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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, April 26, 1826, Image 2

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ter a getn *so v a laablf, fpr tJealU eternal;? T h e p f ic e is never*-ending \V3?9thi and can ypu withstiind the angpr pf the Almighty T Ah I w h o can tell ih harronrs 1*---*-Go Ua-s .ten at the d p o r o f the pit, to thatdkng«n|^^^^^ ere the doer Qt’ mercy close upon yoh for poviods and glaoeMness' of piannet. §oqg3it to gain the fWvoat of hwheatOM by offering Nothing -which eoald notpwsthe. severest Berutiny of the critieJi of while stthesani® time hatUtUe wns.preseMed to fatigpe of; eichAnst Wm jearohedfor OeptK and'vigour pf|argnme«h or iorce of'mnstfatioii. ^In thP hppofifeiaireohpn from which J^oston was^fecn,... 1... , xu_ ii- wore then ohahgea: for th*s?;0 tYO|)dphfashe»-'^,i?i°^f<(v:M^ V.'; T A J i l E T Y . Al-d'fe^alpnhe’s attachm^ ory of his ‘j|ttheE was so gr that he car' rted abUut .with hit»i Wherever he went, „ihe jhnedehS hair Wh??sb^,Whe^ -his h^j«l ,af^r hdf-ddhna^ .-Ih ie.a iih'pase, ahdhiWays, ac'dhmpan«§4 him . i'a'^ts ■ f.arrih|e>- harp cphlcd -^hr^^a < h # \ it,^ W5«iL<hindcent, i f opt ?v ths officednhhfe’ gift 'of MmhOliAev ,iVitl},;lN; arri^tetl him> t 0 C)k,:lnln toBlthyijR.toioagah^^ pjghf,pf ffhpe«siaff;plftres of |•0pea3ihilit;y -phson ;anA;reo#fi th^ ^ hif ;puhHclf coaiidonQej,aJlW*Pattanity ^ toniahment, he Was tol(}|^at althoggli the. attan-' tinnatehuebm idtd^aW h erv and itnpPse<i.-<5qmmec!C5e»t)w his’eiiccer-- At;the;^tseh^h^ hhri WAierr^^Wed ahe ' Go'rp'sfe iaa giassc#e, ' Geihre her death shte’ovrnth it 'rWaf Raid, ahoye' rpuR ' hitEih |et^ r e v Whi^*>s{id';di^^ , mp^^tfWr:^hnds>;'vy!th tut iiiliihchph'tp: iis if G:pinm^t%ntedlahe^^^^^^^ M in heyhslf-in the th e helehrateh physjqiah,. ' ^fidnhh his dMfh'hed, fert'lfis; eWn pftlse. propriety of making'Ae iadt'yjduat abcopatahle' 'feitoWs, eh■Ips’Way,to-Bailavia!,'mt^eWt-. '.In himsolf.is'distegaiAei by, hi xSalrflm C^he*. tempts, fo; escape,, ahd'-opdc eiffieay.oared to kill rents. Slit ail ipiminv ife.had hhead.yA'een.ttted,: himself by holding h|s . breath pntii the,, hfopd and*, found wantiQg.,nncl t;he 4 yn mtelr ;gU^he. 4 ffQttr pose, hnt h*a w'a? 4 iseovereff is ligeht.aadhchpeqple stSod '3 uW.^yhfsed;ia 8 se.asoo, tp: prevent hhiA< 18 ikSv Hh had .affont of theeffprts.pf a few pat:tizan§> '' Baiy'after day, timth deca.yhd*,. arid, ppe ■prOjepfing forward j-~so. thja chdmhlw of thepeopteis Aeard to te^stthe ha^ *' 4lhaginiiilgtllhi%& oh*h VTsiC to OQh'of;;the'state,..ashing from the han'^.pf tljeir, feprci ^Alled thh Intel .'the jpatient has heeWhicd, ■;hrfd 4 tehnghtl 4 ^-b^^^^ puhged-^fje is '''fh W^dqfc;h)me nMr-hB. A^alhchfe^ivies yirWlQStyia^nthd'^vhr^ ^‘hy t,hg.ihjudiciohs nSehf ^ ‘'thci'hi^h feijuires a ttbhcbhteiils .ofi thii gafi6n|imdtb:edihef4tW^ aff- ■'tlsbptrGhswf ■'' h;* ^ ‘i -/■*. • \: j i ,,/'-wfiDSB’shA'ys‘ArRi3h ^■e^!t$28,;.4v, .Master,: pfid 'IlHxOlponWl S;?4ifCJE9,^^ r /.