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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, October 17, 1826, Image 1

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r ' THE ROCHESTER TEEEGRAPH 4 3 - L j »iv . IS n r W E K » & M A R T I N , •p * A»VBmXS»JHENTS INSERTED- AT T»E^ VSTlXi, EATESi -AjfD ■ BlSCOTJJf'rS. ,%* ffctnSbilts, G(ir4h Manlcsi Ssc. neatly ex- [1 .e(^U4rMreiU(>mUe tems, • - ...... ^ \ m i j u s i reeeive4. '(tje^nere^fmommt of Rocliester, J 45 tf : mviijin. A XiAKGEi qQ¥ilti(y;dfIPiiie-L^ well sea- soriea^fpr s£ile--^^s9r--Puie Timber ofjilii siiibs; suitable for Building and,:iEaye Tpoufffe -. .F.lVi:. W J a N S . Bnebeslpr, ' ^ • f T f » [ .¥ . TA K T L F T T has removed to tlie T T seboDd stOTy oTtlje Store pcpupied by 4- Mill-s offers for sale I jin eiteusive assorthient of GOODS, on the best terms—ei lliei? by , W M O t E M T ^ o n R E T A I L . • ■ C ash paid forlPQT aiiB'PJlAjiL' ASHES. '■ Bocbester, Marcll-lSi, 1826^ 31 W i i i e S s i r ■^•“4M E S ]H. GteEGBIt-Y has opened ati oflBce nearly eppositc the Court House, in Ro­ chester, in the second etgry of tlie b rich biriid- ing on the c p rner'oyH “ffa!o-streot and Pindle- alley, and adjoining tbedipuse of Mr. R . E ns .^ wouth . ^ June 2Q, T826.--44tf ' L E G H O R N / H A T S , ” In f i x e s Q n e i c l a G l a s s , 5000. galls, choiceCLD W IIISKEY, 5 p! c a i h * b t i n g , 8qr. cashs.OhE WlTvES, . 'Spjerni Oils atid Catidles^ and Very Superior TEAS, FOESAUhBY 8. G. ANDREW S. EecbesterjMay 6 , 1826 . ■ . 08 tf ^ G A S J S tok JtJIEAT^asabbVe. E R E S O H p O m . flpH B . Su^scribei*,, lateof the firm of JST, /?, j L *3. B , CurlmJtSi^ in§t received and is xow opening, in the H E |V STONE RUIEDING, a t the E ast end of the Bridge, a very fair assortment of M E W GOODS, consisting o f' . ‘t B r y G o o A f t , G p o c c b V c s a w i i C B . d C l t E B . V t a small advance Tor Cash, lo: correspond irith the times. * ' , . . ■ HOBATrO N . CUBTJS M aylSsJCjK. . , BOtfS, JL • of Bash manufacturc'd a t the Ses/{ Factory oT IV!Iessr5..,:HAwi'*:y ^ S ons ., offers every des­ cription of the article in genehil use. 9 by 7 and 10 by 8, a t 4 | and 5 cents a On hand, a supply of the above— Orders for the same promptly executed. Rochester, May i , 1825, 87tf C a s t B t e e l i \ x « s . B A R S O A P A C A S I R L B S , A ! ^ D B O L T I N G G L O T H S . r i '^ B E subscriber has made arrangenjents to\ JL keep a constant supply pf the above arti- cleSj to sell by WhoLesale Ur-Retail—Prices fa. vourable and quality excellent. THQMASICEMPSH A L L . Roceester,ffuly 9. a m w 8 T 0 6 B O F D E t tR O S , - $ r r AYM. PITKIN, ■ rsm w mcEJFim a l M& e s ^ qck of fV R D G S Sf MEDIOLNES, DYE-WOODS Si DVE-STDEES, PAIlNTa & 0IL S , W IN E , LM UORS, 4'P. all of the purest and best quality ; and they will bo sold at unusually low prices, by Whole­ sale or Retail. Aterckmls, Phy^ sicians, Mamifaelxirets, CloViiers-, Painters S^ CHHers, can obtain their supplies upon belter terms than from Albany or Htica.^— PAIIiTSivili be atall timesground on short notice and a t a small cx- penqe. ,C n t Or Ground DYE- WOQDS, in Barrels, warranted equal ip quality to tbe very best Slide Woods. The folW ing, with other article^,are constant­ ly ohiia.nd--Ta complete and full assortment of Dvugs^ Chemicals’, Patent Medicines’, Glass-Ware^ Wines’, Liquors, Teas, Sfc, ^'tf- Sperm and Olive Oil, S*fSiEi' iT T H E Stabteyiof the subscriber having bteti tor the in thjs village, has R o u s e s & c A k tiiaG E s to’Soiotherkitaatednear.thc Couirf-Hpuse,where tafe irRl attend to all calls in his -line o f business,, sad .solicits life usual sliare ofpubliclc patrbnage- N. B. RIy Books and Notes were hot destroyed, wbidli circumstance it is hoped