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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, November 29, 1869, Image 1

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AKBRXOAN BOTir., WAJTBRTOTN, n«tM*M tJ. D. DODO HJ, CITY MAREXT, . NO. IO:ABB*NAL, ST, VHOU&IB AND KBTAiK , ^ Je»!«rttn«U kinds otjFMCBi* 8ALT HUTS. UIH A BACOH, BoTJLOOHA WMfk BAUSAOIS. FBIBH A HALT WATBHFI*H,*'TO B M 0*ST«IIB A GAM W TIUB, 11 -jl 811IOK Ordert promptly atteadea to. December 1867. TrrOODKVFF HOUSB. WAT1HTOWN, N. Y. ..nrooghly fitted ap and will be kopt Strictly as » iflrst Ultei Honae. July 8. dly. BUCK A 8ANQKR, Prop. J ackman House, WATSB10WN. AT. t. H>. W. PETERSON, Successor to Geo. W. Jones, late |proj>rjet.or. (3T* ED. PITBBSON. will -always be at horns to g reet hie old friends, and with a cordial welcomiuo le Dew. Btatres leave tats hotel for all point*. Porter at all traine. Au - 2- dlt mniby WJum. Mr.Corir in'apot of coin was found on what is known as tbeold Ellison p (ace iuflt '^V of the village of New Windfol • '& S was occupied previous to and darinJth e Revolutionary war. by Willian Ellison «and father of Thomas Ellison, esq, wbVw w the f Atfc' ftMr ' Cor-ii .short time .go. A t the time the Revolutionary lore > s i were encamped m the neighborhood, Gen SKK! B Th a e E \ iso,, house h » »»«£ quartors. f he money was f oao d near h 2ST ^ Bt ° reb0U8M of *° »r my had On this historic spot Mr. Co MANY GOODS SELLING LESS THAN BEFORE THE WAR, AND LESS THAN THE Present Cost of Manufacturing (Step into tl c HSOU] Block, and ecc the biugaine (Step into tl c SEQUZiATOH, Ko. 5 5000 Tarda Best Prints. 10 ceata per yard, »o »uy BoofcT»geur^re« i/f charge. Aour«»i NATIJII AL POBLISlfllirG CO., FhlladelLuJ*, Pa Nov S4W BOOK A.OENT9 WANTKD FO R TUB £truffgie» and Triumpli* of P. T. MRNUM; fFiritt , IlimHif.-Inone lort/e Octant talvme,— Hearty «00 Paget—Printed ta Knaiitk and Oerman 33 Slejeant roll Page Bnirrawlpara. It. embr-'C forty Yc«n> Kecnlloctfon <J! hi* Busy chitnr_ V«noiro. »•—'— * - OF THE NATIONAL CAPITOL T HJB nost etanllng, instructive, and ratertainlajt book of tfao day. i^enrj lor Clrcolart, and tee onr U. P. PUBLISHING CO.. 411 BROOMS 8T. *> term*. Addwn Oct. 8 4w N. Y. T>T f T * C Radically cured without knife, tlga- i X VJCJ <* ture. or caustic. No detention from bns*ne*i. Fee , taelndtn* mediotre. <S. Da ;AMJt8 0K«, P. 0. Box 13«, New Torlt. Oct.3113tr S3HB0XAX. aVOTIOfl. ! A large assortment of beantUu) yew Style PBINTS, . r jrwin, jr., pro- i atlS# centsper jard. posed to esublish a brickyard, and accord- Good Fast Colore rt:nis at 10 cents peijsrd. ingly set bis men at work to take trie top common P inu at e r per yard. soil off tho clay, and wa9 about to construct Novelties In Prints, nttiit cent*. a wharf for the purpose of shipping the brick Brown and Bleached SHEETINGS,one yard wide, a to be made there—tb» ninnak^-j.-: SO rn in« r^K\ .?.** Dt ' 1L A 8ents average from HUBBARD & WRIGHT % Homer* and Conaaellor* at Law, Olttea OTer No. 8 Waehtngton Btreot, 'Watortown, Haw York. F. W. OCBBARD. 0 . D, made there—the place biordt ring on the river. On Friday a gang of laborers waB at work there. They were delving away under the eye of Mr. Silas Corwin, when it occur- red to him to take a crowbar and break off tli« top soil, letting it roll down to the la- borers at the foot of the bank. He had not prodded very long with his crowbar when he turned wnat snemeij to Da a very rem 'rk- able prodtfet ol tbe soil, even for New Wind- sor. v - The old gontleuian goodartlc e, at iSi< cents per yard. New York SJHle, Wamentti, and NonpaHe) Bleach- ed COTTON at prices lower than heretofore. A large lot of UNRN GOODS, less tnan cost of Importa'.lon. 50 toJOO snbscrlbcr. ducemeute. lllnstniterl AufQU stint Iree _ average from w«-es Wt offer extra In- Catalocce and Terms to from Auction, at is each; Good Linen rd; a ottier Crash for up e cau.so metallic coi WBIG1 O 0. KlflOKEBBOCKER, • O. Physlrlan. Office No . 