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THE RHOHESTEK TEEEGHsyPH i, i ■ - ■S».. 4i.--V9fc. Vll,! T t l E S O A X ^ ' A p L t e flrWsfc'v fW a o L B N p . 3 5 3 m m ‘ iwi »'»»'>■''''IWWWW k Hfi^SSC ' t i J C ’T E E M l U p H ; lABUBWSHEP WBEKLY, J j V '^ S ^ I l A i t S f c Z X i O S * ' . i t iim jiRiNtma^’OFi'roE,* BOPKr^tojiE Anpr- BiJ^CEByjAbciiESTEti, JviojjnoB cb.if, y, ' • •■ 'TMmrS. . , ■ ■ - . 'PoJWaU anJ.tWas'B BwbsBiibers, ^ per an- f mpni, payable’Jn a3r3ttce--r-^ cpinpapidB of *e« gr mke', Wbb,talcei%fr papefBBt tjie ofSc«> g;I $0 per aBnBWrpi3'Bbfe iB ' I ‘ AprBBTisiijSB'EiJTS irtsertea'at 'p. a square. . tor tbe fii-st three ^teeics; aml^SbU. fpr each . j^bbseqaeatihsei^tioa. ^ •' Ki’jLrUsdgautTvUl h^ made to tbo^ ad- '^erfise by the-^ear,. : ■ , F B m H T E ^ S , hie^tthe deihahri, has QiisJei;- Bci * fur,they supply, which is. chit^bd ‘cdnsiperaihly hc- low B_ny previous invoice of 1824;, and which he is ht^udy.expecting? to If yecfjM* lie: is n a w ’cnabied^ to liMMlPtHft foliowing , r \ Chests liy^oh Shin. T m . _ 1 / id -i chests do* do. „ vvhoie and 20 d boxes Old Ilyspn do. 3 \vhQieah'd 23 4 bi>xesYoung liysotr 20 t^ lbs, * > ta h t . dbags « | W 6 d(V ■ ioo lbs; <:^SS/;4 ^ ' ' '■ 1 0 0 :,: .W O 1 st quality flavBha io h b d s . p v i m w m m Sfc dO bbls, s.3L5,jtfO.Y m m 6o. r^e^S 'S H ^ . ' I SO d 6 *y to d ^ d S S d h n d K e t ^ ^ 11 p u n c h ^ r tsS d ^ S c a 12 hhds. rieW-Orleans.JltO£4SS'i!;&&c, ■ ; SABICJEL- SAW YER. ,J Rocheater, jah. 10,1825* 41 Kew-yov1iX.\teretxae Ciass No. 4, for i)ecember, 1824. To be drawn dtli April next,add finished h* a few minutes. ' , fiO, N«Mnbers-^9'Ballots to be drawn. , : ^\yRSTERN ■ ^ F I M E m s U M n S J ^ C E , COMPAISY, ■ \ .LpGATEd 18 CANA 8 DAKiUA, . Iimfpomted m 1.024, wUk a capital of $ 2 5 0 t 0 b n . by fire,on terras as fayourable asany siihi- lar institution in the State; . m % w , m w f > t t , p r e s % J eb ’ h . Y an fiEjissBBAEnj 8 rc’y. [p\AppUcatU)n's for insurance o f build' -ines or property in> I lo c h e te , and its vi ^qinity, wfil h^ , E E V I w a r ©* J:r> EB E N , ELY* ^ dgejtta at Rocketer,, Rochester* Dec. 2 f , 1824. 39 SCHEME; | 2 O,Q 00 . 15.000 ■ 3,082 .17,000 10.000 ' 8,200 5,100 8,060 ■50,808 m m \ 2 Prlxes.cf ^ 1 0 ,000 3 ' 5,000 1 . 3,082 i r r - 1,000 20 500 4 t . ■ 200 \ 51 ' lOO 51 60 . ‘ I Present price of Tickets, ^7* A i c K .i i 'r s S e S H a E E S ~ , For sale by E B E tJ . E E T , at his Lottery .& Exchange Office, ■Carrcli.st. and at the ;Post*Office, Rochester. fifarch 22, 1825. 42 ■ ' ' ■ M w ■ '■ r- i ) R w ^ T 03 a E w : . (Buiralo-stteet, near the Bridge ) J , B . E L W OOD T T AS just opened a general d and extensive assortment R v u g s S c t ^ i e d i c u i e ^ of t-be first quality, which he offers W h o h s a U and R e tail^ .op the most accommodating terms. I'atnilt Medicines Carefully .put'up.- flochesler, March 1, 1825. 49 F O R S A L E , A VA L U A B L E TA V E R N r V STA NO and STO R E , in bbe village o f Holley, (on the , __ tSrie eaiiiil) in the county of ’ OenCsee, 6 miles west o f Brockpoit, atid 17 miles N. N. W . from the village of JBa-. > tavia. Said Tavem-stand (known by the name of Holley Tavern) has a handsome two-story brick house, MUth A two-stofy , frame building projecting in the rear, both fCCCntly fiuinted, and all necessary out- hqqses ; and is situated centrally and ell- gibly foFbusiness, ht the S. W. corner o f die piibUck square, nearly opposite the C/mal Bridge, llamlin’s. Basin and Store- HoUSes, and fronting on Thomas-st. into which .lead the Batavia road, and other ,roftds^ from the south and Southwest—the principal sources of business. Tlje Store, immediately north of the Hravcrn-stand, is large and convenient, 4W0 stories high, with iindergvotmd rooms !