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Plattsburgh Republican. (Plattsburgh, Clinton County, N.Y.) 1813-1916, July 24, 1819, Image 2

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JLaws. ifce 2Wft Y JtUH. iti 8. in i6e i h» ffte tvfm I efih* eom- ^irf t rtvitt Uir b$- Js»*«i/lrr*flid nihjte; (he/of. li ;t trr read onft atloplat iA Trtifitfct. a* the by- i Wit: i. 1UJl »rii«ineil by OMS Trut- t*tM»f -Ito\'tillage *t MalUbui-sli. theh 1 fcriiifl eWrterl. ii> taeli ;Mndl»<>ritre rnnjur pait'cf It 1§ hert'liy made ilieii j o|ipoint and n of their „„„-,„_--.„ ...- eom- «(« *T 1te breach ol' tiny by. muse To Bime ol the r*ttg»inti the Will lejnilatlons of IW CMMlWkn } trail in east, of ilit- 4t*tirt itokm u cr' aktmre of ili« , III* senior Tro«»ce thai] ^|g|6llfiJif .aiiiy^ the mid jir«*i- That by the mnjoriiy of penmn, being a •aid rllliiRe, to be *f Jlio Imtittl of Trustees, ; holtl liii BHW ofRfc ilur- the. mid Tins- rt»e ••ucli eora- i far, tin services at the time to time jgjfi.tijer^jir., Vhomt duty it shall «tiil i\h.i(iiuni« of flu- rce.ottl in a IHMJ!.. lo Mm iu< that (itirjiuM! (! every stieh « nil niaiic > v of the n ibem by (Ike- AW oF Ineer- tion. ant! to ratose burh l>>- regulations jo be [tulilisli- inlortaulion of all - enn- » anl gatis jo be [ili tor the inlortaulion ,of all - enn ^ and wdo thail tilto lmv<- Hie custody of (Jie tuld Jwoks ami |nper<> of I he b»>d eoi(iuialinr). and bliall, before lie enters OJHIB illf ex- ecuuisa of lusoflice,-(aJJe and fnli- teribe «n oatli ov utiirinaiion be- 'fare some J«dge»;Cowmi»»i«ncr or J««»ie* of. (he jieaee of the county ofCiiiilon, i'\r the Cuilliful cxtni- f ion of IIJO* dude* of the raid of- >'f (Ire wan!rn »f the, fire rompuny. irw»r in Uis aWnrr or villu uliall direct ; and rver» ion u-h» »ball nr^Vi-i or I-I to a*«i»I. n< ufurt'Miul. MIIC IIIC unto re<jni •* I. *hs«IU f<ir t ry »(i<h <i(T, me. furfcil and jtay fine of Are. ilulUr*. to the UM; p tfieer i!nin per- of ' Trvftcw, arid thJl anv jKrfon T perils, who Oxll ofTrnil in tl . premises, fliall, for every Mich ct- f^ntc, iorfiit and pay » fine oi ov- dollar, and itic lui'l'er HID O) our rfolUr (or rrery (wenty (our hcufi that tu h j)£ifon orpcrfont lli»lt r,< ,• !«ct or rctui'c to temove tuch, cari, fi«rri»gc, waggon, minute, sleigh, (led, teaiii. lire-wood, tlone, bricks, luaiber, Tiaieiial , lubilli, or filth out of cuth fticcl or highway, after Hn It r.nilicr tt f L»ll !in«l tnrr Jm lavili.l. and il i*her-e!)T made the dutv of the il• •*- I ing notilitM and required io remove • * • -•-:.-r -'-.ivi.-s;^ ih, M»i. !»i| nr cithr of them. «l-.ivi.> | the same by ihj Trustees of Ihe fk« month uf Heeemtier ami Ms.y. J vilUg;, or j»y of them, and it Dial I inearii anil every jear lirrrttlW i beai.d it hereby made the duty of thr tttrtl ofiencr if nec-.'Ssary. au.l when j j.tcral o*nrr, or occupants of lands required hy tli'- i»re»idenl or Trim- j and tenement! in ihe ti'vt village to }:.f» uf the >t»iil <-oiiHirali(,n, (o en- ' Uep the ftrjstts adjoining thereunto <er enry dwelling imuse, stun-, j clean from all filib and obflr-ction to or other li'Miling. inwhicli n fire i ,| 4e r enicr of the highway and more or fiivn arc kriii in the •.niit •»(!