3t, id K liomoopa^hlc Physlrlan. Office No . 2t, 9d Vloor, Arcade. >Hcehours trout 8 to 11 a. m.. from 3 to 5 p. m., and ' rom 7 to 8 In the < venlng. Realdasce Mo. 47 Waib ngton street, Walertown, N. Y, if All bills dao when tbe pttlcrot le dltmlesed OOce proscriptions mnst be paid for on delivery. lanlHdlv. Hi!rIMO\0 & WINSLOW, Attorners *•• Ooonaelors at Lanr. Office over So. 10 Washington BL Watortown, N.Y. 8. U. HAMMOHD. BRADLKY WTENsbCW v«-diT pBARLBS DRBXBL WATOHMAKJta AJJD R^PAIUEH, AT No. 36 Co art Stre«(. Dealer In the ho«t Clocks and Watch'-s, from t'> most n'>\.cd Korolen and Unmw'tlc Var-jfuiurtrrt and In Flrol Class Jewelry, also A s -oat (or .u O^lebratod Ithaca Oalemder Clocks ! picked tbe iliiny and lound it to be very heavy. Til of tbe'bell\ be found to be tents—fi50large silver pieces, nearly all ol them Hpanish dollars, and all bearing a slight Plm oluside, whic'i on being cleared away by some solution used for that pur- pose, showed the ro'ns ulmost as bright and unworn as though the. had jus: come from the mint Only a lo- in peneral circulation back as 1621. The rent w.-ro made a century later, the loos t recent dale J.778. Linen Napkins at lOci-n crai-hfor lOceutspcr yarc lax cents. do/.. Ltd lee' Linen Collar* than one ball the cost of i. uicU.. uir In Blcicb Alpacas, 300 doz. Udl«; Linen ColUorn. », 5 , asw PeUu lct8 Awontesent Iree. J. B Ul Kit 4c Co., fnb' Jlab«ri, Hartford, Conn. N 8 8w Farmer's Helper- CH()'.\S •-. W T O DOUBLE THE PROFITS'OP i^TSK FARM, and h»w l«rni«r» and their sons can each mate SIOOFBR MONTH iu Winter. 30,1100 cnpiee win be ma l^d fne to ' Dam« and address to Philadelphia. Pt -_ tniroem. Sand ZSlGLtiB McCUADV A»CO., «JCt.21 4* MERIT =»OON wOF^E ABROAD. It is bnt. e-ix ye»m iln^e ALLEN'S I.17N6 BA A tin was Aret offered for raa It s goud qnalltlt?<>wti-noAn made known at home and very soon it s fume waenoisca.ar and neai ; now it l a sold In nearly every JDrngN'ore lotho Cnlted States. NOKTB. l(i»T. COTJTB and WIST. NO similar tned - Idee grands blither with the people. It in well fennwn ontheFaclUc coast, and hbei»i deranndsfor It from San Fraticlrca. Hacramen'o In Callforola and Purl- land. Orejnn; even from Australia large orders are r. eeived fur It And Lbroimhoat t anaaa. It is wide and favorably known, aui sold every whrre. Jteatl what Captain Fotier writes : QIMABB BLO^B-Pfl \m ^.^« • \\*\ \FlalaWnaa^nM^fr*^ MR. GEO. A, WO0PROyp# vrf », arcs, tgattr-w MWtomfe?^ HUt, PRANK t'lERRg^** „ MRILA.TATOP- -ect.on^MlSS'^P ^ m <v& tho working of tho <vU,jiwSLJStArft S W WE HAVE ALL THE lowtr iban Also P-IJST M»KE- at and upward/\ Ala^S?. t°A 5 9 9,°*** '^eana^tb.ma.'o 1 ^^^;^^ All Woo l article at\ Black cod. priee« Alpacas. Bmprcas Oloths-a ^p'esc!id ) cculo per vwo. and C>/1III CMI seemed t o have been Theso dated as far abouf beirg JiilyJ© rtflra r..»»H N V L>ttAl. KSTATK AUBNCYINII Iptelligence Office Carle Wilton't Block, PMit Sq-uart. Uorxi tenements famtshea to thoae fcmivlnir to the city, n«lo p-oi-ared and- eltoations obtained (or bott aiale and lumaiu. Purtlrt ba»lna Hoinos to -'let\ or acll wlllllnd it to tbulr idrantave to leavu terms snd de?cx*tntljn r • nr<m.-e' I: i.