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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, June 13, 1874, Image 2

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THE PLATTOBURGH REPUBLICAN, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 'i** ~3fe-«***ifr?S^ : . . _. ...... .... . . .. . —•• -* • _^_________—a*o_ u.„-\,.-.; ;..,.,. .. »i..l t .1 up rtil writ! in!\ al tit* i '< 1KM*. lemfttiUcririj, all at onc« '!>»' I'Oic ' Nm-r» W«Wi ww> a raw girt, ami irt* pre! i.fill »V^ swiinr srha!«v«r sli* had iti ).»• 1 h\t 1 » m litre* (UTC MM\! In *i.;\V n» »' «,! * old '•'' ''!*• jrou ftpert anybrwli lo i 1 \Ur aMifd IUWT on* »v»nin£ • V.. Ti>.i tha t I Li.- w «.r.~ «.- •»•!.< • • t'iTj,-i»r ' Hit \\ v i . ~ ..-,., t. . if r , i l.» •«.• •.•...„' • . '.: . K u • • .', . i . _ 1 w i H ' .) • ' •> £ ..' » . ' •. ! • • , . 1 r . • left Cards. <ISOK<;I: Mixmr.. \ TT-«t.XEV *M> ' ' \ *--IM •>»: AT t.\W »• I v. .tan t '. i. \M:f,-.r,r ••! In li\t» »< Vr>i<«i>Ntirm> < *• i ')'•• ••!«. iu\rtti{\< *'- i»m> • < Union sir.' i. I\ if«.' '.rcl.. >. i rtiMru rifKTtiTHA HOITOMIt \ -i T •.%!•»- •-.--.,.; -i i • ..I.- T \\V II'- I I 1 I i. - I il«H.. It M tWKwmi. - M HI .HI HoI,< ••11'. * 'ti.r'.l. !., 1 -i .! I. • 1 t • • : , ! !:•:•. .:!..p.;!-.v,.«. f i.' \<'iN I • •;.!:,! !• • II fi',1 (i 1 • It\' ( CORH1N &- WOODWARD, \ TTI'T:VETS t'vP''>.r'<e<»FT.T,«rr.!'< , , ATI,»w. . i\ .• .' i M i\ir <<•• ' «!i.-< t...j.j»,<,itr Sic |i..|*. J --. '• A t ,. .«. M.-r-. \'i itTismr^a promptly :,••, >,.|e.| 1„, 1: .\ .. i • ::-•--. \U \ ~ . vc.«•'!««- %i:r». M. I>KSM«>NI>. V TI.'ilNM \Mi IM! wm.Hl. Al LAW. nil... i:, II. i . . rl llmnc. Plalts'.urgh. ' '..iil-iii (imiitv . N V Will piv c hi * undiii.l - '••1 *tlc:i«...» I,. »l) I ;<.;.,.-,« . Iitriisted t o III* • .!••• AN... |,.Ti.i AcT'-nt .wiil Surveyor. Will .;-.. :iti< i..t t • Ui' 1 t '•:!<•' Ui ii s< f Pensions, Ac. Jewelry Store. CHAR S. EEMFTHE kaad x Q<XH> ASSKWr. M»VTof CLOCKB, Foreign and AmericaD Watches, JEWELBT, MLTEB-WABE, (JEM INK PEBBLE SPECTACLES, :• »::i:f. fust at I; •• > • !!i H]. HI , ill 1,1. !. W,.* .• i li.c rain'..' 1 »K'K. ' » '• *!.»: li<\*\ 1* < fT i »r I tl'i.. ;-'. i :.«-.-ii- CIIAKT.ES II. GOODRICH, \ TT->nVK1 AM' fill VSl;t.I.<IK AT I.AW, i:i ! ViViJy I'll! !ir. Klirnlmrgh, Clinton :1,..: ^-K. .' . v »r . :. . • : n i'i»r! i i „;.it.: \ .i : mi Vr M. : s.i..! < V'.;i. llnr.iii^'y . i- I.',\ rrliirnnl limy, I':..» r. r^.l-li«aJe<l |- n - in 111at rnvc ii- juv.r »!..-. •• an. ' iliimjS J.illi- (• - I :.• : r< fu>f. :^iJ -il.-mc i-i.n.--ei.;- !-'j't 'j.iit t, a;:.! watcliCii u::d I A:. • ;t ,.»:u:. : i I'll.;.' I. i * : ;'..' !i • i-r. i 1 !}|.- ..'-I Urliit-r. ;;:- ..; • * a:..! v. h.:c liam. .• t..'li l-:.i••!; ;•';'!\' ^.-.: v.a;,! ..f S-.i'.l: 1 < i. ,i i. n IU'! ii « •:.•!(•! ;l ... _. N •'. Icr v. :y !inr.r. TIIP witi^cl -.iniple'.f'n :i.! ..!:,,•• ,1. ruin ati'i!. ailrn>it>«<] np.irpr. exo i .;•••! a u<v zi^/..i<: lligliU ami ocwiitric i v.:\' •». then rna.lc a biiiij da.«U at U;i> llarui', ..ii ! !. i. -r nclif.l on tlii' Ulilf. \\V< •!:'•• >aul Kury. roitiinj round li C«!i.i, aini Jus eyes lookiii\ itraiclit into tiers, while In' :. t.n:'..i .1 ii..- ros<\ That rw}uired time aiiJ i-atlvtici*. for it wis a thornv bud, and, I'.v V.. •• tin!'-' It-TV La.1 fiiiMied.'onc of his t,;;;.•!s «i« li'.t'^-diiig. \V>.i ji.it dear lor vour wliistle,\ .said c.;..i. \N\ dt-aier than I expected,'' answered Hi-ry. '1 knew it was a brier-rosa,\ and a-a ii he .'ookfd at her. He did not go fcack to his f.iimcr seal then, but drew a chair be- .' '• !>• lier, and leaned Lis ellxiw on the Uble ^ -'tr. v.:\-':'!.\ whcie the moth wa* still feebly fluttering. \. ' \l'.x.r (.Id fellow! - ' saiil Kory, looking down ).;..-1 ii\v !.i:^t- at it tvitU a queer smile, \come and die iu .:'.ti.er •: Ui 1:IT hi.:i-y.\ And he picked it up, aud placed it • -I ma:; hiniM-lf. \ii the rt-se-leaves. \Cloths like rows, too,\ , . n: i: ..al! «.»v in M-.t-Uam. l,e 5 -> ;, l- . : v .-.:. A::.!••...1:\ l.i'-jieat- ] \You're thinking of butterflies,\ said CVlia, \::•! h.» i TehoK». the lieiti.r to knitting away most iriduttriously. \\Vi'\ I le— the hoy. he ain't i \What's the difference?\' asked Rory. I \<>li I don't know—ever so much!'' :.'..•\.-.. i':.\. \ Jach. I've jti.-t ' \Well yes, so much, at any rat», butter- .-•'<:. i K IN. %\.;li a sale -flies are rovers, and moths are constant—to •And .,;:::>• t.uio t.m. I ! the candle.\ hi:.^ of the world. >o.i know; { Tliere was another long pause. :.': l.r a!v,a\i lian^\:i.; round i '\Do you remember just such an •veiling :'.:!':;.\ S \\ \ lisi fa\ 1- years ago, Celia,\ said Kory. at .