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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, May 17, 1826, Image 4

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i talk bvoaJ Scotch; th® lasses weto seen -with hare feet; anti the peculiar paanners o f tlae coun­ try hecatne more ohvioui , Asevemrig' was new fast coming oh, <a larfh ttii(lc!omwo(liehS,3iotel at Renten induced us taketodginga for the night; and here .tvere puiir' first ireams in Spotldtia. The ipoon was hrir^*^ ,«ofi Til»#pW3PRESS,. v s , - . - ; , - . - . - 1 - ,r -’ I’ktlmBQns^oiTstreums cdmos on inv eHt,(«liHleBsly I Iw .giekaiKl jjmetmh^greundvp.o^nusnal Visions tlis-,. Vlierq 111?ialto ' gives baok the. itffsijS hVh oF'dtft|aro ant bi)uo(Uft,g''freet to moaitowshow aro ghily fill’A, With flowers ofvnrioaiiao,. .tut. Iroio tho eveniug skies dUlili'flj ed they biiiah, when hOfnes.the jioteilis pa.n, fo anihe Upp.it lit hew aoen—thelt-jvqnh and tow ty denpr-thay.slHmbi’f in;tUe tquib.! ■ ' ' . . . Chtt''9'il9‘h ,jVli-ts.i)qt!mto,!; te thiqk-df days, WhonJhqir will rtai) tto Anmiflu Stm Wili hidd Ids tay^^ fr,o.a.ev.§ty droops i'lifeh Wworti'dfd Oii thq diiWyfltpufafl; dnd fcfigranqe fills (fheii the tfmdeVgrepd is spread abroad, on Oftoh enehunUng o■eyp^l^§l^utqonWwo»lie^Ood, in fflj ihoir^ pivtheinyoHS IiOiut is fnfl pfWisa, ns wo look nbrowf oq 'b,ro'otbyhsbh:Uns>stro«mSi^^^ ili^spiigSOftpolpdy, imt'Hess thy t’liir and fldotlnghonrs—(alas'ho w ,S>wft they flao!) . ' ■ ' , < -'[hr,ing,- hftsi>hv.e chnrins, nndvqstai loVolinoss na,otliqr day emt #eiaa,fn.l!,W ^ S < J«e nea'0.1(iSUp“ S ^ ,o.,fffftly^by, ; thetthy'dgys'go o.slmand fdirittbyfekid^^^^ rflV, lha53Be,lrqw.tHQn.Wiitpass aw ov\r,»>\u,tumrt'Wiistedby- iptidq.sift and marks thy sure ; ... •; ■ '.'.■. ■■' . . Cy ■ . . . ' :,3roW'’iH i: FRiEE-. ;;-/#SW n fc;V\ : ■. ;. T<). , V,. ■^ay,nnsqq/a fqirfqrV-fairasevqrynuVcaeoti->^ • - Elo.ntnlQDg .onfha mUfihteath.ing. ait'I ■ . , , 'fl,ntQi.say i f her dres| was a ptqttyyqatgreen: J Iftngarldndof roSesadotntdherbiighthaiil ■JKd yon hoar, jhe soft brehzeasnt play’d in th.e bow’rB, .Andtbolight-hoarted stvaliow’B wild sting ■? f .tjS’thaSWBqt-cWdb.Sptingi'Witlt h'er lap tull.dfflow’rs, • .Comesjiearing hof bdsKqt qf bdburs.along, Hhif hrings inher train: kll tha aweqt, foather’d ChbristetS, To-cheer tbo vVUd wot^-lhnds^andibpw’rs} links,Uinnets Diiil xobihs, and-.sll the gay fqrestersj 'Oracefnlly spreading her oar^t.of flOw’rs. 'llowneaiefulfhow tranqnil, aT,a^nUiteVnpftslutnhBrs,.,^ V£hett the brown shadei ofttwilightelnaa in V 'The robin, pejeh’d-high, poiirs her: lqvT,.piaiativo numbora I jtrp.the «.nn asjhq drops from the scene. ; ■ . ■ffbabltflitslalobgriht'ough thegalheringglflom 5 ,^,liohird.s sqqk r.ep08a iii.lhd,wooa:sn ,' ■ , ' -Ehebaekwoodsman plpddiqg. bia Weary.way home, \ Ifoaii thS mpnotonbus tohsick-bf flooda, . ‘m ikU tby swfEtsmilesKPjeitty Miss,|ut rqmembet, ' , ®jybda«tio,.Jike nil other bentities,-roust fade. '■ J V-.' ' ■' ‘ '...'■tf.BBAW. ROJI.';*HE‘EOER^ f. - [•TtT .tflirdfyjoyouS birds of wnnderihgwing i’ .. J*tnmhd t land where the roses qf Stiaron BihiJle,. Freni the jiatoathat wave through the Indian sky, Ftoin the myrrh trees of glowing ArSby, ^tlonl-tfleyho', with thedosettslbuitd! '^ e K|V.sjitnis’’d;prond.ri«etSi ’WhoSb,tid6 hath roll’d >Xrndar.peaasnt’k’fooP&oB • or tntih'atch’i throne. • •’ V C ‘4 > I'tf 4 ' .V4d‘ We have.fhn.nd a chMge,' Wohave foun'd a pall, *’■' 'it.-'-' ■irl n ■tn«nnsh(rn» .if t ' And: the hiJlE' p’dr their iiuiet.'a Vigil keep* , iPayi.what have.ye found in thepeasRoVpdnf .{jince lajt 'JW portodTronr ftat sweetspqt ? b A ohkhge wehave foUpd iheraj and many a changel Fahes and-, fpoistep's add all thingg Strange! ‘Gone arethe Beads of ihe silvery hair, And the jonngthat-WorejhnVeq,brow, of care, ^nd the place is hush’d where the children play’d 5 ITought look's, the same,*Vaye the nest we made l\ Sad i* your talc of the beautiful enr.th, , . -Bit,ri8,thtft‘p*oraweepilin,fK),vfcrandm » Vet through the wastes.oi the trdekless'edr, Ye'bave.tt guide, and.sliall MedespairT 1 Yffi over desert and deep have pnss’d'; Sosnaif.toereach.qur honioatlirst;!. , X t E O T B R S W“'>. ' FRCiiuC THE H'El^‘‘FPEKi.8$'AfrESMA&^- a t t t e r s f r o m ■ ' - ■ ' - , .t ' Eo. x u v n l. ' -■. i • • ' • ■ . EdftiWg'^4 Sept. 29, 1825. Os the afte'rndon pf the,24th atthe dis-_ tance of three rntlei on this side of B'erwiefc-upr o'n-Tw'eed, \Ve eritered Scotldad,’hfid did tjbl ^»ro- edefifar, before the differeiiee* ih tiie asipcct of the coaiittyr to conHr|ictiipft’0f the housda.,^ aad iti the Jaaguage and mhtlfalfa oflhe people bacaine parceiviahle. T^hd ch'aage in our feelings; chrr'dspbnded with that ef the,’objects hroynd i(s, Bill tbe noVelfy of Bdffe*ririg hhpther region a- roilsed att'erlUoii, aiid led ’thiiAhrC mifluteness of ohsaflvation. Our eyes find eara^^crC both bhea to toahk the features b rtte#‘scenery,'aiid: to catph the pecuiiavities e f A hew diatect.’ - ^ Boti nearly the'vvbftle distSbce froth’BerwicI: to Kdinburgh,. the road rdas along Vy the Gerruka* Ocean, sometimes six or eight miles* frCm the shore, atad at ethers ’Withjii a fevy: rods of the ir;arg>n-' Such an expari.s& Of water, washing a bold, tugged coast, .and .showing m.afly a White sail u\^oh its bo.som, contributesflargely to the- beauty of borders, tn many places the pypriloh- tories, pushing themselves far into 'the sea, are lofty and precipitous, forming What is termed ah ifd'nii-bouaa snOre, Sb Abb’S Head, the bdkhisf o f the rocks,lipon the eastern coast of Seotla'ncl, •was infult’sight from theToaU, »It is,foiir Or dire hundred-feel in height-, anil took its name fto'tn an abbess,, who With solne of hOr’ sisterhood, wps' ■driyCnaipoh •tKA cliffs iU a storm, but providcti- tiaUy Without loss o f life, altlldugh the l^a^k was .dashed, to pieces. * ’Otisors have been less fortu- natc.- ThO'‘COaohlifatii pointed out,-a h’illyuip .which five hundred.widows. Valfced in proCel- «ion clad id the weeds of Wp. Their jh'ushands, ■Cmployed'.id'the fisheries, bad all heCiV lost ihp violent'gafc, ' ■ . . in thh course: of the' afterrtooui We FkissSll the ruins of ii chapel, in which' the nuptials off onfe' of •the kings of Scotland were celebfh'tddV'As' hlfo.- llpundwood -where alary iQdeen Of Sdfots pfltd one of h,er imprudent visits ,tp Botljiyell, And a- inuscd hacself With the pleasures of .the'chasel'T- Thb names of some of the -vlillBgos bpPtifihei'oafi ara.odd enough.. Onaof IhentiS'callcdiGolcltid- jjeanj/, and aaCth.er Hohmitifi. The latte)^ Is |i «rcnt place for .smugglers, .and probably deriveid its name’from the T'tentity of ardiiAt'spiriti Mt^i lauded^aPd swallowed, ,•: B,y the timiD w e ha».i jjseachcd the village of Ayton the people began to ana ncMy full,' Aeentury or tw6 ago, her ^fiVfind spienfoitt oMhe iFhbk^^ .niiglft hnye lighted the borderera totheir‘pre<^' Sfiproaeh appq^'Hlikfe a» %m'eh basgu0.eby;, a # a lt?lo#,iW e slept fipon cl^^^^^^^^ - «,a mmr8.tom to th»neurto«m. t h e .n W e u r tErbeddpf the fatigupS of kind of homily Wdfle>geing. to bedv A‘t ,iUi early'hourtho nofit rhorhingopr .journey tovpijrds Edidburgh wag resumed, Thfiday was pleasant', apd oimrded fis 'a fsirOppprtutiity.p.fi ■yiefiihg'the country fit Elaht and, Alid Lolhfan,; cprnp rising, it i4.a4fi»ththm<dtejpa|pd!BHll3irfil # - : trjctrn.-ScfitInpd, Our ohsiryationsfurnishedifio; ^ »roun#for do.Ubtmg .the correctness p f thig eu- A\ it w: certaihiy.a',fertilej; yfelbeultivatfid; ' ,ttM bfeautjfiilipebp'fty, fillhough in ifily; dpipiop thfilfibxBpaps’us: deciiiedly inCerioar to .thaf’ of Jldglan't. ■ Tceqf'la# test frequent, .•.Rpdp'»fe..ho .WheregeCn ifi thb?p .luknriantcppsies, which add so ra'd'cb the m'ore southern pnws .cf'^he isl^d'f Ths hpiiS'es :iire seldom em- bdwerklf ■Ar-pfuaniented With. shnibbefy and flo wersj,1ike. -flie J2,i}»li§h', cottages. Kea'rly all ifie bil^p-ihgcfii^e substantially'constr.uete.d of- gtoiie, fwitV red Hied fools, andd'estitutp of every spa-, cies'bt ornamdfit, f he fields bear (he; m arkpof :a‘Scffite e.ha-'.eKact.tillage,'\while'- (he stacks: ,of mciraAord hny, fifty lofasbtty' of which j,ate fre- pflotitly aashin agrodp,,proye-.thntthe- soitabuo- fiifibf - j-TKe gMcs. wero'elo'hdl'ess,*^'thl w-’ippt vdpw.n irt. uTJ JW? gl,ory,,fhrftS(twg higghTfieh'-beamslnpon hi|ls, pn ■which Ed&bfll’gh is B.eated.' We eniero^ .AncTryhiciv' afordsfi.distinct,but dHtgihlyfiew fir oth-cr' portiousq.