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4 M?»«55^mi^w6wwi>aiJr I^ew far6v|Vi^ Df tp»j Vto ftw ^ecn Mwned c>n tlio part of, th« tioMse Olio: of tho rev^?o»t Tlte proRoseil ^n)eo4lN9#D(ii t« tho rovisfa^ awlljkjioe «o impiti wy rto»f beiiig- so oon^potort^^ 1 cheerfully ,t»iUnamvr frpttfrlhe oomrhii^iou^^^ ', ooiumissioittQ petfofo> t)ts»t arfluOus hnd iiti* portaotdufe'o F. Put- ; Mr, Joha pubti aoa.I|oiary ’Syi»eatoH.«-<*(3/i'»- '' , - . ,i(ted;hay^; se^U t letter irom tliio 'feiiclin^ tpomhor in tlio;©hwf p ete^iori ia C b n ^ s , ' fO‘M»,friciKl hei'.e^firorn ■«Odvthe'.foBe^lng't' < l ■'.''•i-x spdkct to ajhpi^uagd ;Uat.#i!0 wusiU^erstopd. «jf Mr%' 4d<t“»s was butpeceiVod with adesree of ontbiillis^ dUf statoi sipco its adiftis» 0 ndhM th'n^h This feathysiasrii Wnd i^ood as piuch thd 5^0 Mis. theiW are now t»uiWu>g » •yd»olt«rf«wel|ftdtihd^'-ednd^^ litiOtt JnstitUtiUiJS, 'dWiog to tlio ihaPhOr ift i»bich'thoq»c«two.W# tile UoMse oflliO)ri^ptativds,;a8 on Account oftheelo^n-r tioU of the, brcsoh te tijo phief ,, ;sjagk^^ ' y .■ , 4 :*, »r..' ‘ a youpg^'t^ apd Flwn.in, one daj' Iadj*(Iii[iw SsraCFhtfi%Of StatnfQrd.'Pt.}; ‘ ' — ‘* Si^s ihOtiw Pteth»pystWi>et> bytlie.,aeciaentaj ^ displtaniroof a pMol, TChe particwlars, As far s iM we llaye h«^vnWe to asOertain, arc these : ^ f edti^An was engaged ip the tliittl Stpry * of ’i?tH'<5 Gl^ltham-atreeti shewing a pistol to frM^, who nOtJhnO itiras loaded, ptrir Mri .M illii'^ljeriadie* wctw^iri the irOoin; vand ihe of t ie halh» entered the leg of Mi?s I «j'err«(,,aMttfe.l>elowtholt^^ lodged,if sfclleSewi^^ SOineit^soes beb^^ 'We called 4t Mn Mill’s aliout'pdon, and Were inb^^ that.aHhopglj lVeh*aJl had not boon extractea, *atifohg hopes arefenti^airied that anaputjatioh wUl not .be ll^eoessary. IVjti^ S’* “ about Id '^oaH'dfapsf, I. P r o ii^h te jjstr^pnpap^^^^ ‘ into Jlrencft JSj^gefi».**-Fhe copiniittee^^^^^ ■ a nteeting^ at Guildhsdljlbndon^ Msupli 4th, at Whioh a letter front (jen, ]Ls.. FayettO,‘datod' Wisdadftoh,'Jan. d, Was read. It was. writ- Mnin Ffehch ; the translation of Which is as ■' TdUowa;-,''-.'-^ '':: ■ ‘>My prpSo)^d.%lJow4»tizenB,4 who are donned into a 'Conttrattee.to assist each pther* vand wWhsye often rooewed the expression of - bwj besC ‘witbis, will now, I trust, alldw jneto ■ which hate alfbsdyireached then). My per-; icbMfHeW,MrTw^ wceiye ^ 0 0 ; which tliare rtqodite^ the Bank of the P. States Mtnmsniit 'b'him, to be handed over \iw those M My feildw-atapos Wlipare entrust- settled,,some some of wliinh wiU-soon'he;bah‘ired sootrbe.bsh'ircd nW'‘*' Tlio corner atote'of tho nFariff Woollen; F#>to,iy>5.in l^rifllille, in the town of Sims- bury, was laidph the l4th ®.*t, in ,th# pres. OPOo of above ap hundred ipeotatora, and an elegant addrpsai was deiieerMI hy Willbni H. ICnightKEifij om bfthe iiMnders M tjb '^n- tcmplated e»bblishin«®t* The btnldinf w to be of stone, «5 liy 4tf, ai)d; fonr stprios high, It isintendedtbe the manto^turepf superfitie broadolbth, ,at^ will luia out joo yards i»or day* ThisplaaJe iip beautifully sib ^itavilb turnpike, #5veU lU'fee fr«n m and within 15© rods o f the surteyed route of the Farmingbu Ca^ah^^^ Wo understand thalM new edhion of Eteir»$^JliiM Pbok is abbut tu:be publishod, with liiMick set tO'eaoh .teswo*.. W^e-witnes*, _ ______ _ sed, a fewayuniBgs sinoe,.tl»uperfQ^ of of suhscriborsat the close Of the emreot voli ,\x™ » dedapnlauso. .The chorus waa particularly •hnoj yoify^^Uch; re^tnbling tbo |‘hait sione’i trouble. settled, of whieb Wijl by| L.