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THE ROCHESTER TEEEGRAPH. f I1 |: ; ^ W 0 Q £ ® K o . 4 0 5 - ] »' T O ^ S R A Y , 4 , 1 8 2 6 . » A M r ■: , ■ FOR'TWO d o l l a r s PE R AHlflJM, Ar THB. At^B. PlgBouNTO- i \ * M a e 4 M s d t o s S o iV e - E f \■• T N fllO i)tJ0T I O 5 f I t o EJSrOLISH ■fe|:^©^)i?--(St.ereoty^ :' ' , ;., • _ JN'cwiSditipnt Contaipingj Alie .%st; Eules o f Apitlitnctick- ■ o r f e e k e t B6ctojrter;w:....,by. Eawfird Doyle.,; A O ^tiiplv wjltlB aisppSed o f Co the 'jn>'ade, pttlifaemVtcrnis,- . ,; ’ ‘ , ; Rochester, lifercb 28, 5w32 I. r' P A © S ® r fr i H G l i h p of’Packet Boats ‘between Scheii- ,JL ectacly ahdDulfalo ^ylll be riro tho.eo^ saing season by the Dticii aail Sebeaectady Packet Boat company, and the Brie Canal ■PacketBoatcontpmy in connection.' ^ TtVO ljiTJiES will be run between Utica and Schenectady., T ltE MORflTUG DINE jvill leaWC Seben- ctjtady a t Ij o’clock A., M. and tJtiBa at 8 o’- blbclc A. M.,- ' ’ ’T 'IE EVpNIND LINE, wilUea-ye Schen-, detady at'*? d’clock. P. H'D and Utica on, tbe airivalofthe western Packet Uoat^ at about 8 O’clock P. M.-r^nll running through in 24 trouts. . - , / , . O T ^ LINEwillheTun between Utica and RuEilo, leavingUtica at eycaing- or» the'arri­ val ol the eastern paeftet Boats, about T o’- cTockP. Nit. and Buffalo afS o’clock A., lyT. atnd running through in 72 hours.' , Stages will he always in readirte^ to re­ ceive and carry passengers between Schenec- kadyand, Aikunj or Troy on the arrival of the .Steam apd P acket Boats , at those plgces res- pecliyeiy^ and also at such points on the canal a i mUy accommodate passengers passing to and from the principal Villages situated off the linc o fit. ■ ' . . Utica, jHarch 24,1828, . ! - ■ , ‘ ' 8wS2 S i m l u m o N L ,r j V J E i A s iT B .Tfi^Mibseribers having connected theni- JA selves in |he forwarding business, will on P)Q opening e f the navigation, start a line o f Boats for Freight and Passengers, ou the Erie Canal. All orders will h e promptly attended to, and patronage thankfully received. M E E C H & TflAYER. ' Albany, March 15,'1826. 31-tf V ; iS E W t ^ o o D s , ' - l^j^HE subscribers have removed tlieir stock of G qq J s two doors north of their old stand, in CarroU-street, where' they have just receive'),' and are now opening, JlRICR Sf SFLTNDm JISSOBTMENT OF ■DR-ST . <a-,OOSJS &. qK .tSC2S-RR.ir. friicy hare, nko, a larg'’' assortment o f G R OCERIES, S h O L E U I E JiNB S E t e l L . ■ In addition to, their former slock o f HAJID- WARB, the;/ have just received a vd^Jarge assortment o f v .- O T , ® S i E R ¥ , a 0 . & O . IVhich makes one o f the rnost complete assort­ ments ever ofiered in this placs. They have, also, just received a quantity of QP A ShPERTOB QUAhlTV., All of which will be sold us cheap as ever, at their MslnUiskcd Cheap C tsh Sto^e, Tlie pub- lick, with thtir old cuslbihers and as many ne;v ones as please, arc- most respectfully iri- Vited to call, and examine fpr thotinselves. SHETHAR& NOBLE. Bochester, Dec. 13,1825. tf-l8 B O l T I W G t C I O T H , 0 A* 0 OKSlfeKM'EKT. T S i n i i subscriber has lately received a A. CoN’fftOKililKKT oi- SUrEUlOll Btttjj) B o lthifl C loth, which lie is authorised to sell as low as can be purchased in the State. . THOMAS IvUiViPSH ALL. Podiestcr, Jan. I'T, I82S. 22lf If ■ BJr&rJSJH ^ JlMERtCAFT M P B E F O t X f D E E . * 1 ^ 4 iE . swliscrihers liHve reedyed a sup- ply ;of best EngUsli double and sin- §fc l»nUelb and a cop%nweniitom jlie ma- tiwilictitrers n “ Rdgers's Orting;e Counti/,'’'' aiiiii tlife- ^>‘Mcd Slme .Jl/Ws” -Rifle., POW- ' fiiUi Will Supply Si^3rch(ints <xftd oth- eit5 htthh l i n l pneeSi w a i , P itK I N & C O . August 1 5 ,1 5 ^ 5 . 