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THE P LA TTSDURGH REPUBLICAN ««M IIMIUOT ISTELLISEICE FIOM inico. ; SANTA ANA AT VERA CRVX, IMPRISONMENT of tin DICTATOR PAREDE8. Seizure oftkt Californias by the V. S. Squadron —probable termination of the War—views of Santo Ana [From the Tribune ©I yesterday. 1 V WARUtWITIM, August 81, lft*8. The steamer McKim nrrived at New Orleana on the 23d. with date* from Point Isabel lo the |71b. and from Camargo to the 13th. She brot 100 eolunteere on the sick list. Gen. Wm. O. Butler was confined to hiatent at Point Isabel, by sickness. China. 90 mile* above Camargo, was taken by McCulloch and bii 7ft Rangers, on the 5th of August. Seguin, with 100 mounted Mex- icans, took flight from the town, which contain- ed 700 inhabitants. There were 300 regulars at Camargo, on the 9th, ready to start tor Monte- *•*• . . „ -, . The rotunteers were pouring in. Gen. Taylor arrived on the 9th, with his staff. Baylie Peyton also arrived on the 9th. A. grand review of the troops took place, and it is said Gen. Taylor ex- pressed himself in terms of admiration of their discipline. Duncan's battery and McCulloch, with a portion of his men left Camargo on the 12th. in the direction of Monterey. The steamer Arab arrived ofl Vera Cruz on the Ifitb August with Santa Ana on board. He im- mediately placed himself at the head of the move- ment in that department. The departments of Puebla and Mexico have declared lor Santa Ana, and Parades has already been taken prisoner. The revolt at the Capital was headed by General Selas. Before Santa Ana left Havana, he took letters from General Campbell to Commodore Conner, ami avowed himself, in reply as to his intentions, as follows:—\ If the people of my country are for War, then lam with them, but I would prefer peace.\ News had been received in Mexico that Mon- terey on the Pacific and California had been ta- ken by one of the vessels of the United Slates squadron. Another account says that all Califor- nia had yielded to tlte Americans. A letter dated at Vera Cruz 16th August, says that advices have been receive* by Express of the formal annexation of California to the U. States; that is, the U. S. forces have taken possession of California. This news came to the British Con- •u late at Vera Crur. Dispatches were to be sent to England and to Nevr-Oileans by special expresses. LATER FROM SANTA FE. BALTIMORE, Monday evening. The St! Louis Reveille publishes a letter from Banta Fe, dated July 17, from which we learn that Gov. Armijo had ordered the people to be in readiness to inarch against the United States ar- my. It is suggested that he makes this demon- stration of resistance without really intending to execute it, although he intimates that he would rather fight than surrender the country. He as- sured the merchants and traders that they would all be protected. Accident.— Mr. DANIEL HALL, an industrious eitizen of this town, who was employed in car- rying atone on a small sloop from Gilman's quary to the new Fort at Rouse's Point, was drowned on the night of the 2d inst. When within a few miles of Rouse's Point a sudden squall struck bis vessel, which was heavily laden, and in en- deavoring to throw the anchor over he was caught by the cable, the vessel partly capsized, filled and sunk—taking him down with it. His son and another tirnn who wer*«n fceanr, saved themselves with much difficulty. Mr. H. has left a wife and a large family in indigent circum- stances, to mourn, to them, an irreparable loss. 09*Will the \ very gentlemanly\ editor of the Keeseville whig paper condescend to look at the article which we copy from the Whitehall Gazette to-day, and compare it with certain statements in his last week's sheet? OO-A trial of Fire Engines is to take place in Montreal on the 8th inst., and purses are offered for three classes of Engines, Irorn $50, to $20.— The committee,—Messrs. B. I.yman, John Per- rigo, John Fletcher and J. B. Tison,—through Capt. J, Luckin, have sent an invitation to Phu>- nix Company, No. t, of this village, to be present on the occasion, either with their engine,as com- petitors for the purses, or without it. There will be a dinner, &c. in the evening, and we are direc- ted to say that individual members ot our com- panies will be heartily welcomed as guests on the occasion, by the firemen of Montreal. It will be a rare opportunity for witnessing the powers of some ol the finest engines in the world, managed by experienced veteran firemen. Companies from Kingston, Toronto and Que- bec, are expected to he present. Mr. Ambrose S. Shepnrd, of the town of Har- mony, Chatauque county, committed suicide on *f the 20th, by cutting his throat with a razor while laboring under a religious despondency of mind. He was in easy circumstances,and leaves a wife and two children to mourn his loss. COUNT* CONVENTION. A CONVENTION OK DELEGATES or FIVE from each town will be h<*ld at the HUMMUS Hotel, on Wednesday (he 9lh day ol !»epicuiber neat. at 3 o'clock P. M., for the put pone of nomintilinif a candidate tut Member of