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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, November 12, 1869, Image 1

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Slmmm ,. .-,!,•& _ HOt\. .m, ,„- -^,...«iii.--^,,,...v.-,-*>'..**j,_>r-»> /;»«.•* .- .1 i .aajfi4i.Sj>|)ira-. •vvTWdf.- ««'.'. 'tf'_wiSP_'^l^)__tS__ttif •»_iai$_£'_iijj5f''-'>' *' 'St'ff?'\'\fflHe^^^fclff'\\_?§¥;¥'£$jp$jSW _H_9__ ^.V.k eto - |orfe f ailg |lef<mnet piIBIJoHJED _V_R£;AFTEKNOON • Tornfrs : 83.00 per a.tiEiim.'lii>avancf. t jiblngla;Cop:csl&;teat8 •_few.. York Weekly Beforrner PuWMiea^every TI-oi'Mlay, a: $1.B0 JHT K'.ir.ij titj * iBC< '' ______ CIKO___T_0-ST .1 Paily, 9O0; .... tWoobly, 5,300. Hates or AdycTtlBinss: Rat'^ lii each papar the sumo for ouu vrceltor more. A'.v«rtlKi'DKntit In both will he Oik..i; lor 10 ptv •• -i.i ICBB than the ei;_ <ii I tie laicn. iW_A__N_ _ii«i_-<IW, J>UHI.ISH£I.«. THANKSGIVING comes on Thursday next, by joint proclamation ot President Grant and Governor Uoffmaii. It war deemed early in ('!.<• sw„on for Thanksgiving day, atlhoUnif r tvasiirst announced, but the Beusioii rihs, vl ,tt i e<I so rapidly that it i s well u;> 1\ i .-.< ]'resident and Governor now. 8_§T 10-4 r>Kvriiir BLANKETS at $3 7 5 per pair, ut COOLE'S. remom_sis»n W9nuJH vkKjcaammm OLd-cis Non par oil i make a Square. | 1 lay |2(layB ©neBniutre Tore© tcjoRrea. .. Qoarter Colsmn.. HMfColttmn One Column TBI 1 00 3 Oil 3 50 4 0O 4 60 6 00 7 00 10 OOl li 00 3daye|l w'k 1 60 f> 00 a oo 4 OO 0 OO 8 00 10 00 15 00110 00 SwJ— i ~5 50 ' BOO 800 15 0 0 •10 00 . THIS ffiOBMNCTS FEPORT 1Y t.io o_vKotur_ur. by the .'flouurea' To:6jrm_ _ua-b_.ee in WaBhlnetcm HallBlock. oV TELEGRAPH.- 4 : 1 mo|3 mo8|3 mos|l _o»|l year Ctae Square. Tbreo tenures....|j SCO Quart er Column. .1 1') «> flalM'oluinn j) 20 00 One Column li _ OO •ar? 4 (iB rt OO 13 01) 15 00 93 00 W) 00 7 00 14 0 0 S.J 00 80 00 (it 00 io oa •0 90. 40 00 •S •» • 00 Mln: tioa 1W 6 0 115 00 100 0 0 HU.Toltl_.LandIXH'AI, MOT1CEH 18 oeoteper line. M'1'.l'I ALH ») per com added to rcwalar rates. No uluili-eiiK-uln i(!C_.:i^ o.<r oi.siiwi.'.li wl:: !>(• iuxeiieii in Liaily ulioiicr th'jn c.' ,-ry Glh< r c»i. Fi/r Snn !u! Onnlrartw, aui'y a- ' h uffi'e.Tw. if.Vr- ,de, \VAT__T~OYVN.K . 1 . cad. I'M. . l.'l.i • V K J; , It >. '. n r. '. K1 v M A7 \ \ AT, l'lTTSIil'LO, 12. fiio < );rl School i're?l>jtcrians assembled !:('-(.' yc-OTilay, tiJi'I transacted considerable lr.i-ioc? . Sr. Locis, 12. Mike NcC'u . tnr-,e| h.imo to-day. ITe -.-jA in: VH I.• ...Ir :r.\i't-dji7 both people V ; •\;\'•'•\ '•' • '•' •*'' • •\ K:'l:t A-Uf-ii end :' , .!i--ri/.'-.i ''i . a .•• •'..< b e will \ o •M, tn . ( \ ,-;\ -in n I.i 4 l'l i n «^d< . -: .<: for < .!. \ •• - • • lfi.mii . MMI I:I b -I'. (• i.i '• i. . targb ii ij p. m. IJ . i |>. L. . .. . 55m L'UJU Viacoun40a. m. i 45 \>. in. H' in r>i\ri'irrr« i iny- ! ' ' ' ' ! ' > lor ('.)•• ' \S. \W. ttAl.LAUD, U.NDHltTAlLKR.