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. I- h^ivelJGon liy Qircwiiistmcfe^ ujih a« oW oiT^iwleras a cioufeittG^ dnmltard tliawghtftl aud uimishe4<*or, iHto are{t- andyag«lH»^f one^liO h^d been ofieK Utatioti Wliidi tUeir.m0d?5ty woiiia hav^ arrested andpar.mutedtai-uiilaosejUi)ou l)luslied to aspk'G to,and wfiicUiiiey promise gf a«i«n4mei>t, WliHe'hia' com- ibuad to theu’cost,jUViAd»G»n QpeatQeX‘ w im e a t to tbe Peniteniiury for four Ictions they 0Qdld ofi( tBeot,'Ond to e«- iftogtljs was waiting out, he begged to ueetatlooa tltey. uevelp designed to aay a, few: ^oird^i: and being an intelli- ■ fitiftb One Wan I jm tluis' gentWan^ in the onfortunately lieUtiled, Jiwidred* o foth’* foiiow^ ers hav'e debased fkwteftpa b y ^ > ^‘May it please yout honour, tan) an Ibrward Into places wliere they Were not Knglishthan by birth, and have been A e- ivanted, and by forcing their ohdraeters, t(uently drunk in old hlngland, but iiev- beAue tlveir naturail spring t i ^ er punished f o r it. f-wan not in that gaze of the publkk, and to the test of cbuntry as . l aw in tins, and it arpse from their foundation., Tohttg wen’ begin to the extravagant price of liquor. Here in grow m ie when tlWv are about ■sixteen, tIns. free and happy eonntry, as you enll * and if before they alb t'veiity.five they it, i can get dfunK fpt three cents 5 yb« do wot learn that’ they are, or, a t ’ leasfj have no excise^youbave no tax upon have bCfih fod1s>theyaregenerany so in- liquors—-you .sell for three dents, that te!ei-ab)y /t»o w » g , a s to preclude all hope wliieh i n ' Kogland wonld cost a shilling o f their ever improving frty wore. ^ b e sterling; you throw temptation ill the wise man has very aptly Said‘‘seest tlfoii way of a poor 4evii-^he yields to the a man \yise:h|his own cdoceUj 'thore is inlirinity o f his nature and yon then lock more hope o f a fool than o f Mm.’' j hhn up in prisou for four montlisv I ain Anne of Austria, mother to iLguts trononncal^ bhd philQ?sdphicaf ohseryi|. proWised d a p t. &loBtthatliewpulds^e» yjY . was one of ihe finest; women o f i|oos, ^ h e eorvette niaipwast lier time; the greatest of hey persdrial irt the hurricane. They werU'bonnd to, lay he thoughtweceSfacy, losem if hfe There are sgine professions in which success depends very much upon reptitar don, as those o f the physician: and the, law y e r; •and to these why be added aw other, n ot of the growfil o f this country, but art exotick, which flourishes surpriA. iwgiy iVmir soil f I t is theyohlhcn/pro­ fession—a professioh which in tlie cop. niptiows and cunning of the tiWCf, it seems necessa.iy for even bonCsr wen awl pahibts to study} for if is now: hold- Jy set forth, th a t a raau may he a man learned and able, a n d h s h a ll, avail -'hitti'nod bis country nothing, anless he them out of . the reach of the poor and . ■^yh;en,therefore; H‘ lahouring classes; who wilt then be a» so* I an honest tnari, though I doget djciuik; and the'sciiptiire says u an' hbiiest iimn is the noblest work o f God,” hut wlieu those words were WriMeh, America was Rbt discovered, for you tempt us to sin, and then piafish us for sinuiiig. You Caw lly tb’ arnis to preserve yrour •liberties, yon can. shedyowr blood In de- fefice of yohr country, yet you cannot prevent the awfid increase o f drunkards — You iwant moralcowrage to adopt the only aiid sure remedy, whreh is to Jay a tax upon spiritoWs llquorSsOas to place beauties, however, was her hands, . T h e Doke of Mantua^ who frerjpent^l h er court, made many extravagant vcrsuMii' their praise, which gave fi'selo tllefOl-' iow ingeplgraw h y $ c a rribp;' At the «nd Of her slceoyes shc’bad .Apairof imodswsylute, - , ^ It sure would have made hiy heart glad, Jiadthey boxWtqefroin mprnm'gtjUlhightV JRail>Tf'a^M.r^lt is suppoiednp^ wards of scOeHly mltivhs of^Ua.rt alpeady heen irtvesicd in Clocks fefc th^ making of . rail-w«y& in hlifgland ! - U’he « Grand Westtern,” « f io r th e tn f and Enaction” companie?, have, together;, atpcks amounting to f , 5 0 0 ,9 ^ poundi' sterling! .