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jgi|gi:iipirt<i<ili'tb» m m J S S S ! ^ k4bi| 4««iKMi ^ ^irinf ii)|r tM •jiWiliiiifiiOfTinii:« f I' it fir'iifT' ^ 1 H i M ^ s s ^ VI fpimr# ' * w m*w\ yn piveimr vtuo i/iw«i iPrtiy Iopt t g isy p6Uage.«^ _ Wiftinet •% goQiheiP go*, 'w ^ ; itliSk: i s s S s H ' ^ & S S ^ ^ ^ S s S S ’ ilw * i \'rUtttNttfl -.W M W ' f -^.’IlljlMii:. Itod: |gfts«*higi:oi:Tr<>r{(fl3!i .5K p 6*,-H o £' .IB' iSk?'* »hip#- ip| shoes;, i'ulT-U^' ,««p|--tnwililw,;t#nk' stoOfc.* O.Wif'.ssi^Mtt ?J?-as*gg M ^ eighej tHroVh^d, toiisi UF^ to.ll» wic IO tt . ■jpttirii)*ft^irS|.:ito'll!’fi^^ - ^itotUJP^of 'JM - W|:'gddre«e^-With,»;.S!iarte^^^^^^ ' '<rfi«i:imit,stod#rewdohs|a^^^ jdst <^siu9dy,W ifaeMcftaininent; it-M iujitil,- c^S g»riffli»J|tr thgcohbler jput-ihe; ■\ i^ft ao3 > glait of good reekingf Ri^Bkgao: to p0nr -a lutio £nore ~t |iik> faw laOi|i.~<^ being _ ooafikt 4«teukggdCo, » w tber.~’ I t k d Oah ,wkat tie taQr£»)f will _ ftb ? 'II m ! ooibler had a diwan^-^a vi- kkk,«»#«^P% l^ N»d aaceOcWifch did bbtri^ awt <pgtli» iOOt acen^^ -pfaat niortiiilg'/be got tljpa^-webiniw^iiiktif ,-Me .absolutely chu^e- ■ il*Jte|^iW s,W » gronaiW!, KEymeri** torch^ arioir.i H e dktijotgoto tie ii, k twttoig loiath> Sh% «n the othe? • log « lAwb diijr i o i a b?l^, #eep^^^ |[BldikM|i>iitg)teirteeth«K 4.tibeend tilMfAaeked ti{ir.o<iurage-^toci^ a tl^ h w w r a ia left t«5-bw tl»0B (ii^iyetbef li(it litJ|l0f«MtfW9<^ aaaicbed'' plI^^S a tlK a o d ^ d ^ d ^ ^ 9 0 ^ geolfeast-' •a4*a^-»^. kaalBMriot iw le r and k^re ■tliel^ay^. a fotc^ eguat ab leist tfetessary tp,subdue uo‘3 crftsit Suuh fortnl- _ dahle comKiaudoftl^a^^^^^ tnetwlihy ;h of tHese optlaws or the eoa$t,”‘ 'i^ 6 r > t i k : § y f y ^ ^ j ^ 12, , _ _______________________ _ GotitrUry ‘^Q piipvuntic^^^^ treaty^friybhediiishahdg in tbebio^rand to B aagtlMritias .a p aif^turU e ftores ia A iitr. PdctiO^ tenuurlcable tor Ais sua\Uy of aiiMBna lO a eoaOkyparilh no lot) mile* frotn 41l||l»*eti*aen’8 iiiondm*oty ^ asonc Sunday, ■sm^llUlr e a iwtfey hk b«l«v<dtIock, and dcscn- ‘ IIIMfaM.oed aaolt.glowiof torinathp- Hesaid «(^Id compai'n it JotiM>UaHfngs«f matrkaoay, and the H t t im tta doto Of ybuBf aiea marry- ^ ^ |t « |j |f the of their aitu- - ft a & hsmdsemeWey Heaaid _ _.^! p w w M all ^ Wealth in the ^ S h i r e lwB#irl a f aO <He gtooM of tbeHast ..fiiid ^ 'tltajW r^ of the Wfeit Indies, yeti if ' WftrftiWt narked, iKey ttilT Wanted'the mdst .^ ^ i l b iOOl o f a l t ^ n agreeabto wife. Ho said, ;iltatlllate « lk * pop'ulat |6i»g; at present, called J|kf% Mitoi.hesnr,ehich h t bad often admired for K tiSdytw staiiiicity and exquisite pathos. ItwaS a# S fpHnm n to the Stuipect^ as deacribing so well iW fieOpwess a f do«aeslic,ahd, by analogy and nn^ - t k ipaoua, the beppineM of heaacn, that,, although haaoeldaot sfhtlito tietot yef he Would take the |M ms % of repeating a Verseor two of it, for the be- keil ofthe yonnger part of his beaters, .Accor- a»d have retUfnjBd lo etheit inative ’ ivilds, dh(gly,lieb«|an,iwd actoallypopeatcd the ibllow- leavinK thelf-w h ite brethren considerahiy ^ l d e s n , c a a n d p a l , c e s t h q ^ s ^ = y * e a t o r r ^ \ ^ r ^ * f k et«f #a, inihbieahfi^^w ^ ' A r*itkftlSi^ttns'.to htillow as. there, *. Ibwsigirth* w.orld,iS nfe’er met with Minst ,h«wse, xweetsweet home t ^elsewhere. »e*e.’s no place ftke home 1 IRslire’Knoplacelik.e home.’’ .Jk ikdiwordfetny Jkftw/e.~flrargiiret Caruthers baalwnWaipldyed atlually by Richard Brecks, Esq, anllMkiNMcatars, at Warcep, to IVestmoreland, as i««ftp«r, fron the ycfr oftheRebellion, I745i urf- ^ tBi.lise MtoeWsIfteasOn of 1886, wJthoftt one single in- i IftiiliMok : Mid stsdi'hat been her a-thletic powers, eUtlMpekkd^ j jitt. ‘Ip' : hcrlftteiltotUiiLas''Weil I 4ft ipiMleal power* 5 knd is seen regulatly eyeify ■ W**l,iraWrfwigonJbet^ and forward, ibim t h if the cx|)e4uiQn. I'h e th6^fes«w|»tipn o f their piratical charac- wMh; pihtatiohy^M ; :tio% ifil)e c»t%hlRhi4^w<>f thehe^^^ dert e t cea o f the ‘W est Jndtesytejaporar^^^ sup- pedtsed iff thatHquariery ere’e^erjf day f e - newiwg; theiffielves in a jhdfe iystema^^^^^^ array 4hd deteritiitJed fUfftiy oh thth cuast. weeJcifi^#^«yVR4^:aRd d lilted', for epterpciKfts, this cpuntryi In which Qh lheh arrivalj the irftde is eiihbr for|on4?eatirely^ Ur attended to as. a tnere secondary'oKje^ well suited to .copgeal hito ,into’ the could ridftc bis. ‘ (3do{i ffkrnii&fc fti#,! wbbir|: are theftrstthreo ^attaktoiis; o f 4«cona,4rtoy of3taiy,t toria, 4(h oorp«, of toe Arwy>^ 0pnih.