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»mm .'i :TELEGHi^H, , i.i t ^ V - i‘ -■. •-'*- * '„, - ^ • v j «.■* »v ♦' *«- i 4 . i. » i j 1 •!*'.■ 'ff -••.»... 4 . . . . ‘a..*. .?' ‘ *■ • ,• ■ . ’ ^ 4. ‘ . , . .. I ' '. ■ * * ’ • ' ' • ■ ' ;■-'■• 'fe..23.~;Vfe,:yBj *' 4 Sp\ T U E S D A Y . S W E M B i t S 3 0 ; t 8 3 4 . ' ! ’■ ' f. IS j.uBDlsftE»trE«#fcr, BX E i n | 3 E t ] $ » | > . » I I C 3 K , ' AT HIS PRINTISG-O.^^A)ICJS, A^'D binder ^, ROCBtEi^ERi, IWOW^PB CQ, 3S,.ir. S',. If Ttt jnaii an4 village' SRltsbnfeTS, '^ter an.< |i nutn, payaljle' in, adY?iiiG6*v—To jsompallies .. ten or movp, who.take their;pappxs atthe offi^ Henry DmgJit, ' iP h m g ifH ^ h t i m . m m m U t, ' ehm r n i L H a m A Jm 0 € o U ^ ^JaUkelto HrfrijQnAr, ■ !&'■ . . F ^ m v g a x ■ ^ T J A V il yepeix# A x stocte of ■. ■ '■,.\ ■/,. ■ ^H ittvyB. Otbaoth ' \ . T h is conipiiisrlnsutesa^^ all C0?f,S'XSTI|rO;p^ ‘ .,> Clotlrs, CfissiiB>)thSy..« Emp aEdv cpfriTtnori VtistiriigSA ■\' ' ' ~ , ■ ' If O teeii Buize, blue a p d ttow A Cam lets, , || CifcBssiBnj;CavoUneElaids,Eem^^ I r F i n e bkhk EttiiibaicinB, _ ^ ■' Salisbnfy Ela,nBfelySwanski|i Flannel, ■ EJn.P ThilPhntf >ed«^ ' . . iJofnbazetts,^ a&swtBd,, '' ‘ ,. A ktge and elegaTit assottment o f Calicoes j 1 ■ F ine Gbk.tzes,Fpn»itu.TO^ tqtjOR in Ihe siate, o f build­ in g orjfeoiil^ty in BocKekefj aft# its td- ;<j^iuty.j will ^bc ^it^n.d^d tQ. by •\',L B \rF W A ilB |J r .' , ' ^gev^iMt Ruc]iesler'- Jv\y 2 f ^ i 0 4 : , \ . . ' ■ ' - i r Cl’k Stnhkws, Lustring, Satin^ . ,- , Levantinej and UTvafiety o f jSg’d 8 liFk CrapSSj, Hosiery, fdus)insj;^c.'.;\vrtl4 a ',. good asSortinentbf T a ilok’ yriW ■ ancL alrtost eyeiy'.artrpk k e p t in.a dry ,»--|65qdsstore,.'■'; .-V', ’. ? ’' '^i$o onttadil, d iang^dmsi'ic-nt o f ■ ; ; ; , . ^ Q I 3 B R I ) B S , . ■■, Wliiclt )viu be disposed of, ^bpjesale o r reiad, at't&e lok'eSt a islt prices^ viz. ( Cognac Brandy,St^CwiyHuroj J a m a b la llutaiy H o lla^ Gin, W in # k •all kinds, ;^ # r s , .first chCg^, Teas, T c b a c c o /& c . ’■ > r Also, cheap by the barrel, # A B b k fine Eastetn SH.AI>, ’ ■ o i l i 6 bbls. Mackerel,. , r ,ACfkegsfi’eshBaisins,f^ $0 boxesM ”®eatel do. fresh a n d good, lyitii a large assortnaent o f , C v o c k B k y ^ G t l a s s ! W a r e , B , t . 's:; ,'J > , E S E E ' ^ T - J l X fully tenders his thanks to his friends, for the lib­ eral patronage hh lias received, and would, hereby give notice that in future be shall devotehis whole attention to the manufacture of c H A i B s , (having discontinued the manufacture of cabinet Work,) and he flatters himself that the quality of his work wjU' be found equal in point of taste and durability to any h i the state. Htehas on. hand the usual vari­ ety of fancy and Windsor Chairs,.apd also some ofthe latest fashion :of Rose Wood and Curled .Maple, which will be sold as low asdfiey can be'procured from New- York, of equal, quality. • Rochester, Oct. 10- 29 j a t teduced.pri^s, ^Rochester, Oct. 2fl. 30; f e b e w e z i e f G n f ^ i a a \ i & B i f e U - a i d C . J o n e s , | ,' 8( Qdiinseihrf a i ^ ^olicHors - ' in CMtgenj^ '■■' ‘ ' I I t T A V E opened tb/tr OiSce in AliU st. 1 JEA n e tt door to M r. BristoFs Cofifee- T House, whete they will attend to all p ro­ fessional calls. ' , Rochester, NoV. .6, t824. _ iSw $ 2 Religions