dictate the terms, and concludes with the remark that it would bu unavailing to continue the correspon­ dence farther, unless Mr. M’D. should accept one of the propositions submitted. J. Hamilton, jr- under date pfFeb. 27,feplies,. “ As i am brouglit to the conclusion, that Gen; Aietcalfe declines giving Air. Al’D. satisfaclion in any of the modes! have roewtioned, with the ordinarj’ weapon, I concur in the opinion that you have exprestod, ‘ that itwould be tmavailieg to continue this correspondence.” ’ U N ITED STATES A N D GEGRGI.-V. E xecutive D edart & ient , G eorgia , I Alilledgeville, 18th Fob. 1627. j S ir : I received this aftcrnopn from Lien. V’^in ton yOur letter o f the 29th ult. and read within the sanie hour both i t and tho copy o f it as pub­ lished in the NaGoiial Intelligencer of the 7lh inaf.—N o room wasicft fo mistake the meaning of this despatch. Biput'Vintqfiannounced him­ self it?an in*ro^ctoH5'no(q‘(a copy of which is to the means by 'which you propoto to carry the resolutions into effect. Tbits the Military char­ acter of the menace xs.eatablisbed,,and I am only at liberty to giv» to i t the defiance which it mer­ its. You will distinctly undeistand, therefore, that I feel it to b e my duty to resist to theutmost any military attack which the governmeht ofthe United States, shall think proper to make ozi the territory, or the Bovereightj o f Georgia : and fill the measures necessary to the performance of this duty, according to our limited means are in progress. From the first decisive act o f hostili­ ty, you will be considered and treated as a public enemy, and with the less tepugnanca, because you, to whom w e might constitutionally have ap­ pealed for ourdefeuce against invasion, areyour selves the invaders; and what is more, the un­ blushing allies o f the savages whose cause you have adopted. You have referred me for the rule of my con­ duct to toe treaty of ■Washington, which, like all other treaties which haite received the conslitu. tional sanction, is among the supreme laws ofthe land, and Which the President is therefore bound to c a n y into effect, “ by ail the means under his controul.” In turn I take the liberty to refer you to a treaty, o f prior date and prioi ratification eoncluded a t tile Jiidiaa Springs.; a copy of the proclamation of ■which, under the sign manual of the President, I have the honot to enclose- On a comparisou of dates, the President may think proper to remind the congress that the old grant claims' preference of the uew, and that when ves ted right hfive passed, the old grant has prefer­ ence ofthe new. You have deemed it necessary to the personal safety of Lieut. 'Vinton to impose on him the in­ junction ofprofoutid secresy in the execution of your orders, whilstyou cause to be published at Washington, thevery instructions’which disclose those orders and enjoin that secresy, and which in fact reached this place by- the public prints, even before Lieut., T iuton had an opportunity to deliver your despatch. You mistake the charac ter of the people of Georgia—officers o f theUni- ted .States engaged in the performance of their lawful duties, haye only to deport themselves as gentleman, to find the same security and protec­ tion in Georgia, as under toe Algisofthe Govern­ ment at W ashingtou. I have toe honor to be your obedient servant, G. M. TROUP. lion. James Barbour, Sec’ry o f War. E xecutive D epartment G eorgia,) Milledgeville, 17th Feb. 1827 _ ' f Ordered that tho Attorney and Solicitors gen- erally of this state, in every instance of complaint made of the arrest o f any SurveyCrs engaged in the survey of the lately ceded territory, b y any civil process under authority of the Government of the United States, do take all necessary and le gal measures to effect the liberation of thepersoB so arrested, and to bring to justice, whether by indictmeut or otherwise, the officers or parties, concerned in such arrestatibns, as offenders a. gainst the laws and violators of the peace and personal security o f the public officers & eitizens of this State—that they give professional advice and asslstauce in their defence against any pros‘ ccution or action in 'which may be* instituted a- gainsttoeui as officers an the serviee of the State, and that they proiRptly make known to this De- rpartment their acts-and doings in the premnes. , ’ I t is moreover enjoined on the civil magis- i trates of this state, Laving competent jurisdiction ' of the same,-to Le aiding and assisting ia ihqui- committee. ». M r . G le ' aner , Having accidentally come in pOssessieh of the' Albany Observer o f the fithinst. whereini founl contained the substance of ^ four letters which were said to haye been copied from fotters WriL ten by toe commktee men, who had ,assembled together for the purpose of qbtaifting spifie ill-' formation relaUV.e to the affair of JViorghn.