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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, June 13, 1874, Image 1

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ican UTILITY.—\The Greatest Good of the Greatest Number.\---BENTHAM. :\ rv-nrru VK\I; ur.priwjr.vN. ANT THINGS PLATTSBURGH, CLINTON CO.. N. Y.. SATURDAY M()I!\!X(;. .JIM. 1.5. 1*74. \ ! \s. 1 par. ] IK Mate A 1 - a ir •,.••':•• i attentio n • • s..|«. 10- I • •(a-ij'-i for th* - '. \ in u- . V.\« ! '. i' \ :»! o n •f.ii rn'iar * o r L 'vnaUz'! % i up n lie .. . ., w • r u . V, ;„,, •.!,'« !'. 1. i.« W rv ti. Tic •\Vdfiisburg—th e pAssenMrs all aboar d end ! for breach of excise. .Vo^ Protrqw cr.'i r 1 e d by District Attorney at tbe r. q i.'st ->t t!,« authoritie s of Saranac. the deferi-lent having bfai i fined i n a Justice's Court for Tbo «mr offence . Tli. ' People rijut. Peter IWc'lc. indWd ;'.',. acii-i ti,.' m.ir !•< .m : rap.d' v p-ishr.1. agaoi we ar c off. again the salute and the ac - I!'.M»IIMI is <-..i»pietid. of c< urse , kn .w'edgement and soon we at e steaming up 1 run acait i soinh fiuin Por t th\ Lake. Supper i» serve d in astyle which •ndi-ioga . and acr'»«« the lake , j deinciiHaies that in this department tlier e Vicinity News Items. Fer S.-: !. !. : 'j > I- •!ll.t.ii:j n i ! > -. - V. dati-v t tl'. !.t l-c sca t \a •' v *;.r ;k. ha:: .: l-'a:..i T i • '. '.-' \V , Ji.,,. h, s ibmocfo-t • • puf •:'!:*:..-e K :, t..:>-.,-•. ; e n : VidM.rgic.d exhausted ve;. ^..-,',. 'la y -Op}, which '. f •• '';•. •. :::'.,<•: w .:h the •^ ' ; ' • . i: -,i r j.:e.<; :: *:. 1, ••.- •-• •.-. •:, ul :':r luck y purcha-o. ;.. 11 1-,' j -model tr iBpi-oltUe world\ i ... i'alus'i' s ll«;l . Tuesday and • la-. < \- :. :,_•- ;\ ;!,,, we •_•»,. 'n le till s <•'••! •'•;:'• U-ges I and most complete -I'i\!. <•: :l. e k:i.d now tiavi Lug. \ The !•:'.--'! a i: Idle a:: 1 E-'Corder-n lo r I:.!'..:II <..- tiT - fouith-rate singers, and i«-i-!.:it«. Ii j s a pity tha t such - ,» i ornbuied i n this cempany should <r.i g ;'.M -If aWultha country— \n-ast- '•-.retne- * u:i tl>e desert air, \ s n t o 'lhey ought in r>j>,!i a peimai.cut f..!i.e ^uitAh;.? i.«ca''i'.\ —say <_'rab >n A':u . < *:ie A- ^' 11 ll , ! <\ \<i : lit-i t' V f!. i a-'tr. 1 a i ; ...X. »'. -s:-'ii ^ 1/! !.« v. r\r .::r<- '.i -.;»' h «':: tfi- •'..r lie s V- '•'• '• '• v.,'a',,! il o -.he Stair? a. »»nw i! '.• > wi' u .i c*tch oiu ' u r two of tllo^e boj» 1 .'it tnnn vilio ar e i n the hahit of Lrealci.-is I' iiruV nes:> . and deliwe r tliem tip lo V. e .i::!.ot;:ies fur pi:):foume:>l. MAT::IN II . < )T!J:II:X anJ Joitx 11. TKI I •> av:ii; stteoes'tull v justed tUe' r »x\.!i)':!ia- -.ii b.-f.ro the j>rupcr (>;nrui;:ee. vi. : ,< a). i.'Vd t.. f.i'.l practice a s attorno}> b y t: o erieral Ti-rtn at Albany las t Friday w.-ek . A M:\V comet has heet i diirovorol !>v .•v.s* Sa.'t o f Uochi'stt-r. It U ::t:iats d uu» iitar the <.'am.!eop.ird's brea»t,ha» a •ir-^rt'c i n length, and i s making s!;n:^h t to - wards tho *:-.r:li. s > '..>,-.'•: w.it f >r ;'.! A Ti'CNt. Canadian gir ! Tra-> ane-;rd i n ' < >^' lenshiirg recently for appearing i n the: Mil v!> i u male atiiro. She uav>- a- a ivasi. u i that she thou^Ii t >h e should h e able t o tii.d '' tM:;i'.i._»!iieli! in.>rc readKy . j A MKKTIM. o ! tliu Tioy Coi.ierenv.-e 'IVui- ! iK-r.uiv-e Soci«!ry will b e liei J a t I'lattsbursh, t'i.IH!lie:ic'!i^ oil t'..e OVrli'lj;- i.f the -llid ;:.«:. u:.d i i:,t:nii;n;j thr.:;^]. the -J-ktl ' Tii.i^e paving fid t'tre «.:i Lai;e C!ian:;.:,iii; -•ea-nr;x w'.ll reei-ive Uee return ticUetj. Tti: : \ C ;n : j-i II. . i,-.\ 1; . i--, I*.ilitt. iti- <! •;• t'.t' l!im.i:e:il.jli : of Jam-;, lVar->:i. In, r.-.- :.:••}- h •-:i r.•,!!,;• •.-i a.l im i:i ciwlL'tit • i- ei !.-: >:; t, : -th e a;: 1:11:1: iluioii u f trav;;:!ers. t h • •I- 1 :. \ • i 4- 1 Va: » 'ti a c tl'. --.fc-n a:: i nrjel i 11. : ^.tb-. XNIII,;;:-: \\.o tui;p« , j ar.e e le'onnei 'it if'!;. ' v.i! h-r,ii\-s tl. i ;.'-;i -.l.f v. -,e \\\.< 1: . . l 3 i. - I' •• . : ;.'i '.'.: ' C:;i , v.!: .1. .s'li . At '.!:e i.ist .t b. U ..:. : •^•.'..^•'-.ii l.k.' 1 ;-. !iio-.;.,,t. • '• . -i. Vi- \ ; : I...a 1:... :t- : 'I: :Io!.:> IV.1.:.-,:',* \^ ''•:<' y hi? -'\.: 1= '.!.-- 1.1.i 1 ; ' -. ' . :':.c ehc-c f.ti-;.»tj 1' • . • '•• 1 h.:n I...', e hi- in 1;. • •. • !. • • • ' ' .v.... ' ! ! ' [MlVl -. is t ta d t > •11 in lea'iir.i; ?:i£^e<tc-d to -1. who buy wane papi-r ^ometiln^ s 1 .>ii.f .i.t o p-.sssessio n ofrare o'.J literar y rel- : '•• Mr . J. Cavaiiagli, the titittian, whose i-iab'.i-limct. t is on I'eiu Street, recently r •-!?!•: auinng a quantity ofnabte paper nhieli I. s PC •I'.Cl'i La d liieke d up here and there, a bib'..- which was printed in London in lASiJ. < >n lh<» fly lea l is written in good plai n hand \Alaiy Warner, her boo k Sept. Ill, J7iS-\— !i: the famil y recor d ar e the names o f Win. and I>-jr.jthy I*<sak, togatlie r nit'l thei r tCtl t'liijihei!. t-iii eldest of which was born 1'ltli of :;j montU 17Gi\ Tlte won Jet- is that any one sbmiu auUcrsucii u family Iielrloom ;.- this t . b e 5.0II for paper rags. This bibl e .1 will b e observed i s almost two hundred years old. There are, however, severa l i n town which bid fair to outlast it , a s the y ar e s>titiering but little from use. 'OIK \Williams\ was temporarily disabled iabt Monday !mornii> £ by the breaking of U set screw, ail 1 the Vermont stopped on her way fro m K»nse? Point, and took the pas- sentjer* t-,,; n g South. The damase was re - paire d so that she los t only one day. By the way, a great many people nrewondering why tha Line Iloat s do not touch at Pittsburgh on thei r way South, thus allowing passen- ger s fro m the Xortli to reach Pittsburgh by b^at , and .saving the troublesome transfe r of passengers, baggag* and freigh t eelng South, fro m the ferry boat at Burlington. Tlatu burgh i s one of the most important shipping as wel l a s passenger stations ou the lake, and it seeras slightly out of place fo r the lane Steauieis t o come within , three miles of us every morning on their way South and give Us the go by. Mas. DEIS, one of the victims of the ni- tro-giycenne explosion in Putnam, an ac- Ci.unt o f which was given i n the llepublican ia.it week, has since died of her injuries . The eon ner' s jury returned a verdic t i n accord- ance with the fact s already ttaied, and add- e d a tens!.ie to '-th e authorities o t the X. Y. A- C. Uaihoad of criminal acjligeucc i u ul - uiwiii g empty glyceiiuc cans to lay along the lin e of thei r load, thus causing the death of ii.noctnt t.cisons,\ and recommended that a a* the lovl !