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, ’ 1. . f , ■ ... . . - «',■■' ‘ i' ' ■'• ■ ' . \ »,',•, r, • . * '.iiLtnij' IIIII ' irinii!»i . ............ .. !im\ii|iiiiiii ssaasosiaBm a iBim B ^ ^ ^ E L l K i k i K B . 3 ^' , I O0SSSS l.'I'U .'■*•■'*. v:U'.'> ’ V,? ' , lit# -jfiMiii. I h f ^ w * o 1M-. i I /...gyAiiieluA'IiS-tom l^ w s l j# P iw e % 1 w 5 # r l > ^ ^ i o f ^ :| :■ : '; :* : Pife i« very |>artiCMlar m d S«8,W!T|^Vl**vS»5^, j|pil|'3l$0„ tei.,j he * 9 ^ [t^g'niiJlfj , ^r«e; d(K>ra .^gefn:«r|i;fliS»vrbrih*a. n M , N .W iT E B K ^ y y s ; C l O » 4 3 S V r v'- \9%XtipUH a cafitai of m l f l S <o«ih{iai^ insam balM^^ and 4 . all kind* by finB,en teieiiia aini*^ Ur iflidtut^nn iw ii# S*at<*, ^ , . p*App!|l 0 atiwiv fi^r insHrance o f build-- inga dip p>?o)>erty ill BMienep, and jt,s yi-» ■< ^ E B m ■ e I ,^ t ^ ..^ Rochester^ t)ecr ? f) 18^4.^ -. 09 ifeliftiW ili iw ' prdidnt iteMd)S5;«r. i^ p r i l 10^ 1825. ■ .ci||«.H » ;a,;fof 1825* ■' ^ ■: ^ne*t,and| I B^tud to be drnwn. I* * f0O,O«» i* «|3O;0Q0 t . i ’ ' !I5,O0O . ISiOOb 1 - IQW . - 10,000 • . m - 5Q0 ■ 15,000 i , « 0 200 ’ 6,006 I . . 51 . 100 - 5d 00 I 51 .5 0 . .-: 2,550 0 0 4 : , 22 58,148 |-lt<43r5 ^ , 1 1 126,225 T i 9 K , K r i i I ^oT sate b y EbiKpif. E3LY, at bis Lottery .|J Exdtanie 'Offiee, Carroltet* andv w the I I f yB*U)i®ee,»oohestet. I f - Mareb22, 1825. ‘ S I I . the village of Aliddlehury. H '1. f la- hoqse and one half aete of land;; a btiqk house partly finished; d %taek*tfiith^s shup and one acre and a «cidarterof land ; and another brick house vrell finished, and a W'ood house and barnj >ah aboat-aix; acres offand ; or if the pur- ehsifer vrtsbes for a farm' connected with -Either of the bhove lots and houses, he can have ninety two acres o f land, The above propePty belongs to the Rey. J. Bradley, andveilfbesoldatrenibnableppices, . Half ifiuit be paid sVhen possession is ;®ivcii^and nottt$ i^ith suitiiibte 6^dots6rst These, places are neardbe academy,which is in a very fiourishing conditioii, The ed of Or. Win. B. Cullaf pf the above vil- iagr. ; Aprifig, 1825. . £ B A V I l ) C ^ A B L E , . '{IMeof the frin of ■Callicm ^ CMe^ 1|;i?\lLL continue his business, one door * v • \vest of the shop he has heretofiire - cccupied, nearly optibsite the Ragle T a ­ vern, where he solicits a Continuance pf the patronage he has received. f>. GA.«r.c pledges himself that nP Cjter. •tion shall be wanting to please those who may favour him with tlmir cnstorn. - He has Just received IVptu l^eNv-York, the l a a t e s O i a s l i i d t i s . : FULTON : ,. m a E - iN s p itiN C E ■ City oflfftw4fBA.‘--4iapUal, fffvpoK PUfrUg Mmetf MmUmgfy Goods, rind tifcfircAmdire^roia Lou b* —^ 9uvia« Aw««.aiy00* ^was^vs au.V Nberably as, they trustj will eufitle it to OmvsfcH, RtcVa, Aec’ry . , ; t h e subaicriter having,h^n appointed iole Ageiit in this Country for th» Fulton Fire Infora^e Bonipany, all UpplIcationS fiw tesurshiM niay be ufadc 'at the storeji <>f Rvernghiint i& Go. Rochester, or Ai IJj hfottAt PP- GaiwbdaigttU, where they w5B deceive the inoiit prompt attention. -2 3 PlL«ER T * R V E R N P H I5i, Jr. Rochester? Sept. 6. . Agini, notice, (m COjivefM .into cashi;-i The pro. posals of the company^ and .term* o f iri' the nature of the businest will permit. In