*'V^ depotf’-r-,‘ Oatend,’’.* p resent tonder ai-n»s?’r^ ‘Threethodsanditour huijtired and flfty-ftve^ ‘In: the^hospitaisfy TwohUnaredstftli twhfity-totkei’ ‘ Upon jP®fldiigl)f*-^‘ fdrty-fohr^ 'f Ifetachedi^- to Several other-eprps, wi& tlio eatiie of qijesdou,.Md Pitojupdtuae;,^^^ was astonishjed-^ , . . - . #ji%to.roorrow, propose j MC. -X.^forptoje place: bf-'-Counsellot of enredbim 24,000 L^J^ceursAdminittmitiitry'*ctf ii. colored man also, aftiinatiou w#(, dor a tirnfe, pattially topendcd. ’'A m atartP-Was tbcM, spie^d tijat diie.'of the ^ebildfep Ijptl heen' iblibeedr to ■eihain t in a 'chaiMheS iff the.3yd Story, ‘A fowng ;rtah itohlldlile- _ ly went in searclivof itj- -and ataid sodorjg T; thathe was coinp|letely oye by the; fumes of thehafialng ‘ tufpehtiiie, ,Xhp«f who went/to hisireauuej found; him.ehtlre-^ dyacitseless, and qi^ffte |jini out iu ifieir; aaw.%**W- j^ftu^iaVkVX.aa'ViAl afiivr^V -w ; 5 phhiafd!i.^ \I;hes 6 facts, I trust’will p^ef privileges from ib© bQa.rd oetiade ofparlia,njeat andJbc waf-«CUto“ced tbbe bung; and quartered-, f h e historian informs usdhut, his sentence was oahitn'.at the same time Justice Cote su jereX ,Both oiF^thetP Were tr’^p totoeplacapffiieculipn ou 'sTeds,:yn one which stticJs IheUncpyeTed' head *df CiCO. Hafrispii--;^^ When toe executioner, was 5uaVterjpg (3olre, he ruhhedbfeliahds in the blQod, ,ana ipirtipt to P e­ ters, asked hipn I165 helikdd that work ? Peters rhplka'tliat h.e not terrified, and Ihattoe iex- R ev , H ush PEWERs,.^Thi*; distinguished .maMo.rtoerlyaihhifetoKoRhktoWh,!mawbowar:^^^^^^ . S e y e ial phy^ sent on acommissipn to Eoglapcl to obtain sotne sicians who wpm at haMd^.rCndefedpi'oihpt of peade, hirifty^; and, friendship^ wa eluded «t ifns'^ eftyyp'p thd ftfrinst., .bC' tv^eon the BeJaWere I^atioii) and theu%ct»hV federktekrithe ShawneesyKtohapo^ thasheyfSj Weak, Pcoitiasj und Senecas, re* and h i t t l i Considerable difficulty w as manjfe§ted:on -the. p ar t of the Delawares, who were h o f anxiohslo^cofrie t o an a d jastinent of their d^eceMces^^/and: sortie o f fbe chiefs even declared th a t they .never wgn]d.mahe p eace w ith the- Dsa^es. T h e touiahawfc is, howevetj for the pfes- eht,“ buried ;— h u t, although .all parties appear sailsfted, a p d say they w llU e e p the p e a c e , i t ia probable th a t erfe long-ft ^ the fall, to pass the winter in; will again be raised. Situated as the I»eh awhres, & c .a re, tn^duonpfr^ .without, much ganje, they will continue to encroach upon; the hunting grpunds o f their neighbours, and^thuf p roduce hek hostilities. I t is a sirtgular fa c t th a t Meariy eye'ry n ation, o f Indians between this country-and therocky M ountalna a re alm ost conUnualiy a t war, the-northern with the southern nation. T b e caUsc is ohviim sj i t commendes w ith out wMflrttirtfrr#, settlers on th e frontier, w h o encroac^ upon th e Indians neatest to thOtn, h jf k ijlm g |h e ir g a m e ; they, from a principle, o f self-preservation, Upon th e ikhftftttnp and hOi'tongue at \ thus it extends to the whole, slMfa)boai«atba) h e cried '^•‘ose m ore im m e d iatolyin-the.vicinity ....... . t«f Ptovided for war, although'fre^ alia, afie hiunodiately led birn tp inferior in numbers, succeed in drivine ^ [ their neighbors to the north, j, intendant o f Indian affairs, that rqany o f the tribes o f Indians who have assembled here for th e adjustm ent o f their difficul­ ties, have expressed a wish to exeliangd their lands, within, this state, for land he* ypnd its rimits, T h e ir object .appears to ed vi'dlation o f the lerritorial jurisdic* hUtioner ipight do his wor^^^ jiscseiidmg ihet tion of.NeW Jersey-, T h e letter o f GoVet*: ladaer, hU said to the^ sheriff, ‘‘ ^ir, ybU havoi butchered qne'ofthe servants ofUodj before irt) '_ yes, andhhvu \forced me to §eq it,.but God has peimhted it tor my support and eucoupagemeni The iohumaa i:se.bten<5e Ofthelap!' wastbeaexe- cUfed upon hhni--r-$fi/fini ‘Obsftfer. , ^ . .