%he'offiefe ot>hSi’jsd g 0 '.of cohnty having *, ':iecdme'iPftdanf;hyihe.r^^^^ of the former ^ -;; 3 acomhent,:thh Wovernour, Qnthepe(mm“ ®d(]a- \ *64 ‘4 phtdaffiy amhng themOshfespyctahte-c^^ 1iiaf ihe craniy^nom^^ Breh^a,'Esq,- for* that '‘464 pf'.tda'ny amhng the mOsbfespyctahte-c^^ the ccih4y^nOminaiedP Bfemsoar'Esq,- for* that plsoc;'wMch’im ^ .wa3;rejpcteii by the Se- M e lai^ fe Wdtetksnavby a v : 4 e y 15 to. IS. . ^ i e ^ t i n g ^ of 'pub- lillcfc^O^riUy nptbim.self ah ....^ g p i^ tioT the oifeoe,- 'ahd'tbat.fforAvfrpr six ' .'■* height pi the <i63<)ttiQrl fitPaiu \VGsjpt i * . %«»««Vv(«. > 4 l 4 -A*^tti#tan-(a o/\ Ar%n&ii*lir»t'ai^ 4 4 -K«if m. fvnidtf il^ftAiio.A Marblehead.; The WindoWs;Wcic of 4m4l'giS«fr ?mr HPb» the enemy!\-^ .setin,Jead,:fi-ames, ln.l?54ftfnde.i;WAnt» roBgh 'rspalri # sfagy-Was. i S S i S S I P S : s s i i i i i i i i i t f e ' (iowri to tbe reality hi Aobef sense 4fld ckim re-. fail to produce coolne^ jhdg^pb% ^ h e f^:tp;^^ ^ S S S l S a ^ S asanminmoml '■ . . , ................................. {wiSq. bmps w p u i4 a |ito ,|tal4,bf Inc4tiv&'aadlm.p0rtant,:o(|fi4'soh^^ ■©xpife4m'^'pe^’fccf to E s ■hwa beeu,^9regar^^^^ dW o/-^beir advocates 1 worth? petuaL,' . rn'IcQnnexion ' A - * flie last^WiwJaaal, the” — ^ spectat(m.wa.s soon.reran4Ad by hisboi4eTCns Vq- M o. . dferatiarismhd./trlsfcy :miitteritigs, pF the;-^^ .Raw eggs, says the‘American Fhrmer, given 4 el frbWthe Bbipwbre 3 ’?~lle t'o 0 .has w to sheep or cattle which have been ppispned by ,th« bf p®B'^lAVfavour, Upless fpunr eating lauiel or iyy leaves, y ill effect a spCgdy dbduponfotegr|tyahd a virtudpsdevotion to the cure, , 1 ’he do§e is. 0 Qe.f 6 ij, a'*sheep and four for •jSubHch.welfare.. i^or Vices wE.ch,justly, deprive, a cow, They caU be administered. 1^ simply a citizen of,M.conhtehance'and sup^^^ thu breakiagthe sbel'l and sRpping jtha,yolk .and as qomin.uaity^.he 'WftS' bUidatciy s'ected ifrora office much of-the -whitfr as isij)takicabR 'fhie and j t ..'yas ;'lmped'Uhat the eleotots. of 4 s oWn' amm.al‘S throat,—UPrsn, ■ . county Would nojon^r oarage publRicnipralm: • %ci^p^-phmcs.-i^I^ Citjzen'bfMaine,'Mr. Daniel .by again makmgbinatheir:reprmentati.ve,-^ Me^^^^^ Th^y- thought eftborivisei and’ this lad ^ expew^ gislature 6f that slateTComplaihing o f the .use of .raent has deprived b p of .^ery teiniuiiihg .pre^ technical and latih phidsea ia the statttim,, and «nce tbdheirfeonffapce. On fpper ceccasmns, prayih^ i‘that a plain trabslatioh of the same success-h&s genbtally. attended hia sohcmes of le- may bfe Wade.anai iippend^d to the next volume of gislatiqn, .The charm hp disappeared. The . ^ s tliat shall^b^^^ . ;Tbe Wife of ahaefeeny coachman,-in hgadon, ic4«ly sold hirbusbandh bp^y for four g vv*,.-* . . , ' •'f-' . RAfM ;DRf 'I , ■ oN,,gH-iB'.KRiu,MUbBAAiCFn^^^^ ■ ■\ '' Qshij'.Af* On salywasufactutfedin this smtbi^r ton. . peripd? . • . OA Ongypsuixi, th^|im'^\®’^' pftlih state, pei| tonper.mpB 4 l ^ i r s i » AOAlSSSIffg. I r t l i l R tf .us^es anpQhpoe J l . io the publiclf, that ; itJfe A c a d e i^ will be V,,; . ‘ Bd if^der the; euperinten- d^hee Af ]®r^S 4 rE,fmi), as preceptAr, o’b MphdaR,, ;pf May,at thgir AcaAe|b>*: ^RdiQtpfeoesai' .the , f re^byteipiaiu ^ h h M h .'