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I m m m w K . ■ 1 „ ^ C%api0, ^ 6 ‘i, htiye ffsotvecl .^ t o cel.eJ)^;^^ ttm a^nV i>is* ?qisflcy l 9 'hor the l^iptlsV *®ie ^h«if ilall^jxi t h e y i l l a ^ o f an|l ’ ndf&e ' to all i^eilhfefjptiqg;- «ttondHn.eois{Qara»!&|ry at $ <)*c jock; ’’’V JSX . • eUMMIMaS,- T O W A JO) ■ & ^ ■ ‘(oo'SfokV) ■ ■' I jSO. U, VOI.. IE?, 0 0 FACES 8yO.) MAIli’OH Ij ' , ,, c(?jv^mTs.^ . R eviews —A. Journal of% 'Jour Rrpuhd IJav waiWItsiUaii Opera— l. L’Amiinte I i^>i's.eEt.lr,AWT— ^The Principles of P;ditical Er I w*oiDy.--Si2. Du tie? on Im p o rk I ■ 'OftiuWAT* PoETiiY ----- Insp.mitipti^poiit)i?t^ l.^pog^^phe IJubWe and Ballopp-^Yaftity of- Euifthly' ri^ini^s.. •\> - > '' . C rjtica VI^ ote cES-'Niipole-on aaij k i Ofand Aaoiym B.osam—KictsJb''! tiiP iniproyemCftt 9f tllO. jieopOSt r’O^ tnoj(. discover so I Eatly Edacaiifiin,, -■'\- |:/kTErjjQEiTGE—Eoyal Society of Lttcirature ]0Katk&s pf ehe Philippine isjands-^Vafietfesp- ['JjijtofHewFabljoati'ons, ^ . • ■ \ DftevavyAEyferttserv^^ .. .:, ■ ^ [ ■ tKis ^ 1 jflllirjT O will ke IhelcruttK ee^t. j l t House, in MboCff, OR Wednesday, J i e Ihtb iiisi irntftediateiy after the iheeF I w ikf tbeGouBty Eible Society, .for the I krpose pt ioruaing a Sabbath-Schcol D- Ijfonfoc this epufaty:- . 0 lj wbo feelinter- J eited iu the cause of SabbathrSqbool in- |C I si^octioni especially tn of tbe Gos- p ■ I pel, are earnestly reqaestecl to attencl. ^ •^:0uWrt, March . K' N O T I C E ■ i Ip j L f . S E liS Q R S J R P E B T E b T O T IC B E S T A T E , '■. , ';,Q P ,T U E . t A T E ' :■ '. - >'■ :J): A V I : © /iL B i t i f . W lllllj'kbsoribera w ill itttead a t fjhe ipn JK. oCSitiieoa ^ o t t ,i n ^ hrbopsviile, ojd loaday the 27th <Tay o f March p e x tfto r e ­ vive payffiepts and Rettie accounts; with I k perspns'.r&debt 6 d to said estate. Gntil' iSai-diiie, SrERity ia aathori- ^torecfiLve paytoOflts ou thosedebts at le kills V-^ood WHirAT,: at six cerfts, I »d c 6 R % at three cedts luore thao the Jaarkfetprice, at the tim e of^ d elivery, will lle'tiien M r. Sperry, in ^ a y tp e n t.^ TOat o ther Country 1 ‘rodacu'wd^^ b e tii- Jhain p a y k e h t, may h e fcdowu by inquiry llfiltr. Sperry. : - ' ' I j | ^ Debts m u s tb e paid qr ek tled oy TW time,>T they ^vill b e p u t in suit,;, '■ m a r t ANN A W i %roopiville, m . , 25,. 1825.— 40 4t N.B. C ash vviV be paid by Mr.; Sperry [fora few huudred bushels of the best ta ity b f W H I E A ik ' ' i p i i f i l ' i K i A ' f l i t - iC'_ I p 'J i P i j J S ^ : 0 T H D iS # ^ d R i :D f R S ,\ • \O'AVlNtl kvoimekion in the.. FVMr J 3 . m m M s s , wader the fim of bay:e n'Yvv ik .kpiplete 'opefatioW,.^ thaif, i^urnace,; in the yillage qf AttbwiWfiiithe fear •Coq£ Cp.^.^Vonf, wbera thfey whl malfG; ■q cajtittgsefalFhiuAS’^meh.as; m c T o j ^ M t p i y m y , r 'fee, ( |k ’k ' '■' ■ i 1 tlentiheiycspdngs wiiVnot be swrpasged by any in the 5ve?fevb ebwhtry., / 7 hose wwntiW&;qaltings. will tlo jveil to oEUl and pxainine'fertheqselfei ‘ ;.:D3«^kal|^4sthig« werrawteR’tQ^Yile bfiwm.,. **’'ieast}h|3:m,a(le;tp order on.lhe’shortktnp,’. tiee. V • •'■ N. B. GI j D II^ o N taltieu ipMyiheht..' cmnmittee b f d ie hoard of G i^ W h e ir e k a b h ^ e n tlriiE iP O A T B i^^^^^ _ ^ ;j^eetofebflhei?uybga ehuhty k ' ■ \ Society,, wippld'giyk^^^^^ Jo-urned inceting cf'the'SoGiety lyi}! be h e ld at the CourbHpRsei-.ib Ahburp,,;o^^ Wed“. neaclaykhe ■ihtbuf'Ma f Itis vvitk much nputby prevailing;.