■ ' Q uebec ,; Oct. 23. ‘ ExtracttffrOin a letter dated at Riviere’Rogue, 16th duly last.’ - “ T he ihliahitants of this plpce have neverMaf- sed enough, to pass the'winter, without'the aid of the carcases o f tke Buffalole and other wild ani­ mals of the ,pyfime*/ last yeark'crop. haVirig been but itidifferoiif, many families left their homesas early as the fall, to pass the winter in be, to collect the scattered reffinants o f April did not appear beforg May, Theground their once powerful nations into o n e fami­ ly , far from theteridence, ofthe,.White naan, and turn riteii’h t t ^ t lo u t o agijculture and the uaisingbf sfocK'. T h a t th e y wilt be com p elled to resort to this course, before lonff, ift evident frpin the scarcity o f game'; and it is hoped that the governm ent will encourage them in it. A party o f hiien leftliere, som e months agu, with several Indians intended to 6e exhfbitetUn Europe, but on,their arrival at P|viladelphia,* theT n d ians, from ,,fear o f orhksing.the^Big-jbaffe) o r frbni Soime oth­ er icause, colicludSdtp give up the schem e t f A P 0ZjiBON~j^ ffOod TTiemdry.-^'* Among fthe chiefs Of division there often appeared distin­ guished meniWhose’geniusand-stUdieshad'qual* ified them for success in any career, Thrown by circumstances into the government offices, Where frequent opportunities occurred for the displiy of Solid judgOient, .and other valuable qilalftiiki they seldom failed ; of being noticed by Napoleon. They were made to attend When I jBlieeyt iftwltor v«ry lately itnmeraed Wthe Waist ! to ft laMft lYreatii, |eiWl«f totoe river Eadop, en- 1 ‘.Jl|dl« <h« ij»ort o f fishing for trotit, and Uctwally ; offt p S iteftot fish ihe old lady decoyed ! , _ _ _ _ _ London paper. _ 1 N E W S FK03M L IB E R I A L »i0« riUVATE tKTrllRS. the 2 8 th lu- i JjlftltiiMOle thou lying in dur roads, were iMftrded from a piratical brig, m ounting jjkttDftiandlnannfedcliieflybySpaniards; ?:* il^ b ltfn d f e w d t o theam o U n t^the brig o f *: *, i^2*!KK)~the Ibhf. $2)86^4 T h e Brig is i aisoevtped to b^ aslaver--^attd is a sample • o f i ^ r l y jidt the slavers at present to be ! I^ 'n 4 on Ifra chast. ** W e have intelligence that not less ' 'lhaa eight o f theile vessels Have combined their lh«Se* fot the restoration o f Trade: ; T o « % <the slave station lately - destroyed ’ i | | | t vitcoiohy)**‘^tha&they h a vecom m en- ^ p a ottshofll andlrtten4 to sus- hesitation, the rapid interrogatories of Napoleon, ho Usually returned from the Thulleties with the riband of the Legioa of Honour, Or the,- dignity of a CounSelloic Of State. It was One of the evils of that iron reign* , \When a man had .talenh be, he chief or. suh-chief or under clerk, iu Whatev­ er dhsoure rank fortune had placed him, Napo­ leon; with his herculean arm, .seized him by. the hair, set him upon a pedestal,- and said, “ Behold toy work.*’ This disposition o/Napoleon to ele­ vate the merit Which lattgipshea'in the public oMcji^iS) ojiG d&y l6ci:'to.u cm H ous biun- ■dor. Rj. X . was a.ohiefof division, under the ad- ministratlon of tUelDuke de F- This M, X, a man of about fifty years of age,, was honest and: JahOrious j but his labours were .limited to the receiving from all points o f France and of Eu­ rope statement of the gtatibns and condition ofthe troops, with a view toascertnin how many soldiers WGre^ircsent.under arms; how many absent on leave; loWMkriy in tke hospitals, ect. ; ---This'constant occupation bad made M. X. a sart of reckoning s^itomatou. Hexeckened up his battalions athis Office, in the street, at table ia bed. H e tniagled his figures and columns with the dinpiest correspondence of friendship or politeness; and would wilUngly have incor­ porated you in a regiment which wanted one man of its full complement. -The developement of one of those vast projects which shook the world, leading Napoleon to lay the fofindations ofa Ucw military organization; he laboured sev­ eral days with fhe Duke, de F - a man of straight­ forward good senses apd clear judgment but who was, in that respect, a sort of Zftrtazurier. The sittings began to ho very tiresome to. the Duke, while Napoleon inpcSBaatly questioiied woidd be as abiartdant as.iisuH, but iny;a|n i it is difficult to imagine; the deplorsble situation