iddmcate and Missiom- ■ 4 - fy Intelligencer. i ^ t i l S periodical Magazine i s now e s- A .yablishedin tbis village^. It will con\ fain all the Missionarj and Religious In­ telligence o f the day, foreign and domes- • lick-—a comprehensive view of descend­ ants o f Israel, and the progress of Chris­ tianity among thera--:-a history of the ea - T^,tts. and other religious' essays. (Efie iyWk will be issued twice In a month, on- •A large octavo page, 32 in each niontn, at _ ^ J ,50 p e r year, payable a t the issue of the ' twelfth-number, K?* Subscriptions recei­ ved abthls Office. • 4 fcFSubscribers to this work are inform­ ed that the first number will be issued on the 1st\Jan. next. It is now established #itii a large and extensive subscription. Editors of papers who have advertised this work, will please give this notice a few in- lertions.' Subscriptiorts’are still., solicited itv the work- iL R L A S ^ f i X R l J r ‘ Nov. 1824. ' ' m v - ■ ■ j y a p t j c ® i ! . ^ C O O K , ' HAS JIECEIVED AK ASSORT.MEWT OP ' i m j w Y B ^ n n w i A R M ^ j f E W E L i B T , F X N S C i r V L E I l ^ ^ M i l i t a r y G o o d s a n d M u s i c a l I n ­ s t r u m e n t s . ■ , ' M S H , .. 5l) Pair Brass AndifonSy • of the latest and most approved patterns, A large'assortment of ■ . ' f i j k i E i a . ' S f s , : , ., -fr0m T 2 to 80 inch,'W ith double and sin- gfe Borders. An assortment e f warranted B W ^ e r B p o O R ^ G o l A B e a d s , F IE L E B a n d s will be supplied with InsttUmeuts 'at Factory prices, and Watch repairers with materials, as low as they can purchase elsewhere. li?=Good Watches repaired and war­ ranted. . <Rochester, Nov. 8^ 1824. .32 • J O H N W . S T n O i N O i y ■■ ■jlrNTENDlNG new arrangementsin.his A business, is desirons of .selliag- his pres­ ent stock of Goods, which lie oilers at a trifling commission over’ cost. Also for sale, ■ a ® B b l s . F i n e O l d W h i s k e y , d o . S a l t , . ' • , M e s s . a n d P t i m e P o r k , J O & ! 0 0 ^ a i . P o t a s h K e t t l e s , , Window G l a s s , Cash, as usiuil, for P o y k , m c v A ^ P o t gs, B c - a t V liu g u s tlfi. , . 20 ■ c -*■, F i r e M C ! A f i^,.Jtlsr,etA . j«GOr/?or«fsd *» a:c(i0tftof, S i 5 0 , 4 ) f M b (^220iOoo of whkh ha^ been paid in;) ' B » » C 'rQ R 5 . ' r r i H E subscriber has just received alarge A and extensive assortment of B r y - G o o d s , C x T O c e rV e s , 'Hardware Croejeery, . at his. Store in the .Brick Block, opposite Ehsworth’s Tavern, which he offers at wholesale Or retail, much lower than ever. Those wishing to purchase will profnhte their Interests by calling. Tavern-keepers will be .supplied with liquors at wholesale prices. ■ All persons indebted are requested to call and pay } n r hoi complain if they have cost made. N. B. The highest prices paid in Cash for W heat, Whiskey, P ork, Pot and Pearl Ashes. . BENJ. CAM PBELL. Rocheker, Sept. 2^. 26 S T R A Y E D O R S T O L E N ■ p i R O M the A yard* of L. L . Miller, moroc­ co manufacturer, in' the village of Rochester, On the night o f i8 th inst. a large dark brown or chesUUt Coloured PdARE,-7 years old last spring, black mane and tail, a few white hairs in .the forehead,- with small White streaks around. Her ears, a bunch on her loft bind foot, from being corked, some small scars on her shoulders, the shod off the left hind foot. Whoever will return said Mrare, or give information where she may be found, shall be handsomely re' warded, and all charges paid, bv ' D A N IEL W H E E L E R . Parma Corners, Oct. 26. 