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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, April 26, 1825, Image 1

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r \ THE ROCHESTER TEEEGRAFH. ■ ■ : V . t t H o . 4 ' t . JL. ■ - ‘-, I, I.,, II,.1. ........................ ■ ■ ■«.. ... . ■■■ =? T H E T E E E t S l U P H fs jpuntisRSiihi weEicr.rjrBt BptiiifSTdkj: 4>' b BEN»^RT,^gCHlEy*’ER;,J«(i!N^ CO. SfT. j ■, TERMS, I , Tamail «ft4 vil%<? sgb$gjil)(jrs/^?,l>gp^l^ ■f l^u'pj^pay^ble la cptnp-^ic? of ieni or 4ndfb, B-hOteketUoir p^tporsaltthe oIBc0, :4150 pec aRRURij^ payable jft #y!mce. , iiji>yjpR7ntsB>!|E«T3.in!!erfea,'a a sqtiafe I ibctiie Scat tbJ'ees weekai aoa 25(?ts, { qi ' each Pfttb^pent msortion^^ ! ; Ji3*4 dispotfqf will fee t i rm iA I I ^MESy Be»jwiiiaH5gi!>y, Calvin 'W BOltawhiiebiica Br^nvbl Patrick Biitl«r,Bfi- aCat P»ir4, BRr(ho|omrW BarEiit,, §aimr«*l BeU- , ■licttt Star»ha']^fkeriZib« <DUr|ih James , Wetje* Jeoiefyi^’Joseph jBobs* 'kgiws* Pliihr» u - Bkchewrhr CecsiHOtH^ ; gcatiii 5!, THRoJhy S, Huts, Kalliah fpirt, Jolpj ■ BkWeerj ^Aojpii»i»isJJwrjl, Veika Uci-sipgfoa,. JaaifS Ifiwiiejmi Jenningl> 'Efca 0,,J»nR», 'WKSTER?^ , ; M B B 'tm m m vGjEk ■ C O M P A N Y , located mCANANDAiqUA. Sicofjpora(ed:>ti)k 1024 y « CQpU^ of n a s O p O i i i A fT ^ H lS fcdlriaplfny insures, buiidings, an4 EoHltard'* X 0 kind* of pi-operty^^ainst damages ;: Svu\ff ^ >y firemen tecPis as feyourubie as apy airai'- iarinsjitiitipnin,^d^^^ , ; PtMlah, Caleb PiuHips, BasaniteliPepc, Ciobl: { Porfer, Aarou fiiti¥k,. AbraliHin Bft«e, Seaeji If Bbrrelk herii1i» JJhh Snutnfo.iri) AVMliain i Bo'ovity flaA«aiv5avttgCy A'nJiew Skntt) WiUiaro [ L, 'Ptroroina.Thirtna s R* C.ThORif*- [ aao, $iuaior Titki) JavQli y, yanbceseny iVlartuiJ I 'V hm BusMrk» Pe»rt*Tq«is L;P«i^hiirgb, Joseph 1. \'y.iiitoii AbgWths ¥»iO Uiilte^ Aoilrew Warner,2, . tilt af iektr* remaining (» (tie Pojf-0Jjlciat ‘ kmOH ARiSOLD, MUI p Bnscom, Jospph r Jb,/ Bueiv Aaroh ByarO, Jaareii Bftrr, JqdcJinh j ‘’<fro*by, James Crampton, F- Av^Clark, Liman iDarU, 'Gadrge TMVia, Nalhan Fajset, Miiry E. . JCraYCs, Isaac Giftbrd, JeJedhilk Hnrrisi Betsey Ifoiwe^ Paul Li JJevreomb, Oreo Smilhua,'Ja, L f cob Schell, 2, RbenfeJier Slevdns, Juba A.Toru. . Dirt Troop, Thomas B, Wallon, Jonatban ’Wal* ‘ ,V)B,t>ocL Alf'ertl Wilaox* :|64. . . WiVl BRO.W?Ii, sev Chanios • W p p licatw n s fpHiiMraPee orh«i|<jT nav o S i e f ' ” S? or property j n . Rochester, and its m EBER ELY, AginU at j iM of tefUra reaiaining in (he PpU.OJjiee eU Clyde, ^ p r il% m ^ Clark, Robert JelinSoR,. H* Mon- i't A ger, Wiiliam Pefkitis, Walter Sikea. 164 O. SmpNO, F O M S A t M T T OT ?