• !haT. a! that time yesterday I last, \when you called me a shirk, and SOIlt ajwued to find the slightest , me about my business? - ' ..-•iiamoif of life, it was no \° Kory!\ said Celia, reproachfully, l, I did :ie:-> -Jai-.-o jiias aomewhat sur- boi>e yo u wouldn't remember all my siJiy . -l. cid'.l v.ay in which this speeches against me.\ :t' ,J. C;AV, V TTrtl:\KV AM> rotNSEI.I.<>l{ AT LAW. iHVi. •• in At.K-i rs & Weed' s tlUllltinj;, Clin- lon Street, ti-.rtli «:.!»-. I'lat1.\il>urgh.> , .'i . Will j.Msi'i nte ami ilefe-iil actions In all the Courts ..! Hii-.-t.-u<-..i!..l in tin- >;..rtlicrn Kistrji-t and ( ir-uil Co'irts of the I'nltnl SUtcs for Uiia Mat. . Will give special attention to the Draw- IHK if Wili», and fonveyances, and Contraete of all kinds, the Collection of Claim*, and th e Argument ami Trial of Causes at all terms of < .mm i» this county, and attend the Vrobatc- ot Wills anil settlement of Estates of deceased jw-rsons. and th e 1'roseention or Pcfriuc of iToi-eedincs in Bankruptcy, ltona »<Ie imsiness alone desired. Sham !:;• i-..t.-! ! • it : « i.etii . el.j.: . I--: :.'. » ..- .i.lvane.'d. lint, as his nephew -: . .; : • )os j.Un. the >-M man, too, was S'»o» '•: ,^i.\ : i;:!i 1 t-' re^ird it a«. on the whole, MI. < v :• 1.1 ; 1. a. S.> the thing was sottled, a: '. i; ;v. w.'h an d^ereiierjiy which Uncle .' .. -:, .:. - ...led h e had imt tlioii^ht was ill ;'..• fc. y.^t.: ai- .:: his pi epilations forthwith, ..'. I - i-e ii,j :<?t tu luuiM'il or anybody else '.... :i . VtaS ready. \'\•'d-by, Ce'lia.\ he «aid. as he held his f •:*.!.\> hand at the moment of departure. • 1 ;.-• moth's poicg where he won't trouble : \kid at l.er y- u ajrain tor one while, at any rate! The w,,v that ra.-- ; i.oni kicus if I'll eTer coma back, but wbat- ;.. t !. ihn'.i. ,-ivr haj'peri*. whether 1 live or die, you ••:• :•»• y !-e- «hi\;.t fair tne a .shirk again.\ Then he look- e ! a', la r \ti;h l.i« great, pleading deep blue -'..«• - . '.. • .ii-\. «-;.-. s.-.vhic'u said all that pride tied his tongue i; I:I saying, kissed Ui?r twice, thrice, passiou- . ii :'.'. ^'...-V a'.-'v. and ivaj gi>tit-, •'.••• v \. : -.-t < t.'a.prrlaj-.s, if she couW hate oidcred .. . e-aL-tly in h*?r Hking, would not have had • ••••'•\ :.•; tno'.ii tiy yiile si farnff, butshc wasnot • -..a' ti.ai 1 ..i o '.. !...k lwtk.lirr hand once put to the '•••••; l;.'v, }.. .;i^'.; slu l.ad teoken for Kory'a good, • •:•_' .-• :;;<• «!...t mi-lit ot it; if he was thereby '.•.:•: ;.i 1; •;, at iea^t lie was gained to himself, . i r .;..•:.'.^- j.r -!K; hvtievt-d, an.'. -,tie was not going to l'«- j:« ' l.er Wilk because it was working itseir i iu l/i'iun.l lieranticipation. Soahekepton vluttilv along the round of her daily duties, •J. -* in::iti!'.iri.ns cares known only to farul- er>' «Ac« and daugliters, who, whatever hap- ;t-,.~. r,M?t tie piepared for seed lime and '.. j:\es :, ('ehawaias capable a little ruis- ::t»- a? ever lived, add her quick eye and step 1 •(•: \.id».i the liou.se like a Spring breeze; she «as hen . there, and everywhere, providing ! .:• in*!:. • \>i seeing the maids, scolding them, ; >>•. -iim r.ujcs, no doubt, all tbiougu the *.i. k. an', tiini iu Sundays ready in her tlie i\. .,i. witii a voice and faca as •' ii. i- i • Against you!\ repeated Kory. \These were the kindest words you t»er spoke lo me. Made a man of me. Came just in time, too, for, a little longer, and 1 should have settled down into a regular Tillage lounger—like old Tom Wiley, perhaps- hanging about the stores, sitting on molasses barrels, and drinking old Jamaica. Might have come to that, who knows?\ Both laughed. \But Celia,\ said Uory, presently, \I'm not a shirk now, and—i* there any chance for me ? Tou know you're all the world to me, dear.\ Tbe transition from molasses to sentiment was so abrupt that it confused Celia for a moment Then she remembered Juanita, and her lips compressed. How dare Kory play with her like that? \Kory sho said, quickly, \you ought not to talk s» to me.\ \Why not?\ said the unabashed Kory. \Oh!—jou know.\ \No I don't. Is it Dr. Ileath or Lew— ?\ \No no! But—arn't yoa goiug to many your cousin ?\ \I hope so!\* said Kory, fervently. \Well then!\ 'What of that!\ echoed. Celia, with a won- dering glance at him, as if lo make sure he had not been taking just a drop of old Tom Wiley's specific—\why you can't marry two people, and you know you said yourself the wedding would be nert year?\ '•Oh, you're thinking of Juanita? Yes, but her wedding won't be mine,you know?\' \Not—yours—?