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' 4 '?i'S 0C4JyS: ’ s4th and.6A; 34, 4tfe 1* \:7 vl‘» J sAJ ' THE WHOUE COMMWITX deeply CON<? ekj ; e d . B t a L . L - r m p o R T A A ’t C W C B is « » « « - «l4.& ^w X i'5Sf5«i2' naaVy -<Jtagag;e:d in the littery buaneSs, to puniisfe efen ibferipp ^bepjesi^,very Iriillitot, if n0t tb((^ most spkudid of any t^ot. Loifery of m S m of Mamlan^ tespeqtfully mvites all Mtery adveHturers, and others, to contrast the Sclieme of the 8th a o i i o f saiM l^oMery with any SOheine he- fore the public in either o f the two, A h lEltl, ,CAS !^a»d he i s eohfidentj that i f a compar­ ison o f the Schenies he> inade for a rnoment, that the said Eigfhth, Glass' wiiibu^jrononttced and Sd ! 1st and4th ; Istand Stli; or lst ancl 6th, will each he entitled to a prizie o f ^?4o i All those having on tlieih any otbef tvyp of the drawn nombers, each n prize of ^loo,: And those having on .them biat one of the drawa numbers, each a prize of ^.6o. ^Present PrtQc of Tiekds-^ Whole pOOQ Halves g?5 0O (Quarters 12 00 Eights 6 35. Sixteenth 3 13 Thirty-Secondth 1 66 By Cerlifiohte as/oliows. A Certificate of 17 Whole Tickets can be . . ...................... . hadfo.r^595oo;do, do. Halfdo. fqr^297 5o; the M<>sT 3EA0Mt,tcEN$ any ever sidppte<l do, do. Quarter do- for gl48 75 f dp,do,E-' in the ighth of Tickets, for ^74 37; do- do. Six- •vendec* to palm o f any other pn the public,; as reaEy the most! brilliant,'will not only be y^n and: fruitless, hut folly in the exfcrenoc.--r Next to the ?yniWr*iQ, the htANAQllR hes,- itates not tO say, thatdbe^New^lEork Lottery, (to be drntyn oh ilhe: 4th o f danuary,) may be. classed, in,k^hich^t^^ butasmaU nptti- -ber otTipkets, iind Which cohtdins (>«e Bm - dred\a?ii PMWfJSia.h!>Ve the, denominatiott of okE HVih>B-Dh^ poLLAES-T~ The Union Canal Lottery cnjitauas more than Jhreo nmes the, number o f Tickets than the; iTew^yprk LiteJ^Wre, and only f ff/dy/onr Prizes abpye thpse of f lflO t Second (Jonstitufionai Lottery,f it will b l seen; con­ tains 35,060 (H I f I J) Tickefoiaui orjly Phir~. tj/ Prices?,above the denomination of ^iOG! IT the time fixed for the,drawihg of the latter !wa*%dertdi?d to ,cla8h, or injhmuoii- interfere with the ftilowing splendid Schetef:^Notice b hereby giveu to thtee principally Concear- ■ lied therein; that f e draw this Lottery with aafety hpfore ifik Unhertity MM bedt^awn they must not only be very acti.ye, hnt ex­ tremely fortunate in effecting salte for their tickets ; and It will perhaps yet b e found that the cohsolidated . State Lottery io\U nqt, but, that the Uniyei-sity fiLL be ,-the V first Lot­ tery” di^Wftdn thg State of JdaVyland. And the MLAN^AQERof this Lpttefya^ain public­ ly states,that no discount can be made to ven­ ders, either at home of abroadi”’from the fitehemp Trice, wlflther it shall or-shall not ;l>e their pieasur:e (o purchase and pder these Tickets to the public—-but all tbose liberally and kindly disposed, will be fairly and liber­ ally supplied.—It wilj be noticed that the Unweraty Lottery contains but a small num- 6th, wld'eiich be'be entitled to a xniz,e of gooco, All those having pn them twp of the clrawn numbers, and those two the 1st and ?d drawn, will each be entitled to a price ofglooo, AU those, haviog 0 ^ them the 3d and 4th, or 5tb and 6th drawn numbers, are each, a prize Irmtiontf’oneHtmired Dollar i t being deren- iy-teven more Prizes exceeding that sum,fhau tcenths do, J|37'18,:; dp., do, Thinty'Secondtlis do, for g lS 59. Which certificates will en­ title the purchaser.g or owners thereof to what­ ever prize may be drawn By the original Tick- ets of like numbers over and above the siim o f ^ 3oo, being the amount due thereon, and in like proportion far shares of do, respectively. The Cash will he advanced for alb Prizes, sold as above, as So6n as drawn ; also, at the ofifice of the subscriber,.No, 139 Broadway. • The New 'Tork Literature Lottery, to be drawn,oa the 4th of January next, eontains one prize of j|;ioo,ooo, l .pf 5o,ooo, i of ^2o,- ooo, ^lo,opo, gS.poO, g2,5op, jj2,ooo, several ofgjt^QO, Trice Of Tickets ^5o each. Shares and Certificates in proportion, O ’ Capithl Prizes, in Whole Tickets, Shares, or Certificates o f do. for sate, as usual, at P. CANFIELD’S Jfm York State BoUery Office. Np. 139 Broadway. Which oflice ever has been, and ever will