^o,53,irt To^ynsi)ip No,lvSR(>rt Range, adjoining the Mansion-House hf H. Montgomery Esq, in the viUigeof AjfTIJONY It. t?NOERHn.t, PrdaH. . Oi-trER H. HrcKS, Sec’ry. The subscriber .having been appojnted apie Agent'in this country for tha^Eulfon ! H riS g c R ^ e iw in the v iliie o f public p a ti^ngo, ^'Rochester,. Said lot will be sold together f ordividetitosuUpurchan&i'S, f , Also, the west half of Lot No, f£),in the town of Greecei lying on the Canal. ' Aiso, seven acres of Land at Hanford’s Landing, and fourteen acres on the plain^ a mile west of the Landing;, • . < ___ ____________ ______ ^ ....... .. Apply to Sirtoo or Rervey Ring, pi rfeceive the W0»t prOippt attention. Hanford’s Lanmngi or \ THQMlCrEAOLlCNER, , at CaledoniA, A p ril8,tS 2 5 i H Rochester, Rec, 2 f , 1824. FOLTON F I R E - liS S U R A N C E . e m n n s n s , Cjtjr cf I?ew-yDrk,-r-.Capiial, S $ O Q , 0 0 0 , Tropoae Tmitrittg Hbuaes, Euilflmga, Goods, and M ^handize jfs'ojriEoss or , Damage by Eire. f l l H E airairsoftbis company wiU hecon- JL ducted with such fairness, candor and liberality as, they trust, will entitle .it to G IL 0 E R T EVEiiNGHIM ; j r i RochestCTj SepL 6. Dgent, -PSJ , at hia Distillery, hear the Gottpn. Factory, 4r at M« Ht^^n’s Mill. ^ WARHAMlrYHITNEY. Dec. 7.. . . ’ . 36 E I R E IN S r r liA N C E . ■ w a n t e d , - ■ ■ KOr^lOO IS V l tX D B l iil IlhefOr to increase the same to §50Q,pt)0. m H E subscriber will pay the highest They have also a surplus fund apprbpn- X price in cash for RITE, dehveted M exclusively to tl»e pnyment of losses. - “ - The whole of thfeir funds are sacredly pledged to meet their liabiUtieSi ahd are so kept that they may, at any time, oh short notice, be coriverfed into cash. The pro­ posals of the company, and terms of in- shrahee, are believed to be as favorable as the nature o f the .business will permit. In case o f losses by fire, they intend to show the greatest promptness, and liberalily. As the busineS.s of the Company is detachr ed, being confined principally to risks in the country, their capital is hot exposed to a great loss by a'sweepiqg fire. THOMAS K. BR.ACE,PrerV. ISAAC PERKINS, SeeVy. Hartford, (Ct.) July 1 ,1824. ~ 14 All applications for insurance of build­ ings o r property, in Monfoe county and its vicinity, will be promptly attended to, by JVIOSES CHAPIN, th.eir Agent at Rochester. & . m T C B c o c s , n r o j O G i s T , Witor.ESAtB DEALER IN Drugs & Medicines, li)^e-V ^ o o t!L s a a i Paints Oitsy W ines, Liquors, and G R O C E llIE S mpxum noMmahKXKzi. rip H E subscribers have on hand an ex­ i t cellent assortment of plain Black R0MB.kztJPE3. Also, a few pieces of sattin stripe BomlaZiMs, of a sufJeriour _ quality, which, together with a general as- sottmentof -SILK GOODS, they olTer to their cusioiners at unnsunlly low prices. G. DONNIiSG & Go, April, .5, i SS.’i. tt^3 D I S S O L U T t O J V . f |1 HE co-partnership of Calhoun, Oible X is this day dissolved by mutual con­ sent. A. B. CALHOUN, DAVID CARLE. April 11,1:825. The .T7;/owigbiisine.ss will in future he Conducted by the subscribef', at the old stand of Calhoun & Cable, and a_^ contin* i uance of the pubilck patronage is .sblidted, A. B. CALHOUN. April U . 1825. 