*^\he'ponsumptibnWTron aud coal,, inconsequence of these prolectU, may wiR be Called pYo.dhgi-ow8;*aild tlie amount o f money thrown into cIrcU- Jation by therawill Waterially benefit tlie latmwringpooi?.' . » An English writer,* Who on the sui^- jedt o f rail-roads calculates that^ tofcrw a tnile o f single road; 184 tph»TC'CWt«, of h;on, wilt be reqaired; in TtiA .waUh- . young maw has fiuished his studies, (and laost young men do wake a jl'nisA qfstu- tly as soon as they can) k'*d commences “ liisi professiowal career; he ls greatly lia­ ble to'set out wv'immedtWe chase o f rep- .WiatitfWjhegiectmgfindfis^ljulry to secure • the prize, all those WCans. which can af­ ford hi W reaWhable exptVrtatioW ofsgaiw- ingtheobject o fjiis ambition. *; T o all ■ »ucli coursers, repntatlon is hotm'erely a' ■ '^^hubhle,”, h ut a phantom. To all men .itys atim e d thing, eluding Jhegrasp of : l>3rofehed followers-, and: won only by careless merit and uncourtly indnstry.— Instead of Waiting until, oallecl from the Walks o f business and the letirement of jiis study, by tlrespontaWeous voice of his ThllQW-dtizehs, the feverish aspirant af- lerhonburs ossuwea a station in the p«b'- lick eye, and bu.zxcs liis co.ckcrel notes in tlie pubUck ear. Instead o f pursuing lii's calling with honesfiudustry,and with becoming modesty,’ h e aspires to lead svheve At is expected he' should ibliow, .and to be seen to advise where it, is ex­ pected his yOice will not be heard, qivif. icisAc«rrf,thatAewillnotbe.Cecn, Thus her on compulsion as they ate hOW druq ken upon atraetion.” -—-So saying with a profpu.nd bow he walked off in custody A EBSSON FOR OOAamstSOlir PEdPXEi • J ^foryfronp Miss lEdgmorih, ’ M. La Motte, a gentleman of great celebrity in Paris, incurred the nre b f a rurious polewicfc, He wsis as- sailed hy lum with all that malice could juvent, or credulity s!^al|oWi M- La Motte Was sifcnf. He was questioned. He i sinled and in*de'some trivial, but good-natured remark.f i' Ho was again attacked—He persevered in; his system* Again—He remained at his ease—-At tlie existing channels Of cohvhyatice the .Cheapest, ** secretary o f the tr^ury: an^d privdW qualities, have endea^^ him i * •! . * a r 4- I, .In- . ! ^ ^ .iniposing title “ a REeoYOrO'rnEsitENCB OP JlWliA MOTTE ! ! A Mere AorteJy anecdote, is mel: with io the annals o f VViiliamsburghwbiit it inay have the more effect from being nearerAoOee. Two old women were; ac­ customed to sell fruit in the streets o f the give to their repniatibn a sjcltiy and a feebleiraWe,-AVhich many years oi’trib­ utary penance abd Careful industry can scarcely overcome.. Few things are so unseemly and dis- gustingasa forward yoUngman. .When youth*stands up in the place o f jear$, •and mexperience fakesAhe authority of Wisdoin, the world 1ms a right to sneer and to cast reproachesy fot^‘days should find midtHude o f years, should teach msdoJttA Our young roea have tjuite too much to do with making our - GoyeruoUrs;-aa'd affecting to lead in our elections. Influence, useful influence, is •4«tQQ precious commodity, and too dow- . ly secured fur^a wise man to fritter it Away-upon every occasion, until he leaves himself naked to shame, and finds when ' it is too late that hi* words and counsels * .are powerress. Ther? is a greait habit in . Qur republick, and it i$ a good habit, o f innkhig harangues‘arid net speeches in piibliekassemblies., dn'suchassemblies, and through ihein, in the nation, meri of taleaUE, matured character and skilful el- oqnence’, have a coraitiand Anffpow'erof vast importance; but an‘ unfledgCd strip- ling cannot select a more unfortunate tlmafre fof dispiay-i-forof all diseaMs the speechifying mania is the mostdestruct- • ive to-a wcaAbead. ■ A due reverence for years will spon chasten the i mpetuous fifCs o f y o u th.. It Is a reverence which should be cultivated early and habitually. For ;no virtue is more beautiful thaim spcct for a g e ; that age wlilcii has virtue for its consolation, . .and wisdom for its crown. When th e -philanthropist Howard, himself pne.of che most modest, as he was one of tlie most worthy o f men, visited the Pope Pi- lis, VI* that dignified but unfortunate Prince at parting,.laid his hand upon his /icretica/ visitor’s liead, at the same tipie gqod humouredly observing, « X know you Ejiglishmen do not mind these ' x\\\ngo,hit the blessi'n^ o f an old man can tio youno karmJ’ FKilGUS. Riot-T-prangeiiien^Police-^JHfetnper ranee, ^'c .