^ ^epf»yiw^ select ■'i g ' j b l l T H i h ., sold, wfthoioti'' aamuy suit the.' J^ntgrprkc Tagtye our eitizene,upo^ wa Goa|t, some idea Of the growing commorco of Lake Erm, Wewiil advert to die fact 4 , thati in; addition to the steam-boat, now.op the Lake,' a ’fine vos- for its haviguMed kve other Steatn-Boats, be­ sides SteyerSllar^schoOners^ Four of these pJuoe and Erie, as apaoket,.in connexion with a lino of .Stages that are to ritU through he. Wednesday the 11th oF May pektj at 11 o’olocH,A, M. A punctual'attendance is partjtularjy stdicited,' ^ , i ^ ■. ' .GI-BBS, (Sec - .• -. *- * Gilbert F , Jooe$itbe person who eotnmittetl es^tetisiv'e frauds on the ojtizea8 /0f< Madison countyj has been overtaken by his pumUCTs, and committed, to the jail of-that coupty. ed with tife“« t k f ^dieproscribed natives of FranceV an$i liiUy rMy qb thc judicious dis- pciiilMtiir aMmat. T beg o f them all to ac- i Tbii ..lettet M addreSsedirr-J*.©'Jtfrwienr* du F/wsdow paver nffaires detUPUtri- pu,prm*!diii Apysfe iswr yw#..’! In a subset dwMUetter It Wi^ that Iho .vener- > • sMe O ^ r a l had traiwmitted^200 for the reJ lief pf the Spanish, .and'J200 for the Italian ' Wfugees. Asufascripfioh ofjB^TO was annotm- bedfr^ Glasgow; oFiei30 J^rtheFish^^ /«/onrtaf/o«ironted.*-Lcft thehbuse ofthe who has heen in a deranged state o f jnjnd for Upwards of a year. He is abont six feet high, light complexion, blue eyes, ligtif brewn liair, ; and stout built~has a scur on the left side of his head, cauSedhy trepanning, llad on when he wont away dark coloured clothing. Who­ ever wiU ,^be kind enough, on finding him, to sectire him -safelyi us6 him well, and send im­ mediate information by mail where he is, will confer a favour. on a disconsolate family, and shall be handsomely rewarded for their troub­ le. THGMAS HAZElSr, North Hero, Grand Isle co, Vermont, Cr The printers Of newspapers throughput the U, Sfates will confer afavour by giving the above one inSertioUi' siready been expended fn supplying the claim. Jarrts, and .upWardo of 30d -emfgrarttb afe still ! ■ bn tlis list. ■ Many have been provided with aitupfibns aa t^ h e r s ot‘ latiguagcs, and sever- iaVe hien wnt-abroad. ■ ' ‘ , Nnw-OnnEASS', Marchs^ &oadeffe.4i]tf Licirmd QdmhHng Ho^es. — t A few days since, a jbUng man Of good char- •aefer and respectable connexions arrived in Whis city from our'adjoibing stnitdvwjth !7*7 bales -of Cotton, the property of hiS family and friends, , After making sale of his cotton and receiv- :ing hi* nmno)', and when rea,ly to depart to his Tri8nds, was be?et-hy iomnof tho runners of ■the i gambl&g tables, and after the usual cere, unony hadpaSsed,of intoxicating the unwary-- ftho allurernen{so|g^a wefOtoo tempting—-he ajMceeded from |HI!a tutus to laige, imtil .the proceeds .of hls cottottliad vanished. The an­ guish of the yonug rpas* vrtien ^bered to his tight mind, Was indescsihable, Hehad been reposed' widv a tru^ which not evenhis ette- my could have suspected:—that trust he had ! tfcrfcited. . Hedetenmned not to brook 1 rirpn a * «« «,« ooA ivr.. [ ^ the displeasure of his friends, Ond ina moment ^ *’ ^ ' -^f thoughtlessness dtid anguish, repaired to a ■ reUdezvonsand sealed htifate by enlisting as,a common, wldict, . Thus Were the fond hopes Of parcnfijiiidE frieild* blaskdd, a* it fere in a moment, by a practico which is aa disgraceful jp our