72 ‘^'ustices Blanks for saW at this . Office. E»v'«riA«r: .0;Atl9lSlV, # WM, PllINGE, PROPRIETOR.' A GENTS, Rpchester, Monroe Up,,—who j^jL,:solicit orders for Shrubbery, .Ac, from this, extensive Botanical Gardten. Gatalogues .containing a liiLgf Upwards of 7,000 kinds pf Fs-ud, Fpresi, OmdmentaP, Flowering^ and Gfem Rpiise PLAJrTS,'and Bulhws and TuFerovs JIDOTU, Ac.;'together with a short treatise on their cultiyation’..- 7 can be had, gra­ tis, OJW F R S will hes received, post paid, and SF iliU B B E R r delivered, at the prices Which are’ mentioned in the catalogue, adding transportation and package. S.M .& J ..S. SMITH., Rochester, March 21,1826, • 3\v31 . A B B A S J O l l i C S i j T . IVr A T HAN JENKS ' t o this daj iqld and transferred all ftis interest in thd firm, of BUSBJ^BBB, IV tiA IA R T H ^ GOMPA-r JSrr, to BtrspsELr.. Tlie concerns of said ('ompany will he continued By WU- Fam Bmhhell and Lynictii IBilmarlh, who will.settle,, receive, and' pay, ajl demands in .anywise apberlainirig to tbelate firm. w i l l i a m BUSHNELL, , LYMAN WILMARTH, NATHAN JENKS. Bushnell’s- Basin, Marcii IT. 1826. 3w32 ' 't'he concern of the above estabilshmfcnt wdi be conductedv hereafter, under the firm o f Eo\* SaVe, ' jSgw Not S3. 3!R0V :d J m BO S T O N ■ ■ OCJHOONEll K f i N S L Y , I' W rt El AM Guojsipa, Magteri- yegalar traders, hetwe,en BQstoh‘!^ For freight or pateagfe, liavibg good acedrntpo-'i dations,, Apply in Tkov to T, R. BIGELOW; in, JJ qsto N, to BIGELOW, a BANGS v N o , 6 India-strcet, dr to tjib .Masters' pp koard.' B ige I j OW & B ArfOs will sell on Commission any Broducp thattn,Ay he shipped, to them, fCr whichliheraJ advances will he made in Troy. T. 5 . BIG|! eow wili be constantly reepiyi ipg lafgpspppUesof New-En^Hnd Rum.War^ fapted ptite., God aiid Scalp Fish, .And 'Mack-’ erel, Boston inspection. All of which will he sold on very reasonable terms. SViRkQeJCTE’S OFFICE, TP^oo'c T^oonc 'lltT • rfS Pino. . _ * i i'* ' i . - . ^ Seed, Green Peas, Beans, and i 7 . O. Pipe Staves,. P e h . 2 8 ,1826.. ‘ . 3)u30 8 1 A lfk D U s . MESS PORK, 2 Tons HAMS, sm perior quality. , BtrSfJMRLE^- WiLMARTnr. T o \ ) a e c t t ^ S w M f f . a p c\ b e g a t s . V ■ . . . . JVo. 54, Dock-rStreet, IjyRFAn OF, THE MUSEUM, ALBAMY, /n lO N T lN U E S to IHanufacture PLU G, \ y PIGTAIL, l a d i e s TtVIST, CA- V E m m , and PAPBR S O B iJ tO C O . Spanish, Orleans,,ctrfd common SRC&AXkS. Maccaba,] Rappee, and Scotch W inch be willsell atNew-York, .prices. STQnality JVatrented gobd.jr^ , _M arch,l826. 6m28 n p iH E sphscriher heg-3 leave to inform the JL .public tliat he intends closing l i s busi-’ n.esSat this place the ensuing spring, auffwithi that view now offers for sale, athis store in Garroll-street, nearly opposite E. Ely’s Lotte­ ry OSiQC, his STOCK on hand, Wlidlesaleyat K E R f R E D U C E D PRICES. The sfohk consists of the usual assortments of fresh DRy-G O O D$, GROCERIES, H a r d w a r e & CROCKERY, ' the whole or any part of which will be sold at an advance from: first cost barely sufficient to cover exnenies of transportation. 