—On the S 1st idt. the assist- coal will be used. Re »uppo«i«i that, t c iphina add Ootibiq GMna,dheHce iicra» thcTapifick. Inicpvemher, the Gojoni** Man ship Pf wfar Gen, 3t. Audero, la^bly the K«hsin|toii of Philadelphia, arrived at M aiijll^ and was givea up tc the Spanidrdilhy heperew, whq had m.atin- e d | after the matipy. Green,pf Salem assumed , the copjfiiapd, ;bui the crew finding tliat..hf;wa> itelthefseainaii nor nqyigatoir, imd haviugnotli^^^^ mend bat his haVint heeii chief muti- rteer, he was p u t in irons, and ' ^ cbirni* mahd giyeti to T tedericlt jBejpgrnnni fob- m e # : an apprentice. to Capti Ghatles imdshipntian on bbafd before the mutiny.. H i imprudently wandered a Uttle dis­ tance iront the ship and a„few days afl terwards his tnangled benei! and. ,dothet were found. thy, and her crewlike^those.pf. Uie BeF graira, (who wept there under simi eumstancet) have got nothing for their disaffeOtiort.----Af eri Advj^ ^ w ^ .. T k e interesting cerembny of. lay mg faeture of which, V5V tons I3 , c\yt. 6 f the corner AtOne for a mopupent, over dily have them all executed; a iittle4<^; CoMdpot learn'whoweffecolPfiltied w t h a p , as the leader Boberto petitioned the Govethoar fot a jwrdon, aitdiiitima- ted; tliar^if gri»nted; Ite would disclose the o f lifty d r sixty persoas co«- certmd with him, llte r e were six men hrdughit to Str ffohrif^on the fdih qr.Alairch, on sdspi*. cibn of helonging to the saine of Pirates and (hJt-T'hronts; but ttjci^e waa no testimony agamst them---=^atid ffoin goOdiAutlPrity;-1 learned thero Were Phaiet roore taken in d i|bre on j i g s a w the south fide b f the JsJand, which he- Wobstnt, In New-Tork; who h ad Ixien a- joiiged to the iame baud^^ ; andi there waf no dduMj ht Str :Iolin’s P-Jlv they would all nmet .tlm te ^ xl at fft, JqhiVs long slued iiieucited- ’ h'lucli praise is due to Capt* Sloat, Ins-dtficem and cre.A, o f the U* . S. iphr. Gprapus;; I# s ; i | • ./Tbs l4egidapfe:vf:|W l-:«l|ap|^^ , Tlmnday-lash' Aboat;t3!tK)Jaw*wom-^ ;smd. nlmut-M mimy ; :N''’hudne8i..' ;06astticimbin''imjim<aw -haii-, ‘ ncs|.■.’was^dlsp9'scd; .of dairmg>t)m' last'twa ;! daya p f ; the psd«m., The hill ftoni.'tha SeaM'S.nnthorifioglecrVey.^cfW-t^ .pa®ed‘tl»e.Hpwseun dVedneadaj^' - A billaiia: j ‘th^ri!h%thp'0pmrtdisi^6^^^ ;to.sfi.ttfe,the •acCoaatl’Of-ifrt Holley,- i a s p i | both Hiwses, Tlife hitt horn the .Aw m # !, appmprhtirtg jJSQQjOOCk ejmstrucl f'l 'state'roydTPnriheXfiife sO articpacd in the .^natc sis io,nHdP.tiiim i survey ofthe ccatiiwplated The lawia ^kj last sessionito rcyhe d»e lewsof 4his:ats vvas apxendeahy StrAingrtut Ihsistm|lo>ttnj Theship was condemned aa unseawop| in Mdaklng: up thft den 0 murderersj-^lh. rr reyisof*,. A Mil cPatMga hparthtp apptsi* tlte. remains of Horpn do Att%. was pari moke all the proposed railroads, them fortnefl by GenerarLa layette at Cam- will Jp lequired 8,142,Slfi tons coal| ** - - . and to niaiiifain theni,' tons annually. He consider# that sii«|i a de­ mand for coat must raise its price even Gep^ralmade th^llbwing rdply: at the outset, and that it ytUl increase « The honour now bestowed upon me. rapidly every yeittv until thepAcc o f Ii^ceive with the sningred emotions of steam, will cause the charge for c?|friage - ^ • • Highway Rpld)ei’y.-r^O{i Tuesdoy last^ aainagesuppu the,line of . the Erie between thme and tmnVclock in titcaf- ’ • • ‘ \ . *.