Assembly, a Sherirl and two •'>>n>n<*t» ; also I\ a|)|Himl one delegate lo the State I'ouw'tiU'iii, one delegate lo the Senatorial Convention ami ihree delegatea lu the Conxressmniil Convention, and lor the Uuiuuciion of audi oilier business as may conic before the Convention. Dated l'lsttsburgh, Allium 28, 1846. THO'S CROOK, EDWIN BKSKIUCr, CYlil'S WELLS, O. T THOMAS, J. ClU'ltCIIILL, Central Cor. Committee. TOWN MEETING. A MEETING OF THE DEMOCRATIC E ublican Electors of the town of riaitsburgh will eld ut the Ifimnix Hotel on Suturday, Sept. Sill, o'clock, P. M.,for the nursose of appointing five egates to the County Convention to be held at amite place on the 0tu of Sept. next. Dated Plaltsburgh, August 99, 1846. R. O. STONE, N. P.CREtiOHY, I. II. PATCI1IN, JOHN UOYNTON, J. B. BANKER. Committee §«f. RE- he at 2 HUBERT tlSafllW, FASHIONABLE TAILOR, Pt.ATTSBt HUH. .V V. W OULD inform the public that ha continues the, TAILORING Rl'SINBSS in all ita branches, in the room, uver V.. I, NiclioL' •tor»— Marge ret ..treat. Mr. C ha. juat received from New Y«rk, the Summer Fashions for |S-lfi, and he la determined that work enlru.ted to him •hall not be surpassed either in fashion or workman- •hip. Ha would not forget to renew hi. e.pm.inn* of iratitude to hi. numerous customer., both in tlte Village and aurrouoding country, for tha very liber- al palronaga) they have lieatowed on him i and he truata that they have tried hi* wotk luihciently to warrant a continuance of tha .am*. P'•••.burgh. May 23, 1840. tf VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Dlt. (1. BENJ. SMITH'S SI OAK COATED PILLS. Vterrm it 9S4 River ttreet. (ROY, Ixeuat.a. or r J*iM«, •?!<««* ef Bmrtk*m»vmrt, and \Vh»le«ale dealer, in I ook'nr. (laur*. l\»» t'rava, C»«toi*. (iirind >!»« and l.^mp. of every descrlptln\ »f I he mint approved paiiern* ana .lylee, for burn- I'M! *p*rm ' >r ''ommon nil .»r Urd, r l.il to Merchant., lor apring Trade, a COW- plete assortment of li ml, in ilielr lino, diieel from tlie manufacturer., at the lowe.t trade prices, and on favorable term., either by in« or'i'mal package or re-packed. Troy, Feb '.'I. IK ill, tf *'l Co. STOCK OF o r ; Like Champlaifl Steam Boats. — THE PUBLIC. C ERTAIN recent publications and transactions relative to the Steamers on thia Lake aeem to require auch an explanation aa will enable the Public to understand the relative poiition of all the parties concerned. The undersigned were appointed a Committee of the Board of Directors of the Clmmplnin Transporta- tion Company, for the purpose of Superintending tbe running of their Steamers for the current Season, and as such committee make this communication. We liuve from time lo time, for the last fourteen months, seen several Advertisements and Proclama- tions nut forth under the sanction of the Proprietor* and Agents of the steamer Francis Saltus, invoking the sympathy of the Public, and assailing and misrep- resenting the management of the Company which »•• represent. It haa heretofore been thought by us un- necessary to make any reply to attacks considered to be«wt*»aiMl.K»>r»»lp»)s,b«n«v»ing that the beat an- awer id audi r&KtUotu appeals waa to be found in the $uperiority,inattrettxcts, of the steamers belonging to thia company, we now think that a departure in some respects from this course is demanded. On t he 3d of July last, Ihe Steamer Saranac, stopped running as a day boat in opposition to the Saltus, and was sub- sequently put on the Ferry, between Burlington and St. Albans, dec. The cumsity of (he public seems to have been exci- ted and a strong deaiie manifested to know by what means such a result waa produced. We answer— It was a business transaction neither private nor neces- sarily public. It would seem, however, lhat one par- ly to the transaction are laboring under extreme ap- prehension, lest Ihe travelling community would doubt theii entire disinterestedness, and Mr. Kellogg, the re- puted owner, and Capt. Ttsdale, the master, of the Saltus, have each published u denial that any arrange- ment has been mode, and lhat our Company or anv of the members of it are interested in Ihe earnings of the Francis Saltus ; and more than insinuate that we have encouraged rumors of that kind for sinister pur- poses. The manifest object of ihe course pursued by them is to cieate an impression, either that the Saranace was withdrawn, as an unsafe Boat, or that she was driven orTby Ihe supeiior prowess of the Saltus, her agents ice. A plain statement of facts shall be our re- in the first place, we declare that the Sarannc, when she was token oft'the line was, ond is, in perfect or- der and condition, and in all respects safe in her Hull, Machinery and Boilers. We consider the character of oar Company pledged that ail their Bonis shall be of such a description and ptjlectly safe, so far as they can be made so by hunttlt ttiesn*. On the first day of July last, an arrangement in writing was made between Charles W. Kellosg, as the owner of the Francis Saltus, of the one nail, and John II. Boyd, Esq. of Whitehall, of the other