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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, January 03, 1826, Image 1

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THE ROCHESTER TELEGRAPH. ^ 't* ^ \ 4 . T t e H ® 8 m : l ^ j E ^ ^ l ^ p C K : S v ^ ^ , ' s s ^ p ' !S?: ■ : # f i t | e r t f c j W i W l * ‘| t « « # ® | l . , , ‘TfBi’QRljJS thp^ Who dosiroRs J i to inaijte officP} #«4 5»tt peirsonl in 'Jlt^ftellesr ai?d itswicinityv that they itJay ef^; feetidsRi^nce, Wrfthpiit 4^aj> by applyiaff to, Him. Dee. 1825* . • tf-.i9 - m ............................... ’W m M m m - m m great y a r ^ j O # ^ ^ ^ ^ and DaceSj 4iihhons^ &c. &p. iwinp®. M PvHw-ap* t s v v a j f t s A x S r pn ■raade.fi^ thejatejstlayhi-w getber, a, iaTge and complete aswrtnjent of Goods in the above line,' *• . GRE4^; C0ATS or :made in itha best manner and, on short .notice. IfATS Areased over,, an^ pressed on thp' highly appj^ediEatentPres^^ ..Mri* DArfawonTHV flattew herself, from the eJtperienee shehashadinthe above bpsir ness^ for ten years ps^t, she sbal} be .able to betyanting o a h e r part. Mrs, E. bas on hand rstand, in e'arroll-streety where they have just reqeivedj and a te noW opening, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. » in addition to thpir former Atock of ffA fW - W A j ^ i they have jnst received a very large, <ns0^ent;of SaW W W O M ^ l l % : 4 c C * 4 t ' C % ... Which makes one of the teost complete assori- menta ever offered in this place. They have, aiao,iu8tnpe4v«^ n<inabht><ff OFAstJpjEaaf^fttrAhiTY. j All o f which will he sold as cheap as ever, at , their MMlUhedCfiet^Caili, Slqre. The p»b- . lick, with their old customers and as many •. neat ones as pleate, are .mqst respectfully in­ vited to call and examine for theniselves; SHRTRAR& NOBLE. . . (Rochester, DeCi I3;t ii^25. , , tf-l$ an'astertmentof i d f c i n s h ’ consisting in part of Eillegre r-«drl, 'Cpral Jetts, add imitation W ork--an of whtCh will be sold at a Very reasonable sate; op; osite 0. punaingdtCoJs Store. .Rochester, Jiov* gP,i82,5. 6ml5 X BS.ofPdl«m |beH o g ,W a n fea.im m edi. J j a t e l y b y JvW.STRQIiG. Oct. 4; m s . : _ ■r ■- W lP » B A P U s A ^ B a tA J jte^^ Alin- ' A TBOmANJy CVSHOmnB WANTED, r i l H E subscriber ha? opened, in BastRo- X Chester, nortli side of Maiflrstreet, in the ?vest room of the new stone building, a pretty extensive and geheral assortment of -- 3 part of wliich is o,numerated below, SorERriifE blackjblue, green &drab. Cloth, Pine Casimeres, plain and ribb’d, • Palisse Cloth~Satinetts, a variety, Devonshire Kersey—Salisbury Flannel,- . Other Flannels, a variety, ■JBaizes and Elopr aoths-f?^ob shin, Duflil and other hlankets, , . Scotch :plaids-^Caroline'do.*-*Camhlet, Orodenap, Grodetfe and Levantine silksj ' i Sarsnettsilks-^Cantpn and French crapes, Musliii Robes—Swiss tnushn, plain and fig’d, Jackopet, mul and tambour’d mhsHns,. Sarsneitt cambrick—GamVk muslins, Col’d cambricks-r-Ginghams and Dimities, Calicoes, fe great variety, Dombazetts and bombazines, Domestick Rattinett, plain and iigured, Plaids and Purniture dimities & calicoes, Checks, Dorchester ticking—Irish linen—Long lawn, Cashmere and casimer shawls, Valentia do. el- .egaiit, cotton do.—Fancy silk'and merino handkerchiefs—Bl’k Nankin do.