- j tip.cUUy <hc iiac walks, and on fail- Kgr, mt'l «o «>*.i»iinr On- Mate-i urc ,i, t reof,to paj-a fine of one dol- Hiul sif<i»(ioii or the fire j.lu- j ht , 0 t | l c ufe 0 , (he siid Corpora res, chimney*. nlmri irnl Move- lisn . Ai f o _ auy -^r^ who (hall »ii|»e« in (he same. ni»t if i hey shall J rU! e on aoy ^ „,,. |ide wi!ks in (he Had mry fire-plac.-. chimney, slu.o j tf,;,^ or '| c;l J or ,. rjve aoy C8ttle0P or stove-pipe, in tlte>«me. in ^''l'I horfcthereon, or drive any\ carriage •latter Mtu«lion M l« enilaiiKer whltfoewr on the ( a me. of injure *T,> L°Z ! \\ Ml T llr ',\«- | >hem or anj of them in any manner fd, tin ttM lire wmd.ns >UII mm- w l atsoeTe ,Whout ahMute.nec.a1-y, fyor duvet Ihe o<:cu|»»iit or »e-j (Kill fo, eve,. ( a ,h .ir,n r , i,,,f,.;, or direct the occupiini or eup.inl* of surti house or hnililinj\ to H|{«I*. tlennse, or rrn.ovc (he mill fire-place, chimney, stove nr sioie-pipe in such it nntnnvr (h»( il shall not be in clanger of tutting fire Ibert'from ; and sui-h oecu|mtit or occupants being no n.itiCuil or iltrrNcfl,»ball v.ithin twenty four hourt, or as sunn tliervulier in lime will |iermil> in case it euimnt bo done in twenty four hours to alter, tvniove or cleanse die said flrw-place, ehiw >\ stove, or stove- pipe in sueh II ,.»-r us ihe said lii* wardens sball diiect us afore- said, and if sush aceii|mnt or oi-eu- jmnts cliull not within the lime u- foitsaid so alter, remove or cleanse the said fire-plate, tliimnry, slove or tiluve pipie he, she, or they shall forfeit anil p«y a Bm- of len dollRrs to the oke of the taiil rm-porniion. and the further sum of fne dollars iorr^ery I went)- four hour* there- iiitit, (hat he, she, or they shull (ir^lett to alter, remove or tlie same as aluivsait], 7. lie ii furl her uiilaim-ir, ever; hotiM'. »l(.re, and shup with- in the sni'1 tillage felr.ill be }irovi- ded, or liirniklii-d, by tin* t>»m*r or aei-upanl tlreriof, wild n sullii-ii-n' seut 1 U« or otlier convenient and e»- >v fAssaKf or meant of usxent <m to (hi* run!' uf tin- s.iiiiu, «i- with a good 3. Be ir fnrtltpr ordained. That there iliill be si)>j)ninled I>T the teifsite*. one t>ni««lile person to | l« Cap'aa ol'tlie fins tNinipiiny in ] t »«\'»»W' Ti^laj;''' vt * 1 ° sltari Ins one j »ll lilliofifhisoiiic^iliiiingllinplias- ue' of* nitijoilty «f the anid Trtts- tejs,wlid$e titrty u sliiiH be to oi;^nn- Hi »eom|ia.n> ot! I',rt-Hii*ni;i the said % iilaps and to take rare of stud K* jlbR' all lire eflgines ftpr hooks, nw! nil oiViev, uii-ii^ils for <-\iin- ffai^hici^r titV* in Ihe said village, he f#roj«Ti* Vaken'fare oi\ and kejjl in or<k r. •*. Be il further otikined. That the fire miui|>Mity ol' ilie »nid *il- Js^»--»|.,i!l i-uiieisl «(' out Iras ihau fi*icea a nuf* morw ili.in 2.\' mem - Bees lo l>e enrolk-tf \i\ vulunliiry eotijlmeot, under lite Oireelion of |{«; Cti(t*Mtn « f the fir^ conijij»j_» the ap;ir«(i'<itkin of (lie j»rei-i- of Itie ^irB-hcii of *;>i<i »il- e, vl;oie duty il >.tmll I' 1 ' res- !ivi-H,ur>leas tli're btf Mitnv na- J *» m»y l'*re * ii(ia<r<*, st Ibe C*;>(aii> and in his error H in lln; tijirt to i of tlw al»>rns-<\ de pyj '!