\ . ' :4;j^dFpi4i§.hl 4ultiei\us ■Erinevly ibthU 1^ ** !, Dp brick and liiufestctie, stone unwroMght, , 'clay,, Carthi Eacned -ashes,, pifuiumf a»d iron,dre,,pef mupermh^ '■ ; D5 Da hpusohfeldfu'ruitur A per ton .per inilc !■ 0 0afur'and,pgltcy,,pOr tPa 'per milb A O 0n,CPttim,,.iter ten.par ■ , I d Ofli- pot U^'li - pig kgn per tcUi per mite •,^' .FA Qn timber squar^d4hd‘ruu404f :C.waed ... iri,hunh nnd scows, pec ‘ IQO solid feet ’ ;, pejr.mile ' ;■, , , -\ * ...- .'■ .Jt A A . v%^.' Ap|»teK^hA mTadtpisslAp tA^y i>fe ;^dd ip ^l)*e; pTcdeptpppd eitbeu hf tliu trusEeg, '^^jardjenpjyh-e'J^Qpr&y mile. ' ■'-, ■ r Ottdtffyes arid' tieading^ per ten, per mill’ ■2,-,0\ -I- pleas, in .England, ha’f fecently d'ecideU, 4bat 4,4 salq-'of p'ropefty.at vendue, theselldr could ho,t wMgU ho^tnityugu&t Whatwn^ a persw te bid/br u n M rft)uf'hranch% the great sy3tem;oF.|nternal im- jprovemenk ,A^he caliscf Ahis„ppp^^^^^^ ^ ^ S S f e t S be J^gm J^uS. T h isl -a decision of nosmalMmpbrtanc.fl j an.dus Worthy of.beiDgkmo.-Wn here, as -Well: as-iji Dicat Britain. We belieye such sales; are frequently made; and- s s s r s s s i : m m m \ ‘ “ ■ .which Upuld (mil to4ne aid the murder n f Gliarles A inan crossing thRbridge of-Pont Neuf, at. Ihe^RemUd ffs aa illustration of-the dangers df Paris with.4 bag of money, drepped it in the' popular licentiQuiaess/^ ; . ■ *. . ; Seine. Spma4ivefs pr€setit, pit^;Hg. his distress, . Such is the charuotcr 'and fate of s feWof Rie plunged in the tiverj .afid, aftiir several efforts, membors of this bddyi. We might draw other brought up abox containihg 12,000 francs in gold portraits, and this 'W^ b ^ay yet r.esainie at 'some which had lieeii lost forify years, and also the bag faVUre^eri^, atpresent W.e .arcadmvmsbed, that Of silver, all of which they shared diis frjieVd; to sufSi. Mihame to'bA4^^ «»e-uf*— *3 ..regards biim thefdfbte the.qEt5*^ hfhu- N enectlies W» .feiled. The inconvehiepce .which ..jfeu*Tbbllck3inR;4i|fef^^ l4e lyaht of 4 First ^.Judge^iA.4b' be; regretted. The. rqjietion was ;: We ‘ ■avc i doubt Iml-aiarge bihjonty of the pitizens * baytlgiii'-w'bttld have b ^ n pleased with the up.,; ■if-is, time? to, ask What have'this Ifegislatute dOne-toadva^ce the interests of thisjiatet what to pfotooterEe great •'tnd readlag Cbjects o f 6ui 'poii.”y ' f ■' : i ;;’Tbeffifstremaik that bpcurst .0 thoBioR.supec- 4 c i4 bbmtVer, itthMithe pfiDPipal aubjicts of legiiiaUqn have been (if a private and FOoal na­ ture.*' 'Paehundred ahasmdayfh'a-v^^ been spent, prlpeipmiy imtheefaetion and'divisipiiof towns, ilshed on the.‘0:th M atch ,T 8 Sl; 5 ' f e to , - he,,charged,, Iffic isame i f transported , , in rafts perVeh per mile ',- . 