—Silk do. a variety—Gent. & ladies’hosiery, and gloVeSj , Bohinet and other laces—Ribbons, a variety, “ Vestirigs, a great variety— Bapgup cords,. ..Russia diaper and sheetings—Silk and tabby Velvetsr-Guernsey frocks—Fustian—Bleach- ^ shirtiOgs and sheetings,of various qualities, —A goad supply of brown sheetings and sliirt-^ . itigs, sewing siUr, twist, thread, floss, braids, -.cords, &c. &c.,-^toO many articles to enume-i rate in an advertisement. G R O c i i l Z E S t , ^ * HE BAs, ST^CROIX R m i , B H a i K r p l r t H o t o d G i t i ? P O R T W I N E , T E M i EtrOARS, CoffeerChocolate, RaisinSj Ginger, Pepper, Pimenta, Alum and Copperas; With a varie­ ty of other articles-;-aU-of which are surpass.' •ed by none, in quality. . i , * 'GF ' _ H e HAS— -iRanpel gaws; back do.j iron squares; trying do.; steelyards; drawing knives; shovels & tongs; frying pans ; Eng­ lish shovels and spades; brass kettles; cord- ago; cut nails, various sizes; carving-knives; knives & forks ; pocket and penknives; ra­ zors, strops and bo.xes; brittania and pewter tea-pots; Butcher’s plain bits, firmers, and gouges; large and small n l ^ ; rasps; huts & screws; thumb latches; and very many other articles in the hardware line, Helmyalso,a G m ral AssoHmeni6f - • ■ LIKEWISE, A qUANtlTr , ^!iR 9 teti\ W a re, OF SUPEfi-IOR UHALITV. All of which he tenders to a generous publick, at as fair price's as can bo Obtained; in this C A R T E R . East Rochester, Dec. 16,1825. . 8 i TF-.A spdCioiw Cdlar Ro(M to hi, us aitove. inferm the I ^ e t o f Roches- T f * 'ler-and,, its has just returned from Newsrikk, hndlandw op^^^ am elegant assortment of ' i ' m a a j i s i i ’sfi* S T R A W W . _ _____ (At % M W n d ^ Wii,) i m t i j h Bridge^ ^ FO R SA L E VERY LOW, - Arnong which are4- - AJS P i ps. Calicoes, and; Chintjtes, man^ of Vv tJP them very rich—60 ps, Alull,'Tam­ boured, Swiss, plain &flg*d -daokonett, Rpok; and Gamh’k Mushns^SO ps. Fig’d and piauin hlk. Grosdenaps, Levantines and Sarsnetts— 20 psi Real thread'and bobbinett Laces--.iO; E o c t a i e s t e r , 3V o n , ^ 5 * RECEIVE.D.BY 6 0 pr. BRASS ANDIRONS, comprising a variety o f elegant pattei'na i ^ 0 pr. SHOVEtS TONGS; ^ Nost Fife Feiidei’sj and an • extensive atSortment of Silver lE^lateA anvil Brittawia W A V lS X a a S A S T D j & W S B R V ; ; And probably the best assortment of B O m E R S ^ ever before , offered for sale in the Western District..i-—All fU:e offered, W H G L E S A L E A N D R E T A I L , at a\small advance, for HEAnv cash . CP P a r ^ ^ ^ atiention paid to the i b S x S i x z r o o r W A T o m S k . • 8wl5 - »>*a»Oi4|Hainaftj!le9!H.4 . 1\FAVE; opened a Store on AJill-it. nearly X X opposite N. T. Rochester &. Cb.’s, in the new block recently bujlt by S. Sinitb-^ where theyoffer to the publick a choice selec­ tion of STARldE Jls FANCY , . ■ % : among which are the following, viz:—. Superfine and comnion black, blue, oliVe, claret,-Oxford'mix)^ anddrAb Broadcloths; black, blue, drab and grey mix’diCassamers; black and blue ribbed do.; drab-fearnought and kergey; banguqjUfidrGeneva stripe; blue, claret andtoixt PeliSse Cloths; blue, white, scarlet and green Serge; white, fed,.green Md ynllow Flannels; scarlet and Orange Sa­ lisbury do.; green Baize andFocking; Blue iiddgreeb mixt Batinetts; figpred and plain Bombazetts; twIUed do,; f and^ black Bom­ bazines’; Caroiine,UndNorwich Plaids; do., Stripe and Wave!'