> Complete d the re? l o f (!«• dis- tal,r e lx •.wren those two juitiS. South of Tlomiderngs the w«t U we U » d \. i'v-.l. l»u' ti.ie ar e two o r three jv.:i,t» wlieic Ih e f. i> alons ttie el^e o f the like hive ,.;: j;;' y halrt o f sinking out o f s',:ht in :!:• water, arter they ar e a d e<imj!etcd . T.ie i JIIW U belewpd t o he, by mtib\ Rood ju l;e», a »he\\\.ti; n<~Y. njioii which th*> fill >!idos d .v.-., »l,.-i'. -iiiiiciftit weight Iia< h.-i n accti- mii : ilcl. i >;.] canal boits ar e im» b'-irig sunk a t these points, which, it is hop^d. mill f :m,-h a iK-raianen t fo'indat : in. A »!a!em. , nt has been widely cire;i!atc d that the road Ir >in Port Henry t o Whitehall won! I pr.i'i.ihly h e i n running orde r by the fir-i of.Inly. This is s. : mp!y a n impos>il)ility . Toe opinion o f practica l ra : '.road men, i s that the Bulwark division cannot prssibly b e j completed befor e tbe first of September, aind probabl y the remainder of the Hu e south Of Tieoudcrosa will not b e ready befor e Octo- i be r or November. Mr. Peek commenced j work on the Bulvagga division tie first of ! September tS73, and the progres s which has been made i s a sufficien t indication o f his i cneijy, a i il abilit y to successfully encounter i and overcome formidable engineering diffi- I ctdties . One secret of the rapidit y with 1 which he progresses on roc k cuttings is his j introduction o f \pioc o work\ with liis men — I paying them by the foo t to r ilriRui g instead ' b y the day. Under this system be Cuds that each set of throe men averages 10 1 2 foot a ! day at 00 cents a fool—thus earning oTer ; ->2.0O each where they used to tret by the i day only $1.25, and would atera^e but littl e j more than lidl f as much work. j There is a great opportunity for geological reseat ch on these and other roc k cuttings on tLe line of this road ami we apprehend *h*t an eKai*ln»tiQ n of f^lq) fcr.OOr State Geologists will resul t i u a rery material'mod- ificatio n of some ol d views and theories. i* ii-. lac'; either—thai on r.n br>»t that swims ran a belte r meal t«? obtained—as we swept around Cutnkcrland Head »« met tbe Adi- rondack, the strain wbi*tlts>' ic*med conipii - im i•!» bar k Rt.d forth a t eact : other, t'.ie k<>At t'.uci.e d the d'>ck. miking the Hip i n 1 hand 2 7 minutes of easy steaniinj, and the caiido t eitf ir aeiliiig liquo r on for breac h o f exetor . Oi l o..i,H-i.-:.i!i-i:i ttiat tl» defeliden t had given up the b;~,ne'-. he wt»« line d *>2<i. The People ag*t. Thoma* SAIT 1 : iu,\ le d (or bieaeh <A escisii. On cous i li tate.n that lla t th fet>4ent had fiien up the loi-i:ie»». tbe «'»ort fiae d him $•>•». i The Ffcop'e i,-./^. .iKtnes Yalontii.e; |., ISct- \ec:i 'ii dsv. Tri-'d — A Sal..f)ury . Vi to li t ma:iled. rece u for hi s bi i 1 >, when Live l.oii . lie »a • . irsi-i » :ly . C\i » i •l-.e «i:d-'- i '; •>'«•• ha' O *-» .»1C >M \i K 1. it in 1:!.-. ea,v. We predic t that the elegant, i ••»'£/'*\'' \°' *\' 11 *- n . ,. , , , . . , • Tho People .T««f. i.iii-.ui t <jo.dro an d roomy feature * and grea t speed peitauun- t o other s;ind.cteJ lo r led. Tii.d by Jmy aial thi s boa*, together wit h the well known aff.i- foun d not guil t v. liiity and < flicieiicy ©f t'Apr. KI-HIAIW will make her one of thiMnns t pepnlar boats\on the line . A Great Enterprise. < )iit reader s ar e perhapj, some o f tafm, familia r wit h the imprint o ( \John LoTelh Publisher. Moulreal.\ Whether they ar e o r not, it may >>e fonn d upon a larg * lumber of excellent works which hara been pnbii.hed durinj the las t fe w year * i n that city. A few months ago Mr . Lovell, beliefkig that some adv«iitas; e would accrue to him by bringing his publishing bouse tbi 3 side o f the liue , and still within ea* y reach of Mon- treal , bought a piec e o f property i n the villag e of Rouses Point, comprising several building lots npon which stood dwellin; houses, on the stree t running north fro m the railroa d track , and bordering ou the lake . Tbis laud . is only a few rods north of the track , and embraces a fine water front , and is conse- quently at the Ter y '\four corners'\ or junc- tio n o f two of the most impoitant transpor - tation lines i u this whole region: the grea t water way between the St. Lawrence Itive r aud Now York Harbor, running north and south, and the railway running east and west, connecting Boston with Osdensbtirj, Detroit, Chicago and San Francisco—a grand strategic point between Montreal, the me by a touris t just bill of iudicimeut b e found by the grand jury I :i Ok tint tlli.tl w; en it t^i ve-.li nio\eth iisel f M< :t h I,. a; i..l.^t li.feiit I. !..:.!% ped.'rr. •1:1 1 l i Upper M:. W:i.t,is Ii . i \ i-;. !:es e el. I\...;;. iioiil . - ': .iniit/-- > - : i*. .-s \w i > Eui.^ a:...I •oats ab.il '•: I- the .:1. t..e i. 1- Ti c ii^.iibst Sai d authorities. Thcso empty cans .-i.ould b e caicl'uli y saved and sent t o the luaiiufaclory ou Uulwagga Uay, t o b e useo over a^ai n or dtsttoyed, fe r i t is not saf e for an;, pcisou who i s unacquainted with the pr.ipcrtie a o f tbis dreadnil explosive to touch i!. i^tlt A is a tiistelass slei^ht-of-hand per- lormer. Ho makes cards jump out of job- kt-, and otherwise do his bidding, ptiiis bi g whalf-rats, full sets of baby-clothes and in - numerable icticuics out o f your hat, besides aecouipiishin^ other wonderful feat s too nu- tueioas t o mention. But the most astonish- ing ui'ai l is hi s grand dissolving-view, fancy fa n ti'.ck which he exhibited on Friday i.. = !. t of las t week a t Palmer's Hail. Th« hill was veiy warm, and almost every lady in the room was ihr.uisliiri g afau vigorously, when Zera catii c out with an armtul of i':e-li Japanese coolers, and ordered his boy ! J distribute them aiuoug the audience, giv- in g t o those ladies who were destitute, when, :..•! p.-ciu! prestisaimo! almost every fa n i n the hal l mysteriously disappeared! The t.a.i?at:'.ioii was s o coo l that the temperature v i the. h.ill »ecute d iiistantaiucouil y lowered v•-. ei.il degrees, a s if by magic. iiA*.>-vii.!. i . ahe..dy uo'.cd I'.ir the itcent i..\coVei \ of the larges t n.astodou re mat as \et loiiii d i u America, is again made famous tiy the u-ie.irthiii-ot'iilmgc iiuj^jet o f plat- ii:., '.vel^i.ii.y ~t'\J o r Z'J'J pounds. '1 ii-a! > i»c item, which we cli p fro m an e.