•« senior citi-' gnated by tin- j if\!!^ lithe tun;!', under llif < i\ the I!CI!JIS i'\,r ruth ur.tl •»!i;-rt •Ji\j»a::i?.i\ uf l'i i il foriiiT cr.'!.it;i t!. TJJ ;<t.<»te J;e i. nl l;ttlticf I'JI that )iur- lo lie Ke;>! slamling by Ihe samr. unit that ifi- oicup.iiil or oc- euuatils of every sueh lionse. store or »II;.JI and Ihe owner or ownei-s of stirh its are nn8ecii|>ied « ho shall neglect, or lefuse to prM\i<le or fiutiish the same as at'ofstiiid, fhiill, for every sueh otrenei 1 , fnrfe.il uud puj a line of live dollars to ihe UM of ibe ?tiil t/urporu'iati, and tho fui thi*r sum ofmo dulhirs for e>i - iy we< k tliereafu-r, thut lie> she, «r they .«hall neglect or refuse lo [icoviite the same»s uforesaid. S. Be it fur.'htf ordained, That the owners of every two stoiy houfc, or stole in the faid Tillage, {lull fur- tiilb, and keep conftantly on hand j two good leather backets, to hold ten f)--drs each, which (hall bo kept ' hurij; up in the molt convenient \ place, in the faid building, to be (peediiyobta ncd in calc oi a fire in the foid village, and ihe owner or owners of tvery dwelling hcufe, , mechanic's shop & store one l>uck- i et a: atorcfaid each—each and every , peildn whe thall reg!tct,ot refulc, i to procure and keep the fame as , aforelaid, fhall forfeit and pay a fine oi five cV.Uis to til's ule of the faid Cot'potation. p Bs it ^ur'hrr ordained. That it shall noi be U*la! lor any person, or ptrsens, to erect or life any board ki.n, or otiitrkiln, for drjing boards, pi^rtks or Igniter, by file, in tl;e taif vilirf(.e, wiii.in twit; rcus of aiy hon!e, oatl.uLi^, or o-htr- buvidir-g, ?nd that ai:y p-r:on, or ['(rioii\ vrho sb.ii't crcrit a. y sue!, k.'.n, or shall put any boor^s, or lumber in ihe i.-,n'.t tobe uncd coriti.lv to the pro- Vilu-1,6 tt ihis ciijinanci, fi'.j\ fcr cv- -ery tutit c3;; c. loiieit and pay a fii.t ri! en i;oi!ars to the Hl'r oi the ; -id Corpor^tiun, to, iic it fur:l.w'r Crrfair.ed, That no pttoii cr petiuns, Aall, hfreifter ie . | j-ut, p;.-.ce, or 1J) iiiy car!, carriage, wa^on, ni'ir.t.rr, ^e-ij,h, sied. teuni, ,,i j I'lcwfucw., 1 biaki, iu.-uL'cr, c.r niateri- ij, I iUtot Ivldi g, or any rubifli fiitb ,. • or o-tict '*ji.g whail^cTcr t*j any i. ,' stitc: cr S:iyii*«y r j or t.'.e dee v/t'Xi is i OUHLCI ihe *;.n.f uf »ui-b* * • it. (he said thereof, so as lo . wjilr.ut pe.-rriif. f.rft. obiatned from i jr.»j r:iy cl' tLe :enec«{|1' for every foth offence and pay a fi-'v ef one faid, and any perfon who fhall in any manner damage the fame, (hall alfo pay all damages ii. licit lurtber ordained, That it thall not be lawful for any perfon or perfont to erect, occupy, or ufe any slaughter houfe in the said vii l.i»e. except.at,such place or places as the Trrffte* or a majority of them in a retaliation to be entered in the books of the said Csrpontion shal permit, and any sLtighter houfe or other building, as fuch, contrary to the prcwijion ot this ordinance thai be deemed * public nuifance, and it shall aod muy be. U*{ut for any per son