.Chorezani Stripe; black, ;figuredand fancy Crape Dresses; black and fancy Crape Shawls; Cashmere Shawls and Sektis; a good assortment of Ladies’fancy silk and gaiizeDreSs Handkerehiefs; Grq.de Ete. and Rerage do.; fashionable fancy prints and dark CaJlieoes; furniture d o .; plain and corded Plush, assorted colour?; Valencia, Toilnette, MerseilKs, and' Swansdown Vest­ ings; hlacksilkdo.; silk^aiid .cotton'Velvet, asst’d col’s j BL’k and green SarsnOt and Sin- chew Silks; plain and figy: Levantinedd;— fancy and fig’d d o .; Gro. de E te and Berage Dresses; German, BandpUna and Flag Sjik Handkerchiefs; fig’d and plain black silk do,; gentlemen’s fancy and berageneckdo.; | Irish Linens; J jattd | Thhle Diapers; Cassamere Shawls and Handkfs.; cottoii do.; French and Italian Crape; Gent’s and Ladies’hlk. and white silk Hose; hlk, and white silk ^ Hose;, hlk. and slate col’d worsted Hose; gent., lined b'eaVer Gloves; ladies’lined, beaver and kid do.; misses?kid and heaver Gloves; gentbuck- skin' Gloves and Mittens; patent and Webb Suspenders; silk and cotton H m h r^as; Gar­ niture and other ribbons'; thread.Edgings; bohbmett and silk Laces; Gimp ; silk Cord, and Braid; Twist and Silk ; A and | white Cambrics; fig’d and plain Bo% Muslins ;— Swiss mnll do.; f and | Am. Cottons; Brit’h. and steam Iqom do.; Am.JStripes and Rlaids ; cot’n c h e c k ; do. Warp; Ticking; RUS.DiapCr. < 3 ^ B 0 C ] E B t i : s . % f o S Hyson, I Lump, ImHyson Skin, Si Muteovado; TKA^ff Souchong, diHavanna ^ ' s u g a r s . Teneriffe, Sicily, Madeira, Old Ma- ' deira, Port and Malaga Wld^ES, Holland GIN, Cogniac BRANDY, American do. Jamaica SPIRITS, ■ « .St. Croix RUM. ' ■ C o f f e e * ¥ p u k , % \ c e s , & e . k - c » A lso —A genferal assortment Of • i h s t D i t i a v r , & K o U i s v s , n . ' . A lso —10 cases Gent’s, Ladies’ & Children’s B O O V S & ^ S O S S . Ar.so-^5hdl<isNovm\BUPMLORQBES. All of which they will sell at the most re­ duced prices, for Gash. Rochester.Dec, 6 ,18S5i - tfl6 apd Hdkfs—IS doz. Ladies’ best kid, castor, beaver, and real horse skin GloveS—lOps. Caroline Plaids, Etc,if. ^ AV«o—A very full stock of G H O C E R I E S & M Q I J O R S , Among which may ho found, F A E S B A m FEJ}P CHGlGE * E A « r ' i , p i p e O l a r d ’s b e # JBran^^ of very superior age and#tality. Tavern keepers^and 'fam^?esWlll he sup­ plied with every descriplion of Groceries, on terms which shall be satisfactory. Dec. 18,1825. / 3W1R A e w - s t o r e . A v b ' iraiiir mooD^ri T T 'tllE subscribers having taken the stand X recenfly occupied by Messrs. 4- Ahfik, in Carrol-street, opposite E, Peek’s Bookstore, and next door to Evernghims & Co-’s, are now opening a large and extensive assortment oiSTAP L E ^ F A ^ C Y . among which are—-^uper* blue, tjlack, oliVe, .claret, green, brown, drab, and m ixt Broad­ cloths and Cassimeres; blue and black, mixt sattinetts; drab pilot cloths; flushings, plaids,: palisse cloths, green furniture do., flanhek of all colours, bafees,, homhazets, bo’mbazines,’ hamblets, Salisbury 'flannels,‘Bolivar stripes,' a new and fashiopahlp article for ladies’dress-; cs;. Circassian and Caroline plaids k stripes, Tartari plaids—*calicoes, a great variety and extra richpatterns—furniture calicoes---cam- brick ginghams-r^Irish linens-;-flag, bandan­ na and German hdkfs.-—black and coltd gros de Naples, and gros de E te-^Frenclf and In* rlia levantines-**bfeck and col’d Canton a n j A’'ahkin crapes-^French do—^thread ,& -bobi- net laces—black and white bobinctveils— rich.ribbqnsfor bonnets—-lustring—*satjn a q || gauze dp-T-braids—piping ’.jcords*^ j &. ^ rinoshawlsr-scarlst, ^ h k e, black and enm son, ciyc'assiai^ cashmere and val^pia long shawls—cassimere do-^nmubrick muSlins— fig’d and plain swiss, jackondt and book do— 0 M to ih* tenth iwmf nf l ^ ^ bnildjng,Myi?btreet, three doors north hf the Bank, Where he offers a good asteftment of S c l i o o l tbgetheii* with a spiail assortment Of afvory redneed