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\ \ *2SS S H O H I i C P C o Y a m i « s i o n B u s i n e s s . f n H G jittljsciribejc will, receive ?jro4uce JL o f all .kinda, in largia o r sm all quam .titiesion coiftiniasiqn, a n a advance in cash S-3ds ta adlibs tife am aknt o f the current value a t this l»lace, whcin delivered, and •ccipiint far the nett proceeds a» sodn as sold* H a v i n l b een a long tiine. estensive. I t engaged in the Produce business, and liereby obtained a thornugh acquaintance with th e ,in a tk e ts,4 n d as he h a s arrange^ snehts w h ereby he cab at all; umes have transpo^atinii d o n e a t the v ery loweStn^^^^ oes, he feefi conddent pit heing able'tn transact business to d»e ad vantage o f those Who shadl ooiiiign property to his care. dO t>bl^. Mackiria White Fish o f a n e ^ e W e n t qiiajihr* .dilso, a few httiv dred barrels g A L T , and a small l o t ^ f ‘ ^ f f i J I S K E Y . ■ » F o r sale, a n assortment of ‘BvktcV BoUvng C\ol\ia. Counting room over the store of Mr. Phos. K em p shall. ' ' IR A W E S T * Rochester, N o y . 23, 1824. H » a s n a i L A & A O B X f f o r . ■* p Q i a i i ^ s s l o n . & . F o r w a r A i h g btfescribe# tj?5pe<nfelly X his friends and the pubhck, that Im has commenced the above business, in this village, where h e has a commodious Ston^ W a i l Uouse, at the margin of the C a n a l' ifesiw, a n d Will punctually attend to any orders either for the purchase or sale of Produce o r M erchandise, a n d F orwarding property, o f every description, to a n y port m the U n ited States or Canada. BRVGS k rrem a N E , i Hy.o/t*rie «itf r.(cil, a / raducedprim. W M . P I T K I N & C O . Drugs & Medicines, Patent M®\ dicines, Glass Ware, Sijr g e o n s ’ I n s t r u i i i e h t 8 ,. & € . gpM terms as from New-York or Aihany. A L S O , a constant Supply of vety pufe and choice ' Liquors S* Wims^ selected particularly for the use o f the sick Teas, ^ugavs a a A ^ iees, • 'of all kinds.. • P a in t s , g r o u n d a n d d r y , O il s , • D y e Sxui^FS, d i c . & c . Nov. 1* G O O D S , ASB ALSO SUCH STariiE AUTIGLES as will frequently be necessary to replenish Stocks in. the course of a season. Our assortment o f GOO DS is very general and ComptetCf and we are converting our stock into such goods as are principally adapted to the , , JoiiBiMG a u s lym S i and shall be cpntmnalty supplied by opr as low as Country Merchants generally can purchase there, allowing transportation. O u r terms are CA S p l o r P R O D U C E - 'receiving JtsUes^ Pork, Wheat, Sfc. tile same as Cash. Those who may find it more convenient, from their situation, to 0 to Canandaigua, will find an equally meet the'demand, has order- large and well selected stock of GOODS, , eow 3 l “3«U F u m t i r t v i s . m H E subscriber, finding it X his stock insufficient to g. ny,he-WiUatalltimeshaVe itin hisp erty left for sale on Gominissionj forw a rded. C H IL D . Rochm ter, 3bh.. l , 1824. 42 Cash for fVheat. P ^ H E highest price in Cash will b eliaid X for W H E A T , at the ./Vew Ited Jtft« ftesrthe West end of the Aqueduct, b y the subscribers, who have constantly on hand (or sale, all kinds of F L O U R and M ID . D L IN G S i Buckw h e at M E A L , Corn do, &c. fee. T . H . R O C H E S T E R & Co. ‘ /a n . 