* ternooh, amosidarmgrobijeiyvyascom- tnilted .QiilVIr. T)wlglii Ai ^h<)jit?p^u^ 6jC Winfield, tllerkitner PQunty,. Jffr, T . was returnnig from L ittle Falls, w'ith 480 dollars, all o f which Was on the bank of deh, C, .bn. the 6 ^ ul|> H|ving j^r- gpriuglleld, Coil, and all except four or « s '« »f * 6 MU. of Uie .d e m a irittiw R o b e ^ M jl^ L r a . the4^))M .ct. rhfe,„f #20; and on iimvm&'witilti twd. of $20} and Oh arm ing Within miles o f 'Herkimer Flats^ TSc <«r» :yiAc rond, iwas met by two men, ope o f Land Office. awaif mo id the more hdrthern parts of the-tinlouj.l-consider it as^ being confer- at the rate o f about iwo pence^er .ton per mile, and each passenger ad a cbst ttiilitary virtue,^Major Gerierai B ason of little more than .a half--penhyjper wa K a u i . has Wted a couspicuous part, mile. ■' Tit London Courier, in detaflmg the advantfiges of railways, upon, thi& tocw. atpriVc steam engine, principle, edntains a remark relative to Mr. iR««Aour, igeS«5 ^omil^’He Was cordfaliy deybted to. our eut minister in London, and who is.soon ment lias possessed itself^ # d u g h its minister, of the improved mode m '^n - structing ahd making raiimisd$,* ana ing to clo.^ the vault, the General bend- there can be no doubt o f their inshiiedL * ‘ * * ............. . at^adoption throughout thatui)i|nt|:ylb ant alderman of tlie H.ighth Ward sent 1 . word to i f # Police that a inimberof pe**i ■ ^ons had asscuibled, and were fighting, 'aieaf'the Alarble. House in jbnmdway ; accordingly Homans and Hays, jun.pro- c.eede.d to iim.spot, and ibutid about 200 Irishmen engaged in a tremeiidous riot. ‘ It Seems that tfiyy had been fighting for threedays'iii Gi:qss4treet,and otl]erpIa- . cos, the^ quarrel havihggrown out of a rafile for a watch,, and on tlie last day they agreed to have a pitclicdhattle vvjih shillelajis, at the camp near the iVlariile Buildiiigs. In this state of exciteinenf it wifliint readily lio Credited; thatihe intervcivtion of tile police ollice,rs'Was tcauqtiilly permitted: they’- siiized ■ and p‘mio.«£d y ays; cut Honians^hat through, and seriously rtacrured his head. Find- iug.Ms life ill danger, he drew a shwll sword from his cane, and stood on his as stifi more excited by. the spirit of com­ petition and of ijy airy. “Two of a trade, (tliey say) can' never agree.” Certain it is tliat one of these fruiterers Would never agree with the o th e r ; who Was# gqod’isdrt of -creature enough, utiless when hqr rival provoked her resentment; :niid then, a tremendous war of words’ >was sure to take placfe between ihem. The virago, however, was too much for her neighbour—whotivas a t last not only driven from her best stand for fruit, but was absolutely silenced by the impetu­ osity of her assailunt* Returning one evening hoUie, in very low spit its, *he me.t with ai friend to whom she commu­ nicated iter grievances, whtr'told h er that the remedy was a very plain one, if she liad only temper enUugh to adopt it.' “ All you have to do, is To take a pair of tongs with you, and use them instead of your own ydngue.” T h e dejected dame had very little confidence in the prescrip­ tion, hut in absolute despair ideterniined to u-y it. Accordingly the next room­ ing she appeared upon the field, armed .as she' had beett advised. Her appear­ ance was the signal o f hostilities—and the virago set upon lief with her accus­ tomed violence*. A t length the torrent was exhausted; but no reply 1 Her an­ tagonist calmly sat ,and concluded the long harangue with a snap; snap o f tlie tongs. ' The shrew still more enraged, broke out with fresh passion—but no other answer than a continued snap of the tongs. Losing all xort o f patience from the raortifieation o f not being able to provoke a reply, and driven to the Ut­ most extremity o f passiqn, she at lengtli put her arms a-kimbo and exclaimed with the deepest chagrin “ Speak—speak you h— you, or I shall burst.” The toiig;^ alone'replied ; this was too much : driven by vexation, she aban­ doned the field to her calmer antagonist. Aifd froin that moment, lief temper was curbed ; and this new mode o f warfare was recommended by its' success to all future-cOmhatants.. . Anger, in fact, is n o t only ridiculous, but like jealousy “ it makes the meat it Feeds on.” Hecrimination only provolces ’a higher degree of passion—and some­ times the best Way to abate it,is to let it A TOXAOE ROtJNb ^ tB WORnp.