prices.r—A lso —A-good as- ;■ ^ sortment o f . P L A N K .B O O K S , Books, Able Books, 'Sas. |ip O m s i N l » X l f 0 eXecwtedln a neat and durable style, - ; ;He also informs his former cUstopiers, that tbd advertisement Bill, stating that’ he con­ tinues Books a t his former stand, is fake. RCehester,Dec. 7, 1825. ^ tfr-17 JUST p m L m E D a b b FOR SALE BY ^ E , p e c k ;, Or aspnwnary of the,duties and powers of Justices of t h e P e ^ —by Thomas G. Water­ man, coUttseUor. A lso —iThe Hh,revised edition—hy Ephraim Reed,—The :MtiSi(!As,acs,ii, 5th edition-r-by HasnhgSi&iVi^arfiner.—A lso , ,An.eiq ( t ^ F i a i ^ ’A ^ ^ ^ E d i i m of iho Witli Cabne’s Notes and elegant Engravings, Rochester, fiec- I8y 182^ . __ _ 4wl6 8 ® A ' l f M .AND MORiV S T B W A x m 3rA$BiXOIVABZiZ: C . I > t W W “/ . A G C ? C O . A RE receiving, this day, a rich assortment £%. ofthe above mentioned articles. The Merino Long Shawls are a splendid article, and will b e sold a t New-YOrk prices. Their assartmentof . ' i ^ A ^ O Y Q p o t i f s , is viOfp diuch superior to-any |jfet has ever been offered in Rochester, and willhe sold at such prices as canmot fail to suit the phn^as- er. 'ALs0.,..a general assortment of ' S t a p l e 3 P t » * pp^avEnT description - Rochesto,. 14tb NoV. 1825. point blankete—table opvei’s ^ Y-4, 8-4 and iO-4 damafk table lineqs^^Russia diapersp— 3-4,7*8 dnd4-4 domestick shirtings & sheet: jugs,plrids,stripes, ticldDg5,checksAm.kc.&c. A lso —A general feeboice .sk s o r tm e n V d r \ i# T n r i^ ' GROCE- , K I E S ,' J l f l V comprising every article HsU- ally called for« -v \ -‘r T be above mentioned Goods were selected with great care and at- *;^*Gash p ^ d , 4siusg(aV tot Rot .and lention, and will- be sold at imnsually low Rearl Ashes, W h ^ t,T o r k j Timothy Seed, prices. We respectfully solicit a share o f ' v.*’ „ puhlick patronage. THOS. EGtESTON & CO, , RochestA Dec. 12,1825/^ - 6wl7- JOHN W. STRONG, ■■■S this day reemvihg, 30 Boxes and X .Bakr, sontamirig . : comprising a general a n d elegant' asgort- raent,. which]. With a n ‘extensive supply of Qrocferies, Croekery? liardware, HoUoW ^ W inR w p.vi,.- 1ed-F>sh,’m batreli and barrels, are ofifeKed as lowas cash’‘wiltFUstihase iThein’ in any part o f the state,' 1 ' Also, 500‘j)t>Rrf^ls S llV, ■ I K I S i V i W fX ^ E E snbBerrheb teflSdbimte then his A thanks fur their ptet nod teKeits their future patronage,4nd at the tembtimApfedg- es himself to li^ bis utcn’bst, endeavourS te merit it. ' ^ D. M. BRISTOL. Rochester, 24th Noy. 182.5, 15 (LTN. B ,—The Coffee ;IIou?e is well pro­ vided with ETABLiNG,, hptwithstandiog .re­ ports to the contrary, ' D- M. B. M T O I L i > C J i A S M C 4 ^ ; in publirir' Academies wilhhe opeped in | village of Penfioldj On Monday the 28th day of November, inst. in a eonveftient,Ru(ldibg a few rods east qf the BrickAJeeting House, The School will be t a u ^ t by .Mr. A; B. L AWRENGE, a , M* whete weBeheve te be well qualified in all respect to fill the plade Tvith honor to himself and advantage to his Pupfls. I t is confidently believed that no more desirable location for sufih a-School. / X on the Great Ridge R«ad> leading from Roebesterte E«wki- ___ t«>u> id tlMs town o f Hartkmd, k the dkmty of Nk®t«ik about froih Bochestcr ind three miles from Morehquse’s; eoutainmg fertt aevesi about thirty 'jmifbnim- pr0Y-^^ lu)0it6 .ij^ }og; On the w^steriy ilae o f the lot, a tehd rinis from the ridge to tba eanah dilrtance Tihe land is of ah ' exeelleet quality and Well farmhcl', F*r fhrthet particulars,' ihqnite of James MatheWs, ,of Someriett,. or Joahua Glirisfopher, Harllhud, Niagara' c o u n tyhr the subseriber, a t Rochester, by whom an in- dispulablc title will be given. ,■» CIJAS. M-I^EE: Doe. 19,1825. . . . tM 8 .. T O X E T * THE; Subscriber wik ' ^ % j# i i B f t t h e term of. throe y e ^ , toget)»ei with o u t : ,, ....... ............................................... giye postesatou the, first of Janyn^ The part of the county of M oh?