cottftlnue to he TV«e <0 its JlfoKo. Applications personally, or by letter, post paid, enclosing the cash, for even a single ticket, or shares in the above, or in any Lot- teay before the publick inany part of the Uni­ ted States, may be made at either o f the Man- •ageris offices,m/tere tfie cash, willi as usual, be promptly paid* for prizes as soon as'drawn.W All of which applications will he thankfully received, apd respectMly as well as duly at­ tended to, if addressed to your most obedient and very humble Seryaht. ■ P. CANFIELD, New-York, Nov. 3o, 1825. PUBLIC SEGUHITY. T he Manager of the University Lottery tff the State o f Maryland, returns*his sincere ac­ knowledgements for the munificent patron­ age be has received in the former classes, and 4uu i wtees, aud in whom ..by thtee pres-;; ents, in case .of the doath of the flianugSi: pre­ vious'to the drawirig,. full power is tested.to continue the sale e f the fipkets, andTp cahse the Lottery to be drawn, and The Trizes paid, deposited a t hbove;.pilte!i;ant to the Scheme j” ah(l i f is wi th ffiuch pleasurov that the ’Man a­ ger announefis this fact to tile pnhlip, because h e is confident (hat, .to all whp adventure in Letteiies, this arrjmgement will be safisfacto-: ry aad truly pleasing, p , C a k e i E L B , ; M a w g e b . P- 0, constantly keeps Tickets in a|l the Lotteries for the accommodation of his friends: and others, therefore, all advehturersAesitspus of proGuring theUapital Prizes in, the above Brimant Lottery, or m mil oth$t 'nXaO before tkepvhlio in Uie United States, will do well by „ applying personally,- or by letter, immediately for the satne. And all orders, Whether for ^ VYhple Tickets, Shares, pr Certiflqates) will be thjankfuliy received and:promptly attended to, i f addressed to T. O A N P IE L U ate to be found in three classes of Lotteries,; he now has the honouref presenting tohis mentioned as above, which together, contain 94,950 Tickets 1! I H i-1! !-^0&i«rretfiw’ d i f fertnee, ifat. the truth should h e known and th&n determine as your 'own fudgemenl shall dictate, and act at all times hereafter' in ebn- •fibrrnity therefo. Many order? frorn abroad • have beep apd; are constattfiy received, and the sales o f foe Ticket: a t retail have been very coosiderable, and 'apedaily made; and Che Manager wiE take pleastue in further tvai’dng forthwith nppn those who call person­ ally for Tickets or Shares; or certificales of do< ; aod adl orders fop Tickets or Shares, per letter,, will be thankfully received and as promptly attended too-ps a personal applies his Offices,• Cotff#. • whtke ByUal Juiticeis rendered P . Oaafield’s O R F K E S i 439 Broadway, N« Y.j l29 Uhesnut-st. Pbila- . delphia; andlSO Market-st. Baltinwre. Where have been sold and paid. Prizes of $ 5 0 , 0 0 0 , $ 1 2 , 5 0 0 , $ 2 » 5 0 0 s . 2 5 , 1 0 0 , 1 0 , 0 0 0 i 2 , 0 0 0 , , 2 0 , 0 0 0 , 5 , 0 0 cr, 1 , 0 0 0 , 1 5 ‘,0 O 0 , 3 , 0 0 0 , 5 0 0 , &o. &C.-—hmountiog to more than A s g i i i i i i o i j r o r J O M A R S i B y Jhithoriiy-f the State o f Maryland. LOTTEKY, EluliTH CLASS—NEW SLRIEffi I>. CA N E IEtD , M&NAOEa- CAPITAL PjRlZE, . 11 ) 0 , 0 0 0 B O liI. A n s i The most brilliant Lottery ever adopted aQd dratvnin the U. States,& worthy the immediate attention o f all 1/iiliry Benders anil Adventurers thereim Granted by the General Assembly of the state o f MiiryJsnd; for the benefit o f her Lite­ rary institutions. The system adopted for the approbation of, as well , as in justice to her People. _ Positively to be draivii an thc23dofFebraaty,1826, pRSpONEB, Aadlf the sale ofTicketswill warrant it,the Draw­ ing will take place before, dr about the FIRST OF JdNUAhN’NENT,'- UNPARALEtLEB ! T R U tY 6RAB-J> AND SPLENDID SO H E M E . I PRIZE d f 1 100,000 is SIOO.OOO - ' rrvntin rf\ friends and the public throughout the Union, the SCHEME of the Mshth Class, yehich is far more brilliant than any scheme ever adop­ ted and drawn in-the United States,and prob- ably infinitely more so, than any that will be offered for several years. He fiatters himself that, as alLcIasses o f adventurers may be ac- epnompdated, ffie present scheme will bedu- ly appreciated and approved. By an atten­ tive perusal of the scheme, many unusual ad­ vantages will be discovered, and as this lotte­ ry is granted for a truly laudable purpose,viz i ffia t of acquiring