^ the'G h rikian cotpmunity on ashbjectlhat stands §o u esr- !y allied to the best Infeercsts of kpclety.— The^Bible ,cause, is the cause both bfCi-od' and o f maa. ^ I'd© GOemdttee wouidKten, deidy Calfuponthe .mihi&ters ofthe* gospel, to’ awakCj'so far as their ihflUehceh^^^ a suitable attention to this 'Subject ip th e if respective cpngregalioiis. _ T b e y d e e l that little gmuhd o f hope rekafnS^ that IhUcb will be dpae, if the heralds of the everlast­ ing gospel'are dndiffercht' to this subject. The. necessities o f the, county are, eSteeedr iugly^ great. From a-Very imperfect sur­ vey it is quite clearly* ascerfained, that Tnore than a thous’and fiinailigs xntbis coun­ ty are destitute of the^.||ble,. and mostly, without the mean's o f oftainfng it.; ..and that another thousand; aFe'drstitute; who .i’^QUld be willing to purchase the Bible, at cost, if it could,be bfQUg^Vfitbin their reach.— Among onr readingpopulation, thereis,uot prohably more than diH Bible to every six or seven* readers. Facts like these can scarcely fail to awaken to effort every nian who takes an'interest in thew happiness of others, or is egneerned for the good of •community; and it is ardently hoped, that there will b e d general meeting o f all those who takean interest in th e Bible:cause, at t ie.time aboveinentioued-.- -Ministers are,Ih requested to read this notice in their re­ spective churches, on the next Sabbath, ( G - A l o u d C A L L 1 . . 0 3 \ i ' h t persons indebted to the siibscri- IBk. herfby hpnd, note, or book, will please to take notice,, that immediate pay ^ liaent is expected, and wlule announcirig Jilie melancholy fact, that pecuniary em- IfeassmeDts ‘‘ pressing thick and fast jBponJhinik 'heinust also add another, e, I dually lamentable, that be has waited on I hrn till .he can wait no longer. On this first day of the year, 1826 , he Ih® made a solemn prum k i to turn over s i feiv new leaves in many Import i;ne of which k n o t only ,to u?o all bv.vrul W honourable means to pay off lug- debts, Ibnt to cplieet them too, “ peaceably if he Itan, forcibly i f h e must.” This promise, |tttde afte? the most mature yqfleclion, he E ither cannot, dbre not, nOr will not vio- liate. To facilitate collections, he hereby |# r s to receive good merchantable wheat |itfive shillings', and corn at three shillings Ifet bushel on account, to be delivered R tliis- mills e n the SImneateleS Outlet. I , q . WALTER WEED. I iuhumi fetmeary 1, 18B6,— S^if, HE pffhsiir'i.ber offers for sale the following valuable property in th e village of B ru­ tus. It Consists of half n n a- cre of land, on .Which are a two-story dwelling-house, wjellBhished, a good shop, and convenient dat.honses. T h e build­ ings are new, and in goUd repair, and pf- er an elCgible situation for a merchant or meGhanickv Terms of payment made easy; atid the title gpod. If not sold before, the shop willbe to le t on the first day of April. ■ CHARLES YALE Briitits, y&miary 23, 1826.