- Residence. Jackman House, lloom No. 87, ] Bfl floor Residence of Ami, No. 7 Goodale Street. Oct.20.dtf To TR&VELBBS, BTAGKS tor C»iO>«(ro Copenhagc- a«J« Loirfl !o aaily. beats ftenred t;y application to (.'. < 1.0- BBJIXJB at Stage Office, No. \i Arr«m_ Btrcet. STAGKH LBAVB WATKKTUWN For Lowrllle and C'anlia^e at R: i . u * 8.•4^ i\ K. For (3opon_gan aud lowvlllo 6_ c CI»I_U>OE, AGENT. ^AUTIIAOE.—This village lias a new town hall.—On Friday last Mr«. Salter Nimocks fell from a step ladder, breaiiDg; both bones of her left limb hctweentue knee and »nkle. — • Ey~I'*» , 'B8iur»iBMT<>K CIIKEHK. -Henry M. Ball on Wednesday shipped one hundred tona of Cheese from Carthage, purchased mainly in Champion an d Rutland. It made a lull cargo for one boat and will go without breaking freight direct to Phila- delphia. Tho cost of the cargo was about $30,000. 5a^~ 8AKETV I.AMI*.—We have been shown, and seen burn for a n evening, one ol Perkins & Houso'a paknt. nun eiplosivo, kerosine lamps. It make« a brilliant light, and is very economical in the consumption of oil. But its great and desirable featuro is iu uon explosive quality. It is absolutely safe ; it will burn on its side,or turned bot- tom up, and not break or explode. It is a superior lamp in every sense, aud in its character ot safety against explosions leaves nothing to desire. The user can rest assured, that no shake, or j_-, or gust of air can cause it t n explode. It is free from all odor while burning, and it seems to IK to be tho n<f yln* '/lira uf an oil 'amp. It is t o be sold by Mes.-rs. Bli?tand Lamb, of our city, who are t• i <• ' ien. Ag'ts, and have the lamp*. * li.''b thev wil' show n any one ih-~ ring a .sight of them ' • An i-xarninati'in n! i!^ strut tnre vriil show there is no possible way I .r spilling the oil fruni Pis resi-rvoir , wliiie a current of cool air IK constantly passinc around the wick tuSe keeping It ool and below tho ternp\-itiire f >r ex'.oiivc vipors. We think it wii! prove a fivoritc in all places where lauip< i— e used A XZETIXI- OF THE SEASON. UT lirw % i n TIKOII. Tlion qneen of Iho moi'.h*, brljjht Octolwr. Thcqlorjana prtdoo/th* « ar TTiy bac« _TO gr»wn fidcd and sober Tbj dayj haT# growm cMlly and drou. Thy crimtoa. *sd porpln. ia4 •oariat. Are laded and w'tbeti* i_d twrr. Now co_ctb tho Qtful IfovemhOT. Wnh Its rnashlno. Its triado-fa tad RIOOIB. With Its (anfcts of crlmeon and amber. With Its mornIn|(a ai rblll as the tomb; Now rbeerlQK tlio hfart wl*h !t» K'adrif^f. Tlien ctnlllns tho sonl »Hh tta Kloom. Come to m no w. thou sweet Iodlan Hammer. Bt\ag\ag a» airs that an bilmy and bland ; WsfUosc ni odoriof oltroc and oranga. Bom from tbc far-away sweet elmmer land; lir :nglns; ni monlngt of orient splendor. Bringing aj Baniets uorico_ and grand. Mist* of tbo morning rise np from Ue river Foim Into cloud* and float softly away; 1 lib', fromtlit Ki»', bithc ikrmal! In thy »|.lr( rtur, Si'.