«dmival^ calculated for a groeery'j and iits situapon for business is not exceeded I .% nay,liLsaid village. . For terms, apply to the subscriber, who •will give a title in fee to the satisfuctioH o f ‘ Stay purcimser. TH OM AS PLUES. lloileyf, March 1 . ‘ 48 1i?ov* S a \e, or T o Eot, f i i H E Tavern stand, with its JL convenient and necessary appendages,, in the village of Sandy Crei-k. For further paiiicularsj inquire of the proprietbr, re­ dding on the premisi's. ' 7 j . W OODW ORTH. . fihirray, March 4,1825. 6w4p V ■.FULTON. F I B E lN S tiR A N C E e t O l H B B i l B t City qfNew.yoVk,--Capital, 0 9 0 0 , 0 0 0 , BTOpose IftsuriAg Houses, Buildings, Goods, aTd ^ercliandi^efroiii jLos^or Damage h/Fiigi . . * t|p H E affairs oftbis conipany Will be con- J . ducted with sttcli fairness, candor and liberality as, , they trust, will entitle it to public patronage. ‘ArrrHpNx L . U nderhilx , PresH. t^iVEA Hi H icks , SeeVy. The .subscriber having been appointed sbl^ Agent .in this country for the Fulton Fire InsOfance Company, all applications fpr rnsiirance m ay be made at the stores, of Evernghims fc Go. Rochester, or A. U, Mott &: Co. Canandaigua, where thej- will receive the most prompt attention. 23 C l L B E R T l l V E E l ^ l f ^ Rochester* Sept; 6 . dlgevir WOOD’S F e h h t a tc d Im p r o v e d C a s t Iron PliOUGHS, Better and cheaper than ever before off* r- ed for sale, manufactured and sold, whole­ sale and retail, b y . SM ITH & A L L C O T T . Rochester, March 15, 1825. 6w50 POCKET BOOKS. 1 A ORE AT yariety of CentTemen and ' • d \ L a d W elegant Mor*v,co P O C K E T BOCES, for Stile at E . P E C E ’S Book­ store. Mafeh i5,i8;jDi-. i'liiiii'INStJHA^'CE. ' T o ' t NA IN S U R A N C E COAIPANY l A l i have a capital ^pf ^^ 200 , 000 , with liba-ty to. increase the same tog50O,00Q. They have also a surphis fund appropri­ ated exclusively to the payment of losses. The whole of their funds are .sacredly pledged to meet their liabilities, and are so kept that they may, a t any time, on short notice, be converted into cash. The pro­ posals of the company, and terms of in­ surance, are believed to be as favorable as the nature of the business will permit. In case of losses by fire* they intend to show the greatest promptness and liberality. As the business of the company js detach­ ed* bijitig coofined principally to risks in theqountVy,.theirxGapital is not exposed to a great lass by a sweeping fire. THOM AS K. BR^VCE, VresH. ISAAC PERKINS* 8 ccVy. Ilarlford, (Ct.) July l ,1824. 14 All applications for insurance of build­ ings or property, in Monroe county and its, Vicinity, Vill be promptly attended to, by ' M OSES CH A P IN , . tlieir Agent a t Rochester. C H A T H A M i\\s\iYa.\\ce Company, KEW-YQRK. JKCORPOBA’rF.D WITH A CAPITAL OF $ 4 0 0 , 6 0 0 , EN S U R E S Buildings, Of every descrip- . 8 . tion*fnany part o f the United States, a.gaiii*'t loss or damage by Fire. Also, iVlerclmncli'Ae, Household Furniture, and every description of personal property, on tefnis as favorable in every respect to (he Insured, as any similar Institution in this State. , JA S P E R W ARD, Preset. W. D. M A L T B IE , Sechy. The snbscriber, having been appointed Agent in tlliavillage and vicinity, .for the\ above Cofhpany, will receive proposals for insurance, wV'ch may be left at the store of .IGHN W. STRC,N 0 * (who has retired from the Agency at his pwn request,) or at the residence of the subscriber. G ILES BOULTON, Agent. • ^V . 