^ can afford a situation i|,very idtetenband- eonypnient;?.: STUDENTS will be received in English .thepremises. For terms inquire, of the subscriber, living on Grammar, Arithmeticlp, Geography, Mapping, Navigation, Algebra, Geometry, and the La­ tin and Greek Languages* Every attention will be paid to the habits and m.oral$ of the Pupils entrusted to his care, ■ DANIEL PENFIELD, V * GARRET H AI^NREG K, HORACE BUSH,' HENRY FELLGWS, I sa a c CHieHESTERi LEONARD ADAMS. , ' Penfleld. NQV'J^d.,1825,. ,,, JQwlS' H E N N I N G & C O . T ^ A V E constan% in store a general as* X 'J y sprtment ofthe^folioWing‘GoOds,ca)cu- dated for the use of . • BATTERS. lot, aUd itis first rate land. ELISHA ELY. Rocherier, Nov. 24,1023. . , J 2 S ? m a ? l ^ t p r i $ ° v ? l i n ^ ^ ^ Lasting, Vklentia and Prunello,assorted, Rus­ sia and Scotch Sheetings, Cotton Perretts,' black and coloured Galloons and Ribbons, Boot Cords and. ’Webbings, 'Brades; Sewing Silks, &c. &c. Pelongs, Pongees, Skivers, Buckels, black and drab Banding, Silk GaR loons, assortedr-Tabby Velvets,'&c. &c. Rochester, Oct. 4,1825.' 7 BEW GOODS. A Full Stock, just opened^ and selling at /ow pri­ ces, by W M . H . W A R D * May 17, 1825.59 \ i- W HOLESALE ^ RETAIL. CHARLIE j.HELL, At the otd stand <f Leavitt Sf Hill, near the . west end of the Bridge, 'T.'l'AS jiist received from New-York, and X J l is now opening, a new and very exten­ sive stock of • GOOES. comprizing all the variety hithertokeptatthis establishmcnl, With Very many additions; all of which have been purchased a t the present exceeding low prices, and will be sold in large and small quantities, at a very small ad­ vance for Cash and most kinds? of Produce, which will be. received at a? high prices in proportion to the prices o f Goods a? ,at any for- mer period, Dec. 5,1825, 16 M O J V R O E Hat JFactorp r r i H E subscribers having X - formed a connexion in i ' / business Hnderthe firm of T ,& . W , KEM P SH ALL, will keep ^ • c o n s t a n t l y on hand, HA T S of every variety and size, which they\ will dispose of at whqle^le or retail on the most accommodating terms. Merchants and dealers in bat§, Wishing to procure for the retail business will find it for their interest to call & examine our stock, a t the recent Stand of T . Ke.mpshall, Carroll st. Having-determined Bgt to be excelled by any similar establishment, they will manu­ facture their hats of the best materials, and agreeably to the latest arid most approved fashions. - They have also on hahd a quantity of Buffalo Robes, cheap. . t i m 6 t h y k e m p s h a l l . WILLIS KEM PSH ALL. N,'B. Cash at a ll‘times paid for Rattmg awd SYiVppiDg FuVs. Rochester, Sept. 28, 1825. . tf ^ I j JLCOTT& W j ITTS^ T N connexion with H A L L Sf CHAPIJY) X under the name and sty le of A X ilC O X T , B A L L A CO . have just completed, and is now in successful « operation, a C U P A L O F U R N A C E , and are using the Lehigh Goal, for melting Iron. They will in a few days be prepared with patterns for castings for Flouring Mills. All lands of GAST/JVGR done to order, on short notice, and Warranted to be Of