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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, February 26, 1739, Image 4

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i-iin i ii ■* £nce Current in fmv-Tarkl fcy the Hundred,. ' *b*r> V t * I . i m t e m m , i f / . A lt M h g ditto, 12* fi - B rown ditto, 9 f $ «f. Atujfiou* Sugar 36 r> 4 0 / A?/##, ii* /*- \Xvrfcitiue None* . B y the ‘ P o u n d , «*&#* Tea, 7 / . Green Tea, 7, f i t o 30. L o a f' 5 ugor% 1^ ^.to 151/. 'Jtllfpico , f </. € W * » ffW , N o n e . In d i a , ditto. By the Gallon, W i f c M t * Mum; i f . * d N. England Mm* 1 /. io * £ MMUjfrt, it d. - M U fcovado S u g a r to bc Sold b y 2 7 4 ^ in N e w f^Y o rk.’ -% tbeBorrcl, B e e f 3S / , Ti-^L n n k « * / Tar I * / . Gun-Powder 9 /• By tlie Bufhd, W heat lJ > lo ) f 3 * • Indian €orn 10 d. to t /* * Fine & Com fe Salt fa /, 4 dL F lok-Sted, 4 /,<*<*, A Negro Woman, with si Child about Fifteen Months Old, arc to be SO L D . The (aid Negro Woman ii an excellentCook,, **n Walh, Iron*aad do all manner of H o u lV W » rL Enquire »1 shcFxiaws hereof. ' T H e r e is a cqmplear S e t of Silve r - S m i t b i Tools to be Sold . f Enquire of the W id daw Brittm an the Dock, neat ihe Flv-Mfiket. By the Thoufand, Pipe ‘S taves $ 1 - Hogjhead dirto 2. U SorrtS ditto 3 9 / * U ■* r / ,£ A D V E R T l S E M E N T S > 1 ^ 0 be Sold t n rnofinobl* Firms (either fo r rend? Me- ■jft. ncy or, good Security') 0 Trail o j One Tboujond Acres of Look i n Orange County, above tbtJHigb Lon is, odjoyn-\ <*£ on one f d e to 0 T r a it of Lond belonging to LoBor N i- colli, on one other f d e by a T ro& o f lond belonging to Doe* ter Dupuy, and on one other f d e by Lond of Mr* Swi/h; ’ Tbe fa id One Tboufond Acrei o f L a n d being nrw io tbe Pojffcfion o f W illiam Pe fifes. On which T r o B there h o good Fram 'd Houfe, 0 Leg-Houfe, 0 good ta r n , a gottug 'Qrchadd* and forty or fifty Acres o f d i e t 'd L e n d tvitb 0 eonfiierable Quantity o f Meadow* O N Thurfdty thc 10th of March nexr* *t tht City o f Perth-Amhoy, willheSpld arPubiicJk Vtadue, to thc higfacft Bidder, tht Real Eft ate o f the late' A n d r e w Hay, in the faid Ci/y, confining o f a large Dwel­ ling-Houle, very well fituatcd and convcaient for a Tavern, hating a goodCallar and Kifchin, Fite Rooms on rhe firft Floor, and fete* ahote Sriir* 5 an Out-houfc and a Bara, wirh good Stables, a large Garden, and about Ten Acrt# o i good Pafture land adjoycilig ro (aid Houfe. A M s# • f (he'Land will hc (h®wn on the day o f Sale, G O O D E n g lifh C h e c k to S o ld by M e Lucas 'dad Lane. A n y Perfon intlining to Purchofo tb* fome, may apply to Copt. Andrew Nicoiis et tbe Houfe o f the iVsddow Bayard neor the Foirf^^fN B lB'^YO R B j B . A find is- through the faid Trait, £* 1 \ N O t ice - is h e r e b y g i v e n to a i l P e r f o n that have any Dtmaadi an the Iftateof the late Capi- G e rrh van Horne , deccafcd, to bring in their fcrcral Dc- tn ta d t to Cornelius