30 ^ O B a C C O ^ O T O M , JfIiU-st.~H.ochesler,)ieartheC(tnal. n ^ H E subscriber has recently established -*• a TOBACCO FA C T O R Y , at the above place, where he respectfully solicits a share of the public patronage. His ar­ rangements with a Tobacconist in New- York, Will enable hini to furnish all kinds of TO B .iCCp, SJTUFH and SBGulHS,of the best qualities,and at the lowest prices j and all articles, mqnufagtiired here, will be 'warranted and sold at the New-Yotk city prices, (for cash.) .. *J'- A few Tonqua Beans for sale. h e n r y T. SiMlTH. October 1 2 ,1824. ' tf29 NEW &OOBS jJTBJRiG B T O M r i l H B subscribers have taken a .store on A the hill opposite S. L anib’s Inn, whete they are now receiving andopening a gen­ eral assortment of Goods,, direct from the city of NeW-York, consisting, of DRY GOODS, . C T o e k e t y &L G \ a a s > v a v e , and with CoiifidencG will assure their friends and customers east of Genesee river, that they can be accommodated with almost every article of the above description,with­ out ctossiiig the river, and at as low prices as can be purchased in Rochester. W e only ask them to call and examine for themselves. , W e want all kinds of Produce, home­ made Flannel and fulled Cloth. Cash will bs BSI k I fbjr WiW^tj.FlfixSGccl find J^orlc. H .N . <teA. B. CD R T rsS. Nnvemberq. 32 WesUrn Mraanack^ |* o m \ a s 2 5 . For stile by E. P eck , by tlw tllousniiAgroce, dozen oi‘ sm{ile.—1\ liberal discount will bo made to wholesale pucritusei's. , ‘ Oct. 19. . ■ . ,.*wfi(bt'ESwh Pk'Ahn'ff t-jS')':'- '* ' Drugs :& . Wiues, Diqtjors, aud •' G j f e e m i E a , Country dealers, Physicians, Clothiers. Painters, &c. caij he supplied ndth any of; the above articles at a:small aclyauce from the New-York wholesale prices. ' • - Alarcb 12,1822. tf93 • j o R K - W a t t s , ; ■ A T his Manufactory, in Mill street^ near the Canal, has H on hand|j and continues to ma- GfJ Q nufacture, .. ^ • g 8 a M V e s , B i v f f i e s , ^ H a r n e s s , a n t i T r u n k s , W y S ^ o f every description. Also,all- m kinds of: M IL IT A R Y AR^TF- ^ M CLES that are usually made jaH CS up by Saddlers; all of which H*d -' will be sold niUch loWer thah heretofore. , ^ The subscriber’s general i T knowledge o f the Saddling b u - ^ ,, CC ^sinessyin all its. various branchy £ ‘ 4) # , warrants him t o say, that the q 52 style and quality of his work *** cannot be excelled by any sim- rtn ^ ilar establishment fn the 3talO.'.;gJ No exertion shall be wanting to g - ^ render full satisfaction to those jtl . who may he pleased to . order any jartiele in the above line. ^ The:subscriber does not pre- M sume to calculate upon any olh- Oj er favor, than that to which the quality of; his work*, ail'd his CO Q strict atteniioii to business, may ^ justly entitle him, as a citizen, ' * W in common with others. ^ • JO H N W a t t s , o ijj A u g u st2,1824. 