of these dCtolate ffitoilies. After feeding on their dogs and dead horses, and boiling their shoes ’ anffi toe haraess tOTOPPoxt their existence, a few of tke most'rohust of the voyagers, by forced' marches, and after long fasts, reached ailast our post- ,Suhscriptions;are collecting, and we des­ patched, at tbit late period, provisions, to toe assistance of toe unfortunate starving pedple in tbepmiriesf '^hen they were met several, bad already died witlt hmiger, others were expiring and could, g e t no relief ffom the food offered them. Those wh6 could return to the settle-: ment have necessarily ■Reduced toe rest to fam­ ine. , The grain reserved for seed hqs been eat-:, ten, although we take hUt one light repast a' “ As a climax to opc misfortunes', the spring haring been v.erycold, toe ice instead o f moving off in ApiUonly went away in Rlay, Thesud- den mel ting o f the snows ptoduced an extraor­ dinary inundation,, and the damage has been most afflicting i very few housed ,have resisted the torrent and the shocks qf the drifting ice. “ In, the.CatiioIic Church which i$,on a small hill, the water rose six feet perpendicularly, so that toe ornaments of the alt^r were destroy ed. “ The fish which are generally abundant id did not begin to appear from under toe snt>wun- til the middle of June. Such persons ashad a Isttle rye left hasten^ then to sow in toe hopes, at,so late .a period, of its ripening.”— OtizetUr. [From the^PhiladelphiatJ. S. Uazette.j The following oxtractis from a gentleman, fpr- rncrly a resident pfFhiladelphia, to his, friefld now in-this city,—-dated AEixANDRiA, (Egypti) July 1, ** You have, no doubt, heard with some little surprise of my visiting this once classic cityi from the charaeter it hears fimm. pesfilence, plague .and d iseaseh u t these not being, spectres to my iraaginatibn from the impression, toat such affairs awfgenerally overrated aud their victims genir-; aBy toe subjects ofintemperance or incautipiij I faave identuredon the proof,, and found myself not widely in error, with* the pleasing cepsola- tien e f the absence of (his generally tpU fatal sppurge. A desire to see the world in all its va­ rieties, added to a species o f rorpance for visiting ■toe.wbudrous fertilizing Nile, Pyramidsj antiqui> ;fes.of the e'arlie^ people, Hbly Lattd,and hirlh*- ^aop of bur Saviour have been among the-'in­ ducements tliathaye led nie to this quarter, bear­ ing in mind also not to return vyitholit some of the filthy lucre.’’ TijisCity does not present ma­ ny attractions—it'is dirty---of rude architecture smd surrounded by ruins ofitsaneffint greatness,., literally verifying the prophecy of not offe Stone ; remaining upon another. The. mixture of the people and languages make it a perfect Babel --•and as the majority o f the French 'nr European populatien caMot trace their orgin, to rcj^y noble, anceslorn, you must not consider the language as highly ohaSte,^ refinefi or intelligent* With it I mix but little—*the want of a fluent knowledge of Italian-hr Preiich forming; one harrier, and w f i i ^ p b Hr*3r, iHwtfrtowIbpilt^rpiiKi pcwriftMng o |B tr- VY Ml» ^ , «M V ffte iniffe of Ertrifilfig;ffteffsifr wfifo.'H- eveain jj at Pinlff^ in G. fiffd iff the ffPjtoiiry f w . jomevtiiMOffft^r tffo ffcqid'Cffl ogive Fltotirwi to® c toto FftoeincreftW o/im* HWjrftU^ to toi« (iftiintiy^ - T l i t e w w »4eh £ he*irtlesstte« dftipli&ed; f t .to*® recent eesei of i^rm Jha . . wji5;tohi>i4*l)0ftt4ke/ti^^^^ hjwi-' oeMjin oif 3100;dfllkm} no n a it o f w h ^ wue evex jMcyeredy A to£ff oiliw f. hitoi^ Bfliitoen, a Gextoaff hy iw toisejty la«t wecM w iwetod o f ;Wi«kt ffobeeru- in the tohbgjrjyaiid afl^r e*iifffi.rtatSitoByia joi-^ kl'torFardlj. wlfrto . . „ ............. Alfrieffd) jrik - S S ta m ! ^ cepied into-a:fl|?ghbotiMg^ In- Ihe that hehgd partici|mt<^in thebphty,. 'toorfiy;afrey,toe.tobS§xyv'at'tot . ................... . .... jo|ik,Spto> w:hoEh«H)cned over toerkat toetitoc assistance to the syffererg; but' seveXal hours elapsed hefore they were .fully rosus- citatOd. ' ■i;- - ' iV«F jer^ M bn4oy;toit ffre GbvOrnox.of N. Jersey,submitted to. the Legislature, ff cor­ respond ence wlxach hak taken place be­ tween Governor Clinton and himselff . , - ... * itive rtO’ the, late -seizure of- tlie shfcrrff| of Richntohd 'Gounty, for a n ‘alled;^^ ............. ‘ nofGlintorr,‘says the New JerfOy Tatriot,. “ was couched ia a conciliatory* gnJ frfen* dly stytcj and .deprecated: the -severe treat- nient .bf th.e Sheriff,,as ;ealpit)afed tff pr<?