1 0 d o boardst.plank, and scantling, reduced' '* ‘ ■o t inCll'measitre, and allsidingjjhthnnd ’ ^ other sawed stofflassthan dhe ihch tbipk ,'perpli.feet .per mBe, if.ponvoycd .id- ' boats or scows ' 1 0 The- same if ttansporfe'd iii rafts, per lyf* permile . ' ' 2 0 Gn .ebin’gles if eonyeyed in'Beats, per n . per.inUe , ‘ ‘ A 2 The samp i f in rafts p er at,pet- mile 0 4 Gh. split posts and' rails foj- fancing per iir. ■, permile. ' ■ ■ ; ■ • : ■' d p T h s samedf in afafts, :pcr ji. per mile '- 8 0 'Gn wood ferfuel (ei^ceptingsucbes roaT^ ' ■ ' be used in’ the niana'facUu’e , o f sajit,, ’ ' Which sbmi b.e-exempt ircm .loll)-per; .;- ' cord per. mils i f iu boa’ts . ' .,''' lO Fhe samqdf tr,ati?ported' in rafls,. percord '••par mile . ’.' ‘ 3 0 ■On hoop poles and s p li|jath p 4 ton .per mile • .',;*;A, , / -OS' Gh hoate.taade, and used ebieilR for' the . timnspcrtation o f property, per mile . 2 0 On all prlticlcj not enumerated passing towards tide-water per ton pe^ mile.' ' l o On all agricultural\ prodqotions of the stale hot particularly specified per ton per mile. ' ■- . “ ,q 5 On boats used chiefly for the transporta­ tion of persons (excepting ott the junc­ tion canal) west pftftifca 15 ’cents per ■ mile, and' east of y tica 2Q ccais- per mile--'pr-;S-.p^r mile. on. the boat, and 4 mills per mile on each, passengef a t jh e f election of the proprietovs : providing ' they render such .satlsfaCtory:.accdunts of the nuraiber of passengers as may be required ; and -make such election when ’ their boats cdnimenco business , for the-seas.en. - On boats of tlieabove desoription which pass on the junction canal, j and which are not connected ^with regular Hnes.of boats foe the ttansportationbf, passen^ gers oH the. p rie and .Champlain canals, , ’ per mile .. ’ . 50 0 On each passenger trapspoJ'tcd in freight boats and oirer 12 yeiars of age, per mile 0 2 Qrder^^Ji that hereafter the above rates of toll be charge-I and collected, on the Erie, Charaplain and Junction canals. SAMUEL TOTJ-RG. JdENRY SEY.MOiJE, WM. C. BGUClt. * u S f , p m 8 P S W B » , • ■■}. g : ^ BQ S D , , ■■ * ,: -. V •■ ■>' v.:\ ■ ' AKA ■ *:• . ; ■;. A;lV{g-lUCAK A T f l- E H M tM . ; .yp, Ciyqt lA, 1826 . ' ■ ■ h ' ‘ ■ doK'Tiiiit-s'l.':.;.'.' ■ - M6WJ:y,“ -'Jlw Grotto > of the HeaR.---PaVt,i „ Town and Qo.qati’y Clevgymbn, (ConcZa 4 d.) . V - . .CorreVyjoizdem-e.-'-iLatters from Londpn.^*Np;;l;. jPoefrV-'r^BP MaA'in-c G irl--by lanthis;, % ^ Bridalv'Dirgrei The Mporish War Song-, ' The'Ydung'|n-4inH4Spng:. ' . .. . ■ Ortgiml The Garret C teb.-^R o W . ^ ^ z l ’mrwF.'-'Chafl^ 'Broekaeh Rro’ivh dudhir Work'3.rf-rt), y i, Authorof W averly; q;aptaiii dobm 01 § 4 rns''aymm' 43 -^ Awome-from-upde? tfe*> jAltavTtpnb|e-.a4q.nglhe'Insee:^a;- -ExtramfriDiii' an oid Ani'ea-ieaA johraah. •* ' . dA'sceZf(t»-«(>mt-~The lattleaf of ifie Forest,-r ; A.FragMvrrtj -iDttellmgi ' . ; ■-ofe;-R i o,f certain Individuals, -while the general and pa­ ramount interests of Ihe state have b’eon passed over' ahd n%lectiecl. In confirmation of this,- we refer to,the list.of acts, and to the apoontradic- dfid assertion, of th©Tapt,'by n meinbgx ip each of : thdtVVA .houses.,-. Ih Onb horUso partionlarly, it •W-ai broidly Asserted, that pb bill in Which the publick were concenhed, had passed thelbgisla- '.fure ffatil within about a fortnight before the conclusion of the session. Ape the. representa- iives-of the pediplfe,;thui to be degraded tb the ! representatives of torvus andihsignificliatsections of ^ 0 cbbhtry? .'Are the .; cardinal anterems of .hhoWledge,internal 3inprbv6ment,pablic^ mor­ als and publick jWtIce to be sacrificed at the shr,ir\eof local jealhusies and private views ? If BO,^ tkepi-incible of representative government has been.pnlirelymistaien, and its boasted sUperiori- ty^ven all other jSySteins, is but ah empty and ,X6flSdm Iti iLp,aavoidabV4: that, the.