\c;iang'», ought t o have a stimulating eli'ect • -. 'i. c ;•' :i;i; j digging i:i tl.i i vilhige , down '.._, -.:,» .il.l bie.\ery. That ther e was a coQ - • 1. . ,b!fi .jiui.tity o! tLia piecious metal un- e,i:.:.-..l .:. tha t vicinity, once upon a time, • ! *:- '.-.>; b~ but littl e doubt. The las t • .::; I ii open the slial t resulted disas - '. •:•;•..:-. -.ti-al. know, ending i u a bloody ..'.; ..m . .^ t!.-.- woikmeu, piobably al the .-. j.*'. •. f !:..-devli , who i= supposed t o .-v.- .-.-;--lal supervi-i-m over all treasures l-:i . ,e 1: i^eU *,. the earth. Is there :. • u.-: , - . .i .i. -hose ;.;::- who, by a judti- .. ..- !.-•. oi i.ai.vi wai.ii s and oilie r magical ..; ;•! i;.e. s . ean get on the h.in d side o f his -v.-,!-: c in 'Jesty long enough t o come a g: •-.• s ;.\r:i HI of thi s treasure? The Steamer Champlain. This elegant new steamer took ber place as one of the \Lin* Boats\ on Lake Cham- plain last Monday under the command of Captain Kusblow. So completeli.is been the transformation that no one could imagine as he walked through the elegant saloons and cabins that this was what was once the freigh t bout Oakes A tiles. : Mr. Root, the master mechanic of the Champlain Transportation Company fo r the las t forty-fou r years i s the man who has wrought) the wonderful change. It was! he who superintended tli c building of the Ver- mont, the ^diiondack, the United States, and i n fact every other boat which has been launched by the Company in the last forty' years, and he can trul y say that ha has seen tou r sets of boats wear out. The Ames was built especially fo r trans- porting railroa d trains across the lake from Pittsburgh to Burlington, and she did her work will—would carry seven loaded cars acros s a s easily as she wonld a toy carriage . But i n the course of time there was no more work of that kind to do, New Yoik having made arrangements to run her own cars to her own market over her own soi l and through her own tunnels up the western, iro n bound shore of Late Chatnplabi. Tben the Ames fell into the hands of Mr. Hoot: '•Ther e she i s ? the Company said: \take her and make a passenger boat of her—do the bes t you can with the ol d freigh t boat/' (i t was not an old boat however, having run only fou r years) and i t i s presumed that they added mentally, \we don't expect much of her. - ' He set about bis work last fall and the re - sul t has demonstrated that his right hand has lost none o l it s cunning, nor kis eye any o f it s ol d keenness o r aptitude. The extreme length o f the boat i s 205 fee t aud the width over all is 02 feet; it s tonnage has been decreased about one hundred tons by the changes which have been made and is now about IL'00 tons, a littl e large r than that of the Adirondack and a littl e less than tire Yermoflti She ^as - two \boilers as the other lin e boats have, but they are large r than those of either the Adirondack or Ver- mont. Site lias also t\v « engines which no other boat on the lake has, with 45 inch cyl- inders and ten foo t stroke, aud i s by fa r the most powerful boat ever launched on Lake Champlaiii, The ladies' cabin is af t and has not been changed, except by being elegautly refurnished. Down siairs from the ladie s cabin yon first pass into a compartment furnishe d with comfortable berths fo r ladie s together with fou r State Itooms. Further on towards the center of the boat ar e rooms for the crew, adjoining which is the kitchen, pantry, itc, furnished with all the modern conveniences in the way of ranges, steam heaters for keeping meats warm, Ac., Arc. Xext is the Iiining Hal ) which is larg e and roomy—the outside heinct furnished with berths for gentleman. Pitssiu g up the tiegaul Hack walnut stair - case >ou find yourself on deck which i s larg e guil t \ The People 'on*>. Moses Burd.>; indicte d for kcephu a gambling house. Pi-ad izuiiij and find W\ and stands com m l tied ml:! tine is paid . The People u,/*'. L. M.Fomj let ; h.d.et- d for sellin g ri.iuor on Sunday. The indlct - iueii| wss oVsr.irred t o b y Mr. 0«>rbin i n he - nalfof the defendant on the ground tha t no olfeuc o was charged In the indictment- Do- mmrer sustaiucd and defendant discharged. The People wjHt. James Valentine: indict - ed for sellin g liipior ou Suuday. The indict - ment was demurred t o by Mr . Averill , i u ba - hal f of defendant on the same ground, and the Demurrer was sustained aud defend..:it discharged. There arc, vo ar c informed some ei.,!it o r nine iniiietmewits fiJ^ settin g liquo r on Sun- day, which according to the rr.li:!;: o f the Court, i n the above causes, that no oifcuc c was charged in the indictment, the defend- ants will of course be discharged and the causes dismissed. Home for tlie Friendless of Uortlieni New York. si'.ciiETAirv' s QCAJ:TKI:T.Y ni:p<»i:T. The organization of the Society of the Home, fo r the Friendless t ook place March Gth. At lhaL meeting a President, Vice- Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and a Man- aging Committee were appointed; t o these j officers and County Managers were .subse- iropolfi of ihi 'Sew Dom»)io;i, and Xew i™««7 ^ York, the metropolis of the U. S.,an d between Boston and the Great West. And it soon became apparent that i t was fo r a strategic purpose that Mr. John Lovell, together with his sons,bought and soon afterwards occu- \f 1 , „ „ .,*,.., ' _ .. * frejfe the Temperance Cause: that being the The meeting was small; scarcel y more be- ing present than those appointed to the offi- ces, and i t was decided best to proceed ver y quietly and slowly fo r the present, in order not to draw oil the attention of the ladies »ij he n.a;rie-l her .-is'.ei. la- ; « ,'..._ '- • : i ila;s afu-l his Jl<»ppoliilrr . :.'.. --Tlic fl.'.Mtli. ; .< :!., ; _ .:i.\i.i 1 \ I'l-muu' ce-iirr.; a t M.Jii • i . ' >\< • • '• I the lZl h o f July text: *<;;•!..>. l>.v\, a r ra-e «cr:nr:t by Tref. Webl.r, T.-;:-,-, mpelini; o f tliP alr.n.ni ai-d a n a d Iress ),\ th' K-v.Samii.i B , aidi.-a:; . -f A .bum. \ Y.c!a«- « of IST! ; poem by 'h > Ktv, H. II Shaw, o t Man -bester: Wedueslar 1' >m im IK', meiit day. , —T!t u Xi!:o:ul Ca r ''., , v. t I ,ii thel i meeting in M A'dmus to pi rdu\\ 'be proo city of the Vt. Iro n A. Ca r Co. . p a j in,; their !->i fIfVV-V.fXxliuthcirstock-.Thrl.tttr-r.e-r;.','!, . teims. aud the sal e and e..!,s,.'i \> oi . n w , '.# con 5 u:r. mated i m mediate'v. — A part y o f five Xew Veil; - :•• ire m.dt.