part; by which ugreement, Mr. Kellogg, for n price agreed upon, contracted to pay ovct lo JMjr.JQovd. the neu •»\\»•» \f .htr-trrancts SaTWsrTvIr a director in our Company, but made this agreement without the authority or knowledge of the Company and strictly on his own account. And on Ihe same day peisuaded Capt. Davis, of the Saranac, to discon- tinue her regular trips. Mr. Boyd offered his Contract to our company, and also proposed to make nn arrangement by which the § ross receipts of three of our bonis and the Francis alius should be divided. We declined the limt of- fer and acceded to the Inst, after deliberate consulta- tion, and influenced by the circumstances of the case. And on the 10th day of July last, a conduct wus exe- cuted between tbe undersigned on the part of the Company, and Mr. Boyd, by which it wus agreed lhat each party should continue lo run their respective boats on their own account as to expenses and losses of all kinds, and divide the gross receipts from and including Ihe 3d day.of July, on eettain principles not necessaiy lo be published. Since that time we have run the company's boats in strict conformity to tlint agreement, which has been honorably fnl&ted on our part, without regard to ihe question whether it is un advantageous contract or otherwise. The conduct of the managers of the Saltus clearly indicate their intention not to fulfil their engagement in this mallei, and lo avail themselves of iho advan- tages resulting from the withdrawal of the Saranac as a day Bonl, which was done on the faith of this con- tract. We deem it proper to add, that we have rea- son to believe, and have no doubt, lhat the contract of Mr. Boyd with us, was made with the knowledge and approbation of Mr. Kellogg—the original contrtict be- tween Mr. Boyd and Mr. Kellogg (a copy of which we now have) having been furnished for inspection and examination to two of the undersigned by Mr. I. V. Baker, in whose hands the said contract was placed, us we were informed by him, for the benefit of the parties. The Public will make their own comment on the history of this transaction—our apology for obtruding an account of ihe company's business on their notice is to be found in the discourtesy that hns been exer- cised towntds s company who hnve faithfully fulfilled the duties imposed on them. II. II. ROSS. h. BHAINERP. THE \IMPROVED INDIAN VF.fiETABLE PILLS,\ (Sugar Coaled,) en* ceitainly doing muck Kood in ili« whole country, and are highly e.teamed, if one half I* true that people write and «»y about them. they are so easy in their operaiian thai all like them. Tha Editor of ih« 'Black River Journal' (ono of the largest and best paper* in the Slate of N.Y.) writes as follows: WATsaTows, May 31, 1846. Dr. O. Benj. Smith- Dear Sir: I was laid up with a bad eold some lima since my return from N. Y. and duiing my ill- ness I mads trial of your pills, and I must nay I found them excellent. They are the beet medicine for the purpo.es they are intended, that I have yet seen. I seldom take pill., but I found your* entirely free from tha objections to which other pills are lia- ble. I hope they will continue to be a source of profit to you, a* I doubt not they will be s mean* of relief to the afflicted on a large scale. Your* truly. J GHKXl Testimonial* come in dally, showing these pill. A. B. HEWITT & H AVE got quite • nice. Utile, duo-nl U* O © If ft , (Not all stay tape and htsrkram,) And they will .ell at low a. tho !ow««i caah .tore. ,4«<4they will wait un the Farmer* out TSAK, ar.d then take their produce at the Highest Price*. CJ*Th«y will take Pork, Wheat, Oats, Ri/r and Com, of their cuitomeri, and after liquidating the old *eore (or .ucli portion of it a. they ar» able to pay,) will give them the MONEY for the bnllanee. ||7<o wants a better chance to Trade J Who get* so good t They wast from •• lo •••,••)• piece, of Lumber transported from Sar.n.c, a* well a* ISO Tons of Iron from the same place. G3TWe. mu.t have the OIL and Rye and Corn, as well as the Pork and Beef Enough mid ! Plalt.burgb, July I, IB 18. tf ' MILLINERY—Late Arrival! Spring JPeftA tine! StamMcr en. M r*. lWOMstoM respect- fully inform* her old nu.tom- er>, and purchaser* generally, that •be has just returned from New Yoik' with a man exlenil're snvj richer variety of NEW MILLINERY GOODS supVrVor'to'sliioSertnedioiBeeVor'the'eure\ olf Colds \ *•*\ *»• ever before offered, In Oil* markjl. Her r - - - - • - -•.-•• • .took comprises a tplendtd lot ef fashionable ready- made H ATS, An. Plain Tuiean Bmnet* ; Imperial braid* I French and Engll.k Rutland* ; Rica Braid* | China and Adelaide braid*! Albert do ! Neapolitan Lace; French straw*, Jko. Alio, a great variety of ready mads Shirred Bonnets, a Spry faibionable article. French and Ru.itan laeea for ladle* cap* i and tbe rlche.t aa.oriment of Rihbln* ever offered in thi* market. 