-~raiid as the said committee have thought ptoper td iay before the tyorld''a p a rtbf the circumstontial tCT-* idence pbtaiued at their getteral meeting, wtoqli certainly goes far to implicate some persons whof. perhaps never heard of Morgan, unfll; after th e ' bloody tragedy was all over—;^and as I believe L am this person alluded to, as being toe aufo'or of such information. I herehy feel tnyself obfiga. ted to most solemnly declare that a par i of the reports which are said to liuve been taken from said letters are ittterly false~and that part which alludes to fttl'- Chapin, of BuffajO, asbeing in any manner cdijcerned,ill themurder ofMor- gari, was certainly made withouiany regard to And also, they had no just grounds to makd the follewing statements, viz: ^That a L«lgo of British masons was caHed; that Mr. Braut was sent for:- that .Atorgan was taken to M r. M— -’s house; toat two or more masons from Niag'afa were present at the meeting, Ate— The whole of these statements J toially -deliy aS being toe author- Ypt that a number gf the Committee did receive in substance the whole account (except that part which aUudes to Mr. Chapin) from some source, I have UQ dolibt, bht it came not from me. That RIorgae was butch- ered at Niagara, I have no doubt, hut by wbopi I do not pretend to say, and believe that the man allndedj to as boiug my informant, knpw no more of Morgan than the man in the moon, (probably has heard of both.) Aly reasons for believing that Alorgah met his fate as t have described above, 1 gave (othe committee, blit I had no reason to believe that they would uim- ccssUi-ily k y jt before (lie world or point out mo as being the buLvai k of their proof.—I conceive myself to be highly imposed npOn by the commiltee, as they have' certainly done everything in (heir power to ,extitc spletu against me in the breasts of those who would be [ileased to smother the fate of Morg.iu. I do not' censure the whole body, for I preauir.e the ma­ jority knew notliing of what Wasabout|to t.ike place. ^ Thank God, 1 fear no man, but wito to do justice to all, toerefore do riot like to have a folsehood circulated at the expense o f any toaa, and hope you will use jour exertions, to contra­ dict the cirqulaling reports a.s far as they are ijo-, , true.—^Now, if it were necessary fg n.ention what testimony the CoiRmittee had receive.!,* tvliy did they not mention such as^was not hear-^<». say? for they Rrc in possession (tom y k n o u l- ' edge) of unequivocal testimony, which w ill even. ■ tualty make every man ofthe' gurlty^remble to the foundation- ' 1 am, Sir your most obedient hijimbie ser­ vant, W ILLIAM TERRY. Ni;tgara,Feb. 24,1827. . • * P. !3.--r-Sir, since writing the above, 1 have been informed that Dr. Backus of RooheBter, (s theauthor of all the circulating mischief. I cannot conceive how the Doctor coul.1 bo so mistaken in the relation 1 gave him, and hereby feelmyselfcalleduppntosay that he has slated that which is wholly at variance with truth. ^ I cannot heilp but acknowledge the just feel- *' ings of the friends of Air. Chapin and for the con­ solation of toe more feeble part of bis rrialives, ' do most publicly declare, that I never had the i least suspicion that Air. Chapin was in any manner whatever concerned in the affair ofMor- gan, and never made any statement from w hi h i any man in his prflto’B'y senses could have pi.ssi-1 bly taken any such conception. , f As to the stigma which Mr. G. Chapin has en- I deavored to throw upon my character, 1 shall for ».■ the present, pass unnoticed. Perhaps his fee’- ings were wounded in a manner that ought to justify his conduct, and have-only to say, that' thoseWho know me are best able to judge how far his statement iscorrect; and, for the informa­ tion of those who do not know me, I shall only say, that even Mr. Chapin himself, may discover that I am not alfogether’so destitute of i-esponji- bilify as he has insinuated. ________ W ILLIAM TERRY. tJralory.—'l'he Liverpool Mercury 'Ooivtains the 1 following very good hit at the ■\ Rhetorical Suit* | lime- * I i * A TOUCH OF THE SUBLIME! .* Speech ofthe Irish Barrister in Air. Mathew's Invito- ’ .1 Hons. i \ Gentlemen —I gaze upon you as (he children of reanimated nature, breatldng the divine breezes ofthe qdoriferious heavens that surround the con­ stellations! Yc are not the ccld-bloodcd regirides; ■! ■ -f ! '1 that overran revolutionary and revoUiliqnir.ed t ‘ France, with the region-like blasts of teinpestuous wliirlwinds, nor the fii'e-engendcred wnr-brnndj ' that threw the snows of Russia into a thaw, and le­ veled Moscow in th# imperceptlhle ruin that must amalgamate the wonder-stricken senses of admiring | nations, from Constantinople to the peak of 'Peue- >> • riffe! I cannot indulge in high-flowing lucubra- « tions, when I am speaking to men who know all the glorious rcfulgencies of indescribable humanity in a more classical, and legislative capacity than , * any th.it ever graced the'Medes, toe Persians, the Scandinavians, the Phoenicians; therefore I will, vith modesty, confine myself to this glorious con- | summation, that every natural generation should live without aggravation, under every- deprivation, and never sufl'er tliemscIvcS to be annihilated by the simultaneous, obnoxious, deteriorating, and abominable combination of iucendiaries, who ao- cumulate but to separate and degenerate those wha should never be inanimate. (Rrauo.j-^And, my countrymen, hear me, anddont be blind! Ifl coiitd imount on the winged horse Pegasus, I would \fly over Mount Helicon, and tra'Vel the land of Egypt| to emancipate and elucidate all that can reverbfe-l rate to substantiate the emacu'lation of all that puts' you at present in a consternation.” . 4“..’ Horace Baker, of Double IF7ieact7!g.—“Mr. Salem, W est Chester co. has completed his iiB- proved patent loom, and now has it in successful operation. By this invention the prop’'kfo''‘<-®’’V weavecarpeting or diaperof any figure with tri f much ease and rapidity as plain cloth is general* I Jy wovep—a little ipore power only being requi* (T red ; and i t may be attended by any person tbatij\ is capable of tying the yarn. Tfae Penclloton’ Messengcr^mcn t ion s the dea^ of Path Killer, the oldest and head chief of tfai Cherokee tribe of indiqns- Great preparatjoid * ^ 1'1 I n *1- ------- V'* PROPERTY ' OF \UNIV'ERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED i\i»««*;»6a»«CIsssBwKi»»«««!iieswae=»iKCB:aii<>casKS3<M53ss3Kaia«c^

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