\ '•Ofcourse not! She's going to marry a Spanish fellow as light-heeled as she is. They danced into love together, and now claims, and delenees interposed for A-tiy «•/.», not wanted. All business will be prosecuted t ' n conclusion as ranidly as possible. I>. S. McMASTERS, V TlOllNKV AM> COVXSELLOn AT LAW. Offiee over taimore & Uurgoyne's store, Margaret Street. l'lattsnurirH. IS. l., where lie will lie ready to suet hi s friends and clients, and Make rapcrs of al 1 kinds: Attend to Suits iu Justices' Courts, Surrogate s Courts,County Courts, Supreme Court, Drawing and Probate of Wills, Proceedings In Bankruptcy, Collec- tion of Debts, Foreclosure of Mortgages, Parti- tion of Real Estate, Sale of Infants' Real Estate, Advising and Assisting Executors and Administrators In the Conduct and Settlement of Estates. He is also United states Commis- sioner. PAUITGIRARD, D EI'UTKLCOLLECTOR OF TXTEKN'AL KET- cnue, 1st Division, lGth District, x. Y.. and Notary Public; will also attend to Collections. Deeds, Contracts, &c.. carefully drawn an d acknowledged. Parties liable t o pay Special Taxes i n Division Ko. 1, will hereafter apply at this office for tax-paid stamps and otner stamps issued by th e Internal Revenue De- partment. Office, second iloor Clioton block, Margaret street, l'lattsburgh, N. Y. 1*.O. Box D. S. KELLOGG, M. D. O FFICE 52 Margaret Street, Pittsburgh. Xew York. 20tr JOSEPH H. SMITH, M. D., P IIVSICIAX AND SCRGEOX. Over WHh- criii, McCaffrey & Co.'aciothing Store, So. iil Margaret Street, PlattsburgU, X. »'. T. B. NICHOLS, M. D-, (LIBERAL,) P HV.SICI-VK JLXD SUBGEOJT, AXI> V. S. Examining Surgeon. Office, 02 Margaret Street, over R. O. Barber & Sons; Residence, Bo. c Oak street, a few steps Jrom th e Post Office, l'lattsburgh, N. Y. Dr. WOLFRED NELSON, .'3ICIAX AX D Sl'RGEOS, 1 St. J laee, 199 Canning Street, Montreal. EDWARD A. CARPENTER, M. D., (HOJKEOrATHIC), P HYSICIAN AXD SURGEON. Office Brinck- erhoff Street, opposite the Custom House and Post Office, first door cast of tho First Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, N. V. Dr. E. C. LOW, H 0M(£0I'ATI1IC PHYSICIAN. Office at J. R. Emerson's Residence, corner Margaret and Cornelia Streets, Plattsburgh, X. Y. RECOjniZXDATIOX. To Dr. E. V. LOW, In slight but very grateful recognition, from liis friends- Kev, Dr. & Mrs. E. A. Bnllcley, of his sl.ill. care and faithfulness, i n times of critical sicklies* in their family. PI lattsbnrgh.X. T., July.lSTl. PsiiTtcriAa Aiiasnos emcte TO WATCH REPAIIIIItO. SI l^-.r South of \ho CumberlanJ ITou«e, »» MARGARirr STREET. Atnistrone's Itioek, rt.ATTSMCBca. s. r. WM. RKKD, GOTO Sowles & Edwards', Kn-\ h«-V tt 1'I-CIT »'.s.-Ti,n<-nt i f CLOTHING! HAGERTYS • InsiiRince Agenr\ I\si i; \\< DEALER IX rOREIGX AXD AMEBICAJI WATCHES AND .CLOCKS, JEWSLRT, KILTER WARE, *?., Ac CLOCKS, WATCHES and JEWELRT repair- ed by experienced workmen, on short notice, and at the lowest terms. aotf J. R. COTTR1XI., DEALER Vf WATCHES, CLOCKS, JgWELRY, Silver Ware and Fancy Goods. Watches, Clock* and Jewelry Repaired. Hair Jewelry and Engraving done to order. MAKUABET STJtEKT, 9yl PLATTSBVEGH, JT. X. SOMETHING LONG WANTED ASH AT LAST COMES. A Practical Watch-Maker. HOWARD & SMITH, D KXTISTS. Ofnee, CI inton Block, over X. G. Brown Jfc Co.'s store, Plattsburgh, N. Y. .S. V. HOWARD , E. C. SMITH . Drs, BIXBY & PECK'S D EXTAL ROOXS, over H. W. Catty * Co.'s Drug Store, corner of Margaret and Uridge Streets, Plattsburph, N. Y. NitTous Oxide Gas administered when de- sired. U. F.BlXliY. C. R.PEt'K. -yXK NESS HOUSE, V. •1 ... Hin they're going to dance into matrimony.\ _ \Oh!\ Scarcely to save her life could ! u - <•'• liARCER & CO ,.•-.. .^ u , 7 -o to meeting best, laid up in j Olia have spoken m«re than that one word, ! ill .• e:.dcr »;.d r-«e leaves:' leaviii!?, iu short, | nor have looked up into the dusky blue ej'CS I p r J.^.J.^!. ';.» ' • !.<.;-l lasLioM'l.otth'iiloX village life, *\<-• felt were waiting for hers. IJ^LJ 1 ;-:..:». the >;iaik;ugr who knows? for she \r>id you think Juanita was the cousin I I /\iTjMBERL^UMBERLAND •A.I-:•.'••' o:i'v tiif prettie.-t gitl in the town, hoped to marry?\ said Kory, in a lower .-• a:. ..:•..' liiiil. vtho*i: UtluT possesse'd voice. \I've got another cousin—Celia—\ 5 : -• . . \;A\ charms i.f another sort. Silence, and Celia knitting as if for a w.v i: :v. r.:ea:.7iL;.<«, was doing well \over , ge r - Kory leaned forward aud captured her •,.-.«-.'.- ::.«% call. 1 the great Ur away | both hands in defiance of the darting needle- ..•+'. .- n:r.. wi'.-e distance iu crossing P 0 ' 1 ' 18 and the imminent risk of another Proprietors. jirnLixnrox, vr. o . IJ. l*£ltOV.S(lX. .• -fn.cl t.• i.i\c li!,!^ed over lor those *:: b-l.,„ i ,i; the house under the Northern. , ... - :;:. I I:J ;j.l. s. He had hem very lucky, wounded finger. ''Celia,\ said be, '-is it Dr Ileath or I ?