15 ,^ 1824 . S 3 -: FRESH D Y E WOODS & Bye Stuffs, Paints, OH,S{ q . T UST received a larger stock and better assortment of CMIdm and Painiert' articles, than have'ever before been offer­ ed in this country, v iz: Logicood, Campeachy and St. Domingo *, Jricaragua, Hatch. Coro. Bonair; Pustky best Cuba ; Cnnvwooil, ground j Alum, Swedes and Americaii; Copperas, English ; Blue Vitm l, English and American j ^ OHFUrioli , do. . do. *,. . Dpteb ; Indigo, Flote, Bengal.,, and Guatimala j Prussian Blue, Umber, ■ Nut Galls, Verdigris, Sperm Oil, Olive Oil* Press Paj^rs, jacks, Tenter Hooks, Brushes, d?p. &x. VVhite Lead, Red Lfadj Paris white, Sprin^sH’ Venfctian Red, Spanish Brown, French Yellow, Spruce Yfellow, Stgne Yellow, ’Chrornd Yellow, Kings Yellow, PatentYellow; Terra De Sienna, Glue, • Spts. Turpentine, - Litharge, Gum Copal, Frosiings, VermilhoB, Verdigris, . Dutch Pink,Rose do. I-lake White,* Sap Green, Drop Irnke, Carmine, Gold Leaf, Bronze, Smalts* ;■ Pumice Stone,* Bi'iislies, o f all kinds Linseed Oil, &c. &c. Also, an extensive assortment of genuine iF H fE s,L rquoR s ,T F 4 s ,s P W ^ ^ ^ - all of which will be sold at very low pri­ ces, by WM. PIT K IN & Co. Rochester, Ang. 1824; tfl 8 w o y a M a B B i i w . i a a v CASH STORE. Wholetah and Retail. t X . W l T V & i \ U U , , (At the west eiid of tlie hewgrldge,) variety of Drj Goods* Groceries and Crockery, than is usually found in a country .Store, to which they most respectfully invite the at- tehtion of those who wish 40 make tlie most economical use of their nioney .;— ‘uniong vyhich are every description p Alessrs. Lorillard’s S n u f f & . T o b a C e o , at the lowest factory prices in New-York in quantities to spit purchasers. Also, 350G O4W s . Wliigiey, from 6 weeks to 6 years old. , 450 bbls. new SALT. 20 coarse do. (an egeel lefit'article.) Wiiidow-Cllass and Nails, at .prices.. , . .1 VS^'jQrc^IIctTd^sifG^SlGiji^ jNixoiti’s celebrated Pitpbghs* N. R. Merchants, Grocers and Tavern- keepers supplied a t a great deduction from former prices. S3 a . HITOBCOOK. WHOLESALE UEALKR IX Drugs & Medicines, AVDodfe and -Stuffs, Paints Si* Oils, Wines, Liquors, and GROCERIES. Country dealers. Pliysicians, Clothiers, Painters, &c. can be supplied ivitli'any of theabove artiejes at a small ady^ncefrom the Kew-York wholesaleprices. Alarcfa 12 ,1 8 2 2 . - ( M ■ MAYNARD & NOYES’ Y F imy are; still ubatjquainted'-with the Y-greaH«periority-and m>examp!ed-rep*- utatiopof tniS' artiC(e, they are invited to read the foliovving highly respectable test!'*, moriy to the fact^and make trial: for them­ selves; . The importance of having the ve­ ry best o f Writing Ink is too 'Well kPoiVn to be mentioned. TJfm kind Jhas been in use six years, and the testimony respecting it is the same from all parts of the country. iRCCOMMEjSrbATIONS. Register ofJ}eeds' O ffiie, Boston, .