11. • 41 JT, T. Rochester & Ca. A R E just receiving a very general and two^story brick house^^ with a two-story i x extensive assortm ent o f frame building projecting m the rear, both extensive assortment o European, India and Domesfick GOODS, Hardware, JV aiU, Iron, Groceries, Crockerj, Glass Ware, &c. &c. which they offer a t wbolesal'e or retail, at reduced prices. Nov. 1>, 1824. FOCICET BOOKS. , subscriber has received X siRnment of two cases, containing about 1000 Russet C a lf Skin P O C K E T BOOKS, which will be sold cheap by the gross o r dozen. T h e y a re a new a n d very superior article. T H O S . K E M P S H A L L . September I S , 1824, 24 %• A few barrels nnd half barrels first ra t^ M E S S PO R K yet remainingfor sale Houses, a n d fronting on Thomas*st. into which lead the Batavia road, .and other roads' from the south and southwest-^ the principal sources o f business. The Store, immediately north of the Tavern-stand, is large and convenient, two Stories high, with underground rooms 32 admirably calculated for a grocery^ and its situation for business is not exceeded by any in said village. For terms, apply to the subscriber, who will give a title in iee to the satisfaction of any purchaser. T H O M A S F L U E S . Holley, M arch 1. *48 FAIRS Silver, Plated and com- O U U U u,on SPECTACLES. Abo, an additional supply o l H K L L ’S P J iT E U T ffJJTG E TRUSSES. For «ale aJ the Druggist Store of G . H ITCH C O C K . January 7.182/5. JOHN W. STRONG, IN T E N D I N G new arrangements in his X business, is desirous o f selling b is pres­ ent stock o f ‘Goods, which he offers at & triiUng commission over cost. Also for. .sale, 8 0 Bbls. Finb Old Whiskey, 3 0 0 dp. Salt, Mess and Prime Pork, 90 & 100 gal. Potash Kettles, Window Glass, &c. &c. C a s h , as usual, for Pot Pear\ Ashes. ■^ugust 10. ' , ; . 20 NEW STOEE. Q AMU E L R IC H & H E N R Y W A R D , O having entered into co-partnership un­ der the ^ m of UlCHSf W^IRD^ are now opening* at their new building, a few rods east of the brick Meeting-House, and near­ ly opposite the Peuifield Hotel, ah extensive and general assortment of Merchandize, consisting o f Goods, Gtrocenes, Paints and Dye- Woods, ■which they offer for sale as low as the same can be purchased at a n y village in TSeW-York west of Utica* R IC H & W A R D. Penfield, Oct. 4. 27 JVOTICE. A L L persons indebted to the Subscri- j t \ . bers for JP'ooUCftrding and Cloik-Dres- fififf, and for- G6pds,are requested to make W ithout fufthcr delay** H . N .& A. B. C U R T ISS. Rochester, Mhrch 28,1825. 52 ■|-X R A P T S at Sight, oh the City Bank 1 f of ^Jew-York, may he obtained at a Bi)3ici£l prdniuBQ| l)v DppIyjiDCf to E B E N E iE R EJ j Y . any previousAnvoice of 1824, a n d which h e is hourly expecting to receive. H e is now enabled,to offer h a friend's the following articles: A f \ Chests Hyson Skin ? T 4 X M ao ^ chests do. . do. 5 whole and 2 0 1 boxes Old H y son do. 8 whofe and 25 i box'es Ybung Hysoh 200 ibs. Flotant JJVD/Gp 6 bags P m E J ^ T O 6 do. P E P P E R 100 lbs. CASSIJL 100 do. fresh J^UTJUEOS- 5000 1st quality Havana SEGARS . 10 hhds. prim e CODFISH 50 bbls. SALMOAT : 10 do. mess SHAD 20 do. MA'GKEREE . 10*.pipes Cognac E R A J W T 10 do. Old Holland and Pierpont’sG/JV* 8 hhds. St. Croix RUAI 3 puncheons' Old Jam aica SPIRITS 12 hhds. New-Orleatis MOLASSES,Sec. SA M U E L SA W Y E R . Rochester, J a n . 10,1325., 41 dh the .same terms, pt .the store of A . H. M o t t & C O , co-partners with E V E R N G H IM S & CO. Rochester, Dec. 0 , J 823. 84 FOR SALE, A V A L U A B L E T A V E R N i X STA N D and S T O R E , in the village of H p lley, (on the Erie C anal) in the county of Genesee, H liiiles west o f Brockport, and 17 miles N. N. W . from the village o f Ba­ tavia. Said Tavern-stand (known by the name of Holley Tavern) has a handsome recently painted, and all necessary out­ houses i and is situated centrally arid eli­ gibly for business, at the S. AV, corner o f the publick square, neatly opposite the Canal Bridge, Ham lin’s Basin a'hd Store- L a K B s vovv sa iiE . ’^IAHE subscriber as agent for Justin E ly, X E s q . offers the following Lots of LA N D for • sale, lying in the towns of Gates and G reece,’ v iz: Nos. 133, 135, 154 ■ ‘ '■ ' ' 81, 20, 32 and 37,' containiiig about 80 acres each. 