a good quality. OLD M E T A L wanted. ALLCOTT, HALL & CO. Rochester, Dec. 13, l825r tf*‘i7 Flax Seed, Bees-WaXi Whiskey, &c. &c. > tfs N r t o i F a i w » ® r » f f i o o b s ; C. DUNNING, & Co. T T A V E received and will be receiving, JOI in all th|s wbek,anuuusua}I}- SLCH and splendid supply of ^carefully selected r A Z V C Y D E Y R O O D S , well adapted to this and the Canada mar­ ket, Consisting o f a much more extensive assortment than they have ever before of­ fered to the public—air of which shitll-besold as LOW, at wholesale and retail, as as at ANY eslahlishffiem in the western district. Rochester, Oct. 4, 1825. 7tf m m m M G O O B B s s rjiVEBNGHiM S Ss CO. take the earlieri C -i opportunity n f acquainting their friends and customers, that they are now receiving and assorting their usual large and extensive supply of STAPLE AND FANCY T e a s , Gcocerics, StCi which they offer at the New-York prices, by wholesale and retail. Rochester, Oct. 12, 1825. 12 {ET'EVEENGniMS & CO. will continue to receive, qntil the> navigation closes, frOip their slorfe in JTew-Yoi'k, additional supplies of goods, calculated to meet every demand of the Western country. l a O l l D Z V D W G O O D S . |n l I E Subscriber has this day received a X handsome Lot of C r O O d l $ 9 which are now offered for SALE. Cash Cus­ tomers, will fiiid it to their advantage to call. D . MOORE. Rochester, Nov. 22, 1825. 14tf ■Ca. 9 t ^teel Axes, B A l t S O A P A O A M D U a S i .AND BOLTING CLOTHS.; f j r t l l E subscriber bas made arrange-' A n^nts to keep a constant supply of the above articlesj to sell by Wholesale or Retail\ prices faYoutable' and’ quality Ox- o^lent.,\- - TH OM AS KEM P S H A L L . Rochester, July 9. * I I--' VILLAGE ZAND OFFICE, In the Sd story of Brick Block,uver B . Qamp- helm Stdre, 75 Village Lots, 25 Pasture and Wood Lots, are offered at private, sale, by J. BISSELL. Rochester, June 6 ,1825, 1 A • Pairs Ladies^ & Gentlemen’s comprizing a large assortment. Just received, for sale, by TtNHmgMiWs &L Co. Rocliester, Nov. 1825. 12 , WMe-J. #G R A 'G j|E N -‘- Rochester, Dec. 13,1825. , 17tf rW H E House and Lot occMpi^ ' ^ UdgeRdchester, situated S S ltH lh n S'ophia.«treet. Possession can bad on the first day of May next.—Inquire of . ' sv- m e l a n c t d n s m i t h . , iRqchester, Nbv^29, 1825. ___ ^ , z 4 i > r i i i F o k i M r a B . '' lip H E subscriber, sw agent for Justin. Ely, JL * Esq, offers the fdlowing Lots of LAND for sale, lying in the towns of Gates k Greece, vi^{ No^ 13?,1^, 154,157,148,127., 128, ,80 acaes each. Axso....,One Lot in Pittsford,. containing WOOD XOTS, FOR SALE LOTS, of five acres each; for sale, lying one and an half miles Oast of thk village, on 146114141110 road. ThO iofs are well timbered with Oak for staves, m . and^Ash, Bgach, and other Buiiding tunher. The soil is of a good qualify. Apply at the cf- fice ofE,;PoitfBH 0 y, Esq. Rochester, Nov. 28,1825. 15 VILLAGE LOTS. fT i H E subscribers offer foT sale, on ]lb- A eral terrrts, V IL L A G E LO T S , in a pleasant part o f Rochester. Thejr title is i E,PO M E H O Y and RA P H A ­ EL B E A C H are their Agents. ’ » BEADFORD KIK G , MOSES KIN G . • Greece, Dec. 6 ,1824.. t ■ ^ E M L I s B ^ AMERICAN\ RIFLE POWDER. p p H E tehscribera have received a sup- X ply of best English double and sin­ gle battell, and afonsigment from'Ihema- nufaettirers o f ^‘^gers*s‘Orange County A aikl the '«;Red Sldne 'Jlif//*” Rifle DER, and will supply Merchants and oth­ ers a tth e Mill prices. , ' WM. PIT K IN & CO. August 15, 1825.. , 72 