-rr nnil amber vrllh fha<1ows of ','ray, Fiin.- ft **o'i parpie luzc ( vprtli.i iuodsr^pi^ VtitlUf^ 11.0 WootlB i,l UK i. ttv.llvT i.],-ljr Aiu'ei of Dealh, Ihou bjisl hll^hledm y anmmer, Br. light promt turel> the aloft and the onow. rv.n: arc the clonla that sir fp o'nr cy horizon, \n.l rold aic Iho bio-_J tl.at 'iitt>Tly b'ow, Wl'il «r-.. Uici'lormplhi''.'a - d^wT. uiimy fj.-L.:cad t'bil' n> my prraves that lie ncdi-r tbe e::ow Aii'-\1 o r L!(e,car.i>t th u;u hnr.t; ma li > iti,< i, 0 i l>..t ray I..- r'. from hoi'., om ollbc j a=- t'v'ir mi unve wu o tbe jj'ury of Knn«ot, I.ill -ip mv ?..nl lrem It* i>! stijws t.' las' ' Itrii \ mi' my hoaot :ful. InJIftn bummer 1 i . _ -i f..ii • 'i •- .. . \i.; i -.; ti. . ; A\ ' A'>, Inflli;.. !I,.J ln r ii- ••:'i llo'liiri; f.-.adi. W8, lla'ln ^'1 i-.r, i ,,'ln tl.T ; r \v.' I'.L' • . Ar:' -1 of K:iHi, thru' Uifstrrmi' a-rat^'' Ji'k •'\ i. l.fiiil m° lo lacdiof ihepnrsrt delight; Wit. cr ofajfe I shall noTet taore feanhef. Th. ^prinRof ttttmlty da-waaoa my sinht. mm- (J^\OAUTIOH.—Tho public aro cautioned ag&i.nst buyingfbilling blcftoif^^ootls er shilling sheeting, elsewhere, before looking at the t-upciiui good*, 30 inches wide, that Aug^.'ury k Moure are now oQ'ering at that price ; also, S5 inch sheeting at eleven cts. per \nrd. Annihi-r big lot of tlumo el»gant heavy lure eOi»o 2iuuins for 'ino dollar, the h„t in town fur the price. A &w more left »t those all wool 10 4 blankets, at $4 per bair, at the one price comer store. i.. _ — VST\ Paisley Shawls at Cooke's. ;...!.3, if Allen ple_Cb. Jacob Looney saya there was no chance in Cincwaati, and believes tkat either man would have been rabhed had there been a fi»ht. ETAHSTTL/.E, Ind., It . William Hedge, a notorious oharaoter was arrested hero day before yesterday, for having counterfeit money in his possession He had $10,000 in bogus green backs which was captured. He passed some o f the money i n this city. United States Commissioner Charles Marsh held him in $10,000 bail for a fur- ther hearing. HAVANA, 12. Tho United States steamer Tuscarora sailed to-day for Aspinwall. The insurgents have burned the Gloria and Saledad plantations i n the jurisdiction of Cartagrua. The Havana markets are dull and gener al;y unchanged. NEW YOKK, 13. A Troy special to the Tribune says that General Wool's funeral will take place from St. Paul's Church, Saturday morning at 11 o'clock. Bunaineaa will be generally suspended. R Major Gen. Carr liaa charge of (he ar. rangements, and has ordered the flth and lfllh brigades, the Troy cidr^ns corps,the Albauj Utirges corps. And the civic socie ties to take part in the procession. A rcg- imcpt of United States troops, from (iover- nors Island, N. T., has been ordered here by Gen. Sherman. Governor Hoffman and Major Generals P;row,n, Gibson, and Bhaler with their staffs, and other distinguished parties will participate in the cerimonies. The remains will be burried in Oakwood cemetery. Reverand Dr C'ait, Gen.