3\v54 \ v i l l a g e l o t s . ■ riWIl E Subscribers ofier for safe, on lib- X erai terms, VILLAGE LOTS, ili a pleasant part of Rochester. T|ieir title iS perfect- E. POMEHOV and llAPHA- EL BE A C Ii are their A penis.! BEA D roRD KING, .MOSES'KING. , Greece, T)ec. fi, T$24. - ■ 36 h' .Votirnc Cpiinlj/, Chrk'.i Ofict, sit. IVTO riCH isherftl.y given, timta Oointnission J 1 j? receive! in ihls olfinc, for DnniitP. il’lch, ns nil InspcC.lor of IJei)f ninl Pork,ai»l alio On liispcclor (>t Pol and USHrl Asfu-s, fpv tin-0(,Hilly of Mtitiron. Al*«>a C(>tnii»i5‘<ioh for SllniJngimt , ns u!t l(jsp(i«li»r rtf Beef and Fork, •and lilsi) a Culler of Staves amt Hendinir for the sab! (-.oiinty. ELfSH.A RLV, Clerk, ■ Rnche.ster, .\pr!l IB, IStS.i. 3W.55 Stray Covr tAkea ap. Q OM E T l.HElast ^ August,a Stray oaiTie upon’the prenii.ses of the sub- scriber, where ,slic has since remained, ^hft Co\v WsW sold about a year ago to llepry W. Clark o f RccheS(pr,by thesub- '‘'I'.riber. The,owner can havi; her bVpny' ‘HR charge.^, GORDON BALDW;1N Riga, April 12, l82S- SwrSS MilUartf Blanks, )hist printed, and for sMe % E- RECK. April 5s 'Country dealers. Physicians, Clothiers, Painters,^c. c.an be supplied with any of tl»eabove articles at a small adyance frottl the Kew-Vork wholesale prices. March 12,1832. tf83 D r a f t s OH K e ^ v - 'V 6 r k . 1 T | RAFTS at sight pn the Mechtmnlc>a j LM- Bank of New-York,' may be had at * '“\““h i N f l l i x i m , Rochester, March 14,1825. 50 GEBESEM lAdJVm. fi|1 H E subscriber ofFers for sale, in lots X to suit purchasers, the refnaihing part of his estate on the Genesee river, abniit half,a mile from Geneseo, in the county of Livjngsfoh. There are several Farms, containing altogether about 1100 acrea of first rate wlibat Land, ami a valu­ able body of river flats.. To close the sales, It will be disposed of at lo w prices, and a Hbernl credit given fotthe greater part bf the purchase money-^payable in instalittents. An agent will he at Gene- seo sometitne in April, till when, for pri­ ces and further particnlars, apply to Mr, G ,«pb.U Harris,on A p tU 5 ,t825. f -f - 1' - f - f f- - SHomiiiriiaW i, A ■>■' * ' -*L- J f . M Q c m s m i t :■ € A S I L : § T D R 1 . x m v t v T ' SbUjiu., the west eori of t.lte: nsilfrldge,) ^ , CHATHAM Fire ILwsuYaucc Company, , m w - ^ Y o m ■ : ■, ■ iacoaii>bRjrtxD with a cATtrxt’PF 7- t>--rTv 9ilH variety of Drjf Dpois, the Irimiredi # any iiifljlapHnitilution; ih this SWe. • AVA-llli|Pre»’t, W vD MALTBIE,Sec’tyv 'Th^^nhscri^r, haying b ^ n ap0bihted amopg' which 4tfr t m y d^.cpptphV .. , . . . - r'*:! at the Mweit taGthry pdPes ih NdW“’Tork> in (quantities to silifi lujchasdri- ‘ AlsO,^ ‘ > wCsBKs to 6 y**ars old. 4 5 0 b b ls. iifew 20 ‘4 coArsedo. (an exceV lehthrticle-.) ■ ^ ' ■* .; > '*■ '' VY||jdoyyi;CH«8^a a t i 4 N a ilB i a t factory prices.- H b l l b wtV S toH b «^are. '■ '■ ^ ^;..v ; N iitb n ’B J^bUffUs. NV B.-'-Merc|agfcs,'Gf»«^ts'apd'''!Fay^ keejJers siippligdkt a grba'tdedbbtibft liroin fornier prices, ; • 83 i w i \ s S c i G : m ^ r e d frosH the Ageficy at his own reduegy or at tM m idence of the subscriber, 1 ■ G ILES BOULTON, Agent; hand for sale^ W j M . r . JA M E S ’ ■ T t t t e i W E i i o k i v i g S t ' v i e s , from James and OprmclTs Factory, AT TlIE rOlXOTOn TRICES, VI? : Fire Insurance Company, all applications. Cooking stove, Including with for Insurance rriay be made at the stores: ' Do- No.s, 46 each Stove— .1 cii*l K,-a“”.S;-Sa g sisteSi Do. Wd.