city, w to those who were the huthors pf a liiWj.fe better thaJo- #n act.Ao authorise awindling. , ,• dcfcnm®-—In 1795, a letter fibntjiningnono ppiwd potoj of the BritUh liineo company^ bank, wag addressed jt>y h man in tnyernessvto,J,M’Gonaw,priyate4 company^ regiment, then in England,-- Before thp letter arrived :af its' desfindtion, liosvcvor, M’Honald sailed for India apd the letter followed liftn. Prom India-, it followed liim throiigli the various routes ,of his Compa- W heo this atr aogoment is completed, we may exjpcct to see the merchan'ls and otiher* from; the westpf the A)%Bhy and Ohip fiversbound to New-Yorki fori^e their mrteer expeiisive and tiresortm mMMwVer;themeoritsunstO Fhil4; adelphiaifor the more econcmicaland comfbr- table one by the WayOf LaWEvie toBufiaioj place* may bb imrforihed in tho summer, ift three days;| andTroni Albany tp ’New-York, by s|eam-bpat, i})ie luusage is now made in 115 hour*.-*--^Bii^«io/onrn is rapid ly going Out ^fasliion^as it bhght. We nev­ er q,oUld imagine any reason why iPwas adop­ ted,'ordiscovey any good produced by the Con­ tinued use of i t \ in all our chief cities, sugar, ricS) cocoa, i?d. heretofore sold by the cwh of 112 lbs, arc sold by the decimal I00. ,lhs.— It Remains for congress to complete this te&r- mation, by (wderihg that all goods, subject to inspsctiOn and duty, (when Weighed,) shall be marked with the proper number of pounds. mmits, on the 14th instant, preridenhT^Bufiis Bing minister plenipotentiary, to Great Britain^^n place of Itichird Bush, appointed secretary of .the-tieisury. ‘ ‘ , NiSdianiel Pitcher, of iVashingfon county, George Mmrelof Otsego, andt Jabcz l l . Ham* mond ef Albany, have been appointed by the GovernOur' ,cOWm»ssiptfere to sut'^ey a rontc for a great igtato ijdad trom'EMte-Erie to thir Hudson river, ' t l f S F B G t T f L G t j » ^ tite pub- JClt Hck tbat he has littedup and ppeinecl a happy to ehterwini h|s friends with thk beat cheer that thkseasonpnd'eoohtry can furiush,; HU phampaigh* CUrer, Fort, and Madeira Wij!^KS'*are jnidt ‘‘ a iihit t/feicow/or bring eWi” He hak'a-choice .stock of r ■ L o n d o n ^ P h ila d e lp h ia P o t t e v , ’togethetwUhvety SfliieriouV * S t o n i aniV 0 ^ ' \ c w s i l i i ■■. . H e ha* alad on Jjandy the usdal variety of M^eablndta Fwite^ m i. wUI keep.« during'the seaapn. ' , ; he spared’ to render the ‘iB^cyss’? a pleakant'.reaori frif gentle- ihen who^ave leisure to settle tllp aflaifs •of the-nation .dyer a sober tankard of ale, or,tO celebi^te. (he rise upon cotfiih M a bottle pf ^aykling ^chainpaign, ; ; May 4,.j,jBg5, ■ - 5^ r^-EORGE MAXWELL’S epntract VPr for part of L(W,pifo; S3p, 100,000 Acre-Tract, will not be.iftecbgnk zed at the Land Office. “ • i JT.,322BjrA’Z>—In Wheatland, on tlie24th ,init. by E. Bristol, Esq. Mr, George Lown to Miss jilfirkc Helfni. In,Bittsford, On the 10th inst. hy John Arm­ strong, Esq. Mr. Marcus JV'ueloMissKattia- ripe Wild, ^ • JBradletJ Martini VL^ei 43.: In New-York, Gen. Matthew Giarhsoh.'' m M .:m iM K I I S T . ]s5w 6 . QF O e n e $E e . ■ ABKIVEt). April 25, tp 30.1—^Schr. Wclcotft fiboth, firt^ Sackets Harbour; Sfeam Boat, Martha Ogdmij! Bcedi-do.,; .Schr. Woolsey, ttorcbes- ter, dot; Union, Hallett, Presque Isle f Mon- tee, Tyler,Qgdensburgh ; FaftnCr’sDaugbjer, Pheatt. do.