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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, July 07, 1826, Image 1

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■( -, *fs*4 E d c a p s m . i E ^ i j B j ^ . - r ^-;- */ ,:-■». .,: ,v, ' ^ -iiry ■•■. :..■ ,..,.^M V' ■ ^ f'A%Rpt,t s m m t T ^ ^ i m k r -v:-;: inaiJv tho ^ inaiy tKo pj T o aha tJloSf Jii»^ cWJ 1 T o viHjSijfe ^»b»i«i;ilwK< »ttd thoSf * » o cWJ ^ w p r yiy kbsdoll^rfflay^ifecbttfl drt p»)ing '~t f -‘\ '■^'rr;r TV*'”'■’ I.'-'*'! ^ 4 r ., .i ' -,. -O :i.- i . ; , % m L m iBl|,:: •%^- 8 i®aerbH*:ib- Ih i ’Uib ■ t 0 i ^ m # # Moeii. »M«6 f e r j»‘ti»w!; i 2 a ' » e TPt thcT were all eoninePted^ Jio saa% fwn. S> ' ‘-rr-tj-i. V 4 10 . ', t.' -53‘ w I f # 10 -r. 04 ,M ■ ' n,-. w i 4'34 7 ; s 0 |i r 'f '5 3 mom. |r 30[? 5d! /O; -’ *25 1 ;.. : . f ' ? » . | ■« !5.»,« V , ■« A \ ^ '.: -- ■'■' i- ■ -W- ' - . '-kr , .iRd»' '^ f itiS H iN ia' tir tiiig ■ ■■v;ji'ir^.A 0 'g’ i:» \ » ’>i'-' ■• TiTLtD -riiE - ■ ' ®d?gbester T«legirapb *■ iki-tMs day ^i: llieJitPito, o f ‘pollli* ■' (wnaerpita d, t/iat fp'rar-as-^eiitp ]^«}nJmrfW- ! Coocewiec1» tbe ,p>‘‘e^ent is an, art.-; ^ tiifle foip the> eslabjishiiient oi’ a ^ !r. -r:B«U In etpry olbnf respfe 6 t* l|i»’^ i e n t is favorable, for opr. , AftfrougU we eannot grariry'.oijcj^adeilf^ wlftf a t r e a t jgalSbered, frOitt fields Of battfe ae'd-bf^uOries deluged with blc^d^'Wifti o t jMlibiiai disssteiS, V.atid .BaitIbBiar . v 1 ctprje»pT\Stilf the .nafioQS p f 4b% eaetb- ' isf ,* ami tbeif copcerjne, so g rcatif olM|a|pO, ene^elOpiedai edisee^^er raU«4 b f any h|- tiPnfactheiAprp^^ edge r atidi fulfw ^ if% » ibe; uOhty o f.limned ihep aMenib1ih||ia order: IP eoiiest the ttVatW ahieli: a res^^ iW o ^ ^ l ihfeiwortd, * n d ¥ are ftiJR worthy of iote^st, ThepOliticiah is sUd ftttereated In tltfe proceediii|s off ien- afe$ :ahd the reeulation of statWi., add the •■•'Wirti fitlf mere.party polities# flttonafand ^ ^^OnsidefateJa.en have befeOnie disgiisted/ I f bhaU bc ojiriax'edaiw; te\c 6 ttcniate and har- .ooQoijiie..; • . ■■ , '■■■* : . 3Buf,; though we tioWot pJet^Ohrrftlvea shpprt''a’ny'lyKtera of p o iyift wd willnot jpledgtfbiiVselfes fb. omit t |j |h ^entirely.'' A r eitiecns'of a . iVe^conniryt have a right to entertain otfr owu opituoii of wkeu and ^ ' PUbiici^pd *N. inei^Snres, aUd if the. public gopd ca^^bo'at all stibserved, Ufe shall'freely, .and boUestlf express that .opinipu^^without fear 4 t ajOfec- tidiv>' <-■ ■ - . , , We ptofess .ouryeivel .the: friends p£g 6 pd: order# and shall spare no eXertibnttp pra- tnote the welfare and Jhappine^ of ooiUiUU' nitj'. We .invite the assistance and t’equest the patrbnage of those who are,Actuated by tahunent Of the same end*> 1'Psubscrfbers, wewpiddmention Ete ^cordingly'arriVed a t pams shall be spared' in the niechanicllox? hp n;s> erttflpn of the paper# and to dur advertising ^ohstantinople, where, by the power ot Ins Rations, we.express our hopes o f its ejttch- tupiiey, att,effeudi allowed Win to exahiine •iaivre eirculatipn* ’: . ' * - Moe/m^r Jm. I, . F o r S a k f m T o L i t , Building lately dccupied t»y the *JL subscribers as a bookstore, iu Bu|faipe: street.- - Teruis Will be reaionablpi ^. . : ,'■■■; BECK|- 4 r,;Go». P>.