-Wbich fWillmot sa-wel,| fienf' fi- ;cl03a.ex,ntnin^(ip.h^; sifter makingfilfdfio dey? fign(mi|rhrn}yt>hthway, whoro^eyfi? & t £ y l ^ r d s tl^ laSurs of tfie fiu^bnndman,' -Tarhipaseem to be-t» thVourife^crbp, khd I was fivirpiufed idf the rehitivo propoflioa of Jandfip- ptpprlstted (o' this vegetable., fledges and fer(ce3 Arfinpt SQ;,nunieroUe..as iii-England. . Tor, mijesf the. TP^adSo'nietimB.s. passes .tliiiougfi-fihlds entirely :un;gnnf<lcdv and yqt crpivned Wilh a boup.tiful ‘haffiest. ' ■ ^ ‘ ^ ’ ; : 'Tbclflrst part otour ride ip the morning afford- :etl fib figrecahlc excepliort to the above remark, thattl)e;-;eoun,tryds -destitplfi pf trees; for it fex-. tcp^stl .sQyGrui^D^il^s thFou^ti a, yista ixfjhills 5, p- .jpeni^g upottr-the sea, olpthed to their sunimits; Witk a hsafy ‘growth o f timber, not unlike the Arnerican forests. TWO or three .dingles w|re :alsp parcel, ,vrhmh ar.e finely Wooded.. Butthese, UMBtsnees 'are'rare. ^^11 the timber haS been planted;, TuSd much attention is noW paid-to (his branch ,<of .agrmulture,. The fape of the country' •has been greatly improved wilhia n few years,— ibr. Johnson states, in his Tour to (h« tlebrides, tllathe fohnd'but one treeiiH he reached St. An-lreWs. In the pofiise of the forpnoon, -We haJ a -fine yle-sv pC.Bfiss Bpcfc, near thecapeof the Frith of Forth. It is, one of the most picturesque objects A)png-(he rpad. rhising its head four hundred feet above the leyei'of the fieh, -with which ills girt, being'insplatedfi and stisadhlg at some distanee, iVoni ^tliG sl^otG*^ - Its< chftlfey^si^GSi sg € sd pin cl of lilue fiprizori boofldc^ by the o- cean, gave it the appljafanee of a cloufi,'for Whieh itwsfi.atfirst takerii' Beyond it»the shores of Fifeshire, nn the apposite Aide of the Forth, could barely be discerned, .Before oUr ^arrival fit .Edlnbaigh,,however, they efime so. fu'lly in ^Ight, that the fortresses a t the entrance of (bq Trith,AnS‘ the buildingfialong lire coast could be, distiQetly^seeDi.• ■ ■ , ^ : A pleasaniride of fourteentniles Brought us to' I)«nbar, a large‘town situate fipoh the German Ocean. Tho interval required for changing^ pOst-chaisesi ahdfihifling our,baggage,.was, em­ ployed'ly us in walking h alf a mile to look at the be.huillnaa, ■woHcfiPtake, andtQb'eefihibitcd as a panpEamsi-hefieuid' ijotihqye made:manjrimi provcini,f,nts’^pofi thgtone,'-which' has sprung up at df-ffexent perioii?! by commqp consent:-- Th? umhimitywith which unsightly buildings .*IfiHrbfiA'tF''exc]^qd0fi, adorned w|th works of art, la'iddfiefi Remarkable. In the older patvslitCh tfie're'.^flcted'Ceptfiri^^^^^ tigo,.little' re- g a r i f i w a f i t e architectural, beauty, and it is alnroBt a miTqcle that interest and con-i^ venicneo sho,uldh.aVesc uniformly coincidsd irith taste. ,p ThVsymm.etfiry qf'then'e# town isless Singular,‘, sitke. a fiouncil composed of judicious fihdxntelligept men .ejEercise a.fiontrolling ihflti- enfie, Hfid'PtP’mpil the iutermlxtUte: of xnean .fiqiiditigs, . . . ..,- . , p.u( I -nin«;;^tterapting a, desctiptipii of Fdra- .burgh almost before it has been entered, fis- cending Blo-wly^ by the nqw road, which, was made by the govermfleat a.t an immense expense over the brow of Gallon IKll, the declivity of Wbieii required in some places a terrace of eighty land aiid Scotland, ilere black Agnes, Countess of March performed some signal, exploits} hers Eiing BaloH Was defeated, and ,GrAmwell :acfiieve,d a; signal yiotory. The ruin is most ro- maatlcmlly seated upon.a cliff, projecting into the sew, It was naturally^moreAhan half a fortress,\ and the.a.r.tificial additions of the same ihaterials areBhblended;^ a? to rendeHre^Iinesfioi separa- tion scarcely percopUbl|. The rpoks are dark^^ browa sapd-stone,'ap,p^bntly discoloured by ago,! and 'dora into callerhS'by -the attrilioii of ths' •waVej, which'here roll With unbroken violence, and tniirmufibeneath tba- dirapidated arches.--i Several iypnUes lead to the water, uader the for­ tress, whiiqh rrses fifty feet above tlie surface.