25tf i PETER MAGHER. A T t h e SIGM o f t h e Q lL P T E A - I m CH E S T . I S V £ I l ] ^ a i £ l M 3 & 0 O . A R e constantly opening moreNEwGoons, J~\- which are direct from New-York Auc­ tions....such as.... Cloths, Kerseymeres, Satinetts, Bai Ycs.) B\a\i\vels, in great variety; 7 T B .l 7 |i J K S of choice, fashionable OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, su p e r io r , b l a c k , b l u e , and assorted KtaUan Ii31. pieces silk and flag Hdkfs. y<i«' cotton Shirtings and Sheetings, and Caiidlewick; Together with a splendid assortment of Ker- seymei’CjCashorun, Merino and Fancy Silk SHAWLS, &DRESS HANDKERCHIEFS and a great as.sortinent o f Thread and Bobhinndl LACES, i^.e. 4-c. 7 3 Chests Hyson, Young Hy­ son, Gupowder, and Ilyson-skin T E A S, of a superior quality. Kegs TOBACCO, assorted qualities; with a general assortment of of every description, all o f Which will be sold at their usual well established nOw Piucfes.' •Rochester, Oct. 26, 1825. 12 JVOTiCE. A LL jrersons indebted to the late firm of i- V N .G O p D S E L L & Co. are cautioned not to pay bvet.tmy monies on any Accounts or Notes, in favour of said firm, to ROBERT SEDGiVICK, as he bas .violated the trust re­ posed in him in relation to the collection of the said Accounts, whicKhave been legally assigned to the subscribers, by WILLIAM HALL, one of the said firm, and duly author-' ised to make said assignment. H. ELY, G. .EVERNGHIM, Jr. By EDW ARD WARUAIVI. ' Rochester, Fob. 28tbv 1826, S t r a w ^i:an!$t)ottation. r i^ H E BfcamJVhiJi^q- ,SL iioh CompmyAme established a tine of Steam . Tpw Boats, or Frieght Barges, for the; transportation o f prop­ erty on the Hudson river, and,will commence business, on thedpening of the navigation, Boats of the first order will at all tiqies after thetirstpf April, be in yeadiness to receive property, near tlie.footof Statestreet,in Alba, n V, and ator ftear the Coenties slip, in Ne'>v- York. ' ■ ' Merchandise, produce, Horses, Cattle, Car­ riages,' and almost every description of Live Stock will be forwarded with safety And ex­ pedition. \ ■ i _ The adyantages of this mode o f transporta­ tion and the arrangements o f the company, are such, it is believed, as will secure a libe.ral share of paffion.age. Insurance will bo effected on property sent by this company, und Arrangements are made with.lines on the carial to forward property im­ mediately on its arrival Rom Albany. . Property will be received, and contracts made, by RfCHARD M’MICBAEL, on the Pier in front of State-st. Albany,and. bv A. VAN SANTVOORD, No. l 7 Coenties slip, cOcner of Pront,^t. New- York. , . ■ . 3m31 T 9 . 0 Y ^ # W T T A 3 removed his stock of d r u g s MEDlCIJfE, jto fhe.) Brick Store lately occupied’ .M-i-.k'-v:' ■' ..r.— r-T— mmrnK^' %' ‘H A tt, in MiU-st.j where,- SLOOP connexion with J. P, P atterson , under Moster.yrwill bp run the present seaso.b, as the drip o f ' ' . ' W t B 8 K « . f A T V t ! R S O H , they have added a general assortment of , GROCERIES, apd intend soon to make such further: addi­ tions an shall make their STOCK, both ih the, aiftSt Groce coraplete,--rC«sA Sfldes will be made at. very saiAi.1. auvan O es . O. E. GIBBS, J. P, PATTERSON. open at the aboYe hahied store, ' O. E, GIBBS. . Rochester, March 14,1826. 