case o f losses by fire, they intend io show the greatest promptness and .Uberalityj As the business of the company is detach, ed, bping confined principally to risks in the country, their capital is not exposed to a great loss by a sweeping fife. THOMAS K. BRACE, P res’f. IRAAP PERKINS, SecVy. Hartford, (Ot,) July 1,1824^ .14 ■All applications for insurance o f build- lands are excellen^the water good, and mgs o r property,in Monroecouri^'and its the village is l | B i i l l j h ^ s any in this stete. Further inlliHstioh may be obtain- vicinity, will be promptly attended to, by MOSES CHAPIN, their Agent at Rochester. a . a t T C B c o p s , P l i C G & l S t which cnn beseen at his shop; and,from ____ _ ______ _ ____ ............. ........ his knowledge of Ward^s scienti^^^^ and theabovcarticles a ta small adyaiice from ar«h*uVi*Ai4 k \ € wilr... Vr ^ v * v r- v. patented sy'stem o f cutting, which will enable liiid tP cut with more precisipn than any other system now in use, he thinks be shall be able to please any who ntay Ur voftrbim with4 Call.' N, 6. AVanteda good JpameyiTiart at the aimve business. ' April 13, 1825* ; 55 ' W A l S f T ’E B , '. I ^ U E subscriber will pay the highest A pcice in cash for RYE, delivered at his?iDistt(i<»ry, near the Cotton Factory, urat f ti Brown’s Mill. W a RHAM W H ITNEY, ^■pec, 7- , .... . . .56 the KeW-York wholesale prices. March i s , 1822. If03 .. -;.. l ....... B p r ^ I s J F \ R A FTS at sight On the Mechankk^s JLM - Sank- of‘New-Yorfc, may be had at> Rochester, blareh Id, 1825. - 50 ' G i< :.V K .S 'E jK LJUSm^ fjA H E sttbsctihlr offers for sale, in lots A ‘ to suit purchasers, the remaining pari of his estate on the Cienesee river, about hajf a mile from GreneseOjid the cotmty of Livingston. There Sre several Farins, containing altogether about 1106 acres of first rate wheat Lan(j,and*a Valte able body d f river flats. To close fhe sales, it will be disposeddf at low prices, cellmt assortment of plain . Black, and a liberal credit given for the grCatcir ifOMSdZtJ7M‘% Also, a few pieces of part of the purchase money^payable in n % A a u soB iB A B zm iF f IN H'F/ SuiFScribers have on hand an ex-- • A . -i nfittiu- stripe Mnibassineii of a supei-iotir <lHality, which, together with a general as-* aortmeilt of SILK R'OQDS, ifey ofier to thebcusiomers at untisuallv low- prices. C. HtJKNiNCi .&;Co.- April, 5,, 1825V tf53 instalments. An agent will be tit Gene- seo sotttetirte in April, till when, for pri­ ces and .fiirther particulars, apply to ftin ' Campbell Harris, OP the premises. ^ [J. IL BRINTON. April 5, 1:825. v ' ,, rw54 -i-- „^.v,U,„- ' V; A ) A i B : l T H B l /! ■'j^Aftbe-wldtedwfthWihiv^^ T^A Y E luffTeC e ived'ftom ^ N e w ^ ^ ica:'hidte:;e^ei»»ive nteat,ahdARteitef’ ■V«rtety.;of '' ^ z. '.-k r.':;'rj -T'?. teptiou o) most eoonoifn.cui u ff or w At: the lowmi'factOjpy, price*. ihH-N^Tork;.. m quanlitieitQfultpu^te^ Adte, t ■■■ from W€eks%B,,yeari,oldv i ' r ; -2R . d i ' ; lehtmticte*)\ ; WlliapYg^OlW: BfiA 'Wldr r I ' i - Hol\owWare,Bfardwafe,Slone 'WareT \-‘dv:;: celebrated N* R,. AterchaWi; %dcem und^vcrh.- keeper# siippWcd a-greutdiiductioii from former prices.; • , , S3 ^ T 0 V E S * r p H H Stenm Boats (>AT4«|0 and A AKdRTHAp^HEAiwili commence runniag on takfe Ontario about the first of ir notice o f their routes will be w day*. ■ ^ 1825,. ’ , 4 w 54 r ^ S i l ' S ^ P l N E , . F l l l E ' I N S t l B A N C E . a?