—;. Thfafi fiarlk; and. obscure' pass.ages-afford secure biding places for the boats of smugglers. Frag- ments. pf (he •walls and towers of the’Castle are yet staQdi»,g,.fi;6m, which sonic idea of its. extent' and strength inay be obtained.! , „ ^ la bur vide from p u n b ar to Haddington h dis- tance of eleven, miles, We Atiw on the left the remnsritof .Ilailes'.Gastlej which 1703 also a place of considerable impqrtanee. It is situated in a defip va)e,‘ find might apparently b6' battered do.wn with great easefiby cantidn planted oti the neigbouring hills, A.Httle.i village, four'miles, froiti tbe-roadi gave-birtb-to John Knox, the celel brated .refot-mer. Who '.tnay' be; considered the Crpmwrell of Scotland, fi Tbo house in which he ifas bora is yet statrding,*and it was a subject of regret that it could not^.be yisit'ed, without occa- sioaifl^ tod much delay. Haddingtoa is a large townfibilt eputains nothin;g particularly Worthy of t&ejfftaTOllejV attentifin'fifi^Ofufi.'^visit Was jimited tt> the iiine requisite fox’finding another post- chaise to take^ US to Bdifiburgh distant, seventeen ni'ilesl -i 4.' litUa, on t!ng'sidefif''liacldirigtdh, ^ w.e pass- ,ed through ( the sinall^yillage .'bf giadesmuir, whVre Dr. Robertson ..‘yrote b|s-histojr\y of Scot­ land. The scene of Ins IfiborioUs research aiid patiept industry,possesses some advantages and' atb.apt|ons .for aliterar,y mau. It^comittands fi lyiJe'.prWpectof tne,surc’oui)ding comdtrv, ,of the ivdifite of the Forth, abil. (he sBoret of Fifeshlre, But above.dll, the pqreAir afidThe rural quiet of tSie: yiitage ere fayourkble to (he prosecution of sudlipursuit?,,,. . -t'. ■ 'Timnsnt, a villagesgifie, mifes.further on, was fieldpf alessenyifiblo fame; And on the tight Cftheroad, Pres(ou’Pitp?,Rr,e‘visibl'e, Tlie'vil­ lage is seated Upon A declivity near the shore of the frith, Iie.te,Ctorawpir,.wbo like'N'apbleon .'appeared to pfissess the povver.,of .ubiquity, gnin- sd'anpfiier decisive Victory,: fimich cousnmmated .hisPUlitaty>a.dhiaVements,,and plfioedhim •upon .lbs tlirone, ,.-If wng a glorfous field for-a , battle, nfforili ng.a 'widy.qango of-Open country, and pro- sentHg ft,magnificcat prospect of natutal pbjects. This bhnks of the Fsk ; Abo bridge oyer whiob thij-bpeicii army mavcheu bti'd vyere fireduponhy Ibi^'Bhglish’fleet mooyed ibelow ; .Dalkeith, the innciSion of the Duke of BncclCUgb, neftr whictv tbfibaille of Pinkney ivws fought, andfit whfeb thn-'hiog ,resi<led' during his visit to Edinburgh in 18lil,mll‘poa.sesssome itjferest Snd might detain msiTonger, if Arthur’s Sefifi Sidi'sbury Crag, Calf .ton. Hill, and the tufreted city of the uoiih were aot'fil Ready4n View. . , • ‘ Passing the white ' an;l noatfivillage of Porto .Bfilo, Which wns commenced an^, named by a sailpf; the Barracks, wheto a regiment of troops the latley appears ft'otn tlie dome of St. Faulfii furnish nothing which cun be compared withfihe cQwjo d ’(Eii/ ,fToni ithebr,ow pf Galtofi Hill./AilPW’' obsexvatibn satisfied ug, tli|atEtlinb.nrgIi,.paTtf<)a,- larly thb mWdiRsbotipn.of ifi cannqt, with alhjta beafityfibe called: a'olean city. Its dirtiness is in sbmw degt'flpi owing to it? bottstxttbHph., fforci ...... j^jafiiib.ed olosglyiltis' |fiipo%lb jiof fofibe foi-oihly'sfrflok With tfie ifiag(»|®|cnc,e; 'thgtfit bclbhfedy aistihguished fropi: the •sfffioijndingJhQnses ; aiyd- as iv-d were net ye(ptifli- !c|ep.tly.;8.eqgiijia(ed witfi ((? foflatioh'tb selEOt. (he jnbst pligibie point of ol)s6rya.tion, fi«r pbjec,t yasi 'defeated. .' ' ’ ■ ' ’ sifi^id! '!’fb ^ b b m n g ;o f p h r a r « ^ my txayslfi.ex'tend'the:woria over, 'Kpthipg.can' fiesMtehm-a. great,number hf le t te r of-.inTro^ surpai-it n grandour or .beauty.j ‘.The .fo:si. da-CHhoywh^ glauc'4 rfinfibdeit ofifibfithepi tvhich (hc •M..w:to.g,ve:US. „Tom(jr great regret ibjps ^Ibmlitl: imhpdfiofifiFBibbou!has.tlrawn of; !9Ph as^rtm e d v tM tl^C ^ ^ ^ ^ “ the city-'ofIhe sevetr hills”* ia theage of An-: the ,Pqiyersi.tyand the. W ?,Scbpol,aa4foot gusinst ‘ '■ 'f*•: ■ , ■■..'■•'•• Hatiirp has fiiberally' cOntribqted her part, th protlfie^ this magbjfie»t If pdiA\ burgh, efluia hqfiunk (afi,,plain, or fivep'transfer­ red to tlie hank'sfif the ''Thames, half its,- spleji- dbur would ha.lq!'sf, intribsically fiiCh and shoWy .ag^arpitiodifices..- Tim hills oriiwhich 4t ^ zt , , i '1:1 i 8 « . , i i t e picthTesfige ■ summits, arid overlooking the to-wn from the east ; tli.e reo'!c on which the castle stands, towering' I0 (he heigfit of (Wo hundred feet, in the ruilist p f (he gity; the'deep ravities An, each :sidei in .'ivliieh a pfirt A/. the buildings are cradled ; the disfopt amphitheettre of mountains prOnnd ; nnd;t])e Pptth sprefifiing'a hyead and hrighteg- .paaseof.Waiex'.tothenQfthe cbnstitutepecti- . ji-drarij striking features iu the outlines of Ediu- , bmrgh. ! The;hanfi 0|-,prt fias. seize'd; u pen these '■natural aa.vaptfg?