-: The ship Iupiter, Capt.'DavidtrisTle, (vrhbse arrlvalwe announced yesterday,) after sailingfroin thispoiT in Jjwfc Y8!22y visited several Df theprinrip#ifosi^!i,4n the ehsf side of South Araericsi,'then doubled Cape Horn, epasf^ albpg. t ^ , western foore of Spnth and NbkiilAmer- ^ttg with dqep huthiUty and great emo­ tion over It, followed it with his hand to its placd, and # funeral dirge increased the awful soleuihity o f the occasion.' Chas/'Cour^ l/'tgifttm g .'^Gn Wednesday Tth inst. the house o f Col. HanielM ’Chigin, of .West Middletown, Pennsylvania, was struck witlt lightningj and yery consid- lSfdbly-?j^attcfed Mid otherwise injured., It'is sdppoMd the lightning wasattHct- ica,‘ stoppinglit a-number h f p o j M n d l ^ 'b y *he0hitnney, though it M'Vi^ prbcedded up the G u lphof California'as ■t^-three branches, one o f which passed farascivilizationor commerce extended, dowivthe cornCf of the house, which was Capt. L.after.wardscrossed t l # P a ri$i^ ®‘^*'®“ ®> , Ocean several times',’each UmeTtya dif- ^op, bottom; another branch struck ChariestoWn, in Cecil county, ferent route, and xeMrned hometby the :*be. rppf a considerable distance from A young lady, on Monday last,left ~ - — . i - thechim n ey and split two o f the rafters, ’ ^ ’ • ’ ....................... Cape o f Good Hope, so circuin^aviga- ting foe earth. Re has detertiaiiied tlie position o f seyeralislandsaqt felaieateid on any of our charts; correctei^lH*? p o ­ sition p f some, atnd asoertainc’(i,ihe non- existence of others. Though ab^etft leiice is frequently more jglpquent and conclusive than the “ very tempest and whirlwiitd of passion.” ■Don Juan aitd Sot/Hmy.— When Lord Byron transmitted his first manuscript of Don Juan to England, it was found that :it opened with a long dedication in twelve stanzas, to Bob Southey, in winch the laiireat was handled' witli^ no little se­ verity* His lordship’s corre'spoiidefit re- commriided the omission of the dedi­ cation, on grounds which his lordship at first did not think tenable; but when lie aitered his mind as to putting his name fb tlie poem, he wrote the following di- , . reetion opposite to the lisies to be eras- defence, udiwi the .assailing pariy fdl t;d: “ l i the poem is to be published'’ back, and assistaace hiTiving- in time, five ’ o f tile ringleaders werS secured and held to brt-1. The day the officers hroug’it up artonymoiislv, omit the dediGatioii; I won’t attack tlie dog in the d a rk: such tilings ang fot scoundrels and renegadocs like lunisoff.”- \ a man sick during the Voyage, has lost but one man, (Heniy Steward, of Aber­ deen,) who was devoured by. wild beaSts in the Gulph of California. Capt. L es­ lie has followed the seas almost cbnttailt- ly for thirty years, and cointnanded .a ship about twenty years of that tinie, al­ ways in foreign trade, and except one man who .died with foe small-pox in Eu- rope there never was # person, belbitgmg to any vessel with .him who cameto foeir deatli by sickness* Wiiilst h e ’was in Manilla, in October last, that # y vvas for a number o f day's dreadfully.convuls- ed with E arthquakes; ntany ortbe.5tone houses, tpgefoer with a large church and the great-stoue -bridge Were destroyed. There was scarcely a stone house which was not much rent and injured* On foel- .ing the first, shocks, which, were light, every one fled from the stone houses and sleptin tents and bamboo houses, and in ?■ lost; but even there they were ijot^^afe, for the night o f the SOth Of ihaf month, Ixrought with it the most severe typhoon or hurricane,that had been kiiOwn for nriany years. The bainboo liou^s were in their tqrn destroyed,’six sail of s'quare rigged vessels, besides a numbferof .coast­ ers, Were drivbn ashore Mgh arid dry-*-a passage boat with about 20, passertgers were lost, and scarcely a vessel, which was; n o t driven from its anchors. T h e Jupiter was almost thO only ybssel that run Its own courso until it runs out. Si- to her excellentchain cables, nianufac- thls city. A French brig, had drifted afoul o f the Jupiter, and lay atlhVart h er hawse in the height o f the gale, which gave her chains a very sqvefo proof.