'Also, one L o t in Pittsford, containing about 400 acres; the Canal runs through this lot, and it is first rate land. < . E L IS H A E L Y . Rochester, Nov. 24, 1823. 82 m ^ J S T K U TO KJEJST, ■pVOR six months o r a year, X asm allishDwellingHouse, sufficiently large to accommo­ date a family of 8 o r 10 per­ sons; connected with it a G a rden, well, and necessary out houses, situated as n ear Buffalo-street ns convenient; nearthe Ca­ n a l bridge would be desirable. Also, a small Room, for a Fan cy D ry Goods Store, situated in ihe busi­ ness part of W est Rochester., A p p ly at this office* or to J. E. & T . CONGD ON, Rochester, M arch 8 ,1 8 2 5 . 49 ON -CONSIGNMENT, 40 ? t f r S £ L . W b i t e F i . h . 50 Barrels Cut Tobacco, 40 Kegs Powder. ■ JO N A . C H IL D . Rochester, Jan. 10, 1825. 4 l N O T I C E . A L L persons indebted to thesubscriher, xj L are desirM to call and pay their Notes or Accounts without delay. J. W . STR O N G . Rochester, Jan. 1 , 1 824. 4t) 3,100 Acres of Laud. T W I L L sell or exchange for improved X Farnns in Ontario, or the adjoining Counties, 3,100 Acres of LA N D , lying in the town of Phelps, Ashtabula county, Ohio. These Lands are about three miles frorh the Trumbull and Ashtabula turnpike road —are of a good qualify and well watered. Considerable settlements have already been made in the Town. F. G R A N G E R . Canandaigua, Deo. 1 4 ,18’24. 6m37 M e Y c \ \ a n l s * r i i H E aiA s c rito* w isB 'to all X those Country M erchants, in th* vi­ cinity. of this village, wlto may not be ac­ quainted with oup mode of doing bqsineu. at wholesale or retail. SVFFAXO noFEs. by the bale or single. Also, a supply of G c \itY c A s iei\^& F u r C a p s , of the latest fashion. (IT’Gentlemen about to purchase are re­ quested to call a n d examine for themselves. emaoltisiaU if itrtad STO R E . \ ' at prices which shall b e satisfactory to ev­ ery purchaser. T h e following a re a p a r t i: 3 « H. GIN, 4 Rhds. RUM, 16 « E. [. MOLASSES 30 « &bbls.SU(xAR, 25 Bags COFFEE. 25 Chests TEA^ 20 Kegs TOBACCO, 10 « GINGER, &e.&c.. . K a y in|m a c le a r r m ^ agent ip TieW a York, hq will receive Groceries direct from the\ importers. Intending at all rimes to kegp his assortmejpt good, and qrf die choicest kinds, he therefore particii- hirly invites merchants and tavern-keepers to call and examine, assuring them that his contiguity to the canal, and the arrange- himself will enable him to ..give the most perfect satisfaction j and boekditiohi shall . . _ - he wanting on his part to merit a continu- ments he has made as above mentioned, ance of the patronage of the old customers will enable him to sell (as he is determined to do) at a very small advance from cost, adding transportation. V l U ’Casli p aid as iisHal f*r Pot and Pearl Ashes, Pork, fee. fee! JO H N W . STRO N G . Rochester, Sept, 27- , 25 ROCHESTER HAT 0T ORE \ / \io • '!'