Vc*Horne, or any other o f the Executor#? • f the faid Eftate, and they lhall rcccm immediate Pay- “ JPr* And thofe who ire indebted to the /aid Eftace, arc u rc^ to co®c Pa7 what they refpedkively owe, and J*jefeby prevent Trouble and Charge, Thir being the laft T H 0 5 E in 'Arreartd ft* Majedy upon Accownt t?f Qm/-Rcnrr, aredcErcdto take Nonce *, That if the fame is nor ffileharmed by the a /t h o f next Month or La­ dy-Day. WoccCs 7 o r 0 iltrcrs w in jffaerr '-ntrtr^>rinacr~<T~- thing is co.be found upon rhc Picm.Icr, Bills will be filed in Chancery*. N e w -York, Feb. 7. I 7 J 9 > 4 o- „ R AN away foiaac Tim e i* Augafl hftfrom T h o m a i Beits , Efqj o f f lat-Bulh, in King/ ^ountf, a Negi® Nawted Coffey. He undcrftandi Playingon iheVioIio, a If# cllforu #£ Husbandry W ork, be ii a black Fellow, and Tpme-iirhat Pock-broken, he hath. Thick Li pi* and har* ScarroRouc of hii Legg/. He Tha^k on when he went away a Home- fpun Coat hn‘ d wih the (annt. U/KaA« Af Mm »«lrjK ,.M dm. ! 3 kf >M. 4 . U. _ L 0 5 T the 9 WhotTcr, i f to# the Printei will be returned. Rayini Hiftory of England^ p i it, arc dchrcd to deliver fold or Pavrn>d tbe full Value 0 r *•** *■**\ v* Whoever cln take up faid Negro Afan, orfecure him /ice to hi* Afaftcr iball have Three Pounds aad giveNo/icc . . .................. ....... .... Reward, & all Reafonable Charges paid O N M o n d a y 't b c a4th ol March next, at 1 * o 4' lock in tbe M o r n ing> will bc\Soldat Publick Vendue,at the H o u i c o f M r .Scbutleck, at thc Spring Guardcn, T h c / e r c r a l L o n o f Ground m this City, belonging to the late C ell. Lodwick. lafonxtttio* may be had ot David Clark- fat> o f thc Title and Condition o f Sale. J * * _ J i - ! _____ — -------------------------- — T O BE, S O L D r j p H e Houle and Ground belonging to the Ca'/tir»-HoMfi*, New-York, Imvtrd Entries fr Feb. 18. to Mafch 3. None. Out word Units ei. SloopFlying Fiftl, Francis Rofwe! for Bofton, , - ^ .- M iry and Margaret, Benj J f t o r g a n lor S. Caralina, —— .Hcfther, Afa K i n g fot St. ffiom a s . Brig. Alexander, Jo J | ^ . e a k e for Lisbon, Sloop Rofc, J o h n d ^ p for Virginia, «L-—\VWecl o f Fonune,‘ Jafp«r Bofch for NeW-England. •Wiliam and M a r y , W . Beckman for Bofton. jl. Eftace of M r . Thomas George , d e e d e d , lying on W e f t fide o f th ^ S r o a d - W a y in this C i t y , containing Fifty Three Foot f€Vc* Inches in the Front, and running f0^1 thence co UuafonsPivor. Any Pcrioia inclined topurcha/c. apply to th* Widdovr George in thc (aid Houfe. Brig. Prince Anne, Ifaac J ok nfon for Jamaica. Chared fo r Departure, Sloop Sarah, John Canon to Rhode-Ifiand, —— Lcgrand, John Afpenwal to Bofton, Snow Betty, Aaron Moodjy to Lisbon. Eoflo* Pacquct, Jo/iahM jllikcn to Bofton. Am- N E W - Y O R K : .P rin t e d and S o ld by WM*m Brtiford, by w h o m all P e riods m ay iu p : p lyed w it h this Paper and .w b e r cAdYCitifem » n ;s arc takea iu , 1759, — kZ.

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