-. » u.l_c . .. r. diiao - E XGELSIOH FISH RIARKfeT AND NEW MKAT MARKJST. NO. W COURT STREET. Tho nnn-lcrslyied i* pre(-«r-d to famish trx) pnbl 1 r with Oystor-, P*sh dd. Haddock, ilai'bat, lllu^ Bsb. Troot, WbltoilKti, and boo.turs lo their B<II*OI. tW W U1 not bo a dersold. (loads dollvwid. SeptihlSaj. E. K DENSMOKK. CovermR the top of tbe pot or jar « h-o found was alia-, stone. Near it was a rou,' stone placcdj in such a manner ns to be » gu'de to th e pot money, the depositor hav ing taken the berainga of the round stone Iriini unchanging features of the landscape lie pot has not the first mark or inscrip ti\n m it to indicate where or when it was made, ar who fretted it w,th the precious coins and deposited >t two leet and a half un- derground on the eld Ellison place. Ti.r o are those who surmise that william Ellison himself secretnd the troistirc, in the Iroubc loustime., of the Revolutionary w.i, when »-> many of the OntincntaU were quwteretl ai'out him, ind when torksand cow-W were plenty. Ohors think that this is one of the money pots stowed away at d.fferent points on tho Hudson by tho faraus C-tpinin Kyd, \as bo »iltrl,as he sailed.\ But tho date of some of tbo coins establishes bevond the fallacy of this theory Journal! —.. ., MLK-S, POPI INH, EPANU- 1INK«, ALB-RT1NKH. TAM1NS. OhLStN J CLOTH. CANTON CLOTU. aid In Uct i v.-rylhiLg in tbe Dry Ouod- Lino at •• WAY uOWN 'puc^. Zn Woolen Ooods we have all tbe novel!i-R for bulh Laul«c aud ueuis* wear, and contuitte U' Cut and Make Great Chance for Book Agents. We* an'.ic,000goo.lr,ii»bto Agents to solicit for Our N\ew TVest, To wr. I'tiere 1- ro , Aesutinr per u»i>n,ii UUiHESV C'l >M>!I!'HION\> wi'.l bo paid. ni.ilti-K from {100 1 0 $J00 i he raatfl iif-Ubui Itovkon tht W'ott extant, AS well as coniaiiiinK the tui-i-t Information.. Send lor oar Ilartford rt . Oct. 21 4 » Ponx Brnwxu, March \>>d 18U9. s. PBRRT DAVIS & r*O.V, —Iam|>iea*ed to nnlliy yon of-he h»n<i« „ the ini.tit Inlormanon tor 1 *!''. Atldi.my IlAUTFOKIjBCIiLI8atNQ 00 „ PF-J. W LITTLE thing .Department. n question (Nenrburgh VW~ Hl»:li Prices entirely done ' Urjrnlator\ t'.fli his charge of oar Clo- away with at the The C burcliman, HKBBNT n«T » Bn L CTWeekly Ne»spi.per iheclrcu «IJ/I IlU P O I 'Ion in tho Proiosr, •3til^cipal Chnrrh- «ent s?RK»irnr/>Ti»m«-.v- TH8BBNT \v ib and IC.-upai uuDreo- ^int PRBKfnronemon' b for i xwniDS' ion. at d ti' 1 Jan. 1 \T'V- •• f»rthityeor T .,»J-II M/nLLOKY tCJ. harl/urd. Cu lt>7a to new KDS , Jt V.' nr ln advance. M. B. W A S«/^» , -Ll'^J)»--.?W-\-ta. Bel Farmers' son) and duughierr, and'alTto Clcrvy- J. A \. m>UNBLL, -No. 5 Iron Block. WV.ortown. M Also^ Agents for Singer's Improved Sewing taiiine. \fn'W!t4vp.<-w2tj> CENTRAL RAILROAD \ OF IOWA- ITS ,SEV£KPEBCET«T.GOLD The Great Refomer of tha y-tago «ho. hnv.nu ..HH>,.1A~ . . . ., . ' iho. hav.ni; ..hrfnOoncd sta(to life, now rxh bl'« In vvid COIOIM the whol<» fhow word / rfo,-* unii IU- Mrui lAt t-ciM*. BelmjTmthlnl. M-n» . sn l Mlth- IO.-CI\. an.ui' !: as Sei<*ai<oosl. K-cr, a'd Iti y. il ont^^Mii aM i tber ^'xi»* • n<M-j: fi'-v f t»isi n»<-d wt'h* lOfptriUd oneiavlii.F. 'W iir-paxu • JIB. 630 p R^, oo~:ntc i i-ud pfp-j.-. tircaic^t lndu»utiiei.td m;t »ii- fir^d P'O'^ccto-\. Snrnplo Copy, liuiv; end H u For C*!rcol»r, uplalnln\. aJdrt-*«. \ \ .. uh. r town. Conn. on si i * Immco.atcly Pilt«&L8K A CO., Pablteb«i a' PbHadcljihia, l'a , Cinc'.riDjit!, 0U1<). o- town. Conn Messrs. Sirs —M mil jjiwen to nouiy yon of .he banoat whli-h I liavure elvod froin AUUEK'SJ.BKO BALSAM, havlntr been troubled «\ltha cooan.or?' vearal years past, the BHIS-m wii-\ r c irameuded tA me. I lm- medlatBiy|jrornnd I', anil'0'ind It o relieve my ci.nub, tnxiroreediiy than Anything t ver tried. Mr Wile has alio n-rd I' « i'h moat oalefiKtory-ionsiis. Votirs vet > uuly, Capt, P . POSTER. Capt. KOITBK Is a \h'p-ownerand buildor. re»l- ing at f> rt Bumell. Conirttt Nov. 54w aOLDIiV Ai.