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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, April 26, 1825, Image 3

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Who: acc«o»t Of tU <3 secOe on Ijoarrt tliie 6 rtiierAi*iO^^ »t 4 :Wo- ine»»t wUeAOll oo b«ni(^W m*aOto suppose tuoir Jivoa Ohoftf: ip clolO^'ja frOm thepeix of C«ifptaLj'Ql 3 iiUf<it.oftr*iiapd^rot 5 7 :rti§;y'^$s^l} whi>f .. —/'^fr > nu* *i *; Kas p 0 blisljc 3 '(t k^a^r•iti#of liis ^usucOessfaJ qpsatitrj ip tbo sbve^V vS 4 ap:«Sv liiis li* ,te V.o,VPgO« ,--■ ■ \ ' 3 4-' AfK)r -telfifiSng: at Saatbaniptoa Island^ .,wliewsAl)«y iypi'e VisaM by.a party of fbe na,^ fivoiVOf whonVCapb jf^yaa basg'j'^^?\ a ptoaswg: ayientottajo.irtff Oescpptloa.aae^traQrdina- vy ebiioge took pliicO in theUjevjafe^^ of tlxe ni« 0 ljo 4 >rt(icb lyaHhO ineaiwaf iavotviOff tbe; be reijpi)ii»- 0 e 4 . , , GfipOr in tba n» 9 ^t iinmipetit v<Jari^oiv , Slitf :Ttte cqiaip»^sioner« stale with ,|ptiafsK:twii, satUlaniy eamejtitn^Wen^^^^^^ and that opdav ttjp prqfieptsjstcpr«W i p j ^ * Vas oiaiy^ Jby giisat ii^idinr::i)it|se^ frpra |•uuoiIl^■bn lias ^ffepfly 1rnpitavc3^ . }* •api^'* ftow J b | two, aoii fearing tlw tailiriff of the tittoi Capt. ,Lyim, pfparod % the ’oixJoring the t . )iOat« .to bo feadn tegqiy; blit tt»Q scene wbfeh I enweijitold ByMtain aoirnpressive ajpaft- ' ' Her Wiat St 0 sboiiU i«rpng- ourirbailers by not . '•iosacti'ngri.t* ''■ ■ , H 'pjfe lofeteOlrs dresur lofe lor their raspeetiv'c biwtsi and tlfe coinpony irere stationed ■ tottiefn;, * 'a Ift irtaking'these^^p^^^^ iioas'fon taking bo. the bi^ts, if yras, evidenttp capable yfpruaubioff^^^^^ ■ jail, that ttw long-boat tbe onl^^ wliieh •_ ball the slightest chaftpe of bvnig n legof tbpaJiip,/«booW' shb'M wrockod j. bob 'erery officer^ and ina« arew bi,s Jot: with the ,gr^ateat'cbiaposurfc,ato boats tbe prMent year, jf .atnounts fe j| 5'9 3 S, .tyoniJ tiavebh^n swaipped theiostant they iv:ere dowered. Yet snhb wa§ the nobio feejing fof :i^ 'The report exprosses a febofnlent f ■ t{»oSed*^Oun{l inh, (hal ltwaR cvidenl, tb|j|i lad -.'5 iorDcred- thfelWati in qjOestion tb;be;mannecl, ttfeir erews wepldkave- edtered them witUOiit m biUriviar, tu the afternoon,, on the wedtheb ' ©leaving a litlfej -We discOyjprpd a loW heacb. all mrOUnd .asitem of i)*,-the mri\ itiis nunhipg to anaWfid height^ and ft appeared Meyident that no humitth^w#^ coiiia save us,- /kt three;-?> Sf, the tidobad ftdlen to%| feet. (oniy six tiiore than wa drew,) anft the ship j&H, Lciig Island, Nejr-Jor.sey, or eonriect- baving boon lifted by a tferoeridons wn, 4 tr«c)k vwfth; gr^t yiolenee the whole leagth.of/tlip Jcecl. .' Tliis ive nathrallf Conceived, was the - ‘fnr^i^nnaqc of her (ota); wreck, nnd we stood iu renitiness to tnke to the boats and endeivour bo hang- nader ber Jee. ghe, continned to Strike vriUi sufficient fpree- tp haVe.bnrst any ieuk li’liO’ aVerhge price of imiipftikl salt in IhclMovW.Yprfc market, is estinialed atS^conts, while t 5 iit fyom Onondaga?, reckoning the exi pc'nite; n«f mnnnfneture kt 12 ^cent|, duties l^,, transpfiltation, and eommislion at 10 , cannot hp atiorded a¥ less tlian 35 cents the bushel,-^ An oiiitaioa js exptesM, thata premium would :los«fortldea ve!»eb ntdnte^^ few inihr haVe tlie.pipftcd't^^^^^ 3 *^? S :<-. tit&j WiA.n^rkn'-a^ ^eapasscfiLl, V ■ nts,C Anib^’'kfc tfewater was sp _ ! rnfrbtalittost'bq oiilled breakers rather than It' is found, tlihtthese-extensive' manufaev WrlWcs, for ’ each in passing, burnt with grent lures have .alyeady produced a ^arci^ of fuel ibree over our gangways; and, as every sen^ topped,’’out deckw were continually and fie-i ' «|ueritiy deeply jShodCd. All fi’nnds took a lit­ tle rejihelhmeWr.for some; had Icarcely been' >>eIoW folr twenty^fouf hours, and! had not ; ToUett in bed for three nights. Alfeough few * ot none of us had aay ideii thatWeshopid aiir- ;V ive the gale, we did rtot think that our cqtn- * jtbrts sboijld be entirely neglected ? and an or> irfec wasi- .thorefore.giveu to the men to put on ; theif bett knd witrinett .clothing, t<>'enable ^ then? fp support Ufe as Ibttg as Ure- ; ly mnn, therefore, brought his hag-on deck t, ■'i^'diressed' hiinselfj and in the finenthletick I ,wxtn$ thatetood expcned befCre n^^ I,did not f nee one intisclc guirer, dor the slightest sign of sdarnn Th'C officers oarb secured »rnc useful jfestruBWntalwut