-TiNA IH$HBANGE. .COMPANY 43E4 have a .capital o f |200,<8)0,: witlf libecty to inereate the ’shiUe t a ^560,060.' They have also a surplus, fund appropri. ated exclusively to the payment of losses. - * ? r n- A T tM r *tore, n«iTly opposite the Bost- Office, 'Bufird[o*st.R(»che»tte-, ktep on buhdlbtm ile,. V . - .■;W m . u ’. F a m e s ’ V i U e v E O o b k i i ^ 8 t o \ « i , from Jaine* atnli GoraeU’s Factory, ■ AVTHajroEUo^Vrim vaicEB,:Tiz.- - CookingSto.ve,No,l,8|^l ' |imlud1iig svitli Do., No. 4 , m i IPo. N o .6/,0ol _____ .................. m . Ko.e>, 26 f ten.k,iii 0 , i Avea \\ \* *lideh^hteMiWir .Pott. a PudUingor pi-ead JP«n*,-:2lPie. PaWs a n il Bipjier.: . , ^lto,ngrU t:'m ri^o/ P ^ L O U l l STorjSS, Of the newest patterns and o f a superi- our quality for heating. Together with g s i a r s j s enlfteW -Pinlaa 2 0pddl«v, 1 Tiii D6. No.V, 120 rteiS, 16 '■ plates^ Pyramids, Box and 3iieetTron,do. tor parloutjr, chanibers, bedrooms,.-facto, lies, jneetift|*houSes, halls,’'stores, &c. a f t . b d ie.ved..pV « V ftV fl,.bleffl:^ t^^ ^ of alldesciriptions. The Cooking Stove has from 2 to a bqilers,and will do all kinds, of cooking, washing, and heating of rooms, with-less Wood thah hny stoves in use, without in- cprivenience td iteam ,it being conducted from the boilers,'oven and broiler into the pipe. ' The fire passes rourfd the oven, ■boiler^ and tea-kettle, or under the grid­ dles, and is turned from one to themther by dampers lU heat one or more at a time. The OVER has a door at each end, and a slide to raise and lower for baking. The fire-place has folding doors,and when open gives a good view of the fire, and aplace for,broiling with a cover to conduct the steam into thestove,and likewise for roast­ ing in front and toasting bread*' Roast­ ing can also be done at each side and back at the same time ; Or in the PVeA, there be­ ing Ventilators for the.steam tU escape,and give the meat as good aflavouvaSif roast- ed in a tin kijtcheii. The subscribers having Sold many of Kings Yellow W-HpIiESAtE PpAtEn IX Drugs & Medicines, Dyc»MVoods and B^^c-Stnffs Faints S? Oils, Wines, Liquors, and G I ^ O O ^ R < X E B , Isea. taverrt^, and private families ofe^^^ Country dealers. Physicians, Clothiers,' ’ • * •’ Painters, kc. can be supplied with any of win. T. fames* Cooking Stoves, and know, ing the general satisfaction, they have giv­ en, and the improvements they have made this season by enlarging the hearth, See. as above stated, feel confident in reconi. mending them to. the publjck as. the best Cooking Stoves in use, for boarding hou- /L\ '.dtecrip-: ,A'the United States, tlii*.li^tev . , ^-.^JASPEJl.,WARB, P ftt’t. miwrj»i%vWiteh DC leit at the store 01. frpmiitelA^irtBy dt hlM dWutecpiest,) ojr ati|h|fEitevhft4pfthc4HbaQribe^^ ' -; ; GILES BOULTON, Agopt, Now 15,1.824. • - . 33 Steam Tioats. V-oa Vaticmr vimd vassaoe . m -' ''^^■ ' • ; ^ 15te'.fiillowin9w.ifte6iaM#:thm nw\ an­ cient Spanish, poem, w j ^ , - ia |f B8m- buigli Review, is-sUrpasItel by we ate acquainted, with, in the gpanwB teik guage, except tlie pf Lids de Leon, O j let the soul its llUmber break; ., Arouseitssensteandawake, :'j' , ... Tqse^'.how'MOiT “ I.'