^,#4: •WreUgbt. Upon, the sable most ooaSed; lo'’ receive that ''appellation ■n i the ■northern; metfppelk,. so weH settled is (hpauther- ship of lha4%verly Nflvelfi, Mmi-FletChcr was atRoslin Gastle, and Mrs. ..Drentir}'the'ITigh- la.nds. But after all these dsdyetloi;s,fiii4many morOj'ietioUgh'of'Bdipbui-glr remaitliud tofiender put' visit,pXtremelyio'ter#tfng to ■« and to af- ford'O yeiW satisfaetpry view Cf-tiio town. .-.Thie mo.s.t eligible •tim.e, .hoWeyeif, for seeing if, is i n ' June vor .jandW'D'when the; jitera,ry pgtitntiUus are full; .and t'.hfi'CO.urts of law in#ssion! •• Having despatched our letters,We cptinmenaed a survey of (he town .by settifig oUt for Arthur’s Seat, a walk of three or four foites^ iricludiag the whole ,cir,eiut4*’ oidht to'pbtfiin WmorC distinct •view of the outlines of the cityfiak .'Wellas to letijoy the delightful scehery, •which this excur­ sion. affords. (Although,(he dcLy proved to be squally find at times unpleasaut, oufifatigue Was, amply compensated^ $alishury Ctfig b' a niost r6mhnfic'k“’hin. Ifsrfprtn fo -seisij-cirenhir and the impeiiding cl i p coiapoSedof naked arid riig- ged rocks, are in nianypiaoefi hundreds of feetdn height. ■ A narrow path, mipassable -with carria­ ges, and arduoua of ascent to the pe'dastriati, winds along the brow, u tthe .base of tlia belt'of cragsjandpr<pentibga't every step fi full ■Vie-vv •of thfi city as hfill as awideprospectofthe envirens. It may bo seBn/i om ,evc0 part of Edinburg' ’, and forms- aipeculiar 'anfl taost.mtereHihg featnre in its topography, bathing enri produco.fi gran­ der affect, than such a,, lofty, and, pielmesque ledge of rocks,tbolnfig. dp-yn/upon the tUmted eniitieuces belbw* At the .b’me of the king’s v-isit in 1822i a perk bfi attiliery and ii re­ giment o f troop's were planfodoh the s'aramti (hr er yne hfindred feet, wd'a/rived a l the head o.f iba;parpo?e,o.f firing a .salute. Pcinee-3{iToe% extending for '.mote; thani a mile in a parfectly'straightljiie til rough the liaavt of the city, .bordered by blocks of bfeautiful efiiiSces,,' and thronged wHh crowds' of well-dressed peoy pie. .Tbfife wap iroro truth than pofit in this epithet employed by bis majesty, to characterize the capital of the norlfi, wit®®’“.i l'?2l h e rode 'along Uiigfireeh ap.d.yiewiHg the assembled nml- 'titiidc on Calton iiill, exclaimed to one of his suits,‘^hoW sfipeFp!*’ A e5mpliineni from a kingi however'insipid, goes a great why in Eu­ rope, ami Ibe, two. .honied words -which dropped; from the lipsof his majesty have been embalm­ ed and pce,«orved.hy the topographers <,6'f Fdin- butgli for tbs benefit o f posterity. As 'mV fead- ors' are plain' republicariB, unaccustomed to dfa- covei any fieculiaRvirtUe in the oracular sayings of rpyalty,itwill be ue'ceSsary to ha a little more, explicit, to giyethem an idea of the magnificence of .this j.treet, . .. . , . _ . , :: The baildirigs here- as in othei; parts of the’ toirOtHre of light, toloufed stone; obtained from extbnsive quarries’ih ihe-viciiiity, ahd wrought; with tho TU mos( ex!wtnes'4; Ifo-w much shpedor botbia beauty anddutability'is this solid materi­ al, to tlis'patchfiyork ond; stue'eo o.f Begonf- strefifi in London;’ The richUsto'rdeps'and the fi­ nest proportiohsfiw Urchitcctiire are onser vedt‘( and- the new town of Ediiibul’gh is. Strictly.olassidal. Asthc expense of building ?ccorBing.to the; Lest modela is no greater-than id the ordinary, way, ' I the Scotch capital vvdrthy of imitation. Rad equal a.lteiltiOn beea'paid to the-bodstriiction of houses in Bfo8dway,riothingooUld have exceed­ ed it, in magnificence; for Bie Street itself ia on a Jarger scale, apd enjoys more advantages in point bf Tqpation, than any thing I have yet seen it Eurepei nbt even excepting the metropolis of the north, which, ha's aeqaired the'nume of-the mod­ ern Ailleiis, .',.1., • . ‘ . , , So.ateeq)_are. the/.aeclijdtie3 on which Edin- burgh stands,thatmAnyof thebuildjngs are four or five stories on oaeyide, arid eight or ten on the ntliOf. Of this'dOscriptioti is the