will induce, a ll such as are. indebted to tlie subscriberimnuedi- atfly te h a ll and pay their demands. Olfice the first door North of the B a n k on Mill-street, where his ftrchds and, the puhllcli are invited to call. EZRA P L ATT. ’R6chester,PeWy21, 1826. tf27. k o T t q E , jriY H E public have been cautioned by M r. Syl. JL rester Doolitlle, against purchasing o f me A patent right for raising canal-boats, to repair. Itis true, Mr. Doolittle obtained Lettcr^s patent bearing an earlier date than mine. Jt is also true ‘ that ho obtained them surreptitiously, and by a plan of secresy and rmccahnerit, when h e .knew that I was proseeding openly to do the same thing. I have docuihcritary evidence in my possession suEoient to show any person interest­ ed, that M r. Doolittle, by his own confession, matured no plan of this kind until full 18 montiis after I had communicated the discovery to liiin. TJie statement I now make will be supported in a C urt of Justice as soon as a trial can b e had In the mean time l offor to sell the privilege of using the machine, ahd will if wished,'amply in. deinnify tlie purchaser from other claims o r pre- tended claims. . ELISHA TDRNEB. Dated Rochester, July 28,1826. 50 F O R J S » d L E ^ r j t HE Dwelling,store . X , Hotiso and Lot, IllljHBrhati.dsQraety situated at ■Mnaa^jsL the south end o f Clinton- streef, opposite the Public square. Possession to be given .on tlie 1st of MAY next. Rone need apply unless prepared to pay one lialftbe purchase money. If not sold before that ticne, I Will rent it for three years, as % intend rolicrn- ing to Md. JO H N I . W ILLIAM S . N. Ti— T h e SubscriberS^are selling an excel- lent assortment of . unusually low for Cash, at the above named Stpre-housc. JO T iNI. W ILLIAM S & SON. ‘‘ ■E. Rochester, Sept. 6,1826. 65 Logwood,. Fustic, .Hatch Wood, Nicaragua, Camwood, Red Wood, Alum—^Copperas, BlneFiW o l; Madder, Woad, Bengal, •Spanish Flotej M annitia and Guatimala Bed Tartar, Oil Vitriol, . Nu tgal Is, Teazles, Press P apers, Boston Jacks, T e p ler Hooks. *7 ?* Q O Rochester, July 25, i 826. White Lead, Red Lead, French Yellow, Sprue Yellow, Paris White, Spanish White, Venetian Red, Spanish Brown, Obrome Yellow, Prussian B lue, Vprdegiis, 'XJmher, Bose Pink, Vermillion, Bitharge, Patent Yellow, .. Lamp Black, Copal Varuish, Spirits o f Turpentine, Linseed OiL.iKc. &c. N S W G O p i > S . n r ^ H E subscriber has just recieyed and now X > opening a far more extensive assortment of GOODS than he has ever before had, and thinks he can truly say tliat las present stock is equal to, if it does not exceed any ever brought to this market. Themost ofliisDryGoodswere bought in New-York by himsclf, a t auction j du­ ring the month of July, (a season when goods are sold cheap, if ever,) all of which are now offered for sale to his friends and the public, on the most reasonable terms. RIany' of his Goods were bought with reference to the Canada market.'— Merchants and pfhers from that cpurilry wili fiUd it an object to call and examine for themselves. THOMAS KEM PSHALL. August 16, 182.5. 72 •49 Drops on ip'sw- York. T X RA F T S at sight,on the City Bank ofNew- York, maYhe obtained a t a small premi­ um a t Lottery and Exckaure Office o f E B E N .jE L Y .. Roghester, 1 8 2 4 . __________ _ ___________1 j r o m E B P S T O O j L ! ^ . k Complete assortment of Bench. Elanes, 4' J%. moulding Tools, just received, anafforuale by : . ^ . H . N, CLRTtSS. setts RTachiae Cards, O . ’tXp. T HST publishedan4fbrsale b y E F E J i..dF D . d r P E C K , the €XERlSTXASr AX.»iASrAC, F O R 'T H E Y E A R O P O U R LO R D ■ i s m . Containing 48 pagss el closely printed mattei; on fine paper.