} GeU. Brown, York, Cape Vin­ cent ; .Sally, Gibson, Pregqrtfe Isle;. Slqpp Su­ san; Bernliart, Pultqeyville; S. B. Martha Ogden, Bced, Lewiston ; Sclir. George, No­ bles, Ogdensburgh. - SAILED. , chme home, and diod m EoebteUte^iu^ Itohih, Sackets Harbour ; Monroe, Ty- j i itWasrefurriedtb the general post-oflice: iK-ora that office it was again sent after the Tdlb feginteUl, foibwedU, und, about ten days Ago, wa.g sent back after. IVIlDonald toTnverr Iidgs, still cofitaitiing the identical ono pbutid note, ilia now’ chimed by tlte person who despateliod it, is stiU’livinkr-^Tm’erncM {Scotland) Covper. ' • p'rom tke Biltimarr Gaxetle, April \4,^ An MetesliitgfacLirr-li is not a little curious that, this morning Wd received at the same time, the anatiuc»ation.bf Bresident Adams’; i election hv # o papers of Uvcrpool -in Eng- Lmd, and-the At-kaqsas Gazfettc, published at Little Rock. Thu* (ho improved: facilities of intercourse with Europe hate reduced the space bctwecteEt'glapd and Baltimore, to the distance between oUr Great Bepublick,andthe eapitalrofsomo pf its states and terrilones,—* 'I'ho Liverpool papers m.cnUon the fact Cor-. rectly j whilst Iho Arkansas -Gazelle gives it ag'a report, and says the elCclioii took place on the second ballot. Isle; Sioep Susan, B'ernhart, PultneyVille. N O T I C E . Gates will meet at Cheistophet’s this day, at B o’clock, to grant licenses to, ipp- keepers attdtelailets, M ay 3 . •-* ’ I V r f iH E Rochester Miflc GuartU^ are re- JL qtiested to meet at John G. Ohristo*- pher’sj this evening atY ohdock. - ■ S. STONE j OrdVy. May 3,1825. v m J ^ p i ^ ^ P E R i of a $iiperiour quality, for sale by ' ' E. FECK. fof tgentlembh’s Olhthing, he’.will fie phle „ ........... . . fphaykhjswdr^^ generous support;, a confiputmce of Winch.ii hble ami durkblit! fnahber, and <m shbrt xcspectfuiiy solicited,.; . . _ jhotJfekisLikevfe^^^ : - EYEBABD FEOR. ’•I Aisd; A |arge nsTori^^^^^ \ P i a d y M a 4 e HYEBdiEDFEOR T®bES.Bf .PWOf-Fte^ I , ■. ->■ ' <’ r ^ U H V e u i m i c e ac)tpowIedgB?ebte to ]?js Customers for past ^ivours, and sohpite a eominnance of tkVsamE' RpclmsteL May If., ATHROP & .FEQlVJi, hqxing tak- 4M cw M D p lM S T A M G E T wxo enpart- itewhipr thf buriiiess will hereafter be car- ridd bn finde? the firin of . ' % . S t a n l e : y ; ab (ho stand of .Lathrop ^ Brown, on Alill- sCrH6tj|. intciifi t^ccjpin^ oin^licindl a mqre general assortment ihah hereto­ fore. Which will 'enable .them to Supply Country Merchants, who wish to keep arilcles in their line, upon* very liberal teribS.’ ’ ■■■•.- i‘All kinds of M l L l T A l i r m x k made twibrderi - Military Companies furnished f t p tV O iR lI 3UEUb3ff • : M a , ; . r ’ / • 12« ; .RmiMtiko. ,; • - f.-,' TbbY b?ve also.ntctde arrangemehts to (dA M U E L LEONARb; proposes to,. 1^ Opeft a / ^ k ip IbekopteoyerMegsrsi- . Proudfit ® Clap^ys store, on the pth day Shddles, Harness, Trunks, d of filayihst. The branches taughte will Manufactory # Rochester.. be Beading, iFrifiHg, systematicalfy,.^riiA. ^ meticki Engtisk Grarnnidr, GeograpKpi £o- gick,;ilheiomk, and the rudiments o f the Latin and Greek. lEr’ Tuition, $3 per-quarter: Pittsford, May 2, 1825. p3w57 m p O R ^ M T . - r i l HE several Town Clerks in thecoun- -I- - ty of Monroe, have received copies of Lists o f Lands to be sold f o r Taxes^ in Jfm«avy ncA.t,” where they can be exami­ ned by the publick, at all reasonable hours, AiOydtliAy office. . A s a large number of Ldts in tins coun­ ty are advertised, it is important to those interested to examine the List, ■■ S.MELANCTON SMITH, « Treasurer, Monroe