Waterloo Ho- withindhe sphere of our observation ■Wbifo' tlte charges; ate cotiip'afatiyely low; - A few- beyond it, is the bridge, which Whs. .finishfed in Augds-t 1^19, and over ■wbich the .Prince''Saxe Coburgh was the first passengot, in his yhij to Edinbiirgli. The eyeni was deqmfid. of’ slifli- cient importance, tp he engra.v^n, ever an arch supported by Grecian pillars, in the centre of tho structure, ■ ' - ■ho.'JtioxT, After tea on the •R'vetiiiig of our .'arrival ill ihfs city,.we Walked (o the Castle, for the purprise,of listening to ti band of martial ntiusick attached to bridge, which connects the old and ne'tv town,-^ A similar one, on Ifa'a same street,!unites the lat'r ter with the southern section of the city. It wa'fi a striking novelty, to wqik over a long structure,,;pferfob.‘3 eighty o ra hundredfeet high, .Wi'thou( a drop of water beneath, ThO deep 'ravine, 'Where ther? used once to he a snValL lake, is now occupied by houses, In the night the bottom,could not he distinctly seen, and the lights below appeared like the reflection of those above from (hesurfacd of a river. A pefip from the parapet at.aUch ft Spectacle, and the notes of. bugles and Other mar Tlirifspell however whs in some desrree bxokenj by, extending our ytalk,.through High st,. k the old-part' of the town, Just at the hour when, an! bloclcedjj.,Up..,lha,mad ; and leaving the Port of .tbvfenirig .lUsU-ation was performing, and the p*j .Leith'on-me right, W'eflis'O'ehded the ma,gnifi:een't douts tvbiehbreathedIfound 'U’ere very far from, o’clock op being calestial. An artificial fdr'rfent’Tffsfifilg down the open gdttersj and emitting tho most! .... . - ---------- , ----------- - noxious effluvia, to Iha'annoyance o fjhe crowds'. WiWasSodfil Dublin flri'tl hpndoU, rich anfl beau^ of people' who ■‘.hrotiged the pavenionls, did not; tif«l;gs:thp fqrk^rcertainly k and.houQdbss as sphak mych in favour'of the police. Bwbiequsnt Be ;tb Hbly;:Roodi adistapceipf nearly. a injle, ‘V 'lef sFarA- -fiarrb'Wi'd9(k,find djrty|. wi#*hkiiiK 50 next Mo!rbipg, . ofi an esctirsiop tc>iBc tea for the benefit of the health Ot'his lady, iJeliovu* ven-imparted (p uskiUch •y.aTn.ablO informaUo;; teifiectingthe-present condition of the B tbfi lHigh Schbeh and the literary oifolk k\ Edufi ii biirgh, -The .capital ,ef the-narth waa 'peikajj kevet' kore floHxishing;^ nor morfeprotnkeai k (be great republlokoj letter?, tbufi at th? (present momenf, lA (ortanate.cpwb.kation ofeifeusj^ 'Vtance? bas;le,ditefhis fiscendanpy,. wHhb lmwe;W ^smof faotiti.o!Us,;nrid iiiherefore; nbtTikely tfi fp f thfi>phrpo»f'kf viewing the! min of Rply; /Roblf! Abbey under •sifoh .d light, a splendid dibv at London.; llttt 8;easonv(or,;tlkpfirpbifesufkedlth;r^^^^ afid pleasure,: Which the ‘rjeh sfiepery, pf/;ScQtknd ho­ ver'laiB tpajfend, even tohaHieiie’f t|ia country. Sir Walter Scott v/as .at Abbetsfprdjhis: seat Upon the Tweed, a distanoo of feky milbsti-,imt!Exlio-^ burgh. • A fine hugfat Doflstahlo’s: Was :qll font A WJoleht squall ef WraRand r a k dvertoolc tts iri the ascent, and compelled as.to.take. shelter an a dpgerted blaek-smi^bfighop, the ropf of ■whkh ■was.hot made to gUkd.again''8t sitch. a storm.' It wa,s; tho only b uilding in the vicinity, and there­ fore became a plane Af geu'erSl reffigo. In the course of a feiv-kkutes., a dozen persons of both sexes, were assembled-in the small s/mnfly, and :sieod huddled together, witliouts'peakirig a ■word, ,|ika (i floc^of shsep/ih; wlnLec. ;Som.A‘ three or fo'urlabtiutgrsi t.h,at.'no time might he lost, era- hracedthkoppartdmly fdopen their iwalletS. and fakAthek dinnerB,.while the rest of ns looked ■03. i, ■> ; r-' ' -1' . ; Vl'hen, the rkn, intermitted, tyu contiagedour Walii: and climbed^'to tho topmesj; rock 011 Ar-- thui’3 Seat, which ishetweeh eight and nine Iiun- clred:feet above ilie level; of f he Forth! The as­ cent was rSnderdd doubly arduous, by the quanti­ ty of rain kllen,;an(,lthe inud i t had •so' hfird\hpfifiihtlfe* summit of the hill, that Ons. harid'WRS cpriatafitly' employed id holdi;^ qU the h.?tgand the. other in grUBpi''\ ** erpg to 'guard a- gamsphekg blpfin, down. But.therakfopa time was clear, timt in Spite of these disadvantages. Wo Ahfa'ifierl'a. prelTy fair view of the nqfiierous oh- jsefo to he