■ II,li. n p H E subscribers inform ^ X the citizens o f this village and the publicki that that they have just received from N e w York a correct pattern of the elegant, beautiful and much admired Ova\ ot La F^iyctte Hat. T h d y have on hand a good assortment of Cortes,O v al, W ater Proof, Beaver,Castor, Roram , Imitation Beaver; N a p t, Youths' >«nd children’s fancy, and men’s and boys’ wool ■ HATS, all o f which they will Warrant to equal, in point of beauty and durability, a n y manu­ factured in the state, and which will be sold as low as a t any other establishment, than is usually found in a country Store, to K l O ' V S l K B S I l I S , 1 8 2 4 . ROCHESTER CASH S t o r e . . Wholesale and Retail. W i a v m S t. m u . , XAt the, west end of the new Bridge,) X T A Y E just received from New-York a A A more extensive stock and a g reater variety of Dry Goods, Groceries and Crockery, which they most respectfully invitp the at.- teniion of those who wish to make th e most economical use o f their m o h e y ^ -— emong which are every descriptioh p. M essrs. Lorillard’s S a v i f f S t T o * \ s a e c o , Rochester, Nov. 2 3 ,1 8 2 4 . M K U C H A ^ f r S ' ' L m E , 34 weeks to 6 y ears old. ^50 bbls. new SALT- 20 .FOR FR E ipH ^ AND PASSAGE. A b o a t belonging to the above line) ■tX well fitted u p for P assengers, running Afigkt and Ihj/, with, relay s o f horses every 12 miles, will leave Rochester for Albany, every morning (Sundays excepted) at 7 o’clock, and every evening at 8 o’clock, andw ill run through in less than five days, or a t the rate of w inHes every 24 hours. Enquire a t the Red Warehouse in Rochesr ter. N O R T O N , G O O D M A N & Co. Rochester. T R O T T E R , D O U G L A S S & Co. D A V lS & C E N T E R , S. TH O M S O N fe Co. Black-Rock. T O W N S E N D & C O IT , R«/afo. N. B. T h e first BoatwilM eave here this week, on Thursday morning. tf53 Rochester, A p H l4, 1825. STONE WAKE. W a re, just received, an( for sale by the dozen,low­ er thau they can be obtain­ ed from Aibany or Troy, W M . P I T K I N & Co. R o c h e tter,O c t. 19- 29 EngVisli &L Amenean, 2 3 o t t B l e S i R f f U BIFJLE & M U S K M T POWDER, & r sale by W M . P IT K IN . Dec. 2^, 1823. 86 'Fo Rent ior'^'wo Nears.^ m H E ROOM over Benj. Campbell’s ■- Store. It is convenient for a Mechan­ ic’s shop or a School, being 24 feet wide, and 50 deep. The rent will be moderate. Inquire at this office, Oct 4. POCKET BOOKS. A G R E A T variety o f Gentlemen and -fX Ladies’ elegant Morocco P O C K E T BOOKS, for sale at E . P E C K ’S Book- store March 15, j ^ E W a n w a j f O K s i i E N T . r i l H E subscribers h ave formed a con- X nexibn in the mercantile business, un­ der the firm of HART & SAXTON, and are now receiving, at their store, at the corner of Buffalo and Carroll streets, a very general assortment o f merchandise, o f almost every description, which they of­ fer to the publick, as cheap as can be. pur­ chased at any store in the Western country. (]::?The highest price in Cash will at all Linies he paid for any quantity of PO T and P E A R L A S H E S , PO R K , W H ISK E Y , fee. fee. fee. T h o m a s h a r t , S E T H SA X T O N . Rochester, Nov. 22 ,1 8 2 4 . 34 S5KEWARE. T O S t in thiJ vlllaj«, on F r if e y the A i 15th inst. a red Morocco PO C K E T BO O K , containing abo.iil twenty Dollars in bills of different banks f also a Ticket in the last Literature L o ttei y. The above reward will be paid to any person who shall return said Pocket Book to this office, or to the subscriber, with its contents. Z E R A H BURR. Rochester, A p ril 1 9 ,18^5. 