or persons, when authorized by the faid Trustees or ihe mnjcr pan of them, to pull down, remove and dtftroy the fame, and any perfon oi pcrfona who ihali erect any slangh tcr houfe, or who fliall «ufKr or per. mit any building occupied by him her, Ot them, to be ufed as fuch, and any peifon or perfons who flu! butcher any fwine, beef creature Iheep, calf, or lamb, therein, fhal lor ever* fuch cfience forKit and pay a line of five collars to the ufe of the faid CorncjraaCTJ. 1 j. he il liirti.tr ordained, That shall no; bc-ttwml lor »ny peisor., re siiltng in the s.'ui village, lo keep a baudy house, or keep a douse, shop of common rtsuri, for iiiL cr oil orderly persoui, or of caramon re»r lor persons wlio have no visible muc: of honest livtlibood, (and n: #.pM'ic ulariv hi the fSigtu) or a common gam \j-iog house, store, or sbop ; or Know ingiy io keep or entertain m any lious outliouse, or oilier building, occupied by l.iin, her, or them, for the space ol inviuy four .iours, any common pros, tit me, or any female who has no si- ble means of liont si iivelihovd, or i: )>ui'iy of open lewdness : and that any person or persons ivho siiai! be guiiiy of any breach *>• ^iis ordinuncc. or of any of the offluces or acts, prohibited thereby, shall, for ev;ry such act, brearh or oifince, forfeit and piy a fine of twelve dullais to Uic use ol the sail! corporation* 13. U« it (urther ordained, That it sluil not be lawful for any owner or cccupant of any house, store, shop or builamg whatsoever in said village lo purchase, or procure or aid directly or indirectly the purchase from any soldier or •••jlt'icis, in the service of the United States, or other person or persons in his or their behalf, any arras, uniform clothing, ammunition, liquor, or oilier articles whatsoever, usually ktpt for Uie use ot the United Males, v.iinoiu ?uch soldier h-is permission to si.lt »'. e lame !>y sonic officer ot competent i;tr.t>ority—under the penal- ly ol ii^c tlulUrs tor each and every • •rtence's And on complaint to, or on Uic persona*, knowledge of the p.esi- i!e:u, that sucli shop o!\ building is « place of itic (Uscriptioii aforcsnid, and Ocin^ so i2eiti miiicti by Uie said irus- 'CLt, and on nonce thereof, Hie same shali bt. dircoininued, and any owner nr utct.punt shall not ue permitttd to ke.p tin: same -s a huckster sliop of lor sellingfcny tiijuor or oilier aii.cie whatsoever WKtiaily sold in such shops, ur.ricr the pt-naiiy of live c'ollsis fr.r every twin'.y lour hours the btrat shall be Uijn hfi«.r such \notice as alortsuiil. M. And Lc it lunher ord^incc!, thst it bhali r,ot be lawful for ttlle intoxica- ted or ciisorderly pel sons, or those who hjvc r.o \Ui'uW n.eans of littli- liooi to be ioi'.erir.^aboa! Ir.e Villegc, uiuicr llie penal'y of being imprisoned in ti.e connr.us gaol of the coyi.ty of Cliiiioiii lwra.terin not exceeding; Jcny ci^lil iiours.uo being convicted tiitreol] End it is i.ercby made the ciu:y ci ail jj-ji'tiKs fcfid masters ol aj;prtnii- t-.i 6i<d beiv--n:5, lu restrain and keep •.hire rron. running »bout the said vii- liigi; JS »!ortsjid, muliirig <Tisuirbaj!ce, nuk-r -,i.c peiiijiy oi fivt iioHus fct srli J of ai ii jn.) Uie in ! uilty of kii'l. IV • tl' al. • 11 Tf -T IV. • 1-.' or iv n.i '.. rn li-'li .,1 is herehi t, in lie i..ster, si may be iln» ofi! I u-.chtrc well b)vu \\ .S>ily tjf r.ifh of ill- l'mv :<lu'. » \!, I>I tuke or C-.US'.