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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, November 13, 1738, Image 1

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T H E New-York Gazette F r o m A 7Q*vember j ^ to M o n d a y A o ' i e t n k r 2 0 } 1758 * ' r ^ : Sv I ^ , i ;*‘l‘ kA*> •’* OntinuAtm of cur I aft. again, fays the Captain, #.'S T h e r e ’s 1:0 manner o f Occa- & ? H fion, S i r , / V the A Mr* *, but it y o u plea Ic it ihall be done. I don’ t k n o w , M/s the Captai*i9\ l t needIcli indeed, I think, and Io was going st- way again, but w.v, a* it w u c , ioic d to turn back as before, and fays to the Mate, I know not what aiL me, but I can’t be caiy, come call a hand ah, and heave the Lead. Accordingly a h^nd w a s called, and thc Lc-d being call or hcaud, as they call ir, they had G round at c h v e n Fathom. This furpris’d ilutn all, but much more when at the next CalV it cameuplcvcn Fa­ thom. Upon this thc Captain in a Fright bade them r . 1 1 r> t 11 a L' t* they had been all lofl; thc Shore being flat at a great Ddtancc, and, as I fuppolc, the Tide low* thc Ship had been aground in an Jnflanr, and the Sea, which run high, would have broke ever her, and foon have daih’d her in Pieces. HLow will thofe modern Witts, oi which our Age is fo full, account for tins, who allow no God or Providence, no invnfiblc World, no&ngclick, kind and waking Spirits, who, by a lee ret Corrcipondcncc with-our embodied Spirits, give merciful Hints to us of approach­ ing Nil eh ids and impending Dangers, tc thac timely, lb as to put the Means into our Hand* to av oid and efcape them ? TJie exprcifing things dream’d 0% as thing* feen, is very frequent in thc iicrcd Text. fa job dr earn’d a Dream about Laban* s Cattle, Gen, 31. 10, where ’tis thus cxprcfled, and I put the Helm a Lae, and about Ship, all ja-vtn a D ream , Again Daniel 7. 1 t 7 . f D a n iel H^nds being crdiiYi to bdek thc SaiL, as it hxd a Dream and Villons of his Head upon is ufual ill iuch Lo!cc. bi s IBed, zj, x . and 1 fan/ tn my Vijion by IVight z Thc [ roper OrJ,i s biing rbcyM, the Ship after this I law in the Ntgkc l rtj 7 ons , and behold 4 Pay’d t relcnily and conic about; and when A«*ft : and v* q . / f n v in thc A lig h t ihe v/a> about, before t lie Sail* fill’d, Hie had and behold: and befidcs this, we have * i r f t - - - but four Fathoms and a half Wtrcr under her Srci n j as foon as ihc hlfd and ltood ofl, they h-i.i levin Fathom again, and at the next Cad elcvrn Fathom, and'io on to twenty Fathom; fo Iv flood off to Seaward all the reft of thc Watch, tc get into deep Water,tillDaWreak; When being a cieor Morning, there were the Capes «ff and alii he Couft of Amenta in Lir Yivpv’ur.du' their Stern, and but a few I ''agucsDitLnee : H.tdthey ftoed on but onc Cubls Leng'h fa it her, ns they wire gur.g, tlcy hail been £*wp i*-}hoar (fc the SaiioiS call it) and had ceit.urly Lit then Ship, 1 f not thc r L i w s . N.>w, what couLl this be? Not theD. vi1, th'.t wcra.iv vouch irr linn, lie would hsi'diy bt guilty of doing fo much good ; hardly an -Angel lint fr ;;i £ ieavcn Exprds. that \vc dare fi'T pj dunvj ; but th»t u was the Worked a V:--.-!; pj-ovuiwnce? Ly iomc inedible Agent * . . . d f )r tint i)eeuli n, who took Sleep U «e LLnum’s IL .’s ; ns once in a Cale of more Im p-MUnce was done to King v,v ; Thii \vc nuy conclude. ' Had the nn Le1t ,'.3 ulaal, and as Nature requir’d, f . ini'! y'hy. tbe taune way of fpcaking reu or eleven Times it* thc fame Chapter, and as many more time* inibencxt.j A. Pcrfon, whofeName it is nor fo proper to mention here, was undcrthc dilafter, about the Tear 1701, to fall under a Party Cenfure, (the Occafion is need Ids to che prefent Cafe) In' hopes, upon the Reccfs of the Houfe, which was not hr off, he fhould fas is uiud) be at Liberty, he withdrew himielf, and a- vc; Jed being taken up as much as hi could ; but thc Houle iciennng it, a Vote was paft, ordering the Secretary of S:arc to profecucc foment Law ; which obliged him to rcfolvcto Icjtc the FO.ngdom, and m the mean Tune to conceal himiell with more cxactncfs; thc Go- -ycrmncnt having llfucd out a rroclamation for apprehending him with a Reward to the Pcrlhn who Ihould dilcover where he was, fo th nthe might be taken* In order to conceal himfelf more cfFe&ually,' lie left his Lodging where he had been hid for fotnctimc, and remov’d co Mamet on thc Edge of Hcrtfordfbirt \ intending, as foon as he

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