^, 26 f rr#.]giiri|e, 1 0 iM.n^ Do. Wo. 7 ( 20 ilider, 1 SHeet-lrort Do. . INo.'B, J 6 Pan.S fuddingor Breed Paiii, 2 Fie JraWkand l Dipper. Also, ctgfeal oariely o f P t i R E O V t i S 'm r M S , Of the newesl'patfcerns and of a super! our quality for* heatiiig. Togethei witli \ kir plates, Pyramids, Box and' Sheetrlrop,do. fpt parlours, clitanbers, bedrooms, facto­ ries, meeting-Tiousesj halls, stores, &c. Likewise, Ships' Chfeigosesy warranted su? periqur to any io vise, foX boats and ves^ls of all descriptiohs. The Cooking Stove bas from 2 to 8 boilers, and.will.do all kinds of cooking, washing, and hsKting o f rooms, with less wood than any stoves in use. Without in­ convenience o f steann, i t being conducted from the boilers, idveii arid broiler into the pipe. The fire pasiCs round the oveh, boilers and .tea-kettle, or under the grid­ dles, and’ is turaed fiom one to the other by .dampers to heat oile or more at a time. The oven has a door at each end, and a slide tp raise and lower for baking. The fire-place has folding doors,and when open gives a good vieW'Of the fire, and a place for broiling with a cover to, conduct the, Paris White,^ steam into the stove, and likewise for roast-{Spanish White, ingin front and toasting bread. RpasU \ ‘an * ing can also be done at each side and back at the same time f dr in the ovetr, there be­ ing ventilators for the steam to escape, and give the meat as.jgooxl a llavpar as if roast- ed ln a tin kitcheq. The fonowiing imitation of on.,.. „ Hammiiire whP baa lately publiifiiecii mtall yolufrte of poeinia. * ^ * php.To''■ ’ Thou, who.se rejoidifij!!' % epf light Lopk’d forth*, at Gpd’sihspiringc ’Wfieftoricr;layiolmui^^^^ . Anddsukne««,\imh)tdtiy * - , WbchcetKypbrpetU?ly0tilh^ * ; fiihce lifc,.and;l^ht> and time 'begyp'S. ‘ HRuHiblpD tiw coTixse mhlimc, T h tf c Ima battn tnpeh ipcoutlari^ aad ihgpiry .concerning gfie ihi-jiinf inhabit* 4hts Of thia comury, who iHoy here, and - Id f hat lime .theyHbttiristje^; Jjo rc- !0 # 8 ^ M ir S t e a w i B o fitts on Lakedntqrip about the first of Aluy^: '' , • , s' ^ ForHcuiar ndlice of their'roufes will be giveii Jtoa lewdays. . ' ' Aprjl 11,1825. . 4W.54 .E l K E y this; young napitnP^ wUlfie interesting tp most .of oHr Teaderiyvsohife gf wliem .................................. . .................' WOR FnElGHV'ANP PASSAGB. ^ Office; BuMo-st. Rochestefcj keeppB i2%iles, will leave Rochester for Albany, every niOming (Sundays excOpted) at 7 o’cltck,. and. every evening at 8 o^clock, and will run'throi^h in less than five days, or at the rate of W miles every 24 hours. |liaqulre at the Red Warehouse in Roches NORTON, GGODMxVN & Cm , Rochester. T R O T T E R , DOUGLASS & Co. •' DAVIS' & CENTER,-Albany. > , S. THOMSON &5 Co. BJaehijRock. ^^--*%1WNSEN»'&: COlT,j3wif«fe- • , N. B, The first Boat wlllleave here this week, oh Thursday mornjftg. » . tf53 Roclipster, A p ril4,1825. TT UST received a larger stock and better a good assortln^t «f Franklins, Oven St,.e.,_do. whl. B o i t e , CaB,3n, Six ' * ed jn thiscountry^ v iz; EjogutOpd, Campeaciiy. and St. Domingo ; Mkaragua, Hatch. Coro. & Bonair; EiKtic, best Cuba ; Camvaood, ground ; Alum, Swt^eS artd American; Oypperas, English ; Blue Vitriol, English and American ; Oil ViirioV ho. do.; Aladdcr, Dutch ; Indigo, Flbte, Bengal, and Guatimala ; Nut Galls, Verdigris, Spirit! Oii« Olive Oil, Press Papers, Jacks, ' Tenter Hooks, DTU.sh.es, 85c. &c. While Lexid,^ Red Lead, Patent Yellow* The subscribers , liaving sold many of Kings Yellow, iTat. T . / ootcs T Cooking Stgvfsj aWd khpw- ing the general satisfaction they have giv­ en, and the imprc*vOme|i:ts they.have made this season, by exijatgmg the hearth, &c. as above stated| fiel confident in recom­ mending them t» the puhlick- as the ,-best Cooking Stoves In use, for bogrding hou-' ses, taverns, aiiil prHate families of every description. (EFAll orders promptly attended to, and a liberal discount made to wholesale pur- chaserg. •J.E.& 'T.C O N G D O N . Rocbqster, 2d^ ni6,1,1825. 45 O N C O N S i a N M E N T , A i n Casks Whiskey, 7 Barrels ijackiua White Fish, • 50 Barrels CutX'obacco, 40 K<egs Powder^ ' t JOMA.eHILD.- Rochester, Jan. 10,1825. - 41 - N O T i G E . ; ■ k L L persons iridelbted to thesitbscriher. J X are desiwil to call apd pay their Notes or Accounts without delay- J. W. STRONG. Rochester, Jara.l^ 1824. 40 5 \ i s t d e c e i v e d , Viy E . C o o k .; doz. pr. flat boltotited and 3 dc2z. high O brass / Candlesticks, which are offered very low by the dozen ».r single pajr. Rochester, Jaxi. 15,1825- 45, Veneti Red, .Spnnish Brown, French Yellow, .'ipruce Yellow, Stone Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Prussian Blue, Umber, Terra De Sienna, Glue, Spts. Turpentine, Litharge, Gum Copal, Frostiiigs, Vermillion, Yerdigris, Dutch Pink,Rosedo. Flake White, Sap Green, Drop Lake^— Carmine, GoldLeaf, Bronze, Smalts, Pumice Stone, Brushes, of all kinds, Linseed Oil, &c. &c. Also, an extensive assortment of genuine BUtlGS k, MEOlCWES, : tFVfBS^LSiVOBSyTEMSlSFlCEAric, all of which will be sold at ''•'’ry law pri­ ces, by ' W Al. PITKIN & Co. Rochester, Aug. 1824.' tfl8 T O L E T , T D R OM the 1st of May next, J? DJVV/JJm muSES\ plfasariily situaied on the east side of the river. And for sale, 300,000 llrM tSUality Brick] to be dellvbted next winter. Applv to V . - ^ GILES BOULTON. April5,T825. . tf53 H igho^ tW as?iufe depths k air ;' Wbile ^ fth and o^esin laugh below. When; first thy ruddy fliniops lave Theskiqs,—cat^eing rownti the d»y i The mpon sinks-dowrt tbeiycstero wEtve Befroaiing fi-oti* thy fiery ray; ■. The stars are blcndh’d; th^ ghost of uiglit Flips sullen from Iby hlsuting fight- UncKang’darithon ; whePdarknpssshwpd^ ■IVhen angry natqre weeps'amfindj Far, far above tlifiebflq clouds : Tijy splendontsi sivecp the bhi'c prcfotuid.? Where slilj; unsbalcen •\vheel;tlic sfberts BeyoM'the reaoh bf parting year The mountain enkj-yitk age And everlasting hiJfs decay f But thoushidtliear ibe morning^^^^ , TiUhegVenanAi^rths^all puss awny; . ‘ Thy youth, thyatrenp!.sliall last, Q fi|in;j Till life* an j are.40&? Peirifory ImdDd knnvvjg%e#this At.Y» rnumt .less of tlm i>coi|!p^ wlio nhcc hy«d herey hitt have? Ihng sl*ic0 4 hu# peered, Some hqwavef* juj' that reeonds hf the fnet dp erist nieashres hnie been taka^ti feoej!i(a>nl!ieni ---tbat Lyon wj^s the adyeiiture^ :a cdloiiv hither, hht the jpeclgus itictals n( Sputh Aineripa and Bcxlnu ?