—Contents, Eclipses &c.,-^tabiq of tho Bolar System—Editors’ Address—Rgte or Postage— Interest Tabic-—Calandar pages~ Farmers’ Calendar—^Tnfluertce of the M o o n - Cause of Benevolence, embracing a Jistof A mer­ ican arid foreign charitiesr—Tabular view o f P ro­ testant missions throughout the world—Intersst- ing Miscellaneous Traols—Practical Piety— Anniversaries of Charitable societies— College Vacations—Courts in the stateof Nov-York— L istof the principal villages on the Erie Canal, with their respective distances from each other. 'vhole comprises a more useful and inter­ esting selection of matter than has hitherto been published in the form of an Almanack. X lffliw d i O O D 8 ! K T E W s o o F s : CHEAPER TH A N E V F R l S , O , jlJYJO R M W S f S receiving from New-York a more extensive JL and CJ£E.dPEI2 Assortmentof S T A P L E & than be has ever before had the pleasure to offer his customers.— Among which aro Elegant Fancy Calicoes and Cliintz, Merino Shawls, Thread Laces, Swiss, Figured, and plain Muslins, Prussian I-ldkfs. Irish Shirtings and Sheetings, Tartan Plaids, Carpeting and Hcartli Rugs, Fine Leghorn Hats, Domestic Shirtings, Sheetings, Tickings, W ick, Batting and Cotton Yam, from No. 5 to 18. ' Sept. 26— ^^58 S T O V E S , S T O V E P I P E , & c . t^ H E SubscHbei-shave on hand at their store ; in Albany, the Ibllorvifig asortUient of Stoves: 750 dames Patogt Cdoking stoves, No J lo 8, 200. Wilson’s 2 Boiler stoves, .500 d Stafford.^Co. 3 boiler,No. I t o 7, 500 Cast Door OVetl stoves. No. 1 to 8, 150 Hall and Chtirch stoves, No. 1 to 4, iOO Franklitts witli IJrns complete, 200 Cast Door Franklins No. l t o 3, 800 Box stoves No. 1 to 0, • 10CrCasirCabOsses for Canal boats, 16 Tons English sheet IrqivN o . 12 to 26, 10 • “ ■ Russia sheet Iron pipes, boilers, pans, &c, ' j , They constantly manufacture all descriptions of Copper worlcrandsliOet Iron. . Merchants and Otlier,^ wishing to purchase stoves, will find it totbeirinterst to ball on ihein. S. & H. 8TAFFQRB. No. SBV South M arkokst. Albany. Out. 2d* 1826, . 50 t f h a r d w a r e , & c , & c , r j i H E * Subscribers are now receiving their fall X supply of Hardware,Gutiery, Saddlery, and Iron Mongery, which with their former stock makes their assortmeiitvery general. Merchants and 6tliers rVishing to purchase will find it to their interest to call on them. They constantly keep onliaud the folloiving., Swedes’Russia, E ng. and Amcr. flat Iron Horse Nail rods, Barrel pnd Hoop Irony Eng. Hoop iron. Crow Bars, . Swedes Eng. German Cast stedi. Cast and Steel Plated sleigh shoes. Cut aiid wrought.Nails, Brads, &o. Gudgeon waggon boxes, &o. &c. &C- AlJ of which xvill be sold low forcash'or approv­ ed credit. S. & II. STAFFOBD. 397 South Market-st. Albany. Oct. 2d, 1826. SO tf SalvatioB. Made SvAie, A FE W copiesqfa work under the above tit!' XX by the Rev. WiEiam Bacon are receive..; Si for sale by E. PECK. tS l the Iiustruction of Yonug Ladies and MisSO.S, on Wednesday the l2lh iiist. in the Room formerly occupied by Miss Annvr?. She will instruct in all the branches of English education usually taught in Aci^damies, togcEicr witli the French Limguage. _ __ _ Terms of Tuition, from g2 to go,, according to the branches pursued. Oct. 3, 1826.. SW59 GoBcvBaiseityAv & , s t p a i H g , ^ 3 S l E l \ C H a K T , . ;■ T J ’AvIN.G taked the '^arahouscs formerly XX occupied by. 3\Ir, .Jfihathan Child, of this ^Uage,. intends dbyqli.rig histime exclusively to: C O M m m i 9 ^ b d d , f E ^ R W A R ^ i m Bush ness. From an extensive* acquaintance in the W estgruepuntry -and the Canada^, and having m ade airangffraejats with respectable liowsepiii he tenders liis%ervices, with the ful­ lest confidence of giving satisfaction, by ah un- remilUn|; attention to thpinte'rpsts ofpe.rsons en,- trUstipg' business to bis care.; and hopes, by promptness and integrity, to merit a share of pub­ lic patronage. ■ ' Advances, made on property stored with him. , U epbrsnces . • * Messrs. Boyd & Suydarav > S. U. Hevrirk, 5 Goode!) & Crocker, ? A>w-york. Cebra .