\' ...... _, \It's—not Dr. Ileath—\ said Celia, aud •.-;..-.c. in ti e pauiicrship into which he | then knitting and needles became entangled : v. : i c i; v, as l. i making with a rush,! in . hopeless confusion, and I am afraid some '••;t V -set\v:i!y i.ol losing it; was of the stitches in that stocking had to be '.-.';-' ':»• -v Vici; in experience if not gold. t;iken over again. - -\:c:* v.,-:c a-siii'.-diy prosaic enough, * * * . .: ... t :.!«« v.:th description than with J Talking of Juanita, Ceha,' / HOUSE, P.ROMLEY BOYS, . . . Proprietors. PLATTSIWHOU, X. P., liehiR centrally located, the House presents great attractions t o Business Men,and no pains will be spared t o maintain its reputation as a First-Class Hotel. A liberal patronage i s re- spectfully solicited. J'at'iiciilnr AUt:ntu~>n given to Loral and OwiMier- cUU Travelers. Free Carriage to and from Arrivals aud De- partures of all Trains and Koats. 3tf B.' KOMLEY'S HOTEL, Proprietor. L. U. B. UttOilLEY, . . BEDFORD, X. i . The undersigned ha s purchased the Hotel lately owned by L. P. Lile at Bedford, and hav- ing put i t i n tliorougli repalr.is now enabled to furnish the traveling public the very best ac- commodations. The patronage of th e public is cordially solicited. SOU L. 15. B. BROMLEY. 'iptiou inau witu i *—«.- 4 ^..,,.»,..,..., v...... said Kory, by- , ii -.-ii'.iitieut least of all; the \ and-by,\as I told you, your packing me oir i oi 'he ;m finaiion couid not; w »s the making of me; but, all the same. >in\'in'.>'Tove* letters; they i wasn't it something of a risk? Howdidyou ••• '.*al i'j-d on towu-ujeet- I know but I might turn out a butterfly in- I r.'-in.' a hi ish on Celia's ' »tead or a moth ?\ ,V: I 'there was alwari some \- No danger,\ laughed Celia, ignoring all r <>>•, -dv Lin hersell could tin- : lier Pre 1 ' 10 ^ doubU aud fu'ars. \OnCJ a ..•h;.g'. which without a „ y moth, always a moth!\ v. .i- UIP{;.• t>. rclirfcliold ni\ra- ' u ' jr 1 a \ sv *'cred this saucy speech as it de- ' • v.- ! - a ve 'v her heart ' s '- rVtf d. Cut his reply cannot b* set down •Vi V lai.':-'.I,\uii:;:Uie remark- «'» P»l»r. • : a ; .-ion-, m.ire fre'i'ient of KATE PCTXAM Ontiooo. -• . ,r ••;„::,.^h.ia.nekix; Are We to Have a Famine ? , Frct - tarri;ig cs w and from the cars. Agood . .. i . in e ..it , ?. • jes am. Livery is conueeted with the house. •' ... i tv.is the nest bilero Itmavbe! I t has been predicted. Bu t special arrangements made tor convevtng • :•: -ii in that whole pit dictions are not always fulfilled. Ncrer- i parties to the l-ikcs and Fishing (irounds.'aud • \• formet theirs it is wise to look at chances. From I «\U»\>1>K Xowns, o n reasonable terms. u NION HOUSE, U. 11. FAUXSWORTU, . proprietor. i CU.lTE.lCU.ir, X. Y. :. a •! -n,: sir«n.,-theu.Kl all ipuirt-rs comes the informaUou that this ' T . Kv , „.,,,(,„ , i'!i:.*!.: • : I'..'.le Jacob, country has not been, iu many years, so I Jj uoc-e>.fc,, •\•• . i : a' .• •;. cl il ten- shorti ofhtrra produce—of wheat, corn, rye, I , .!!•,.;'•:•• rand iicol.cw <\*--- barley and vegeUbles. Talk of more • JuI,x TyWLE > • • • • Proprietor. •'ii a piir oi lovers iu ihe cuiieiicy! Of what use would it be to the i 1'L.lTTSHC/ii.if, A. )'. . : ..:.J.rh., silver lion-1 firmer who has nothing to exchange for it? j , ,i,t...l up m «,„d order; also, -.\.-i :.<-».. n^ Lis lathers- 1 he South has to purchase food, and thou- t new Itarns and riheds—and will run a Carri- ,-..\.•'. '..\ man. an I in her sands along the Mississippi Valley have got , »#• to and from the depot, or to any part the •I tliat\ her fa!!:er was to be fed by charitable hands, and furnished ; village. . .,,,,.., , I. * kn - .:t.:g. si,- would with the wiitte*ith to make a crop. Iowa ^^1 ^£*~ZXXrS'ti)^^ ;.-: .r h«!'*eli, of Juanita, and-Mississippi have had to feed fanners, 'should U- !ett by nine ovioek the cveulns pre- •:.-..»• i.u'Iat.didi hut n> occupving large areas ou their western bur- vimis. A. r , •, ;ii« n ,>io. aud !iie d.i», else they woui.l have starved the past ' ThanUiiij the pubiie r..r i>a.-,t favors, would ,. • •.•...u.i iia.li a:.d l..-r wint-r. S«ed must be funiishtd them for ; * l \ ' ' rlMtro ' li »-- e : . .-',- d,'. tli.'i.iuh in- !ii\ spring planting. Michigan farmers have '• Phdt.sbnrim.M.iy -•::, IST-J \ '', niiA.lv , nothing to sell, and are buying hay for their ' ' JOHN' ToWLE. i5tr :.j i'.. ilcitii. or atm.k. Central Illinois is cleaned out of | \\|OOERS HOTEL, .-... 'i.e I.i;l, hid win at, com, etc., an d a failure of a crop ; -*•\-•- j.Mi, ( . j. i would there would compel importations, according ' T. P. EIFIELP, ,..'.<\. tni-r-.: to pice.