and spreading knowledge, the Citizens of Maryland and those of the United States generally, will' not, it is hoped, r m E V E S ! h r f lH E T i « a S ocibtv for the detectfoii ;and b© tofhe LeghlHtkre. prosecutioaof PUrloiners, ahd the re- «ta(e, Ih© biftkt ffiereof,\ for' fvindsi add ten hortenien appointed, whtee \ ............. :duty is to pursue on the shortest notibe, any fiepspn who shall steal property from any member Of the Sooiety. E. P. DAVIS, Prest. J. THOMSON, 5ecV - Riga, Nov, 1 9 , 18g5, 3m l4 139 ]Broadv>ay, Jfew-York, 129 Ckemut-st, Philadelphifiyor af 180 Mdrkei-st. Baltimore. Baltimore, Sept 1825. ■ • Buck Skin Mktens. IMPAIRS of Buns’ Mauufacture- (kJMXrfj a superior artiefo. -A L S O -r.' ^ ^ l ^ k B U L S . of S«ft,,inbr%htpiDe blls. U l r V fo r sale by J, W. STRONG' 0 B i r i i i i A X i A a z i i f c s ' , C D M t m i s s i o u k , F o p w a p d i u g FfNHE subscriber respectfully informir -L his friends and the publiek, that he has commenced the above business, in this villpge, where he has a commodious Stone Wore House, at the margin of the Caha3 Basin, aud will punctuariy attend to a p j orders either for the purchase or sale of Produce er Metehandise,;and Forwarding property, of every description,'to any popt in the United States or Canaqa. 'The advantageous situation of for disposing of Merchandise forthe Cana­ da J\Iwrhet, is well known,'and heii^ ageat for th.e Erie Canal Transportation Compa­ ny,he. will at alltiines have it in, his power to forward property to its destination without delay.—Liberal advances made on prop­ erty left %• sale on Comraission, or to be Forwarded. JO N A T H A N C H ILD . Rochester, Jan. 1,1824. 1 A TL Persona indebted to the estate of Zaqheus Aldrich, deceased, late of the village of Rochester, or the firra otMilffriefi' \y Sf Pattmn, are requested; to roake immediate ^ payment to BuifpnKoAxn' T attison , Jun.: o f q, Farmington.Ont^rfo County, or UapyeyFr(nlc of the village ofEochesteriwho are duly autho­ rised to-.adjUst tjhe safne ; apd all Who have deinaiOds against the mme'are requested to present them for settlement at the Beef mar­ ket of Thorn and Frink, opposite the l^ches- •ter Bahkf.after the 28th inst. Sunderland Paiieratm, fun, > Admin., Harvy Prink *; f istratore, Rochester, 18th of 11th mo. 1825. 3ml4 r|N HE publiek is cautioned against purchaS- Uon, i(addressed tbtbcManiager,ateitberof be backward in giving it their support; but 1 t 1 1 3 id ■ 44 88 176 352‘ G676 >» >! SJ 3) ■» 33 33 ,1 33 6356 Prkes 13244 Bhnivs 56.000 40.000 25.000 20.000 10,000 . 5,000 1,000 600 240 ioo 50 19,600 Tiekets. » 33 33 >3 33 33 S3 33 33 33 33 50.000 40,000-. 25.000 20,000' 50.000 50.000 44.000 44.000 42,240 35,200. 283,800 ‘—' ..... -«* yg784,240 \ p 8 i , m will patronize it as well from feelings of patri­ otism, as from the excellent chanccTiow offer, ed of adding tp iKeir property. Those not yet aboundidg in wealth, will ho doubt jeize at once upon the Unparalleled opportunity of securing a fortune. > The demand for Tickets in Ibe last or 7tb Class, was so great that none could hS found for sale in this City at the time thp Lottery was drawn, and similar, no doubt, will be the ease tjome days previous to tl)C drawing of the present scheme, even though it b e not Gw pleasure of venders generally to engage in the sale of these Tickets, and should any ven--Ir decline taking the Tickets in thisLotleiy, un-' less he can proqUre them from tlio Manager at a deduction from the scheme price, he will find an application for Tickets on such terens, made in vain; and it also will be lost labour for any vender or venders to atteinpt, by any manoeuvre whatever, to assume to themselves the management of this Lottery, so that it shall result t o , their own particular benefit, regardless whether it shall or shall not tend •o be just or unjust towards the Community.