& Cuipiog, S Robert Gilchrist & Co. ) Mr. Allen Brown. , ^ Albany. \ Horace Brace, S Messrs. Patterson Hari, Troy, Devereaux & Co. Utica, Everrighim & Co, Canandaigua, . Ayrattlt .Co. Geneva, ■Jotfathnn Child, Rochester, Joy &, Webster, Buffaip. Rochhester, Monroe county, 3 , state of N- York, April 15,1826, 5 41 if JY e w C roods, B I T W M . B * W A M n &' C O . MARBLE BLOCK. SOUTH OF CHRISTOPHER’S, c a r r o l l - s t M e t . June 13, 1826. 43 . M O L M s m . r f l HE subscriber has fpr. sale a few Tierces JL ORLEANS AIOLASSES.. J. VALLETi East Rochester, F eb 28,1826. A r v x i x s T o e x e o r A T W HOLESALE OR RETA IL T > T the subscriber, East side of Genesee R ir- JL J er, in the new Stone Rlock, second Store from the corner of Main and Market-Etreets. JfAMES V A L L E T T . East Rochester, Nov. 21,1825 ' 17tf iO H E A J P H A R p j r A R E ^ Three doors north o f the canal bridge, <MU141. GOODS. co nsistin g o f Ifoti, Steel auA KaWs, of all sizes and descriptions, G R I S T - M I L L S P I N D L E S , Saw and Ftdler^s Cranks’, Saw-Mdl ^ and Cross-Cut . ’ G E R I V E A N S X Z m X r S A W S , together with a general assortment of HARDWARE, CUTLERY avid HoUdw-Ware. The above Goods have been purchased for Cash, and will be sold at a small advance from New^^York prices, adding the charges. JOSIAH SH E L D E N , Agent. May 1,1826. 37 E R I E C O F F E E M O U S E e rjY H E subscriber tenders to the publick his X thanks for their past and solicits their future patrpnage, and at the same time pledges himself to use bis utmost endeavours to' merit it. D. M. BRISTOL. Rochester, 24(h Nov. 1825.- 15 (O’ N . B .-^The Coffee House is weR provi­ ded with STABLING, notwithstanding reports to tlie contrary. D. M . B. CARDINH MACHINES. r I 't H E suhscriber has on hand eight double and X four single machines nearly completed, which he will dispose of on accommodating terms. —Anso— S H F A H l i r a - I K Z A C m N E S , of the most approved kind, and kept constantly on hand. P. SANFORD. Rochester, Feb’y 6, 1826. 25 L , . l i . M W V e v 3 . W . a i i U e r , T T A VE this day formed a Copartnership, for X X carrying on the Manufacture of B£OROGGO, in .all its various branches—^and have erecfml their estahlishmenton the east side of the river a few rods North of the bridge—they liave now on hand, a good assortment of AIOROGCO, Ll- JYIJiu, B IM D L Y G ,^r. In a few Weeks they expect to enlarge ,their Stock.—Cash paid as usual, for & K A l l f i S S S X I f f S , W ANTED IM M E D rATELY—2 or 3 good Finisliers, Also 1 or 2 Apprentices They have also to sell by the pound or case ©OtRiW S t i l t s of various Nos. and colour, Manufactured, from’ tho best Sea-Island COtton, they will supply the Merchants in this place on liberal terms. L .'L . AI ii . i . t , r . tenders his acknowledgments, to t h e publick for past favors, and rcspectfiilly .solicits a continuance of business witli the above firm. Rochester, May 20. 41 tf. ■■■S receiving a large supply of Mew, Fashion- 3 able and Seasonable QOOt)S, bought at the or present low prices, which ho will sell, for Cash country Produce, a t a small profit ; consisting of D R Y , G O O D S , O R O G E R I E S O R O g K E R Y , & C . His stock of Groceries is well worthy the at­ tention of Tavern Keepers, May 6th, 1026, 3 A ' : aioeSjesttr .s totii jVaMarB L A.S just received a -general assortmentof 0 OODS, eohsisting of rich figured Barrage, imitation do. figured and plain Bwiss and Book Muslins, work Muslin Bands, Thread Laces, Bobinettdo. fig­ ured Silks, coloured and black Leyanfinos,.Sin- chews and Crapes, coloured fancy Prinfg and Muslins, Irish Linen, Table Cloths and Napkins, fancy ;Silk Handkerchiefsj Bandanpa, Flag and German do- ' ' ' Ready made SUMMER CLOTHING, Dril­ lings ape Stripes, E A M C t W IL L O W B A S K E T S , variety ofpattern^. - . Rochester, (East Side)June 2Q, '1826. 