^Vool's pastor, will officiate. Louisvn.i.K, 12. The valuable estate of Blanton Duncan, which was seized under tho confisication art, for his participation i n th e rebellion hai been, nlere.l to be released by the At- torney General of tbc I\. S. The case nf Richard Martin, of Lesing- tan, for lulling his colored mistress came up belore the Fnited States Commissioner and he wa-s held in $.),00'J to answer at the May term Martin isal*o tinder bonds tn ansivcr to tliechargcol murder, heforo the Fayctt county circuit court. Mnrrrns, 11. A special dispatch from Little Rock, to tho ATalanoli, to-night, says: A soldier was shot and killed at the Arsenal yester- day morning b y major fltoneberry. Tho former had entered th o honse of the latter and in attempting to escape wse shot. General Smith has ordered an invest! gation. CriBrEKjrii, Wyoming Territory, 13. The Denvor Pacific railroad has been completed forty-throe miles from Chey- enna. CoNCORn, IT. H., 12. Ono hundred and seventy-three towns give 5,881 •votes for the Constabulary Rot, 11,4rV) against it. Tho towns last March gave a total vote of 56,163 for Governor. N'BW YORK, 10. Steamship Maiu, Imm I.i.erpool, via Boston has amvi d. Pahker from Bermtiada has arrived. WASHINGTON, 12. In grading Roondry street in Washing- ton yesterday, the Ial<orers, by direction of the street Commissioners of that city partially co vercrl the track of the Balti- more and Ohio Railroad, which crosses tbe Btrcet and is below the grade. The Presi- dent of the Railroad had been notified by the May..: that he must raise tho track to tho New k'radr ba t no answer waa rc- turntd. Legal proceedings arc to be insti- tuted. NBW'YORK, 13. . A special cable telegram states that Queen Victor* had inviUd G-eorge Peabody to visit her at Windsor, and b\g» a quiet talk juit immediately prier to tw approaoh of the fatal attack of his illness, and that her Majesty would have been present at his b«ilsid« had not the audden termination of his diwaso by death prevented her. WASHINGTON, 12. J. Watson Webb, late minister to Brazil testified yesterday before the committe* in- vestigating the Taragaay imbroglio. He was very eerere on Admiral Gadoa, whom_ he denounced as having usurped diplo- ic.! matio duties in Brazil His testimony will be continued to-day. The counterfeit Eevenue stamps for sixty- cent packages of tobacco are said by Rev, enue officials to bo the best counterfeits ever executed. There were only about one thousand sheets of them issued, and fire hundred of them, as well as the plates and dies were captured. NEW YOKK, Nov . 12. The United States Steamer Albany sailed from this port for St. Doimugo on Wed- nesday afternoon. She carries three com- nrssioner who go to take formal possession ofSamana Bay as a naval Station. The Albany was loaded with heavy ordnance, j for coast fortifications, and will take on \ board nearly a regiment of infantry\ anoTa] company of arti.