D r a f ts oh J^ew-^Yorh. •p i R A F T S at Sight„on the City Bank J L f oLNew-Yorkj may be obtained at a small premiumj by applyingto EBENEZER ELY Rochester, Pec. 28, 1824. r.. ^ BROOMS. r p l H E subscribers are receiving a large A -qfiantity' qf Flat and Round Brooms, of a superior quality—which wiirbe .affQr* ded to Merchants by the dozen or hundred at a low rate. B- M. & J . S. S M ITH. Rochester, Sept. 20,1825, 3m5 MACHINE CARDS. A LA R GE and complete assortment of x A Smitfds celebrated m t C l E S T m n C A X ^ B , at all times on hand, on consignment from the Maftufacturers, and for sale on the most liberal terms, by W M . P IT K IN & Go. Rochester, May 16,1825. 1 A r V U B T O C K O T • OTSsiiteiiiSd ■ AT WHOLESALE OR RETAIL T > Y the subscriber, East side of Genesee J 3 River, in the new Stone Block, second Store from fiie corner of Main and'Market- Streets. # JAMES VALLETT. East Rochester, Nov. 21,1825 17tf NSW GOODS. r i l H E subscriber.has just reevived and A is now opening a far more extensive assortment of GOODS than he has ever before had, and thinks he can truly say that his present stock is equal to, if it does riot exceed, any ever brought to this mar­ ket. The most of his Dry Goods were bought in New-York by himself, at auc­ tion, during the month of July, (a season when Goods are sold cheap, i f ever,) all of which are now offered for sale to his friends and the publick, on the most rea­ sonable terms. Many of bis Goods were bought with reference to the Canada mar­ ket. Merchants and others from that country will find, it an object to call and examine for Ihemselves. TH OS. K E M P S H A L L . August 1 6 ,1825, 72 STOVES. n n H E suhscriber has just received a large I quantity of the following kinds of Stoves, which wiU he sold very. low. James’ Pat. Stoves with Boil’s. Willson’s do. do. do. S. Stafford’s do. do. do. Oven Stoves, from No. I to 9. Franklin’s do. do. 1 to 6 do. Stoves with Uriii’sbr. balls. Fenders aud Railing. Hall Stoves, from No. 1 to 9. ; Box do. >dG. do. Sheet Iron do.' assorted. With a large quantity of Russia attd English ir o n , Stove Ripe, Boilers, Dripping Pahs, &c. JAMES FRASER. October 3,1895, *7 CORN AND RYE WANTED. 1 0 , 0 0 0 B V S K E £ £ S Z l Y S i f l l H E tebScribdr will pay the highest A . price in cash for R Y E , delivered at his Distillery, near the Cotton Factory, or at M . Brown?s Mill. ^ W ARHAM W H ITN E Y . Dec. 7. 1 S ^ G E W ^ f i T E H . : f l l H E subscribers will pay cash for a qtian- A tity of Sago and Summer-savery, if de­ livered sopn, at the New-Market in Buffalo- street. < AMBROSE & WELLS. Rochester, Dec. 27, 1825. 19 100 BUSHELS CHESNUTS TNOR sale by the subscriber, two doora A north of the Mansion-House. JOHN BATES. Rochester, Dec. 27, 1825., ' 19 s t k a y e d , k DARK BED HEIFER, two years old J \ . nekt spring. A satisfactory reward will be paid to any person giving information where she may be found by the subscriber. J . w . STRONG. Rochester, Dec. 10. 1825. ^ r a g i i 8 ’r it.tlY E E \INEOM the Subscriber on the ^ A. I3th inst. a bay mare Golt, ■ two years old, any person wJio [ will give information where she I may he found shall be rewarded, THEODORE BACKUS. Brighton, Dec. 2oth, 3825. ________ 3wl8 ■ ST tnatE D , XT'RHM the subscriber,in Ro- J t Chester,two smallBUCKS, mSKiKmf with fine wool. A handsome 32yi|jBLjii reward shall be paid to'any per­ son WHO will return them. RUFUS MEECH. Dec, Si 1825. ^ - I8f». PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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