them forthc purppsue of obi ■ * , eervitiob, nfthough.it was .acknowledged by all (la laJfe and Oswego fivcrj on the Irordew of Winch'an abundant supply of Wood tnayhc had, he improved and rendered navigable for timber,, which may he eifected at a small cx- j, pcttse, A s)ipfrpm the office of (he Charleston Mer- .enry, dated 3 d inst. gives the following infor- ination- obtriried fmra Capt,. iliscoc' of the scihooiJer Endeavour, arrived at Charleston iu S'd^s frorn Ponce, P, JR. - Oa the Stli ulti the P* S. schooner Grampus, fell inwrith and gave chase to a small piratical sloop, which; succeeded in rimning asttore on tlio inaia lund Hear Grab island, when the pi, rate* jwmped overboard and effected their es- _ . cape, with the exception of two who were kil- tlmt not; the slightest hope remained, And IcJ, Ifhe Grampus then got the sloop off, and now that every thing iu. pur power, had beeri done, rcalled alt hands aft, and to a merciful ' CM offered prayers fer our preservation. 1 thanked every one for their excellent conduct, and CabitOiuffi them, as weXhpuId in all prob, ■.. AbiUty'sdoii appear before cur- Makey, to en, ‘ vfer his' prisfeuce? a» then besigncA to their fate. *■ ;Wettitebaft- 3 a(Iddvvh in gtOU'pS; arid, shelter? *' wtebau dat dPvvh in gtou'r^ add, shelter? was the;eaplmri of tlic ffioop, who'was morlal' ' M f^*»theWash'oftlesea byWhateverWe lywouEiiJed.' ' - . ’ - ‘ ■ cpurdftnd, many of usbrideavoUred to obtain ’ ’ 'kJiftle sleep. *Ncver perhaps, was witnessed ffner scene than oti the deck of my Ifttle qriiip'.when allbopo of life had left up. • Noble 'As the chiracterof thh British aiilbr is always jalldwcd to'be ill eases oft danger; yet I did f not believe-it possible that among f 6 rty,onp '^Mn», not dim repining word should Kaye ^gn'iattefted. \The officers satTibont whsr^ ^^er they Could ftad shelter from (he sea, and ; ^jtbcmen’lay down ’conversing.with each other ,juidT am firmly persaildpd that the. re.signa- 'tfpa winch wus then alnown' to the will of the Almighty Wife the meaps Of obtaining bis mer- . ;oy, At'about 9 P. JVE'. the rudder, which had Steady received some very heavy blows, rost? and broke up the after-ioukey; und this was the last, severe shock sVldcU fhesliip received. ■We found bythe well tlnat slfehiadeno waterj imdhy dkrk she struck no mb'ro.’' , ■ After having passed through a great‘part of Sir Thomas Itowe’s “ Welcome,” the Griper again • encountered a most terrifit'k storm ; • a^^d,', in consequence of the 15 ss of anchors, An. ■ which rcfedei'ed a further prosecution «f the Toyhge mottdjfegcfoaSiit was determined' ' to return to JEingfand- In adopting tills reso, lutioh* Gapit. JL.yon toJISb*tba.f he felt most painfully the situation j.ri, ■^fcb he rwas pla. ' adftilmtion Which evdf,f one pn reading the dotallaf of this hazardppS Voyage, Will natdral* ‘ 3 yexpress. y . Ocom/nga Stfti-yGhr readers will ijccollectj that'by an act oft tUe.lpgislature, passed in > Janua;ry last, Johtt; Vdiy’ffOsseU, Iteubfen \Whailon and SimeOh P’brd, Enquires, Werd . aippoirttod commissioners to visit and examirto the biUt. Springs in G«e ■county of Onondaga? with the instructions to report to the legiela, ture the result of their iuvestigatidus. \Ve . .iiavkn.av befereus a pamphlet of eighty pa, gos, containing their Report made pn the 18 th ’ of hlarch, accpinpaiiiecl by a bill introduced . by them fo regiilate tbe iriamifaqturc of salt in : the town of Saiina. It is due tb theso genil.e- mop,to say, th|(t: they have discharged- the dm ,ties ofthe coinmiseion with distinguished abjl- aty, and with a . hdelity ■w.liich must be lii.ghly , satisfactory (C the puhlick.' A perusal of this _ document Irs offered us both pleasure and in- Stl-uctign; and it iS believed wd cariiiot per- ftirm a more acccptahle office, thart to give s j ^.Statement of some of thefactsand recornmoil- ; ffatious svliich itemW'.vecs. ^ The manufacture of a staple cotTimodity, which is emphatically ^timioa of wealth to, tbe 4 tate?andxvhich is be. ,ci>rrd:ig more and more important?, (.‘auiiot he The first act of tbo ieg'ishture reguffifiug tlxoy ate: employ fid; also g receiver ofpubJick Ogdonsbuigb; FarmeiA <lo- litoueys, to, coUoet and .fraiismit the revenue t» the C?(!iiitn.issiuiier“. 