<» oceti^ pied the attentipndf tb« Spaaii^ii Gnv- erninejit,that4hiiliifanvcol()ny was lufi fem l to fall A pj^y t e tliilnditifts, Tim ifaditimrafy nfecpiints ef the Ln- dians tire very plmi?iblei aitfi are cnrrnb;' orated By mawiy existijig #rid circotn- stantial facts. They ctairiicd this try at their late treaty et St, Angitsiine, as heloiuglng to tlteni By right (if den- igne?t,achie\ed by their aw«t!»torsi They Represent, That it w!ls t>mce^ (l^a^ely popV ulated b)> a race of white itien, liiw) set­ tled? 1ii_ ihid eoijintipyj an(^ irtciornorated themselves with the Yatuattsee Indjtin?. Tlikt tlie Yainassees adopie-d their jiah- iti and became Chrlstiaiii,. biii cefised to'* he fightmg men. That thil people had finebeu!!^, cfrringcs, Iterda of cattle^ (fee, taiid nibdd.wido roM*, ®pia bridges over rivers and syreaws of tateci Ttiaj: they alse had niahy forti *»pa big atotr. At this tithe the Creek IMiaiiS. Blade fre^Ment aitaeks upon ihew, biit were generally MitSHccegsful, as ‘they then Ihnghl with Bows wrtdijpeari pitly, for, (hey had nftt yet leatped the esc of the rifle* At jengtl), aCtf Icbing ws-, FrhWi tile m ittofial Jnfetltgencef] r We received, yesterdayythe Brst-nnm- her o f a new paper, printed in Florida, .atTallahwseej the sppt fixed upon and recently oecu pied tis the Seat o f Govern- rSSaSiSt most of the Yarnasse«! fell into their Flotlda w already^ attracting the atien- tion of capitalists! Alany bwildmgs ere erecting and others are in a stpte o f prciK aration, even before the sale o f ,'the lots, which will take plate on the fourth day g df April next. It is situated on ft beau- tifiii and oontmanding eminence, about X$ miles hpctli n f ,St. Mprks, in the bo- soin o f a fertile arid picturesque ooimtiy. T h e south side o f the town is watered by'innumerable springs of pure water, and a c lear; and pleasant stream, passes by the^ .east-Bnd south 'sides, at the dis­ tance o f a few yards, and bfter passing the tbw n j'asif sensible the points o f im usefulness was ptst^ falls over the rock which beds the stream/ fiirraing a pleas­ ant cascade, and passes off b y a subter­ raneous passage. The country around Tallahassee, nnd extendingfroiutheSuwanneetonear tlie Apalacliicola river, has deservedly at F R E S E j E U Y E ' W O O E S & tmeted^^ the attention q f travellers, ahd Z?ye S t u f s i P a ints^ OH,S(c. those'Who h ave visited it with a view Af a permanent settlement. The. fertile lands between the above mentioned riv­ ers extend from east toWestfrogi eiglity to one hundred miles, and from nurtli to south about fifteen miles. This tract o f country, mneh of which is adapted to the culture o f s-ugar, is finely watered hy the tributary streams o f the Suwannee, the