-g a pL-de&tiian tour o f iho Slate o t V.iinoi t. They l-.'ft the car s a t Manchester and --irr.. L for It.it'and . and, having visit-\»d Brandon aud Mount Mausfieil, they witi go l o Bel - . lows Fall s and wal k thence home. ' —The Summit Honse, Mount Matulieid, ! is now open fi r the season, and is i n cl.aige o f Mr . C . IJ. Waile. late 1 i-i !b rd.-fthe bote ! ' .ti. t'ifiibiiltjo . —There was shipped fr-.-m Bwrlinsteii sta - tio n over the Central Vermont liaiimi.l f<u th-i week ending May 3-Jth. 1 '.' car s o ; !.;::i be r and 181 of coal. —An eu-!ovrmeiit of siVoi ht^ : l ...en g'v- en L. B. ?{orrs, Tieusuicr of the ?!. Ltw- i'.-uce University, for ttte Tliclo^ical do - , partment, b y A. Moore, o l Buffalo . —It i s expected tha t the a^embiage at the second annual tournament of tbe Wat-i t.»*.\n ( Rise Hal l Association, which oimimiicis Monday, Jdhe 2Tlh, will be hi 0 ->. Tl,\ r.ti'.- roa-rs running to Watertowii will carr y for half fare those attending the tournament. ; —The Ogdenshurg people me still a^i'.a. tin g th e question i n regar d t o having a tin - ; io n depot a t that plac<>. ! A correspondent, writing fro m Elizabeth- ; i* t pie d this point, tinde r the titl e of the \Lovel l Printing ar. d Publishing Company.\ JTJiey inmedlateiy went to work tiy eonwf tlrtwtme of the buildings into a miniature printing and publishing establishment, and at the same time making arrangements fo r the erection of a large r building. In the former quarters they have fo r some time b> en at work, employing fifteen or twenty hands. Here they set type, fro m which they con- struct stereotype plates both by the plaster and papier mache process. Thay are now working on an order from Little,, bretn & Co., •{ Boston, for stereotype plates fo r the W. P. Digest,\ a worl r of twclfej-rt>j|u»« s containing 1000 pages each. BesiBes'tnis, they have severa l other larg e orders on band. The principle of the stereotyping process i s very simple, although there ar e a multitude of details whieh «AO ouly be waateseC'hy long practice of skillful workmen. Tliietyne i s set up in the usual manner and place d i n a form of Ilia size, of the Minted nage. The face of the type i s then oiled carefull y and the plaster poured upon i t aud beaten i n thoroughly, so as to fill al l the smallest iater - stices and expel al l the ai r bubbles, afte r ; which it i s \Strike d off to a uniform thick ness. After the piaster sets i t is separated j from the form , the moisture h expelled by heat, and the melted type metal is poured upon tbe impression which tbe fac e of the type has made iu the plaster. This is the stereotype plate, about three-eights of an inch in thickness, and containing upon enc sid e an exact duplicate of the feee of every type i n the form, even the most minute pe- culiarit y or defce t being faithfull y copied. Another method consists iu using papier mache instead of plaster, first soaking the leaves thoroughly until they ar e almost re- reduced to a pulpy stale, and beating these leaves, one afte r another, down upon the lac e of the type unti l a requisite thickness i s obtained, then drying the moisture out by steam and separating: thus a paper instead of a plaste r impression i s obtained,by means of which the model of the form i s made a s before . The impression tlm* obtained i s nearly as sharp as that made with plaster, and it has the advantage that it can b e used to ca*t many models, whereas the plaster impression i s always ruined by the first cast- ing, many particle s sticking in the small interstices on separating; which have to be picked out afterwards by hand. Another method still i s to use clay, in much tbe same manner as piaster . Of course no one needs to have pointed out to him that iu book- making, the stereotype process i s indispen- sable , a s one font of type, by means of it , can be used over and over, thus greatly lessening j the expense. The plates can als o be stored I away and kept fo r futur e use, iu case of the printed editions becoming exhausted and more bciif g calle d for . The ar t Of stereo- typing was not discovered until about three centuries afte r the ar t of printing. In the latte r par t of the ISth century the celebrated aud roomy, the apace i n the center which i s .' printerS i MM. Didot introduced it in Europe, al l absorbing topi c at the time. This how- ever was not acte d upon, a s so grea t an in - terest seemed lo be felt whenever the subject ject was mentioned, and soon, a notice of the- meeting* was inserte d i n the villag e pa - pers . A Constitution was drafte d b y Mrs. Piatt , Mrs. Bishy and Miss Brown, and with some Sligh t alterations accepted by the society. An article, descriptiv e of the enterprise was writ - ten fer tbe villag e papers by Mrs. Bixby.and these papers were sent to editors (fo r re-pub- IicaUou ) and fo prominent men throughout the Nortliern counties. The name which the ladies first adopted of \Ladies Associa- tion to r the Relief of Destitute Women and Children'' was changed to \Home for tbe Friendless ol Northern Jfew York.' ' The next step which seemed necessary was the incorporation of the Society. This was effecte d through the kind assistance of Judge Palmer in making out the papers, aud tbe prompt attention the lion. S. M. Weed paid to the subject befor e the Legislature. A house which seemed perfectl y adapted U> the present needs aud circumstances of tbe Society was offered to the ladies by the i Hon. M. K. Piatt. They would most gladly have acted upon this offer at once, could they have secured the services of a suitable matron. They however gratefully accepted it , while they made every effort to find the right person. The replie s to letter s addressed to County Managers and others have been most en- couraging. Circulars and copies of the Con- stitution have been sent to eight editors , aud papers containing the articl e befor e mention- ed, to seventeen clergymen, aud twenty-two prominent gentlemen. The Society now numbers thirty unsolicited members. We have County Managers ready to aid us aud iu full sympathy with us iu Port Henry, Keeseville, Jay,Chazy, West Chazr, Beek- mantown, Ellenburgh, Morrisonvill e aud Al- tona. The littl e oue whose woes le d us to reach out a helping baud to peor humanity - wears a s happy and healthy a face a s if he knew that his existeuce however uucalled for, is likely to prove a Llessing to Northern Jfew York. His appearance attests the kind care he receives. We have under consideration severa l other cases that appeal deeply to ou r Vympatbies, but which we have not been abl e to ac t upon as yet. We acknowledge with pleasure the kindnesses o f many of our citizens. Dr. j Foot and Mr. Percy, i n offerin g medical ad- j vic e and medicines, also Dr. Low. | The courtesy of our editors who have p'.ih- i lishe d our article s and .furnished u s many i paper s free of expense, and the many dona- tions o f clothes for'Our Baby,\ and nwiiey for Our House fro m friend s a t home and b«i » tii i tire, »i '. .;• v;i «,-! v.