—^’36^*. e K O p U C B ' [COHVHS& ION B U S I N E S S irn H E subscriber has opened a GOM f j . ' MISSION STORE iri L m fs Basin, HewWoclc,fort!ie purpose of making sale of all kinds o f o o m T U r ^ M O i > r / c m From the experience he has had in the teess. (having been engageclin tbemos,: respectable houses in that line forsevera lears past) be flatters hituself that he wil Wablc to afford ev ery satisfaction that ra- ^id sales and prompt remittances can ac •Wtnplisb. ' . ■ . ■ te*^Tlie most liberal advances made at ilitncs bn COUNTRY PRGDtJCF. ■ j a g o b s h u m W a y . .Wtb-York, Feh. 1,1826— 39 3m. t SCHOOL «ASrDSOJCBl.Y EXECUTC-D, . f Ok SABE AT' THIS OFFICE. By order. of CommUtce, J.TOB F£pH SALE, l ^ T J V R .’P ; V 4 !)f.E F S & > V .R they,■ - ;sttictiy nit bfilik in theit' prc)[essic 9 i.r^;,'T^^ hpyib w foil f'Sek ofl/.furgicai ■ Ifi^ffuboents/ ,ppd-\wiR peffprni all ofierationd liecesshry, In -llie mo^t mMnr%findap.p.r^^^^^ tiqulac attehtiph pakl iq thq diseases l-qf the eye and ear,.;, For th'e aclvafilage,j c f mediQalstudbnt^’lh e y have a ry, anaterfiicfil prepatatigiis, ahfi:k;cher»k Cal apphratusv: to W;|nch tlfey paq'have am. [cess fifapy'time-; :'Hl&idefiis:’jslian ’pIstFbe] assisted in perfbripdhi many ^h^iclpl^ exfieriraents, , ^aying_:ibeen':fhprp«|hiy cgfivkcedqf the efrcapy bfpaedicatqd ynV pdfif ifi sen^g d|isa^ pepsid, cutahfio.iisv^^ EieffkaffSip,);/they Cohn;e<jtCd;witk : .Mburn-j i>Wory?'r qf thk.Jioi^umble -LntliXr Xcl^qUiHi ;0r$t’'jud^e of ‘Qdijir - 0ec{S.of iheqjoUMif of '■kn^ctt,'p'iiin$ellor, S h l^T O T lO lS ,m to: all the[ creditor's o f fioseph' W. Huffiin, o f Mentz, in fhe.eouhty .dfGayug^^^ afi IpsoL vent dehtgr, to Shew .'cpps e,';if any they bavq, bcfhrq thq^eaH jh(ige»atHolt k Gaf - ; tis’tavern:, in the'town o f Auburn, in the county df Ga.|'hga,, cq the fifth day ntja- pril nex;t,'at iwo o’clock ia tlie afternoon o f f but day, why an fissighmenthf thesaid insolvent’s, estate should n o f t>e made for the beneiit o f ajl Jhjs creditors, find his persbh be exempted frorii imprisofiinent,' pUrstiant to’the aqt.en.titled'*^ An act t o p .' holishimprisonmeat fo,r,debt in certain Cal.. ses,” passed 7th April, 1819.— Dated I4th February, 1:826.— 38 6w. .'' -ill,- i X F i n s r s ^ s '' cds/i o r >,rand'have {napke^ them so BOff as to ens.iire.Salel. Attjorig their slock, are finery ' ' SJSS. 2 .E; Oi^'-IiASr.ES.'TdB TAXES''-^ , '.aijr© „ ComptrfiZterV'Qi^ce,ktikny ,'1 ■. Jdnieclr^il, 1826) y N .act having th k d a y passed thele-t gislature, \postpoiiiog the sale of lands now advertised to he sold-Tor taxes, until the twenty;Jir6t dety of March: tiSvi, NOTICE .IS HEREBY GIVEN, - that the ComiptFCiler will, ■qaffhe sfiid i&'enty^Jlrst 4ay. of . Ma,rct nesxi, at 30\ o’' clock id'the foreupoW, ,at the capltolinthb city ofAlbany, cotnuience the sale of lands ^'advertised fpxTa.w^ fig, from day to clayi, fdllie'shall ^ fo r all arrears o f Taxes assessed preHous to the year- 1 B 22 . FirRTflER NOTICE IS GIVEN, that on the seventh day of March next, - at ten o’clock, in the forenoohf at the same plaoe,' he will cgmiiience ,selling:,lands ebarged iv ith arrears gf ; and will continue the sale froia day to day,; till he shall have sold for all arrears that shall then remain undischarged. ■35 W, L. MARCY, Cordptroller, RyeCAlhai i f f tt ha n m m ■ . f l l H E sqhsCriher wish,e,.s toTemind lus JL .customeh that on the 1 IthRay o f .AprHf fie djscontinfie| fiusi d: fipTp, that date;;: and for that pur^ ;ppee has opened vfih office in the second ■fitory ,gf(Groyer U 'tvunn’s' store':,fwhofe he will,hfi ;^eased fp,reee all those com fiernqfifi&i'early as possihje., - [ f . , O f those'vyhose accounts and hoteS“are .7»b:tt!^ptim;;he,klll expedtp^^^ m i ® A g E » : i M A N . B v q i f e rje[kN $ W E ,4iSQ jtrhhN rbr' BnA’cx, .PmiMEs, .ch0p,) ■■ Fall&:WlnfOt Ribbons, {soMt.eF$anQ ' ■ Thread fikes, gf a, su f epoHr q,U,lity 9 anAver -ty lQWi , , Bashmerg Hppg Sfiawls and.Hresa Hdkfs, Cassimere Shawls, b’3, fig’d, and plain, . , Ladies’ .Head D resses,. & white T?iliqoes,.