50 dua. blond ruches i Ready made cap*, &e. AUn, Bonnet Silks s Plain and Figured Velvet Rlbbin* ; Fringed and plain rlbbin* ; Cap rlbbin* | French and English Flower* t Feathers—a beautiful and fashionable assortment ; Silk and cotton Cap Lace and Kdginc*. Alio—the latent FRENCH I'ATTKRNS for Ladle* HATS AND CAPS. Band Boxe*; and every artists in her line of busi- ness. Term* reasonable— much cheaper than here- tofore for readv pay. Plamburtth, M<y 16, IR-IC. Vtslnafelc Farm for Mulct and Cough*, Dgtpspsim, Biliont ComplaMe.Htad- ache, impure Blood, Rheumatism, want of appetite and all complaint* ari.ng from a deranged stomach. Per.om of all ages and constitution* And them pleas- ant and efflcaeion*. They have cured Hu.h of Blood to the head, wben all other means failed. A gentle- man from Michigan .ay. they cured him of Rheuma- tism by using la connection with them sage tea, and that tha pills have cured msny chronic diseases in bi* town. READ THIS. I have bean afflicted with dyspepsia la the most aggravated form for three year* pan, and found no relief until I used Dr. G. Benjamla Smith'* '- Sugar Coated Indian Vegetable Pill*.\ After using six boxes of said valuable Pill* I am entirely cured — They are a great remedy. J. K. LEE MAN. Pmducak, Kp, Nov. 10. 1845. We certify to the above (acts. Dt. Smith'* Pill* are universally esteemed In ihl* vicinity, HODGE, G1VEN8 & CO., Merchant* Padueah, Ky, Nov. 19, 1345. From Dr. Singleton. SMITHLSND, Ky., Feb. 24, 1816. Dr. G. Benj. Smith—Dear Sir:—Nothing ha*ever been introduced that ha* sold *o well and given such f rneral satisfaction as your Sugar Coated Improved ndisn Vegetable Pills. Very respectfully, yours, S F SINGLETON Office 179 GREENWICH Street, (Large Brick Block) New York. M, K. PLATT & Co Agents. OCT Always ask for the Improved Indian Vegetable Pill*. ICTAnd seo that G Benj. Smith is written with a pen on the bottom of the box. aug 29:0m C. MOBEAU '«r.T Saddle, Harness & Trunk Maker, PLATTSBURQU, N. Y. 0. MMMtstsTOJn, WHOUeMMt AMD RETAIL DKAI.Ktt I* HATS, CAPS, MUFFS, TRIMMINGS, ETC No. 1, Stanwix Building, BROADWAV, ALBANY. Sept, l._ lf/8 To tbe Electors of Cliaton County. • •••*• IllMI T HE undersigned In obedience to the withe* of hi* friend* reipectfully offer* himself to the •Elector* of C|lnton County a* a candidate for lha of- fice a/Sheriff* at the approaching Election. T*bi* friend* in I'lattabitrgb who have for the last four years honored him with there smTrage* for an- other oilee, as would return bit wsrmsst thanks and ask a continued manifestation of their conBdencs, so far as they may deem him worthy of the tame. To the Elector* of the County at large, he would say that If they shall be pleated to honor him with aa eteetlen, be will endeavor in the discharge of hi* mUelel duties to sebservs the interest* of the whole people. LOT CHAMBERLIN. Sept. 9, 1846. rtoaM Mike notice A LL person* indebted to the tabserlber are re- quested to call aid pay the same Immedlstely. All person* having unsettled account* are requeued to eall end settle the tame, a* the subscriber It to r*> msla hut efswday*, and they will fleetly oblige their friend ' CHA 7 S C. MOORE- Plsttsbtrrgb, atopt. 5, 1840. iiSpmatJon Wanted, #u O F my sen; Charles Hyatt, In the 17th year of hit age, who left home on the 14 tb of June last. Any 1 parson knowing bis whereabout* will confer a favor by giving Information, by letter er otherwlw, to the subscriber. Editor* In Vermont and New Hsmpihlre •« re- quests* to publish. JOSEPH HYATT. VVstt Stokbolm, ft. Lswrsnce Co. W N.Y. i, hereby gives that I given my ton _ Ltttrln Bedel, hit time, during the rsmslnder of Mi Minority t an! he it at liberty to traniset bu.l- nsvt (or Itim.eif. I thtll not therefor* claim hit wet get aor be retpentihle for sny ef W* dtbi* or mmtrseu Strseftar. ^ JOHN 0. BSDKL riititbvrfh, Aug* 13 It). TTITOCLD respectfully In- Dntpdj P. DOOLITTLK AiiffitHt 24thl8-t«. fjr>>N. B. The SAHAJAC will resume her place as a cheap day Boat in two or three days, and we tiuet she will not lose any pntronnge on account of her ab- sence for the causes assigned. JTOTiCE. T HE Interest money duo on Bonds and Mortga- ge, on ihe Gospel and S hool Land* mu.t be paid or the *ame will be forecloied. The school* are In want of their proportion*. Let all interested attend to this. S. B. M. BLCKWITH, Town Sup. of Com. School*. VO HARRIED LADIES. THE ATTENTION OF MARRIED LADIES I* respectfully requested lo an excellent medicine, which bss been prepared expretily for ladle* who are about to become mother.. W« allude to TUK Wipjvr/f/v*'**<>'*'«*•»••* upe.tvv , The nature of tbe Medicine end subject I* such lhat we cannot, in a newspaper, give a proper de- scription of It or ita effect*. It I* sufficient to say that the medicine I* detigned to lessen the difficulties attendant ea Childbirth, and the Mother's Relief has for some years past been found by many a dl». tressed mother a relief indeed. Tbs sgtnt* will furnUh (grsils) Ladle* or rhytl- eisn* with pamphlet* describing this excellent medi- cine. The Mother'* Relief I* .old at $t SO per bot- tle, by M. K. PLATT & Co., I'laiuburgh. auUO'.flm form his friends snd the public, generally, lhat he has just received a large supply if tha first quality of SOUTH sat HAHSKSS