8 TboBepbrtrecoffifeendsimperM^^^ heeffepted by ah addi pumpattlie priu- cLpahWel!, wltb reserymis and aqwedHf The «:lpqnse to (Ife State W eslimafed potto fXr JpriiQnci^j ^0yjc5 bdrgh; Mffi>awk,Gbio<l Elates, hluirlingtout SMp Oaffi; T6yk, JLeictttm on 0 0 h ^ i m c _ •f%''R,^TAYEQftprope«es'todelk^^^ JLf o f PRacTicxb bkd'rukxi-Qii- 'OuTnkfer Lwte. bwBOERV,, 0 I«,'ii!St*Xljs®AS.*S-G*-'T«k' 'E*F« oeed iiSooi); and a* a tem.ufteration, theUN? f e e AlU son, *honld (lie ppMick ^frousfrq, under tM iquiirity of tbe salt .mkhklabtured Salina analysis ,pf d)..'|ffic'k,'Mri GWftbhi appended t(^ tl.redferirth'atthe:Gnpud 8 gasalbekcet^^^ itt purity thjisffBicst impnrtatidiis: from aferwd? yiridill^Oft sffikverage upwards of 9 ®ws 9 oift tbewhriiate of Soda, K« 0 r thefnapufe^ thk article ina, proved less rapidly in quantity tlian in qqaU Fhe (JaininjsslonerS state; that with (ife addi, ifetls no.rr iii progress, the extensiyo works Rre id,his ardooud und^rtskingfSi as well frbni'thet consideration oEtfefmrifftyya? (lie fact that they are the ffi^st .at,tblbpts^pfthe.kir|d,:iO! ;mtabli^ the Eit^ary and SGiontifife characf teroft!io>i|ldgAotJI« 5 licster^^ ' ' ; . , ; :03’Eqrtberparticul(irsk^^^ , ,, KT Any information may be had by appiyiaff; to Drt q’aylordthis.offi«e4'' / ' ■ ‘jRoohester. Aorjl 25 , 1825 .. ‘ * ,55 elspf fixjo salt, and l 5 ffi;(K)()biishe!s of coatve, iTxalcirtg an aggregate o f 2j|QQp;(k)(). A ueife- n?ie wa4 derived tolb.c state (he last year of worpeco POrikET?B0OK, epida'Hihig fliive^ ho'^s |ft 3 ,^fiS, 92 ;;,.and for the (wo first quarters of ’against ks.ac Painil. payaUk'io I|, Carpeujer q» fpiore ttran dobWe tlic hmeuiit ffif tbe i>ame htlief, that; »t ho (jistaiit period tbkrevouae. .Wall ei[cc<xl terexiiaes its present amount, lYitk a view of increasing the quantity, and (a en'ahlq tho manufacturers to sustain a. c«ri- petitiouin the New>1fc)rk market, wiUfforeign iUnpprtaftioas, the comrriisSioners propose a pro, raium tif threereenffi a bushel for the torih of iiwq years, on mlquafititics not less than lOOO bXiibels, broiight'Oither to tins city or ita^wn- brafer. These notes wote ps-vable in gq’oflS at % jgmin CanipheU's Store ,xij Jtocliegter against SUasW. Hutchins, for 20 epreis of \vop(j> ako.a iiptea /■- av . . - with many ot er.’ Whoeye. ibfr pr*citi^44> $hull be liberaUy rinrard^d. HAkVBY CAUftENTElb lioelioster, ApriiZSr 1125 .^ state? (letriVed; from this source, by incroasiog N t i i i r d i d o s S i aus'T :RECE.ivi;D B,r'-®,px;cic,.. ■ p OTHEtAN, a Romance of EoglisK -CV flistories, by (he author of Si’r A i- to W i l e y , ^ vols?;.; : : , CfMtverSatioDS;of£?oT4Byion. ' ' - JCIallas’s- EcGoIliBCtians of Loiid By« roo. ■ , ' ■ ’ ■■ Joha Btill in A a ieiba ; opj tliQ nc\v^ ]W.unchau«)n? , Itanhope’s V iew o f Greece, in 182:3 end l8-?4. ■ ■ ■ * . ' Refugee, (2 vojs.) a T a labf ihti R e ­ volution, by Capt. MaUhevv3^1uiK0t- roydi Tajes of a Trayenerj''ifc!Mos.’by. Blair’s Fhilosdphy, jRuasell’s iib.derii-|)u rope, Morse’s Pocket Gazetteer,’Spaffor4!si « do. with a- Profile ofhhe CanM, 0 ’i|(^ara^8 t Napoleon, Masortick Chart, Worcester’s . Inipiovement b | Watft’Psalrtis, (ViochelFd do. ' '.'■■■; April 2 6 ,1825. ' ■ \■ 56 .carrdt'l. her into Ponce, and from thence prO ceedePto ,St. Thomas. Upon the receipt of tfce above information in Ponce, a Spanish Ocutemant, having under his command a die- tSichmaist of mon, proceeded to the south Stde tt/.PortoTlicO, and succeeded in;making pris- »nbrS(^f eightyof (lie pirates, Among'.thettt' i^elanchdly lots o f theJS^ent.—'We yester­ day inejutiotted under our foreign: news file loss of tbq JEastindiasliip Kent. The English pa­ pers roeffivod last evening contain the partic- alars irhjph We have-not room for this morning. OTlie dveot bound to Bengal and China^ and-took ^re'Trqni the^ursling of a cask ..of fcpjrit 5 iothe.bbld, m latitUde, 47 ; 30 , Jong. 9 , , 45 . SJiortly after Uie accident, the brig Cam- Wfththd'mpst perfect calmness. -, Each was ^nt'had cm *^board ^* 6 ^^ >ffiU,With hi 3 .neighbm^^ The C a L r iS succreded in s a S succceided in saving 301 oSlcere, non-commissioned do. aiid pri­ vates ofSlst regiment, 4 fi women and 48 cfail- rtren. 1.9 ihale and femnlc passengers and the Captain of (he Kent and I 39 of her crew, in all 564 . The seaman of the Gambriaa refu- -sed to fgo to the Kent again to save the others PcarffiL she would blow up. 64 soldiers, oneJiyo- man, ^I children, and 4 of the Kent’s crew, were on board tbe veSsci when she blew up four houisRftcr the G. Iqft her. Of the 90 on boaiid-vrlfeh she blew up, 14 soldiers Were pioked up by the Caroline and carried toLV- erpool- The- Captain of the Caroline reached the wreck two hours after the'explosion, and the 14 soldiers Were foUtid clinging to pieces of masts, &c.