> Jttarc/i 30, j^24. Messrs. M a V nariii &. JJ oves —flinve ffie sat- isfac(ion «o inform you Hint your Ihk answers ingexpectations ; anti from llic appearance of tlie Records in my Olnce, I mn of opinion (hat its quality is very:good, and I recommend it as superior to any I have ever used. Tours* &.C HENRY ALL18E. From Mr. John Fisk, Clerkof Sujierior Court,and Register o f Deeds, J\Mdlesex CO. Coim. . I have used Messrs. Maynard & Noyes’ Ink Powder for 18 months past, and liave found it superior to any | have over before used, and cheerfully recommend it for general Use. Middlelovm, Dec. 30. l82:l JOHM FISK. From Mr- Gerdiam Cobb, Accountant,and Teach­ er o f Penmanship. Boston, Moc. 11 * IS23. Me.ssrs Maynard Si Noyes---lf df any tise, 1 give the follow ingas ray opinion of the supe­ rior quality of the Writing Ink made from the Powder mcmufaclured by your UpMse,and iiiy reasonsfor that opinion. Having beefr-tnany .years in the iiabit of do­ ing fine and finislied pieces of writing, where tlie best of ink is absolutely [tecessnry, 1 found Ht very difficult to pleasemyself in (hisarticle.— f tixeci on iViiiikdefi’s as the. best, by usingdonb- Ic the quantity of (he Powdei* prescribed. This was perfectly blnck. but too vdscious for des­ patch, and in line work would give the liair inat'k too large, or not clear. ill 1918, you meutiorted having Ink o f your own inanulacture. I took spine on triaj* and haveit rised almost invariably since;and f noiv ciicorfi.iiy say I wish no belter Ink than your.s* and coiiliilently believe that no better can ba obtained at present.—Its fluidity admits of des-' patch—the quantity^ of coloring matter held in solufiort by the Hipiid, renders works of tficety and care perfectly black* which is considered one of (ho greutest beaatles in the appnarance of writing—-had as a proof of its superiohr du­ rability, 1 enclose you two scraps written In 1818. Respectfully yours, _ GERSHAM COBB. (Cf T he above article maT bq had in any quantity, at the Bookstore cri' L . iFjECjIk. Rochester, July 27,1824. 17 ■STOYES. X ; B . & I f . C O H r ^ S O W . k T their store, nearly opposite the Post- d A Office, Boffdlo-st- llocbesfer, keep pn hand for sale, ' ■ WM. T . JAM E S’ t ? ‘ 4 e \ \ i C o o V u D g S t o v e s , from’james, and Cornell’s Factory, ' .'I at the FopLotvtNG MiiCEs, VIZ: epohing Stove,JSo,l*;SloOY including with Do, Np.2, Ab each Stove—iCasl Do. Do. \tio . Do. No. 8 , ,4b No. 4, 35 Boiler and'Steam er, I Stew-Pan and N6.8i 30 , i Gridiires, I Tip No. 6, 25 ( Eea-KeUte.lDven Cash for Wheat. riA I I E highest price in Cash will be paid J- for W H E A T , at the 'Hew RedAliU near the we$t end of the Aqueduct, by the subscribers, who haV'e constantly on hand for sale, all kinds of FLO U R and MID- D U N G S , Buckwheat M e AL* Com do. &c. &c. T . H. R O C H E S T E R & Co. Jan. 11. 41 I y a N T E D , 1 0 * 0 0 0 8 i r s i [ E £ S ;M YE& C0RN. r i p HE subscriber will pay the highe.st X price in cash forltye and Corn* deliv­ ered at liis Distillery,ne}ir tlje Cottbn Fac­ tory, or at M- Brown’s Mill. W ARHAM W H ITN E Y . Dec. 7* 36 Do. JNo.7, 20 8'lider, 1 sheet-iron i)p. No. S, 16 Pan, 2 Padding or , 1 Bread Pajis^ 2 Pic * ■ / Papsknrtl Dipper. ' Also, a grmt variety o f B A R L O U n U T O V E S , Of the newest p aueths and of a supers our quality fof heating. Tiogether widt a good assortment ot Franklins, Oven Stoves, 'do. with Boilers, Canada, Six plates, Pyramids, Box and Sheet-Iron, do. for parlours, chambers, bedrooms, facto-, ries, meeting-hbuSes, halls, stores, &c. Likewise, Ships’' Cabooses, warraiited su- periour to any in use, for boats and vessels of all descriptions. - The Cooking Stove has from 2 to 3 •lioiiersyand will do all kinds pf cooking* washing, and heating o f rooms, with less wood tlnm any Stoves in use* without in­ convenience o f steam, it being conducted from the boilers, oven and broiler into the pipe. The fire passes round the oven, boilers