- in 1-* !:• , n I I tb e ^ iv.. \ !>. il .\I •he ei.i ::.y - It was th e !ii - lea l t • •ii town, Kssex couiitv, says that a case i s pending ia the court Iheie, l*t'.vivn \V . U. Cook and Pr. Bailey, i n regatd t o tli e validity of the sale of ihe $i?>,0.' I mure Kitty Cook, fo r ?iOO. The question under eratiou is whether the sale was wi'h or without conditions.— Albany Ai\ <.<. Mt'HDK R JLN'D FlRKlN \ BfTI.ASli b.iue a.—About 6.3 0 a. m, fire was ,!hcou;n! in the second slory of a dwelling house.ou Forest street, owned and occupied by Mrs. Frcese, and the alarm being given quickly- brought a number of people t o Ih e scene o f the conflagration, who commenced to move the furnitur e fro m the lower story . While thus engaged the floor of the second story fell through, and with a portion of the furni - ture the body of Mrs. Freese, the limbs, arms and back of tbe head being BCIfifED TO A CItlsp . Further examination revealed the fact that a murder had been committed, for the THKOA T WA S (. IT, aud two stabs were found on the body. She was a woman of ha d character, live d alone, and was known to generally have quite a sum of money in her . possession, and it is supposed that she was first murdered and plundered aud then the house SET os rim: s.r <; fr.-i-i ''.irala. Me ~:;pi>...'-«>l !,e \j.en i h it If * \ iu i - t cip'ir.ed r.nti-h so'ders c.i'iM cn-h down the L'\\ 1 ! r»-.'n!ir ^.,',! r ^.^ :i;,d ie' -\ •h.. - opp- s;\] l.hn, wLalev-r bat'e-.e-. b..-.i-* woik« and fits the y commanded. Again thi? Ivi*;!*.* sounded Tbe .•':o^e Ag«::i the i-lilv' was \.\.\ « ; -\ i::.-:i !• ,! gl^amli.j ; ba'o:,r'< . P.-wu llnv v,i,; ,:.•.. tbe bloo d and man^Ud lemaim ..f thei r cv.-aTa.de- :. a s th« i »ln .-Hiv e aed to '!r,<->*.o. iron are ! !».ul. crislfil llrm to tlfO noiu-.te. The craze d and msdJeiied foe , howevtr, made a lb. r J charge up-i n the fatal btalce. tli#!t c!o«0 ratios' pressed f •• waid b y the rear of th e column, the i ft! • .••< \n r \nnnind no t bill y aware . d the fa- t tha t the ea- t tnl » f the l-ri-'g<j was tor n up . Again the column v:.n';«l.cd awav l:ke • >w a t tl. \ tuueb. ..f f.i-e. The f..e finally letieat- C.l fro m tlie destriKti-. n ai.vt h.-iu- i ut^ei tbi- biidge. rub'y in-hundred ir.rn, a: c ir'i t'L.t'^'f, must have g\!;e down in death, the bi o ul • t aii.aud the bodies o f many of them, miu^- lin g with the ,va'i r s below tiip bridg e — Pr -babiy more were -hil u on and i.ea r the Iiiidg e at thi s time than i n al l (he rest o l the light , including even the carnage upon 1tn' lak e on Sunday. Dut as itiv mutative lelate-. chicth i-i Will I i l- l ti u fi. € ^ e o r Wl ! .m i c- oi ; •: Ml <\.. 1. 11 . s-.:; Mv -*.. l\ . i.:.t'. M v VI. J\. 1,\. My it. 7 , 1 '. lo . W- Iltd h*e. M v 17, I-' 1- '•t iwentv .<.'- i~ t • l..-»r ate , .1 in.-iiib. r i.i > ,-a l,.b . .-. ltil.lt We n a ho,--. r 'o;,; o; Xs ;•;. [ ! n > -,,. r-t•••'•.•; W'lj.t. : I-.-. J -• :•) * ^id- i Cajit. Cocliiau and ids braves, I mus.thu- • u ; to state that we feii back as far a s the foi l -it i | the bend of the river , and engaged i n the ' ! figh t with those who attempted t o cro-s the I liver aboti l h.('.i way between the fort .:id . ! the upper bridge . ' Tbe bodies o f many of th-.ae who fell iu ' I the live r floated down to iolu thei r couipan- , ; ions i n the gory stream at the lower bridge , j : The miiiti.t fought bravely , and the enemy I | finally fell back , a t al l points, fro m the tiver . I i Si r Ceorge Provost found the Saranac to b e , '. a formidable barrie r to his faither advance upon the American lines. j j The rigbt o f Tuesday, Sept. Ctb , was tlie i only rea l bloody day upon land during the ! attempt of the British to lake Pittsburgh. i Their dead and wounded hire wed the way, | Horn the small stream beyoud the Stone j Church in Beekmanlown, to the lower i bridge in ffattsbaTgu, where huudreds fell i n an incredibly short space of time . N-.. .':. ' t nai: t t o . In my lir-1 my t.iie 1 i.-ek. i. !. At my see«nd »t >pi»-d to do..- , 'llien appioailied my lus t and «..-<•- n i Where 1 bought my thud ••! twno- With it I wandered over loll and In-. 1 Collecting specimens to 1.11 mv w'. • • Xo. X-'.. AXAtilCAUS OX Al llloi.'•« \M i 1. Sani, I wilt S|M ak . heai. '_'. Silver hog. tie mid it. Xo.:'.;!. • ••iNi'KAr i:l> ItsVI !!- . 1. He <iwu i two h.-rsej , oii.-ls a diu in, ! the other a bay. 2. Prais e I need, scolding di-cnua^ev me .'.. Our honey iscoiiM.leie. l the !••• t in tie - village. i. At one time he made *n net f <r * t'<' o . Did Vo 1 ^- e what tine trai l be b r i.; V I t virtuall y decided the fat e of Pittsburgh; me. for had the cnemv crossed in forc e the Sar- i ^\, l?i V0li .i .... . ,. weather, anae, the mere weight of numbers would imp; ' have crushed the Americans. The forts ( ; would have been o f no more use than so t o hide the crime. Xo clu e t o the ptrpelra- j many cob-houses, for they were simply i to r has yet been found, although there ar e ! earthwork?, and had Si r Oeorgfi Provoit ! 7 . It is the same i u Am in.la\^ v; . I never s t w- a pal e iu'..v-'. ,v>i.rTi«»xs. a i.-i, ' i-. '• «•• . Waiu-vt IT.'.tie.! usually occupied by the engine being clear . Plenty o f room here, for baggage and frieght , and li o climbing over or ducking under the huge revolving shaft. Pass up stair s and you find yourself in a saloon nearly 15 1 feet long aud eighteen fee t wide, high, spacious, aiiy aud elegantly furnished. Not s o ninth fanc y work a s upon the Ver- mont iu the way o f ric h carving, but every \V j thing neatVjii d in good, taste, »ud an abund- ance o f loom. 1 >. C W York & Canada Railroad. i ui-at tutcrpnse i s being pushed to i :...-:, its fast as tbe eiijjineerins and j .:! enltie- i n the way will allow, A I'oit Henry last week gave us an op- :/ • f iiispectiu g what is known a s the ,L t K:iy Divi.-'ou,' ' which extends! j. .i.t on the iin e near the steamboat j • ..ti f ri y iilon g the shoies of Ih e lak e , .