— Sut the Manager pledges himself (obe consis­ tent with his m otto^“ Equal Justice,\‘t —and a few months will satisfactorily prove to the public the truth o f this declaration. In no instance can a credit for any large amount be aUowhd, unless a satisfactory security he giv­ en, for, uotwithstanding the integrity and pro­ perty of many of those in the trade, the Man­ ager must and will endeavor to guard against all casualitios, and it must he expected that this will he looked for and adherd to by lihn in all cases, not only* for his own protection and safety, but because it is his intention to proceed with the Lottery in such a manner, that he will have it in liis power to pay the prize promptly, and that it shall result to the entire satisfaction of alt concearned. If the foregoing considerations are net a sufficient incentive to venders who are not opposed to the fairness df \this Scheme in all respects, as well as to adventurers, to take an interest in this Lottery, in preferance to any .otlier, the Manager trusts that the fullmviiig new arrangement and voluntary act on his 13art, will at least stamp it with such a char- acter, in the minds of adventurers, as shall render it justly deserving of that ptefotauce, and he ic confident i f will duly receive merit­ ed patronage. . . To insure the public confidence and to pre­ vent the possibility o f loss to the holdere of tickets in consepucuce of any Casualities what­ ever, “it is hereby covenanted and agreet by the Mauager, (in dddUiop to the secuti- iy given to the State of Marylandfor the pvne^ lUalpayment of Priarcs,)thatthe current funds received for sffies of Tickets m this Lottery, shall: he deposited every. thirty or sixty days from . after the 10th day o f October ensuing, either in the Merchants’ Bank in the City o f New-Yovk; in the United States’Bank iix the, C ^ N A L , B O A T |:^HE sucscriber informs the people of JL HOohester and its viciniU>, that he con ducts ; • UPHOJL.STERY in its ’various branches, and keeps constantly for sale. Curtains made in theffirsfc style, Ma­ trasses, Billows, Cases, heets. Blankets, Gotinterpanes, Carpets &c. Matrasses froqi ^3, to ^2,50, made in the best manner. N . Br Old Matrasses left at this place in passing, will be delivered when the boat re-, passes, washed; overhauled, quilted andretufl- ed o t25 cents each, or at 38 cents if refilled. BENJ. WILE. Utica, La Fayette-sL near thq Canals OcU 16,18.25. lyl'' POTYBLL Ss THORPW B^aeTaVMail Coaek NO. 365 KOaTH-aiARKET-ST. AlBAJi'V, Wear the Mansion*HoUse and Post-OJJice. ts.’S'ir.' The Tickets in this Lottery arc formed by this ternary combination of SO numbers, from | Gitv o f Pliiladelphia, in the Philadelphia Bank 1 to SO. inclusive, arid to determine the fate of o f the said city, in the Un iott Bank o f Mary- all the Tickets thePein, 50 numbers, as above land iu the City of Baltimore, and in all, or in Will severally be puHnto a wheel on the day efdrawing, hnd SIX of them drawn ; and that .tiolcel having on it, as a corhhjnation, ffie 1st, 2d and 3d numbers drawn, will be entitled to ffie Capital Prize of gloo,o0o : 4th, 5fh and 6th,So ,000 3 2d, 3d and 4th, 40,ooo; 1st, 3d and 5th, 25,500 1 2d, 6tli and 6th, g2o,ooo; 1st,2d and 4th ; 1st, 2d arid 5th; l.st, 4th and 5t’ i 2d, 3d and 6th and 3d; 4th and 6tb, will each bm entitled to a prize Of lo,ooo, the 1 st, 2 nd and 6lhi the 1st, Sd and 4th,; 1st, 3d and 6th; 1st, 4th and 6th; 1st, 5th and 6f-h; 2d! M and 5th; 2d.. 4lb and .6ih ; 2d, some one of the above named Banks respec­ tively, the said funds shall remain as a securi­ ty for the holders of tickets until the drawittg- shall have taken place, which deposits will, from time to time, be made known by some of the nine gcqtlemen named in the Circular annexed to the Scheme of this Lottery when first published, who are highly respecatble citketis of the City of New-York, Philadel­ phia, and Baltimore, and who have kindly consented to act, if necessary, upon this occa­ sion, and to attend the dutits therein assigned them;, all of whotn are appointed and consti- /C O A C H E S leave this Office^ for the WJESiT, in the following order, to wit: • TH E MAIL CO ACH, Travels by day light only—leaving Alba­ ny every day 'at 3 o’clock, P. M. lodge ni Amsterdam, and arrive at Utica ne.xt day; at Auburn ffie second ; passing Geneva and Canandaigua, to Avon and Roches­ ter the third; Buffalo and Lewiston the fourth day from Albany. Returns in the same order. T H E PILOT MAIL COACH. Leaves Albany every day, at 11 o’clock, P.M. passing Utica,Syracuse(SaltWprks.) Auburn, Geneva, Canandaigua, and Ba­ tavia to Buftalo, througli in three days.