-;t«oJW|^Fof - / ffidpuja^hkoitempht nffd the oppoxtn’uitjwMchis ' If,;'Sl,e TltAlfsiT‘'6^^ f.-^Tbe^okciallaboucsof the iegl.sIatUtG .of - \1iav« at; ,ceaseft, ajii WilK, the -iermina-, tion of it<: political existchceVhas'terminated Qib ■' ■' pdiiticat’imppitande'-abd ekhtence bL.many;iw46 ->‘^S.(M9rameUcM:with b%h* hop^sthd flattering proaf Iqpemto.alLtebspira io jephe the pabifcki;should . mffietilheV throw to.'the .surfsoc! those Who are ' *' ■wHoflylAlnfil fet the’ dutibS of .their stations.-—. /SwehTadiVlduala are no'moh.er#ap,ed ': .aM'qmef.'exafeise* of their dutie^., tfiaii their de- ., , Iciepciea ato madb tettbifeht. -nlLiko, the products ■ <of. the ItOt-befi,*- they -.kre brought forthAtid- roar­ ed by the Uhniatural warmth-fif pputieal or party tfoUtests.'un.dho's'Op-iieRls thislfwIthdraWni,- than . . th'a rank pM e^uriPuy plants are .seen jo wither ^anddrsaTpear. Ahb 6 i|gh iff,some, instances, We ‘ sed that we object off tfiat aoCPiftit td thO operafion of the sytlem. k is right that sUch Biould be its ' effset—it is generally'retributive justice, that, -ra$h ambition should be check&Ij. thaf the tin- nr.4clp.led views of courting sycophants’ or the' ' ' vain nxpectatioris of bloated Vanity ,4ould be ' nsipo^dh hofi defeatod. It servea--;at once to de- moh4Vat(i..a«d fix 4 e true value of the cohtei-- .-feit apd genaiageoin. jThe mau'oF intagrityand . taisuts is madU ;nqrQC<4spiouPUs.aad iiseful by H id eontra?! that; is’ presented, and true merit ohines forth-more brightly by the shine operation •which exposes.the eUiptinfas and fttlsehood of ■he t base' pretender; ' . ,, 1 , Spell, te tlio necessary effect of our republican instiimiotoi andibb legislature of 1826,certaiiiry dyes not ’ form .ati exception. At-its'opening dlici'e Appeaitfed fQinOwbo Were •.about to com- 'toeiti'ce'.theft .careen. 'Borne whOj-yvith forlunes made desperate by-iccent defeats^ Rore anxious, to retrieve their losses ,?ind sVill acquire the epnse- qtienCC and.rstnk which hn Indignant people bad ■refused to award thetn, TogetbernW-ithl, these were a/eim -vyboffiad uft^ufiy cstnblished a repu­ tation which the vici33itude3;-of party could not, ,roach, .mixod with a far gremfer proportion 'o.f that baesr-sort, whof neither wished hCr expected any thing iiiglier than the gttiti Which the station is supposed to ensure. ,. Among the new aspirants for distinction, might .fovseen tlvc young advoesate, Wlio with polished secuirely fexinded Upon' the broad and irnperisha- ble bakes of publicg^interest and equ al rights.