(idheitcr, Ibid. , tf--?t. I: f ^ I j f e public are caiitlpned against pur* '.a . eljasing a C'outractr for Let ifo . 129, *T 0 wn%ip?lp. 1. o f the 100.0pp acre tract, executed by the subscribefj ae ageut fprihe 'State o f tJoHUeeticUt, to Thdinas Hnnse.i-: 'Thi'sArliPip has been franflulendy eSttOrted frpin said House, by 'U mau by the ftaine o f ItolfUes, and Will not be ackiiowie’clged a i thehaud.t^ce, , iiilS. (dw-^n ■ liEVr WdRD, j&, 1 ■' C A S H p a i d 'f o f iiiii O o tto B R A C rS , i n la r g e o r 's m a l l qm iitifcieS j a t th i s o f i c e . \ / u i ^ , 7 , n t % , y . '' . Wei# • nUittib^ -■/■■' - ithe toylliipcwtyofct^ \ f.i-jn^s-twherjBof waf 'tjiovPhjoct p f .theirvpufr' ■ya'lt#, :'Tj^5'4;;putstiP0a -td'- tibc': iiiniiMW; pl^ t b i r ^ t h p u ^ ^ tiyfe hbudfed.-^ Tl»pu|It they »U db#red^^ relairon^f# e a ^ j^dheie leatned 't' y e t tiiey/Wefe all eonneeted# 4o ^ i a t i f llgld wiathtOwnoh Pnef'^iiwotth! n ferentapecicaof beypafdatdoetp’the uue# oftheTtpyatd^lrt^^^ wh# with the assists mw# o f hit aeMbeiattts, hiwv%d^^^ f Was certain t h a t the e tplanati^^ bhe#‘f ; IfcuUydepen# frepuenOy on the tplhttou of . ', Yt ' w . t ^ t ' V' i #pdationjsof the Qangei.:. ’ ^ itii r T npuf t«earchew afletyfut^ we ar4 iu this manner oafrieid mnciv fbEthep 0 # We yaa-ayiteinv^: sidat his voln|B« of qi#slir ^ 0 bb re^^ Jry desOrrptibOr Or a t lewt fO spatf 'nO pains .In, p i^irli^gobd t 0 pies.r.. Eorthis- pnrposaj' thait patbim lii# fo t eMbytaVelleV letteta of fecojn#endatiou % the cousuls, ttiiniaters,-atti| amfimisad^ers -iof Wreat Brit-^ fin# .whom they n t i ^ f niefet with' on thbir Wntc? andi wliit wa 4 stilf betterr with gooct billi o f excba^te'ndptsPd by the mofft rei- ppetabla-b^ert'dr London, f TheiUPidrieirtteft'Ot^^t^^^ who; huew Hebrevr* Araidcrand'the R lndooi^ l ^ e # watiiehti by laud, to the East' fo- ditSji* thb eradlebf all Ihe a rts and acienees. H a set b n th y way o f Holland, and'visited successively the synagogne of #ipsterdaaiv and the Synod of P o r t ; iit F rsdt^, thd Sof-. bUnaO, hBd acj#iny Of Sciences Of Paris; in Italy, nnthomns acadenries, nuispnrias, add libraries f among bthers the musenai of Ffor- encej' thedibi'apy of St.\ Mark,, a t Venice, andthat of the. Vatidan a t Home. Wfin'e at the last oity, he hcsitatell whether, before he bent_ his, coursO eastwaS’di he shoUldgp into Hpain* tor^ibhsalt the celebrateij univer^ Off: fi#dyebm iprtitcit«d:?^ fMient'iHhiid^l,. it -layOOit-fff#e 0 t to .cealit .'fro’ip; ibo-world, m lfnerah ^hut i t li' 0 : d f f i ^ t o d M s e i t m i ^ tigu# Ofyhdoiifoio-Ouy 'boSing^'eausOd- thirft,*|]pWUelpaiytttii^^^^: 'WS.'- j ‘• ^ d '|o c f u # i w # 0 d | | t % | » ^ bo# -tbe'«n#tar:ttbodv,,.'4m^lYll>^^ an aynnue of bambeogt afpog pieiest^ohpr#' iOim .| 0 o r o > S ^ i ^ ^ elouddd ytffiog^^rev w t ' t h o . b ^ ^ j ^ d # ^ wit# ;wasAOw.settaogy# :#a„lm:.,p#sedvoUi, h # .... ... . thn^^h^lnsy:fb#,.:hbt^^ SaOwW'#:;sacfOd ipreseobftntnoftho,^;li^#i#yi#b. iand'eioyen'td.-.th 0 'eph|iW^ ,#lthtbedndiei,f’.i#yenv^^^ ^»e|p'||m -:aneleuti-m n « h # e d ^ ^ l^ntwaoCSsisetieHien in, tbo vieiMtyof eoss,Yand w h e t^r | t suml?