County. Rochester, May 3 , 1 §25. Monroe County ) Clerk’s Office. f M situated on the east side ol I the River, near . Messrs, John- l son & Seymour’s Canal Basin. For furthpr particulars. Inquire of GEO. H A RRAL, residing near the. premises. ’ May 2 ,' 1825, .. , - 57 rrlH E proprietor of the Batkin^ Establish- JL jrtcnf, has tlte pleasure of annexing the rplloWing certificate, from the PRysicians of this village, sliewing the utility orsuch an es­ tablishment, and which he submit* to the puh- ;Uck witii6ut comment. ' i ‘GVe are of Opinion that the Bathing-Hfouse, establishcd-by Dr. J.;G.V<Jught in tliis village, otiers to its inhabitants inany anipcculiar ad­ vantages. The practice of bathing may be as h preventive in Others. In this climate, where cutaneous diseases, and visceral ob- ■ J. Gates wiU meet at Christonbet’s this is of great bencYit. The water being highly impnegftated with sulphur, will do away the necessity of eur inhabitants resorting to other Shlphur Springs, ioenjoy the’ gOOd' effi!e|df .sulphur bathing. We therefore recdmfiiend' tills establishment io publick patfOUege,under a Strong convictiori thatit is a great preserva­ tive of health.. (Signed' - ' G.E.: tfarrati ; Linus StevenSi A. G .$m thi ColmcfA Sf Atarhlti ^ackve §• Marvin, _ 0 . !B, 'Taylor* 'M, D. John B, Elwbodi < ' JpnrUi Jioltoii, J, P* tienry, -, . * Rochester, May i, 182s. ' iw ; C a S l l \ m A f o Y l R A G S , ‘ this p 0 e e i just Weri vtkl ftetfr N«w^Xurk» spitkble^ Idr tb^'ieaabn, Very cbeqp. . . .(^^'Gp^llfGidqR^ with tbe Rougbt atA sm^^ - May 2 W M - A I ’P N S Q N ., . 6w57 A Bbiftt wUl l6av6'l^ticfli 'Si$d itady .every ffiorning M S b*clock| Wrihiug R* ;thr0)igh in 24: bouts. Stages will be iji Trekdiness fit all timi!* (o convey pasjeh- gerx hetvveeW AJhany and Sch&bentad’y, nh’thfe artiyql pf tjje steaW and packet boats nt those places respectively, ., Utieii; April IS, 1825. 4w5S N E W A I U t A N t i E i l E N T . g i a a h . : COCHKAi* & F ISU E B , iM F GHM 'tbe p^uhUck,.tbat they have I : estahlished a rnLL-E O W A ^ B A R r h i the-village of Batavia^ and are preparei|to receive arid execute duy orrlers ffi their linevfrom the largest Cburcb Bell; whicli; Callsps to mentaF devotions, down, to the Dinner Bell, which invites us to iepasts (hat sustaina both ooKphysical and.moral po;wers. They wairant their w'vuk of eu- perioqr execution,in mould,metal and tone. The 'senior partner, J. Cocbmri, was long engaged in this t)Usioes.s in NeW--Havel); and can appeal; with confidence^ foSofcle-: ties in Connecticut,Rhodo-lshuid, the Car- olinas arid Virginia, forthe correctness of model;,ancl sweetness of tohe,of his.'Clntrcli and College Bells. All kinds of common, as well ns in­ tricate Caftihgs, tequired in brass, will be promptly executed aitheir shop. ■ Batavia, April 2$, TS25. 3w5§ T A ) S T , . ¥N this Village; cton the mad leading to Ben- 1 rietta fijur cornene, oil (he 2-4tk i|i.st a small red morocco' tOCKET-BOOJC, coniaining tbiVo notes against iJaac B.amU, payafa'lc |o ft. C’ai-ponter or .beate‘‘- These notes were payable in goods at Ben- janiin Gamteelh* store in Rochester-'-One dote '^agaiiist-SUas VV. Hutchins, for2(T coi-ds of wood; hill^tof which cad i>F aWlYteg ’ wMcfi will, be constantly supplied with Saddles, Harriess, Triwks,&c. from their \'anufactory d! Rochester.. May .2, .1825. ,, 57 Siatt'ofA’ac-York, ■ ? “ \ce. y Ibe tiStofslqckboIders reqiiired by tbe act here­ by