3$ coarse do. (an exceL factofy prices. < HoilowW are,Hard ware, Stone Ware. Nixon’s celebrated Plougha, N . B. M erchants, Grocers and Tavern' keepers supplied a t a.great deduction from former pricesv 33 NEW GOOES j,Y B m a n 'r o . v . n n H E subscribers h ave taken a store on X the hill o p p o siteS.Lam b ’s Inn, where they a re now receiving a n d opening a gen­ eral assortment of Goods, direct from the city of New-York, consisting o f DRY GOODS, C r o B K e t y G l a s s w a r e ^ .and with confidence will assure their friends and customers east of Genesee river, that they cap be accommodated with almost every article o f the above description,with­ out crossing the river, and a t a s low prices Us can be purchased in Rochester. W e only a s k them to call and exam ine for themselves. W e want all kinds of Produce, home- niade Flannel and fulled Cloth. Cash,wil be paid for W h e at, Flaxseed a h d P o rki H. N .& A. B. C U R T ISS. November 9- 32 CASH ■’I TBKIFAPL7 baiiift. coiad* 'in the oBviiseiit h hvariOir dit* tlie « ||(day'*4 May*. I822i n c c a - Foi dnd^Peart■ and the liighest p rice p aid for .'WiBijisi:!’. . RYE a n d CORN. (Delivered after t|iis week,) 6 Pipes BBAlSlBt, (p5re); Dec. 1,1824. L E A V I T T fe H I L L ' N E W m OH Stand. T U w t l i y K e v i i p a ^ i a l l Gtjiiisseti river, .Imowif wud 4i|iin|hb!wd ii* liiiR lilan ot' said vlHagr by lot number being th? same flus'io s^id mbrigHgoics by, B red b«Hri(ig i-viiM, date wil.h said moi tgage, which Wa» giwn lo sr- cure the ^aircliaie inoney''-^N.oTicK Vgire.tf' . :purw««neef. Will be sold g '5 .ilie jsjdprmjsi^s, atilie suiU villHgeo^ ■ ter, on % eighth day of o'clock ii» tlie atternoon, pursnanUo the staltitc ifi such cas» tuadc a,i1dptov|ded.'-^D«trd ipec. 4 .I'thlES D, RE Alts, Alortgagee. - BI x WK n , SU 1 I.EV, Att’y. -V. ^ ^ ' 3 « X i v Order of Asldey'BamsbUf I'Nihure, first , ^ - ,X 3 Judge of Hivd 10 all otliers,\vlidi» it jpay application snd due id.oof ihade hi liinr (hd ?«?<! - ----------- Judgej:,Wdsun»(ld.tbd^d^ Alhtends to conduct .the H A T - BTlN G b M n o sSjw h b lesdlgand retail, upon fair and Itlxjral terms. H ia at all tinies from New-York, and elsewhere, of A . & I . Golvini and the public generally. C a s \ \ p a i d f o r H a t t m g E a r s . A p ril 5, 1824. 1 - ■ C H A T H A M ........ ¥ \ v t i B ^ w r a u c c C o m p a n y , NEW-YORK. IKCORIPOKAV ed W ith a . oapitai , of S 4 0 0 . 0 0 0 . T N S U R E S Buildings, of every descrip- A tion, in any^.part o f the United States, aihst loM or dam a g e ,by Fire. Also wMianttieeoUiily of A dntof.'bftlie *N»clioJ$,jo|)ethat iniless^h^said Jo- «T!' Nifholsdo returit und;disclturge his debts, Witiiin tiiree motoswfteelhis notice of siii:h fchk sure, Jill his estate wlU.bo sold for the p&yineiit indsWtisfactiofl of hif debts. Dated Marcii24. 1825.. - Btjhiig . ■fpr allaelmg crtdHers, ■r* ........ .v,^ V,. M niav. (arm oi woiciune sma xianiei iseoges oiectse!- erchandize, Household Furniture, and. iedf liaviiig thereon a good framed house, amt every description of personal property, on terms as favorable in every respect to the Insured, as any similar institution in this State. ' ' JA S P E R W A R D , Pres’t. W . D . M A L T B IE , Sec’ry. . -^Tt.‘8^9'r - T h e subscriber, having 'been appointed A g ent in this village and,Vicinity, for the above G o m i^w W illreceive pf5posalsfor m n ^ c m rofdhef insurance, which may be left a t the store o f tw* JBcres of land, a p irt of the north-weit di vi-, JO H N W . STRONG, (who has retired lion oflotJVo. 37, township No. 13,4th range of. from the Agency at his own request,) o r townships in said county, bounded as follows^ «.e ^ Nov. 15,1824- * 'R o c h e s t e r O l \ - J M \ W f i l l i E new stone Oil-Will ricaf the west X ^ end of the Bridge, in the centre o f thd village,ds now in operation, a n d LeiNSMEJ) O iL i i Bold* on the 24th 'day of June next,at ^fto’clncK ia th« foreiiooo o f that day.