and tea-keUle, or under (be grid-; dies, and is turned from one to the other by dampers to heat one Or more at a time. The oven has a door at each, end, and a slide to raise gnd lower for baking. The fire-place has folding doors,and when open gives a good vieW of the fire, and a place for broiling with a cover to conduct the steam into the stove,and likewise for roast­ ing in front and toasting bread. Roast­ ing can also be done at each side and back at the same tinae; or in the oven, there be­ ing ventilMors for the steam to escape,and give the meat as good a flavour as if roast- ed in a tin kitchen. , The subscribers having sold many Of ■Wm. T. JameP Cooking Stoves, and know-- ing the general satisfaction they have giv­ en, and the iraprovements they have made this season. by enlarging the beartb, &c. as above staled, feel confiflent in recom­ mend ing-l^hem to the publick as the best Cooking Sfoves in use, for boarding hou­ ses, taverns, and private families of every descripUon* pT'A ll orders promptly attended to, and a, liberal discount made to W'holesale purr chasers. J. E. & t ; c o n g d o n . Rochester, 2 d. mo. 1 , 182fi, ON CONSIGNMENT, ^ A Casks Whiskey, 7 Barrels Mackina White Fish, 50 Barrels Cut Tobacco, 40 Kegs Powder.\- .TONA. CHILD. Rochester, Jan. 10 , 1825. 41 NOTICE. A LL persons Indebted to thesubscriber,’ ■lA are desired to call and pay tliejr; Notes or Accounts without delay. J. W. STRONG. Rochester, Jan. 1 ,1824. 40 5\\st YeceWeA, Y. Cook, ^ doz. pr. flat Bottomed and ,3 doz* high L f brass , -w Gandlesficks, which are offered very low by the dozen or single pair. Rochester, Jjjn. 15* 42 From the Hlka l ^ m l . ] - '' ' ■' LEiXINGTON* Dulceeficmuin'eApra'i^^ There was a sound at dead qfnight— ’ ’Twas not the' rushing of the fight, • Or gatberiijgoftheteniipesfis might, Or voice of reckless revelry, , ‘ -.There was a sound, deep, heavy* dre^ , As if both steeds, and warriours sped,’ Witli trembling hoof and hurried tread, And high intent, all secretly. - Heard ye it not I or is’t the wind, Bweeping the ocean unConfined, Qr4’^tt|ipg;^qar, wlio^c echos wind Upon the eartso femfufiy ? The depp'-mouth’d wat^cb-dp^^ around j u p?’ the hills the peal leaps round Of belt and guh, ^hosO stirring sound ’ Houses the yeomen manfully! The rising mOoh’s pale struggling beam Betrays bright armprV trOmbling gleani'--- • Awake, ye freemen [ nis no dream, dfirntbreaks your rest so feaTfufi^^ Thefipe is in your coxmt(;v%hetirti' Press not your pillow J onward start Qp sWtftertsteed*--^tho:alafm imparl , , - To all who stand for Liberty! , Dashing each way (he courser flies; Distant the olatterihg echo^ffi^^ i ro.m height (0 height thogun replies. And signal fires blaze brilliantly.. . A r m ! arm! for ere the'evening sun, A deed o f darkness will be done, , And liberty be lost or won, ■Whil^rbthei^' rtrive for mastery I Borne inland faint the alarms become— Again that tread the eilent gloom ® Bursts throughj'lilie voices from (he tomb, That warn o f some dire destiny. ’Twas morn—-the sun uncb,uded rose, Idis rays gh Lcxiiigton pepose; But blood there quench’d ere evening’s close,' The brightest gem of royalty, Exulting-rnarohed the Brilons on. And ne’er did sunbeam glance upon Array that ihbv’d, or steel that shone, Or-pljune tliat waved more gaudily. Boston had seen them too, that night, Bowing.before her beauty bright, And fair checks glow’d, soft hearts,beat light, Befoce'thdrgallant chiv'aliy. The mustering drum broke on the ear— What hoots white lip, or glistening