%. UHUJ.GISr-. EHECIATIPMj' NEUBAL&IA DTPTHBRIA. A NEVER-FAILING REMEDY. *— FAnsasnsnocLi) HAVE IT. LUttBiaXAN KHOU1.D HIVE IT. ^»IL-•Ils^l ci.nuAvs IT. FISKSHMAN BIIOLI.D HAVE IT . TiiAVKi.trttsHot'Lii BAVBIT SoLUiKii lauyu HAVE IT hlVjrlCiAlir- • ,.nV^ Or)snoULDUAVBIT, F.I«IA.T INTHB Womninuui D IAVI rr. Andcanbaveli by ralltngnn tho nearest Drnggti ^cd buying a bottle of PAIN KILLER. Prl< e: 23 Mil 5-1 c's. per h. ttlo. Bay i one bet thcpeonlnom^debv r«m«VD iVIi & SON . C(p\ r^-ii.lliyH»' M'dlcno llinlers. EVUBV BvBar FV£BT EVEUT I VKRV l-VUT 1-VS«Y BVBEV working of tbe Coiie'enslrlj: Steal* I—a- In fall ojionvtlon dnring tbe «TeaU>a*. b* wKSiKfic. W.iodrLffe »ut illustrate his lecttirs on WtsdTawf its application as a motive power: '\•\•»» >)• :-V*j&« Since 1*65 Messrs. Woodroji* s^Pfert*»va bail* seveial Oi»99 Engines i ln laet : «r«jtM Mlf .glaaa worker* who ever muceeded lj» AUtmcnWw«Hf4 and they louk with Jast pride on ika'Co-kd'DOO^ •• the crownluu < flonof taeir skill and.nifUimltji:. -. A 60C • AL HOP rrom 9 to lOX o'dofk eac»:.ei»- nuig. Tbu- the sonsonablo hours p(cJo»tD*remtirs - tr attractive 'o those of all ngi's, who erjoyi On Thankrtlvizis Night, daneinx wilt o» fin until Uh o'clock, without extra chanra, ...,,-. Grand Matinee Saturday Afternoon;; For the Accommodation of Xadlst and OklMiaaV on which <>cc >• i<^n the price of atlmiailon for ckjl dron wtii lie Only IS Cant* . Doors open at 3>tf o'clock; Commence at 3 o'rtotw. i letrlhntloncif present* it 4. fcetcateo* lfork,t» the dread*. , . „. t ifor the huneat ot all cl«r»e»,,notwItnit»liaia*;taa> great rxpesso or the f xJifblilon. the price of adiiBkA. clon Is only 3 5 C«nt« . ' ' - - •'•' ••\•'- 1 No Ultra uwrga tor uanclnf. *idi visitor wMl be prepniiud with a nnmber gratuitously, lur- ing all sn equal clmiwof obtabtog a valuable oraai- jnent. *• '' • -'' ' Boors open st 7: sxhlbltjqneo»im«ne*iatjt'to»t Diauibntiou ot nrontnta at » j Danelitt fioujtk^.. iO^ o'clock. D|rtnj» csntod to ihuaai Subjen: i ho G. IWFeature, W.fitatollie.ft^ Darlnc ourctar inthttplae»'a?prl*« WlUbai*ie- mtod to the aathor or tot beat original ooaaudrw subjen: iho Glass Engine. •'•jfia ••m \•Us N. B 4«- Tbe Probable IJTfUfll DIKHOIHB OF FREDERICK KLINE, Mo. S3 Factory St. Walertowx), Wnorehe has remodeled It, and added to I t (111be modern ImproTenn-nte, snd la propiivd to do wor« In tho highest styleof the art. can Color an d drllirer<Jood> la those Goloclilto (TJour- nln«, Wl<hl« 48 H\uni Dyes aud finishes by »t. am, SHAWLS. DaKSSSS and al kinkio- Woolen, slik and Cotton Goods 'Cleans, and Dyes Crape Sttawls To all Colsrs OentloraoD^ 1 wearing apparel CTcnnlCi and dyed Ho baa worked si x years In PraACu iiiui . Switzerland, speaks French and Qermart. J. «. SCIirr, WliUU-cihebest p»»i..,(.Tn ploymcnt irolun to a i«w eood rusponrtbi« in'iii thai har^mit Iramfsoi to JS.wsi C*I>MO . < ii.ci No 61'adaoca Uaildiu^s. i'«xt ituvr to i(-Ti.t.il-\ t» Brlun. • miipa^dtl Anaexmtlon or SI. Do- mlnfo. The Tribune of to day .-ay-; ; \If storm or disastt r has not prevented, it i« prol able that yesterday the luited States iii-amor Albany, having ou board Messrs fo'e, Babrock and nrutber commis'iioner. •>rr'ved .it some port on tho island of St Domingo, and lhal tho neg'i'iati.-ns tending in t,he annexation of tho island or the r>cn- pincyofih e I'ay of Satnana wee bgn - . At bast, as we learn from t'rj*'.T')i 'by n<i • thoritv, ti^rjt was 'he plan of tbe tio\ t-rnmt nt as laid down. Th« publishecl ^tatemer.!<- and surmises in relat on tr> tho sailing ol the Albany nro now vv.