—-Rated (b« I6fe dayof May. 1825. ' ' For JOHN P. PATTERSON, Sheriff,. 6w68 loSATHAS B akkk , Deputy, superior in quality to any manufactured in this coimtry,wiU be furnished in a n y quan- ^^w 1 Ii%w-,GIass and Nails, at &elsewfe^^^^ Y L a x - s m i ) . O I L - C A K E F O R S A L E . P 4 J C 3 f f V M l X i L S are connected with the Oil-Mill, Where Paints are prepared in the very best m an­ ner, ready for use. ‘Painters and others can have their paints ground at much less expense than in the usual methbdv A large, stock of PAIJYTS of (ill kinds for sale by W m. P I T K I N & Co. . September, 1824. ^ 25 Village Lots. VF3HE subscriber offers for sale a nunn X her of. VILLAGE LOTS, pleasantly situated, at very low prices, from 60 to 200 dollars. Terms, 10 p er cent, down, and the remainder ih th ree equ- annual payments, with interest. W IL L IA M A T K IN S O N . Nov. 15. 33 OLDWHXSKET. A L A R G E supply just received and for i X sale by L E A V I T T & H I L L . O c t. 11. 28 JMontoe Po-v» 4 er'MiU, 3 . p o w d e r o f asuperiour quality, manufactured and for sale by HUBBARD & PARSONS, ROCHESTEB. 10,000Yards Cot ton Shirtings. T j 3 0 R sale, on comhiisrion, a consign- X ment o f the first qualityt^f American SHIRTINGS, manufactured at the best establishment in Otsego, and Which goods we are authorised to sell at the lowest factory prices. Coun­ try merchants m ay be supplied, either by the package or few pietes, to suit custdin- ers. E V E R N G H IM S & CO* Rochester, 9th mo. Iff, 1823. 72 VILLAGE LOTS r j n f l E subscribers offer’ for sale, on. lib- X era! term s, V IL L A G E L O T S , in a pleasant part o f Rochester. T h e ir title is perfect. E'. PO M E R O Y anfe R A P H A - E L B E A C H are their Agent*. B R A D F O R D K IN G , M O S E S K IN G .. Greece, Dec. 6 ,1824. JYEW DRUG STORE. (Butralo-street, near the Bridger) p»uari(>, the subscriber Will expose for sB|e at piitiiitjk jiuijt'on, On Friday the 3d day of June next, «t one o'clock in the aftcrtioon, at Ilia house ^.Tohti Hagerninrj, in (he town of Hciiri- ettj, ih tlifrcduutypf 5l6hi:6B» all t.'mf pari 4 ' lot ftuntber fifleeij, in ihe-tciCond ‘‘f'tols lb said town, which has.been set Off as the dbW«r of .iTlirzy BagTinan, (latef widow of Dnnie.1 Hedges deceased,) if U«hrg eighteoh .acre# and fifleejri'Sixljeenths .«f ao acre of land on the south giclS ofsairi lot, The premises are n part of the faTin of which (he said Daniel Hedges died sei- will be sold, subject tp the life estate of the said Tliirzy Hagermoii, who is nboUt fifty years of age; The conditions af the sale will be cash fit thetitne of exer.utiiig the deed.—Dated April 16.1825. DANIEL HEtH3ES,.4d|mmVr«h»r 6w65 of Daniel Hedges deceastd. '■ SHERIFF’S SALE. ■jjrl V virtue of an execution, issued by (he J P Clerk of the eouiily o f Monroef to iii? dh, reeled, I have seized and taken the .lands and MORTGAGE SALE. V virtue of . power p f s.la eontained in a JL> mortgage executed by Orimtl Edeoit, to nie, fitted 29th March, 1821, t shall sell at Veil-, doe, part o f lot No- 58, in West fujtney, ip the tpvyn of Riga, and county o f Monroe, beginnhig at« point at the,l4.VV. corner o f said lot; llieneab southerly on the West liiic of said lot to the. S.. Wt corner*, thence; easterly, on the Soulhdtne of said lot ^ (rods; thepce northerly to the North line of said lot; lliepce westerly, on flip North line of said lot 40 rods tothe.place of bB««> containing 25 acrps,at the Inn of R,' Ensworlh, in Rochester, on Ihe 9th of Npyeiu-' her next, at 4 o’clock, P. M. of that day. '* AUSTIN WILLCOX. Bv E. .S mith L ie , Att'y. 