- Life With it* glO^ieS; glides aWay, An.d the stern footsteps of decay Come'iteating on. • ..1 ■ .*' ■ ■ -V Andw^eweeyetbetoliinf tide, , Down which our flying,minutes glide Away so fast} / Let us the present hour employ, And dteinvwdr futetedrtam of joy , .■ AlteMypast*.,■■ Let no vain hope deceive the mind— Nwhappierletteltepelolind To-murrowtbah tc-tiay. Our golden dmaite of yete wo’v bright, ; Likd them the. pre«q,ntvbdbdelfeht*..- Like them decay. ,. , Our lives like hastifigstteiims mustiie, That into one epgylphing sea - • > Are doomtKl to fall— -/ The S»a of Death, whssm wave'srolion, . O’er king and kingdom, crown and throne, And swallow all,. Alike the river’s lordly tide, ■ Alike dm lihmble riv’Jcls glide , Tdtliat sad wavet, , , Death levels poverty nnd pride, , And rich and pooivsleep side by sid^^ Within tiie grave. 0«r birth is hut a Stafting place; Lite is the ruuning of the race, . And: death the goal There all those glittering toys am brought; That path alone, of all unsought, ' is found of all. w ^ ^ rN i , with « de­ cided tehjontjr agdhtetwtteckini th e en- emy. Itt tbii-iiifUncejte te teopt eth- er?j it iww id tey hiiP|ifBeM te agnree lit ppiuihn with Hte geneml |ii phief, A a afttence’haid ju s t hceft ceitelMted with Ftence; the't»r|cedihKcMnpaigqof the ► gruhd aitey huA beeh dwastroulf Bine eudteUltedteueh o f :our troop*, And I t j tub much, te levther^iteiny escepA Witk^ A Blow, Orq^te Wete glVp^^^ detail a pickeR tempi for tbe. adveuce: hut tehilethey wete filfng o f , he?* fterahgemems iicceteaty, bveouatequeece of; Gctf, Leu |iuvitigd^errtiiited to takcfhetehk i^Wch lie first detdihed j pew fioteps wtere ad­ ded^ ftiul Ve teutehed tinder tiie Pom- tiiand o f Gen, Lee. Lee wevte princi­ ples a n English whig, and it is difficult to say, whether.he joined thk cause of Ainprkan indepcfideiice ftem a love o f this country, or ffoin a hatred of hia own. He wasccci^ntfick, kte^ lentei, siid.a bmve Und *kilCul o)9lcer.V-- Hi# dispositions n t Monmouth Vere^n tmtnilitaryjbut lils besetting military sin, was a belief hi the irresistibility pf the British grengdicrA* • I held a very dif­ ferent belief, and wished io.attack„a.ppt- Say, then, how poor and little worth, .. ■ Are ail tligse'glittering toys of earth, That lure ns here! Dreams of a sleep that death tnustbreak, Aiks i before it bids us wake, Ye disappear! Long ere the damps of death can blight, | ij The check’s pure glow of ted aud white ^ Hath pass’d away! Youth sriiiled, and all wias heavenly fair; Age came, and laid his finger tfiete, •Aud where ate tliey? ■ » Where is the, strength, that mock’d deeay^ The step that roiled so light and gay, Thoheatt’s^hlitbe tone?' The strength is ^ne,theAtep is slow,. And joy grows weariness :aUd'wu > When age conics on. every morning (SnoteayA excepted) at 7 okilpcL and every evening al 8 o’clock, and Will rfin thro’ughin le** thin five days, or at the rate of. oO mile* every 24 hours. Enquire at the Red Warehouse in Roches­ ter.- NORTON, GOOOMAN & ,Co. ' ; , s ■ . ; Itocluder. . t r o t t e r , DOUGLASS dc Go* DAVIS & CENTER,.