-tiiieJ. From .vnrher K'jod authorHy w learn that the 1'iin-d States steam (r Fr ( ,K\ flagship ol I'jri A J Qiiral 8. fl. Stritichatt), now lying c>fT\Va; 1 street ferry, which hi s been roported under scaled orders for \ppinwall , will sail in a day or two for St Domingo, baring on board Vice Admiral D. D. Porter, U. P. N.. and Qcne-als McGonk aud Burnside. Th e Frol- ic is coaled, newly painted and ready for sea, ind probably only awaits the arrival of her (i.itinguished passcngira. FriKX or GOTXBHXKKT TAX. At 95 and Accrued Interest, Tli s read runs throngh thcrlcio'tandm-'ft ;Li:kly sp*.tied portion of this maprjlflcicn'. Sta i. «cd Is tb. on 'y link wauling to connect Sr. Lomsfird H. Pan by a dlrtc t Mne. 147 miles shorter thin «i y other. Itiuns thron^b tho gr»at coal field\ ot Sootoerr Ijwa to tbe Nonh where roal is mast ho carried. It runs/rOTnic-•jTcat nrcbtr rwor.? throuijh a dlftr.ct u. country which hie prime ne<••(. n IT DOES KOT tits nii.1,1 uflA wILDr.R^•r^?, n. v n would wait lur j ears fur a popniollon 10 pr e n buflness. but iLr\ tyh a tior ci c< unties whkh arc now producingsbei;i .wtt.tj mt'tion of tustcls ci crA>t. moetof Bhlchis f.-. i«h; for rai.roads. Forty Ave miles na- inst f.r.>b<d, atd the Super Intendent rcpoits;ht; on :tz portion open forbn<.- «amlnj:e arc m:. ' ttan the p!i?? AMOrrH SALARY 1. fr. ~ r 4s°?^ ma e and female mp. Clip imanent. Bnek^-.r stomp. Van Allan * r a .\IT ream ad- 4» Broad w»y Now Y.rk. vinlsomcnt J ; business per i Allen Jt r 0 in oat. and V'v »^'» Mritrul 'or BKD-Bt;G''C°th« Powder «oi %ddrwa COSTAB COMPANY, \ \ n r. • . ._ l«o* Howard at DODO'S OKTCB MORS No. 13 on jan oa~JtMirr m * \Thnwe ^i«ni -will till me,\ O.l 0 ! I Off! can't stand II.\ raVrjao'-Ol/STARB\ (hiON *0LVBi*T. For Cuts. Barns, Brnbcs, Old Sore?, etc, CW Use \C08TAK'3 Ouetrtttorne flalwe. I Sold by Drocairta In Watortown. erpedwlT E. A. TAFT, WailSSM NfAMawT. The Piano used at this JialWuon, i« ftoavlbr Mnslc 8f re tf Perry Jb Waterman, llvo »fl«o, faltJji thoir dealing »ncl deserving of patroraK*. . jL T FALL AND WINXElt CLOTHINGr, ' ; A.iSAtTBX SL BBO. bare now raadjr for tSa Inspection of tba puW^'ia* most complete stock of FALfa fiSD wto^lO^|Wfi. selected and rAactirattttr** with gtsat care and -»sry ai- perlor in all-tlw mattaraat. __—__!««g£ OTJSTOM 0XsOTHINtf.-A. Bau» * Bw, haT«, uneo.nalkd ftcimit* far msunfactnrlag'. Fashlonah)*- rarmenu road* to ordu oa m «*•; ;nc.?[.c- table •rtho N. t- l S.. U I tr TT.e s'acdiurl remedy fort Ida 1 profession 1^ the Anii-i c - in rbirroacoprpia A T d t wrl rtii»oeh Oe-«rved. Ittr . , - .. i;:. I mt'^t people <>i >cr-*tt. . :v 'ecl -• is b'ir a^ a meotlri: h\n-<' c m*n*r 1m •«I.eo«v(r a oHi i» »w>k \if a nropor otT^r'.\... mn^t b** swn lo^y. d ifoes tru.t tb 'oc(ioe'« with tbemd ioor Pill HI ih« amrri r>-|'Ut 11 no |, u I, . r »\ -i P'f. ncvi-nhi-, • r in.- •pf- :n:crest and a million and ,i <D expended on tbe ^ TS SOCK L'VB INsDBRDI TheEmpire State Life Insurance Co.! •.;'»A«< 0 qrFXKS MANY 80PKRIOR ADVAHTAQB8 TO TH038 WHO VTOULD 'V 4 Insure Their Lives! OFFICE—WASHINGTON SALZ, . WATBBTOWN XV. Y. J\ME1A. UKLL, President, L PADDOCK.. 1st V ico Pres't, KZHA COHxKI.L, 2d '• JOHN SHKLDO 1 , SaerHary. J. f>.BATK-l. HfldlcatJSzamuier. •I. P. STAKU0C& (lomirtl 'tin* 4HA4kV0S-nj AND REPAIRED On abort notice. mSdtf ttattsfactton smarsnt'-ed. a T , Vf. I?B«BV»S. tViii' r -m ,i jTJAWSON'S 4llJ.VD.tlI.LB BAAB. Tire Undersigned won'd annon-ci t o the Pub lie of Jeflerson Oouutyathatheis now fully preuvarml to Inrnirh a yood Bin I of Uom jetent I'Uyurs fo r all Parties wlnhlnu to cnijairo good Moslc. ^T As a String Mand.'wo a-clwcondt* i cno. Orders 'eft with the .Vatnj rirr.t.lu-r«, \V .shlngtoi JoitOfflce AdanT B° prnmDl1 ' attended to. ,A i ... » OBORQS DAW80W7 Terms Libral—latlsfaction gnaranteed. ' ii'ntMWw' Xoo m< de»t by Hall;. The other day ihn keep-r of tha elephants In Or.trsl Park took them to the jrronnd in frnnt of Se old arsenal for tho purpose of liaMnij ih'ir •' likenesses\ taken. Thepho- I'l.'rnphor 'and little or no trouble in Uk - !i g the pronle ol the oht r-lrphnnt. but when i 1 came the turn of the baby elephant it iras different. Frightened at the camera, the yotmgstcr persisted in presenting his ponderous and expressionless hind qqar- \lor^fo tlt'fl camera, irritating