- to reluhle testimony. ,„,„.,,•< ,,, , ... . o. .iieaui\ an I Tin: receives of grain are no t large. In • MOO*J..-> ni.J>. ; , ti .••!• Slli'ilr' Eiiloiie they an: Smaller, proportionately, i Tl » ' siihseriber tvUhes to aunotince to the .. i . . ii. in uitli ii* A li»d liirnMiiirt'iin-K.i.,1 i travelling pul.Iie that h e lias purchased th e ,. , -vo'ii-d virep than with us A had hai\est in Europe and a , wvc i lo \ u ! 1% an d havin K tlioronghly refltted T. l'. EIEIELD, .... Proprietors. .UDOAJl.i i 'ILL.lt ;K, -V. Y. V, > , , , ., , ,...-•. «i^w»e Jiuiri , un. i I«.»*,JIK fcOOrOHgllly ...1 .ii Jiialiitas a short on e here, will cause suffering. In I .- t ud rerur>iisli<-l th e same, will be happy to ^;.e started sod- view of tbe vast number ot non-producors, of ! wait on all who may favor him with Hielr pa- e.«il!i ill lie!' eye*, tin* illVels'.oti of farm labor tostoek and dairy ! tr < ea»- . a s h « wen t '.i.e •ouaj^e. hiish-mdrv instead of the nriidurtiiin nf food A t,i \\ wl;i '' lw:l y 1, c \ n » : >»d M th<; JlUlc- i.usr».iii.ny insican 01 ill pniUuTllOU 01 lOOU u.m on arrival of trains t o mnwj gnwis to v lie.Hi- i-'ri'l--^, lli--|4row.ing inditi.iti'iii ot farmers to ' an-1 lixtm the Uoiise Free of Cliarge. \•\U-i.e-e '\s-ii titii\ itini \live on the iiiiercst of their , . T. P. FU'IKLD. ',.• •,.,.! on.tiev.\ Ihere i- some rc-iSoit of Mnnri»lieii- ! .'fooers, Ilee. to, I.s.ii. rjitf U PPElt CHATEAUGAY LAKE.— The House known as the money, there is some rcasou of appreheu- ;./n',f over .*>iou as regaids luture supplies, and nmch in'•!;« that I'>.i5-.U why tliose Hho cultivate the soil •i-\r tht-in should do •.i hopefully, so far as prices for id j.\' ly.liv prodm-Us are concerned. ! l\I<-l- > iioi-.-~On House, !!.•• »ii.... ii was not with Uie purpose of alarming , , • . , ,. ,. , . ... .. _ ... . ... . .i , ,. •\•••••( situated at Indian Point, at the Li>i>er Clia- ,. sl.» tu,.-< an*, i.n« tliat we wiot« the heading t o this | tpangay Lake, lias been leased by (JKO. W. i, : T:. ..ii aria ie. Ii is rather lh.it we in;iy insure at- | COLLINS, known as one of the oldest culdes ... , tu,;.. ti, teiition to the pos>ibilitie*. .' »• w...;!d so nncomuiiin an occurrence pi.«!uein,' America may nut suffer from it. | Point is one of the jtiostpleasant locations on the inost ile«irable Jlthiny trout commences ou or Famine is not I °\ thK takes. The House will be kept In good .> , r , : order. Good Coats and Guides o n hand at 1 nut even loon- . s i, u rt notiee and at reasonable serins. Indian t suirer from it. j p,dnt is one of the mo • ,, , i l,:.,,a Al!i'.i'!y hillilTer lias gnawed at the vitals of I the lake—rlelit o n thi -..in- .,f her grain-producing liopulatioii. j 'J r , atu «':. ™,\ 11 S.,\' ' .-, K',1 V.*u~ lliiuiiary, l'..l.m.|, and some pnrUous of : T B 'LN M.^SUHSSJ .i.o il a «..i, ! I hem a Mtr- :pi i«- i! w.i< ; -•..! >, .on; .\. 3 -en.'il aS .. - - . will convey partlen. to ain-prodiicing Kussia, have suifered from I and from the Lakes by the way of Elleuburjjh wuinof to»l, or the ability to purchase it, I <\ Chateau-jay. the past year. India is now losing populi- j uEO. W. COLLINS. iioii lroin hunger. England's farm labor • Cuat.-augay Lake,itarcliae,l«W.—l»r lr.,u!.>, are t-oiiii; to affect, 30 a*J to difilill* ; 41 ,i f n ,|,. ,--!,, her pioductioi. the present year. This j WITHERILL'S HOTEL LIVERY -ii.k,n^ population, and that portiou thereof ! srauLL. .. : .\ n,:,'\ -.in,! wl.iih iinigrate from their homes, sjieiid ' (.'. K. CouLEY A: CO., . . . proprietor. . : '•• . AI, ei.ou^h— II;I.til y. h«e time, but must consume food all ..- r ••;'•!. ci'ii r, the while- The average power of pi od net ion i-> tluis greatly diminished. • • : i:.:\. T-:HII..U- We cannot help thiuking that th e wisest l;,r ! ..in ilu;i^'d r.inntr fur 1871 will be he who devotes the j _\ K < ei:*.\ liast time t o Farmers'Conventions, spends > •• ..-. \'<>\,d\'i >>u the least breath in claudcuunciation^ud who •.\l. . .o j], i what lievoles himself most earnestly an d intelli- .-.'i\:.ci'.i.''i'. J sli.-tll ytiiily lo the produciugof food (auda variety ion . i _ - ...\ r. .t the \' •': with which to supply the demand that v. ;• i i.e w h; t h no the year is sure to give him, and reap there- - .»•; ey- v ui.I. -.-> (or the remuneratiou to which hit labor Will •»•,, : ;.a.- , i.abi»-d be entitled aud which be wiil surely realize. lot, witii the present low stock of all food .';...;.\ .•.:,:.n- material in all quarters of tbe globe, we cau- , ':,• .:. a h.irrv !•> not imagine a change that shall be uufavor- isbir to the farmer who has food to sell at the i AI-:.; I:^:y;\i've t!o=e of 1874.