• ad o f Uidwagtj a K.iy, and tl.encc for '••. -i nuts t o the junction o f the oi d F. la!, whieh :.u: out on the tongue of ..an :is Ciov.n 1'..ml, and aeioss the :o,Ct' t: Id. 1!. ..\ t .•' li.mging around the outside ar e the state rooms, 41 iu number. Eight o f these ar e furnished with two berths, the lower one o f which is double. These wil l afford ver y nice accotnmoUutJou s fo r a family consisting of a man and wife and two children. There are aUo five ver y larg e state rooms besides—al- most a s comfortable as can be obtained i n a hotel and al l elegant suit of rooms near tbe ccntic o f the boat. Upon the whole, the boa t is throughout a model of ronvciieiicc and luxury, and tbe space seems to have been utilize d i n the bes t {•o^sibte manner. We ha 1 the pleasure of beins aboard las t i ; i il.- v.oil. . This Lhange makes ! Monday when the made her first trip to .... i.e..!iy stial„l.t, and puts i t where Bouses Point. Vo the readers of the KK- :.i '.\a~ I:r?t surveyed and intended t o i-t;;i.icA. N know that the scenery upon the .;. i ,.t -i.tue local cau?e. I'efkctc d the lak e north of Pittsburgh surpasses i f .possi - i .--. the bay. ::.'• s lit.. a- i g the dis - , bl c thai south? You ar e constantly passing .nd expeiis-. ! between isJaudraudcleseaJQecsrecn wooded :-;_:b o: ii.i - ,...;:•:. u i.b.n.t =. »e n \ shoics.but the mountain scenery i s the grand i .- .• -i.trB-.-t ..i- Is A. Ma.-.ou IV-ek, of l feature . After you pass south of TremWeau ••, „ 1. < ii...-ie the suite} o f the project - Point the Adirondack mouutaius are almost .. , To.HI -I'i.i'i.i e:.».ly t o o.-.Ii.r.sburg, j completely shntout fro m your view, but here v. !.i,-!. v, a s altera ai Is aljanJoued-; the y li e spread out befor e you in al l their ..oi,.iu4 :.bo..t ;->•> men on th:. , divi- hqa«tv. A,waj to the right lie s Lyon Mouu- ; tain, next t o tli e left i s Wliiteface looming up '•• I? ,1 i if.'i.'atllMtllt nl lojk Wotk t o ! i n l.iuly grandear, flanked by the lines .,. tie enlace ofi'oi t Hciii'v bfVwccn l of Uau^wUich jaa»k the outlines of Mount aiiiboa t landing and Cedar Point, aud j jKsQjer BUli Ht e XnnkJbl Falls Spar, then tunnel is to b e made a l the junction j farthe r to the left , Mount Seward, Mclntyre, I.o.v ( l.-amplain ii Moriah road , the j Caldin, Msrey, Nippletop and the Gothic* cut the horizon, sharply, IU; foreground ir filled whh minor peaks, wfcile away to the left the view of tie Green HffwmUio range b nnobsrrncted. All this needs to be seen to be appreciated. ..i<» .''P Along Isle La Motte we steamed, past tbe b ' the a s; o l 1 grad.- o l which i s several fet-t higher than lie- X . Y . A C . track , and the latte r must i i-n-.i i] l '-tiy I'ass under the fotuter through a : ii.n- I. The roc k here i s PoUdam sand- si -/i.-.-, bu t st- in s t o b e closel y allii d t o iime- contaiu all the m i such establishments. ktlt it. was not practise d i n this country until the year 1S13. This company i s now erecting an estab- lishment lot ) by 17 0 feet , and three stories i n height, the wall s now being up neaily to the top of the second story . This is t o be buil t i n the moat substantial manner, and will appliances used i n it tifto b e completed ready for occupancy lfr>% first of Septem- ber , 1S74; aWiijtfsiwipfcobab.'y be set to \ '3s, and the forc e -eased to 500, whieh uilding. The com- id to do any t h ins in or bookbinding, from fitbjuott expensive -«iher. They abroad,—these good things lea d u s to huk for still bette r things iu the future, when one ! just debt ilu e fro m a solvent plans shal l have beeu matured and the fruit s j personal propert y a t su-.-h v wor k im will probably he is the capaaUjr* pany will then the line p T the cuanj£ embossed will also do all kinds of job printing. We are under great obligations to Mr. Lovell—one o f the junior members of the firm—fo r his kindness and courtesy in show- ing us over the works and imparting the in- formation which i s the basis of tbis hasty sketch. When tli o new establishment gets iu running order we promise ourselves the pleasure of a second visit , and a minute de- scription of the various interesting processes connected with the business, i n a future number of our regular series of \Home In- dustries.\ The erection of this establishment doubt- les s marks an era In the ' history of Rouses Point, as it can hardly fail of having the effec t to cal l wide attention to the great ad- vantages which this point possesses fo r large manufacturing establishments of almost auy kind. of our labor s shal l have become visibl e eyeu to those who ar e not gifte d with the eye of ' faith . Mis*. C . F. NOKTO.V, Sec. ' June Olh , 1S74 . i Those who have extra furnitur e i n thei r house which they wish t o contribute lo the ' Home of the Friendless, ar e requested h i , send i t t o the houses of Mrs. Geo. Ciarlt and ! Mrs. Andrew Williams until further notice, lies. C F. XUETU-V, Sec. TIIKAM iaat's yUAKTEItLY XtEI'.-.tft\. Staicment of receipts and expenditures of : the Ladies Association of the Home of the Friendless of Northern New York: ! Beecived from members of ihe Avj.j - i nation a t home,. , >lod -j-.» i Beceived from members o f the A»s,\- j ciation abroad, 10 3 ik> i TJSAC'KS <»«• HAUL! FKE X I leading fro m the rea r of the house i.eios s a ' plowed field. I —James Gordon Bennett, of the New I York Ih-rabl, has contributed two thousand ; dollars , t o b o expended in prize s for walking j and running matches a t Saratoga th:- 17th | Of July. ! —The Grand Trunk Bailrmi d authorities | have decided to chhnge the line to a narrow- ', guage east of Montiv.i l in September. It , will then b e of uniform guage throughout, and will correspond with rts Ametieatt con- nections. —The activ e Canadian militia foive. is lo b e reduced t o '•} >.\.o odicer s aud men. —Glen's Fail s is agitating (li e pr. j: e» of a graded school. —The supervUois a:i-l assessor s of .St. Lawrence Co . have held a convention, and adopted the following resolution: irViewfc.-. the State. A-=-.-s„,rs have re - quested the Supervisors and A««rs-\nrs iii the severa l towns of thei r respective counties to meet i n consultation i n ord.-r t o a more uni- for m and equa l assessment of Ih e real and pergona l estate i n sai d towns, ui.l .Js-o i u (he i couniies. aud recommendiiij I \i\ that pur - I po;e that propert y of all kinds h e a«e>se.l I at it s tru e value; therefor e i J.'c.soirfd, b y the Supeniiois and A«SPS— ' or s o l .St. Lawrence County her e a~semb; , d . i that we will us e on;- ii.