-^ C a p t Leslie left in Maililla, a French fi-i.gate and a corvette, ’on a voyage of science and discovery, under the com H isjible cqhduct; undaunted valour, and loufijg# IMlin thb first battle of Catn- h one o f the remarkable trait* iggle for independence and free- Americaii causie, afid whilfe-his pitb’jick riiate cbmpantohjcff a moumiiig friend.” ’Mfhite the; .stone was.'slowjy descend- theJiack part o f the house, into a room on tiie second story, burnt o u t the stud ding and Weatherboard ing, ' leaving a nearly three years, he has scarcely had down to the lower story, to a room be- pBin GaiiahjpassM oa iYAlh^e»da>v Abiili passed irtfoorisipi the ^haltCotnirisslpftltjt t4 cQrttittue, lf tiwy deenj it expdditu^^^ the Gharoplain CanalJVoin lojrt-Edwaird Miller, and the ErfoCbail foiiU tofluffalo. '*•’ ;Tho JIouso rejected, by # v # of the propesitioh To alleWibe S]^aker|4, day'for his services as a GommiNweerbf foe whom caught- hold o f tlie reins o f his commanded him to be silent. They then led the horse about 30 rods into the to le and left hinl, 'qv;here he remained nearly an hour, when his cries Jbrought assistaneei-, Gne o f the men, according to M r.Thbnrpsbn’st descrjpiton^is about 'G feet high, lightcoa)plexiqn,nndseem.'^ ingl'y about 24* years .of age ; wore a hlue close bodied boat, blue west and pantaloons, and# ruffled shirt, The oth- er,is about.5 feet finches high; appar­ ently about 22 years of age; wore, a black close bodied coat, black vest*and pantaloons, a shirt .withaplattgd bosoin. They wore blacl^' hatssind boots'. \ Mr. Thompson, offers a reward'oF $Hp tpr the robbers and money, or ^^O fdr .tbe robbers only. . . (p ^ Govemonr Clinton lias issued a a i The liiU to inporpoAte thp Porfoge CoiTjpq. riy, to make,a Tornpike from; BopMst<).r^to ; HanfoiXl^t-anding, passtdnhBMnesday,' : The* hiii to |ncprpoi^fo Ifi# Vifi#ge of R q *.|| Chester parcel the Asa^aWjIhltWW;not ed upon in the Senate, \ David Woods, bf Joseph D, Selden,#TiOy,![woi##plk>iht«4 by: the GovpriiOur andScptte,.appiaufera;# difllr ages on tlie Canal, These ^dtleihea, with I one of the Canal Ooinriissioners; cOnstitutt' the Board of AppraisO;^*;. , , Gpn. German, ofChcnROg^jWaSfitstnolni' noted by tho GoVorHonr as an Appraiser aM; :*onfirmed by the Senat«,but;W.int4t6pof Ifflr. Spencer, vvas subscqueftlly ro-^pmidercda&d rejected. By an atnepdment to the a c t f o e r e c t # ' -county of. Orleans,’^ the (own of Bhelby #<k ■ j, dhd.y There are-tff ho two tfcrmsOf tka'Couiti ' pf Donimon Bleas and . (5mieral Se^ion* du^; rilig the prosent year,'the-first to CefnntfenChJ proclamation offering a reward of ttvo oh the 3d‘Tuesday o r JttifteneXt, and tha i*,; jandted and fifty,dollars for thb -appfe hensiop and delivery of thfe said'feloris to the.custody of foe sheriff o f : the said' county, and one hundred and ^ fly-do— /ars'foylhe apprehension and d'eliyery, of either of them to, the said sheriff, Jo be paid on conviqtiQn, B altimore , April .8* ■ A gentfomah o fth ilrity , wbqhasjust returned from Philadelphia, liasgjven.tis the following details o f a inurcier Ootaa* mitted about # -mifo and • a' h a lf froin her father’s house, in cQifipany tVith her #nd passed down through thecornice, on little sister, about four years o f age, To visit her grand-^fathef, distant about -a mile from the residence o f h e r fi|foer*~ Both were missing until the Friday fol- very large interstice; it then passed lowing,when the melancholy catastro- tween the. back room and k itchen: this door andthe frame around it were torn to pieces, as were the doors of a cup boat'd in the roorn, and nearly every ar­ ticle o f China and other ware hi .the cup­ board was broken, A brass clock in the room was stopped, and a watch; which had been for some litne diinpb, coilinien.