*> castinate tHe, t;(nicable, adjustment oT the existing differences between the tWP States. tGoyerooi; Williarnson’s reply was a manly stateffieni oftlie facts o f the case, and a ; dear eJepOlitiott of the grounds of the pro- secdfionj which are derived from a statute o f New *rerseyj intended to meet a case similar- to tbis. He; reviewed' the whole tenor o f the New Yorkdilatbry legislation respecting; the Mnsettled boondary Ijne, ’manitosting, on the part qf New .York a spirit yery remote from thatof equity apd fairneM*--hut rigniffedto Gov* Clinton, a- willingness (o delay the further prosecu­ tion of the''New York officer',, until the ses­ sion of the legiriap^^ - Com PofUr —W e have before us, in a letter dated Sept. 9th, autberitic information .conpern- iUg Cobrtnodete'JPorter, jh whose welfare most true Atoericaris“tafee an iriterest, wliateverdiver* sky o f opinion rnay exist ato.ong them wifr re­ gard: to his Conduct at Faxaido and his treatment id lYasbington.. H e has. reason to become per- fecily satisfied with, toe de^rtnieut and dis^si- tion o f toe Mexican goverutoent, and has be­ come £ favoritA wi(h theqffiders a n d ^ itsNa* vy. ‘\toith toe niarme corps he had sotuo’difficUl- ty, in-ihe settlemeBtof which he displayed his, characteristic energy and flecision. H e ebnfin- ,sent toe conuhon n?arraes to the Island of fikori- ‘^coi* supplying, their place* By well diciplin- ed troops from (he land service. Th;d; gov­ ernment hi Mexico, and the authorities'and peoplejn Y e ti Cfiiz, gave toeirwaWnest appro* bation to the manner in which be Suppressed toe attempt toresisthisaulhorfty. It seems that the cplortel ofthe qasrines was jealous of him as a foreigner, and contrived to excite, the corps to a state of complete mutiny; hut succeeded with none.other- He also was arrested. The na- fiyes oftlio country make fine soldifers, V hiletbe ofijcers, who-are generally descendants of the Spaniaids are not so praiseworthy. The officers of the Navy are, for tfic most part, of Campcache, and without any mixture ,of'Spanish bipod,— These are more tractable in every rCspect*-— Commodore Porter was advancing rapidly in his arduous task o f establishing good dicipline in the Mexican v e s s e ls a n d , on the.whole, a sensible change for.thc better bad taken -place. By the side of theDntcii brig of war, Was at Vera Cruz in the first week o f September, the comparison was greatly in favor of the, Mexican ships- The ffiUe*’ ur® Iff .he keptasmuchas possible a t sea. One of the^ main objects o f the government and o f Fo'rter himself, is to create a Navy entirety Mexican—^tosivoid, whenever it may be practi­ cable, (he introduction o f any foreign materials ThereisaNavai College, at which all the mid­ shipmen now are.— Ant.- Gax, ^ Religious CoUriship.-r^A young gentleman. happeDifig lasit at churqh in.a peW adjoining one in wnich sat a young lady for whom h e .cop- ceived a most suddeu and violent passion, ,was desiropS of entering into a courtship on the ^dt but the place not suitihg a formal declaration, (he exigency o f the ease suggested toe fotlbwing plan: He politely handed his fair neighbor a Bible, open, with a pin stuck in the following text—2d epistle of John, yCrse ,5th And now I be­ seech tbecj lady, riot as though I wrote a new commandment unto thee, but that which we had chap. ofRutb,iDto yerser— Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him why have I found grace in thine pally English though at fewjnteresting Donnas, somewhat of the charaotor of your “ Cicilian Nymph’knigbt besOjeCted frern the Italian or Gfhek belles, hnttoeiiuinher Would he rather litnitedi • ; • The Opening of trade hetweeri tllis and the 'United States, is yetsmall, indeed nothing Jireef^ yetcapital might make a henelicial visit if not too anxious for ati early return, of indisposed to go beyond thmreceived limits of ordinary coiH- toercial affaitoi We are requested, says the Phil. Gazette, to offer a reward Of One hundred dollars to any person who Will