^»Otty. - ; -low ^EN^affcolTfwayjgiven by bW good old cliief:--‘‘‘^*ff/ -1^10. T% !l5w llte»t-W to owf W ith wliata kindness of teeek;nn Thurpdtiy moiming; > tf5s mknnier, Wpald h e drank to^Very o n e a r ; R o c h e s t e r , .......... . . , From the Phoenix Gazette^ MEtepItANSA 0W IiAVAy®TTE,T--JtO«jUOOTH. Shall we drink wine ?»—« With all ihy heart, dear General, and I will give you the MounteVernon toast, the one ab EBESn DTE VVOOPS & .JD^c Stuffs^ PainfSi O il, Sfc. T U S T received a larger stock and better •I aisortment of Glothiers and Pfiihtors* articles^than have ever before been offer* ed in thHcountry; viz: jLogtooodj Carapeachy and St. Domingo; f/'icaragual Hatch. Coro. & Bonair; Fiwiic, best Cuba ; Camwood^ ground; Mtm, Swedes-and Ameticari ^ Copperas, English; . Blue Vdrioty English and Amecicaa ; OitVtii'ioi, do. do. 5 ddaddo', Dutch ; Indigo, Flute, Bengal, and Guatimala; Nut Galls, , Prussian Blue, VeWigris, SperniOU, Olive Oil, Prdss Papers, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Brushes, &c. &c. White Lead, Red Lead, Paris White, ' ' Spanish Wnite,; Venetian Red, Spanish Brown, French Yellow, Spruce Yellow, Stone Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Patent Y’dlow, Umber, Terra De Sienna, Glue, Spts.'^ Turpentine, Litharge, Oiim Oops!) Frostings, Vermillion, Verdigris, Dutch Pink,Rose do* Flake White, Sap Green, Drop Lake, Carmine, Gold Leaf, Bronze, Smalts,. Pumice Stone, Brushes, of all kinds, Linseed Oil, &c. &c. description. . C r’All orders promptly attended to, and a liberal discoUiit made to wholesale ptir- chasers* J. E . & T . CONGDON. Rochester, 2d. n»,o. 1,1825. ON consignm e n t , : 50 Barrels Cut Tobacco, 40 Kegs Powder. . . JONA. CHILD. Rochester, Jan. 10,1825. 4 NOTICE. A LL persons Indebted to tlie subscriber, x j L are desired to call and pay their Notes or Accounts Without delay. J. W. STRONG. , Rochester, Jan. 1,1824. 40 3 u 8 t Kccciv^tliL, b y E i. C o o k , p i doz. pr. flat bottomed and 3 doz. high V# brass ., ***■ Candlesticks, which are offered very low by the dozen or .single pair. ' ilodlieSter, JUP.15,.1825* '42 Also, tin-extensive assortment of gienUine u n c o s & , M c m c u \ v . s , m j.'E s a .n }m n .% r E .4s.spK ;r^ ,.\r, all of which will be sold at very low pri­ ces* by \VM. PITKIN & C o .' ' Rochester, Aug. 1824. tfl8 l i t And for TO LET, ‘TTtROM the-1st of May next, Jf D W E L L im JtiOUSES, pleasantly situated on the east ■side of the river. And for sale,300,000 firstquailty Gfick. tobd’delivered next winter. Apply to GILES BOULTON. April 5,1825* tf53 f l l f l E subscriber will pay CASH for A 10,000 bushels of • . Also, Cash and the highest price paid for Pork, in the Hog, ^ Pot and Pearl ^shes, JOHN W. STRONG. Nov. 16,1824. casil YStiiVovTVaGS, ^ J i ih is person, Were indeed cornbined, ‘‘ to give the world assurance o f ipan.” In latter life, there'yvas'a cast o f quiet niid benev- olence in his couiitenaiice, which spo!{e in the mild blue e y e , and told that bis glorious destinies Were consummated, that the mighty energies of his nature Were hushed in repose, and that the lea­ der o f armies, aiid chiefmagistrate o f a great republick, was merged in the illu*- Ifious farmer o f Mount-Yernon. “ Y'ou have told me. General, that you first Saw the Hero of Liberty in Phila­ delphia, and surrounded by oiir most eminent, statesmen and warriours. Did amidst the sages and heroes of Greece?” “ I required, iny friend, no