— llurul Xew Yorker. I i... an! t-» ny and -^W^- .' It\ n.aiia^e.l to —If a child wauut a light to go to sleep by, !.- ! i;ive it one. The sort of Spartan firmuaas I -1. - - '^on.g lo do just; whicn walks oil\ and takes the candle, and ... . • : n.i ,,i i fiiiner,' shuts all the doors between the botlsehohl • •'. tin ia< i thai neither j cheer and warmth and the pleasant stir of r .-.i oi't.iai i.or matriuiouial! the evening nirth, and leave* a little too or i.eli .li !ia:i;piantiiig. \Hut , daughter t o hida iu bead onder tb* bed- .,.• \ _ back,thougu,t«fetch youi jelothea,andgetloaUxpubaatltean,lasol Wl.f-i. . .: to l--, i-n. i».i ? wheu's the ' at all admirable. Not Utal the dear motber • ••.... r - ••!',?' I meant in be cruel when she tries thU or . . !,.,i,^'/' repeated llory, d.eam.ly ; i that hardening process, treating baSMH «tr . a -'^it and a smile, \thi tome- . lure a* IHt were clay, to bs aaolied lato aay . t ..r I. ,p<a.\ ; shapeanemay stsasc. Very ufcslr sk s bat ii.'ly .i .' je*h', was to be,'' thought Celia, wa'ciied ^-ry'» unconscious face* .: • e ti.ai she should bate been the ..I h.m hall across the world to find unknot*n cousin, who otbcf- .... « : o-^n. i <».. act«j««p.i . . : ! • h.ei -b- I. . ...)'.:.* •.••••>- »oul i doiibikss have remainsd un- .. . .i oi. * ,...o*.'. to him torever. Well, .h« did U lot *s a , '.o 1J* Ui** best , she. told herself, «a olteu bsfort*bUt di3a.1el1.jt1 ;iu< liti>e sl^ couid Siot thus ita tonciieJii.g, peihai^, ' 'jmu v» readily. Ami just Ilwtn Jtnrjr's «f«• t . •.Lau.tcd l!u» world—he , turned suddealy fuM trpoo hsr, ao4 tb s ao idea wbabmr of lbs inlury i fh« niifntsrss. ttilnalng sbs Is Cblldrsa aw oRsw obMgsj-1, la>— ran sjood msOsr otajka' to of it* ftlllSSt Sjl **——-• rLATTSBCitnii, x. y. Parties in want of a Good Turnout, either for business or pleasure, should call at WltheriH's Hotel Livery Stable, Where tUey will And Good Tsnraoats or Every Description, AND AT KEA80HABUE MUCKS. ty-Kveryuung new and in Rood order. C. E . COOLKY * CO. TJNIOV HOUSE. B. SIMOXDS, proprietor. BSMKMAXTOWS COUXUHS, X. P. This house is conveniently located about six witos Mftb of riaUsbnrgk, in on* of the saoat pleasant location* in this section of the eowt- uy. The bouse baa been pat l a thomaa;h t re- patr. and fanOshed with erery oonvcnlttnes for the aoeomasodatioB ot Pleasare Parties. l>atod. Hay W, I87*e-21U fiABANAC HOUSE, L. P. KILK, - - - - . . rn-nrtetor, I Foraecly of JUkt'a Iloasi, stodnraSfc SAaAMACCLIMTOK CO., *. T. ROBERT METER. W HO has received bis diploma in Switzer- land, has opened a JEWELRY STORE In Win. Cane & Son's Store. No. 88 Margaret Street, Where you will find a full line of WATCHES, CLOCKS, And everything in the JJCWlCLiItY L.UVJC. Special attention given to BKPAIRINfi or VIME WATCHES, which la done by hlnueli, at tbe shortest notice, and at pries* to salt all. All work done at his shop is warranted. KOBEKT MKYEB. PlatUburgh, March 13,1874.-lltf ftOTH I£ARi *3*r OF THE ^TV Chomplain Valley ^ EYE & EAB INFUlMAItY, Over 33 Years Experience la lafli—lln. Hospitals, Cslkeio ana llasne rraeftee. ]>B. HAYSES is usually a t the CTCHRBK- LAND 1IOLSE, Plattoburgb^.Y., tor consnlta- tlon and operations In diseases of the Bye. Ear and Throat on the SECOND and FOL'lSru TUESDAY of each month. Patients have found a home with Dr. HAWKS, for operations and treatment, more than twenty years. Al- ways address for particulars and before going elsewhere. 8. 1IAYKES, M. D. Saranac, Clinton County, X. Y. J»ARBER SHOP. GEORGE W. DUSTIN, \Who for twelve years occupied the Barber Shop at the Cumberland llonsc, has removed to Xo.l CLIXTON STREET, (RKED'S P.IXX'K.) PLATTSBVIHill, X. Y. Where he will be happy t o see all his old cus- tomers. TgARBERING AND HAIR WORK. J. A. FOBKEr, FASHIONABLE BARBER, an d operator i n every branch of tb e TONSOBJ AL LINE. Far . ticular attention given to every description or HAIR WORK. Ladies' and Children's Hair Cot in tbe latest style. Xo. 68 Margaret St, over Williams Ac Steven's Boot and Shoe Store. rLATTgBUBUH, X. Y. X. B. This Shop i s closes! o n Sundays. TllEY ARE AiiKHTX Kid: Till N. Y. Chemical Paint Co., AND CAN rl liMsll AWT SHADE rtALLEO TOM. Mixed Ready (or 1 \so. This Paint vj< n««d in many pl.ter*. Is«t season, and tilVKS I NIVEK.SAL SAT1SFA0T1OX. Al^O, FOR SALE. Atlantic and other Pure Leads, And a largs' assortment of COLO IIS, &-c, AT LOWEST rRICES. Plattsburgh, May 38,1874.