44 '@ J S S « A E . K t K f i S S ‘: T T A S removed to Bp,ffalor5t,reet, and .taken X X the stand'where the Post Office isl£ept-- His bouse is now open for the reception of bis old friends and Customers, Whp doubtless recol­ lect who first, made Soda 'Wafer, in this western, country tliat Wap fit to be called a Delicious Bev­ erage, there are several in this village who pre­ tend to.niailufacture thisarticle, But.lel Yillage Customers, Strangers,Foreigners and Travellers satis^ themseb’es, if they will.take thp tryubjq to call a t the above place wliere every painswill he taken to equal foe most sanguine e.xpectation. SODA W ATER prepared equal to any iu tin states-Atsp-^CONGRESS W ATER k e p t con­ stantly, bottled cider, confectionaries, liquors of the best quality, cigars &c, &c. to suit refined tastes—all former favors greatfully acknowledg­ ed and future tbankfoily received J. L. D. M A T IIIES. N, B. The copartnership heretofore existing between / . L. D. MatMes AndJ. C. Bond, has been, dissolved. ^ Rochester, June i 9th 1826. r o B . s i i . X t B . r p B E h a l f o f L o t s N o . 9 1 , 1 3 6 , and 139,'in the lown.ofGates, Monrpe Co, Those lots, irill be sold cheap, one quarter of tlie- purchase money to be paid down, and for the reridue, a liberal credit will be given. Aiso— Lbts, No, 1, 3,9,: and 29, in the first division of lots, and the north half of No. 4, and two thirds of No. 57 in the second division in the town of Brighton. HENRY w . T a y l o r . Canandaigua, Jan. 2,1826. s l t f I F . U , Sii A T his STO R E , stone buildings, conifer of L x . Main, and Market-Streets, o.Ters for sale, a general assortment of , EvYg\is\\, fevencYi, UaTtttoi\ oru\ ^ m e v i e m a R O G X i R Z B S , A, choice selection of , TE.dS, LIQ U O R S Sf W INES, which he can recommend with confidence. Hardivp-e. Irm^ Stpel, Nails, S,‘C,. . F . M-. J..'k'urbe,constantly^supplied wRh Meur and Seasomble Goods, selected by his agent residing in N ew -Y ork . RbUhe'sterj May 1,1826. 371f Honey’s Vatent Snical SprVns TRUSS. riY H E above valuable J L Truss is for sale a t the Drug and Aledicine Store, Sign o f the G oi - den M or - TAR, Corner of Buffalo and Carroll streets. N . B , Persons afllicted witli Hernia or Rup- twre,'wnihave the advantave of having a T r u s s properly suited to the’ state of the disease, ani. accuratelyjilted to their persons by a physician, if they will apply a t the above store. BfT These Trusses are adapted to C/iiMrcn as •well as to groten persons. . 51 G E O R G E B. TA YLO R. 4L J C)0 # # t o J V O T I C S . k L L Connection in business between the sub- X j L scriberand Thomas Morgan, of Rochester, lias ceased; and he has no right to. advertise ax­ es o f iny stamp. I have taken into (he busincs o f AXi: M r. W ILLIAM W H E E L E R , as partner— and have an extensive manufactory of AXES at Mendon, where tlie public can be supplied. V Air. EPHRAIM GILBERT is our Agent at Rochester. SETH SILSBY. Mendon, 29lh August, 1826. 55 5 0 P I E C E S . m O P , E , B O L T m e c L o m ECEIV E D this day on consignment and for X V sale as “ CH E A P '' as can be purchased in the state. THOMAS KEM PSHALL. Rochester September 1st 1820. ‘LSnU L O A S H 2 ‘iLIflSHD [Al ike Stone Stor^, one door East o f Ike corner o f B u ff^o and CarroU-streeis.) fJY H E subscribers have this day received from X New-York, a general supply o f of the latest importations :—consisting of ST-R. P L B AM D PAM G Y G O ODS; among which are Broad Cloths, Cassimers, satinetts, Flannels andBaises of various colours, and qualities. 