6m i8. ’ TlT) K B- A general assortment of Saddlers’ H A R D W A R E on hand, as usual. J , YY*- he will hereaftermanufaGture BOOTS and to do) at a very small'advance from cost, SHOES, of all descriptions, (at his Store,' adqjmg; transportation. ■ T T A S for sale, at his store in Mill-street, X X a choice selection of James Wilson’s S TOTES, C o o k i n g F f a n k i i n , w i t h U r n s ' a n d P i p e ; O v e n d o . ,* H a l l , B o x a n d B o a t fe 'T O V E S . lyCan now furnish the public with the Patent Screw Stove Pipe, made of Russia and English sheet iron, inlhebest manner. I have also a good assortment of Haid and Hollow W a re; Brass do. 3 0 0 0 lb s . B a r L e a d ; H o o p Iron, from 1-2 to 2 inche.s; Brass L a m p s ; Japanned d o .; Glasses for lamps ; Wicks for d o .; Lamp O il; all which will be sold very low for cash. 05“Weavers’ Reeds, of all numlbefs,‘for sale, as above. Rochester, Oct. IT. 12w28 AT. T . R O C K ^ S ' l l ' I l i S . & . C O . A R E just receiving a very general and x X e.xtensive assortment of E u r o p e a n , I n d i a a n d D o m e s t i n k GOODS, Hardteare^ Mails, Iron, Qroceries, Crockerj, Glass Ware, Sic. &c. which they offer at wholesale or retail, at reduced prices. Nov. 9,1824. 32 j y e P f j j s t d c h e j p GOODS. F ^ O W opening, a t the Store of the late firm of Messrs. V/. P. Shearman & Co. one door south of the Mansion-HouSe, an entire new stock ofsepsonable GOODS, comprising a very general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries 8^ Crockery, which are offered to the* customers of the former firnfr-fmd the publick, at very redu­ ced prices, The subscriber, having the ad­ vantage of a partnef residing in Ne}^-Y'ork, well qualified as a purchaser, and in da..y attendance at the Auction Rooms, will be in constant receipt of Goods adapted to this market, and able at all times to sell them at as low prices as any dealer in the coun­ try. S* G. A N D R E W S ’ Rochester. Oct. 30i - 32 [W r o Y is N & , 3 3 ^ . ClUss Sj for October, 1824. T q be draVu the IS thqf December next, and finished »*» *»' ie# minutes. . 6Q Numbers-^9 Ballots to be firSwn. ' ’SCHEM E . ,2 Prizes of ^ 10,000 is 3 t IT 20 41 [ :$t ' - i , m . Y. li,4T5 5,000 3,082 J,000 ■,|00 200 ' ,100 _ 60 12 a Gemsm itands ff^ H E ?ubscrih^r offers , A Tor. sale, in lots to. suit purchasers, the estate on the Ge'iiesee River, on which Ah'. Harris resides, about one half mile from r . . V .Geneseo, in the county of f 20 GoO Biymgston. There are about 3 0 0 0 acres 5’(50O of % lh u d , UUd 1 0 0 0 ucres of river Flats; 3 o S r wbicli one h a lf is in tiniothy and clover. i r ’oOO 4**® bp|and is first J u te wheat lapd, and the l&MO ¥.5iO f ' .the l»M quality. m ,e 4 h „ < i Is djvifie^ mta |ar;^s of yartquRSizes, ma 20^808 VOhsidpableporfiqUs of river flats, These 6s’850 farms in particular wiirhe found worth the 13,395 Pfiifes, > 34,220Tick-T ^ - :x 20,825 Bmufes.Y ets, ' i t W 1,000 attention Of ftU!imers o f property. Thetract, since opening i t for gale the present sqm- mer, has bemvhefoh is be­ lieved is Qlforediuppn terms more reasona.-- ble thanperh^psiny otberofeqital fertility IS o e r c e n t — ' ' ■ - . :40‘4advahtag6^sifoatiou./^''^^ ‘ nrice of Tickets 46 Or- aLa prices will; bb; ^ _ JNO. S. BRINTON. October4, promptly •executed. V f o k s v s '8 t a w a , W E & . For sale by EB E N , ELY , a t his Lottery & Exchange Office} Carrbll-st. Rochester. O ” UncuRfeUl Bank Notes exchanged a t a small discoiint, as above, N ov .2,1'824>' , : - ' . 