- to tie n utt f.i^ own view or on o>r.v,)! int, , iii'uxKa 1 ; !, or tU^orlm ly ji rsoas, liote '.vi)(i il vc tlO VI^'.'JI 1 ! Ill:'.HIS ol lihrxkl, :.s .•.forcs.tid. bcf>rc som-. icu uf the \)c ^'c. <if t'.ie to.vn nt Mi'jni-^ti, to jnr.ver fir e.icli un:l ty v'o'atiin uf this ordinance «< 'V'.llasany tr,ta\.h of toe [ie.n>r tvhu- ':vtr ci'ii.ni:: .d within t..e limits ot it ni!, to the injury a 5 -rvyii or IU-IIIHIS w.itt H.J, IJut 111: Sy t' Wiih ' 15 B ; itfunliLr or.liir.:-.l. That m> Aismcss ^.hiil be <l'>n« ou lUe I'usi cL) if the week, cullrd SUIHIJV, in jny tore or sht'ji t\i UK s«iJ v't'a.*e, tx- epi in CJS:S ol sick.less and j'.iviitiie uxesMty, ^nil tviiy such olleivler >!iali fortcil anJ pjy u fiiK- oi one 'l\l- ir. 16 lJa it further ordained, That it sliill not be lawful lor any perron or ( ):r-,or.5 to run uny lioise, nijre,- or e!dui!», for k|i'irt, or otherwise, anvl inly in exses of n-.ci.isity, in uny pn 1 )- ic s reel, within the iimi'i of the said corporation, on wliich ihere ;ir^ inhab- itants rtsidint; who are thereby tnd.ui- ;l, and every person shall for eve- ry such ofience lorfeil and pay u fine of fiv~ do'lark. 17. Uc it further ordained, That tile Hay scales now in use, owned nr occupied by Uenj irr.in Oilman, be the only one licensed in the said Village ; and that it shall be the duty of the |).r ton owning or keeping the same, to Keep in repair, and at ill reasonable limes (on being paid for each and cv ry loid of hay to be weighed, twenty live cents) to attend Ibe said scales ami weigh each add every load, and nive a certificate ol the weight to the person applying, under the penalty ol otic dollar for each and every offence. 13. Be it further ortUincd, That all Bread sold, or offered for sale in (hi tail) village, shall be Well mad-; of good flour, into shiHinft ant) six-penny loave and that tbe same shall weifth agree* We to the order of the President from lime to lime, nonce thereof being RIV en in the public newspaper primed ii the tillage of Pittsburgh j and in c:>s any one shall think himself injured b any such order of the President, h may apply to the Trustees, whose tie. cUion shall be conclusive ; and an peison or persons who shal! sell or ex- j ji n ' r \ u \ ro I.n O VV^st'yourietl pose for sale any bread contrary to the WUcn do &tu b ;„ ••hov- ordinance and regulations as to ' puce and weight, as shall be establish- ed as aforesaid, shall forieit the bread, m sold, or offered for sale, and forfeit -•n<l pjy a fine of one dollar for every such offence. Ul. H». il l'ii!'thtr oni liiird, jiciif:li of.-.ny ol IMI- (. in .•> in iv '.•; s'it.5 fi r ivuli (O/vo! s;j..bif ii a.-f II I'I . i. in ;jtj I recv.. e. it , rt» he ftiii*.- .