(Kew- .Stylci)^ ;; -Tftwntoii two bine and ' blMe apd white-do, Cloths, vassiiheres, Safti'netkand .Flannels, perimrjurt’iclei) Scotch d'6,' Fig’d;Rattinet &L SaljS'^. bnryFlaanelv, ,D,afh-<hiiatz,;OMd iGreeu Bafies, ^*c. ,&c. X b^l^ Waltbairi Sheetings, H;!/ thepiece\ At- X e.. Fi»e.Shirtings,.. , y?^, Torh prices,.' H ^ Y yirtufe of afi eXeGutiOia, issged oat J P I o f The courl' o f hfithmofi'' pleas,' ia pu.d'fpr the coufity. o f Gay:uga, fo, m e di­ rected. and delivered, %am.st; the goods :aud chnttels, lafids.pnd tenements of Iffh hfipt Liiitk; i have seized and tnken all Iris rightand title t o ’lot .nuriiher eighty-rn<i, East Cayugp.Resefvatioc, which I sludl exp'oseto sale, as the lavv directs, on. the sixth day .of April, next, at'teri .e’cloHi sa the forenoph , at the hou»e' of Emery, Wi 1 - lard, innkeeper in. the village fif Auimra, -r-Dated January i 0 th,. ,l826.— ’’39 6 io. ' . , . , . B. AW,. HUGHES, SAer^i 1 , each'Jl k 4 point Blankrts, , Rose Blankets, ‘ ^■ QOQIbk. Batting, by the bale, if ealled for-SppU. - A few chests of fresh \ ' 5 t y s d » r i s ^ i N ! p e A , waVranred'equal to any ever .sold in. .this.; village. - , ■ ■ >•— : ... , ■ (g ^ W e should be pleased to see all ouf pitl customors, and ap many more as may Wish to bay tood and cheap GO0t>S, OLIPHANT & OUMPB.TON.' i6,';l825. - / 4.' Ig ^ Y virtue, of 'an execution, issued out of the suprem e court of judicature of the state of New-York, to me dlr-^cted' and delivered, I have seiz nl and taken all the right and title of Jared Leavenn'orth. ,0 a certain pitice of land— part of lot number tweiil 3 ''-nine, in the township of Mtltqn, (now Genoa.} bounded east and noHh, by the highway ; fouth and west, by Imd of Samuel Branch ; containing a- bout three, quarters of an acre of fand-^- which I sh’.iU sell <i.sthe k w directs., a t the house of Holt U Curtis, i-n the village of Auburn, on the twenty-fifth day of MsVrth next, at ten o’clock iu the forenoon o f said day.— Dated Februarv 3d, l826.-r-“’o7 6a>. S'. W j irijfim S , Sheriy By L . C lark , Und. Shjf. NOTICE. ■I 3 T order o f Benjamin Li Cuyler, Sur- B rogate of' tbe county Of Gayuga, I shall expose, to sale, as the law directs, on- the premises on the •tvventy.nnnth day of March next, at ten o’clock in the forengon, all that certain piece and parcel of land, situate, lying an4being in the township of Gato, (now: Conquest,) and being part of subdivisions Dumb'ep three and four, in lot number seventy-four, in said township, be^ ginnlng at a stake s e tln tb;e north-east cor­ ner, in the marsh, at the foot of Duck lake, thence west forty-five chains and eight links to north-west corner stake, thence south twelve chains, and placed a south­ west corner stake, thence east forty-four •chains and fifty links, and placed a stake, tfience northerly as the lake branches, to the place o f beginuihg, excluding a small margin of marsh oh the border of the lake, containing fifty -three acres, two rods, thir­ ty-nine perches and fourteen links of land, (Variation ■ o f the magneticat point thirty- two minutes wesferV-^Duted Pebrutiry 14 1826. MARY HARRIS, AdminisiratruP qfJede- —38 6 w. ‘ diah Wilcox, deceased. T H E A E B A N T A R H U S , [Atoie Papcr-^ceyner of MetrJeet and Bca- ver-slre’cts, Alhanyi.