amende<l> ^nd the amciidment tbercto, pas­ sed.the tWenly-cigiilh of January, one tlirthsahd eight hundred and .twenty-four, to be'diade tt) the treasurer of t|nf state,sliallhereaftcr be inade to ihe^Caiitplfoiler f nnd if the said list of stock­ holders of any company, sliall not.be furnis.bed to the Comptroller within thirty day* afterthe lim.e specified for making tho.sanie in the said acts,* ike said company shaft joj/cit the sum oj heo hundred and Jiftjj doUors, to be sued for by the Attorney Qeiicral in the iinine of the people <uiit . oftbc'state of New York ; and it shall be'the 6w*57 Juty of the Comptroller Io furnish the Attorney \i\Yoe Geliei al svitli an .account of all companies wbtcTi have not rendered (u him such list of stockjiold- ers, for the puiposC ol having tbe Attorney*Gen­ eral institute leeai preceedings against the Said companies; nnufhat tlie Coiniitroller shall cause this section to Le puhlished in every newspaper printed in this state for at least tliree weeks ira- mediately after the passage of this act.” * These acts make it “ (he duty of the Pfesi- rriH E following comiuissions have been X . received at this office, viz-;, F«r Hen­ ry Roser, Publick N o taryfor Jonathan Baker, Auctidri'eef f fp'r H'bfick Sibley, Auetkmeer; . ELISHA ELV, CterA-. , ^ r Boehfaler,A i,riU 0 ,i825. ■ 3»57 tion, oh or before the \5thdoy of Any in each ycaritofiirhisii the trhasUrerof this state with a list of the iiatqein'of the several stockholders in such F O R S A L E ' ^ siiyaiea on ine ease siqe 01 l I li iv,e fl;?'-'!'?. b y ;ih e a .lh .r«f S i r > - which is iiejd, by iiidiyidoaia, aiid l^y other 2 vols.^ ^ corporated companies; arid the .HHOUnt held or owned by persons or incorporated companies, not residing |n this sjate, which list shailbecer- iified under lilt oath of (ho said President,Trees- ur:ef, Cashier, or other proper officer, to he in all respects Just andtrae.\ ' - 3iv57 • 5 BJBWARD. X OST in tliis village^ 6il Friday the JLi' 35(li iftsh A fed Bforocco POCKET BOOK, cuntahting about twenty Dollars in bills of different,banks ; also a Tick^ in the last Literature L otfely. The above ranked among the forem5st of rem^dite ink«'fwf d will - be paid to any pete.on who many diseases, and may justly he Consider!^ ^halj return^aid Pocket Book to this office, or tolhe subscriber, with its contents. . 2iERAH BLUR. Rochester, April ID, 1825. 55 l>ltY GOODS. which arc offered for sale at a Irilling ad-; varice ftom Ncw-‘York auction prices; to- getherwith a variety of choice aiidcisiuzis retail. Rpchester, opposite the Bank, 25th pf 4tn mo. (April,) 1825. [-56 .A* M, frgm ihc T^MvenSty of GIw* 10 3c<ila»»d, jpwnpite«,|f *ufficienME»' cour|jfemcm Jw a Claasldil S G H ^ ti, joAlte Jatge room He shHll devo|e bk intention to inslruri- mg in the Ltit|n ««d Gteek.Claarickt*-* S A ■ V_V, M o m O E . •' m r n m u m m A m B : f | l H l S - G o g ^ y -h;W'iieen-J»c(Wwrai^, Tbe following pers^ are, by the act oriQCorperfitionA ap^nted Diwetors for (he eusumg K-Liying- Terms of Tnittohr^Laiin and Greek, iS ^ d c 'r^ M h w ^ ^ ^ E n g li^ lA o e r ^nfteri ■ bevK .qualjficationsof its conductor,fhri hekridwm on gppricatioii at 'Messrs. MufshaU pnd Peck’s Bimksttwcs in this village. ' RocheStBr^ April 13, ,l $2fi. \55 P A C ^ T BOAT0 . y ' ' m m m i M & ' m m i * ' \ J X and-^Iwpectariy , wiil be run :% tlkj Lti^andSHwoectady Packet Boat Gampany, cqmriicoring bn Tuesday the er Whoever will, return said Foch*t->l3oolc with its contents to the guBscribef, dr atlhis office, shall b liberfilb’ rp'teii^sd. ' .ftARvEV OARPENTEK.