*i f '» i;il.i. M) -;•;..;! JAS is\ii.i.v,C;..k. y C.VNAD.V Tills II, [rrvltlii; Ploiijili-Uoy t'olhcr d.iy. I*-) ;!» i'. jiciicei I must any, ! lik'.l n will, ue vi;w>n i!r, tliis'lc \«rii lit u> wt.ll limit out'ill! i »;n-.il, or ;. r from tn^i of !'yr\ntc% in ^'T f:r i'iji,;!ic iiumcroustrt. 1'ii.it till tt:-J air, (>r 'hf oi't I)••.•-•an \vi:h a spoon, Ami thra* itie (vriiii.- inio tlie moon, To kill the thistles there. N')-'>.\:ne wont do~now\lierc'» the rtf tf Atlantic v.-is a pow,lert;i>5 tui), i< as *t»oi!ljbe loi KIII ill, Or if the briiie in Cirreiit<. fn.t— O:i': lit'tt evil I'll foretell— '1'irould Ui'.l tbc grasses all. Hut pour yoiir brine on tliiitle row, And if vou j>:ejsc, steam U',l tu Ui A r ou'il kill a lo.it or so—. And huve you then siK.ceedcil ' Tlierc'; fiur feel lell if llicy be nesV To in-Ue a Urge crop ;;io.v. How sHsil we make these tou;>li tti'f,' yield ; \ * Why mtUc a furnace in each lisU And keep them hot, Thrust into each ten ihuuiam! sjiinib Of Swedish iron.wuii uoodciili.unilu. And burn the thistles out. Theft's one thing more, I've try'.!fr- ill tell you what—and yet I'll l.iosi Allho' 1 j-Ws you wurnirig— To thicken cloth, it «mwer» w.-'.I—. With comm-jnsojp, in fulUng-i;-.k« Apply it in the morning— At Issst you've then * full supply, Drink cider plenty dont be i!ry, Nor stint yourself in gin, Attack Hi! thkiles by the ground, Ucsdlved, That the stalls in the \ maiket in siid village, be numbered as follows, to \it the one at the south east corner to be No. 1—south west No. 2—north west, No- 3—north eusl No. 4—-jn;l llul the three fust still be sold under tbe direction of the presi dent, to Ihe highest bidder on the first Monday in June annually, agreeable to a reasonable notice to be ;;ivt:n—at the rate of not less than ten dollars each, payable in advance, and tiist no one person or jVuil cciinpiuy be permitted to purchase more lhan one, lo l< used only by the person so purchasing— _ cascsof .tbsolule neressity cxcejtte'i — j fnc fourth al the ilispos-.il of tue pre- | silent for ihe use ol\ ihe said corpora- ; tion : and it s!ia'l be the duly ot those persons purchasing the said stalls, to furnish them as »rclt as the situation of the country will permit, and auvnti all reasonable tiin;s ; and that it S!'.JU not be. lawful for any other person or persons to sell or expose lor sale any Iresh beef, pork, veal, mutton, at .j)thcr meat, except by ibe quarter or larger quantities, at any place in ihe said village, exct pt in the Pull ii;i the prass, clew all away, Continu; <KI from diy to day— As lan^ a» they apire.vr. Anil if by chanccihey siiiivhor.lr! ?T3 Then take a sharp and lieivjr lux, And cut tScm twice a ycir. B'lt thou p-rennia! of the north, Tbousui: i*iatt live, we!; tow tr.y WOK\ Caii3di«i horiss ea*. thsc. Thy hardy n.-H s'ui! f;ed the sm« In spite of all t ie o!<l beef brine—' Thit ever >»j, r^r can Uc. Ju!y !Jiii, l-'l.i. A PI.0C3H-M.\y. —\^.^—— the Republican. C.tfie Jt'-.n Strficnl on Lai.; CA-.n;— Ma. PRISTEII, Oil 1'liursdjy las', the In!»al:;j.'\ on the shore of Ru8<sagzy l>-\ . «- sbrnied by the apytarjnee of ,t w a:er, w!:icn from the <!i»cr!pii«i mo be a rL-Ution of the j'-ta' S,J .V-A-'\ C*pt. Cium, who »H.iV4«'l f iigbt, r,-!ates '.Iiat sljout tfi^Ht v'clv in the morning when pu:ii.»t; o il IVa shore in a sccv. Ite di&cavcred J! I tlisiance of not nvMv tl«n t«o i«.»Jr yjr.is, an unusu.l un«!n!