tear? $ucli eloquent prayers they, may not hear, Although inspired, hy prophecy, They came, they rushed ,tpo madly o n ; The flash is past—the deed is done! An Empire’s ended—and begun! Eventful was that battle-day, The smoke tiiat gathered round the fray, ■Wreathed tip, and, as it passed away, The victims showed as dead they lay, Or writliing in been agony. . . ■' The grass is dark with brother’s gore, That swelled frbna hearts whose inmost core Beat liigh, as through (he frame il bore Blood glowingproud With liber^*. Near hj’ the temple o f their God, They fell-—-their hlopd mixt with the clod, Their spirits mingled with ffieir God, ■“ ■ Stirring then- country’s eherg-y! Slow were they home from that green spot, No lengthening pomp, no funeral note They liad, nor eten a farewell shot, But they were buried silently. Simple the firms, the sorrow brief* Unless perchance ’twere woman’s grief— For country calls to her relief Her brdve and hardy yeomanry^ Tbe sod they hurried o’er the grave; No .stpne they raise, nor line engrave— The monument that fits the brave, Is in: their country’s liberty! DEFERRED ARTICLES. From the Richmond Family Fknlor. Mr- Oicen's JYew System ,— It is known to our readers that Mr. Robert Owen of New- Lanark in Scotland, arrived in this countiy several months ago, with a view o f purchasing the property of the Harmonites on the Wabash in Indiana, where he designed to introduce his newsystem of education into the United States. A short time previous to the close of the late session of Congress, he delivered twoLectures in the Hall Of Representatives before the Pres­ ident, the Heads of the several Departments, the judges of the Supreme Court, and the Members ofbofh Houses o f Gon{fress,in which he explained the principles o f his system, and specified some of the revolutions tvhich it isdes- tined lo produce in the world. In his opinion, all mankind, with the exception of himself, are, and ever have been, in an errour respect­ ing human nature. By much reading, reflec­ tion, and intercourse with iiitcliigent persons, he has discovered tliat mah is not naturally corrupt—that he is not a moral being, a prop­ er subject.of rewards and punislmienls—that he is altogether thecreatureof circumstance—, and that nothing'is necessary but tp: give a proper direolioii to circumstances in order to render him wise, virtuous, and happy. This ■opinion is confirmed by the experiment Which has, for several jtCars, been going on at iSfe-ir- Lanark; b'y the Infant schools in Londonanff vicinity, which, he says, originated in tliat cs- tabjiriiment; and by all the institutions in Eu­ rope fur improving the condition of- the poor if the peoplq are interpstfcd in whatsoever relates to the conduct p f (heir civil rul6r.s,they __________ _ ___ ____ ____ are equally concerned for the reputation of an^ labouring classes. Finfling the7tatr of fl’<ir 2 brightest ornaments in war—one society, and'the established governments in j®^ their strongest advocates in peace. One, that .quarter Of the'W(irld.„t6o unyielding to; who lias never drawn hts Sword hut to add Ini- dissOlve at Oiice.before his benevokny schemes, he tv as desirous o f making the experiment un- der a government subject to thecont^’ol of pub- lick Opinion, and vvhich will be more readily transformed into a new empire of peace, iutd- ligence, virtue, and felicity. In the course of his lectures in Washington, he exhibited to his audience a model of the arrangements that would be required for a community of five tliou- sand persons.