LtATHtn, together with a full assortment of all oth- er materials used In hi* line of butinent, snd is now prepared to supply them,on short notice, with any aiticle of sad- dlery. He will keep, constantly on hand, ready made SADDLES & BRIDLES, of different stvle* and prices; various kinds of light snd heavy HarnCtMOB,—alto, gooi stout CAST HAHI)X..E« t TBVMSS AKB VAUIII made of various different shape* snd »ltes, snd sll very cheap for ready pay. CARRIAGES, WAG- GONS, &c., trimmed to older in tho neatest possible manner, and with dispatch. Please call and examine for yourselvet. Shop, one door eaut of R. C'ottrill'* (tore. 3mo Cat* gtaitj for sheared thcea'* pelt*. Platuburgh, May 1, 184(i. D. II. JACKSON, Carriage & Sleigh Manufacturer, Peru-st., opposite the Grist Mill, PLATTSBURGH, N. Y. W ORK made of the best material* and by the beat of woikmen. Sleigh*, Carriage*, Wag on*, Farm Cans. &c. &c. All repairing done on short notice. Blacksmiihing in tbe carriage Use neatly executed. N. B. Work warranted to bear the description riven. Au(u*t 1840 If thst NOTICE. ( , T HE copartnership heretofore tx Ittlng between N. P. Gregory snd Cyrus Well* I* this dsy die solved by mutual content. The notes snd scouunt* are in the beads of N. P. Gregory for collection. Prompt payment is required without further notice. ' N P. GREGORY, CYRUS WELLS. Plstuburgb, July 30th 1040. V, 8.—The subscriber eentlnue* butlnei* •* here- tofore at the old place, where he will be happy •» tee bit eld eutumers at all times, N. P, GREGORY. 500 Yards Ingrain Carpeting, from 3* 3d to 7* 0d per ysrd, for tale by May 10, HOUAHT «V HEDOKM. AGRICULTURAL NOTIIE. THE Executive Committee of the Clinton Co. Ag- rieulturtl Society wiU sneet at the Court llouto on Wednesday, the 3d September nest, at 9 o'clock, \. M. for the purpose of mekleg arrangements for the annual Fair end for tbe trarreastlon of ether basinet*. J. W, BAILEY, Ree. Secy. NOTICE. 1 1IIE subscriber would inform hit cu.tomert . he has discontinued butine.s end withes to leave the place immediately, therefore those having ac- count* with him are requested to call without delay snd settle the ssmu. July 25. _ M. M. DBEW.__ - ^grtfee/ T HE*ub*eriber has on hand sereral second hand WAGONS and HARNESSES, alio, two HIDE SADDLE!!, which he will rail for II AY, and give the brat price going, and pay part Caah, Julyjtf. __ ^ J. NICHOLS. fire iHtHtrmnte. T HE suhtortber havinc been appointed Agent foi the AETNA INSURANCE COMPANY, of Hartford, Conn., will Insure building., merchamli.e, HosHhoid Furniture, dto., on thu most favorable lerr»« Tbe \ Aetna i* one of the oldest and beat cum- r ianies in tha United Stales, and ha. always m*l it* labilities with lbs utmost promptness, The .ubtcriber will attend lo all sppliestions from tbe citizen* of Plsttiburgh or from oilier towns In the county un lbs shortest notice. ZKI'HANIAH C. PLATT. PUtubnrah. July 8, ItWi. 02 (int. , fttHaV liliiBst rrWE subscriber being desirous of ^UURR JL retiring from business, offers for \^•^^^sale bis large and valuable FARM, ©un- titling of aMM acr*9* of excellent LAND, altu- tted in the Village of Chaxy, Clinton county, N. Y Upon the premise* are two dwelling houses, three barns, out-house., &e. &o. The farm is well wood- ed and watered, arid i* altogether one of the most valuable snd pleasant location* in the county. Term. ea.y. For particulars, apply to Ihe sub- scriber on the premise*. ALEXANDER SCOIT. Cheiy, Oct. 11,1845. if 14 SELECT 8CH00Xr~~ SPRING GOOD*. lUt.HT FRttM Tilt: CITIES. H lllUltl .1. IIKIHIEA. sr» now r.re.,ing a •|>l*ri<l«d and e,i«n,i,» ««tmim*nt >.f Spring an I Summer Goods, rnmp'Uiot iti» (r««t».t tarUiy \f Staeis and Feney |»iy Oo.xl,. lirmiori*. and H.Hwarn feaind in thu maikat, amongtt wiiirh may he mn a greet variety of «9rr«s f9oMf«, ron.itting in pari of Hiriped, Hiiailed and plain l>-[,«iiw«», w.nlire A Orefm Uitw., S^lpbide A Victor*du. I'liiifd and (iiii.lnm l.ian,, 1'iint. and (lingnamaof eery price a \I pallpra, A qr»nt l>u nf a<im<n»r si'iff*. Sop«r ,ill>«\ <vnra'«d tweed., cotton \ wor.rrl.lo 1'lai.l Huip>!<t and plain Cassimert and MaiinetU, n*.id>**nv ipiantity ef Bread Clothes, Full do. HhM>iia«., Shirting,, Dl.pere, Cambric, Sen. Ingrain Carpeting »\ry low. Florence, braid, and .Haw It.ineeta, A fnetal asanrtmeni «t Kamily (iroeerlea, Carpenter. Tool. ; wrought 4V cut Nail* It Spike*, Double Jk .ingle wagon iii«., horv skoe Iroe, Null roil, round iron, all • ir. h,„.| ,1 ,trn( |< otbdo S|irin>, Kiglidi lilUter, and ra.t Si»»l, Black.imtli*' bellow., anvil and vice*. Bloom Iron of any shape and dimmaiiMi* furnl.h.'.l toonlpi. Owing to the hurry and bu.tl* oft ipening an I marking, (very low by the way,) we shall omit fur- ni.liinga complete catalogue. But will be heppy to i exbibit our stuck of good* to each and every man, woman aad child, that will favor u* with a rail, and we .ay It, without Sep* of punishment or femr of re- ward lhat we will do better by them than any other etlablt.hmenl north of Troy. ^I'latuburgh. May 16. 