- Sni •pLATTSBUUGH.K T !t>74 M. P. MYERS etc CO., DEALER S IM HEAVY AND SHELF WARE, IKON, ISTEEL, NA11.S, tiLASS, PAIJJTS and OILS, EXN1JIU and BLASTIXU POWDKli, COttDAOE, uiKta, PITCH. MECHANIC'S T(H»I.S, HUBS, SPOKES.FELLOES ARD HOUSE EURSISII1SG GOODS of alllescriptlons. ALSO, AOEXTS FOR TERWILLIGER t CO'S. SAFE. —AXD— BOWB SCALES AND RMPIBE POWDE3. J. H. VILAS, (formerly VILAS Jt HATH A WAV), 1L»S just received a CHOICE LOT OF Pocket Cutlery. Wliieli is Wins sold a t REDUCED PRICES. Bach Knife Warranted. Also, Agent for tne justly celebrated Electric Razor. GE0.N.WEBB&S0N, WE CANE A SON IIWL Jl -T KM lil\m IHt- Lar»iv-t. H.-t 'ii..i M.-t V.i-i. ,1! ST>rf-K \I Spring an ^ Samiiier CLOTHS Westcliest-pr Firt' Jit--'. Co. i . ii \ ! ,\ T '- Ever JJroujrlit to this Market, f'piu: mi - ;; .' l- ;; \..i i.i'. \ • \\ 1 ? • ^ * 1^1 ' PI-ATTSBUHG1I. N. V Franklin Fir< Ins. C«» • i':i' • * Liverpool. Lou<io:i A: GI<-H» A'sct'. Fire As«nciat. j ••! I'll;: »::.;• » i Capita! a:--.! > :•;•' - EQUITABLE ! I • &:• H. K. AVEBILL, Jr., Civil Engingecr. Surveyoi* AXD DRAUHOTKMAN. Oflcc In Clinton Block, 18yi rtATTSBVnc.1l , X. Y PAINTING. ELOEXE A. SMITH, House, Sign and Decorative Fainter, Corner of St. Paul and College Sts., ncBLtsarox, vr. Specialty made of Decorating Private Ileal* dences, Churches, See. |?LECTRO-PLATING IN Gold, Silver, Platina, Ac, Performed in the best manner by A. J. WOLFF, Jr. Spoons, Forks, Knives,CakebasVt-u, Watch- es, Chains, and Ornaments of ail kinds, rr/Jat- ttl and made t o appear a s good a s new. Orders punctually executed at reasonable priees. Chio-Piastic imitations made t o order.— Meilals, Medallions and Seals copied t o resem- ble the original. Leave orders at the oiltee onu door north of tlio Court House. istr A LL PERSONS REQUIRING MONUMENTS, Hea-d-StoiueK, &c, &c, Will do well t o eall a t E. H. HEATH'.s Marble Workf* Before purchasing of Travels**; As*—ta, who represent ouethiiiK aud furnish another. I'latUburch.N.y. JTOOKmxnnicL AVA£. SCOTT, BUICLlXumx, VT., I5ook Cinder, liLANK BOOK AN D PAPER BOX MANUFACTURER. Itullns of every Description Done t o Order. Persons living In distant parts of the county having Binding to do, by writing to Win. Scott, Burlington, Vt., will be noUfledof the time blK Agent will call upon them to take their work. Binding will be done, < brooch the Agent, as cheap as If brought directly tu tb e Bindery— no extra charge made for receiving or de- livering it. Aprlla. ISM. -ly Meat and Fish Market P. MoKEEFE, Proprietor. comer or Bridge and River Streets, PLATTSBUBGII, N. T. A T this stand may be found at all times a choice assortment of FORK AMD BEMF, Freak oad Halt, BUTTSK, KGtlS, WULTMT. oriTMM8.md CANADA BACOX, at prices that cannot be beat. Also, SUUTHKKX tKQtlABlMB. l a their season. _____ P. WeXKKtm. January •« \Ti. fOAXTOB COVHTV g A viiBe__i R»yw_r Steam and Gas FITTERS,! Tin Plate. Sheet Iron AND Copper Workers, AND DEALERS I X THESE i;«HiI>S WILL BK SOLD AT GREATLY REMCKP PMCE8. Perfect Fits Guaranteed In all cases »here Suilt are Maiiiifactiurd t»Onler. MU, JOHN BELL, th e Popular (niter, still has charge of th e Culling Depart men I. tu which he devotes ids entire attention. A LARGE STl^'k OF Ready-Made Clothing, Of ike tatcat Styles. Will befnnndintlds.-slal>lislim«>it.al prices to suit customers. A LARGE STOCK OF Gents' Furnishing Goods KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HASP. Store Ko. §8 Margaret St., _J Oppnuite Uie Ciiinberlaiul ITouse. WM. CANE A- SON. PlaUsLurgh, April 14, ISTt. CLOTHING! Commercial Union Fire Ir.< ('-• • il |I.\!H-\, 1 ' • : * - ' , Capita! a:i 1 >.i:p;,;-. - - - . . * I .? !t V..\<\ '.') i V • ' | — j Niagara Tire Ills. Co.. i or M.t t \ol;l INSURANT Capi'.t! an J Surpla-. J. B. IIAtiKUTi. \_. : Lycoming Fire IIIK. CO.. o f - I'i.NV-', ! \. ivn Ai-s< t-. - J. Il II.V.hliiY, A. !' . North British Mercantile Ins. Co., Ot\ UVl:U11.i'I . AM' !\%!•'> As^cL«. J. l;. iiA'.KI.TV. A - lXcxir York Central In^. Co., OK M:W \. ;:;-. Capital and Stitpln c . - - T-• , .* , ' .1. 11. HAtiKI.TV. Air.i.:. Atlas Insurance Company. OF lIATtTroltD. « HNS. As?ct<=. ----- >.',:.. •,»« o J. 15. HAfiKKTV. A; ;i n'. National Fire Ins. Co., «>P PIITLADKLPIIIA. FA A-SselS. ----- S\-'<'.< i «• J. B. IIAfJEUTV. Asci.t. Allemannia Insurance Co.. OFCLEVELAXDOlIln Capital ami Surplus, - - ~:-\.\-\ J. II. DAfiKiai, Aztt.t. Honaesteatd Insnyance Co.. OK WATKRTwWX. \. V. Capital, - - - - - vJi\'. •\' Jii^nres nnlhinc b<st It-n^lltnv- at'd Farm Property. j. B. HA<;KI;TY. AJ. I.;. Mntnal Iiife Insurance Co.. O F XE W \<>IU. Accumulated A >i?et?, - - - -•...