3 lt f F l^ H E Suhsprihers have made, arrange- JL meats for Freighting, the ensuing seA- Bon, with a line of ' - 1 P K E 1 B H T B O O T S , - ■TOWEn BV T H E STEAM-ROAT K r E W - L O K T B O N . This Line will be in readiness to receive freight on the opening of the Canal, and will consist of six substantial Freight Boats, of light draft of water. The New-Lomlon has a powerful Engine, which gives an assurance that the passages rvill bo made in about twen­ ty hours-J-leaving New-York on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Troy on Mondays and Fridays, taking two Freight Boats in tow each passage, which will leave at all times tiro Boats at Troy, and tivo at Coenties’ Slip, New-York, to receive freight. All freight by tills'Line, either for the West or North, will be immediately forwarded, on arrival at Troy, by good established lines of Canal Boats, to tlieir respective places o f destination, and country produce received direct on board. And forwarded, without delay, to New-York. The experience o f the past season gives to the pub- lick sufficient assurance o f the facility of this mode o f transportation, by which the currents, bars, and shoals are overcome, and the delive­ ry o f property is made.certain, at apoint seven miles above the termination of the Canal. The Subscribers deem it, only necessary' to mention this fact, leaving the puhlick to make tlieir own estimates of its advantages. RATTISON &HABT, Troy. S. H. HERRICK, K ’ew York. Troy, January 30,1826. 29tf N . B.— The Steam-Boat New-London is well furnished and fitted up for passengers, and will carry them at loiver rates than Boats that run for passengers only. F R E S H T E A S . & C . CHESTS (New) Skin Tea, 30 bbls. and half bbls. Mack­ erel, 2 0 do. do. do. M ess Shad, 30 bbls. Salmon, 200 lbs. Flotatit Indigo, 400 Pimento, 300 “ Pepper, 100 “ Cassia, ,iO \ Nutmegs, • 8000 Havana Segars, 6 Pipes Cognack Brandy, 8 do. old Holland and Point Gin, 5 hhds, St. Croix and W. £. Rum, 2 puncheons old Jamaica Spirits, 1st and 2d quality old Maderia Wine, in Casks and Botiles, PortjTeneriffe, Malaga, and Fayal Wines, 4 Tierces Rice, Stoughton. Bitters, H A R B W A & E ^ GvitleryJ SaddVef^ CaLi- net \yapes. fT^HE subscriber, late •P- of the firm ,of Jf'Vq- ser S; SheMen, has just Ippened L large and ex-' ienslye assortment of a O D D S , n the Hardware line, which he offers at prices that tvill . meet the expectation of alL Having mbde arrangements with a large and respectable House in Albany, who are 'receiving goods by almost every Packet from Liverpool, he will at all times have his stock complete. The following comprise a part, o f the articles now on hand : ? j- Tons' Sweedes and Russia Iron, do. English Iron, assorted, 2 « Baiid Iron, 1 « Horse Nail Rods, 1 American, English and Cast Steel 1 “ Cast Wing Gudgeons, 5 “ Hollow Ware, assorted, 100 sett Wagon and Cart Boxes, 40 Saw Mill and Cut Saws, 15 Saw Alill arid Clothiers^ Cranks, 6 Clothiers’ Screws, 20 Anvils and Vices, 1 cask Sad Irons,’ 1 “ Trace Chains, 1 “ Brass Kettles, 15 doz. ShoYels and Spades, 75 casks Cut Nails, Sd to 20d, , VYrought Nails 6d to'20d, together with a general assortment of Hardware & Gutlery, Stoyes, k,c. JAMES FRASER. Rochester^ July 25j 1825^ ___ _ 1 i p ’j p i ^;ii! 'Mi ’ ;' i' iil l tiliili k 11 ii!i: mm. R, BARTlil^n' |ias*retviQVhd td f ,y the second story o f thg Store occupied by 4 , iTMHRfS, Mill-street, khei’^^ for sale an extensive astortmeut of off the best terHJs-r->eitherhy , ‘ , W H O L E S A m D R m E M L , ' Cash paid fovPO.T And PEABD ASHf^a Rochester, M a r c h l3|l?26i . '' ’,31,' N E W A S A W r i t i l N ^ notice is hereby given, tjjatihoiburihess. w ill M fut«r||he conducted rin)di''thc film who have on hand at their store, nearly bpptf<*' site N-T. Rochester and splcpdidL assortment pf : mJIOYS(STA:PLE' ' \ JliavJnaavt, e r o e t v r » , , ' f f i M s g - W J i i a ■ ' ■' well selected .and unusually Cheap. FRANKLIN BEEWSTHR,, 25tf- GEO,T.BUSTWrCK:. m f j t H E subscribers having connected them- ■ R f f e b e s t e t T u O o k v n g - K l.a s s B U t r i n r A c v o E v . 