— Dai. ,ld. ■ ‘Ced; buttliisregret confident, ^ i s earnestly recommended be rhucli softened by warm sympathy arid ^ ou’^l'ches, belo^ing to the Synod of Cenesee, to observe Thursday, the 28 th of April inst. its a day of humiliation, fasting, aud prayer.; toseek the blesSiiig ofAlmigfity God, and devoutly to implore the out-pouring of (ht dIoiySpirit, upon our Ministers, Churches ahdCongregaaons. NGBBlSpULL, » stated. Clerk of Synod. Geneseo, April 14 , 1825 . AfQJBjRffc'i)—In this Village, on Sabbath revetiifctg last, by the Rev. E. Savage, friri td Miss EHxa Bcu'tuird.i $ In Briglitdii, on tbe 21 st inst. by Elder Sjls* by, jUr, jp, TE. G liber I to Miss Samh Pibr~ jPfAf MdriettfifObiojOn -the morning of the 29 ' th of Mareb? Mcliithi j . Afrfgs, Esq. who,bad filled the respetftablfi stations ofDel- eirate toCongress,Judgeof thetjnited States’ ti Court, Senator in Opngfcss frern Ohio, Gover- nour cif that State m the time of the war, and lastly. Post-master General. ' A U R I N E 7 i/S 2 ’. poft r GF gen R se I:, ABBIYET). April lffito 22 >~Schr. a s f e t of in r lito c c tayiy ufouriroadert. fincent; Julffi,York, Carlton Island; Friends, IVIair, Yotlc; Mary Ann, ■VVhifney; Ogdehs-^ ■f i TuvV iilcead V cxidred, and tlie residue will ex- ^ t'f . pireind,me‘i 321 hrevoriingtotliestatm •' ,a(d provided for the affivointmetft of a sufipr in?; S.of)f> iUchmond, pats, li, 01 k. * . -Icmiatil, whal-v ,13 .ever shice been qpnliirued;- SaklLED. butowing tp theyeailoilsies which have ’sprung'; Atxrfi 1?^ to 22.—Schr. .TuUa, York, for up botwoeh'theffival villages, aqd the irnprac- l Carlton Island; Mary ?lpn, Wjiitney, pgdcns- •ticifeilitv of givingpalfetiotS to aft, tho -Eo-Amrt^ii; Mombe,Xvlerv do.; Ariadiid, ROed, / . O A T , m m GMM ' P A C B E i K E O i k r A M O l W V i 5 « a t W E . . i M OBNIN0 Lffiebf Boat*? between Jest publisii,ed i|ua fot sal* by HI vxm ;*# *ni 8cl)en.«eta^^^ A . ■- by t|ie ptied St^ni^itertndy I*acket Boat epmpaby, coniftkncini p* .Tueftday the 1 9 th inst. and continue thrsiugh the »e|i- A llbsit will leave TJtipa emd gehenee' M y eyeiy Jiiornmg at ft o’clock, Ek? TdvtoR ffiierislifift St well grpupdeff tljtifugHr iiiAld h Stages Svijl be }»; bppe, tliat he will recriwca wddeMe IU teadlifegs at all tlfnea to pbpvey passeft gers between Albany, arid Schenectady,; pjB thAitfrival ,rif tlie steam and packet IWkts at thOiife places, respecUyfely 1 . . Utica^ April. Iff? 1825 ,: ■COCHRAN «s F lS liE R , ' 56 Ijne*.fropi thejiiirgest ffifrurch Rell, which ridlls .ux to.mental .devdtioflSw dovy,n-tp the PJrifieif Rejli \^whicii invites^ us to repqsts tfiat sustains bdtii our physical and nioral ptriverkr They waftftnt, tlieit svork of.su- f>eriour, execUtion;io iiibntd,irietal and tone, The seriirit partner, J- Oocliran, tvys long engaged ip this businesa in New-Haven; gild eap appeal,, wllli Confidence, to Socie­ ties ihCoiinecticu(Alhode-rsl.in(fr the Car- o]iiJ»s and ViiginlEt, for (be Correctness of triiklelAnd 'sweetness oftone,of liis Church MdOoUeg^ Bells, *»’*lAllKibdf ofconrimon, a* well as in- tricate-Gastingsv. required ip brass, will be ;protnptly executed at tbair shop, r Bfftavja, April 22, U825.., , p e r n , A SERMON, delivered belbre the Pres- ?cA byteriart Congregation at Eyoris, by the Rev.AfAMES COCHRANEj A, M. Ik'ice one: shilling. ’ - - AprilJgo. ' TVrisbihgton Irviqg, .1 Byrfin’s r o e tical AVotiifc comnlei?, in 8 vpls» gilt. , ' Hall ’3 VievVr o f Gqlpinbla, in. 1824 . - Also, a new supply of rLiOnef Lincoln j ’* Pioneers, $py. Pilot, Pretantioh. Kriicketq bocker, Rod wood? Bracebridge HaUjr-o 4 , -W . M t L E T ' OPFXilS Tok SALI, M. feet pine pla n k end Boards. ‘V P J40 M, first quality'3R1NGLES, 50‘M. W:eathepburnt BRICK, . , ,, a m . lights of WlNDOW-SASH.ES, r-of different' sizes. Any quantity of Lime .andSand.'-. '■ ■ - ’ \■ ALSO,, A f e w b a r r e l s -cbtoice M e s s P o r k , ;^^I; 26 , 1825 . ; ■ • ; “ Popular Peduras on Phrenolo^p 1 ~\R . TA'yfrORjproptttes to deliver acour^ J L / of Lectures oh that branch of scieqpe, called “ Phntiologijy er Uifi ttudyoftliemolrm andinUllbciutd nttiun ; The/nfroduc&ryicdim wilt shortlybte deb ' 3 , liyered, admftlance' to kfn(ib, 1 vilf- inrParticulars in i future advertiffeni,ent. .