produce art Act of toe Mexican, Cohgress,req0iririg goods shipped froih this cOuu- try to be accompanied with censular certificates. It was for want Of sUch.derfifioates that the brig Delight wasscized atVera Cruz. If the requi­ sition is made,by the National Legislature of that country,our uterchantshave nothing to dp but Comply;, hut i f it is toe mere will Ofdbregon,or of; some of thestabordinatefunctiohariesof theM ex-; lean gov,emme.nt,toey know o f no obligations they arc under to submit,and call upon our gov­ ernment to interferc,and protect theta in toe trade. pointing to the I2th verse of the 3d epistle' o f John--*‘‘Having tnany things to Write un to you, I would not write with paper and- ipk? but I trust tp come uhtoyoU and speak face to face.” From the above interview, the mfirriage took place the ensuing Week. By the following extract from alate English paper, it appears-that a canal steam engine boat has been pUtinlo snepessful opperatieJl on cne 6 f their canals, 'I'fbyisthe experiment not fried Ota pjir canals? , . Caml Steam .Engine Boat .—Considerable at­ tention was on Thursday drawn froni-tBe passen tion, which ivas proceeding on its passage up the tiver. Thehoat is similar to tho^ which usually narigatO canals with the eiceptiod o f its being rather longer* A ll the machinery is placed in the sfeth of the yessel, and occupies abbiit ode mgh th ,Of the whale length. The boat is propell­ ed b y a single paddle' otaly, which is fixed at the stern, and acts very powerfully. The ifiotion caused fay toe action o f the paddle iS t rifling, and, for toisreasoji, is ivell adaptedito canal naviga- tioui as the objections made to the use o f .steam boats with the siflepaddles.were, that they egus- totoihly *bow»thepre»e4i»to(® of morid^ totiiftt Mr, Hall wid, for hi* j(iS!irlB>® hwhW *»! ^ t o e ' liMi^ .to 'itotfff pyivef ffU i t f g fftol jfiftf.y . -c; •. ■BiiaK3«R» ^ ^ The >«|® Je ;plw er>#ril*)4W # 'w h e:6H '*!i^ yu sine*, ^oefttlied /M iller Thatpiace hmug taJider Spanrih auitoority at the tintoiGam n p ftM latow ............. upato |kwda:*mfcient Jepg eT tim, M^ri'B^vtoprdeure eyiderme frem.Mi^lei';?fia he'wMa^dischargedr Wbflst unjeraBtoSM undptoteM^, he panfessedAP Mri f , toet he:Wgs toneerfted: in ihetohberyi and .gave £,taimito ireh^tion oftoe. mtjUBcr o f,effecting d , aiffi impli* toted an aoedmpkce, ’ffko, ,fi seems,: alto'fieds^r From that time we behtoe.no light h*a been thrown rai that dmtk transaction. A few dayi aildhoafrMies tbaChe Whahere ift Iklffi Corthn^ihn ,3^%plas^~The . : . .,.. , ., /...- “'Mo6coWiBep.t.5, “ Leaviag these qikptfietotol matters, let me tell j^pu sometomg apbut corronatfon of the Emptem^Ntohpla^ which was. perfornaed with -ar-; an adequato ffispWvto (he persons were hiiddled together, and tlie e/foef wastrifling arid displeasing* It was fer ipjferior in splendour to top prpcesripu frpm Westrniu-; ster flall, for there was a, want here o f varfoti and magnificence in the dresses ofmen, the only brilliarit part being iii the military uniform of the generals , and toe Emperor’s Aides-de-eamp, whose rich embroidered coats, glittering with the gold and silver, -centrasted oddly with the jourgeofs, toe plain bltie or dingy grey, of tltet Mayors-of towns and chiefs of toe different^ trades, unwashed, artificers,’’ who, with long beards, took their place in toe procession, to which by old custoiri, they were entitled. But assuredly, by mubhtke mmtgtrUtlffg ptart ofthe whole affair. Was the presemce of the Grand Duke Constanfine, tlie elder brother, whoJiasre- lipuricedhis hirth-day, and acted here asan at-, tendarit, beS|bWitig; instead pf receiving homage* One could Mot help asking whether it was philo- :sOphy or. tolly that .occasioned this relinquish­ ment of empire, H® walked fori the fight hand of the Emperor 5 the other brother, the Grand Drike Miohael beingeri bis left,'- both of tbeni beinga few fefetm advaUcc o f the Canopy, avery gorgeous affair, Which Was borne over the Em- pemt’s -head bj his Cbamberlamsi The crown was entirely composed, o f diamonds. “ None of toe ambassadors joined in the pro cession, but all of theift were present in Ike chuirch, which is so smalf that it could not con tain moreShaft d ier 500 persons* The Duke of Devonshire; wholooked