8-4 & 9-4 RoseBlanketsblue fe claret-coloured eam- blet-^.$CQlch, Tartan, Caroline and (-’trcassiaii Plaids—^Bombazetts and Bombazines—9-4 and 6-4 Gasimere and Y’’aleutia shawls—Also—SO pieces American and British Calicoes of the most approved colours and newest patterns, with a variety of other articles of 0 m m : — ALSO —a large supply of Domestick Goods, co'flsistingof 3-4 and 4-4 Brown and Bleach’d Shirtings and _ Slicetings— Washington and Providence Ticks— t'otton Yam from No. 5 to 18, (a good artiolc]— 'VYickTam and CoRon Batting, all of which are offered to their friends arid customers gcner.ally, at Wholesale or retail, at E E R Y RED U C E D P R lC S , to suit the times, ASAHEL BARBER & CO. A f m Chests o f m i N TEAS, very cheap for cash or approved credit. ____ ^ N . B , T h o s e i t i d e b t e a will please call and pay-. N«pM2.:r-‘66 - V.G X E M S 'F M l i M L u k H the E rie Coffeo Rouse, Ex- ebaoge^treet! 4 doors .souUi, of the Mo;- cliaots’ Exchange, no w ofier foj\ sale , ^ Q J consisting qf thirty • differeril pa'tforns a,ii)fetig: whieh aife Tatjrnadge S; Parlee,', William T. James and WU'lsop's ST'LlURS, .improred' by. 'J'ALLMADGE ^ PARICP]R--^aR wRit round hoilprs, logeiher with a now s e t of lioljpw. ware for cooking stoves, also pyramid stovtss imjiraved parioufstbvekwilh blinds arid eve,iy v a r ied of patterus of Franklin oven and box stoves, the above will be sqld as low, if hot lower than can be purchased a t any esta.bl'ishmeqt wost oTAIba- ny Ur Tfoy,wholcsate or retail; they a£sQ,contih- ue to manufacture all kinds of sheet iroii and titr ware, boat Lamps, o f qvciy de.scription,itiade in the neatest manlier, and ail kinds of Job work done on the’shbr’tcst notice. They’ will soon b e prepared to' manufaclure all kinds of copper work, on an extensiv e scale. Cash paid for cop­ per brass and'old pewter Sept. 12,. 1826. MYERS if.PARKER X LO A R R l-IrG S O m O L f o r i T ^ S term as heretofore on theR Ykm' *^cuoMw,illeontinuefor2 qbaRfiw.jof • Thebranclveatobo taiiglff arifom etick,suDte>i»g,geography:wifo«»^^ globe, English gr,aminut, patur&lphfi(i|«B)hy, •», tronomy ehepustry andboteny, in wfttei'colpiir^/ ; ^ . ■ ■ R^erenUes,—Di-i Bi’o'wh,TlWrfigt»aiHjfe ' ®%shatl, Boehesforj^TinfibtkY;!^ nard, Esq.^AIeddi^'j Jas. EvewjgliffiSi, ^ daS-^a; PFathap C o m stock,.Loel^W j' FieldjManehestefj AmbrUs-e C o ^ , “ ' SILAS , 10th.md.'2d. 1826. . • . M i m Y Complimentsfo yon all, I s l ^ b e i f X to serve you with a . A m v b n m to f - . ■ ■ - ’T G s r m m m M m • . w i n e h i R t S ^ w , lectedwiih daretend .at 4)!Sr®'Iai«: examining the-gopdubfmjyflart and before TOU purchase, pleasfe call pii ra#nui4- r will show the cAdaperttand mu^t/aiAiouafife, ' Respectfiilly fo u rs, . ' ' ' CarroH-st. Qet. 3,. 1826.;. . ; U o \ 4 NV L a W v e p \ s x x d O T F E w j i s ! E r a IIY A A ’E now. on X X band -J ■4 P BiFFERENT — - Qjp consisting o f W i l l k i i i J i i E n e s ’ e O O K K G , :M T thT t)und B g i - ^ ^ ^ H i e r 5 ; T r a i i k l i n & G f a ir , P a r l e m r , a n d B o x S t o v e s . — As they are determined not b e undersold by?- any one, they would recommend persons ivislii.ng fo purchase to give them a> call before Utoy' buy.—-• On hand, as usual, a gencial assorttnnut of ■ H A R D W A H E , H o l l o w . w a r e , I r o n , S t e o l , T r a i l s , T i n - p l a t e , G l a s s , &.c. & c . They are nbo mannfiicturii.g Copper, Sheet Iron ^ Tin B ai’es, CASXlNGhrto ahnosl any pat. tern can be obtained c f them on short notice. V R«ll.y tlmnkful for past favours, 4 . & W, would b e obliged to their friends to call ijow,and ag.often ^ls.