- ■ P.och(!ster, Apfil ?ff, 1325. 56 L s e tu r e s o n O p th d lm ic S u r g e r y . R. T./I^YLQB proposes to deliver a course ■XJ of P kacticai . L e O tures on G pthal - MIC SuRGEItyj ORTHE DISEASES OP -THE E y E. ANfi ITS Af>pENDXGES. Th6se Lectures will include, the Minute Jlnaiomy and Structure < f the Organ <f Pision, and an accurate account of the Diseases of those Organs, their Symp­ toms, and best method of Cure, D r . TA keor cherishes a well'groundetl- hope, that he will receive a modetete suppoi-t in his. arduous undertaldngs, as well-from tlie consideration of their utility, as ffotn the fact EmmlaigiHt I Hriundq A ibptH .T tet^; R # t/e?. J ( |h X .T a ii, htefisej / Trohvkuil Gnry, m t a m ; Tlte Bwk# Wh^rrip^tlfin ipthestbck wlifob dfly they wffi bts-clpietl .at Ens- wqrth’* fm r h , A phyment nf one doi- Ifirori each share, *ttb^eritted,k:feqt)irel aL ................... ............ , , ,INSGN>.F« w V, fMCmips,J$efrp), ’> . ■■ .Aw&s P o p u lar Leatlires on Phrenology. csfiled « Mrcnohgy, artla!3lu(lyof t h e m r ^ anelOdeUeciml.namre^iwm, The Iniroditckry Ledtire Will shortly be die- livetei), admktetice to whiefi-will hegraiis. ID’PariiculMri itewfuttrea^^^^^ ICr For farther^ fofpimafion inquire; o f Dn. T ayeor , at his di5ce,teUthrideofMa.iti-street, third deor.eest ofthe hridge, Rochester, 25th' April, 1825. , ■ * ss Building Matermh. ’ A . W . l U E E V ' . OEPSESrORSALE, 6 8 15b Mv'fitefquIdlY i l T N o f e s ^ ^ 50 M, W e f c burnt BRlOKy M ' fir.liglVtfofWiNDOW-SASHES, 6 f d iffefent side's. Any quantity of Lirine arid Sand. ALSO, A f e w barr^ls,choico M e s s P o r k . April'2ri,t82.5, ■ - 5G T O I s E T . A Y E L L O W brick dwelling ' 1% flOtJSE; Said biiilalngis “ very convenient apd pleasantly situated ■- standing on\ (lie cor­ ner of River and CQurt-stteets, n^ar the east end of the Aqueduct. . For terms, en­ quire o f . J .M E D B E R R t Rochester, April-17> .1825. - H r NpiprcB ' WS hereby ^iven, (b kl) persons who a r t -■. indebted, to the'subscriber, whose arsm'«-«Qtea,?Smst John Paddw-A, for^S, togetjipr Rochester, April 2 5 , 1825.' OomjpiroHer's Office, Estrapt from “ An Aottoumeiid the act,erifitled Uh .act .for the assessmeiit and collection of . t'a^es,\' Passed 20th April, lS25i ‘ “,'SecIion 5,_ .fnd le it further enacted, 'That that they are the first attompta of the Idnd, to -r—I- :F 0 J R S A L E ^ . :■ O r io lease f o f one or more years, r f lH E Boclmhf Baihiftg Es- X tablishment, on the Sulphur Spring Iot,w!iich is open every ____ . day, hetween the hours o f 5 in the ril'ofning and 10 i p ’the evening. Apply to D. D. BARNARD, Buffalo-st !i|, Rochester, April 1 9 ,1825. 5i>' estahlish tee Literary and Sciootilic charac- C a B l d F a c l k ^ t B o a t s . ter of the village of Eochestcr, r|M lE PAGBET BO.ATS will be run the eh- (CTFurtlier particulars hereafter. X suing season beivveen Schenectady ami 'S'. be had by applying Boat cSm^ailj! ^hrj3r1e CamifNav Sfio'a (he Western Passage Boat Cora- RoOhester, April 25, 1025. 