- ced motion. In this room and the ad­ joining kitchen, were eight.of the Colo­ nel’* childrep and.domestlcks, who all ly sought for and fouftd by the neigh- escaped ’Unliurt, with the exception^of Bours—the monster had nearly separa- one bhy, his ^cond sop, wlio received a islight Wound on ili'e face by some piece of the door frame, or other piece o f tim­ ber. The oth.er.branch of the iightnmg passed down between - the stacks of the cfthniiey a sfar as the floor of the second story, which is much injured, and enter­ ed the front room below and shivered the mantle*piece into atoms. By this time all was cdusternatioti, the'cry of boats oh the fiver, so that few lives were being raised, in consequence o f the appearance o f smoke and dust issuing from the doors and windows. A quan­ tity of flax in the garret had taken fire, but was immediately extinguished by the timely exertions o f the citizens. On tlie whole, the residence Of Gol. M’Gtiv gift presented a singular and awfully .grand; though very friglitfulapjpearahce. From’the roof down to the under story, the ffurnlture and plastering are much injured, and nearly every window bro­ ken. His loss is considerable thougli ho (lid n o t drag,for which she was indebted consoles liiinsclf in witnessing so merci­ ful a display' o f omnipotence, iivthe pre- tured by Alessfs. Tucker & Carter, of serva.iioii of so many lives, who foi; a death. Hirctcy .—A letter in the Plyladelphia Gazette, contains the following inteli- genee ft'om Porto Biep. ............................... .You no doubt ere this will have heard inand of Gi)m. Bougauville, son of the that the erew of the United States schr. celehraied circitmtiavigator of that iiame. He seemed to possess a ll the talents and assiduity o f his father; as is Usual in Frenph patioiial ships oii discovery, they vvpre weli appointed with officers profi- eieiil in the various dapartments of sci­ ence. Whilst a i Manilla, some were sur- X’^eyiiig.tlie adjacent, coasts, s.ome were exploring the forests and mpuiuains for rare aniitTa!*, plants and minerals, apd drawing Or painting the most infercsttng subjects o f natijireand a rt: the Coitiniaft- def himself wus 'emplpryed in tnakiitg ast sloOp (Captain of the robbers and mur- derersiiahied Boberto Cofresj,) who Werq driypn ashore at Boco de Iiifierno, east end o f Porto Bioo, with a loss of two or three killed. Eleven pfthem.wUii the leader, were taken by the inhabitapls, and on the 1 3 th Marckwere brougJit to St. John’s, and they there made a fall, disclosure of their piracies and murders; .the latter were about 400 of diderent Nations., Th'6 Governoirro'I Porto Rico:; phe, which had befallen her, was made known by her little sister, who jlad watt'* dered in the woods from the fatal period' of her sister’s murder until then. The account which she gave to the person whose house she providentially reached, was “ that a big ugly map had met her sister, and self wliilegii their way to their grandfather’s, and after dragging ber sister into th‘e woods mur­ dered hqr,” The body was inftinediate' tedtheyoung lady’s head from her shoul­ ders, and four other wounds were inflict­ ed upon her body. Our-informantadds, that a lad, who was examined -before the jury o f inquest, provedlthat pit the day on which the murder was com mitted, he was riding in a gig along the road,wliere he pverfook a riian on.foot ahswering'tlie description of the one given by the little girl of the, murderer o f her sister, whes asked leave tp ride With him a slior.t dis­ tance ; that he took him up, and after riding a short distance he got ou.t,wheiv the lad turned roiilid and discovered the yoUnglady, who Was subsequeitily mur­ dered, and her little sister, rising a hill a short distance in the r e a r ; font the man who had beep riding with him sat down by the road side, and be drove off*. It Was therefore supposed in tiie acigbboilr- hobd 'tliut he must be the perpetrator of this foul deed. Our informaiit further adds, that a man answefitig the same description, had committed some infa­ mous.acts lit the neighbourhood :of the route o f the Delaware and Clicsapfeake moment appealed to he in the foidst of Canal, where he was at work and had eloped the d a y before Which circa in**' stance seems to affix rite supiclon upon him still more strortgty. - go great was the excitement in tlie neighbourhood; that ^300 were raised in about twenty ___ ........ ........... minutes and offered as. a .reward for the cepled foo iDvi'i.ilioii. arrest and conviction of the tumderOr, and many persons had gone hi p.iirsbit. GrampuSj Cajitam Sfoat, fitted out a d e v coy sloop, wlilcli fell in witli a piratical I t was therefore expobted he .would be staken und brought to punishrtQent. War in India.rvA bloody battle was fought at Rapgoofl, in December last, between the Dritifo forces and the'trocips of tfte Biirmart JBinpire, the latter estimateti at 60,090. The; battle lasted 7 days, by land and water. The loss of the na(tve.s is estimated a t 5p0e-mer} and 240 out of 301) pieces of Ordnance, Tlie British loss was inconsiderable. The whole Burmese coast Was s-afijeet 'ttj tke Brithh at foe last ac,co3j:t46,w cpntf’pa ffte ^ Tueqfoy aV ^ptainber. Clerk'apd’CflTtiq^ are to be on.The M'Taesday of Al^y.niixt:, | '• ■. -H' ■ 'r.-wfo---' .■ • ?; 1 '■ I' An act relative to fhecpupty courl* j for the coua^ of fibonroe. Passed marcl' 1825. . ;■ .. . ' ; Be it etUUded-Jy -ike people c f f \Jfeu} TTork represttdaJvi StmiP and' -dlum % , .tThat flEtnexttow o.f foe couriof^^ ' mop plea* and .general,,iwsipiis'rof^^ pfooj appOmlcd by Lw tOilrti heM iw for th county of'MrtuTpe>''®rt the wjcpnd Tuesday d h'lay next, instead of being heid a t thit fim# shall be held on the second Monday-in June next, and th#t #1| pi^cces, i;^ogniza«cei, foi other prew^ingi Whicb have been,, or |>sy ■hereafterbe issued -foclnjade at foe next Jw v term, shall be and .ate hereby.inade returtti^ hlelin the said second Monday of June nfot) Jindbe itjuriker enctetej. That from aid after the passing of this act, there shall apn*- ■ailybeheld four terms ?offoO court of com­ mon pleas and general sessions of the peace ig and for the colinty of, Motiroe,-which said tetifjs shall be hrid oil foe; fourth -iVIopday k March the sec'pnd Monday in JunO,andThe first Mondays in October and December in eick year, which said tenns sliaU continue to he held until the second Saturday* following tlie said Mondays inclusive. •- Jeewfent—;On the 5th inst. Mr. James Etch-. mOnd, aged 59, of Bristol, in'this cciunty, hilled id a very singTilar manner. It'bting town meeting day, a l a i ^ crowd had assem­ bled, and wore viewing a stud horse, when another stud was fod up, and on the two hor­ ses approaching each other, they cotnnmnced kicking, and Mr. R.’.toforltnateh' was be­ tween their heels j ., they both Struck him ,at th'e same, time, one in the hack and the other ip tlie abdomen—he Iked only qo fnlnutes.-* ffevcral of the bystanders were hurt, biit not seriously .—OnU Repository.\■ The Lake Erie Steam. Boat is adivertisod to run between Buffalo and Detroit on the fol­ lowing days during the season (V •Si F'rom Bifmln, 9v2. Jlf* April 20,29, May 7, 16,25, June 4, 13, 21, 39, /uly 8, 16,'25, Aug. :2, 10,19,27, :Sept. 6, 14, 23, Oct. 1, 10, 19, 28, Nov.’* From DetroUf 4 F . Jf. April 26, . •May 3,11,20,30, June e,.l%25, \ July 4,12,20,29, Aug. - f), 1.5,23, :3b Sept. 9,13,27,' Oct. 5,14,24, Nov. 1'.* ’^Tlie tripin November to depend on tjHI state of the weather. ‘ The N. Y. E. Post, of Wednesday, saw “ We are informed by a respectable gent’- itian in this city, wlio asserts that bo kim«.v thefact, that the Hon* Ruftis King is appoidb ed Minister to the Court of St. James, amj that the next National Journal will anuunce it to the publick. Capt. Symmes,wht) is now lecturing in Ci”' einnati, bn his favourite system of exploHif (heinterioii r of the earth, i.s said to have betb invited by Count Eemanoff, of Rassia, to jcis a North-Pole expedition, which the Count k projeCiing, Xt is added That Copt. S. hus ac- Tlie anmial Elections in Gonneeftent and MaSSa'diusplts, for state officers, took pl'dC 6 «i' Ihq 4 th inst. .Little oppo.ntion was made W (he regularly nominated ticlccls in eitherslak- <?.rtj:r..}](plcGtt ami Lieut. Gov. P!auf Wer£.r«- elected in the. former state, and in llic laticri Levi Lincoln, jiiii. vvas clecteil Gin ei‘tiot.t, and Marcus Morton, Xi(jut. Govemuiir., Zero Cothurn, svIiO has been so celd'Vatri for his wonciorfifi matliernafical powers, and wlio Jias travelled mucih in Europe, and the United States, is now in Burlington, Vf- where he proposes to open a school for fob ifl-' stniGtion Of the Breach langna.g«* PROPERTY GT UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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