(K^oa»iqer ■'-teTThUSe indebted;'who oUgllt to&a've'paid some time since, Wo Lope will want no further notice, but Will, without delay,ponv nh the J e w . ter, aUd Oblige’Yotirs, ■ - ALLCOTT & YVATTS. Koebester, Sept. 25, 1826. 6w58 W E W A L s s o a T J s rassr® O F B j m m V . n B E v i N D S l® ¥ e s . 1 -r't- • ' ■■■DST received on, .consignment, a general assortment of the above articles, of a siiperioi'quality,.a- mongivbicli are Ket­ tles, o f 70, bO,30,Zi, 18, 10 and S lbs. H ’ltk P-ans, with S; williout cove's— Poti, 1st, 2d and 3il sixes— T a Kettles, variou-. sizes-— Iron Gvrhi, Yvitli ear and ' — Potadf .-..\.f jor ai * SioTPs, 'ir 'v.'iit y- u .'3Ao,ba1:.'' ;>nji . Af.. i.i.,. -- ” ' ins, fireAoh spiders, seigh sli. n-, 5... &<?. The above articles wnil, - '.old o. ,. b h her, at Child's Basin, for casti, eoi! t'- or approved credit, on terms more us. _ . i than by any other person now in thi.s pl??oe. • EDWARD l>0rLE. Rochester, Oct. 5, 1826., JSZr Clash, as U'tia], advanced on pvorj'crly left for sale, and the liighcst prices paid for aslies, v*!:c. O c t o b e r : SBZEMDLD 0 m ^ A T tbe:“wellknown- cheap gtor^ is '1 lung a large grid: rich; assortWietitM FAitcIf ‘ 1 Dtqr^GooiJSj eonsisting of Freftoh, Italian, Reiv J man, and India sfl.ks-^Engljish Thread LtW5es„, 1 Lfemgs,..aniH.qmlhngs-^laTge Merii9oToif«a»d I square shafflsT-Gaslitnero' dorr-fipe-Swiss kiutH- I liiis--Lionen caiUbricks, Siq. .&e.' with iduaost ■every variety of/^ncy articles usually waptOd»— also,any quantity'of stapje gepds-*-fiUehas .|riiiclj, camblfets, baizes, flannels, cloths, gasstmeres, rose and- point Blankets,, sattinetts, finescarlfet polese flannel, &c, with : ' Tpieces earpetings, ' ' • 43 IB yds. of palliqoes, ebiuces, .^c, 2784 yds. fine bleacU cotton shirtings 10,000 Brown shirtings on fepHunissidn, 146Q ff Brown sheetings, • OSQlbE cotton yarn, , ' 2060 pieces T aper Jlaiigmgs, all purchased at foe prestjut Reduced prices, andt Will besold'for cash, flannel, butter, Bees wSdr, feathers, phpese &c. &c. Us cheap as possible.' List o f Letters remaining in Ihe FoslOJfceat Penfield,Oct.f,\OZfi. 1~xAVID Allyn, Daniel Ames. Lucinda Barton, Hi- ram, Bonney William Beltvs, Dauitl Rrown, Polly Eliigliimi, Aliel Bakof, Aron Brnwm AI- pheus Clark, 2, Tiionias Ca,rle(on, I.einan Crittoiito/i, Marlin DunniiiR, Jonathan Deverow, .Irs.c Dottoil, Wniiatn B. Dean, Daniel Durfew,Hcnrp Kmery, Hen­ ry Ferguson, Stephen Greentnan, Ora tjraves, P'mmiel Hnucrtorn, Platt F,Gro.wt Mrs. Both Greoiiel, Sjo,ihen rlilLMr Heath, Eiiphylet Hull, Huldah Hnll.Caleh Harrington, .Tnhn Inman, John Jonstnii, Josiah J Kellog Miss Mary A, Knapp, Gnnliii Cawis, Jeremi- ali Maples, Charles P, Monr, William BUtchell, .Sam­ uel I' Noyes, Rouhen Merrills, Mrs Eovica Matthews, 'abez Matthews; U«ny Matthews,jJohrl It. Paddock, -raley Peet, Wi'-ham Owen, Calvin W.Owen, Silas O'-vciij ill iRm O^ti’cintloT', ugt DoVili, In') on R.6i^* lioltls,. Samuel Strowgcr, Erastus Smitl), Mabit'ab'p.l -avase, O'rdella Squires. John Shoecfnf't, William W ■■'ackett, t.cmuel Southwanl, Elon 8tea.irns,. Lewi« -kratton, Erastns A'niith, Mose5 Thtnniison, John S ’'ellcr. Befijamin D. i'hot ton, .Jabez 'Taylor- fiaiicy I’avlor. Pe.tcr VViime.v. J; ’'■> Woodbeck, Abrabain- Wondbock, MissEunif t* i-..n ,r l< -RPYAN, F.M ' List ( f Letters ■ m -' i >g in tl>e pus/ o f Ice (tl B p ’gl>i’’)h Srf ' g*TrriLD.AH Bingham,' Calvin Benjamin, Y/m lieardslef. Wr, Eh>ss,. Harlow Biteoif 3, Wil ham P. Bhus, Martha Bowen, Orson Barker, Esther Batt, Theudord Biirkns, Chafles ColtveB, lV.ll' tpr Case .Alfred C gwlcs. Eli Church , Hchry Dniig’as'. Abel DpU‘'meii. .losepli ElrStRioe F,uon, T. f-'tsher. John Fuller, AlvJhfe Proitch Thomas Gilbert John or lames'-Ohitcli, Jacob Gilbert, Bra,dly. Joseph Hunt, JaTnes-Horioii John ffokon, Jolm Hsify, Lo- xeiizo Haul. John M. Ju;|ilcSf BuriUS-Ftldsin, Sy 'va- ;ms .rudsah, S'epheti Luff, Luthhr Mason, John Alak- well, Abigail MoOber, Abigail Mca.