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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, July 23, 1739, Image 3

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* and that i f it w a s rcfolv’d to continue she W a r,, and prefervethat Pcnm fula, thtPprt muffc take the whole Burthen of defending ic upon hcriclf. riennn, May 15 * ‘ Advices from ’ Hnngary bring, that Count W a llis having vificej the Magazine o f Corn, and another, of Powder, had found, that in the former,; there was icarcrcly a third Part c f thc Corn mention’d intfne Comm 1 (Tar y’ s Specification j and thac in chc latter, two thirds of the , Powder was damaged. Which Advices add, that the Couxit,to prevent thc likiMildcmeanours,had caused two o f thc Commifl'aries, who had the Direction of thefe Magazines, to be hand’d. f . Thc Recruits which has been fent trom DiflLrncnt Parts of the Em pur, amount co 40000 Men ^ fo that with the' ^Troops of Sexonj and Bavaru 1, an Arm y of 3 ooou effC&ivc Men, will pretty early take th> Pie Id, not reckoning thc Militia Magi- zines- that arc provided ior this Army, and Money to fupport it, fo t! at there is room tobnpefora hnppy Compaign. They write from thac thcConferences betviretn che Bnujh and Spantfh Plenipotentia­ ries for concluding a Definitive Treaty between Great Britan and Spatn , have noc yet txen open’d, M r. Keene waiting for fur­ ther Inltru&iom on that Head -y and that tho’ they have heard that our South-Sca Company will no: pay $he 68,000 1. demanded by His Catholick Majefty. thac Admiral Haddock is toitaay in the Mediterranean, and that feveral Wen of W a r were to be fitted up here, yet they dori’c feem to be the lea ft uneafy about ir, Since they continue Diiarming their Men o f War_ Miey w rite from Belgrade, that the Turkifh Officer was la telyfent ir o m j agodiHa to Riedmek, to raife Contributions upon thc Inhabitants ol that Neighbourhood, fomc of whom rc- prefcnted, that they had already paid their Part of fuch Contributions: But thc Officer was i o lar from hearkening to them, that he caused their Cattle to be leiz.’d, and ordered the People themfelves to be beaten and a- bus’^ ^ o f which Treatment they complain’d toalJdhaw, who having caus’ d the Officer to b e brought before him, firft rcpioach’d him for his unjuft Conduft, and afterwards Ordered hiip to be ftranglcd in thc Pretence o f theon whom he had injur’d. Some Advices from Rowe bring, that the Pope had noc only rctolv’d to fupply the Em ­ peror with a confidcrable Sum, to affift him in carrying on thc War, with Vigour againft tie Infidels, but had recommended ic to the Cardinals, to make his Im p e rial Majefty a free G ift for thatPuopofc, in P roportion to their Revenues. Paris, A iaj 11. T h e y w rite from th tPT-sgue, • that the M a rquis de St. Gilles, lately receiv’d a Letter from D u k e de Afontemar, G e n e ral o f thc Spanish Troops, wherein {he oblervci, (fpeaking o f the Differences between Spam and Great Britain) that as thc K i n g cf S/asm, has aftually jy,ooo regular T r o o p s on F o o t and a good N u m b e r of M e n of \V a r e q u ip ­ ped, and his Acccffion to tne Treaty of Fun- na, has removed ieveialcflcntial Difficulties, never was a more favourable O p p o rtunity of entering into W a r j and that it his A d v ic e was to be follow ’d, at fhould be immediately ' declared. T h c M arquis dr la Mina has laid th: fam e .Tbingm a L e t icrto t h e Marquis d e St. Gilles. As this D u k e hai made no Secret o f the Contents o f thofe 9^0 Letters, it’s im a g in’d here, that h is Courtxtfttteiins lom e D c h g n of that Nature ; but v H R all this may b e nothing but a tyanijb R w a a o ,in order to intimidate the Englifh . L O N D O N May 14. 1 O n Saturday theRight H o n . the of H o u f e of Lords, Addrcfs’d H i» M ajefty at Sc.^wrr/’/, on his laying before them thclSrcaty cot^M d - cd w ith thc K in g o f Denmark ; vth tA A h L M a jefty was pleafed to return an A n fw e r to thc fo llo w in g Purpofe : That kr took thii AdArcfj as a real M ark of flgpr Zeal and /tffcEH* om for hit Per fin and G overmot^MjjkjLasod might dim fend upon it , that the Conf dmec m y rephfi m M&, fhould be made ufe of tvith the finitejl Regard to . the grue Interefi of bis People . _ * Yeftcrday a great Caufe tvas tried befjMt the C o u rt o f K in g ’ s Bench, w h e re his A * ,/efty, and the Parliament of .England w % * Plaintiffs, and Richard ldfctefield , L l q ; ai^M cir at L a w to the late Richard Norton, Soutbwick in the County c f South Momm A Defendant : It was tried on tw o 1 H 0 | , S firft, whether the W i l l o f j t e ^ f i d R iclo^L i Norton^ Efq; was d u ly cx^dR ro ^ n d ••'whe­ ther, W was in his R ig h t SepfdWnhen t h c bid W i l l * \was made: After a ^ H c r f in g \ i^ h ich lifted from N ine o’ C lo c k on Saturday M o r n ? in g till 4 the next M o rniug, the ju r y , be­ in g a fpecialone of&ontlem e n ot theC o u p ty f/rH a n tt, brought in jfcjf the Defendant^ fie- f n g of O p inion was a Lunatick fc'at ihc making of his T h c i t are eleven t f r o u * ‘T o w n who lately camcNlitEvidence in a C a u lc t h | | was d e e d i n g to prove the Cuftoa® M a n o r 5 t h c if Age* |u t togc- “ C A thcr

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