*' Besides the private dwellings, and buildings foreVery kipd of jmcchanical op*, eration, it contained Lecture rooms, labotutc- ries, cliapel.s, ball and concert rootns,schools, an Academy, and University.^where is to be taught that cqntbihation of eircumstancc's on which the whole perfection and Jiappiness of man depends, In such an Cstablfehmcnt, la* rels to, his country, nor his pen but to illustrate the value of her happv ioRtiliilions. SAM’L. SWAKTWOUT. (C 0 i>y.) irashHigtcn Cdy, 23d Frh. 1825 , Mv D eau Pm-^-Ye.':terday I received yovr communication, adverting to the reasons rnd tiofcnce presented, by Mr. Clav to Judge Brook, vvhy duty and reflection imposed ui.on liim(he'nece.ssity of standing in opposition to me, becapre of my being, a.s he is jilcased to stylemC, “ a ri'tilitary cliicffaiti.” T had .seen the lctter before, arid when it fir..>t appeared, Idid cntertitln the opinion that some notice of it might, perhaps, be necessary for the rea..-oa (hat tiie expression .seemed to convey with it, Jhe appcfi ranee of per onalify. more'than any hour-will he rcndei’ed more efficient, the CO’. - thingi4.se! and conld (be opinion be, at all cn- l’ort.s o f fife will be enjoyed.in sugJi profusion'■ tertainod that if could rnect the object, whifch tliO old, system joy uKe new—-the examplp w ll Be followetl by mWliiludfits^^ thus (he Whole world will be .spet^ily transformed iqtb a paradise. . Such we believe to be a trite rep- reseptgtion of bis theory. It excludes the Bi­ ble, of course, 'as useless pnd false. , The crit- icks roky, perhaps, phargie it witb incenfistenv mytop, in predieatwg virroe*vice, J Bapphtess, ^c. of beings thftt .are pot ihorpl 8gentsj i)pr the ey eenstire, ^ That a considerable degree o f succ'e.'s, has attended Mr. Ovven’s expcrinicnt at New-La« nark, is placed Deypn,d alj dodbt b y (he t< sti- mony ofiotelUgenytraytellers..-WBen B r c fe- sor Griscoin visited it, fpurt o f five jiears ago, the, vulag e, whibh had grown entirely pUt o f a manufactory of cotton, presented a nqat and mterestmg appearahee, iL e pecrple, about 2500 m mi mber, appiiared cheerful and con- tented. About jeoo were employed ip tlm ijiUlSj tho pth0ys njotlicys iixdo^ mcstick concerns, .of children too young for labour. The manufaotorieselqsfedatan early hour; after which the youth arrd a® hipny.of the adults as chose it, repaired tp the schools, where each was at liberty lo read, write, sing, pip'e, pr dance, as he happened to b e in agravo or,;merry mood.. The labokrei^ werp; paid for thei.r work, ,and Ihejr.children were educated gratis, The whole establishment belonged to a few proprietors, who joined in (he enterprise fiom a vri'4i to give a.fair trial tp Mr. Dwcnls system, .and i f yielded tberii on interest of twelve aud a half per joeiit. bri the original stock. . s ' ' , » - Air, Ovven’is a dkbelieVcr in divine revela­ tion. H e even attributes most o f the fcvils with which the world has been afflicted, to'the doctrine of future accountability. H e be­ lieves, howlever that the Christian Ecripturep con tarn wiore truths than aoy otherXystem o f tOb'gioa. His wifeissaid to; bo a pious woman, and educates her children in lier own belief. To thiS’ he 'does not object. H e likewise per­ mitted the labourers to enjoy Jlieir own reli­ gion, considering it an evil which could pot be at once eradicated, They were Presbyte­ rians, Alethodisls, Independents, arid of tlip Gmlick riiuvch. Religious principle, it is well known, is active and powerful