-cr Ejiikicl Morse, r,e.onard M’fntine,!osfph V,i'Jonhrti|i,Miles Rorlhvup, ‘H3Tui3th Nicltolsj Jolm XJon*' lOl Bntlth, Orrting Stone, Cyrus Sfealeyi, Reub n bhom^s Isaac Sawyer, Mercy T'hoiiias, 'liiomas Thornton, tiummev ’'I'iius, Solomnti Tibhtts, George Thomas, John Vanimlter,Jr. Elishli Wriiie, I’etorWy­ att, James 'iV'arring, Oik VValfecr Eilwfml WoOftferiJ, kace Warring. ' B, B.BLOSSOAL.P. AI, T A P E R M S T A M D X fofd’s landings on lb« Genesee River, thro© mile* be-.. (.vrli«re ib0 stearn-hotit stops) 13 oiTeredl s.ale, together wi1li sixty-orip acre* ofLAND.-.-4 Said property will b e sold low. For Partiewlow enqi^epp,|JY /K L 4 fcF354JV ;ufear ScotesOe, iq lyhcaHand. ' ■ ggpt, ggth, t8t6, 59 e.coiutiixji, ■XTAS a, few Omwiwtfetl J d y k e k s ^H R U B S , now for sale and will supply any orders in ihat line, from bis own ' or fftwuftr Bhbdgood, Sf Go’#, extensive Nursery, on Long Is­ land. Trees brpught from L . I. will be charged at (he catalogue priees, with the aidition of transportation. Catalogues may bo seen a t E. F . Marfoall’s Bookstore Roclieater» where orders may be left. _ 10th mo. 2d 1826, 4w 59 j p E R M A N ALMxiNAGKS, for the year! V3f 1827, just received and for sale by the i Gross, Dozen or single, b y E . RECK. | Rochester, Sept. 26j 1826.. I ■ ANTED immedt'ately, a good W O M A M i * T COOK, to whom very WBEiiAuwAassj will b e given. 1 - C, HAMILTON, * Ceneseo, Septembers, 1826. ' ' .-S g - .' ^ N O T I C E , \ ' ' M A L L persons indebted t o ' tiie subscriber a rel ! L x . hereby notified that the notes and aceountsi i willbeleftforcolllection, ifnot'|)aidoraWanged-i * before the J s tof October next. ’ ’ ! . J, vr . strong . ' : Vj-t. 11. 1826. 56 — - ..................... ... . ' ... . ..... ...................... 3 UH'I' RxervEn, o‘> L'obsiOKJiEria;, ny J . A . ^ CATH C A R T , , . I ii.'w and elegant article. • - < ' ‘i.T Si'pt. 26, 1826. 58. i ? ^ S S , P O R K . \■ If jfh J nBM ,.' -.meriar M E S S PO R K , lot sale by the quantity, or jn small lots* or by the single barrel, a t a very reasonable rate.’ E V E i l N G H I M S & C O . 6th mo. 5, 1826. M i t : ' M B W a O O D S ' I A P E W BOXES AND B -iLESO F GOODS ■.La. just received, and now opening, which will be offered for sale a t VERY REDUCED PRti OES, at the storetwd doors east of the eorner oi X R J F F A Z iO 6i Ai BARBER k CO. Rochester, Bept. 4. Tjff lYl L L 'Positively sell Cheaper than ever.— X i^uch as Gro Do Naps, SincfieWs,- Barsnets Florence, Calicoes and most of D r y Ctrdds— they are just arrived and more arriving.-—Al, b(Wght a t Auction.‘-“Alsbi—l2 dozi 'VVilfovr BaS. Icehs—2 Cases fine Bolbvar—-I Case cettinioi Deghnrn, and- 1 Case'straw Hats.-A k O rhianj other Goods lU&y be found cheap--q}^wffll q n’h k h l am-delmnuied to sell, G llEAP. •56 .,SA5'ljEL^■ST0NE•, ' BTKAr'BOBS^jES* O 'FR A Y E D orsto-V O leii frow tlm pas-f l in e Ilf Get)'g! • King, i'a iheilowft ofBrigb- the night of th,&l . . 12lti instJa span of horses shod all round fia pa tkular Marks rccollec(ed.-irThcc((Iiera ciiesn? coloured mare shod all round,, mane souiewb; \i7om by a neck.slrapj antlspiijff h&ijrsin }i< mane, a little lame in foe sbouldcrfrom aspraii Whoever will give informatioft to Mr, King; Briglifon, or to lliesubsoriber in Richmond, Oi lario cotmfy, so that I may loblaju said horst ■shall be generously rewarded, JtTHTUS WALHDIY. V- Richmond, Bept, Jrij 1856. PROPERTY OF U N IV ER SITY OP ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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