^ ' FBNRE proprietors of the Albany Argus B , and Daily Gity-Gazette have inade such improvements in theix establishment,, by thepnbiieatioii o ftheirpaper dailyand by the introductiom of a new type Ih.rpngh- out, as will enable theoi to give very prompt and full accounts of the pracee- dings of the legislature and Of the passing events. They take the liberty to add, that efforts will fie .mads to give them the earliest possible direclion through the mails. Tim daily paper will b e rhailed on the evening previous to its date, and will contain the legislative proceedings o f each day. The semt-weekly’’ p aper will be ah so mailed on the evening preceding its date ; and. when the legal notices which now partially occupy its columns'shall ex-r pipe (which vvil) ..soon be the .case) i t wilt contain in a compact form nearly all tbe reading matter of the several daily publi­ cations. As a vehicle of general adverti­ sing, its extensive circulation may offer .some advantages, and as a sonree of early inteTligerice, the proprietors hopeto make it equally'useful ivnd i iiteresting to their rea^ ■ders. T h e terras of the daily papet* are ^8 per atitatim-^the semDivfeeklydo.-^d. STATE-PRISON WARE. ’ , — — f ^ HE following are the prices fixed for a Bainied IVare, manufactured at the state'prison in this village, with adisconnt of 16 p e r cent, at 90 days credit. Articles of vVare will be delivered attfie prison, o r atMiddleport, on the-canal, free ofespensc. Jel 'ShepaiiiSd Gliei36 Tuis, 2^.. .. l.-Jt 2rf “ 3d “ tsJ “ 2(i “ 3d « 4Wi » 1 st “ 24 “ 10 gallon \ 5 » “ 3 “ \ 6 Ouart Wash “ -' << II U II _ Churnc, u j ■ ^ i< - Pails, - ‘I - et' * Boitles.j - JCcfte^Si §2,25 -’^2,00 1.75 r J,5p 1,25 - 2,00 1.75 - 1,50 1,37 - 73 03 - I 37 SJatUCtiR S ir a iW f ts , will be furnished pn short notice, artd all orders for ware, addressed to the subsori- ber, will meet With prctnpt atteution. A* D. LEONARD. Auburn, February, 1826.— ’38 6m. C H E A P O O O D S . . StTBSCXtlBlSRS T ^ A Y E just received a general aSsart- .131. mentof-~' ' G R O C E R I E S , C R O C K E R Y , & H A R D W A R E , I R O N , S T E E L , S I . E I G H & - .. C U T T E R S H O E S . Constantly on hand, m t o n i t , X t t A C f i B S t E X , 'AND. , OX,B WKZS3C1T, by the barrel, SHINGLES, &c. &c. - A chbice assortment of L I Q U O R S ^ And a large lot o f sijch articles, as are generally wanted by ped- lers. All of which will be sold very -low for cash or pro- clncGi ‘ OLIRHANT & GL’AIPSTON. .diiburn^Nov. 23, 1825. y i Y virtue of an exeentjon, isstied out J p l l of the isqpremfi court of jadica- tnre.hf thhstatq., 0 ^' New-Yo]rik, to ifie -di-. rected fiud(ifc,livqrp^* |>fi shizCd and taken all: Ifie.figfit', apd title o f ^fes'ajfd^r Reynolds, to, all that certain piece of land de$cf jfied a r follows— ^ithatis' iy the toivih of Ira, p art of.Ipt number twenty-two i.n the original townships Cato, bounded as folIo.WS-^Reginnlqg;,lt the. nfirtfi^ ner of the -purvey - 6 % .'hefes o n said lot 5 thence.' SQU^' tvvehty-isix''>c.h'a|pfi|heac;o ea?t thirtoifis phtfins anB, 'thirty-six ijnhs; thence north',- twenty-six chains to the north-east aiid west line ‘of said ( lot *; = thence west on said line thirteen.chains -and thirty-six linfin, tofffie plafep fif begiff- plng, contaimngTfiFty-tbre.e afifes.pf laiMi —Also all the 'figfit ahd fitle pf'aaid 4 le^^ lapder Rey agid 4 >Tfi/fiaid:lQt^n twCn- .ty-two, in the said township of Cato ; and hhall-selL. the s'aiqeVas.the. laty'dir^cts, St the house of Holt & Curtis, in the village' of Auburn, on the twenty-fifth day of March next, ’ at ten o’clock, in the fore­ noon gf that day.