31 A G A E D . -* ■^v f X H E siibscH- ■X ber informs **' ■ (’ustoiuers, • 41! the public '•.0 ueral, that '■ h-is just re- :t new & ■vc»'tjphnrassort- ment' o f Ladies' ;v ■ • v^.etunuea's B O O T S & SH O E S , ’ ‘ AaiQNG ■WllICH, A1‘,E Ladies’ French dress’d Morocco Strap Shoes, doi. do. do, Washing­ ton and Grecian Ties, do. do. do. Slippers. • do, Satin,, Yclvefeeii, Denmark Satin, • single and double Prunella, of various figures and cplor.s. Children^ Morocco and Leather Shoes and Boots, Gehtieroen’s Fashioiiable Back-strap and Wellington Boots, do. W ax Calf-skin, Seal-skin apd hloroccQ Shoes and Pumps. N, B. Having employed several of the first rate workipeh, direct from New-York. . .... .. . . . j one door east of the Post-Office,) in a style that cannot be excelled. > ■ D. B.ANVARD, Jn, Rochester, April 2T, 1024, 4 Krvr\A,P.M R S Silver, Plated and com- O U U U mon .c. liC T A C m S . Also, an additional supply of H U L L 'S P A T E N T B I N G E TRU S S E S . For sale at the Druggist Store of G. llIieHCOCK. Janiiary 7. 1823. ___ _____ WocUestfei UV'-M\V\. f’T ’IH E new’stone Oil-Mill near the kest •X end of the Bridge, in the centre of the village, is now In operation, and L m S E M B O I L , superior in quality to any manufactured in this country)W;ill be furnished in any quan­ tity. CASH, and the highest price that is given else wher?,will at all times be paid for O IL^^C A K E F O R S A L E . are connected with the OU-Mill, where Paints are prepared ip the very best man­ ner, ready for use. Painters and others caU have their paints ground at much less expense than in the usual method. A la,ge stock of P A I N T S of all kinds for sale by Wra. PIT K IN & Co. September, 1824. _________________ 26 WHOLESALE m o RETAIL GROCERY. ^ A M U E L SAW YER, Mill st.'Roch- ester, respectfully informs the publick, apd particularly Merchants from CANA­ D A , that he keeps constantly on hand a well selected assortment Df GROCERIES of all kinds. His connexion with a mer­ cantile house in New-York is such that his Good^are furnished at p:rime cost. The* artifel^^ of Tea, and Tobacco, are of a su- pei,fipr.||uality>hnd as low as can be bought in that City. LIQUORS, pure as they are imported, ate constantly on hand, to­ gether With the.foliowing ehuraerated arti­ cles, viz. 16 HM si Col Fis\\, .COB- tainihg.,from 11 to 16 quintals each, of a superior quality, atjt36s. to 29s, Also, X 0 9 d .||[£ g < ! i * S k u m of different cargoes and quaiities, the prin- -cipal part of which Was furnished last May', and is of course now offered at lower p ri­ ces than can be bought in the city of New York. Also, 2 to n s o f T o b a c c o , 1 s t, 2 d a n d 3d qualities, at New-York prices. 20 hhds. New Orleans and E. I. ■Molasses, with an extensive assortment of every ar­ ticle in -the Grocery line,.now on hand and now offered-for sale, Likewise, coustant- ly'receiving the above articles in such quan­ tities that we are enabled to supply any order or call of Merchants in this commu­ nity or from Canada. Rochester, Oct. IS,-\' _______ ^ c a s v i p M rov W.TGS, tkls Office.. artiblef, than have before been offe^i ed in this country, viz ; OftBdipe^chy Sty l^Qipihgo s, epro- & BoPair; FffW y best e p b a ; Chmwood, gfound,: Swedes and AfoeHcan} v- t o r r m , English; English and Afoerifcan 5 * DiLPtfnpL do. d o .; Duteb 3 Aid%4, Flpte, Bengal, And Guatimala;■ B fom . Nu'tGalls, Yerdigris, HpermDii, Olive Oil, Pr^ss Papers, Jaeks, Tehter Hooks, Rjusbes, 4?c, Winte Leadi Red Lead, * HarisW hifo, ^ a h ish YWtCj Yeftetian Red, Spanish Brpwn, French Yellow, SptuteY’eUqw, Stone Yellow, -Chrome Yeljow, Kings Yellow, Patent Yellow, assortment of Goods, which hefis enebleii to oiler the public, at wholesale or retail,, at prices which .'