— Returping, leaves Buffalo, at 9 o’clock P- M. and travels in the same order. Cherry Valley, Cooperstovm, and Rochester m U i COACH, Leaves Albany every day for Cherry* Val ley, Crioperstown, Madison, Cazenovia, Maiilhis, Syracuse, Weed’s Basin, Mon­ tezuma, Lyons, Palmyra, and Pittsford, to Rochester, through in tltree days, cros­ sing the canal tliirteeri tirhes, and returns ill the same order. NIAGARA FALLS. Two daily lines of Coaches will pass and repass the Falls every day, one oh each side of the river, fi om Lewiston apd Buffalo. ^ EX T R A COACHES, With relays of Horses, will be furnished at Albany, Utica, Auburn, Geneva, Can­ andaigua, Koebester, Buffalo, and Lewis toil. Baggage at the owner’s risk. POWELL & THORP, Albany, ISAAC PARKER &'GO. Utica, I j M. SHERWOOD, Auburn,' I SHERW OOD, Geneva, B U. COE, Canandaigua, ORR A ADAMS, Rochester, SAMUEL BARTON, Lewiston, C. H. COE, Buffalo, A. HOVEY, Montezuma, S. GOODWIN, Madison, WM. STORY, Cherry Valley, Albany, June 1 , 1825. j^ew Goods. T O S T Opening and for sale, at tlm lowest prices, aveiy^extensive assortoientofaqw Fashionable and Seasonable . m M m S e . Choice (groceries, & Crockery. Also, 100 bbis. Salt, and 5000 Galls. Whitney’s best WHISKEY. a G. ANDREWS. Rochester, Oot. 22,1825, ^ . ptf •-0 O s o C ,aLED O .yiil J P E J ll’T, C p B J S f H l U . , & c . A LL persQtis jadebtecl to me, on Contracts £% due ffie first o f ’January, are advised to pay R. BOMEMOY Ymih m the day their myments aredue-fHjoitlmt hosts. . J,BlSSELLi-Jr. P e p . 15,1825. ' 18 plfoxifop j^ij tbftlLffirillathre tf ffie state PfNfiw York,njt ffiiqs/approaching setejou, fo?i att .act of iacorp»oru.1ipn, under ffie tifie of The Tb- ehetlier CSm Biggld. Cou^m, for tne purpose of lightitkg the yillggs of HOqhteter with Gits. Dated foqchester,Tfaveqibet; 29,1825;. 6w l5 G ILES BO ULTO N ' statd 'if rSftvvrYcrR, at the next session there­ of, tffiaipenffi(ho act, entitled An aCttein- corporat® the JMiwrOe Fite Insurance Com­ pany,” by exte:qdiijg file timife within which the QoinUa6y is .required to Commence busi­ ness ; airfi alter te to aroepd; th.e;said act, that ft ma| b e lawful, for said .cpn3pany to coin'- trieoce -business as soon as forty per Cent, Of the capital stoekpf said company sbafi have beea actuallypaid ih,,or secured, to be paid as ptoviacd % said act. Dated 20th Decern,. ■ er, 182 a . ,’r .. T, GlilLDS, Secretary, ■X^OTICE.---Accounts due the I N ’suhscriberfbr th'eTelegraph, proviplis to August lapt, and for ad­ vertising, will be sued, i f not nettled by the first of January next. E. PEGK. Dec, 17,1825. < 18 JVordheniDidr-kt ofJSteuj.Yark—to wit: M > F IT ftEMEMnEnED, That J D on thd elcveoth day of Qq- tober.in. the fiftieth year of the Ipdependtece of the United Statej ofAsTjarica,’ A, R. 1825, Edward-Doyle ofthe sa-iciDistrkf, hath deposited In this .of­ fice the, title of a bonk, the right Whereof he claims as aa.tlio5-,irs the wottlsfollowing, to wit; n The Improved Pocket Reckoner,for Tim­ ber, Tlaaili, BifS^rds, Saiv Legs, Wages, Board, and .Interest, By Edward Doylf...” J S O T I C M . qn by E- F. Fellows and Timothy Lane, for one hundred and twenty dollars and ninety two cents, in sawed luinher; dated Feb. 3 , 1825, and payahie on or before; the 1st day of April, 1826—which said notehaS been lost or mislaid by the subscriber. * SETH CASE. Greece, Dec. Tf, 1825. ’*‘3wl8 NOTICE. 1 LL persons indebted to the subscriber, are desired to pay their several notes and accounts, previous to the first day of Jan- t,!UT next, J. W . STRONG. Rochester, Dec. to. 4825. ‘ O T lCE -r A ll persons indebtd to the i X late firm o f JohuBrnaihuiaitCyO^ihe town o f Henrietta, are requested to make immediate payniBtft to D. D Barnard, Esq. in Rochester, and to noiu* other, as all the property and effects of said John have been assigned over to us. EVERNG HiM S & Co. R< E3islt> R^pt 9 182.5- M r M £ m G H m s & c o , HAVE JUST REC’D, ON CONSIO n MENT, O H i I RAIIRELS first rato t^ALT, direct *TvF W from the works, in choice nen' pine barrels—^which they offer,at the lowest Cash prices. Rochester, Pec. 5,1825 tfl6 * A C . H I X H c a s i v s . Just receceived and f o r sede by J . B . . B T . C O A G D O W , a general assortment of Vieicester Machme Cards. Rochester, 3 mo., 1825 ' ~ m s S O L U T t O J r * copartnership heretofore existiiig between the Subscribers; under .the fum of LEAVITT & HILL, was dissolved on the lOth inst. by mutual consent. All persons in­ debted to the concern are reqitested tomato' payment ptcvious to the 1st. of January next., CHARLES J . HILL, Will continue busi­ ness at the old stand. Our customers will re­ ceive our thanks for their liberal patronage. Their attention, and (hat o f the publiek gen erally, Is respectfully invited to a new anij extensive aS.soirtnient of FALL AND WIN­ TER GOODS now op»?ning:— particulars next weelr. ANDREW V. T. LEAVITT, CHARLES J. HILL. Rochester, Nov. 28, 1825. 