—Dated February 7 th, 1826. S, W. HUGHES, -^-’37 6m. B y L. C la r k , Und: \ O Y virtue of’an execution, ‘issued,piU of Ibe J j ceutfof egnj’mon.pleas,’.|h. and Icr ilio coilm - ty of payuga, to me dfieOted and delWeretl, a- gainst t.hp goods and cliatlels, lands anU tono- ments of Andrexa Bruiax, 1 liave seir.cd andta- -ken alt.Jiis right and uH.e.to all tkaticflrtain lot, of land, .^hanto ‘in - tfite;', village’ Of 'AbVotti,' in the county of Cayuga, adjoining, the Owasoo outlet and the ScBcca.Tarnpike,. liesoribed and- hounded asIotloWs':4--Regintiing atk point Wl)_eie> the east and west rda'dfrpm the Mate^iJ-isoi) in­ tersects the Seneca Turnpike; theece runoiDg north,eighfy-two degreps.-wOst, thige cha.tisand fourteen links to a stake,ieleve.n linlis hoitih, ei^ht degrees east, from the )foffh*eajC4orli«r of saiii engine-houseintheiice south, eighty-Uvo (legi-eos :Hvest, forty finks to the soul'h-ea&t power p f said 'engine-house; thence noMh, pighty-two dejt.eea west, twenty-three and U h alf links to the south- . Avest comer of said engine-house ; tlieiic'O .aovtli, eight degrees wes't>mghty-tWt) links' to the p iras- co Creek; thence up tlie north bank of said ercek at low-water ipark, the sevetalooupsea theiepf to.ititerseftt the Seneca.Tijriiplke where it intersects sajd creek j thence' north, fifty-six de­ grees .and thirty seconds east; two-ohuins: ontl se- Venty-five finks along the north liao of said dura- pike, to tho 'place of beginning, containing fifly- nihe hundredths of an acre o f land, be the sUiUe more or less—which rshall expose to sale, as the , la-w directs, on the sixth day o f April next, at ten o’clock in ilie forenoon, at the house of Bnlery Willard, innkeeper in the village .of Auhnm.-r- Dated January Slstj 1826,—’39 grU. ? • . ,S. W. HUffHES, Sheriff: .\O T virtue of two executions issued by tli® X # Clerk of the County of Cayvga, pn judge­ ments rendered before Nathan Cranston and I- saae Horse, Esquires, against the gWda and chat­ tels, lands ahd tenements, of Jostph (i. Porter-, tp me dimoted and delivered, I have levied on,o.nd shall expose for sale as tJie laiv direots, tfie right and title o f the said Joseph C. Porter, lo ten acres of land on lot number seventy-eight, .Venice, (formerly Sqipfo,) on the thirtieth day of March next, a t ten o’clock, i i ^ e forenoon, at the bouse now occupied by JolAn Rhoods as a taTern.on the prenaises.—Dated 28th January, 1326.—'38 6io. • . STEPHEN W. HUGHES, Sheriff. Juiiw S toveld , JvN. Bipuly. ■i ---- V- ATOUST, 1825. ' A.T T.HE AUBURN WHOLESALE & RETAIL @ T p n S , ■ffJTAYE lately been making additions tq 5 j L their extensive stock of merchan­ dize, Ayhich Warrants them in saying that there is. not perhaps a more complete as­ sortment o f GOOpS in a.ny one store in the western coutttry, ’ Then pray do not paslby, , . But call and see our sto;i;e ; Of GOODS we have a large supply, And constantly receiving .more. C ash pprchasebs will find it to their inv terest to call, as they can have a large stock of Goods to select from, and the Prices—0 , the Prices !