seen froin'thia eminence. ■ . _ ________ _ __ ___ __________ _ _ ____ ^ Tou look over Salisbury Crag, and traceths cafiriot buFthmk the•Outlines'f o Edmburghi as distinctly as if laid down upon a mUp. Beyond the city toWatds the= west the pomantick hi)l of Corstorphine tefmi-! nates the prospect, Tu the north and east, the- Frith of Forth, the shores of which are sprin- ■kled with towns and villages, stretches fioiri'.its junction with* the-German Ocean to the base ef the Grampian Hills. Ih tliif direfltion are also seen the distant tops Of tlio Ochil mountairij, so much admired .and so highly pmised by ,Sir IFal- lor Scott. To'wards tho south and south-avest, the Lammomuir* and Fenlland Hilla, thp liitter the scene o f ‘‘the* Gentle' Shepherd” of Allan Ramsay, terfoinate the view.; The environs of Edinburgh are nnt surpassed inbeau|y,hy tbecity multiplicity ,of objects, both khich it Tvere'tedious to de­ scribe. ' * , ‘ ' Another violent squall cempelled'us to destend into the Vale below, with all possibre despa-boh.’— Between Arthnr’sSeat arid Salisbiir.yprag,.4ljiqrc is a seqUekered, .rurahatid green retreat,* entirely reriio'ved from th'ehusf|e ej' the city, although it may be reached by a walk 6f fifteen or t-wenty minutes. It js occupied Os a : pasture fol'-:^henp,, ■which,are Seed the' verdant slopes pf the two bijig. . At the opening of the.vjalley (o- •wards thdFetth we vHteil theruins'of'St, A k thony’s-Ghapel, seated on thabroW of apresipice. The huildfi^' once had a steeple', ■jv'hSnce diguals averd m.ads ofWessela Ppining up the Frith .--i- Hear;byam.t!he.trace,sof a henriitage, aftdhiolow the rock, a sfi'kg ■which goe^ by the naine^ of St.’ the garrison. This prornerirtde led Us Avef tlfo'\Anthohy’s well, thkwa.tety'&f^W''7rtgh'^i^fe!^ posed to p^sskS miratHilous 'Virbfes. T t ’^-wiifi a pp3sdi4j;tq‘mqtiktkwhat At^^^ tiiu picturosqui Itfag Which oVefhUng the kadr'ed 'Well hfis Ikeh'brolcen in'pieces, and thb shefitn: that issuefi fkta it dhoahed' Up with the frfig- menk. ' \ ‘ : 'Tti our'Way; back to the hotel, we passed lliveugh the-paik, which is a faveorite proinenai|e ■Svith’ (tho eitifieris-/'Al' Edinburgh, aitlwugh Jf'-lks’ /hfeetf.Tately* k ■ sOiae measulNe su titil inStkmebts teverbefaiiog through _ thd pfo'sedhd'hjr^.lfib'fihlir'Tiis of Calton Hill.. It h a't- toWn, imparted to theflCciH an air,, offindiant-! -hioheiT to Bbly Rood, as is aWq the -whOle of the ment. • ■IgrdUrid^ip.pujfiklby-Aithkk.BeatahdSulishnry Crag.'' TilUy cOhstitfitS a ' k k d of asylufi, to which-'the'debtor'may ifek ?ftd he free fi'ojn ar­ rest. In 'the tiVeiilng, the late Rector of the ■ High Sehooi, and.’at pfkeht,’?rofessor of Humanity ifiilfO'XJhiydfsity, hOflOpreLlris ivilha visit fff'an hour at oar lecrgihgs,‘’yspr|saing a'-vegret, that a long Vacation in ths litefory irtstitOtions would deprive us of nnkPPp#“By of seoftig thorn to advautage, and th'A't he -ivqvto leave town ■’jj?. '•■■I b # ¥ , s s ; ' s ; b . ' TO W ,4i. . audit wpttl'd.be extrem.ciy diificuU for a-pekotiF who has ndfleme pretensions ejf tfaekind, to fi'iult p a ^ p r t tAgoodS.phiky. Tho topteks okbrnfeedk' the last leotute before sotrio .scie^tifijl^insdtqtio'n. : themeriis of the klil.nbTel hr poem^,whi.chhjis.isJ’ m e i fiok thefiress,&cg.foikb to balls, rp'tttes, ahdthe ordioMy akke's mppits. It ;jB, trite, this literary eq^tskstori^ ihgs o flklks'l butfio'ohe.paadfiqbh^ oral tepdenpy is •salufnry.,. *4, * ■ . Although *be bco|ch k?,ye ,|qp,gj.hAep,.mspjenth ■ fink andliteifiry .pSopfe, triekflueudti'pfi thO -E.- dinburgh ReyieW, the wri(mg3<%f Sir Waite? 36ot.t,.lhekm«ltaneous:appearfince'oi olher'puk : limttifina pf merit,, and the efforts;of CpAstablefij a hbok-seller, have giyeri a n.e.W, ikpphaIo',the h'ierary circles, and contributed iibekll|iAqhs' proud' reputation, which Edinburgh aFpresent erij,oys. Hei university and ether Akdred Insfi! tutioAs are ail ftilly-and k her 'lehipjadf I:eftro.i in.g,- theftsands'' of/youth/ 'urA- daiJy--kn,dergQing;‘ that rigid ■s'ystem .pf. difolphne, an(| ac^ujviiig those stores of olaSsical'hiio-wlpdge,,,•which WilF prepare* them to'sustain the\prj3entfiha.VnCtCt; 'X)f the oi tv; 'The': High Rchool has 'pfoved Ia:b,e3i( .iafltitutition !of s'uch uh.doubt'ed..'iitility,. th‘af a- fiother, large: buildihg of'(hA. some,ak.criptknk'. AA tv .’going HP Ctt Caltotv Hill, 80.