151f DISSOLUTION. t ^ H E co-partnership^ ht retofore exist- JL ing between the subsentsers, undei firm o f Smithy Allatt, will by mutual gjslatute p( ffieniext 8«sfop tkerO- ofjJ^ ffi wst nuthoniing fifo E»tehli«hm6»t o f he* 14^1825. JOHN T . TROWBRIDGE, ,.JDHN-l3.:CQPW v' ' Sill (fay ofDecetnber. 1825.^ . WvviV ofNfW,YorkitoW kpowis, ffience- noi th, 34 degrees east, along the W illi liW o { ! . i |j S , f c V c f t i w ' S ( r e i l S i ' S to the centre of the road; tlieiico north, IS flegrecs east, iHn^ty*$ve to- ilie of beginning-i- containing three ^uqijes, one hu.udred amt-fourteen rodsofJand. The other, tmunded as follovvs-be- tng.a part of .lot No 23 :--Begim)ihg afthomorth- encouragement o f learning, by securing the copies o f Maps, Charts, and Bopks, to the au­ thors and proprietors of such copies, during the tiiu^ therein mentionerifi’ and plsp, to the act^enfitjed u act supplementary to an act Charts, and Books, to the authors and propri­ etors of such copies during the tiroes therein meutionied,* aad extending the benefits there­ of to the arts of desiguitig, engraving and etch­ ing historical and other prints.” B lL L A m iN G , ^lerh of the Northern List, of Neio- York. m CHANCERY. Francis Slood^ood Eli- shit JaikiiiStiri their own, Hghts,^ Elizabeth f e y . vnmr,0karies Seyh\out\ anil Henry F. p enfdd, Execniors, i§c. of Zach-' ’ ariak.S(>ymirur,deceased, vs, Eavid Eaocy. T j y vjilueofa decretal Ord.pr, made In the above JlJ# entilled raasB, Wotke ishei eby given, that the tbllowinotdestribcd promises- v.z-^ ‘All that certain tract of .parcel ofianil situate in- tile town of Brigli- toil, in tom sliip number thirteen, in ffie. seventh rnngepE’ towuritips, in il< hte county o f Ontario, beingoiKe hundred and th'rty three acres and eleven rods- parTtof lot Tmtnber seveuiy-eight of ihe.seoond division -of lots, and parlof lot nurnber*'ihirtv'thrcc of tlie third div-isi«n o f lots in said towDSitip, and bounded as follows, viz : sputhwardiy on the sgutb- wacdly lines of the said Ipt number seventy-eight, lotnumber ilnrty lluee , westwardly and nurtb* \ardlyon tbo wcslvvardlj- ant)northwardly lines tt( ilie satft loisnujmbef.seventy-eiglitaijtlibitty-ttirCe,; and oil the Geaiesee river; and northwardly and .>a- itvar-dly. at the day of the date o f tlie said .triort- conveyed to ‘VVilliam Wilber, part of the a< icrenaitt fcts.ita aaid toWnship,and to contain tlie a i'li-e-'aiff (iiianiltyof one liuimrfed & thirty-three a- f ms & ekven roils o f lane, & no more, agreeably to 3' f lUiveyToade by Calvin Mills, inciusive of all lughwaysif any tliere be\—o.r so roucl) of the same at v,ili tiosiifftMent to pay llie amount duo ffie qotn- I'lainantb in the Siiidcause, witli the costs of puit-:- V 1 } be soltt at publiek .auction, at the house o f Ez­ ra '-lielt.kii. jui» Innkeeper iu tlie town o f Menclon, m the.'Ountv o f iUoiiroc, on tlie twenty-fourth-day pf Jamtatv nest, a t twelve o’clock at noon, by or mder rlie du-r-t un of the subscriber ' Dated No­ vember 25 th, 1825. , '' WALTER HUBBELL, 7tt’16 Master in Chancery, IN CHANCERY. FranezsBiudM- <1 EH.\ shaJmkiils,in their oicn rights, Sy Elizabeth Scy. snour, Charles Seymour, tad Henry F. Penfwld, JEirectifoj'S) 4'v- ofZack-. tv'iaJiSeynr<- . deceased, * - vs. FFilliavn Wiiber, virtue o f a decretal order made intheabove Sutherland's land; , ihenee south, 2 1.2 degrees thirtyrfour tihRiii and eigli|e6n‘links ; thGHcR ndrilL % V2: degrees past, onp diRin and tbirtyawolinks: thenc® nortffi 87.1-2 degrees west, .