[CTFor fiirtker information inquire iff T av £ or , at his officcjsotith side of Main-street, third door east of the bridge., Rochester, 25 lh April, 1825 . N O T I C E * rriH.E annual meeting of the Freeholders A arid I'nhabitantjs of the village of Rg- : jehester, Will be held on the first Mondayref Mkymext, at the Court-rHouse, m said vil-' .|ag«,At I o’clock-P. M. for the purpose of fleetingWillage Officers, for the ensbing tyear, aad,tratisacting,sdch other'business ;8 may’ he. riecessary and proper.-—Dated s I k ONG, Presidek'' Rupus B k X oh , Gkrife. s: 5ff l ^ O Z M T n A YELLOW brick dwelling J X HOUSE. Saiif buildihgis^ {;R}jH||yery convenient and pleasaiitlylj* iteiBal|lSfcsituated“^sl*ndi^ on the cot;? ner of River and Courtrstreets, near lfij^ east end of the Aqueduct. For terms,-enr- quire o f J. MEDBERRY. . Rochester, April IY>1825. . jiyiHlS Company has been incorpormed ■gislatbrej with a capital f>f 250,0()0Dol- Tarl, toLelocfited in the village of Roches- N O T I C E X S hereby given j to all {lersons who are X indebted to the subscriber, and whose Notes or Accounts have become dliei that payment must be niade immedhitely, as: delays are dangerotti. ■ TH<>MAS M(Ml(5AN. Rochester, April 2 5 ,1 8 2 5 . % S 6 M W e M i D S o W I I I T M . 1 P I S ! P R A T T . ■ ( at the F4KCr AJSp VABIETy STORE,) \ X X A V E received a xihaU assortment of J . X entirely new and seasonable D K T G O O D S . which are offered fof sale at n trifling ad­ vance front New'Yprlc auction prices 5 to­ gether with a variety « f choice 6 B . O 0 S m Z S 3 . Also, amaddition^l supply t»f FANCY ARTicLES! and TOYS, at Wholesale or retail. ' '. Rochester, opposite the Bank, 25th of 4 tb mo..CAprjl,3 1825. [SS W £ U M Z » C M 3 X A L , UPPER OJlATADR. r i l R e President aad Directors of the -I. Well£ ‘ ^ Welland Canal Gothpany, AVill jre'- ceive proposals,, at tjleir office irt-St, Cath­ arines, on the first day-Of July next, for excavating the deep cat on summit ridge, between tbe River Welland rind Lock he line may then be In rea.diness for con­ tract. ‘ By order of the Board, W. HAMILTON aiERRITT, Agent. Welland Canal Office, St. Gath-1 arines, 20,th April, I $ 25 ( 6w56 N I e M t G O O D & f i n H E subscriber hps this day ofiOneda X . very general assortment of fresh and fashionable COOtiSy purchased previous to the late rise, xVljich ho will be able to sell at former prices, S. G. ANDREWS. • A,pril25, 1825. ' . . 56 m i r s B 'T O XN this village, for one year. X with the atldiiion of one acre of Isnd ahfl a goOd: garden and well of water. Also, a part of another tlovie, sufficieliily large to JtaiA. m •tiffifellitv of givingtoalf, thoHc-fi)Uig*>; IVtom'6o,'Nfyler, do.; AriadiiC, RCed,| acComroodateasinilllfiimtly; Possession p3tt rebommopis ril- aholilion of the Office, : Saokolstybrbour; Fame, Case, Ogffensbmgbf' ofbgth giVerign tholfillr of iiPxtmonttii. • huj tliS app&uitment'of tliree disinterested; Ron, ffi-own, York,.CnrltoiiIsland; Arcadki, ForparlictiIarsem\uireof lffi F; MAR- CO.umissioiicrs, as a substitute, to sit mouUifrr K'PLean, bevristou; Julia, flichardson, do.;: SH ALL, or ftlEAD ATWATER.' i^th^q^compcasaUOa of per day for Nobles, dp.; Mary Whitoey;| Rochester, 25 th dlh tno. 1S25,' 3W50 M m l d i n f c M a t e n c i h . ..■8EARS^ ' i 7 S | ^ | ^ O S 0 0 S , .■i,'-'' %bo.KBEriJrtoaf.' .t ■' StanOiaLd Book, os;riw'’ , \ - ' I ' ' y \ ' . S C lU -O lf A l l j S ' IrltiCIlljiBi. to an agciirkfe prenUmiffilion o f tbe EugiisH Lnoguage» Hccoffipinqeil witl»-easy,fHfejliirtiffi ptygressive Reading Lestpin; designedjitjmtn. irifdUciUm to life n»«f of \ydkkr'?Criife»|Tro. imuneing BiciiQifeiy of ifcn English liimgMge.^-. .Compiled for tlie use- of, bCUOOlit,' by J asaes h .S xars . ■ ' ' In edition nntv cn?# lias risen t.nkemto make tlio work jierfect,??