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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, July 31, 1738, Image 1

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\ t f A . t h ii * •/ N * « 5 -York Gaicttf From J# / / j i , to Monday A « g v jt f . i j \ t • V £ The tibfr.M of tbe A B i c f Affembly Cemitmel.~^ /I lift raft of *n A d for dtfrAjing the common And ne~ . The Rombout or Fift^H PrecinR co coma i ri all that P.in granted to itmf#** and Company that licth to thc South and Somheaft-ward o f Wuptnnger's Kill or Creek; Beckman Precintt to contain all that Land crjj«ry Ch.-irge of the Mamior of Cortland in the granted to Col. Henry Beekman, deceafcd, lying _ /> » i / ,i i ii r> ---- - r -i r * County of YVcllchdter. B E it emitted, Th it it fhall be lawful for the Freeholders of thc Mannor o f C#rr/u»W, co clod: and choofe, yearly and every year, On$ Supervifor , One Treufmrer , Tw§ Ajftftrers9 and One C o l l e c t o r f o r thc laid Mannor who fhall have the fame Power, and do, perform, and ferve, and be liable to thc fame Pam* and Penalties as thc Supervilors, Treafurcrs, AflHbrs snd Col- lectors of thc rcfpcctive Counties within this Colony have,, and be liab’c to. And whereas the Aft, cnituld, An A ft for r e ^ U t i n g the hnpfis Pur chafe ^ and as far to thc North ward at j > > ----------- » ' / ' \ H I to chc Rear of thc Patent granted to Franett Rontbout and Company. Poghkyepfie Preemtt to contairull the Lands to thc Nerthwtfi pf the Wappmgtr'i Kill or Creek from the Mouth thereof and up along thc faid Kill ot CrcckmdHudfon's River until it meet* thc Parent grunted to Heatbteat and Company, called The lower nine Partners. Cromelbow Pre cinll tto ,ccfn ain all the Land* granted to thc laid Htatheoat and Company, cal­ led The lower nine Partners * and alb the Land granted to Peter Fauconier and Company in P a w - n . , S - , r . . _ J - r _ * -« » Choite of a Reprefentative for the Manner of Cortland, it is among other Things provi­ ded, That the Freeholders and Inhabitants ef the ja id Man nor o f Ci r Lind ft all pay the Ukge, ef their turn Reprefint.%rv:, and that nothing therein contAiti­ ed f t dll exempt them from paying their ecjUAt Propor­ tion e f the Wtags of the Reprcfentativts for the County of Wcitchcftcr, and of Alt other the annual publicly end neceffary Charges o f the fume County } Be it tttAcledf That every CUufe, and Article in rhe faidProvifo is hereby repealed exeept the fol­ lowing Words* viz.- (And of ell other tht Annual , public^ aud neccfjkry Ch urges of the fame County ♦ And be itenalhdi That thc Wages and Charge of thc Rcprefcntauve for thc luid Minnor, m general Affembly, fhall b e S 'k Shillings forevcry Day he attends thc Service of the laid Afletnbly ; and thc Freeholders and Inhabitants ol the faid Mannor fhall only pay the Wages of their own Reprefentative, and noothci*. #L. *vft. A- •• A. 'Vr/v. •n/v. 'V<v. 'V a . 'V A . *V/V» A fft-aft o f a* A f t te divide D u t c h e f * County into PrctmRsy end to repeal the ASi therein men­ tioned, B E it Enacted, T h a t fro m and after the Pub­ lication o f this A f t th c f a i d C o u n t y f h a l l b j d i v i d e d in t o [even PrecinUs in th c f o l l o w i n g Manner. The South Prteinfi to contain all that Par? of th? High Lands which is granted by Patent to Adolph Phi lspfe 9 E fq i due Eaft Line run from the Ihrtb End of Little Efepas I (land to thc Cromelbow /cTi// or Creek. Rymbec ^ Prtcintt to contain all thc Land* purchalcd of thc Widdow Pawling and her Children, by Doftor Samuel Staats, dcceafcd, all the Land granted to Adrian Ptofa and Company, thac Land patented by Col. Henry Beekman9 dcceafcd, and thc Lands granted by Patent to Coll. Peter Sfhuler , called Magdalen's //land Purchufe, Thc Northeaft PrecinFl to contain all the Lands granted to Samfon Broughton and Compa-* ny, commonly called The upper nine Partners. Me it enaEled , That thc Inhabitants of every rclpcftivc Prccinft are hereby authored yearly and every Tear, upon thc firft Tuefday ir April , ro cleft and appoint one FreehcUer OC a Supcrvifor , mo Affeftort , and one Colleger in every Prccinft in the laid County, who ihall have the fame Power to perform, and ferve, and be liable to the Lmc Pains and Pe­ nalties as the Supcrvifor:, Affeflbrs and Collec­ tors of the feveral Counties within this Colony have, or ought to do. And the Wages or R e ­ ward for the feveral Supcrvifors within thc faidt County fhall be paid by the Freeholders and Inhabitant* of (each Precinct rrfpeftively, and their annual Meeting be on cvcry firft Tuofd*y in February , lit Paghkeeyfie and that thc W o f each S u p c r v i l o r Ihall not exceed Three Shil­ lings for each Day. Andbeit In&ed, That it fhall and may be at the % v

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