thepbntografh- •r nearly to madnef s. After a 'great dead of trouble tbe keppor succeeded in getting the youngster t o face the camera, but only for an instant, for as soon as tbe elephant look- Od at it be jerked the keeper, who had a J tight hold of hi* ears, clean off his feet abd »an away. A ridiculously small \ pnrp \ jricd in tbe cha^e. Nearly exhausteti, the seceded in catchinp; up to th e cle- 6t ho'd of his tail, and tried to )y led him back ajriin to take up his position in front of tbe photographer. Tut \Wifti the sime obstinacy the criiter would stand any other wa y bat with his bead toirard thecSTn^ra. A t length, utter- ly out of patienc*, the keeper caught up a pole and gave the your gster a powerful blow I >ut instead of subduing htm to obedience. ncss the net liabilities Sixty miles more are crs-dd halfol dollars hiwc ahv-ady be work. Tho tnortffago i s m«de o the Farmer's Losa and Trust Co.. and bonds can be i«r lid only st the rate of $16, OOJ per mlJc, or o£iy ij£!;' -tr aaoans apes some other rosea, rpeclal s«;ct.ruy is ptovlded £jr lie pnuc pal and forthe^a. mei.: of ir.;e:e«t. First mor'jajea upoL most ra sales! iLvestmetta, and e-3 fwas Is to: a eirple conipii t<d » bicn is uc t ony pajmi: its ictt^\.' •s'.d.na cpoc Its stocs. The lrr.men»ep:a!n acdo;kf*.'-o:. \I- away, and the domestic enpp les to ft ensure a pmtiubjc uii>.netS. ytvT - ^\:c Bir.de fur •'K' «'••' • lh-*r l hi(.ii• uu: to add la-il wtro '•••r-.e :jirc«. fur... rive of.e-i r'- o^i* A! er .tie otn-r, each (t rk- ^b*\ rxi o nj^ b<>u-e totujiid:.. i.' \ fl 1 '\ with » dl'P\<\'nc c,-t ffrej.'a.;i.»u. OUDu rt Nnit. '. I\-K AND .''t iGuKAT'lliac-i- uilci.-nUs' . n ih, i'ift-y o'csnliia : it Ipt'stes r.clthi- etomacn no' in:- ••ir.c In ltsoper»Mnn ; and what 1 8 to t r^\P • s • nt'.il if irihe effect and >.ot tho t»!>te e llrr lo>b:«lto) butwrtamV iRY I«PytT\Nr. las a I p< 4uunes Kaow. It IS MOST AtiKEBaBLH TO \i A KK, -.einc as pleasant to th« pniatr as any doll- laexttie. We all know bo* it le with Ci-d Liver Oi . In a pares atoll i s uscclier' lor ccr am ran anions ol debility, and porUcularly In tendencies to Curirainption; and yet many oi tbe b.^t pbjslclans aei lino t« perncnhe it, because It soic-odfnuy enk- ens ibe patienL Tbat,tbey fay. cases itaomorv ta.-m tbr^i rvci. Witt) A. ood'e .Ne:vu.«-. aJi this be- comes objolew. Fur ea.'c by all Drunrlsta O. aj.TlUEMA.JIB'B & BRO. v \. sH5 f- romie Htrcec. n(ar Bioidwiy, N. T. M nmrarrGTC * land >>»''rs In PIANO PORTE* i- ! -rlvvV ^'r.'iv i\. N- «• • nd <.-- o».d ITaod Pianos «• i >w pr «>>«« io' >-ia»h. ir »• Id ou t»\»t«l!niflot* N'ew ,ih i-.' ' -i_. «u< 14-, n-\i n win. s io Aeenta for •hi- B'.rdct <^iinh!r>nt|.m ._.n»Dni>rtth'Vcn-Titcr axaf Iti.r •# t - V-.w Jw-ir f riiv.-u.rn'i-i r. r Nevr York, Now •ivey. R^ttt*jrn P^nn^i'v^-n'a. C . 1.ncc'i**or. an d a #-i-n Mn«.-» TBI ItXEO 'U*t llrtti.w Call ^iu I J-x.-aaih a. Woolens. comprJfiar all tl* Utaatand ntoit dorabt* Mluiy- Inga in Xoacow and C*»Mr BJaTen, CataeaUjaa, Melt ind »M Bearer*;,-»*n«l IrOBl, at . . ., r , Lii.n.ia.1111, maa*-.\ • - :| *1 ovsaooAra an A. .1 <l-f u .ri \„ „i tn— s.iiit u'T n r T?r v '<\''<-r™ '• Wo r, la ,i mr . tbn w ,„ lo *-' . odd's .*>e:vu.< Pr.ce »i set; iv&uM.rc it« very as «<• .-m e-rn. thtre ae :r. h-.- ?..irl>iwrrt ^ * CJir .tn„h' A tVATC4IPRB<>—OlVgSCjRMH to live man ffb > wl.lacx as agent lu > new. nn nonornb.e 1 csiness, pacing t -JO a Q-V . v Iter; nse. > nu.'hoi:. No mjocv Van'. crvaoce /ildr- e) R. BSosnoK a IRMDV * ¥EATARE n IAlf r HUD ORGANS. ' ducod for Cash. Nn •* 7 octsTc K l'ar.« of llrs- la-» T>»ti.r\. ir-r $J73 sn1 no- wan'iA and n—n- ,ihln.-' Qrs;«n» f r $4& •••«! onward Sec-nd hj-d 'ti'funient. fri'tn $1\ t • ^ 73 Motilll ty li <»tjilm.*r.« i.c- h«-t't. .DJ Instrnmcblii far rnifr — P R J.CBH <*r«stiy roducod for Cash. r-ar-.