^tio.i i^C tl surface of ibe water,* Uic!» was : >! J» ed by the appearance of a tufinr rearing its bsid more thjn J.ficcT fc- ar.d moving with the atnwit l said market or in th: street, between j t o l)] e souln _j,, , he same lime UA that and the highway passing norther- ly from Joseph I. Green's by the Court-house : and further it shall not be lawful for any person or persons, who an in the habit, or shall heretftsr be in ibe habit of coming io, or atten- ding the ssid Village to sell, or ex- pose for sale either by himself or a- gent, directly or indirect!)', any meat as aforesaid in ihe saie! Village, or by any bargain out cr the same whatso- ever, to bring or send into the said Village, to soil or expose to sile as a- foresaid, uny meat us aforesaid, exupt beef or pcfrk by the (jtiaiter or larger quantities cnless it be in the market, or ihe street aforesaid—^and for each and every breachofthe above rlso!mion,ihc person or persons so offending,shall for* Icit and pay a fine of one dollar to the use ot the said corpora:ion. 20. And be it further ordained, that it shall not be lawful for (he owner or owners o.\ any Cattle, hogs of horses in the said vi!bge*to permit or suffer them or any of them to run at large in ihe same, (o the injury of any person or pertuns whomsoever, from t!ie usuil commencement of sleighing in the fall or winter, till the end of the same in the spring, & hogs at no seasons what- ever, under the penalty of one dollar for each and every offrnce, and no lia- bility of any person or persons for any injury he may be accused of to the said caitif,!.ogi or horses, wink-running as ng with its T-it two lirge S ur.;ccs and a B:l!-fish whicii ap>>eai'td to '-'• cn^ssed in pu:-sui!. After the constet 1 nA'.ion occasioncu by such a tcr::.- spectacte bad subsided, C-ty;. Ornii took a particular survey of this • 1! >9' t lar animal, which he describes to U about 187 feet Ion™, i'.s head fiit »>»\ three teeth, two in the under »ir.l or< in the upper jaw, in s'n.i[K- similar ti tlie sea-horst-*-\he color black, wi'.i- 1 star in the forehead and n belt of t- around \!ic neck—its body abm:\. l!w size of a hogshead with lumche-; oat\ 1 lach as large as a common pota-h b» r«.l—ihe eyes lar^e anil the >;t,ior of pealed onion —lie continued to mw with estonUhiui; rapidity towaris t'l siiore f«r ibotn a minute, when sud- denly he dirtet! under wr.ter -anti ha- not siricc been seen, altlio' many li*' ing beats have been on the look out Capt. Cinm informs mo that he l\ ; sent an express to Capt. Rich, of Bos- ton, communicaiinsr this intelligence) but is fearful that before his arrival tin* dis.urber of our waters may be chaif cil to a pickerrl. iMr. ••••\• i!> celebrated engraver of the ISattte of Plattiburgh, is r.os» at this place, prc- p.ir^d to take a sketch of his terrific majesty, should he again make Disap- pearance. I am, *ir, with great respect, your ol»'t serv't. HOUSE MACKEREL.

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