1 I j s remtived directly op- JL posite the old $tand, BuffaWsU svhere may he had Gilt, Mantle, i^er Mahogauy,Toilet,' Svring Wing and Flain framed LoOkiag^GlAsses. Look*, iug ' ,Glass Plates, Gold Leafi'VBtetiJre FrameSj Reflectors for Shbp and iRoat Lamps, thick Glass for Mirrors, Szc.. fee. The above articles, are otfered at New-York Wholesale and Re­ tail prices, By JOHN H> THOMPSON, .. ^ ^ Rochester hiarch 6 ,1 8 2 6 ., 3m29 dissplved by file fieAtfiof .Mri 0^ BreWster, K o c K e s t f i i V i , O c . L , t , 1 S 2 5 . ■ TAK E NOTICE. ^ ^ P. ALLO O t^fform eH y ofthe firmfif M <* Smith'^AU<:dit,)pM EnENEZ.ER W atts , have formed aco-pafthership ju business,under the name and style of ' *' ’ , , AELCO T T & W ATTS, ‘ ' m tre H A R D W A R S R V S X N E R S t And also in ike Alamfaclure of mxXf Krsic Thesouthpartoftheold storeofSmith&All- ' cott, is occupied for a lI.m t n V . i l R E ST O R E . I r o n , S t e e l , li t t i l s , ,S;c. Tliey have now on hand a large and general assortment of lYsLYAwav’c , — together with— 40 tons, assorted Iron, 75 casks Nails, . ' 40 Anvils and Vices, 100 boxes Window Glass, 5 tons band and nail Rods, “ “ Sheet Iron, 1 “ Ssteel plated hoes, 15 “ assorted Hollow-Ware, 1 “ Iron Ware, 2 “ assorted .Steel, 60 Mill and Cut Saws, ■ys boxes Tin-Plate, • 10 Saw Mill Cranks,, Saw & Grist-Mill Irons always on hand, .if not, those to suite will be made to order., 100 dozen .Corn Brooms, 25 Shovels and Spades, 20 Potash Kettles, 30 Caldrons,^ 300 Baking Oven, Hall, Perenial, Frank­ lin, and Box Stores, of almost every patent in Use. , The old store o fE . Watts, is now occupied for and the manufacture o f Sheet Iron and Tin Ware. On hand -—50 casks best winter, summer, and. fall strained,sperm .Oil; 900 Lamps, o f al­ most Any k ind; Lamp W icks of all kinds now used ; 60 boxes first rate Codfish, put up for family’s u se; a general assortmentTin-Ware, .Stoves and Stove-Pipes; ode dozen copper Bugles, &c. fee. All the above articles will hesold at whole- At the abovementioned place can be had, at all times, C v Y o w n d a n d M i x e d T a i n t s , of all colours, Glass, Putty, Signs, Sashes, AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES usually found in a Paint Shop, --------- ALSO ---------- METAL FAN-SASHES, Pilled and Glazed, in the most permanent and fashionable style, on the shortest notice. N. B .—A m/thher of good. JOURJTEY- AIEJf PAIJTTERS, can have constant em­ ployment and liberal ivages, by applying im­ mediately as above. Rochester, Feb. 1, 1826. 25tf ^ _ selves witb-tb^v former foreman, Mr. John A. Sprague, in 'the above b r a n c h e s o f sale or retail, at fair prices,for cash or on short their business, would inform their friends and *’ * \\ the puhlick, that, they will he happy to attend to any J O B S lU ff T i m A B O I T B LZXH'E, that may offer, on as liberal and fair terms as any in the western country. They would likewise mentiop, that they intend, as hereto­ fore, to use none hut Pure Paints, Particular attention will be paid to, Boat and Llaziug. The business will, as heretofore, be carried on in the second story of their Store, No. 5, Buffalo-street, and will be conducted under the firrti of J 0 1 Z N A . S ? £ l A ^ t 7 S i & e 0 . S. M. fe J. S. SMITH. credit provided the security is good ''l^^Every description o f Castings done at their Furnace at sliort notice.