« nf Utr BtT8i»rBaai rmrs »t*._—._-,. uteug 8uitk ionkUrd and occ^Ho^^.^, pc^M *tyiaa«eaa?a.wiaj«,B* ioaBd.i» iM?Soek»*L. e^li, •»- - t Wai p-r> ^iqi. >»„ se^7d»;v nj lns;rnaici,i» for rojt.. •03. Uroiawnv. HOHACB W'ATEItl. alwayarE«T»f-*:X- I .-..- = 3tf. Und*^wasr^i7*Jl'a*»a».''aw- elsry. -«aadk«tt*klkv .rIT**.' 0 -a:'. «• a«i( tn: uj-- cn n rnai! ror.nlni: tbronptl such a \kb unci s're.idy well-sctUed part of !ow». can well be rirx>rr.inrtde«! as a peifcctly ,-a:e as we I as very pr' tlmb.u meet. -At the preset', rate ttey pay » h - u' cent, blithe investmcaL Ovtr ready been taken by th others interested .LVlSt m per f fOfvOOfl Lava a,- Ompanj's ofl'.cere ind n the enterprise. Pamphlets, map, may be c btalned, andmbscr^priors n.;i t<- recc v... :uWAi]fcaT0\in{byHEBCHA>;T.;3At-K and In New 1 (ii|,*t TDSCOMPANT'S OKFICBS. No. 3aPDiB STLfSr^eijANKOEtNORTH AMEB- K'A, 44 WALL sir., fti/fi.! HOWB&5 A MACi S, a: WAUL8T. ft Pamphlets pent 1 y mail on application. W. B. 8HATTUCK, _ X. t} dwiyi „— *—*-, —TnaATtmrK:—J- the etophant started rrff agsin at full speed The scene that ensued was ludicrous in the e*heme. The ehphant running with grett speed, the keeptr after, him with all his might, the little dog barking, the photogra- pher stamping with rate, the spectators Sbouhng with .laughter, fjjgd fheiolitary po- liceman getting out of thb animal's way oV rytim o he came round. Ultimately, and aaitfi- a long nnd exciting chase,, the elepbtr t wns overhauled with a losso. brougnt back p'aced again in pvition, atrd, boing ou t of breath, stood long enough to have his pr»- 61o tnken »s well as could have been deair- » d—N . Y. Commercial. T-J4JCTOR HtPrSJtHBr!, Aromatio blixer of Ehnbarb- A cortain care of Dyspepsia, Diarrhoia, Dystnterr Ac. constantly on bawl and for sale Wholesale and Retail bv N M. SMITH, Oenoral Asrent £0~ Also for sale hf all nrawtlst*. ra*T8-dly motha r Bailey's Unletlntx ayrop , tae trreat remedy for chlldror, teething, ullayri all pavln tcrev wind colic, convulsions, eiipinif, *c. tatnt bottlOfSScentai 'JoMbyiOrnasiBts. *, ..«..«.• . . - ^ -i -«. ter N, M. Btftith, Wholesale A«OW, Watsrto^ivl f*^ jtutifynifr the aUiea fertaJdii*m«Mur6i H.l. ^eciadiy to put it down. MANHOOD How tost, How Regained ! ^'^\•\'ataaaealsd envelope. Prieo six cents and ^^\^THEiVATUft^LTREaTalBNT Thev Are Wot A Vil o Fancy Drink , Marie o' Poor Rom. Woirk-y, Pro\f ^plrits, aui, re u« Liqm> s.O'/CU.rtn, cn!.<-U, urd •wtet«m-.i . ple»jje xtM taste, raird ••Tou/'-s,\ api-H.EcrJ.' • • Restorers.\ <tcthat lead 'huilppieroniodrai-kiin ness and HJITJ. but are i tr^e Meoicme, made irorr, tne Native Roots and Har^s ' f California, ireo tr< ra all Alcobiillc Hlmuants. Tney are '•\• t«R •-%T BLOO 1-PUBIFIBrCaiidLIKE (ilVJaGPBJNCIPLK a peifect Heooviiu>r and l.«uorator of tli«- fystttr.. carrying off all poisonous matter, and reato-frij; th\ '•lood U> a healthy ciDdi;it>n. No person ran <*•>\ CA inaarr,\ (not ,«• Parnrrte Bark.\) \V fi (<M &Jl4\j these Blttora scoar ifn 'o person can uike C°«?M\V •\nS.\ , Ai -™- ^a cas l ..prov.dtr« 10 bones are D( tdc«,'r<.y.-o ov mm»£.i ' OJiJ^FLAMMATQl I t OK UNFLAMMAT6KY AfD caiia^.t.C RUWC- 11l>N. PtIJOUS, KbMITTBNT. ja.1 l-vr\«MlT. TPUli ra„ i»t>.i -»~ •- ty, and impediments to marriage (!SneruT[y; Nervons ness, con-umptlon, epllopny, and \ . r - r -^ . •••— \•': Stental and ncipacity, resuItiBe from eclfanuse, Ac , 7 Cuiverwell, M. L>. au: tor of the-'Green physical h by \\BT. J BOOK, *cj A boo n totbonsands of sufferers.\ ^pS^d'^^r 1 ? ? nvel ° fce toanv \• ui- —.-\.