- Fmpi the rapid sh U? pf (he.firri Ihmfe • - can ife: ne doiibt (ind the wmrk mecii iniblick app:rt>lfejj 0 M,«ni) itmi ft w'dl soon anpCrsede the imperleet nqd ibcorrect biiel lltig ilitoltf WhicU-- -riave bfthrvjo b«,cn in u^S; iii Cnninmii Scliqbl*. Tlie au(hoi''has l)et;Ti fav«>ure3 Wifli IlieupCosf fees|)eqidid;c>eenmmendatio«s, fiotn wlifob oi-. iracis nre added, ' From rke A’eM Yflferi Secretary’ ofptiihi apd actiii^ SayerudCnUml of Com-- itmh Sclmlst ^ A eba . ^ v :,. Janiiary lOji 1825. II,vying exnroined ivftk nUem>oi» h wiH'k en­ titled, “J SlanddfdSpUtmgllook,Pl)y J. ,H. Seuri, I nm ducidediy ,oi: oiwnion Ibul il ma Useful work, i»i)d Ibut ift ffilroduelion iniu our Coiitinon Seliools'vvowlil be aifendedl w ith ad­ vantage, It is, thereforejyyitli iilensufei rseom- mendV- y. W, YATES, - ■ 4rtmg SiipeHiiiemlenl of 'Cpirk Sihpolf . Prom the Rev. Dr. iFitjChi Tale Presidtrdof TlHh lidtns Wxsr Br.oom ini'ri, Oc|. it 1,1824,: CRs»No.'L*forT 8 $ 5 ft . 60 N 4 mhlrk -~9 BaU T Brizie iof i^lkOjOOO h ^s.Qi, 00 Q I, n,Q0(T . i f , 000 ‘ I , 10 , 000 : 10,000 I ' •' 5,737 ' 20 b 4,000 ' 20,000 80 , m y • ■ i 5 ,ooo so 200 . . 0,000 H 200 5,100 ^ 51 , - .50 ... :' 2 , 55 a 4,734 • •’ . 22 • 88,148 41,475 - i t 126,225 ‘*^*Prese»t:.price of Tickets, | ‘9-' ; ' r i O K ^ S k S A k k E S ' ■ For sale by EBEN, ELYvttt hffi Lottery ^ J'l„xplrim.feOlIice, CarrdlUtMaudkt the Fust-Office.RochCsteiv J|arsfr 22 , 4825 . ' ' \ - 5 5 r i VHE REV. JAMEB; COCHRAiN'E, ^ ,X - A- hL fronr.the UmveTsuy of Glas- gotv, in :Scotland, pioposesyif sufficient en- cnurftgerifent be given, to opun :n Classical » and Eiigltsh SOifOCLj in the large r«oin dVer iMc, Campbell’s store, on the 2d day SiEVAgremiiMy (o^ywr reqnes^l h ^ ' - He shnir devote hjs attention to instruct- arbined your Slaiidurd Simlfing Rook,'ami <is far as T can judge frmn the sttmitiun 1 have been ai? ble to pay to it, t biu k H axvork jmliefqusly.plau- rted.and well exac'fteA. 'With vwy few excep* li0ns,lapprovcorib a.nd l do not hesilate (o wy 3 w 56 thk,Jn my ojfuiToii, ft merits the patl'oriage of an etilightfued: ComiuUBity; .and if iiilroduced. into generai use in o U f contmhn *ffin»>ls> prdW-^ iSes fo lfe vmty useftil; | ant atiqnahtted wftli (10 ing in the Latin and Creek Classicks- Composition, Elocution, Geogrnphy, and «n theffiem'efitliYfirahbri^ usnally taught herp,.- ’ Terms of Tuirion--rLatin and Greek, ^5 ; English, # 4 per .quarter, %’t The* rules and regulations of the pro- .elemfcntary woik«fffiekitiAwhkli itiniffim pos,ede?taUlisl)ment,withcertificate8 o f the ....... . .. - ‘v-e i.kviV qu;^i|ficationso'fits cOridueV-can bekriow^ on application at IHessrs, MarsiinU apd Peek’s Bookstores in thjs village. Rochester, April 18 , 2826 . 55 dedervingof UMbliCk patfOiiHg?*, «»td triore likely to be useful iu tesiuiiiiig childVCn the rUdimeiita .efour ffiugtiage,: • ■ , • . * 1 RiDj'.Sirj Y*o,ur ScrVRBt* . .. ERE.N. FITCH. Profn ihp Rev. Mr. Lvnglty^ Pttceplorof ihe Wes( BliHnnfieli. Aoagetnieal School. , Wksr Btoo5irixc».Cct. 14.- SiRr-l liave perused your Standard Spellhig. Book, and feel dlspOtedto give it my upprolfe- tio.n; lam pleased with,trie plan and execution of the work. Ilis, innay opinion, justly entitled ,to publick patronage, and 1 could wish it might be introduiicd iifto general use in ourcommon- JOiNATH AN. LONGLEY. F i n s I N S D R i i J V C E c o m p A N r ? %r, county of JVlonioe. The following- persons are,_ by the act of incorporation, appointed Directors for the.ensuing year, viz. Jant“s.K. Living- :ston, Ira West, William Atkinson, Eve- .rard Peek, Elisha B? Strong, Harvey Ely, Frederick F.Backus,A.Al.ScherinerhornV Jacob Goitld, JRocAesfor ; James Everning- him, George Clark, Phinehas P. Bates, Gamndaigtid'; Orlando Rastiugs, Gmeseoi Albert H-Trncy.^ Bvjalo / John S, TalU madge, Lyom ; Trunibull Cary, Batavia S Mc«es Hayden,For*. , The Books for subscription to the stock of this Incorporation, .will be opened jit the. Bookstore of Everard Peck, in the vil­ lage of Rochester, op Monday the 2d day of May next, and will continue open until Wednesday the 1 st day of June next, on which ddy they Will be .closed at Ens- worth’s Tavern. A payment of one dol­ lar on each shafe- su'bscribedy is required at the time of subscHpfion. Hy order o f the Board of Directors WILLIAM ATKiNSOjy, Preft. From lilt Rev. Mr. Penney, Mmister o f the Pr'es- », , hyittxuth ^criuTcJlf MR,J?H.SEAR 5 i-- S*iA—1 have,at yourpequest,darefuliyTevieWe(l your^‘Standard S|«»iniigBook,'’ apd ImVe pfea- sure in staling my opinion, that it 1ms »iu4/t ,»ne- rft, as au eleuieutary Saliool Book, irrorder to pronounce or spell Say languagiertgiftt) rye must learn e«rreutly_:fit ^rft. Cdrrertness iii tliase, inatfers is generally consitlefed as conrormity. to an approved