St. Marks, lYakulla, Okk«lia,Oke- Ipckney, Little river, and several other smaller rivers and streams, and is beao- r .1. a i i t . ^tifully studded with lakes and p n n d scf ‘he Apnlaclmcola river, alid the Otlt- the purest water. Tlfeland is rolling, “ \h e .row., cou.urj-. with here and there bn eminence, that ^ ‘he rises considerably above thesurrounding R> egomg accouu are stfoiTg^y^conobo- countrv;whiclMrilIafrorddeIiglitruiseats ‘‘ acts With- for the opulene or men of leisure. hnowleilgo ol many Americans. hands;. The men were p u tto death, b u t the women and children were carried in­ to captivity. They carried universal desolation o v e r, the face of the comitry, as the surest method o f reducing the fpriifietl places. They had made many attetiipts to storm these, and hound thick pieces o f wood belbre their persons, aar a ptotectipu from the bullets, but the big gun? broke their defences in pieces, nhd destroyed tlieir warriours, A t length famirte and ivnr destroyed all s.iv« the gsarrisonm Fort.St* Louis. This, after resisting ev­ ery diversity of attack, was a t length jahandoned and destroy ^ , i .«n(I the g ar- fisoi) retirecLto a <»«sjderable fofU near the- iiidutli of tbe Okelockeny, where was afterwards fought a great and deci­ sive battle, wbieb madetlie.Gfeeksrnas- ters of (lie countryi 'File Indiansdesigned,3’bcrt they im- dertook to possess themselves of the country, to settle and reside here. But, as they expressed it, they were to feol- ish, and had rendered i t unijihabitable. Tliey bad destroyed tlfe IiUuses, and there was no wood to build others.— - They had destroyed or cbtistnned the domestick animals, and there was no game to suhsist them. THey Were, there­ fore, obliged to retire fronrtlife scenes o f their own desolation to a small part west Ca^^or Corn,, Rye,^c. subscriber will pay GASH for X lOjOOO bushels of R 1 T D & C Q S N . Also, Cash artd the highest price paid for Pork, ill\the Hog,^ Pot amt PoOftl Ashesy W h e a t , N ^ \ \ \ s k e Y i k c . JOHN W. STRONG. Nov. tG,1824. 33 of Tallahassee some were dug^hPi hav­ ing a substance adhering to them re.seth- c a m ^»vatoV* WAGS, this QjiCe. This country^ notwithstapdhig its sin­ gular beauty, and fertilily, beednoes the more interesting from the imlabitable evidence of its hnving been once densly populated by a civilized race of men.— Almost every; eminence is capped'with ancieni fortifications, which appear reg­ ular, and Some of them substantially for­ med. A t F o rt ‘Lewis, about two miles west of Tallahassee, havie been found remnants o f iron cannon, spikes, hinges, locks, &c. which are,evldeiuly o f Spanish .manufacture, and whirfi have not been raucL injured by the niPt. W ithin the principal fort, for tlid out- wofkxseem. tu jbave been rtiiinerons and extensive, are the ruins o f tiv»» brick edifices; one Was about sixty feet by for- tj', the other ftbi^I tliirty by twenty.