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The New-York gazette. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1725-1744, February 28, 1725, Image 1

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Numb. ib. T H E azeete. mm F r o m f i b r v t r y a8. t o M o n d a y M t r c h 7 . 1 7 2 { • & * * Cmimutxim of thiHrtdty of Commtrci htmm tho £*f#*r ^Germany md tht King •/ Spain. j£ t k U * * 7 - JW ? •**»> T Hc ftiBJcfts onbofrh Sides lhall be alter­ ed id chufe, at their own Fleafure, Coun* cils, Agents, Attornici, Solicitors tnd Brokers. 1$. In aft the Ports ahd trading Cities which >o.th their Ma pities lhall agree upon, National £pnfuls lhall be eftablilhed to proteft the Mer* charts on both Sides, and they arc to enjoy all the rcigtySjAuthorities, Libcrtiesand Imniunitita the nioft befriended Nations do enjoy# . 2 j>. Thoft C o n fujs lhall b e - c m p o w t i e d t n i a k c Cognisance of the Differences and Difpntet be­ tween the MefcKants and the Mafter* of-, the Ships, and between tbe latter and thiir Cttws, fa decide them *, fothat thcre (hall be no Appeal from their . Sentence \to -the Judge of the rbcp pf tbftir Refidefi'ct. ' - tBe JudgwC^lcwatory, who lath* - f jwmcr ^ efgns were a cfefidortblcJdagiitraf; ift ' Sfmn. which the moll favoured Nations were al­ lowed to chafe fcr themleires, with a Power tor jsdge-peremptorily hr Civiland Criminal Calb, ^mpogthofe of their owp Nation; it has been a*, greed, That in p ie his Royal Catholic* Majefty ~ gr^ntS'for the future this Privilege to any Nation, the fame fhall be likcwife granted to his Imperial Majefty’sSubjeftsi Mean while,impartial 9 c Ipeedy Juftice lhall be done by the ordinary Magi (traces apd Judges, from whofe Sentences no Appeal lhall be made but only to the Council of Commerce It Afddrid. 3 1 T h e Efcheat, o r any R igh t o f tlib l i k e N a ­ ture, fhall not be made ufe of w i t h R e fpeft to each other’s 5 ubje<Ss,.but th c Heirs o f the Deceafed fh ill (ueceed them, either b y VVill o r *b hsreft*§t% w ithout an y Lett o r H indrance \ and in Cafe p f P if p u t c am ong two d r moire H e irs, the Judges o f - t hs g lace a r e todecide thc M a tter perem p torily. 32 . If a Merchant or o th e r Subject of e ither o f thec^ntradling Parties fhould change w d i e with­ in th e other’s D o m inions thc Conlhl o r lome . other or t h e ir publiclyV liruften , i f there be any, fhall repair to the H o u ic o t th e deceafed, and take an Inventory of all his M e rchandizes ahd EfFe£s5 as lik e w ife o f his'Books and Papers, in O rder to fecure them for the Heirs o f tbe Deceafed. 33. In cafe any Ship belonging *o the con trad­ ing P a r t ies or their Stttycds lhould be wrecked upon each Other’s Coafb,* th e F ilcal Officers fhall claim no R ig h t to i t , and all plundring fhall be fcvetcly forbidden; morever, AO fiance is to be giycn to thofe who fuffer -Shipwreck, for'fating and feciiring all they can. kklfcjdty ftill, tortder tio Pre­ text whatfocvet,' W tlm th d Priceto tt& m * chandites belongingto his Imperial Majefty’s jc& v b u t they fhall he a t Liberty t o fell them a t the cam n t Price; The fame liberty is granted to thc SptnifltSulfcS* id *h« fcmpefourt Dbimnioni. * If the Effc&$ of fotjic o f either Parties Sub­ jects, lhould be confifcated, and that fome Goods belonging to any other Perfoir ftonld happen to be qmong them, tht j (hall be rcftored to tbe Qwners, fc % $6. His Imperial Iviajcfty^ Sbips aud Sbhiedls lhall be allowed to tarry and bring ftp m the £ # - tHdfa intp all the King of fyW s Dominions, a $ forts of Fruits, Rfte&s, and JMerchandizes, pro­ vided it appear, by Affidavits of the Deputies o f the Indi* Company cftabliihed in the Afr, emtio- tlnrtmdtf tbit they totne from the piqueted Pla­ ces, GoloitiasorFadoriei of rhcf»idCompanv,in which Cafe they ftult enjoy she fame 1 rivileges granted to thc SUbjefts Of thc Un itcd Provinces, .by the Royal Letters o f the of June, and jd o f J u l y Moreover laisCathclic^ M jefty declares, .That he grants to tbe Imperial oubjeds Whatever has been granted t o the Statet-General of the United Provinces by vhe Treaty in >$48, both with rcfpeft tothe JmO* and any other thing applicable to the faid T reaty, as likewife to the prefent Peace concluded Between their Majeflies. 37. As to what relates to tfacCnmrrfrce of the Canny * J (lends, thc Imperial Subjcfti lhall en­ joy the fame Advantages with the J&g/ijfe and Dutch. £7# it Continued is sir next j RemoftftfAttce o f thc General A jfe m h ly of the Clergy of France* ms frefcnted to the K jng 4 againf the N e w T a x of T w o per Cent. ’ St RE, s T H E Clergy of F r 4 tctx who have a f l a y cfteem’d ir their G lory t o give v o u r M a jcjty, and tho K ings y o u r Predccclfors, Eflx&ual as\vcil as publick Proofs o f their nibft: profound 5 nb«ii- o a and Obedience, find themfelves conftraincd to accompany the n ew IHomage, which they have the Honour to pay yon this Day, w it h yuit Complaints and m o ft humble Remdnftranas* T h e Ed i d which your Ma*<liy Lss^. been p leadd topubliih, for railing 71 w | f r Ont. upon a ll your Subjects Ellatcs, feems indeed’ not ro include th# 1 * »

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