'Way 9,1625. ■ Y order of Ashley Samson-,, Esq. firsf judga ■ > of ftloiivpe county, notice is hereby given to all the creditora of Mtirshel J, Wurdtn of Greece, in said county, an insolvent debtor, to sliew'cause if any tht:y have, before the said judge, a t Ins office, in the yitlage of Bpehest er,- in tlic county of Monroe, on the first dayofJue ly next, at ten o’clock, in the fpreiioph, wdiy ah assignment of the said insolvent’s estate should nol be niade, and liis.person be exeiapfed from in>|.risonineiJt, pursuant to (he bet entitled “Att aetto a.bojlsli imjirisoiiincnt for debt iq certain cases,'* passed April 7,1^19*—Dated this ninth day of May, 1826. J , B . E L W O O D iZ T A S just opened a general fi-J. and extensive assortment of D r u g s Sc, ^ l e A l c . m e , of the first quality, which he offers Wholesale and Retail, oh the most accommodating terms. Family Medicines carefully put up, Rochester, March I , 1825. 49 Cash for Corn, Rye,Sfc. r p i H E subscriber will pay C A S H for X 10,000 bushels of EVE & CORN. Also, Cash and the highest p rice,paid for Pork, in the Hog, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Wheat, Whiskey, kc. ke. JO H N W . STR O N G . Nov. 1 6 , 1824. , 33 L.AW PARTNERSHIP. som e DioKsow, T T A V IN G removed from West-Bloom- X j L field to Rochester, has formed a partnership with Ashley Samson in the prac­ tice of Law . T h e y Will attend tp all bu-^ siness intrusted tp them in the Oourls of Equity and Supreme Court. T h e busi­ ness in the Court of Common Pleas will be conducted by Mri Dickson. They so­ licit speh a share o f the publick patronage, as their fidelity and attention to business m ay entitle'them to. ’***ThMr office,at present, n ear the west end pf the bridge,over the store of £ . Moore* '.Rochester, April 4 ,1825.' tf53 FREArcR B U R R HULL STONES. C T E P H E X E L D R E D G E infw m slii! lO Mends and the publick, that’he ccn2 tinoes a Burr Mild Stone Alam^adory on BiiSalp-street, a few doors west of the Court-H o u w , in the village Of Rochester, where he will, at all times, be ready to ex­ ecute all orders for M IL L STONES, st the shortest notice, a n d a t alt cheap a rate as can be purchased any where ip tlie U- States. And he will w a rrant the said Stones, and will also becopie obligated to pay ali damages that the purchaser may sustain by reason of the Stone or StontS not answering the w a rranty. From the known utility o.fthe French B u rr Stones, he presumes that -an, e.stab- fishrnent of this kind will receive the en- coiiragemenliit shall merit, .nis it is well un­ derstood that the use of (hem is for the best interest of the manufactorer and Jar- m er. Particular attention is paid to the qual­ ity o f the Blocks used, having just received a supply of the best Burr Blocks from France. , tn^O raers for the above article will Be received by the subscriber, who. has been appointed Agent, for the proprietor, in the place of JO S E P H N T f H O L S , whose agency has been discontinued. H O R A C E H E R R IC K . Rochester, March 29,1825. Cm5& A. HARRIS & CO. ^~W F F E R for sale, a few barrels o f No. I X and 3 M.'V.GKEREt, Boston I('..spection. Rochester, April 12, 1825. .54 NOTICE. \ LL persons indebted to the estate ol ROSW ELL H a r t , decpa.?ed, late p f Rochester, are requested to make pay-- ment, without delay, to the subscriber, wnQ has been duly appointed adminisfrator up- o|jf the said estate. ^ : THOMAS HART. Rochester, Sept. 18,1824. 2SI JOB TWPVTTJVG, tSTiatlij execsited at fim Office. PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIC3INAL STAINED

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