— T'liesv are in totalYtun^i anfl nothing but a raPund appears Svhere the 'Vajls stood, composed wholly o f broken b ricb, w|i ich are composed of a coarse sandy clay, and burned in the modern fashion. Yet op the very. Walls of these* buildings:, are oaks, 18 .inebes in diameter. <)ii the same bill, and «rfact w.kbin the outworks of this fort, are toTie. Seen grape arbours in. parallel lines, svhicli still maintain their pristine regularity. Bricks seein to have been in general use, for they have been discovered in sfiw- eral places by digging a little below tlie TJiis is said to be the dou iih'y o f the an­ cient Y^ainasseesjimd i t i a a fact that the Greeks have held a slave race, descend­ ed from the Yamassee nation, which Im** but recently bebn incorporiited with their tribe. It is also a fact, tliat forts were very numerous, and that fort :Sr. Louis Ijears evident marks o f Itaving been de­ stroyed by the whites, from the mutiin- ted appearance o f the cannon, which must have been broken by slc(dge bam- mer.s. There isalsU 8,nx^tobea verv- considerable foriificatiori in the neigli- Ixfiurbood of the Okelockony. From the growth o f the fores* trees, it must have been aliout200 years since tliecouh- try was laid waste. Be tliat as i t inay, it is rapidly , poptilatingauew, and the power nf tire iiafives ir now brokers.-7- We have nothing to fear from thenf, ami they cannot if they'w oudd, repeat the desolating scenes wliicb once swept over this, beautiful domajii.— ^7ori(te Intel Prom ike Ncte- York corn. “ L etnio maitUe in a iiuOv to get a r,»piitatif>n •’» As modesty is the tl|l*al accornpatii- m e iitoffrue ttiertt, so there Is no etl'er garb in which itfian appear to so liHich advantage. Vain preiciisibn and indus­ trious show, may imlcmd take the wings of the riioruiiig, and promise well for a . ......... .......... ............................ .. . while; but they are sooiiftwept away .like surfaW of the earth? Within the towtj the <iew,VvliiTe the retiring and uourged biitig litne mortar. But on the bill, about of noon-day, and sure of a plentifiil Inir- half a milfe south east of th e Capital are to be seert, the greatest proof o f a dense populafiofl. On ibis hill a reto be seen streets or roads, running nearly a t tight angles, atsuch. distances as demon­ strate the fotiner existence o f a pretty large town. T h e fiiade trees of the for­ mer inliabiiaiits stillrethaln, and airc gen­ erally of live oak, and; near which naay be discovered grape arbUnrs o f nnore or less regularity. In several instances we discovered a species o f flic pltirri tree. claims of worth and lafomt, will grow stronger and stronger, coveting the blaze vest o f unsolicited rewanl and huhofir a t the lust. ' ■ There is no greater folly among men tlian false pfetenshm, pi-etensiott to l;il- erits, consequence o f littpature. O f what avail is it to attain at aivearly or inlcldlo age the reputatipn o f heiug learned or gifted ill qiiy manner ^hove ortlinary men,-by the assumptiou oCwliat belongs to others, or by isattiiig other claims to distinction and adtnii'atioxi which cami/it king be sustained ? Doub tless some meh PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHEST e I r a I ORIGINAL STAIN EO

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