pilot to show me the commander in chief A^fhen first we met, his reception Was most cor­ dial and k ind; when last we parted, 1 bore with ine to my native land the bles­ sings of this greatest and host of men. “ Upon ray first introdirctlon In Phil­ adelphia, my servants, horses and bag- table, notekcBptingthe youngest, o r the humblest. H e was the best bred and most accompHslVed geiitleihan I ever saw; the ease and eleganc'te of liis man- cupg) \Baroh sWuben'ha^thm^^^ ners, and .the grace and digni ty of his r,een pursued by these draooons. and lost to cm off from theiir maihhody; but py sppei;icmrsn*wer6d thepteposalby-**My , He^ar general, the grenadiers are irresist- “ Gen. Washington received the first iiekf* of Qur discoittfitert Iteni a little boy, a fifer, Whbte Ite accosted wlth-r- “ well, my boy, you arte going the wrong way; surelyotir troop^are going the other course ?” “ No, your honour, they are was the BlUe; fellow’s reply, “ our boys are coming this way w f ^ t as tluty can.” “ Impossible,” exclaim­ ed the general, as he spurred his horse, and.gainingan eminence, soon discover­ ed the utnvelconie troth. Lee arriving, some conversation ensued, when Lee oh- served—“ Your excellency will remem­ ber that this business wa^ never to toy liking..” \ - . . ' “ The general in chief lost na time in restoring the fortpnes of ihc d a y ; 'his orders flew m all difeotions; he CRllcd up several' regiments, one of which I think was Wuity Stewart’s,! command­ ing tliein tQ Ibrin, and fight the enemy, tilt he could get the main atmy in line. “ live battle now became, in earnest. It was intended that I should ambuscad# in a wood, to intercept a p-art of the en­ emy, who were matehing to turn.us; but Greene, v/ith the artillery, so worsted thtem, that they were obliged to retire* A party of British cavalry, in attempting tq cross a morass, beeamC'swamped, and received afire which threw then^ into much cdiifiisien ; riders floundering a- boul with their horses, and horses With­ out their riders, and many, losing their been pursued by these dragoons, and lost his hat, for which we had laughed a thim ; and the Baron was by no moans sorry a t the mishap which had befallen the dra- goons. ' “ Night p u t arj end to the combat; not the. fine moon-light which existed oply in Sir Henry Clmton’kimagination, and helped to inake out an apology for his defeat, iri the English gazettes. It was 10'Hark, that with difficulty 1 found out the commander iu chief, whose cloak was spread under a tree, and by whose side 1 laid me down and rested fibm the fatigues of th a t ever niemorablo dste!” People o f the Jerseys! dotes/thil^n^.^ you not readily distinguish Agamemnon, yet exist? I f so, surely it will W f o t t h nmidst the shires and heme.s of Greece?” j^s leaves the approacilitig Sea$ofi#Iteb: the last of tlfie generals may visit tlitefitelAv.; ’ of his early glory. Trees have befeh . knownto fame, ere this. The royal oak, , for havingsheliered a Worthless m'onarch; the oak, ilkistrions for having sheltered the great Sir William Wallace, af|er the battle of Falkirk; and should not the tree of Mouinouth be ever venerable hi gage were ordered; to heud-quaiters. I the heroick recollections of America? Go, hold your ftlay-day games around it; bid the yGittli and , maidens Weave garlands, to hang on its ancient branch­ es:; and strew with yOur choicest flowers the ground h.eneath It, where, after the fight was tlone, i'e?tedni(lc by side Wa^h- had afterwards, mysslf, head-qiiOrters as a general o f division; but the Iiouse. the-tent, and Well may I say the heart, of the chief. Was house’* You spoke of the ease Undelegance o f his manners. I will observe, that to Count Roebain- ........ . ...... v., ...y.....*... beau and the' Erteiich officers, this was a ingtm 'iid matter o f no smalfsiirprise. ft lie Count, bred in the .gld court of France, a court famed over all Europe for its politeness, was astonished to find in a native o f the iiew -AVoL'W) ^ grate a n i polish thiat >vould have adorned the first circles o f Euvo- peaii rank and fashion. Yet the Count remarked, although he-charms me with the-affabUity o f his address, be never permits me, for a moment, to: forget he is the Gonimander in cliief. ‘<You, my dtearsir, have only seen our hero in the walks of peace; be ap- peared in all his splendoxn? when oh the Cash for Com, our line; the shot tore Up the ground and bounded by, with that sound: so fa­ miliar to a soldier’s ear ; the battle was at itUieight; the diri o f the arms, the shouts and cries of the combatants, were such, that 1 could scarcely hear the or- me. H e was then mounted on a beauti ful che^nut mare, wtitch he managed with a grace and skill peculiarly his owhv; Hte rode through therankL atid cheered; his comrades to the fight* I heeded not the storin which raged around me, while I admired the great chief, than whonM have never seen so superb a man. “ Previous to tliebattle of.Nonmouth, - ^ The flower of the array of Biirgoyne con­ sisted of {-reri'idicrsj Rritisli and Hessians ; yet the events hf,Sarafog-a show that they were net iiTesistlblO^ In the South, added to tins description of troops, were the guards, or lioiisehoid troops of tlie King'; also the 3d or Old Butts, a Vctcrau corps of great European renown. The events of Guilford and Uie Eu- taWs prove that these chosen troops could be resisted by Americans ; and with what elfeot, the pension lists of Britain b^st can'lell. On tlie battle of Guilford being called a victory, Jn tljE Iiouse of Oommons, Mr, Fo.x ob.served “ Another such victory, and we liave no longer an array.” ' ^ f Geh. lYalter Stewart, of the Pennsylva­ nia, and Gen. Otiio fI,AVi(liams, of the Ma­ ryland line, wei-e tlic Apollos of the American army, and were admired as well for the beau­ ty of their' j.ereons and ‘elegance of manners, as for (heir 'wisdora in council and gallantly in the field, , , _ A Home Slrrjke.—'Thc late Dr. Busbj*, ders which from time to time he gave Chaplain to the forces quartered at Dover, was one afternoon delivering adiEcpUfise /rom thp eiglith Cottimandrtient, in which he animad­ verted fan fiic'sad consequences of stealing.— “ it is,” siad he, “ SUclt an ungenHemanly, beg- garly thing for a soldier to steal. Not, ?ny he- lom l brethren, that I would tax any of you ■with thecQhifnission of so foula sin. No, Godf forbid! though I have lost-a pair of'hoots, and s.everai other tilings since this regiment was PROPERTY OF. UNIVERSITY_ OF ROCHESTER .ORIGINAL, STAINED ' ' N

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