56.pa,,3,jn coimexlon. A Bout uill leave Sctie- c< ^ jnectudy, Utica, Weed’s Basin, Bochester aii4 Jb OJtx, S t ^ J L j E v ” Loukport, every evening, running U'rough each Y > Y the subscri-',way in four days It is the intention to ^ , J j hpp If thp Farrrt ■ Lockpoi t suliuiently early on the fourtli day V t a e i , „4ed^by «■ Lsq. 20 i Stages will be provided at ail times to ctmvcy COW with Gulves I passengers from Alhtiny toScheii.ectady on the - by their side; or arrival of tbc.Steam Boats from NewYoi-k-from would exchange, them for farrow or dry! Suhenectady (o Albany on the aVrivnl ot the Cows, as they are on hand and must he Racket Boats from Uticn-—between Bunola ^ disposed of. It will be forthe advantage, of those who wish lo buy u, e,chungr« to “i call and see for thetiiselves. JO.SEPH P. NEEDflAM. Gates, April iD, 1825. 3w55 - JUST RECEIVED BY E. PECK, rOTHELAN, a Romariee o f English N E W BOOKS. x l drew , , Goftwersatidns oi'Lord Byron, alia foil. tliosc on the stage roads Off trom-iL Utica, April 7,,1825 ' '. N. B. Should tbe existing or future riitcs of toll permit, and the publick patronage autliorize it, a Aiorniiig Line of Boats.,wfil “hb be' rlin ir* the course of the season. 4w55 W P T E Ii CAMAD.A. riT H E President and Directors of the -*L Weliarid' Canal Company, will re- n u l k s - s ' R o c o lk C ion , o f Lo.-d f T -,1 . i ■ 4 1 ^: .; e.\cavating the deep cut on summit ridge,. John Bull in ikraerica; or, the new j between the River Wte.lland and Lock Munchausen. - , [ Kuinher One, and whatever other part o f Starihopo^s V iew o f G reece, iii 1823 the line may then be in readiness for con- and 1824. „ , Refuged, (2 vols.) a T a le.of the R e - Aolution, by Gapt, Blatthew Murgot^ myd. - ■ (Tales of a Traveller, 4 Nos. hy AFashington Irvine. Byron’s Poetical Works, coinplete, i 8 vols. gilt. ■ Hall’s View of ,Coloinhia, in 1824, tract. Bv order of the Board, W. HAMILTON M ERBITT, Age?>{. Wellmid G'anal Office, St. Oath-1 arines, 20th April, 1825 ( fiw56 H O V S E T O ' ^ E J Y T , X N this village, for one year^ X with the addition of one ; acre of land and a good garden __ , land well of water. Also, a ’\Also a new supply of Lionel LinOoIiT, ' part o f another Jfoi«e, sufficiend to Pioneers, Spy, Pilot,.Pkcautum, Knicker- i accommodate a small family. Possession , bocker, RedWood, Bracebi idge Hall, . o f bot h given on the 1 5th of nexUionfb. Sketch^ok, NOw-E;ngland,.atalg, Spaf-I ^F«r particularsenqmreof ford’s Pocket Guide, I'esbioriable ’lour,!SH ALL, or MEAD ATW ATER. Blair’s Fhiloshphy, Russell’5 Modern Eu-i Rochester, 2.5th 4th mo 182.5. , Swbd fS!^t?i^SS^SXS:^SS^] N E W GOOBI^. ^ Napoleon, Masopick Gbart,. Wqrce.stei^s n n llE subscriber has this day opened n Improvement o f \Vatts’Psalh^,:\A inched s .X very general assortment of fresh and ■ ' 'fashionable GOODS,.purchased previous fm i T M S M & P R A T T , ( a -T WUn VAWey AND VAfoETY STORE,). , __ ^ _______ _______ ____ ■inrAVG received a smaii assortment of dm withTPteffie^^^^^^ cVnaL'O’MeariPs! - l x . entirely new, and seasonable Napoleon, Masonick Ghart,. Wqrce.ster s April 2 6 ,1825, to the late rise, which he will be able to D o c tors Stt\\t\l &L Batr&W, ____ y X f i-V L removed ■lieir t Qfice m d Eye AlsP^ah .dditional supply of FANGV X X noA Ear MJirinnry fromMill-st.tothe' AHTIGLES and TOYS, at wholesale or house ofJohnG. Christopher in Carrolhst. where all calls, iti their.ptefcssion ,wiH be promptly attended to. April 19, 1825; 3-W55 scU a ttaer prte.^^ ANDREWS. April25, 1825. - Military Blanks, Jjrtst printed, and for sale by E- PECK> April 5. ■ PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER O R .I G INAL s t a in e d ..j

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