1841! fOOOlbs. best Spanish Sole Leather and 500 oak-tanned (ligtit wel^btaj— alio Morocco Skins, by tbe Uitru or ainala.for .ale by May 10) UOfURr jfc HRDOES 1BMOVAI.. T HE subscriber haa removed hi* stock of Ooodt to the south store in the STONE ROW, a here he will be pleased lo see kia customer* who have thought it tor their interest to patronise him while la the Brick Store. The store we occupy ha* of late had the reputation j nf being a lumber store ami consequently )»M charg- ed blgh nrlces fur goods. But previous lo removing our good* we had the store thoroughly e leaned, lhat we might not lake the disease, and all person* who wisli to buy tto«<] «o*4u and at very low pricea are requested to call SI ihe one price Cash Store, of T. P. Cady, and *s*> for themselve. the difference in price* from those .lores who give a general credit, ami the ready pay >y«tem. Don't forget to bear it In mind that tboCesb Store of T. P. Cady Is In ihe south *loi* of ihe Stone Row, bead or Bridge street. T. P. CADY. Jon* 35. 1846. P ORT SCHUYLER Flour received fresh every wetk. Tbe name of this Flour to all who are acquainted with it will enture it* sale over any other flour brought or manufactured In the place. May 1st 1846. T. P. CADY. aiRLS—lootFUMttEi^ I F yuii wanta new Bed, dua't buy Suutbern or Wt.tern Feather.— cslledPby some, ' Rr.t best.\ But call at VILAS Jk EDS ALLS, where they keep none but tbe best of Northern Live Qttte Feathers, full of down snd white as snow, and get the esgtth ol vour money. July 3. 1810. MIUFLJH STORE B,; ONC« •»•*••> Ctllwel te> _ the arrival „f ,h, l.« WTIUM UlUPSfceesj li,».< llut«in, the .uh^r.li,* 1^ \ums ae*bla*t to repieeieh hi. thnesi with • >»l«»did SSeaeiminl of Rpriu it. Uwam *sW *W wP eaw ear | of every description, which be will sell as a **t*ja* advance for reedy pay. Mi* Meek siseese* S aear •ral «•»! w*l|.«e4*eteda**s«taseM of Dry GomU, 1 Utsrd-ware, llni-rnr*. j Crorhtrtf. tfX. s\e, • hirti «ilt b» t»l4 .« crieep a* the cheapest\*»> irii.iaa. ' Call ami «H». and thee eatttty>feaesefsss a. 1.1 prf*. aad qttarltie* sf OiMsd* at the Wkf 9tsm4. .So bring an your Cash, Orate, femes, Peri, <*«.. ami tak« hoims a wagon load ef flmde n*t • gtw •*•!- lar.. Wa. 11. MOtOAH. riall.lMJrgh July. Iltfl. y Clofkii, Watfhfs, Jewelry, tie. WILUAffl RKetR, Clock tt W*tes%-*Wm*Ur, PLA-rrsBuauH. N. r. H AA j>m received frees Near York a «ho»se es tortmeat ef good* la hi* line, el the •tyi«a, whlrh he o*Vr. tor sale si the lowest prleee. Purcbaa*** era lavited lo give bin* aa early rail. . PT Particular altawtWn paid te Waub astd Ckteh repairing aa u.aa». •/ Shop at lb* old ttand at* A. A. ISessell, ed joining tbe R.ndel bwldHg, Margaret attest. M ;*i: mtt - mm . NEW FIRM HBw^ooOaOa Test) .ubserlaev* are ewes ws.l'ites) essl eeMrlsg at their .ton ea« dewr eetsth ef L. Myers' a serf General Assortment e/S^rinf 4> lliljRl a o o ITTi ^ ooatUtlngof JBrjf Goods, Uroetriet, Jlard-uwt, Crvcks-rj, t%s\ «Ww •= i wblcb «IU be sold a* «aMy> a* the) iMUSptBt. kinds of pradiMe will be resetted la ia*o*nsfe « (er. PWBM *ali aad taasMaav. ' + -. . . . w \« H * *-WUBR«IJI Plaliab*rgb. Jea* •, lg4t. - • j «R0C£RIE5! GR0CM1I8! IN ANr QUANT1TT AND Of ALL QUALITIES? E.tabli.hed lor the Farmers ef Clinton count! June, 184«, by EDWARD MOORE, ef Hsrt.burgb. aad POV»:ROY SAWYER, of ya r UKHU tweyhMSM! Wleep a full supply of Yatmtr s M rs. AastCS would inform the public that she continue* her school in tbe Academy building where the following branches will be taitshi to a lim- ited number of pupils, vis t Reading, Spelling, Geography, History, Grammar, Writing, The fourfirst rules ofArithmetic, iff. Terms—12 IS /-2 cents per quarter. (CFPuplls can enter at any lime—the quarter com- mencing with the date of their entrance. It I* believed that this school possesses many ad- vantages not to be found In the District school*. s7Refereueo msj be had to any of those who have patronised the school. JNeltshurgh, MayJM^UMii^ if A CARD.—The subscriber being sooa to le Pittsburgh, would request sit persons indebted to' him to cnll and arrange the anmn without delay. He truttt that all hi. fiiendt and customers will tee the neceatity of celling immediately in order that all mat- ter* may be satisfactorily arranged. C. C. Moons. July 4, 1340. FOR SAL*?. H OUSE and lot, foot of broad street, occupied by me, one of the most pleasant and desirable sfsldoncnsin the thriving village of Plalt.burgb. July 4,1846, C^C. Mooaa. Store and House for sale. Now oc- cupied by Mr. Comer, (oppu.ite Hubert & Hedge!,) la the most business pan of IMatttburgh. Jul, 4,J640._ _____ C. C. Moos*. F RESH Prune* and Figs—also a fresh lot of Hams snd Shoulders, st NICHOLS'. RE MOV A L. S MITH si'RiTOWN'hsve'.'.'moved their mi m mi fiimuiuui.NT, one door south of Hobart dt Hedge*, directly under the Republican Office. We have now on hand, and are continually msnufnctnring all kind* of Boots and Shoe*. We have good stock, experienced workmen, and are confidant that we can make at gnutl and fiithionable Boot* and Shoot, and will sell them a. cheap as are bought east, west, north or south. We respectfully sulicir a fair trial, We have oak and hemlock tanned Sole Leather, Binding akin, Sheep and Lamb white lining, pink lin- ing, Morocco | situ* pegs, by the quart or bushel. All kindt of Shoe Findings; and a large quantity of the latett style* and most fashionable Lntt* directly from tha manufacturers i which we will jell Vf* .