lerrtskkably Well iri liis diplortatiedress; was afoCotoP®“tod by Lord Mor* piptliTj XiOr^-'^Wft jlusscl) CfrosvcDor* I^ir*'C ei - ,ed ten of the officers in^toe.CMtie of DJo.a, and ffendish, Mr. ToWnshend,; arid Sir Alcxandei pair.the pilhlickcmffidcftcfo . s|>ecj^ JEpIscpp^l conreutioii o f Penjisylira- \ BbdKdflphia* cu Wednesday, tliejJOllj. pit. fofyhe parposeofehoesingan nSsistoatWtoop-' The whole clergy of thediqccSe, With«*. single ej. J wem present anfla veiy^iniususlnumber .. of lay delegates, Tlicy diduotsue^eedcin amau- ’ItoeCpnyeatfdq mfit “ - ' ' ■ arid after Mallet. . . “ in the evening a general illtimiriation took place, and the towers arid Walls 6f toe ICrdmlia were wholly covered with lamps, so thatail toetr ’ forms and angles werejdisUnctly seen at an iin- merise distance, and the prodigiQus blaze of light which ,pHyed around-the dPmes and minerets, seemed to be .a realization of the delightful ima­ ginings—the visionary descriptioris-*-of the tales in the-drobirtn Afig/ife.’’ [T/ie follmiog exfrtetis ftom a-reeeitU;/published: letter ofthe Idle Thbmcti Jefferson, written at'Par­ is, in 1780f to his nephew; at the college of fW- Hamsburgh, Fd. If is worthy ike atteniionofeve- ry youth in our country^2 , 'When your roiffds ffiall he w ell infor­ m ed with science) no.thing will be necessa­ ry to place you in the highest point o f view, but to puisne the interests o f your friends, and yourself; with the purest in- te^'ity, the itiOst chaste lipMoy. The de­ fect o f these viitues can never b e madi: my, by all the other acquirements o f I ojy and mind. M ake these, theq, your lii -'i :J> ject.—-G ive up m oney, give up tome, give the earth and all i t retains, rather tiian do an imrnoral acti And never suppose, that in any possible situation, or under any circumstances, that ft is best for you to do a dishonorable thrng,howeder slightly i* m a y appear to you. W h enever you rtre about to.do any thing, though it caM n e v ­ er be known but to yourself, ask yourself bow you woffl-d a-t u ere the world look­ ing at you^ and c u o c c o r d in g iy, E ” cour- age all your virtuous dispositions, and ex ­ ercise theta wheMt-ver an eppoftiinity ari­ ses, being assured »fi<>y will gain strength by ex# s . .t, m ;.i limb o f the hfody ddesi, and that exercise vviU render them :yewg,'»i»ftl'ri,lwlfi :«wMl:.'Wfoitorw ttie mobgeanl fover ^ tov4 la Jota»»;y »'ar, and Abi«blyre»pccM and: virtue; you m ay Lo assured y o u will dC' rive the most sublime comforts, in every m o n ientof Hfeand in the moment o f death, I f ever you find yourself environed with difficulties and perplexing circuinstances, orit Of which y o u are a t a loss how to extri­ cate yoursdf, do what is right, arid be as­ sured that that will extricate you the best, out ofth e worst situations. Although you cannot see, wlien y o u 'take one step, what will be the rieJit, y e t g o pn ; Tollow truth, justice and plain dealing; and never fear their leading y o u out o f the labyrinth, the easiest manner possible* T h e knot which you thdught Gordian, wiH untie itself b e­ fore you. Nothing is so mistaken as the tention was on Thursday drawn that a person is to extricate This increases the difficulties ten fo ld ;; and I*® in tliis town attending t . buginess.-*il&ss. they who pursue these methods g e t them selves sb involved at length; that they can turn no way but their hitomy becomes more and more exposed. Itis o f greutim* portancu to set a resolution not to be sha­ ken; never to tell an untruth. There is no vice so m ean, so pitiful so contemptible : and he who permits him self to tell a lie onoe, will find jt easier a second and a undei the belief that tap other decision cmild bo Wfofooto 'va* ppsfpqncd to' the ne;^t stated CoriritRi-feit five dollar kiltoof the* Meohanics T.arik, Nqtv HtaVcD.dattdDct. :3, lfl25i payahje - to g. F, Lambert, letter G* No. 712,-are in cir- eolation. They are well, execute j . ' ; _ Piely :mct.Pem.