^ix’qhaiiis aijd forty-three links, to the Widow Barr’s land Itheoce nottht 2 1-2 degrees ■ east, Uyenty-five chains and Uventy-five links, to the place of begi.tining-»mpn- faining one^ hundred sevin acres and, twelve tods^ofland. All o f winch I sisall sell at publiek ‘’OHsepf R. Hopkins, in the;village of PiKsfprd, on the 22d day of December next, at two o dock m the afternCpn,—Hated November 14, 1825 For J P PATTERSON, Sh’ff.. ' n.u . . , Deputf. ■ J J ® advertised property is post­ poned ffilWednesday, th« nth day V January next, then tu be held at the same place and time o f day. Dated December 22,1825, I^ E F A U L T having been made In . the payment MJl of a sum o f money, with the Interest thereon, secu red by an indenture o f ttorigage, bearing da te the iwclftb day o f h ebruary, m the year of o(ir Loift. one thousand eight hundred and ten, executed by Abrabam Moweyson to-Hebry Champion, ofall that certain tract-or parcel o f land, situate in tosMt'shiR pumber thirteen^ ,m the fburth rang? o f townships, m the,gate} cqunty of Ontario, (now Monroe,) ar,d state ofNew-York, vi.i:-.-Fifty acres in said town- token oft froifl-thc north part of the mid- west by the. litaCs o f said division, and south on lauds heretofore conveyed to said Mowerson, part p£ the same division, and to contain fifty acres o f land, including all highways, i f aiiy there he—No- tice IS hereby given, that by vi'rtiie pf a power con­ tained in said mortgage, and piirsuani io ibe sta­ tute in sucli case made aijd provided, the said mort­ gaged premises will be sold at publiek vendue, at he house now ocfppipd by Samuel H. Scovil, in f te te';” ”^,1 etilicld, in the county o f Moiiroe, on the sixteenth day p f June next, at one o’clock in tbqafiernooD Dated, December 27,1825 '• r AO A M CA,,' h e n r y CHAMPfON. L. ADAMS; Atl’y. , i having been made in the payment of One Inindred and. fifty-four dollars and ^ventyrthree cents, with interest .tbdreoo, secured Mortgage bearing date llieseveiiteentli day of Benedict, of ail that certain piece orparcclof I.nnd situate, lying and being in the town o f Greece, in tlie county o f Monroe, heing forty-three acres of L>aiid, bn the east end of lot number ninciv-eialit. in saul town ; the east and west boundaries of Which said forty-ilireo acres are each one hundred and wiKty rods long ; mid ffie north amt youth boundanes of which are forty-three rods long,— Notice IS therefore hereby given, that by virtw ofa power coptainod in said Mortgage, and in pursu- ance Of the statute m such case made ami provid- ed. Moi'tgagodpi'ieinises y>']\] .bo sold at public V6nduef at the bouse now.occupied by Hirnn\ Mann, innkeeper in the village o f Pittsford, on tiie fourteenth day of June pext, at two o’clock in the m- ternoon ofthat day—Dateft Decemher 13,1825. w i vr-.rrr MORTGAGE SAL^. rVEFAULT haymg.been made in.the pavmen* JL ^ of eight huadred and fifty dollars, by iiidcn- tuie of mortgage, dated lUh day o f July, 1822, e.xe- __ entitled cause, Notice is hereby giveOj that the following flesrribed premises, being the mort- ; gaged premises as described in the complainants’ 'bill of complaiiit, viz—“^All that certain tractor panel cfland, sltimte in the town ofBrigbton, in tocciishjp number thirteen, in the seventh range of towiisliips. ill the late county o f Ontario, being one cuted by yqArt G Christopher and Mizabcih hd vyife toEemaminC’Omins, pf all that certain jiiecc “t land, pituate, lying and being in tlio village o f Rochester and County o f Monroe; -being a part of the lot known and distinguisficd on life plot o f tliat part Of said, village lately called Rcchesfer- ville, as lot No 16, and being all that part of said lotwliich remains after taking therefrom a certain of the second division of lots. & jot number thirty threuuf tlie third division of lots, in said tovvnship.Jc Ijouiidedas foUows.viz: Beginning at the Southeast comer ofsci'dlot number seventy-eight, thence run­ ning on the stmlh line of said lot seventy-eigh'f.six- .tiien ebain.-s and seventy-five links, to a post; thence deed dated 22d March 5819, and which is hounded as follows, to witi be|inning at the N. W. Corner o f lot No. 16, on the East line of Carroll-strcct and running thence Southerly, on the Jlastline o f Car- roU-stfeet 18 feet; thence Easterly, on a line paral­ lel to the IV’ortli lino of said lot 80 feel; thence- ;■ consent, bfe dissolved on the first day of October next. The stock of GOODS,con­ sisting principally o f Hardware and Dry Goods, are offered, for sale at prime post, in lots to suit purchasers. Those iud< bted to the firm, either by note or acco.mt, an- requested to call and siittle the shio ** p, S h ° v S i „ t S ble and Justice. . , int mimte ■ - ■ - - B . a .SM ITH , _. SIMEON P August 22 , T 8 2 ;i, 4LLCO I f . BANK OF ROCHESTER. ■JATGTICE is