- beJoiumnuie* d^m b sy 7 fiy 0 % t f # u b t i ^ ^ 1 tod to*mahhind !? & J gncceededin traiveTling'into India-to-constilrt tbo_braminsJ:*y-, ■ , ^ |ilhi |0 thOdontpf Wad tbU^ plnrbd ^nsfe of thdlffdlant»^a# v ^ichHowtl^^ on h i # ^ sir months towards Hm ieieiti and six .months: teinpests which, |u Judt^riS ealhd a typhoO; ^ ^ ' m O f in d h te w s o th d e # # toturii^bacht&e'water* aftboHangesf and oVei'ffu w the islandiwbiUit ardplacd^ at its estnd#.\. 7 d’he ddotofyistteodap#;'m^yonr formed Ijim that.the b|inSin o f the fainbfis ^ god* of yageroat,-situ*tedo the toast of iOfixat do tlie ^^P’^hdfe, near one: of the esiHaries of the Ga%! 8 ,: # as the Ony picrmnesljiittngi capable o f the ____ ^ _________ _____ _ und w»s appHcd, to tor a ^ ic e the, atommissioii -tp pnrohk^f ih the woiirso of ***1^^“? tddm, and from .^pnyyingdo.ms his^urOoy# ' bihici: and tbw:i(uw0e«tjj^aOUao Oye- ‘-y- .•-* The; learned Epglishm^, therePwOyYd^^ termmej lo set, o u t inamedrately j i ^ ^ ,ta.: » n tb e previdnsiy acqna'rtttdtbo gov- erddr?gehefa# under the BaVt^i^arcOmpa- tliesanie motives, and who Wish fot the a t- sity of Salamanea j 'but, in fear of the io- quisitioUj he chose rather to embark direet- S y S lT h e ^ o b ^ the S demanded what was m plydct of out Mth a tdreb in b,s tand, a h ^ d o fr dry MlQt a i k h . Tface-he OMed i n t o i j .p l , saint Sophia. Thence' he passed into Egypt,' araoilg tfie CdphtS f be thijn Visited the Mar^ Ohltes df MoUht Lebanon,. the monks Of Montit CaSsiii j theUce to Sana in Arabia; afiOfWards to Ispahant’lo. Eoiidabar, Delhi, Agcni .' in Eoe, aftet’a paiiiful journey pf three years, he arrived on the banks of the was a t that time the largest Which an ihdi- yitlnal had ever made. ■ L e t it suffice to say, that it composed four score • and tenbaleS} weighing togiother nine Uiousandfiye hundred and forty pounds tfoy. He was ort the point go of information,, .elamd With Joy from the idea u f having surpassed the expeotatldns of the Royal Society, whe|i a very simple' rcdectiph oeputred, which oVerwK#impd him; iwith vexation,. , - , Y V \ * H e teflectedv that after haVlUg dpftv'ersed witlr.^Jewisii yahbins, protestaht ministers, superinteBdasits of Lutheran churches, /eat#' elic doctors, the academies of Paris, La -Crusea, the A read i, and of twenty four oth­ ers, the mest ceiehrated. academics of Italy the Greek PIBaSi the Turkish molfaas,' tlie nccasiohal tebeshment f a pipeifccarer-i an nkhtella holder; toacreettduiii^^ the sun by and a torch-bBiirec for the' night y a woodveuHer 4 iwd ,cOolm, two cam: eirand their-cenductors>,' ;fQf <»rryi»g^s proviiiohs and baggage; two Tonnihg foot­ men Ip atippuhee his approach T|nd a |tend' ard bearer, exhibiting a flag oh,whieh waS emblazonpd the arms of Bnglsmd. 'Witlv this Splyndid retinue he arfH®d aftei’ h joftE hey OF tendays Off. the border# Of. the gull of Bengal. On theeleveoth daEhe arrived, at thelSi^daraiid his servants haH^Uedto announce bis. approach. The, dOctqr’Was now conducted;-to that part o f , the pagoda inhabited by the. chief of the bratains which he was about to enter, wheu ah aged bfa- tin , who guarded the' door# Ordered bUh to thedoctor that he could riof be presented, till he had disposed of every thing about him vvhichwas a p^art of anyaoimai butpar- ticUlarly of cows kair, whichls held saored.