—Cash for old Pot-Mettle. SIMEON P. ALLCOTT, lOlf , EBENEZER WATTS. WM. H . WARD, TTjr AS removed his GOODS to the new J l stone block east side o f Garroll-street, oppsslte E . Peck’s Book Store, wliere busi­ ness win in future be done by himself & L evi A. ~W ARD, under the firm of W R J . H . W A R S <& CO. —ivlio olFer for sale an extensive stock of- Groeevics, Crockev^ and H A R D W A R E , AT LOW PRTCES. ICF ALL Persons having unsettled accounts with VYra. H. W A R D , are requested to call immediately. FOR SALE AS ABOVE, a few Gross Patent Window Springs. Jan. 2. 1826. 20tf 03= LEVI WARD, Jr.’s Office, is in the Counfing-Rooin of the above Store. P I R E i r j l H E stable of the subscriber having been X destroyed by the late fire in this village, has compelled him to remove his H O U S E S very many additions; all i^ocljestw S t o t t , WHOLESALE 6,- R E T A IL. CHARLES J .H I L L , At the old stand of Leavitt^' Hilt, near the west 677/1 of the Bridge, X T AS just received from New-York, and J. .0. is now opening, a new and very exten­ sive stock of G O O D S , comprizing all the variety hitherto kept at this to another situated near the Court-House, where he will attend to all calls in hi.s line of business, and solicits his usual share o f puhlick patronage. N- B. My Books and Notes were not des­ troyed, which circumstance it ishoped willin. the fimt door Norfi. of the Batik on s S / i n Uie f i t ^ s S r S Mill-street, where his friends and the puhlick keepers may depend on being supplied. _________ . .. . _____ ^ with any of the above goods on as good • \B terms as they could biiy in Albany of Wm-, _ Fbr/d, adding only transportation. ^ SA M U E L SA W Y E R . ■ ! J EZRA PLATT. 1826. . tf27. \j.S T opening and for ,sale, at tlie lowest prices, a Very extensive assortment of hew Fashionable and Seasonable _ ■ and the puhlick, that he has opened an O h o i c e G f O C e H e s , & C r D c k e r y . Rochester, 28 June, ( 825. Doci. J . H AlOOTlOE t x ESPECTFULLY informs his friends J i V and the publick, that he has opened an office in' the. yellow brick block, nearly oppo­ site the Merchants’ Exchange, MilbStreet, where he will promotly attend to all calls m the line of bis profession. Rochester, Jan. 2, 1026* 21tf Also, 100 bbls. Salt, and 5000 Galis. Whitney’s best W HISKEY. S Gi ANDREWS. Rochester, Oct. 2.2, 1825. 9tf of w’bich have been purchased at the present exceeding low prices, and will be sold in large aUd small quantities, at a Very small ad­ vance for Cash and most kinds o f Produce, which will be received at as high prices in pt'oporlion to the p7'ices of Goods as at any for mer period. Dec. 5, 1825. 16 Just published ctnd f o r sale by E. PECJKj —Price 50 CmlS'T- r r i H E Improved POCKET REC.KOM- i E R , for Timber, Plank, Boards. .S om - Logs, Wages and Hoard — with an- explana­ tion o f each table ; to which is added, a List of the Principal Villages on theErie Canal, with the distance o f each from Albany, Utica, Ro­ chester and Buffalcr —By Edveapd Doyle. The above work will be found useful and convenient to persons dealing in Lumber, or to those who employ workmen for any purpose, as it will at all timies aFord a correct result, not readily acquired, by a hasty calculation. , Eochester, Dec. 2 6 , 1 825. 