.ivall be satisfactory to ev-, try purchaser. The fojlovving are a p a r t: 6 Pip.es BilANDY, Tpure') ■ 3 ' h : g I N , : , ' . 4 Hlids- WM,' ■■ , ■' 16 ‘‘ E. I. iViOLASSElS, .30 ‘i fc^bbis-SUGAfl, 20 Bags COFFEE, 25 Chests TEA,’ 20 Kegs TOBACCO, 1 0 -Y g i n g e r , & c . & c . Haying made arrangements, through an agent in New-York, he will receive (xroceries direct from the importers. Intending fit all times to keep his assortment good, and' of the choicest kinds, he therefore particu­ larly invites merchants and tavern-keepers tocall and examine, assuring them that his contiguity tq the canal, and the arrange­ ments he has made as above mentioned. [EF’Cash paid as usual for P ot andTearl Ashes. Pork, &c. &c. JG H N W. STRONG. Rochester, Sept. 27. 26 ■ ■ F A t.r.& ’VyiNTPEK , ■ GOODS. E C E IV L 0, and now opening by.the lent article.) subscribers, at their Store on the Ca- nal. Mill-street, a general assortment of eooBS, adapted to the season. Also, a stock of choice GROCERlES---all of which Will be offered to the public ns low as at any other store in this village. W e have on hand 100 bbls. Syracuse coarse Salt to which we invite the attention pf those who intend putting up Pork and Beef for home consumption. -D, P. PA R K E R & CO. Rochester,Oet. 11. 28 X i ASH paid for B A R L E Y , at the new X / Brewery, at the east end of the A que- duct. N. LYMAN. Rochester, Nov. 1,1824. tfSl ■ j^ O T I C E is hereby given, that the Pre- X V sident, Directors & Company of the Ontario Bank intend to apply at the next session of the Legislature o f the State of New-York, for a n act authorising them to establish an OlBce of Discount and Depos­ it in the village of Rochester, in the county of Monroe. Ontario Bank, Canandai-l gua, Nov. 12, 1824. t 6w33 H . B. GIBSON, Cash’r. jVTOTICE ishereby given, Ibat the subscribers and llieir associates will make an applioa- ti'on to the legislalure of the slate of NewY®rlt); at the ensuing session, for the incorporation of a Bank, by the name and style of the *yJWer- iheints', Millert' and Alcchajiidcs' Bank,’’ w'ltb a capital of five bnndred tliOlisand doliars, to be- locate^ in ibe village of Rochester, Monroe county.—Dated Rochester, November 9,-1824. IraVVest', .tas.K. Livingston, E. B. Strong, .Jacob Graves, .Tplin D. ijehry, Edw’d R. Everest, (Ht^s Bonlion. __________ 6\v32 - O EU B E N B E N N E T T , from Manlilis, .I.1L iiss repaired and eXtendetPthe'Brew­ ery lately owned by Ely & Ensworth, In this village, and will be ffappy to supply the publick with *' S t v o i i g ' B e e v a u d i l l e , upon as liberal terms as it can be hqd at any other Briiwerj' in the country. Those who have known his Manlius Beer, for the last twelve ynars, will be enabled to say whether he is entitled to the patronage of the publick V s m a l l b e e r , y e a s t , and GRAINS, can a t all times be had at the Brewery. 