— S6 trusting and belieTing, We.are npt alarmed at this temporary derelictlbn of dut;^, Which is to be regarded tatber as att.,objeCl to warn, than as an object of fear. . . ' , • : ' . In farther illuslmtion of tfie fact above stated, we shall- pdrWcUlnrize .a rafiety of subjects of deep;.and oommanding:interest;Which have been neglected, This however,; we are obliged . to postpone to another Occasion',-4-(2h i t ionlirtufid^ ■ —-gs-— * Wonders o f ike AficraScope>—-The And®rsonian Society of,Glasgo-w has purchased'from M. Dol- lancl.tkejlargest mlar miproscopC that optician has ever Conqtrucled. The first trial of this .superb' instrument disclosed some.W'orfderful phenomena. Hundreds of insects''-vverc discovered edvout-ing the body of aand scores,bad Jived luxu­ riously for seVe'riil months on the leg of a moth. — 'rhesC' animalcules .were miiguified so as to ap- •psnr nine' inches long, thbif actual size being somewhat -less than the fourteenth hundredth part of an inch. The mineral kingdom afforded aaolhejs.diSpl-ayof brilliant objects: their crys- .laliization, and tHe splendour .of their colouring, exceed,any thing the mostlively imagination Can. possibly conceive. 'fpirlLlts 6 f sUif.-T^The following extraordinary fact lias lately COtae to our knowledge. ' A plan­ ter in this^vicinityha-d keen forsomo years afilic- ted with a Wen on his neck, which grew so large as tnbe Very inconvenient and . distressing., Af- ter.tryanga number df remedies he Was advised by pue Of his neighbours tb -Wash'it two or three times a day witlt strong saR water (water in which salt had been dissolved.) .Re did so, and to hisgreat relief-anclcomfort, the yeag^radually decreased iri size and finally disappeared.—f2a- leigh Registeir. .An old meetinghouse of the First Church in Salem, has been entirely depaoMshed,—-The -whole * In France, lately, a Widbw voluntarily paid to the 'pid; creditors of fier late htisbaiid’s father, ■jvhif they Ios| by receiving pky of hifn in assign- 4.S (national paper mch 0 y | which depreciate,d in •Value-^nhd .also-the it^srest on the. same.' The assignats were not only alegal tender- but persona were punishafalefor refusing them. Accounts from Botany Bay to'Sept.,18, state that a tribe of 'natives.have beep discovered at a distance of four or five hundred miles from the English sottlemeni, who afe ‘‘ white, in complex­ ion, clothed in skin, and superiour to allthena'i lives of NOvV Hollaudl’ 1 , Counterfeit notes on the Bank of Virginia of the denomination of $20 are in circulation.— .They me of the, letter B..anfl dqted the 25th March, 1822* Ray able^ in Richmond to R. Wil­ cox* ■The -.engravingdnferiolur to the’genuine ones, and the figures^adly made.—jPeZOrsburg-A InMligencef- , . , Sui¥(nder bf Callm .—^By an arrival at Balti­ more, from, Colombiai official advices have been received of the capitulatloa and surrender of the - . l A f f i S s p i s Ii(f in Brutffs, .on ■'^hfirkday tbe 20 tU jnsR b y lh§ E e v . J. S. Ijougli, Mr. C or - NEnius YotJisru, to Miss .H an B ah f-iAMii- ton ,-all of Brutus, ' 3 u c t ^ tt® W s H irtf,r CUMMlNGiS, HILLIARD & CO. (hosToK,)’ ■ , tiiii-te^f Stgiejs- X 0 . 2 , vot.xv, (40PAGES 8 vo.) aPRiii 15, 1826 . GOjVTRJVm Reviews .