^ It Was therefore necessary that the doctor should take off his Wpolieh; coat, his goat­ skin shoes, and hia beaver-hat. The Ojd colieetidh of ahhlent editiohs of original books, of tare manuscripts, of dopie.s, ex*, tracts, and annotations of various kinds, cotton, and conducted him to the apaftmyiit where presided the bimhih ehief . As no ooe-is permitted to appear bclbre’the bead of the bramins empty-handed, the doejtor presented him. with a fiup teiescopo, some superb shawis-and pieces of s,ilk.j and a tuc- key oarpet. He W!\s now permitted to be seated, and theYchief o f the < paudectu pirt forth . the foliowing qtiesHon. r •’ iThat is of embarking fdr London with this rifih car- object of your-journey to Uie Jagerhat ?’’ • .. .......... ... ^ He replied, th a t ‘‘the gpear reputation of th e chief of the bramins had brought him to lagernat, io learn from him what ai’e the best moans of attaining the truth P* : . .After the sagepf tfe pandeets had .made a, short paitfe, he saidy Tim ;trath can be known only threUgh the .medium o f the bramins.*’ immediately the whole assem­ bly bowed in admiration of this answer.-^ ‘‘ B ill where is the truth to b# sehgm >*f re­ torted the Euglish doctor, With earnest0es.s, “ Alt truth, added the aucifutlndian'prlOst, abut' ttplatfm 'i^nf Ijeth#* iwit#o.%^ vMutT . •■ ' .'\'..♦.i'j- '. 4 %; Hhgnagm. % ■hi«dt#l. : (ilm u M f «ifk 'iSai«, ■- 'W^h 4 he'#He'h•d;iuh|i.dffd*^.'<^^ ||#ili|py#»liM hyThf' ;'9|)pHal#^of the.^#isemttl;j^-T#e;Eff|Ev i|V, 'ti!#h ►TieyJ|rmight.-;il^ -wtef.lifi# ■.iutf#'#‘rti^he# whiwf.tJmy^ hrojk# :a» ■'iei»w;4v hk bmpkt|Xehe ha# 'dEwkingC-r^ Highly p%^e# jhemallpdd^ ■nooiinted: hif pHanqm^ m i rmired tbtoii#b' kaid4p,b{«i^l#l. %d, yeHjie#ytttkev.ery'%|w who '■^i#tiTn» dim gainC p a |jcp i# ,« v # if lie hap opne be* ind.'ips#fiit;iT'h«ba#.'. As-.to'myselb-; bever^discover;!#' yri>fct-%e 4 m -tpi[t#ii^ fbundi wjh'ere Jt'may be;: sought iqrWitb Sue? I bave eettalniy test mlnov t shsilK I -^nitete-pewe. Thefatltef e o w ^ a f l y .p- lion., In. a word ‘:eVw'‘l» h 4 ^ '.-i4ei#ji to shareitt-. .the: itv^tehed # i t b^idea.el.L'ttetere the##.',,-'HC' : .bonr add tbeiu h all opened hiLoyei ted looked up kjEcHonately^tbtemtete# al-'thn , Engliabman h a# dbne hating, H e tefria invf* Hnted bimwimhbJaHng telightbis pipe, andJiaxtegYalso lighted h it own,; his f ife plaoednpon the wat two cup* made of oocea-nut sT|elb, and%. a iarge eala* basb fiiil o f punch, whioh the hid prepared, during the repast, , with Waten arrack, the of-hhihg cmsIinA te faiimg jiUcee#iamQ# 4 ^ th t. mgaiHcane: tfepsi f ed tean aecidenfafidiifectiom^^^^ As they smoked and ’ drank aiternatelL tha the tielghhoriug monutaiu. The iighH*>i;®V :whi:ebneeaSionally ib^^ tliejlioriaon, ditepvered. to dbeH r e f yalley ajightgud a ‘qQttage.' ThAc^as- aichi ran to lh e place ^ im t returned: in ;gce8t W tei. nrymgi “ ap- pvpaeh ' ^ ^ is a parm jtT^ Immediately Ibe whole tefrified '•empaby '^ e d ent’''~wItb4YeheBmhee, *‘ A''|mVtar''a Paria n* Tite Cddcton iraagining it % be; some ferocious animal, hastily Seized’his pis toft. ffhat itf it yomeali » panaii.’ 