hereby givift-TcSTKe Slock- 1.x holders of the Bank of Rochoster, that a call of ^10, on each share is required to be paid on the 20(b day of March next; aiid (hat those, Steekholders who may prefer paying said call on the 20th of Oct next, are per­ mitted to nriake such payment. A Dividend of ^2, on each share payahie on the 15tb itist. has been declared; By order of the lBoard, A. M. SCHERMERHORN, Cash. -Rochester, Sept. 23, 1825. J4w6 m.nnter Ihiity-three, eight chains ancl seventy- he sold at publiek vendue at the Court ftoiisa ■ .iiJjS—theme eastwarrily. on the nortl. line of-j„ Rochester, on the first Monday in Mav nux minibersevonryeight. and from thence on ffie said Vdsi line o f said lot number seventy eight to the place o f beginximg—to contain withni said bounda­ ries agreeably tothcsiirvey offcalvhi Hilhtbeafore- q uantily of one hundred and eight acres and one hii'mlred and forty-nine rods of land, inclusive nfniltoiglm'av-s if any tlicrc be.”—or so much there­ of as will he rtcressary to pay tlie complainants the arnourat due to them m said cause, together with the costs o f be dthd at publiek auciion.tb the highest bidder, at tie house of Ezra Sheldon, jitn iiankecper in the town oTMerldbn, iri the coun­ ty- of iV-lariroc. oil the twenty-fourth day of .lanuary next, a t twelve o’clock at noon, by or Under the di­ rection of the stibsjTiber Dated November 29th, 182,5. WALTFR HUBBELL. ' Master in Chancery A t a Court held at the Surroga(e‘>s Office, in Rochester, m Friday,'the lUh day o f De­ cember, 1826— Present, OllRIN E. GIBBS, Surrogate. N teadin^g and filing the petition o f Natbaniel T^O T ICE is herehy given >that the suhscri- X V bPrs and their associates, in lead (0 tnake an application to the Legistatiire of the State ofNew-York, at the ensuing- session, for a n _ _ act of incorporation, under (He tide of “ Erie ’ O X T a d o i anrialTexT 'Tajto. Canal Traiispof^tation. C ompany,\viilt n. Capi~ I tars on ll-c'estate of Atlino Winchell, late of the ta lo f g?CO,O0O, for the piirpose o f carrying ■ town csf Rffia, in the county o f ■'■onroe, deceased- property and Passengers, on the New-York V im orderal, That all pet^ns intcresfed in the J S o c b e „ e ,, N . ™ b . r J ! ; ” “ J t S j 14, 1825. 6wI4 ' J. CHILD, N. DEVEREUX & Co.' R. h u n t e r , TnADDEtJS TOY, ' HOr.ACF BRACE, NATldf.U* P i OWN, T. S. SHANKLAND. HBsd 4 j',tlie fii'stdayof Februfuyqext.at ten o’clock iu the forenoon o f that day, to. show cause, if aiiy they have, why so much o f the real estate, whereof the said Admo VTinrhcll died seized, should not he sold, a-s tv-oiild be-sufficient or may lie neeffisary to en.ihle tliva-^nntnisjraiots aforesaid to pay the debts I -0 ' 'eceased. Dated Rochesttr. 16th De* eembea', 1325. 4tvlS O. E.GIBBS, Stiirogatp. „ mortgage s a l e . EFAULT having been made in the pay- nienl of a sum of money, with the Inter­ est tlmreon, secured by a mortgage bearing dale- thethicdday o f Decemben, 1819, execuffid by ComchusA, Van Slyck to Eri Lusher ofall that certain piece or pateel of lafid, situate, lying and bmng in the town ofGates.InUie then coun­ ty o f Genesee, now the county of Monroe', be- mg part o f ivbat is comffionly called Hanford’s Landing,and (loutided as follow s,to,wit: be- guifling at mi elm tree standing on the west bank of Lie Genesee river, and running thence eaSiwardly to the cenire of said river, (hence down the centre of said nver two chains and lotiy Imks, thence westwardly to the west bank of said nvels'- tlietice south 5 t e 30 west sixty two links, thence south ll® west ninety sevciv links, ffieiice south cast eiglity two links, thence south 86® east one chain and forty six links to the place of beginning, as by reference to the record of said mortgnge in the clerk’s of­ fice of Geheseecoiinty, in lihei 4, page 292, may fully appear: Notice is hereby given, that bv virtue of a ppw erconlainfed in said mortgage, ^teb Mse made the said Inprtgaged premises with the apnurle' nances Will be sold at publiek vendue on t lie first day of March next, at ten otelockin the .ore- noon, at the court house in the village of Roch- estet; m the county of Monroc.-Dated August ■ ■„ er i LUSHER, Mortgagee. H ashropcb «. Frrir, .fttlorneys. |T7^ PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER O R N A L STAINED

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