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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, March 15, 1737, Image 4

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- - T w r t v t * * * * ! • ■ » • •&«(**'r -vaa** »*■%**«•'« JjaS a Sifter n o w I i v i n - in tire C i t y o f M u '-Tcr^ i\\+t u O t i c h u n d r e d an d t w o years o l d f w h o has t\il her S c n i c , only JS # l i t d e t b i c k o i H e a r i n g s { h t t s ^ a l u f l y hearty W o r n a n , c a n km t , i’pin ;md d o o t h e r W o r k ab o u t tlie houicdhe often goes to M a r k e t , (he can w a l k i r o m one e n d o f t he t o w n to chc o t h e r w i t h o u t a Stick ia her hand. T h e f e tw o W o m e n w e r e th e Sifters thc late C o l l . William M errit, w h o w a s M t y o r o i this City icveral years, about 40 years ago* n o w dcceafcd; Cuft*m~Hou[e M e w -Y o r k , Inward Eteri ti, 51 oop Charming Join na, Wni,Scyrriottrj Sloop Francis, Benja. Butterfield, Aud SJoopTaney, Edw . Seymour frotn BcrriUid*. Brig. Prince Fredrick* Pat. Nell fort ftom lfaycf Honduras} S h i p Sufanna, Andr. Bringlc from Madeira & Ai:iiboy. . Outward Etjtrtes \ Brig. Union, H.Lanrance for, Antigua, . 51 oop Andrew, G . Leacraft for Jamaica, •—— Charming Joanna, Wm. Sey mour ro Barbados^ Mary and MiTgarec, Tho.Foirlcto Coracoa} mm\,mn Diamond, Flor. Borrows to Coracoa. Cleared for Departure, Brig. Rebecca, Andrer Mansfield to Jamaica. Sloop W m and M ary, “W. Beckman co R.hodc-I(land, — — T w o Brothers, John Canon co Bofton, a— Mary, Abrah. Skinner to Antigua. a d v _ !5**i ERTIS E M E M T . Jfih f j l f i I f *] to yet Adonaj and be Rich, ^ Ju ft PuBlifhcdi A S c h e m e b y {triking T w e n ty Thottfdnd Potottds Paper M o n e y ) to encourage the raifin g o f Hemp , and th e M a n u f a c t u r i n g o f Iron in th c P r o v i n c e o f N e w -Tork., w i t h fome O b f e m * - tions, {hew i n g the NcccfTicy arid Advantages th e r e o f / Sold by tht Print tr hereof. Price 6 d. For C e r M c o a dirc&Ijr, He S’oop M * r i e n d M a r g a r e t , W iU idn lie Burrow* Mafter, will (til in ten days : tfa n y PerfonWartuErtight01 Pafiage to faid pcakvrith tkc Mafter acthe Pine-Apple on the ®cw Bock, and agree on reafonabie Tertfis. cy may fpcak T O BE SOLD A T Publick Ven 4 iie, or otherwife, on Monday the i | f £ o f this InhaiitTat T w o o» Clock in tKc Afternoon. the farm now in thc occupation o f Mr. Florence van Tariin jr, about four Miles from this City, containing about 1 0 ; Acres, and extends down to the Noith-BAxer. There is on (kid Farm a handfom New-Houle, a ftood Orchard, aCydci-Prcii, as Husb alfo Negros, Uccnfcb for Husbandry. . . . , Whoever inclines to purchafetbe faille, may be itllormed Of thc Title and Conditions of Sale by the Hon. fem e s D e U n c e y , E f y Chief Jufticc ^hw -Prorince, P a u l qx f t * * Richard, Executors of chc Eft ate o f Stephen Richard, d cccafed. N , L The Youduc wiB be held at thc H©ufc upon the faid Farm dr Plantation. T He dwelling Houfe & Lot o f GrounJ, with the Kitchen, Stort-houlc ard Gardcn^xlonging Beftjamtn D 'b a r r ieita in rht W a/l-freet, are to Le S O L D , A h y Perfon iuctinc^blc to put elute ihc l ame, m a y apply to the laid O w n e r , w h o will dtipofe ot the fan c on reasonable T c i m s . A s alfo, che C L u tlenfoinirily hU.Johi Outmans, lying»u Jchn-Jlreet, froixuilg jam b tira/i Houle, it n OuehuAi/iicd Foot Ai|uaie. A n d ihc laid Bexj, Db'anieti<e has very good Canary Wine/ to fell at 1 8 / . pcrPipe., half Ihpc o r quarter C a s k , and by tltf- Five Gallons at 4 , . 