(1 ■wilbapofi Be ' ■cokple.fod, ' /,; ■ • ' ■■■.'' ;• . ,, . .,1 1 '1 '•f . / ,! /■ /■! i ■f' i Vanced age^and iive'ry infirm Afkoid;^iAlthtrgh the vigour .-and a enteness -eT his mtelleck'.ronjaiit nuitnpaired.. Ho k assiduouslyr engaged' in preparingn third volume of Esgaya-forpTablcatien, ivhich it is hoped he ;hmy live to ehrnpjete, It^ 1,* was mentioned to us that hfi has ffequpuUy ex. pkssed not leSS surprise thakg!^’|illcatiQn,Hfth?, number of hi? bpokk-Which Ikve. beori rtepririted' and so’d in the-United, $tates-v ■His.Tfi.epcl too seemed a little astonished^AAdM-assareiVthat-the Philosopohy of tho Mind had been successfully kttoduced into some of our boarding schoClsj and , 'that I had heardclasses of yoling ladies, sustain a , .creditable examination m the '(netaphysicks of SfoWfirh ^ ^ 'f i ; '' . ' The kinfiness. and liberality of our new and learned acqUnintanee, redouble^ tlifiTOgret, that circumstances Would not a( present-permit nato enjoy more of his society; •jUa:fatiiiliarity with every part o,fScolland.waa. Of great ackicp te fij. He was so obliging,, a*, to take thqmap of the countty,find trace OUt tb§ several rbufOs, desig? anting’ orrfiaeh the ohjetSts most worthy o f pat. ticular notice: /ByTh^e/attefiik'fi^^^^ yiir friends at EdtUburgh,'we 'asceVtaihed'what •was to be seen at almost every mile of otir subsequent tour,. . enjoyingtoo thsrhenefifo pfdfeeirWemfCtka on the relative interest atid imppHapegof jse:n|g, wlueh avere aboutt'o be visited. .1 - . ’ a. i t V A R I E T t . 1 ,*<u . ' _ \ awe , «? hote ’ ' C h a rles Bannister^/’;fti|if went one n ight into, iffiepo th ree surgeons Were'pre^e3ntk,,^‘h® e n i^- ful accident a t the end of,tfiefif refit f’ cjdenU lyhnt is it ?lsaid,.efl,ch\of! Ihe'k ir - geonsrenGhingthoir hat?and cane.s, ‘‘Why a gen tlepiftn, in crossing that terrible pj'fice at theyhnd o f the's!tre.ei:,; ]iafl^.pBt o u t .his Jeg.’ T h is Was qM fte-'enough: .a steepk chasfe ensued, and in ten noinutesTthey^-aU ;| returned ' b reathless; ‘T h e r e U he aoci- dfint!-*^Wc cannot find an y o n c 'l-^ T J k ,rohn has'he,en.' rem o v ed|''-v-hiirst a t oxieff ■ | fro m ' t h e disappointed: doctors, ‘T^hy, probably, (said, ;0 h a r les;) th e man re* m o v ed' hbiSelC ‘G h , thuHs atopossihlo, w h e re the leg was.<brQken.* ‘ A* leg Ren I’ returned Bauhistep,-. t w h a „ he'a%), but yourselves, any thing brfffceu leg.?k-'I saidfagentlernauTAorbi's^^ nel, had jiuf'Aix .lfsg-b«f,;an(ThoW the devil pan a man cross n kehbel without T REMARKiVBXB 1NS,TAN.GE Ok nfSTISTGT. ■!. “ I'write ;fbis»T :Sii^ 5 t>r. Rpktuitflp, in a letter t,o hia friend; “ at tho hottorb of a lofty mountain calle’dCfipe’Cotnotib, whose ■lAfty’head'*seems4p7pWrhiltfg^r8''has&T--- The birds which biiild'llie peadqlpus n'ests are 'here'humfit'o^us; !^t ..hj^ht* each*of theib little habitafions are iigbted bp., p.s if tosee cbihpany'; th§/saggcicks' little bird fasterus a bit-pro 1 Sy‘tftihe to*p of the nest, find then picksrupnrfire.fly, and slicks it on the lop to illumine the dwelling, which eonStsts-of two ro.oms.. ‘Stifeie(irne.S ihero are thf.ee o.rfour Sredlies- ancM-heir blaze of light jn the litlle''c.ell^oaz 2 :lea the*'eyes of the b-ats, which often kill the young bijcds.^’ . . . • -*~r*—- , The number of Jails in England alone, under local jurisdiction, is ■ 140 . Tho 'hiiautiful fountain rbVt by'lhAIrfdbrg'eqce ort^^^^^^ . o f, .pe;rs 0 n<j who - pgse through hSAbarous anddvVa’ato'Q propensity'them annually, is about 8006 , In .several ^ ‘ ' ' thche is no eireclunlseparation of the es’. In the greater part, the si.ck arc fict Ae;parated from, others. The jails, for vvnnt.of separation, inspection tlnd instruc­ tion,' ate so many estabikhmrnts for ibe growth of crime. Lord Bacon .says,, “ .a’ certain English­ man who useil to to”be esefe/ssiverykidept sen, h.ad liis usual nausep prfiye:atod by wearing n *bi)g of saffron at thb lower re- groii O'f his stomach.” A.^iilk worn), let it feed upon W'h-it L;ff it may, cousumo- in ks< than thiity dijT not le/s than 60 .'.'CO ti'a.’fi its priiiiiLv-e rveiglif. P R O P E R T Y O F U N I V E R S I T Y O F R O C H E S T E R ORIGINAL ST. AIMED

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