••«. J. B. UAtiKKTV. A_ it. Witherill,IMcCaffrey & Co., FURlsr_VCES, | MERCHANT TAILORS. GAS FIXTURES, •Lead and Iron Pipe, Kitchen Furnishing Goods, &c. ALL KINDS OF Jddriig Done in tie Best inner. PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID TO PLUMBING, Steam and Furnace Work. Marr?liall's Block, Ho. 17 Bridge Street, PLATTSBURGH. N. Y. SHIELDS & EGAN, TllTE beg leave to inform the j.uMie that we it have just received from New York a lull assortment of Spring and Slimmer CLOTHS. Of all kiwis and <\loi«eriptu»iis GENTS' Fiunishiiig Goods, And in fact everytlilng usually found in a FIRHT-CLASH ADDITIONAL ROOM, lXCI.'EASKD FACIUTV Folt JH-IT \', STIK'k\. <iKKATLV 1N< i'K.W.!' VAHJKrV IX All. IU PAKTMKXT-. WE HAVE recently u.:., • -.: \. Place t o onrformi'T IT- ::.i. -.:.: devote tlds room ev'u-I'.< iyt.i Fancy Stationery ai-.l l'.laf.k \V. additional room in ti:.- f-om-r «r display and st< r::^«- -fa ^r. .;•• -, all departmeia-.. DKALKRS IX TIN WARE, Wooden Ware, Silver Plated Ware, Kitchen Furnishing tioods. i'isUrn 1'iimjis, rone Pump*, Al e Pumps, <i;is. Steam au d Water Pipe of all kiuCsJ A«EXT8 F O It Which are offered tu the pubtU- :it Greatly Reduced Prices. JJ'lhe reason for our puri-liasiiij; our stof-tc w> early in the season i s this— i»e liail a n oppor- ttinily of .M-lc.-tiii)? front al) the Newest Patterns and Styles, Whii-h wi- would not liave liad if w e waited until later in the season, and we assure our friends and customers tliat < rerylklug t>oii;;ht of lis will lie in the Latest Styles. Willi largely increased fiu-iliiies U> iiiBiiri- Tlioronghness an d rn>niptn«-s», an d Willi a deU-rniiiialion t o uiaiiitain tlie reputation of our Cl.itbint; ajt The Standard of <Haality and Make, We Invite a eoiilinu.'ince of the public favor. which lias piven n s a (-.instantly increased , _., 1 —, j liiislncs.s<Iuriii(; tlie past two vi-ari. We liave Lawsons Diamond: xurnace.! ££ e \ ,im ' ,,a wm ' \ t,r s, \«* r :i IU, \*\« IJ >' Tola runiaee eomblnes the requisites »r durability an d economy i n a very unusual degree, ft is so simple In constuetion that it la easily understood and managed. No house organized degree, ft is so simple In constuetion that it la easily understood and manage, should b e without on e of these Furnaces . Fartlenlar attention is called t o their assort- ment of Cookine Stoves, Of Vbiell they hare a FINE VARIETY. They are agents for th<t celebrated Cooking Stove, MOMB FIUKXD. luanufaeture.l b y Fuller, Warren A Co., Troy, X. V. It i s beyond a doubt, the beat Stove ever introduced In tills market. . Call aud sco it before purchasill_ elsewhere. nnasblsir. One, Iron A Copper Work EXECUTED PEOMPTtr. fsiUei out at toivn wantlne worlc dune wul find It greatly to their ail vantage to give them a call. Marshall's Block, Ko. 13 Bridge St., PLATTSBURGIl, N. 1\. K. B.—Cash paid lor Wool, bheep Pelts, Furs, , Deer»klns,RaEa, ttoeswax, and all kinds of Peddlenr'Barter. Piattsbaa'ii. Mar W, 1873. 22tf CLEANING AND KEPAIRIKir DEPARTMENT. And evcrythini; dour in tills ilepartiut'iit will d c d.iui* uitl i WE IHVITEM lim.- ' 'i:M - '•• 'i Efltat their leisure, wlirlli. r wi^l.ii.^ i.. • liase or not., iir I.ir-_ •• .!. : • .! : I-K-s. • . . WE SHALL this .-pni.\ :.-i....i-ii. . . tomers with the extent ;„..l i.,i-i.•: v assortment •>( Ibrfik-. H„t ii.^ •. ..• for their display, atid In.ui ); .-i... '.r-..„. past sales, we l».i\*.-\i.-i ..i.i ., .i.-,;c ;.i. now receiving Iarj;cl'ur. i^u i;.., . front the pnlilisliers. pun I..•-.. .i ;.t .. .. discount fr.-m u.arke! ] il < -. 1 .. taceottrcu-d. :i • r , -1:.-.r: •• . ..-•• lit of. WE MEVER i.i-ie l.a.i i:. • ]>n>per <Ii!>i>I.-iy of the i.-ui-tv ••! : Slatioin-rv ^iniia.-, ,ve l.< :e••,. .!:. i alls for. fun jirop...... Ii. r. •..:. . : -^» extensiv e a n :ir.-^.rl lu.-n r :•- v. , coiiiuuiilate and p:< a^-. X. B. KIMS _. CO., Cannon Place Book raid FaptT S!ci.. ll.oV. N. V. D. ITL.SJ IX .^ sAnlritOO i Iffii-eral Co I >AXI<\ siH-iuslo »ii;I>-. '..• \. : . ,. •.. Oiat tlier.'Is lii.i.l.ii u.i-...;. '. . ;':. , . anil easily found l.y tL • u- .• • f i MINERAL t'oMl'ASS. )Iaiiu!:u T.m .< >,\ DANIEL nusTIN'. Keillor.I, Clhi. ,n f... N. V. For sale at SOWI.I.'S A KiiVV Al:;.-. I :•- l.ur^ii, x . v.. <;i:ui:i.i: i liAi.i. \ I.. v. Fork,, X. Y., an.! 3. W.Ii V\ ii*- - I i X.Y. M^iiy u.«-ii n.i\.- i.i.i-'. ;. . :.,-.. . . the use tit saiiK i.uipa-.-.. a:, i \ . t •., tains and valle\>..i .s,.;;;., : i.':,, i •_ : iilled >»-itli n,iiM-rul ^l.•:lltn \ t : u.i.!.-. •.. : . for want of the u>.- ,.t Ii. in:-!:., - \j. : ., t'oUlpiU,s. Price.'le u li-.il.us . v» i,. ;. i . . cred at anv p!:u e. l o e . I . :..•...- ! !• IMI.I. :• , - i > Itedfoi.l, I.I.. ;u, ;-;j ,;.! Musical Instruments. .NEATNESS AM) DISPATCH. i . \ ' Our Cutting Department B. J. \W EVER JiJEW FIRM. Cramer *% Weloonte. BIAC$laA31LTiU£IG fAILORINO. — Ls CL_Jss_r*_s_Bl_L a_ <CO~ ^*\^^ ™ '*»»»i»»»ass»sssssssssss_ , as^asssssssssssssssssssy ^afa _ ^BsV^EP'^E J Custom Tailors, Water StreeU. 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