standard. The standiird in Eng­ lish orlbogrnphy and pronuncialiun, at [iiesent is, UriquBsfionabiy, ITaffi-tr; and you liave,t, my satisfaction, proved tlial yorir hook has llie' merit of ctoae confonnity to llrnl autlror, Wiiile otriers thaj profess' tbe same are ?calculated to promote strange and erroneous spelling atW pronunciation, svliiub be totally, disavows,— And, upon fop whole, I think your book wor­ thy of a liberal patrorias®> whichT.hyiti itputy raueive. Yours, &c. *.. ' . J. PENNEY. RochesltTyWi.. August, 1824. , - From, the Rev. Mr- C m m g , , Rector of St. .j.uke's CkvrcJi, llochesler. To 5I r . j . H. S kaiis -\ I am pleased with “ The Scfiolar’s Guide,\ which you put into iny hands. From the exp- miimtion 1 have'giVdn it, it does appear to me tiiat ft is what it j,rofcsses to be, siriotly in nc- oordance with Mr AValker’s system ot pronuii- -ciulion; and bding such, it certainly desert'es Ai«d Ihope wilFrcceive, the approbation of the pul)lick. ■ ^ . 1 have no Imsftation sn recommending it to the publick. as a Wflik possessing, for one of its kind, vary coiisidemlde meriq and as being well calculated as an IntroduClioM to Walker’s Critical I’rbnouncing Dictionary of the English Language. F. H- CUMiNG, liachesierrdulyW, 1824. T.' GHiLcsj -Scc’i'y. d o c t o r s S m t \ i H a v r a V \, ■irifAVE removed thrir Q/fce and Eye XXandJEflr Jnfimm'y froiifi MIU-st.tothe house of John G, Christopher in Carroll-st. where all calls in their profeaffion will be promptly attended to.. April 19 , 1 .S 2 . 5 . _______________ ^ 5 5 l i f e CixittiOi i y s L c f e t B o a t s . riTHE packet boats wiU beruiitlieeri- X siihig season llenVqen Schenectady and Lupkpqrt, by trie Dtica and Sclieneclady Packet Boat dpmpany, tlm Erie Canal Navigation Company, and tlie Western Passage Boat Corn IVumber (5iife, arid xvliatevfer other,part of T\'Y fe connexion. A Boat will leave Sdie- iiectady, Utica, lYeed's Basin, Bochesler and LoCkport, every evening, running ihrpugli eacli vV»y in four days. It is the riiteiition to arrive at Lockport sufficiently early on life fotirlli day froni|ScbenectBdy,to eimble pesoAttiprs to reach Bnll'al.o the saine evening by the ffik^e.. Stages will be provided at all times to con vey passengersfiotn AibSiiy to Scllenectady on the arrival of tire Steafti Bbats'ftom NeW-York-frpin Scbeiier.tady to Alliany on the arrival of the Packet Boats from Ulica-i-betwecn Buffalo and Lockport, and fi'Onl Rnchester, Weed’s Basini and allllie principal villages on the Canal, to those on the ifitge roads off from ft. Dlica,j^ri! 7 , 1826 toll [lermit, and the nuhlick palrOnaite ttf/fhoriste it,n ffiorrimg iLiiieof Boats will.aisO be rUn in tb« course of (he season. ; ■' . 4w55 ; F o i l S A L E , , ; A TP AIR o f excellent CjlJRDIJfO JUA. M . cmJYES, with a first m t e f e e r , m ------ -- - , a Vety low pricCf, for whidlt a lengthy crq* shall be able to please Uify who may fa dit wlR be given. Apply to SIDNEY S. ALLCOTT. at the Colton Factory, Aprils,T825. ^ ■ , . 3\V54 0 E O . m Y i i O B , B * A GliADEAT^E of tbe Driivefsjty of ffx. Peiinsylvafiiaj ’at Phikdelpbia, Tbr- inerly a student o f Professors PAyvkl; and Chapman of that University, of the' Tauer Qehtlemqn fo r r/treo yCrtfs, • and member of the-iJffcdfea/Afocfrtyoftheoity and county of New-Y’ofk,has arrived in Rochester, and desires: respectfully to oiler his profes§jorisl M t e i a A a jvcc Rtid . B e r n e r s to the inhabitants of thig village and vir cihity. s iCTDRi TAytoJi will be very particular in his. attention to dAcafo# o f ihe Era and \]s appendages, . ■ , Diseases of tlie B eapioer and U bina - &Y OntJAP's, S tkictutiss , & c . will also Acf' dbtiye the rnosi aUenUve ditA care. * P, S. Dr- Taylor has taken ari office on. the south side of Main-street, thfee doors .east of the bridge, \yberfrhe may be con­ sulted, or he may be sAeti atR. Ensworth’s Eagle Taverft, tiis. present residence. llochYster, April lO, l825? 5A ----- ---------- —'— ------- - ■' From the Rev, Mr. Savage, Paster o f the Baplul Churdi ill Rudiesnr.. Mr, J. H. Sears, SiK—Your Spelling Book, put into itiy hands a feW days since, foreanmiiialioii, projnising, as il does, llie early jnitiation o f pupils into the principles, and a speedy acquisition ot tlieprad- tice of llie standard pronuiiciution, in luyopin- ion, by l^e bappitiess of its plan, the very nat­ ural classifichlioii of its words and lessons, trio adaptation of its reading exercises, as well as l>y tl«! superior qilality ofim materials,the iieutness of its execution, and trie weighty reasons you have assigned, as an apology for adding unolher to (he already too numerous and various Spell­ ing Books now extant, does highly recoipinend itself to the most favouruble rcceptioti.of an iii- lereslod and eniiglitened puhlick.