-sj ,oi:ip :l v , IS (,-, ],. i; ,. the r.-al and i>ers..md properly a«se-s»*»d i u accordance wdli the -pir'.r.tu.l iu'eti t ol Inv, ! viz: Al l real estate a t its truj value , a s tlo.-v Would apprais e the same i u payment ••( ii \eblol\. ali.l all !•• as v,'\\l,l [}•• crossed in forc e above the upper bridjje, aud , Banked the American army,he Aould have { gobbled up army and forts long befor e sun- 1 down, Sept. Cth , 151-t- ' The fact is theie never was a fort woithy ] the name a t Pittsburgh 1 Government never intended to make . Pittsburgh only the base o f supplie s to the [ J army on the northern frontier . To cal l a • fe w redoubts and earth mounds the for! iii- ( Cations of a town, is a builesque on the >ci- ' ' ei.e e of war and militar y defence. I | The ol d stone mil ! was more lik e a ioi tie? s ; ! than anything else on that bloody sixth of September, and nobly di d the boys Ua/.i ' . away our. ol\ it s wins'.. 1 ,',- embrasures, upon ', i the i'ox:. ; But the noble Sai.it.ac was the 5re.1t .'..- ', ffb.se of Piartshurgh. As the fortune s of i war turned, I'rov.-t mshed his aimy upon , the mo.-. 1. difficult p^in t to cross , and met a 1 terribl e check t o his whole army. He con- : . tinttc d t o hol d his a,my n?al - tbe tu.cith ot ' ; the liver, and a s tl..j sequt-1 pior- ! ;„• ^. : - wailii.g tor the ... inli. g il-«.-;. And thus close d tj;f sixth if ^.•p!.•u.'• .-:• The British ion ci.-uehlng i u 1,1- Id.....! the village , waiting for the tf-ige tia ; : : s , Amciic.iu ea^l e h. teiin^ i.v.-r ihe uu , and i.-donbl ; t o the -• uih. h' s k»-11 g' ' on th e v- ii, n'.l'.: .1 ii,.- r > f! '-...d ;..'',• . il l - \V111IK . 1. Q t o K II o ch ± K.t a t <> v IJ r. x P 0 7 :'.. P to Kt t ma--. l-l:-.;.!.! \ n I '.Ullll 1. K v n \\ ' I -1 IN '.y\\ I *.. . M\i i|.\i I •- ' 1 UK. wmriii. ::o •_'•: it in I'll--by tel l in. Peliutenti.i l V. Ba.'.ieal U.-toim . Kevo!u!i>>ii. No. mi. 1.1 T: PI;..1:1 1 3?oo* ami Slto\ HOIIM-, ...: 1. I: t >i-: T- 11'. I Hil l o l . 11 I.! \ M 11 \ 1 1 I \ I. r s >,' , l>. 1.. ..r tbe in.l s mce \w'«. p-» u 1 i!s t.-U.lvlat.. . jnst in (he paym-.-nt ofa d.el.t the n ,]i it ; —Saratoga ilci.nst s 1-'. hole;.,;. .-Joi.-s ..•. ! t' saloons. —TheP.it I I :iry , 7 '1 - . ... .. . i... enlarge! and iiu;ii-o-.. .1. —The Washington C.iti.,- p.-• ;• 1: ,- e has one hundred and tv.ei.r ::.n ..; • . .- ;!.,. pre-ent time, which is 2 7 m •!\ :-. ,-i i..s' y ..<• ' a t tlii-, tiuie , -and io.ii- in .>.- ih >, ; r tl .• ; ,- : twelve j ear s it*. thi.s time o:'}.- ;r. 'i 1 .•;...- yeetiis to have s!ri!cl( aii r.. :n '.. —Vermont tU U yea r l :tn s •-.;• I.\. • . - >' pounds of maple .'itgar. woii'i ten en'- a pound. - - >i b y th e Kill , a h.l 1.1 v. a s ;t: of the 1 1: or .- I. Atisable Forks Items. 1 Tuesday .:-.e:,.n_. .,[ List v.. . 1;, a l.iiue o f J , hn Coughi.u. o l p.,; ;•;•! t l \ea:s was - t v~-: \'y i: 1 .:'. i. nlig l-.-pe i-u !'.-• in ri ..! a r •': r.isli.g l.ims \ t b-,- niii^ the .t!... r W. ll.~j..j uv. Col Tl , i n ' tr. •P\ at . .-iil-n - lUl.Ji 1 him-.. .'ayii!,' . 1 I .uu d 1 1.1 hi- v-o.'.y: i-.t.J r:n:. -li.i :i..i:!.-! and -:. . f ...'it an 1 e.011 ,:'|.l--s to ;,!' ;«•-: r. s .v.vc r \ i h- li.it.k- . I.c l ttilitl.Ug *'• !.' '••-^h'l n by .< .y b e the s:.u.e u: ii a l tin- Fiii ; t' at J-e • ! : : Making a tota l o f §:', U o'l Paid during the Quarter fo r board , 1 and printing, 4 4 on j Balance on band to date, 23 7 -1-S , Sums pledged, ;>H> Ot.) ', MnS. H. Oltvis, Treasurer. riatUburgh, June Dtb, 1874. £2f\\Ou r leaden wil t see by an advertise msnt i n this paper, that Blind Tom i s com-1 ty-fiv e years of age took I Sword Swallowing. Probabl y many of our HIII-I- j the s-fcril-swallowin- lent . Ir II.L^ years been exhibited quit e 0 mm < the Country , and was . ,. e ..-•' th . tractions i n th- j-ide show with bin:!. . >..r\- Circus which exliibite.l in I'UuJ/.irgli two weeks ago. A young man apparently twiti- stiahiht -.Word hollldb- -.-.ay th,- • ;. s.:'l 1. I.-- new tto.-u ai mi - toige .> | rngu-s i-ly; t'oi- week will d<-i id e Win th-r i\ • ..>i . r f..l!-.;.'. !- 1: .:v 1 -...!., • •.,• .. - ,.-- 1,..- 1 tiie V.', !.'-..'\- V%a- h e ill.' -IS- -I I ..' .-,lp . :.-.:iu-i. ^!s ,.t !' -' 1: -in:- s. .- ' l e • a'.li-:.\ M I\ I- '.:.' M> • •al.i.-b i m cminitv . ..I nit.--Ii hi I •1 ,i .IT il.-.- i M . /i.-.i '. ii.. .1 m l .11 l.u • t Wa - r\l., • •!! -- -Wi- n-v t!irn:g' i fj.eeial at - v-n r- 5 1*.. Hi*.. .•!:-- • •r -,--.. as 'j , '. d b.'a'...lr* wi-rc •pu t -es, ob t.o l , .. l.-.o.ug : . v..' h C . -,.:.»I.II l.oii i i,:..li>.! of i -t a hook. a- vtjuyed. ii.n: from '-••i? o f this •- g ..»g lo 'ri of the black fie* lion. (V da r Point south it i s mostly earth »„ii unti l tbe shore* of Bidw*gga Bay ar e , reached, when a serie s of difikuJl rock c 111- tings ar e encotrntered. which, liowever, are\ considerably advaaeed already, twe ateam - diali being a t work en one of tkeaa. Here I Die roc k w Uneise, and U, ef t Lar d U> work. There are aka«4«M». iodtcm' i tions of iron ore. IjuiUug down on ' Uke at twoor U^eanol^.sMt** **|(>i-> and IMfbwaj wW w« geiltarj bui, \ U next the Ufce. At til* *«* The Mna afwterjrwfcfnpt s Us* vesy eife ^.-.^ ruiMs,«r the oil srOtVaaMtUlw eWest in this «Ws»«fcril Court Prooediiigi. The County Court and Court of Sessions, was opened on Tuesday the 9th iust, Hon. (i. M. Beck with, County Juilge, presnmg, assisted bf Owejri Brewster and Uacius tA^»,J««te*soft5ess»«iB. ' - - The Grand Jury was organized by the se- lectao* oC Darina A, M*rel% &q>i as foreman, and ilW'iSmsiiitegTVt^e^rlori rmtfl Wednea- log. The New Yoik Sun gives the follow - in g sketch of this wonderful specimen of humanity and his entertainment: That curious compound o t imbecility and talent, Blind Tom, gave the first of a serie s of three concerts u t Stein way nail las t even- ing. Aubougb the whole care o t entertain- ing the audience devolved on Tom, tlier e j from the Philadelphia L.