— It is well known to the puhlick that they are, as low as the country, affords. Among the Goods lately receiVed-«are' some ele.gdnt thirteen-quarter COUN- TERPAINS, Shell Combs, Doniestick Calicoes, Gimps, Parasols, &c. &c. They have on hand a large shpply o f Ladies’' Fashionable Leghorn Hats, *j,*Gash paid for PO'F and PEARL A s m s , IFIJEAT, FLJIX-SEED, M O T i € H * 7 ~ jr|niI-IE subscriber has been appointed . JIL agent of the American Tract So­ ciety, and has received a v e ry large quan­ tity oftracts, particularly selected by hina- selfi He Will .furnish auxiliary societies and individuals with tracts, at ten per cent. discount All orders upon him for tracts, left aLffhe office,of the Free 'Press, or at the store of Steel, Cook& Co. Auburn, will receive immediate attention. Tlie price of the Tracts will he, 10 pages for a cent, or 1100 pages for .a dollar. • CHARLES YALE. N. B. A large quantity of T racts is now deposited at the store o f Steel, Cook & Co. Bruins, .l\ug. 16; 1825.—’ 127/, MORTGAGE SALES. ■ T^EFAULT haviagheen made in th« pnyib^eiit JL f of a sum of money, jecuredTo 'be paid 8y acsrtaiti indenture of mortgage, dtteiTthe first day of April, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, exeonted by Earl C. 'Austin, of Mentz, to Aboliab Bimb, of tho sainV place, for A certain piece of land, being part of lot number seventy-three, in the town of BrUtus, now Meniz, and being a -Village lot in Eueksville, oh •wbith a house lately belonging to F. Kies stands,'and con­ taining twenty-five aquare rods of land, the boundaries of which lot are donluincdin the deed given by the said Aboliab to the said Earl, dated April first,one thousand eight hundred and twen­ ty-five, and is the same lot in said deed mciifien- ed,'—NOTICE is therefore hereby given that by virtue of a power contained in thesaid indenture of mortgage,.and by virtue of the statute in suefi case made and provided, the above-jnentiemed premises Will be sold at publick Vendue, on the niueteeata day of July next, at fen o'clock iiv tho forenoon, at tbehouse of E. DiI^Hdson,Imlkeep^ er, in Auburn.—Dated January tS, 1826.—84, AHOLIA8 BUCK. ■VYn,t.iAM B rown , I^EFAULT having been made in thepny- utent of a part bf the money, secured to bo paid by a certan indenture of mortgage, b«ar- iri^ date the eleventh day of December, one thousand eight hundred &Ad rnghtech. cKCctaled by George Daniels, of Meiitz, to Aholiab B-nclf, for all that certain pieod or parcel of .land, being a part of lot number s6vehty-tlir«e in the loWn ship of Brutus^ how Mentz^ bolthded as folloTS': beginning north, eighteen degrees cast, seven cliaitts forty-eight links from the southwest epr- nsr of James Pine’s village lot; running thence south, seventy t-Wo degrees east, three chains; then north, sixty-two degrees andfiifteen miantes east, two chains; thence east seventy liinks; thence north, thirty minutes West, one chain and forty-three links; jthence west four chains and eighty-six links; thence south, eighteen degrees west, one chain and fifty links, to the place of beginning, containing three roods and thirty rods of ground, be the same more or less: And the said mortgage having heen duly assigned lothe subscriber:—Notice is therefore hereby given, that by virtue of a power contruaed in the said indenture of mortgage, and by virtue of the stat­ ute in such case made and provided, the above- raentionod promises will be sold at publiclt ven­ due, on tliefliueteenth day of May next, at two o’clock in the afternoon,'at the house ofE.D, Hudson, innkeeper, in Aubu'ra.—Dated KHh dL> •Nov. 1825. SILAS STEVEJf.^ B rowk , Ai6y,-^2S, Cm. PROPERTY OP UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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