—^The Cpristituition of 1776; White's History of a Voyage lO the China Sea. AfjscdZahy.—Philosophy of 'Langliagfr; Let- Sp’enislvgatnson of Callao, on the 23d January ters from afi American in Europe j Mythology of last, to the,Patriot forces under Gen.,Salon. A 'ivoolen factory has been burntin Montpelier, Vt. Three m.en went into the factory to save 1 the LithUnians. Original Poelrjj .—A Husband to his Wife, on the first anaiversary of their Marriage ; Lines p i ^ p e A ; : ^ 1 House;. Sabbath Ciiiical JVoficM.-^Blalie’s Biblical _ .Reader; The Edinburgh ReVievv, for ISfoveinbet, .1825; Deutsches Lesebuok fur Anfangef. ' /nfeZZigence.—En.gU4 Periodicals ; ’Greek Tra­ gedy; Recovered Works; The Game of Chess; Muinmieg of Animals; Unicorn; Poetiy ; Gi­ gantic}? Meteorological ^olian Harp; Division of Labour; Co.mstOok’s Mineralogy; Popular Songs;. Cambridge Graduates; Literature of the Rorth; Speculations in Wine. Ne-w Phiilicatioas. window, and Were sSverely injured by the fall- the other was Consumed in the building. Captain James RenshaW has been appointed to the coriimand of the naval station of Philadelphia in the place of capt. Briddle appointed to the command of the .American squadtop on the coast of Brazil. A .CD.-partnership -was formed in the printing business, on‘the 1st of April inst. between Da­ vid M., Day and Oran Follett, The “ Buffalo JoUjihal” .vVill hereafter be ’ conducted, by jDay & Follett* . , T|ift Fayetteville (N. D.) Observer, states that a gentleman of La-wrence^lte, .Montgomery cotintyj look during the last sDason, in one net, fourltesi Ivtindtetf and sevenly four putdriges ; fine sport this. , ‘ ' , Miss Andrews, of Cbiliicothe, Ohio, is the for- Uinate holder pf the |15,000' prize in the last Yew-York Literature -Lottery, class Yo. 2, drawn on the 5th ittst. In Hew-York. Head Athefor sate.-^A Mr. Walker advertises for sale, in a Washington.paper, that beautiful and fertile tract of land called Redd Ache, in Prince George’s county, Maryland. The New-York Evening Post sUys; “ We are desired to caution the pphlick against 5 dpllar counterfeit Geneva bank bills, as a number have recently beeii put in circjuladon.” The ticket Which drew the .^30,000 frize in the North Carolina Slate Lottery, remained un­ sold in the hands of Mr. R. I. Cogk, Post Master at Hillsborough. At a late n.ominatioa of town officers in Cana- joharie, N. Y, all the candidates vyefc named Van Alstine, There were iO grades of office.and 22 officers. Land in Buffalo, N. Y. bordering on the canal, formerly a mere quagmire, has recently been let on lea4 of ten years, for five and six dollars per foot. Cawhon.—-Noles.of the Dela'ware and Hudson Canal Bank, altered from ,1 to .5 dollar biUi are in circulation. ■ A i p u r f t i l ' i t i S e j K a n u f a c t o r j ) . TH E SDBSGRteER Y j ^ O S l L D InrQxm 'tlie publick thutle j y ;is ,iphrfjing 04 the ,,iRandfa'ctuTiDg of vre^y exted 3 W^Iy» io of 4 wfe>lFh • i atxd, -frppQ. his long expeti- ■ence In tile t?h&ine?s, Roes not hesitate lo say thata*fciettef.,asS 9 rtmen,t fif ‘ ' ■ R l P L E S , j y r c . s R i . T l T O - W H W G - T I I C I S , has neV^r %een offered' te Those w1sMng,to puFchaae^ny the Si , bove articles hfe assiired that they are of 1 the* best materials; anil|\ all orders fOT repairs in his line pf bush. nesx, will jaAjpramplly’ attended to,.iMj ■woi:ka^aEilrl{& i^anner. • His Rrtces aVe ^ low: as its Albany of NdW^fYorlt,; and |i| ,RlF^ES :(W^ vTiin\^ated t o ihit/ee inonilts!