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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, March 27, 1739, Image 3

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> - w w y nj iff*111 1wh-wiw - w a t m hi u.i1. ji i.i i hi,, p»gyy wu hjj ^ 111 M'lfy1 *?■ L O N D O N. •& i . f N o v . 9 . W c bear from 2U/4; that thc L a - Jici and GcatK in^n there intended to follow rh* laudable Ext nplc of thc Royal Family : <*nd that Sunday the 29 h Inftant, is the Day fix’d tor leaving off Cambric^ They lentiheir Order* every Poft tor Muft. w, ind look upon it*i t Merit to be i#cluded in thc Number of thofe that endcavous to favc their Country Tk?' \ Wtf'dred Tbsnfand Ponrsdt 4 Tear ■ Nov. 10. Private Letters by the laft: French M»l bring* tn Account chit the Pretender Is^y-vcry ill at 1 1 > Nov. 20. On Saturday lad Money was fent from thc Pay-Office in Broad Street, under a ftrong Guard of a party of Horic, to pay off t i n Majefty’ s Ships a t the following Porr* v z the Pfinee of Orange, the L y m , the T ilbury, the Superb, the Buckingham, the B m ford , and thc Graftin it Cbdtbjm * tie TSygf?^ the A r ^ j l e , thc Pembroke, ! Faieikland thc N o r w ich, at Sheer- nefs ; the P r tncef A m e lia, thc Sunder Une t , the Finland) thc Ah**:)*, til JCV*', thc Etz.<ibetb, and the Lenox, a Por.fm ft h ,-, th j N o 'f a k f the jidvtct. 1 he Depford, the Sr. Alban's, tht Oxford the Pnne js Emi-a^ ihc Strafford , and the IrVor- X fer, at P y n m u .* ' ^ Nov. zs. Yesterday m Order was iffu’d rut hu.n the L^id Chimbeiiam’s Olficc, for all Pc r>,Pccrefe», Privy CounlglLr , to go m n of Mourning <*n Sunday next, thc 16th \lofhnc Jgi thc D-.aih of ihc late Queen. , , . N o y.^ 23. Wt htar .hit Sir O' undo-l'ridg- y Bah. ,, who wa' re, 01 ted ro hi drown’d, |*al.vc and vccll Glower ILr. , Nev. 2y L ’ ft Week his VLj' fty wai.plca- < frd to >pp 'in. Edward Holden, E.cjj his Ml- jtity’.s Ag nt ard Conful in Agttrj, a noted \Vca> h y Merc ian^ who ha; rctided a con- idcrible time in tha. PUce*, i<nd a Man ot the greatclt irvercft Cr-dir, Without Excep­ tions, of aft y here, U> fuctxed Charles Back) Eiq*, jn tjvai Poft. , Nov. 28, Wc h?ar tbat Horatio Uralpole youngeft Son ©* tin Right Hon. Sir Robert W.\l- plf) will be a Orsciiviarc for Lynn Aeigt in N s r f e l l m ihc room ot Sir Char If e Turnery Sart, dtetas’d. 1 B*fton% N . E . Marsh 12,. V ic hear from the &iy, th-tCap t Gifyni\\ a Sloop belonging to. this Town, b'uiudiothc Mujkrtu fhcirc, was tyken bv ha Spaniards, a;i J due th- y have put 7° hand* on boord h* S'c'Op, and detun’d him , *nd two of hit ha ids to pilot them where think proper to go. * t ^ Thar t SfAHtfl Sloop bound from Warttmdk rn the Gulphof Honduras , to th: Havanm% v l y ricdly leaden, was loft, in her KiiTg c, t he Men made fhift to get upon a. Morooned fJLptd% where moft oFthem was Yurn.iih^d. T-^ic Capr. Derby, of Rhode/fund, • who faii*d fi oiiL hence Utt having In format ion wh/rc- ab outs.the W’reck lay, went to.it arid topi up 7000 Pieces of Eight, 560 ^iftolei, a Silwcr Tea-Table, afjrold,Cupf feveral Cruoftxci of great value, ^lid fuidry other piec«i of FUtp. Capr. Da bj hid alio rais’d up an Iron Cheft, fiippofcd to be. lull of, Plate, buc being in a Boar.and thc wind high, he was obljged to ci it He took thc Spaniards, amvhi' whoita was a Pricft, from oft tht lfiand, and canid hem tothe Bay. ’Tis faid there were three Chefts*of Silver lcFcm the Wreck,.which ^tis * p fuppos’d Darby will make aioiher atreoipt to obtain. He lhtuids to fail with hit Booty to. Hamburgh. tu}}&p- Houfe . New-York, Tmvard Entrirr* Sloop M idnight, Ja i n c s T u c k e r , add • . ■ T h o m a s am! J a n e , T h o m a s W a r e From Georgia, . — — C h a r m ing Jv«in.», W n ’haru Seymouc irom M a s n u d t. O 'tnvaid Lntries, $1 w p S a r a h , Jonaih^n L jiio h , i n i - W h c c l t o t F o u r a i n c , Jalpcr Bofch f o i Codon, —' — £ rancis, jolcph P r r q f o r 5 '» C a r o lina, — — Flying filTi, F . a n c i i Rotew c l for Lcw a r d Ifla n i r . — —C h a r m i n g Jvana, W i l l i a m Seymour for St. Chralfo^phcc Sk ip Jim e s , and J o f e p h , Jo u a r l u o Butter, for B c i b a j o f , Ship, T h o n a ts Stcy i h t r n , for Iam a ica.. » . d e s e e d fo r Depart m e \ Ship King G r o r g e , R o b e r t H o ^ d ro M * < h ia, . — Adventure, Jonathan ledford* to Antigua. \ , . A d v e r t i s e m e n t . * 1 , t T His Dity (thc 2d of April) the Mofen aa<J PhihiJelphia Polls begin 10 fet out from he Polt-Oiftcc hcrt every Mondajii g o’ Clock in the Alcemow^n, to perform their Stager o n c e a Week till Dosexiber next. e T He fcrera] Sorta of Mufcovado Sugar ce be SDL I) by Stephen Msjard. A LL Pcrlons who. are Indibred to hi? kia- jedy for Q u it R e n t s refcrvcd e n L a n d i , lee. Granted hy Leucrs Patent under th e / ? r o a i 5 eal o f the Province «f N n v - y § r k ; A c t hereby, required, (•ith w i c h , to pay tlie fame (producing t h e i r laft R c c a p r j from ipe 01 the S x r i f t j ) l« i n c , or m itiy. Ablence to Richard N;'f/Fc//r,Gctit. wfca ifc h y pie D e p u 'id and fully A u thorized to receive aad di(- c h i r - e ' h c Tatne, as rnay appear from his P o w e r , fo r that Pur p o le, upon Record iu thc Secretary's Office. P a n d u a l Actendawce will be given at rhe O f f i c e , f o r t f c ^ Purpofe, in the H o u f e o thc (aid RickarA JStthmlh in t h f Briad'aisy, N e i s Y e r k . Irom nine o‘ C lock m thc M o r n i n g , till T w e h c , a n . t h e M o n d a y , W c d n c lday, and Ttiolay ia every W e e k { Holidays excepted) Arch. Kennedjy R e t • t n . m \ printed ^nd S o iJ by If'illiane 'nr.Ufod in H 'w -U r^ by whom til Pcrftni m»y be fupply«d witV ihuP.pcr, tod W liat Adveriilcmeats arc uken in, « 7 $S,

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