6 tl. per Gallon. And alto very good, Medot.ta W i n e at 3 s. per Gallon, by thc Five Gallons, A L L .Forts o f Garden wS*oeds, lately Imported from Eng land, ^ by the G o v e r n o r s ’ s G a r d iner, Enquire o f thc laid Cap*' rimer in *hr* Fr\rr ivK^re vm. mA.r k . i.K , k_ L**% diner in the Forr, where you may be fuppjy’d with the 1 ^ Sireds at a Reafonabie Rates. I N the Highlands there is a Tra£l df 1 ■ ' Land to Le SOLD, contains about Twenty Seven Hundred Acres, lying upon J f u r d c r e r s - C r e r k nca r B u t t r r H i l I , about two Allies from Ae v ; - W i n d j o r , in the County of O r a n g e . Whoever inclines to Purfchafc the faid Traft, Or. Part thereof, may apjlty i o ’ J e b * P i n h o r n e , Merchant in o r k , who will Difpofe of the fame oa Reafonabie Terms. A l l rerfoxw that hare in y Demand* on the Eflate of Samuel Shurmr% late ef the City of N e w * T o r k Merchant* de- ccaftc!f arc aefired to bring in their 4c counts to J o h n S h u r m e r y *T)Aftsel Shatforiy or Jbrah d m , L o d g e , in order to be fatisfied: And tU Perfofts indebted to the laid Eftatc, arc tfefired to Ballancc AccOuntt, e n or before the 2^th of M a rch , ind pr* vent further Trouble & charge. Alfojat thc S t o r e of the late S h u r m e r , is to be Soldj t)ivers forts of European Goods at Rekfon- ablc Prices, Wholefale O r Retail. W H cr&% A m t i Pander [pier el W i d o w , intend at M a y n c l t , to deliver her S h o p intf, the Pofleftion and ulc o f her Son M r . John Fatd dtrfpitgel, T h e f e are td require all Perfons irt dcbted t o her to pay in their rcipefbivc Debti and prevent T r o u B l c . Alfo all r c r f o r i s having any Bjemands on her arc defircd to bring in their Accounts and receive Satisfa&ion. Her C u f t o m c r s may be fupplied.as ufual ataforefaid Shop, by her laid Son, and w K c r c t h c y may be fupplied; w i t b $11 forts o f W i n d o w G l a f i bj w h o l e f a l e or R e t a i l . *To be SO tD* _ , * A Negro Woman (late o f M rs.El’xabeth Detme, deeeile^ who c#|> do all manner of HoulcboJd work* En<p**rt :rn dc of WiUiarfT o bar pas, WoMMB is Well Rnoi >H«fe are to give Notice, thac t Mrs. Dcnne’s Executor. The ^ ft a Negro Woman w ii, and called M a*d- r f T H«fe are lo give and her Child about one Yea* old to be Sold. She can do all (old of HoulhoJd Work, and if fu forT o jr n arCoi** iry, as alfo a Negro Boy about 18. or 1 9 year* pld, hot* k this Country and has hM^tbe mail P o x * is to bcSold. Ea* quire o f the Printer hefeof. Printed .arid Sold hyJdM e m BrtAftrd in ttow-tnk, by w h o m Advertifemcnts arc taken in, and aH Ptrfuns may fupplyed with thi* Paper, and where you nuy hare Money for Lifuwn Rags* ( jtr

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