—Yours. E. SAVAGE. Rochester, Aug..l 2 ,T 824 . Having exnmiifed Mr. J. H. SEAllS* Spelling Book, entitled • p Tile Scholar's Guide ito the pronunciation of trie English Language,\ and rinving hadthe pleasure of lesiirig it* merits by itsgenerniuse in our schools, we do hereby re­ commend it as being a tvork far superior to any publication of tbe kind HoCv extanti Tli® ar- iangeuient of liis Irssoiis being entirely original, and in strict accordance Willi Mr. Walker’s pro- nouiining key f and the wftole tystein Iwiiig ?*«- cuiiarly adaplejl 10 life capacitfes iff cliildreni render the\ work worthy the patronage Ofall wlio are friendly to coinpllniions which are caluulii- tedto facijilate tlieacqnircmentof Usefol knowl­ edge. ALVAli ANfrlS. ^ RiCIIARD m ARTIN, ■ • AUTHEWSDN B. LQCkWO QD. Rochester, Sept. 28, 1824. $ 8 H £ W A ^ 3 >- T OST in this villagei^ on Friday the J-d 15th inst. a red Moroeco POCKET BGjOK, containing^ about twenty Dollars in bills of different banks | also a Ticket in ihe last Literature Lotteiy- Th^ above reward Will be paid to any person vvho shall return said Pocket Book, to this office, or to the subscriber, with its contents. ZERAH BURR. ^ Rochester, April 19 ,1825. S5- . F O R S J i L r E y T N the village of Middlehury, X Genesee co. N. Y. the fol­ lowing^, valuable property, viz. . .......... a house and one half acre of himi ; a brick bou,se partly finished ; u blacksmith’s shop and one acre and a quarter of land 5 and another brick house well finished, and a wood house and bain, with about six acres of land ; or if the pur­ chaser wishes for a farm connected with either of the above lots and houses, he can have ninety^-two acres of land. The above property belongs to the Kev.J. Bradley, and will bejold at reasonable prices. Half musTlie paid when possession is given? and notes with suitable endorsers. These places are near tbe academy,which is .in a very flourishing conditioii. The lands are excellent; the water good, and the village is as healthy as any in this state. Fuither information m ay be obtain­ ed. of Df. Win. 15, Collar of the above vil- April 19,-1825. 55 & DAVID CABLE, i i A i x c n i . - (Late Of I h e f r i n o f Calhoun Sr fcible,) \IT^ILL Continue his business one door VT w^st of the shop he has heretofore occupied, nearly opposite the Eagle Ta­ vern, where he solicits a continuance of the patronage he has received. D. OAJBtE pledges himself that no exer­ tion shall be Wanting to pleq,s.e those who . may favour him with tifeis Bi Bfionld tire exisfing or tiiliire rates Df haS justteceiyed fro’iH NeW-Yotk, the liR t e s t lT a s V v it t iY S v which can be seen at his shop; tind.,'from bis knowledge of Ward’s scient|fick and peiented system of cutting, which WiH Vow* him with a call. N. B. Wanted a good Jo«wjey,iftfin at the above business. . ApriLlS, I$25- 55 T O S E N T , A - d w e l l i n g h o u s e , -A*, situated on Sophitt-street, lately occupied by Mr. Caleb L, Clark. Tlie rioiise is conveh- ient and pleasantly situateiL Possession may be had imiriediutely. For terms, ap­ ply to J. E. fe T. CONGDON. Rochester, April 13,1825. p2w5,5 FOB SALE, ~ Or td led&c f o t one of %ore years, gptH E Bocheslcr Bathing Es~ X lahlishmadi ijn the Sulphur Spring lot,winch |s open every ___ day, between the hours of 5 in the morning and 10 in the evening. Apply to D. D. R ARNAR D, Buffalo-st Rochester, April 19, 1825. ht> A' TOR SALE. Jl^ Y the subscri­ ber,at the Farm lately owned by IL R. Bender, Esq. 20 o s s m m m m s ^ . by‘’'I c i 7 ‘sidf-''’S would exchange thetn for farrow or dry Cows, as they are 'On hand and must bo disposed o f It wiil be for the advantage a i l y o l h e t W M ^ ^ ^ JOSEMI P. Nl .TOSEFR P. NEEDHAM. Gates, Apfil 10,1825, ' 3W53 3 0 1 i F B l K T W G n Mleatly executed at ilus OJi.eti I PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER I d r i g i n a l s t a i n e d r . N

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