\ery atthe. Dry Tortugas. JIFTEF1N00N DESPATCHES. —— •*• - •••?••\'. * Al.lSANY, 12. G^.v. lb fl'man has appointed George \V. Chapman of Saratoga, cauak-cuminissioner, vice, Olixcr Cusooni,deceased, to bold office till Jani'arv 1, 1.S7 1. RiCIESTEH, 12. ?•• '!•'• r'„ MW i :,. '; ,. M\irr... Mrcet, 'u- .< • iul_y il.^!.'o;i i by lire Li, evening. Losu about $lu,ooa Light insurance. SAN FitAKcrsco, 12. The Secretary has ordered the release of the French ship Malabar, recently seined for violation of the revenue laws, upon the payment of three times the value of goods landed, in _bout one thousand dollars cost of suit. The proposition to call a convention t o defeat the new State constitution, is dis- cussed by the California papers. Quarantine, tho leader of the Lawrence maisacre, was tracked to this city, where he enlisted. He was sent to Camp fcott, Nevada. An order lor his arrest reached there too late. He and three otbars had deserted, taking the best outfits in th e camp. GREAT CEASH IN DRYGOODS MA AT GOODS SELLING LESS THAN TIE FORE THE, WAR, AND LESS THAN THE PresentGost of Manufacturing Step Into tho R__T/_,A<rOR, No. O Irou Block, and see the bargains : i 5000 Yards Seat Prints, dn/einnanif./'at 10 eentg per yard, WH1TAEE English Produce and Btoch Barlot I.ONDOK, Novembe r 12- 1 I\. M. Omscla 93^ • Account MX. American lecnrillcs qalet. fi 20'?, 1-Oi, SIS ; of li*S, Old «J.V( ; lsflT, «)'•, 10 4U'», 7d. Mix k»qolc t Er.c. JOV; Illinois Ontral, ysj<; ()rr*t Wrgtern V: rim»n2-3.30 I'. M. Boar»« Brm Hot tee IK 22c. Livimpooi., November 13 COUJU--;B'1 Up'.andB. IIS; Orleana, 11V Kau WKSTKK S WUBAT- IMd. Cii.iroiiNii WnjiTlOsld Kluor- 2'W!d A large assortment of beautiful New Style I'ltlWI'-* atl2)i cenuper yard. Good Fast Colored Prints at l o cents per yanl. Commo n P i lilts at 8 cents per >a:d. Novelties i n Prints, at ti,^ cents . Urownand Ilkached SllBKTINOS.onc yard wM... a good artlc e, at V2H cents per yard. New York Mllig, Wacosntta, and Nonparlei [iluacli- cd OOTTo N at prices lower lain Wotofore. A largo io t of LINKN HOODS, fiom A; , lion, n. k'uii tbancoa : uf imyjitatuL. _Lnen Napkins at lo c.-nis each, oonti I. ncu C'raeh for iuconts ;ier yard; a Pftler i'ri>>l fur ' 12Si cents. .in) do/. Ladies' l,,nc u i ull.-nn. ut \'• Cfc- • i '• '\' rme on o l.a'l • • • • : r n',i, ;JI,, ,. in SIBCJT 3}-v>ac<\<&, WKHAVa*LLTllK BB8T MAKBS. at prici* lower than ever before—30 _0 4_ 30 Cents and apwarda. Also, bargains In Colored Alpacas. Come and Bee tbun and be convinced. All Wool Empress Cloths-* ipamaia article at Ti cents por yard. Black and Colored BILKS, POPUB&, flPA»Q- LINBH, ALBKBTWEil, TAMINK. OHL_AM» C1A>TH, CANTON CLOTH, and tn toot everythlcff tn the Dry Goods Line at - WAY UOWN' 1 prices. In Woolen Goods we have all the noveltii*. for botli