*h*9r>- impltmtmtt, Seed* eoestantryeal I nil hinds, ! the best and most approved description. lib la i srW *tjBaBtSsaS*i BS^BSB*B•B•te'-^B•nE' , entirely of OROCERHU, **^t»i* its Fruits, Ac, wbtthb* wiResUat the rsweet for Cash. Pertoos wltbiaf teboy give him a eall Itatete eiitabeiaag m VilaseV Eds*!!'.. Melessee, * sa|i**le«artlsist aUisieael liscey Ihe boa er potatwl sssspmi nimtt Medoirs *«*, neaaets, aautia*. !«•*• MM, Tebaoau aad s%Ms, s4fet> (Beat 4 wholesale or retail. Bbb. Sainton ^StT 'vfi 50 also, halves, quart*** seat tSjMlte. Tongue* end sound* t Ced«>h laaay rortavlebf ' Faraify Groctji-Hht. Woelay aad Wealaf** r^sWe/stM sjiejif^ Cltr-^nMce.r^wssw.sa^TaihWs, ..*^ Bitter almond, ceeers. toilet teee, et Praaee. ^hmsnVslmmmm^ they intend to e.iabli.l The Famer*e D«p«|!i Having themselves been practicallarmer* they I they will be able to got such Implement* of bosbs ry a. will do good serein* to the practical ran They Intend also lo keep an agency for tb* earn subscription of Farmers Booh and Papers. They would invite alt to call snd examine thai nsw (premium) Grain Cradle, An asserlmaal Hut* ilags and Turnip trad. ,MOORE & SAWYER- • N B.—They weubfbe happy to receive front mart and others about 1000 tone of east aad iron for tb* new Purees* et Stiver Creek. June 19, 1U4U. RRRRaa tasege, cloves, 4c Wstjabg III —'•*_-y-j •'•• 1*1*11 i i i»''*Mii»-i'S«'Wsaie»»i IIIIWIMII. list •i.—eunu- Bbls.roewFoi'k, by tbe or pound | l«Ot> aV Berne t Vahby or sack ; Tea aad ee«*e by the * osef, powder s*d shot t Breeesa rt^bytht dg»reer NEW GOODS * LOW PAfCgft T HE rabserifcer is sew reselvtag, le sMnM m _ hi* form.r nock, a fulls.ppl. ef SetiM eeeds. I consisting in part of \Dr ~ ' ~ Mew Oooeto! Ncw.OtMeUgl At MOORE ft HAWYI.R'8 •y Goods, Groceries, Crockery, list received. Also, tome new agricultural for which they at* the authorised agent*. The » county are requested iru Goods, Groceries, Crocker*, I Umbrelb,, una Perseals, vwmmmm - 1 lamine them. Jul] 500 Bblt. meat PORK, Vermont fattened, ami their own pecking t •SO Did. me.a i'ork, Oiwego Inspection ; V90- \ e»tra ines* Pork, ihelr own packing; SO \ Ohio m*.* \ New York inspection t 10,000 Lb., .moked Ham*; 10,000 '• smoked Siouideri; 5.0U0 \ Leal Lird, in tuba of 30 to 40 pounds each, fir sale by them.elvesat Burlington, or by CHARLES K AVEIIILL.atPlattsburgh. IRON, dellvere.4 at the dock, will be received In payment fur any cf the aht.vo article*. FOLLETT A BRADLEY. Burlington, April OT, IBltJ. 3m h^^sstlTJi^sT^ Nuts, I rult and Confectionery, •> Salmon, Msekeral Cedaeh sad Ife«t1se> Osndtm bv the boa or siagle aewsd, Mead snd Lemon mytupSj tie (leas, beetle er ktst. Wind*. Satb, Glass aad Putty. . ^ Togetber with ail other etiletee *ee»Uy hee«.ts>« village et country store, which will be sue* foe eatA a* cbesp, if not cheaper, than airy otaw atste hatha) village. Alto, by way of variety, s few bhd*. plae* ' bblti of good LIQUOR, cheap, for »*di*l*ej pes es, by the Ave gallon* or ever. *^ good*. \*** rf \•*\• \*** to w w •i? ,, N. B. I have e Ibw small aeeetnts I Immediately. Pnttabargh, May S3, 1846. ~ ~ sfsU sT'ipU^a^sii Am* the) eltxtv «f Rf •aid •••••••••«•* THE psenkwIUIad A. HARTWCLL, et : Mstsbart st TO i j, thin. WOOI. B LACKINO.-Frank Millers sslebnued ester proof bltcting fer boots, sheet er hemetset, for sttl* by BtRtPiU ft Dm The undersigned, under the firm of W „ Rencdjint «% Back, ILL continue the butlties* of the Isle firm of Warren 4, Ruck, In all it* brsnche Brick \lore nn Bridge-itrset, ne»r lb* w**t tide of the River,*/here will be found a general assortment of Dry Goods, I Boots and Shoe Groceries, I Saddles, Harnet Provisions, all kinds [ Trunks, kv. LE AT HE 11 OF ALL KINDS. and many other artielet connected with their bu.in BTThelr boot*snd shoe*, ssddles, hsrnesit.and trunks, sre ut thelrown manufacture, and are mad* of the best materials snd good workmanship. Thttf eiso manufacture all of the sbuvs article* to order foi tbe sccommndsiiun of cu.turner.. They slto keep, in cnnneeiion with the above, s MEAT MAllliET •here they csn supply ths public with MEAT on tb* lowest terms, Beef Cattle, Hid-'., Skint, snd most kind, of country produce is ken in payment for the abev* ar- ticles. KllWIN BENEDICT, W. If. BUCK. PJeutburgb, Mtrch '.'V IH in, if T HE subscribers having purchased tbe Brick Factory on the we.t tide of the River Ssrsnrc, in the villtgo of I'latitbu'gli, beg leive lo •ay to theVVuol growing community th* t ibey have now trrfUlrtperailon one of lite best .vtu of iiiacliino- ~ yry for SI! ] Manufacturing Woolen Cloths, ich a* Or«y fulled cloth, Caialiriere, Satinet., Kla *l», Tweed*, S«.,that could be purchased in t| ttate of Massachusetts | all of which I* entirely m nd In complete order. it ti» t». n . i .k \ We would .ay lo these who with their wool Mai .... AL \t.f*:'..