-ju being no other performer, the concert was [ which our reader s w not i n the least dull , or even monotonous. Those who have the direction of tbe mat- te r have managed to present a varie d pro - gramme, consisting not only of the piano- forte pfcrying bnt of many enrious examples o l Tom's great facult y of imitation, such for instance as bis remembrances of banjo and | morning, an examination was made of Siw goitar playing, the singing of an old hurdy-! nor Deuedeltl, a member of the Sehumant gurdy woman, the starting of a steam tram, ] Co. , now performing a t the Arch Sireet Tbe- tbe whistle o l the locomotive and the putting j aire. The more astonishing leau of this i*r- \idiuariiy swallow ! one,ne, h,;o 20 inches long and about an inch wide, and without any ceremony, opened h; s mouth wide aud plunged the blade down bi s tl.r>.at t o the very hilt . I t k a most • stonlshinL- feat, and we do not recollec t of seeing anv account of notice having beau la't.-n of i t b v any scientifi c authorities unti l th«« followin g met our eye ill doubtless b e :;,t»rest- ed iu: EXAMINATION- Of «ll,N..i : UKNKl.f.T'l 1 A 1\ Tilt; JCiTr.K-ii.Y nu.u.i n . Before a larg e clas s a t Jcffers.u i College . Tenth street, below Chestnut, yesterday I Il.l' t'.illo. e !!:-.- l..:l;i.-ls ile l-j.V.U i ,t...W fin 1 any thiuq; t o make Leii's iie»tsi.i d ; having fed their l-.-t \r.iw !-, th* ir -• i ] Uei p th'. m tl.;.. ig h liu> pis' , vi'i.trr . of the c.iltl.- ar e looking v.rrv in li-\d a am tl liikiiu; the j.ri.lit from s..u. e o f lie - The -.hlr-J ^:. - .a . ' . hel d in * i. ca; • i- :n': C.os.ng.h: . -oth\..| vei.ei.l and posj.'jle . I t is e-il-e- t. .1 t i a! pUtftv '...ih ,:• :l..s 1, •> I--\' • I -'•• m l I Peru Pickiii- I ha-. 01 w'l ! I... v.-:-; toe.mi-. My I. !i>!t I'.: ,tS good ;i» 1'. 11-1 d lo be may b e all ri;ht 1 rt-u :• pla s -i-y thlnl.ln. ; «!.;:,.. — Mivhea l I.JI.cil ba - the ititer-ectioi ! o l il - Palmer 11:11 nei!«. t o a mm b y tl, Iv.-.-ae. We l.-.li. 1. • :_- !._-! jo.; ! a rma hoie tl.ue. — Pr. Vi\. i 1 has hin.t h.in a ni.-i our -id-.' of tli - . ; ver, a t tl.-? !'.-!!;« : - '1 bu t -mill f r Ir.itVf '- , aithuu,;'i bad I s':.-:! ! ;..._ . i:-i;igi». -.1.1 a l.;..'.d... •!..-. Bla.k Br.H.l^ m 1 Itl.e -1 ' li. e : OK ..AI. II.:<• d . A>dntr>,^t¥B^>fnf#wne» 4 Cannc m bekUed fetk Ha fame and smoke fwm «b* shofUy sAsTithe «x4Mn tmsnbied wlek tbe shock.' Tl^wailU^T%»^-rfeo«*to I tUeuewfcnii \-ri«rT/.ii \^ 'The •Tllsli) iilanetia' KiiV >Sl \iM&OMi !zLyeSS&-«t^^^\^'- u>r«e«fere«iwa4nr ; Th« Jwi on of the brakes. The las t imitation i s done by the voic e and not with the piano. Another thing that makes these concerts interesting is the entire naturalness of the exhibition. Tom i s free and easy to the las t degree, applauding himself, spinning about ou one leg.audcliuel.-iiii g idiotically . There It about the poor fellow a simple kindliness of manner and a good nature that makes his audience well disposed toward him. What- ever be does i s performed with ease and fa - eUUy.aSMl there i s not only none of the re - straint and formality of an ordinary concert but there i s no striving to do a fine thing or to produce a fine edict. Tlie halfwitted 1s t has happily not brains enough for and undeniable ontttfeuaslkin the wonder \ ignorance be ta ir, and judging to to a good one; feci***** «»»•« Cyorrect that wKhhV petm*** former over tlios e wli< SWOrds is that ' iu*tea d 01 o t. piaces .. many a s si x swords iu his thro.lt a t Ohe lime aud instead of maintaining a perpendicular positio n while a thin swoid ;s i n hi * «u|!e t he beud* his body forwar d until the hilt a s suiues a horizon Ul |iositioii , the blad e hi n- beut i u the performance. In the exhibition made yesterday the .Signor took a very heaw musket with a bayonet attached and rail the latter, measuring W inches in length down his a-sophagu s into his stomach, and then, without placin g hi s hands to the mm ket, slowly bent hi* body until he le t the a:..! .. now pi.paitd t o ai.sw r CJL \ and t o atteuu lo tbe wai.U o f h. s inai. v ft iCI.ds who requir e llie.lieal atte n ianei-. -<>uro!d fti.-nl Hji-ravei o! tl;.- An ••: can ,11'iiiji. iai.ee ) Il-.t.', i-, a^ ci.ljp. i a, ci.- r and ou hand attending to the n.-i.l s . t l..« numerous customers wl.o «nv tint' a man was n-v.r known to go awaj fr.-m h!> h.de. hungiy. The other l.-.t. Is an- doing a thiiv in g busiiit-<i and ar e sai d lmi,pp!\ the ne.-de . f thru • .-u-tmn i is. ,\ F.l-li«t\l. e»; • t ..-- •»\ m . •:. •. w '. .. I.o b 1 J » ' v .1 1 ii bv -t r\ Burglary. the k.n^ s n. This in . ••! tl .111 th e I ! als o th r i'ealius , Ihe n .ill iu a ] 1 «.n I. •• ! 1, h .• - ^ls y-i- — Tlieii f has i A;. -• • • ! \\ 1 The »ti te o f Mr . Lafavette Meriihew. u . • iT^^lT^tl!.^, 0 ',' 1111 l** iii »l><»»'«>i I «'bar y Village, was IK ken OJK-II on T...-a!av ' fa.m.-i s il acuuntl.over the spectators uear him and ' . ; i . e > . , theialeeoeered an erect poaitio,. . Scvera' I \ l *\ k ' *\ J Ul *\ u * M a,,a *•* ' ' '\ K '\'\ a \ ,: \ ' gentlemen afterward found that they could ' iu t*\! 1 and small corns were taken fiom the • neai.y ail an-oi„..ii , scarcely bold the musket out a t arm'»length ! n»oi«-y drawer, btjides seme boot * and a Tew ' planting »att.r.!» t '. *Tw£?i^!.!i il!?* lrt ,0 £*fc a . \ ,L \ \ lW \\ T » u <\ ««••»• ««««» • » «\«*cu ! k Smith ... He -it Ilurlng tbe exhibition Dr. F. K. Jdaur v as - ' ... shtw! by Dr*. Gross, Wallace and Panco'\t.» y * U * * eW ,0UttU w lU yu!,,dc uf *»' fclor * -Goods »> .11 i.»:. l.rlti v I'AMI.il'-- i 1 \ 1 ! Wfslnt'Siiay. June i N'liillU BOY l'lANl-. \BLIND TOM. made a cloa e examinatiou •/ tbe performer ! •iplcWIj Whil e U)t litter had a Spanish sa - w^«1»iatSl»%^S DMtfa^UU^r and paasius uown the left PClfTIT' ITtoergmae wf b%nor Bcoedelti's •!\•« i i» it \\ ! Ir'- !. aid a lul l of cloih was left mi the floor - I than a t the j-irvi.t dav.. slo-sing tha t the «!.predat<.r-> became fti-bt - . Mr . i ...li.ia » 'I = eutd and it-treate d piecipiuirly. Au eu- »tor e cou.pl . i« d ih.u y ..i b i J B t,i trance was afJected by boring a se t tea uf holes J I ) u . N1NKTKKMH L'EXi t .-. thiotigh a shutter, by which a pier* larg e enough to admit the hand wa* takeu out, and the fa»tening » rviuoVkd . Tture b*ie beeu no deveiopemetits, a s yet, so ta r a> known, that point to the perpetraton of this »l4tt««us trauaeethMi . — 1 hear b ) tl.v b y tb*t a le!!.,-» --. ,. J St»»c' » boots lall Simdaj and Mas •. I....1. putsued by Ld thai he drufped th e is.,.- ... the road and r«H loth* wo>rd> tor dear Uk- 1 stunk If K d had caught him he would b»,e | boeled him as HUB MM mur UM4M1 U I. 1 \ n •, i . . VOii .S-4LK. 'I'lll I. : 1 . . I V .... t I 1 ai«-- . Ih , -I .... i II .- I'aih. .. i I. . . >li.,l u» Ihe i uo, - .»« I i.ilwWu.i l« i i, m, tu.juliv .J I. lULsl I 'X^&0 M \ •^.t^S

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