2o V V 1 T. C O F F B B H O R S E . r |> I I E subscriber tenders to the publick his X thanks for tli-cir past and solicits their future patronage, and a t the same lime pledg-* es liimsclf to use his utmost endeavours to merit it. D . M. BRISTOL. Rochester, 24th Novi 1825. 15 03\ N. B.—The Cofiee House is well pro­ vided with STABLING, notwithstanding re­ ports to Uic contrary. D. M. B. FOR SALE E V E . PECK, A L E t J H ^ , 4 ^ F different sizes, eleganlly bound, with V / handsome Vignette Title Pages—from 8 7 i to 1 60 cts. L adies ’ Pocket Books, Thi'ead Cases, Card Cases, Visiting Cards, Scissors, Penknives., Sic, &c,, of different sizes and prices. Rochester, March 13. 3w61 v b l l a g e ' ^ ' O F F E C E , In the 2(t story o f Brick Block, over B. Camp\ hellh Store, 75 Tillage Lots, 25 Pasture and \W ood Lots, are offered at private sale, by J. BISSELL* Rochester, June 6, ' 1 JO H N W. STRONG, T S this day receiving, 30 Boxes and J Bales, containing B R X g o o : d s , comprising a general and elegant assort­ ment, which,_ with an extensive supply of Groceries, Crockery, Hardware, Hollow Ware, Iron, Nails, Window Glask, dry andpick- led Fish, in barrels and half barrels, offered as low as cash will purchase tliem in any part of tlie state. AlsOj SOO.barrels Salt. %* Cash paid, as u.sual, for Pot and Pearl Ashes. Wheat, Pork, Timothy Seed, Flax Seed, Bees-Wax, Whiskey, &c. &c. Rochester, .Sept. 5,1S25, t(3 :L-£k'w PECK has j U8t printed, from the most X_4 • approved forms, and on a now and beauliM sm p l type, a complete assortment of aVVORNEY S’ BLANK S . — - ---- AI.SO -------- Blank Deeds, Leases, Mortga­ ges, &C. Rochester, Feh. 3 , 1 826. 26 PAIRS bilvir, Ptatfid and coni- SPECTACLES. Also, an additional supply of H(ILL'S PATE j Y T H M O E TRUSSES. . Foe sale at the Druggist Store of G, F i n ’CHCOCIL January 7 , IPiSB,; s v i v s e T ~ FEW Toni sooil BUTTER in Rolls, for sale by THOMAS KEMPSIIALL. lUarqB IS, 1826. 6w8U Rpehester, F eb, 1, ’lP26. i a m v n s r i v s , p i i b u s i s , fT n H E subscriber informs the people of X, Rochester and il8'vlcinity,-.thd,t he con-, ducts , CPHOESX'EBV in its various branches, und keeps constantly * for sale. Curtains made in the first style, Ma- ' trasses. Pillows, Cases,- lieets, Blankets, Counterpanes, Carpets fee- Matrasses front ^3, to ^2,50, matle in the best manner. N. B , Qld Matrasses left at this place iff passing, will be deltvercd when Bic boat re'- passes, washed, oyerhaqlcd, quilted and reluft- ed ot 25. cents each, or a t 3 8 cents if refilled. B E N J .W lL E . . Utica, La Fayette-st, near the Canal Oct. 15, 1825. ________ 1 ^ A e L ^ T T S S - W .aTTS, ■f ri oonoffidon wilh m Z T . If CUAFIJTl X. 'under the name ami style o f ' A ii:L c 0 i! * T .2 C A .iiZ 4 dk C O . ; have just completed, and is npwin successful opevation, a - CUPALO FKKNACE, and are- using the Lehigh Coal, for melting Iron. They will in a feiv days he prepared with patterns for castings for Flouring Milk* All lands of CASITMOS done to order, on short notice, and warranted to be of a good quality. OLD M E T A L wanted. a l l c d t T , h a l l & CO. Rochester, Dec. 13,1825. tf—17 j;'*w PROPERTY OP UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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