amopg the peas­ antry in Scotland ; and to this Very circOtn- stance did Mr. Owen owe much o f his succe.ss at NmvvLanark. It is not wonderful, that a person who does not receive the Bible as a-divine revelation, and has no hope Beyond the grave, should ho dissatisfied witli the prqaent state of tbings,and iuveht,theories for the moral tenovaliou of the •jyorld. Heathen philosophers, and friodern infidels have done the satae. T h e priucipal noyelfy attached to Mr. Owen’s scheme, is Uys peivei-ering Pjfort to carry i t into efibet. The theory takes its origin, and very naturally too, in the cortipound o f truth and errour, which, in this case, is adopted as the fundamental pi iii- ciplo in what H r, Q. calls the «ririibe. o f ctmnn- simee. Itis true that man, ip his whole convsc from the cradle to the grave, is govemed, toa certain extent, hy circumstances over Which he has no eOnkol; therefore, Mr* O. h^s di­ vested liim of ail agoney in the fomialipp o f hip cliaracter, and of all power over his destiny- Ttnperfcction is stamped on all tlie institutiolis of rnan; therefore, Mr. G. attributes to fiie.'se institutions all the ignoranOe* injustice; and misery' in the world. Education is oapablo of doing much in the intellectual and moral im,- provementof nianhind j he,nceMr. O, con­ cludes that , education is sufficient to renovalo the world, to restoreman to tliat state o f holi­ ness and ha|)pinc'6s in wJiich he lyas originally placed hy his Creator. That he should have the -utmost confidence in- the success of Hs scheme, is perfectly consistent vyilh (he pature of man. Any theory, liowcvei' extravagnrit* wiU obtain the Relief of him, who pot onlv con­ templates it with a'pai-tial eve, but makes thp demonstration o f its truth tbo principal busi­ ness of his life. The partial success w-hieli ha.s attended his experiment, where relighm had her proper influence, is also calculated to ftw vour the deception. W o have not Ireard of the, number o f con vor(s, which (lie lectures of Mr. 0 . made in WasJn’nglou, hut undor.<tand tlmt be has purchased the. Harmony settle­ ment, and intends to eointncnoc prc]iaratory operations in the course of n e x t month, To the Editor p f the .A\. F-JYat. Advocate. EiU.—The following letter was received by me, a few days since, and although a private communication and riot-intendcd for the pUb- lick eye, j e t it contains so jiist an exposition ofthe enlightened viev^s, and lioblo conduct o f its distinguished author, that I cannot forbear soliciting its publicatiba in your valuable pa­ per. This letter will be read W'ith the deepest in­ terest by Uye American people. It breathes the language of the purest patriotism, of the most perfect devotion to (he rights, the inter­ est, and the republican institutioiiS of our coun­ try’'. It is a manly, temperate, but convincing vindication of the character and publick ser­ vices o f one of the greatest men and purest patriots that this, or a&y country, has ever produced. . . . The PEOPLE are the-sfivereignS of thig country. They have established, by Jheir blood and treasure, a governtncnl founded, in knowledge and virtue, which has for its basis the reprbsmtathe system. How far pen. Jackson, in hispuldick cancer, has acknoivl- edgqd abd respected its maxitns and principles', let file actions of past life, and his pure and unsullied conduct, during the reUent election, testify. ^ ' PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL ’STAINED

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