05=OASH paid for BA R L E Y . Rochester, Oct. 24. - 7w30 ^ ■ , R A N A W A Y ■fTtROM the Siibscriber on the 23d of JC Se ptember last a Boy b y the name of Jeremiah Wiley, about the age of 13* I ’forbid all persons harbouring ortnistm g said Boy, as I will pay no debts of his con­ tracting. ' r o B e r f w a l k e r . Clarkson, Nov. 9, 1824. p3w33. FREsa. tori, tvooasiis B p S t u f f s , pciin ts, Friissian Blue, Umber, Terra p e Sientjafc $ptS.^Tqfpentine, Litharge, Giiiii Gopal, Tefniilhoq, Verdigris, ■ , • Dutch Pink},Rose dm Flake Whifo; Sap Greed, Drop Lpke, Carmine, ; \ Gold Leaf, Bronze, Smalts, V Pumice Stone, Brushes, o f allkindsi - Linseed Oil, &c. ^ 0 . ALb>, ah extensive assortment: of genujhe O B , l ! G r S & , . W E D I C I . V E S , «7.VK.V,/J.JTOKS.7'i;jS,M>Jt£S,4-<. all o f which will be sold at very low pri­ ces, by WM. P I\” \’\ \ Rochester, Aug. 1824. 54. ■\ - , I W f ^ ^ - M O V E H t B E R 1 5 , X S g f c ROCHESTER Wholesale Und Retail. 4,, ■ £ E A V i T T 4 X lE X X i, (At the west end of tlie new Bridge.,) q X T A V E jiisf received from New-York n X X more'extensive stock and a greater variety of Dry Goods, Groceries and Groc'keiy, than is Usually found in a country Store, to which they most respectfully invitefthe at­ tention, of those who Wish to make the Alessrs. Lorillard’s &L T o A i a e e o , at the lowest factory prices in New-York, if) quantities ,to suit purchasers. Also, 3500 Galls. Whiskey, from 6 weeks to 6 years old, ' ' ■ 450 bbjs. new SALT. 20 “ coarse do. (an excel- W i n d o w - O l a s s a n d N a i l s , a t factory prices. HoIlowW are,Hard ware, Stone Ware. Nixon’s celebrated Plou£;hs. N. B. Merchants, Grocers and Tavern- keepers supplied at a great deduction from former pi ice.s. __________ ____________ ^ Tillage Lots. f j p H E subscriber offers for sale a nuni- ber of V I L I A G l f pleasantly situated, at very' low prices,from 60 to 200 dollars. Ternis, 10 per cent, dov n, and the remainder in three equal annual payments, with intere.st. W ILLIAM A^nxIKSQN. Nov. 15. - - 33 Cash for Corn, Rye,S^c. IT 1 H E subscriber will pay CASH for X 10,000 bushels of ICSrE&COB.N. Also, Cash and the highest price paid for Pork, in the Hog, Pot and Pearl Ashes, \ W h e a t , W h i s k e y , k . a . S t c . .TOHN W . STRONG. Nov. 16, 1824. • . 33 F O R S A L E O R K E N T , A NEW and eligible stand for, a Tavern, situated on the main road leading from Roch- \ esfor to Pittsfold and Penfield, near the Presbyteiian Aleeting House in Brighton. It is equally convenient to the Canal and road, and forms the only junc­ tion which the said road and canal make between Piltsford and Rochester. The buildings, ate new and commodious—terms easy. For further particulars, inquire o f the subscriber. WM. C. BLOSS. Brighton, Nov. l6. 33 NOTICE. riA H E subscriber offers his X services in the practice of Physick ^ Surgery, anfi is ready to attend to all the calls in his profession, at his Office, op­ posite S. Lamb’s Inn. E L I DAY. . Rochester, Nov. 16. 8w33 WANTED, A BOY w'ho is active, of good habits and YX disposition, to dolightwork in asniall Familyamily .. ' W M rPITK lN ; F Oct. 25,1824. «3 PROPERTY OF UNIVERS.iTY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL S TA I N E C)

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