^ At &fiGatl)Minc-Frceehurto, in Xrieftdc|jhal)^sfref.t. piVQvisioii'is iniMder «n3er thp will of :SirJ!oIm Gager^iyho wjxs I^ord jn tfeoycar JlH<J, fpr jJsejrjmoi^ to be preach- ed wnually op the 16th of November,;intomniem* oration ofliujiapp^ dcUveranc* front» lion #hich ho met in w desert a» b.e Wa? ttovelling jn.too Tur­ kish domtniqns, which ygaffored faim to p*ss unmo- Icsted. . The minister'is to rcecive- Stoi- fottoe spr- moiij the clerk,;2s, '6a.; and tie sexton 1*; The sum op£6 16s. 6d j k likewise tp he distridwted ainotag the poor inlwhilants, pursuant *0 the wUlof Sir John. . ' . ■ T w o brothers, pkper makers; 'at T u r in, X e w is cuMnty) have discovered a mode o f inariiifacturing paper, from the hark o f poplar, w iUowji, and other kinds of wood. ItP/imtlrahle C(tarieriio».-*-Tlie S o n . Charles W .'B y r d , Judge o f the U n ited States’ District Court in O h io, has joined the Society o f Shakers, residing in Mgrcer county, K e m u c k y . . . T h e Skeleton o f a nian- was fouiid on Lanient'dtion Mountain, in th e town o f Meriden, CoUn, on i|ie first o f October^ abput two miles froin th e public roato T h e clothing which xemained consisted o f a pair oflin s e y woohey pantaloons, in the pockets o f which were foutjd a number o f roots and several singular shaped stones ; a coatee o f striped cotton.; drawers and one boot. H is age as^ near as could be Judged m u st h a v e been'about 50. Drojmet?.— T h e Syracuse Gaaieztte says that a lad nam ed Barhatd Defendorf, o f ‘Marcellus; xvas drowned on the 31st ult, in the lock about one m ile east o f that vil­ lage; making' the sixth accident o f tlie kiiid which has happened at tlie same place within a few years. ' Infanticide .— O n Sunday m orning last, the body o f an infant was found in a small run o f water, n ear tlie v illage o f Es'perance in- this town. It had the appearance o f being murdered, the skull and se v e i a f o f tlie ribs on one side being broken in, and the child entirely destitute o f clotliing. It is probtible, from what we cad learn, tliat the m other is known, although we have not hpard o f a.ny one being apprehended. •^SchOJiarie ftepuhlircin. The Philadelphia sterim boat left Norfolk on monday evening at iho usual'hour, and. after running up the James river to receive, bar pas- sengGi s from tliO Richmond, uiifortuMateli came in contact with that boat, and did her su much •himage. that tins r.'iiliu’. Iphia was obliged to re- tiirn to Norfolk wi(h d**, iGchriiond hi tow. The CoituHiftec of iho Massacluisefts Legisla­ ture, appC^iUcdto exainhie a route of a Riiil Rfiad frocs Bosiofl to (he Hu.dsori, arejiriw iu thc riillsgent ■ prp*,!Cucion of their JrihauVs, atid it is said,, with I foil prflspect of malting a satisfactorj' report at the ensuing sesdon. JLove, Poverty, and Resolution.—-W o have tieen told^ (says the York, Fa. Kecorder,} o f an enamoured couple, who came to town last Week, aj.tT vfentUTed iuto (he « houQui able cslate of uiat- rihiony,” though toeir joint.stock of cafii did riOi enable theiii to pay the magistrate taore than 75, cent8*j-just half of his legal fee. This istrulv marrying iiisj-ite of fortuneV frowns,and “ all , he ills of poverty.” Wonderful preseiialion.—A .few days shiee, as some WorliniOn -^vetfo engaged on the steeple of Charlton meeting house, one of tliem leta hammer fall, ivhicli struck, aiiothor by the name of*—-H a ll in (he ftica, and knocked I,iim down. He fell from the steepfoapon the. roof of the meeting. IjOuse, a distance ofjbr/v Si* fte(, with such force that it ISroke throe rafters, and settled iju (lie place wtore he fell so pmch as to prevent his sliding ikom tiio roof. Tlftoii wfio wnre by wferit to his assistance, andgot ju'iTifo the .edge of tljeroof, from Which in , 0, few TDin'lltES R'iftfrr thH ilBpp6tl€(i^ ‘lili ^c- seended by a ladder, alone, to the ground tohat is most rcrriatknbile, 110 bones were brokem and in a few days he was so far recovered from his fall, as |licmuoND; (Ya,) Get. 27. lAmcntable Jlrridmt.— On toe night of the, , 4th iristiMr. John 'Wesley Fennel, the only son of Capt. J Ohp Fennel, of C'harlptte county, while hunting with several o f Ills companions, was kill­ ed byritree, which they had felled, Hisdeath which arose from its rebounding in such a man­ ner as to fracture his' skull, was so immediate that-he was observed to fafeathe only once.—« This amiable youth Was oiiTy IT years ofage, \L- PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED <«•»»«

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