^\ >Tb facilitate the sale e f his worlc' he laS j app.Qialed tbc .followifig agefits: 'A'. Siu.*: Buffalo,,33401, lF4i;a.iNE,r0sw$gQ^ wbp ot furnisiied'xfttb extensiveb'ssortmdnts. N . ; 33^- Hte Laslremoved his stand to tlie Silvefstiai® Shop of Messrs” .-^hk’ms fe Clark,.* ’op|>Qsite - -Holt fe'Catt® Hold, •where all ©rders iti bis liiio Will bfithank' fully Tecd-ved; and punctually attended to. O ^ H i 0 e..‘,(|qmpattieS, wisbipg to be cbmpletelyeonipped, wiltdo well to call* ' 3HUGH McCLAtLEK\. Av,bi\fn^ B p r ii -12, 1826.-^’’'47<f. ■ l i A f S O k r i o E x r o x z c J B . - .... A H A U S l U i S S the subject d| received at the ■Free Pres^ Ojfioe, where ihb work ma-y at all times be seen. W XiLlLI^jk 0OOl> ' 'j■N^’6HJV^$ the p.ilblick thfttlie coiltinue^.hiB tuhiiioai t^q X doors oast af liudeon’s-Hotol) wlicre hbinaniifactures and repairs Gilt, 1?ler, Marttol, .Toilette nad Muhogany Xrtrtking’- Gla^fiod i nhd framed 'Etlnbroidety,P6rtrait|.MinuitarOj Prohlcji and PieturCB ia Cilt or iRrahogofi/ Knuncs, liOoking-GJiig^s boxed for sa/o aoaveyailce. 0ilt Frames miwi616 wash WitlieaiinJilT^ to thd gilding. Mdrtfliants. can te iarnifih^^ at die KfeW-York wholesale prices. Curriers* Glas.s SlickptaTornadovel^.y loxr. Ho also kcoBs glilSrti aml.fflazGs Pan Liijhta _ Free MasQUrfi will be* delivered I))' Mr- Tertius § . Clark > o f thC/Tb^ologicalfe- tiitnary, at Cbfip'^^ Hall, oft-Ttiesdayeve- Ring, Wltay 2d, at 6 o’etod?. •'. ' ' 0:1^“ liieipbetfs, o f different Lodges, citizeos, axe respectfully invited to kltead- • .T^BEbfE p IC t,.d?m fiiry Mubam^ B p n l i 7 j J8td.-’-“47 Bw*. ■ m L A D E p P R I B , ' . * CR . .' ■ ■ T X Z B 3 l k 4 l A . : ; B X ! r B A 0 ^ ’ filH A T -T e ihC tly so, jiisUy X ' t o tb'O, cure of Rheumatisms, &c. just received and for s’ule by S'TKEL,. COOK &- Co. .Agents, auburn , J m i r t r y ^ , 1826.—- ’3.3. By orietoj the. fionovrablt Enos f . Throop, ^ qitire, one of ike Circuit Judges of Ills stalt ? MioA'kjfH' ■ ' ^ O r i e E is hereby given to all tbf i . ^ creditors of Solomon Tlbbils, o Br\tttis, io the County o f Cayuga, an insok Vent debtot, to shew cause if any tl'®)' have, before the said Judge, at bis office in the village of Auburn, in the coudj of Cayuga, on the twelfth day of Maj •next i»t tOBi o f the clock.in the forenoon o that day* wily un assignment of thesan insolvent’s estate should not be madeftf the benelltof all his'ereditors apd his’peD' son b e exeitipted from imprisonment, pot- suant to llae let entiled, “ An act to abol ish iiuprisurimcut for debt in certain c<l ses,” passed April 7 th, 1819,—^Dated 18tr Mpreb, PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ’■( -1 ■1 »} ORIGINAL STAINED

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