>.. «iut of six certs, or ago tftamps, to CHAS J. 6. KLJ.N S A Co.. two post- lWBowery^RewVMi^pojt Offlt!BBt«-458S. Atoo, Dr. Culverrell's ••Hairiage Guide,\ nr'ce 85 e \' • Nov9d»Sw A pamphlet has been issued at Washing- ton maintaining against General llfcMahoit that the despotism \F Lopez ia intolerable. troS Cane V?n~ n « «V w ate«<»»n, and 0 miles M U :^% V n 1 arlcfn g Tbou , t he ^ °' Three ONE THO USA ND A CRES or very productive land. This tract is esneruiw fnWrV^'V- nad would mikoTpwflS e S r1£S2?iiMS rm if. Th 0 \^erlber ha* \raSet rw»o«abl» price, aud on csy t^k g^jrMcaisn A-WI*_« •*»WuidT«rH),ThreeMaeBay! * odiwtf i JeffRrwaCo.ft.T. •-'(?,-.) :i^^^^0^^^$^i^m-. '.£ «. '-•$'; •-•A* •-V; , .—nil A.an 1. I.W1 1 n (\RMIT- TSJJT FSVKHS, DIsaA8fi8 Of 7JJB BU'OO. HVErt, aiDNBirs. andBLADDEt'/neM: - • Ms! tave l-een most incces»l'nl. bUc'B lUHliUs&s «u« caused by VlTUTBD BLOO0. whiib is *\s« prodnceuby aenntieinent at the OIulSTlVS OB- Cleanse tne Vldated Blood when* ver you Boo it* impurities hnretlu^ thronch the ptcln 111 P.mole.. Ernptionu, or S.iro«=} chanem ir wta?n yon end it oBstrncteu and s:n{fglebln me vcie*; c*»a-« n it foul, and y nr fceili.gs will tetj von when. Kt-ep th\ blood heanhy. and nli will be win. These Bitters are not a sliaeupid. to Dtligb.- the eye 01 please the lancy,hat a medicil pr p*i<•.r 1 m comooseil of 1 be boat veuetahle l\/fre(l.ou* Stn^-wa They are ea Alwrarive, i'onic, Dioret ie, ^dat've Diaphoretic, andOenne Par^ra'ife. '•Tne Life of all FKsh Is tbe Bleed fhtreo'\— Parity the biood.ann tbehea'fhof tbv wto «isyBtem. DONALD A CO. « „ • , , » Druggliti and Qen. Agents. San Francls'o and Baciumruto, Oui., aim am a ud R4 Commerce St. (ronnlng lrom nloetker toBarrrowi. N. Y. BOLD BY ALL DKtTGai8T8 ASP PBJALERS. AGENTS TfANTBI) F01|.; ~ «—— OF THE WORLD/' lK*t»e !in(r ao4iao*c»nr«ctlv«*» l >»'^ tf >n ever pnbll*h*d\. Ben* MOi* once. Addrasa If. 8. JPUXUB St, KBWTOaUti ^ A rMl. lanud in FOR 8AX>£J ,• vi- b«io» lar^e a'd fl mHi ' 7 , 11 • '(• 5 lift) i\iiial>ltnii rp« ..ft- ' P-.-..-C in; miai^so **\* J,sl Mil in the lune'! iJfcf$8Z I well; mo Pnu. wftte 0CT43 (JW2E1 %a£ s w^P^Mfe»i pUtj '-H«M*>odsi^o«>a^ai- S fi.». and ti ;iac n\^MDaSf£.itii.\ not ^*o^'Taw'SiWirwWlwaMSmVi » 1 acw i^,m.i^i^iffSm^i^^'^^ i ^ Und idiuli.%'.'ffl\5'SSjW Mtak thmn&tfi -apefled t o *•«*: &m' f * t ? r K i P . . •r* \ ire-i— lieiite and barn and\ Rood well the state' t*«& far.* thio' ' 0 '' v '\\»»*-y napes ruafy t.e liOUset r r ',\» '\* Uni? lumber ana i*achi;s\at the \•rt i-'i'i., m which fhvre »« mhlioos ot pretn-Ap. !n iv«> v <jfl 1, tne 1 nd. HOI ifO-i »h*rv aryxe njitn 'a.Mer.t?'™' r , IU ' ? ''\ , ' tt 'h us*» ds oi bo-buls ol.the rnnVr. P i ° >e \\'- v; '*' a ' d I 1 *** '\ s n*l'os Irrm the %^V*'- Bt,r i r \n\«- t'h hiU MtchlganTand tor^^*M-»» »-**c»a n «, i , ! r,X a e * ttn \ :r ' '•<-•* w \ -*\ «\» '* n «l* «n iva-oiiabit, r. ra-, . , r „ ni . M« cadi dusn, an • t-ke bund anu \\\S'?\ 1 '\ m^o'i-ffwir or wl.l KSUHAN«»1I ll>rirVat«.-!j.«-T. f^.l„,!,.rv~«, (!n....i«ll ... r.....\ 0 \ 1 da. todial^ottf itS^iA \ m *\* iA **•*!»*»« attio l^ttfUf ato.-UiH-u fT Jot!i!i>ort Uoumy U , t | £,>,\ 1. Q. SCOTT. ;0 .°.M °J 5 i ' a,la \<* II twin* ;o'Ufl«n. IrPM..-™ No ai stone St. orO; w\trje- » to Key i.oiits A BCllITa.<nri>ItS. *. M lt: n Stri t . w»i »• te , w |'l JIvl «.,?.?''» ,. 8a( l t.»Ao U ^«r ..r,..*^ .« V'aM^M vf bltttaii.e, bixfe «.tu t (inUirfrfl, ' «ovo tnBiiton*d, H-(imnei •) ovorv ai»*er||.i,i||t Fab.fcAidPrlv.iK, man .icranat miBuer Ah onl^rs left at tne 0*Tfl*5 ^ -This elegant compound sctanl*flralt the form of aa *jTNal>r*rO0KDtol^t Paotf>liata of lr»a,Fi<>»-> £. iT\ e P*lroajig(o- «bo nwhllela ^.wn^y M.^?**®* asg; ^i^^silfefe \\\jw me«ta «aant ~^^.^.iwf£< blemso „_,„ . »adhwitttij«ebii oat'baiiKljfdn wOO«tiBroome fl pAttitlFOmMAlK. Actual ptacaifttte^oro. **fa t *.e<«Umr- tsss^ssi&ss* bortaad.J town, it 1 _ \ f I * |tS!»? «ss * ^tAtmSSS^mS^SS^. ^i^^^v^iV*^^. ,,„ , ata^Jritj

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