„M'ui'sciuredinioan >0 ftlie above named goods, eithi i> the yard or on tkares, that w* are now prepan to do It in a* good style and as cheap a* st sny othi s*rsbll*hment In I hit section of country, W* lisve now on hand a large quantity of Cloths of our own manufacture together wiih an attortm*nl uf BrOMdt'lOltse, which »« wilt exchange for wool on as Uvurable terms as can be atked for. Far. mors having wool to di.pote of will do well to give ut a eall. We are prepared to Cail Ita*nmn,l Dres$ Cloth en short notice awl in good urder. Cs.li paid for Woo! at all lirae*. HAitlWELL A WINSLOW. He R. Fur good r loth, and good bergrtn. dont fail toiall at il-- Hrlcb Faelvry, nest doer tooth of N. P. Gregory v l. o'*. 1'latt.buigli, »UyUU lain. RtMla a% tMlt>e«, et Wbotetal* and Retail by BistDtcT A Bvca. M Rbie. Northern Pork, for sale by Btstoicr A Bics. M ReM* Mess Beef, for tale by BINtPICT A Hues. IOO SsllOked Mum*) and ShouHert, for •ale by Ktarnicr Jk Hurra i FRE8H NEWS FttOM I j GEN. TAYLOR, VICTORIOUS. N OW ia the time, for the Leiiie. lo buy their new .umnwr dre.w*. AVICUlLL'Si, la tbe pine* ! ut rtml ihem, rbr It Is admlitod by itm merebants, that • his assonment uf print. i< Hie prettiett and beat *o- ; tented lh*i ha. been brought into matkvi tut* emmmm. | You will find ih.ra.Uo, Fre<wh pltid Uiaghamt, Barrage Uingbams, Barrig* (itngham Lawn., Prist- l , «d Lawns, Muslin d* Lain**, i'oulaul da l.aine, Repp I i da l.alnt, *c aa *e. C.K. AVKUILL, I .May 30. | WAR/ WAR 11 WAR!! I » Twenty ThMMttei .HexicaiM i I 1\VM.I.AHS wanted by the subsertber, In vachange j mJ lor the ftne.t setortment of Dry Ooodt. On we- > ; rles, Haidware, Crockery, Iron, Steel, Nail., Farmlsg i ulen.il., MiMleal In.trurnetils, 9M., Ac, A«. i ' Let it be distinctly understood that these rood, are ' ' all marked at ihe luwett cash price*, being determln- ' i rdto (ell at good anklet, at ae low price, snd on a* 1 favorable term* a. Sny of my vaunting neighbors who ' i stem to pride ihemetlvee on their (laming advent**- . meet*. i Butter, Cheese, F.fgs, 8Wh., and all kinds of coon- try produe* received ra pavmeni. ! May III. CHA'S K. AVERiLL. j ^y^ rest «**» I* Beaadktt a tbe west end ef ihe bridge, la the stey ef I and he has nn head a mm srewb ef FAMILY GROCIKIMS AND Staple Dry Goods, Boots, Shoe., I'ork, Fi.b, aad Fleer, wsieh a«e4sM to the people for Woel, Cask, se Orate, To wool grower*. I caasjui »*y bow pound } mi «ill g.t for year weet this tematsi i due time I will tail yo«, If yea wiU call aad « I'L'v ACI~ ' Buildetey to the wool grower*, and thepeef 1 l!i A AS. ' I hav* new un band Brows, Olive, Biae end Braadckubt, Caesimers, Fulled eleth*, Bet Whit* and R*d Flannel* sal thaB hate et a* tocscbang* for wool s. Asrsteriy. Alee, e i week of rummer snd fall cloths far ante, bey* . girt, i sll or ssy er* the tease «rtg be seeks\ - * wool, ca«« ur grain, *r told at WbthJiaal et l term, ihat will b* right. H. R. I will eeatrtet for Better aad . kin* lot the Mia* A. HaRTI Flattsburgh, May JO, IS4fl. HARDWARE STORU PLATTSBVRUH, X V. seam ratio to ovaeeiewise, a* •AaXCl *% ACRLRV. P LEASE sell sad rasatlee tkwlr MMf> •/ IRON, SfEEL, OLA9S .* rAtNTWaleey sad *b*rf HARDWARE, at ihelr .tore, at thoTga of the MM Haw. ^ r ,v. t trim. ' ~~\ m r. cgmt. WEBB A (ROOK, / oa*tsa* is DRY GOODS, PROVISIONS, HARDWARE, CBOCIUmT, Ae- • Ma»,33. 1848. Salt, by the barrel, sack, and fine Llverpo.il do—pur recurved W. H, Mnaoss, \•Mlier thtete, Cgfige Httel 111 F T MtLLKTbe* • tb* -f» loop Iff* n \ G tlNOHAM, r Lain** i i^ORD WOOD,-1' /V/ lei ttl* by 0 cur.I. dry wood on hand tad Bi.M.Dltl & B'/'.K I'rinied Muslin., Baitennes, l>e- 1 v# Mttn**i snd,in net, every *i;leuldr***guud* j can be found st T. P.CAPtB. nH»s**i !• I»«l^'h* vV'htt* Store* opjie*.ul\jaTfr»* Bailey't~p. iti.ilos given immediarelv. Fur t»«m* »*ph to I W. R. BKGMLFY \ J AMU BAILLY, 1-1 WAilTKOt Lb* go»d lilTlLR, lb*. (f>H»l Cheese, •CMMui-n Kgg>, fit pair* Wudeo i»«lis*>s»r wkkh ihe high **t msrket price will be (Nasi. Tbe tub.t rtber I* *•» isctivisg a fr«»b lot ef 0rM VtNMisj, •»r*»t*rre#i, ste. which w id be toid «*» the meet rwatustabt* term, tm- *gin*ble, fur ceeh er ewustry produce, N I* I'm ith teid for good butter- ^.i '.UALLI » K \VtB4U.- RRRtR mfRVIWR RWRRRRJ'^nRl very best of tteek, aadbe*Mts*MdiMa> AssortmesU of Tk% WBWm\ ' :'\Z \ Fen*, *t wrwlaesle «r retell, at htwev pttes* iMitstlj- . have ever been euiil for te iM* < nut lev te ist* «*ae«y. 11*. T. IfauMt Watoeje W K T m u v a ft m. . umli auftMMsennta* §mhnWm\ m^Bmu% jg«gMg|V SmWBk* sgeej *>****•*****•• | sefegaggaw WBJB! ^nunam^jfrnf' •y** ™R 1RRI, RRJRcRRRf ^ Reeieaiber that I sad slwet* telle price*. K A V sjMB*la*t«red ia tb* I teiials. im WORst Sheet t*#p*r, Brss*. Tat, ttae, liMtss, and ArawiieaM l»»*. ef the beet lejSjy tattl MMIHIWI, *M*teatlf eeltaad- ^ ,*, *»»\ «a *V*«r.au«ei. two 4*>» **ttw 'Aeet |t,«»g» rtr«*t. :,i *#» r.*it*»»n»- si»j i*. i»n ~*y* •M$$

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