3e mauded'he of bis torch bearer. ' I t is, an- :-•■ swered h«,.a mao: baying neHliep m t h oer hend A > d d ^ theparia, «bnt law ^ > 1 ^ lUdian pf-m intipbu^^ •that;;my # > tebH teyesH # t.thjf» w asgiv-' ;nv,>-vritb hts‘*d4sign, wh0; fbr. . .m te ia#ful to murder him if Be b u t touchi en bydhe godHtama,!wh bis conntry and the veputiit|on^^^^ yoV,''* HoWknOfVbn. suM 1^^;# n n # c It r 'm y Of ^ # > “4 ■# ibat histeretebeafeB'ihit yoiir, eofiktrymanisa p itK p jb a man witbout,fftith aftd:regardless of law ?’* ' “ Bfeedlise, ^replied the torch* egs, 'pf0vrde(d for hisedft veyHue|bT|gernat, i palanquin Or cacriag# sha#d | y 4bim (if erirnson x il# with tassels e l gold* ^\d two changes o f vigorous reoiilis ^ .W a H rs bt bterer, i saw h fqur men e a Q h ,.tW q j^rteH * a # |ter^ ujpeh; the Hme' m at with lift fife.” The 'and another with a water b o ttle|b# way of whiite’ retinue now exeftiraed, with great 1 _ - .. 4 '‘ ’’'kv ^ n M i \ i e i P ‘ir% tieiA ^ i 4 -VW a . ««rYv a shelter IVora the rain.” . While uttering these words, he jumped from his-paiauquift, and taking his bo»k o f questions and iiiglit gdWb under his arm, and in his hand hft pis- teft and pipe, hl^ went>l 0 Me toThe door o f I was to consult on my travels,* I bii the cottage, -He,; h ad scarcely knocked, when a man of the m jst pleasing physiognomy opened the door, but immediately retreated, saying,^ :*\N 6 bte sfr, I aih but aidespiSed-pa-- ria, unworthy o f teeeiviug youj; y e t If you deign to accept this’shelter, yoii will do me Very great lioiior.’* “ Brother, answered the Englishman, I accept witli.pleasure your hospitalUy.” The paria immediately went coa-fauts and batiuaUas, bn ;Fus arm : he apr ^roached the doctor’s retinue, who wece-at 'sbmedistance under a treo> :and;said.tb thfem, “, since yoii will not de we the favor to em tpr my dwelling, here are sowe frUits en­ closed in their shells# which fou may Cat WithbUtrbejUg defljed, and soinefire with wfiich to'dry yourselves and scare the ty-: ;gers. God; proteet you i’t H e then returned to his feOttagei and addresied the doctor thus s “ I am, sir, as 1 have already, informed you, .nothing more tlian'an iinfor- tun,ato paria > but, as 1 perceive from your complexion-and dress.' that yon are not aii Indian, I hope you p H hot dislike the food wJiich your poor servant has to offer.” At the same time he laid npqm a mat,■mangoes, creffm*apples, igna.mes, roasted potatoes, grilled bananas, and a pot Of rice made «p with sugar and milk of tlie cocoa-nut; after W#'.* A H»,kk, rete M -i>y imoke ' '« # ' th* IbmekP th» temp feikke*nten^^»jke 4 Ttefdoetex ■Itebeld with ' : | t t i # ^ t y n f ' t B e -fediiiw ,a9d:-i#:wHW Thniychi^i'. b f t^ k n d .. xhiffing lii^e'lbo'iiy#- ':*ftptJn‘-hft ^h#' i # ^ 'r ''ftitk e ^ it ' ' ' y m ^ ................................ ffth-', ;h<^y hergeW;; daring fhe kiaek teb!^lnkdistouft#tnok pteee L ** Offtk the ;mea'i 'eybr te C the doctgri ‘‘yon are certetely the ' lios.t happy, kml conse­ quently oite of the; wisest;:; Permit me to aSk yew k few questious j How cap jrou be so tranquil in.themidH Of » dreadtei a storm ? .Tim iikv# liHlebPsteb# a , trek ter * shelter, ted tree# ktimbt th e iig b t n i^ ” “Light- •Uingy;' iffiwered the*'pari^-‘‘never y«fe*: strnek j£ banian ig-tree.” “Iftat ft very ex- ;traOrdihary,^-’ replied tbe d m ^ f i : “ the flg- treekteh must certainly i x ^ negative elec? trie, like the dterel.” ‘‘i f # ftof compfe- earneHnesP,- ,** w e will iftt enter, wherd|fx-; ists a paria 1 ” ■ ” Remain here, then, if yoU choose, said the Englishmao, for ail the casts of india are afjke toyue When I Want fubity-thaii that of ph!l 0 sp|fhy. ^ e l f me-I beseech you, fb a t is th e Uati|re ul‘ your sect? Toil are .not o f any of thq since the Indiaus refuse all luter yon. In the lists of inteliigeut im white he withdrew'te biS -Olvrtmat. Beside purpose of searching among many nations. hijsVife, and ibeir ehijd. White waS faSt aslbcp in a cradle. “ Virtuous man !” ex- Hihued tile Englishman, you are exceed­ ingly superior t a me,, 'since yon do good to ■thosethatdespiseyiiu ; bttf i f y(iti will wot fiivor me with your company on this mat, I shall infer tliat yOu think mo.a h.id man, and X.teall histanily quityoiir cottage, even though I were certain of being dfowned by O R I G 1 N A L S T A I N E D | 4 M for the truth, in order to eiilightfeU mm, and render them truly happy; but after ma­ ny vain reswtehesi and serious inquiries, 1 have concluded that to search forjtriithiu this way ft absurd, beratiso, :eveu if 1 liad found it, the very tei^u>hhicalion of it might subject me to persecution. Tell me, sincerely, are yon ort of i»y bpi>n'ioti ?'* Though: I am but . an ignoraat man, an* . ■ ‘ I . ■ -n Ood iMhexe tempesttfeus i ^ » t e s , having bestowed on the baniahBg^TO a very thick feUage, and arcade*, fe j U R a s a shelter fi'om ;the HormSi he dote HgiiH oiog imsfrike It.” . “Tonr r e w f t veiy reli- * gloiis,” Said the doctor, <‘S o ^ e u ,, it ft the Pjjk'fect'cft^deucq you have 1 | the Deity white hbm i^ed iiw4 tranquil. A conscitiusitess rtf rectitqde is Ikbetfef se- found that o f the parias. lit what oisinci of India ft youf pagofli situated ,t‘fn ev- , eVy One,” replied the paria: “ my pagoda is Nature. I adore its Anlhor at the rising: of the sun, and. I praise him when if -Spts.v I have learnt from -iiaviftg eiidiired calamity myself, never’' to refuse assisfauce •to-one more'wretched. I make it a point of duty to dp all I can to render my wife Ahd child- happy ; nay, uven thy dog andeaft I live in the expectation of deatii which Will close my life ; bui 1 regard it as a pleasing sleep which will dose the tojlsolneness of the day .** “From what book have you collect­ ed these principles # ’ deraanded the doctor.- \ “From the book of Hafurb,**;-^hsWcred the paria/ *‘I_amaiuiMainted Withim otboh’’ A Magnificent work indeed !” sajd tlie English­ man, “but who taught you fu read it?” “Alisfortiitie,” replied the paria ? “ being of a cast reputed lufamouS, CiVen in ray native country, aiid being denied the rank of an fiidian, I endeavored still to ha a man. Re­ jected by society,' 1 took shelter iii nature.” But in your retirement, you must have had books,” observed the doctor, “ Not one,” ;retdrned thrt p a ria; “I cartno| ^ either rOad Dorwritu.” “ Tou have been saved from ma­ ny perplexities,’’ SaiiLthe ’doteqV, rubb:n| his forehead; as to myself, I have been Sent from England my native country, f.»r the

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