Ltuiloa and UouW wear, and oontLnaeto * Cut and Make Oent'a Clothing and Ladlee' HacltB on abort notico and in the best possible manner. |_r-J. W. LITTLK, BtlU haa charge of or_ Clo tblDg Dupact^ient. EsT~ UlRh Prices entirely done away with at tho \ Regulator \ J. &A. BU8UNKIX. .No. 0 Iron Block, Waterlown. N. V. Also—Ag-onts for Singer's Improved Sewing Machine. Nov9dltaTr_it_i 4n Viuutiiis. tjjcis bout KngliaU Cast Stool; hanJ-c ut; ovory ouo tontod ami warrautod through morchanta to crutomnp). lUo.:hmar1<<Ti Is tho plaoo to buy tbeso gooda MiOuirnsTS, Mi u (Jir»ia_, or o>thara buying by tho Kruos or down, auppllod at irliolaaalo rutoi); beililos I •avo t.'iom ali„ut uuo-hi»lf l i r»outting tholr old flloo am i nwpa, hj nrluJini; tho .il.l t»elli oa», ontMiig othsm, _id umiig uir aiij.iTl ir Uuiper, OI»1CM tli»m woiu- as woll in wliou n.ivv. Oui.tuiiim, MIS yjur tunrohant for Jruin't Hr.li-r.n.fnl flh. f a u wl) I u»t t DU<5 <ntm w u j mat. They Aro Mot A Vile _\ancy Drink, Uaduii' IV-or ltnm, wr.i.-k.y, frei-f bpirlts, and ^efneoL..j^o.ii. .r<.ciiiron, tplced, aeds-weetened to l>l«aso tin; Itt'nte, ralml ••Tonlcr,\ Appetizers,\ '• i!e.-,wrers,\ a r, that lead the tippler on io drunken- ne-s? mid i-uln.l.ni arc n in:u M.'<iiciiie, made lrom iho Naiivo Km . « »nd llenw. f e'a'iloraia, Ireu from nit Alcoholic Kimn-ant* Tlii-y aro the ORKAT B_OOi)-l'lflllP'IBi<and LIFE Gl VINO PRINOLPiK a iierfii.-t Kenuvatorai.d lnvi.orat.or of the System, larryini; oil\ ah poijunons matter, and restoring the hioudu.a hraitby r.ondiiion. Ixoperson can taka lliei-e bittPra ncccnliiig to directions and remain oiit> snwell. <UOO will beulven lor an lncuraMo ciiscpr-ivldini; to bones _e not destroyed by mineral iioimjnii or other meana. and the vi tal organs wasted t-br <• O MMEUCIAL,. The Greatest Uisoover-y of the _ge. 'I'U> I«A[)MlTT-.<l)-'t.',:!<: T IXKACTI.YTIIB * Tin'-inaud* wliw ar« .10 « ar-lni; 1 r '1 o >a. ' (''-!••- i rale.I Vo.' 1 i»u l.lnlro'iir. |ILI»I bees iniiojui-id eincL-*.M7; ami no our OL'I-IJ;.') iu.j it la ever nit h out 1'. 11 w* 1 pus tire j CI.IO ino iiadtt-aifutli_t'.l compial'itr. It usid a e dirocud • t'lir on.i a Ubi'iiQiai Urn Sort* T 1.11 ai *'i-atlnctui. Tool liarbr. S|r '.ins, llrii;- •*, o «• r^i-r.-s s \vt '.ilni^i. Moeniiito li:li •>, at-ii I'.i'.r «' a • r v ll.irk. cheil, ii Llmliti. Ali-i. is«. ii i n t.uiii.y, 'o r i.'l.oli.i.i, Uiarrb-i-i Dyii-ntery, CiDiip, t .li . s.'a s-<-l»- i^*, bpn«nii. Ac It IK j.i-rb r'.lv I i-ni'i-- '•. tn!,. : ,-|.i ! 'v .--. •• . 11/ •'. ' .n|ia: .,j.-c . » .ill..- ;• > ut i • \VT f.i.ini toe:::: ,,i y i '-•• .1 llmrrh.x-.i, DI-I-I. ••-.. \• ' ; v'lut ;.. i. i!'t.C. \M: n li.-sL lulu ».. •- ^ - -•• t*:\\r . li , bull. J'OUIIIUH uilia uf repair. roll I N KI.AM M ATUHY AND CHHONI C RrTBU- raatlHoi, *\riU viOUT. OYSPSPSIA.or INOWiBS. \riON. flLJOl's, HalilUTBhT, and INTBRMTT - TENT FKVKK-*. D1SKA8HS OK THB BLOOD, l.IYKH. KIUNH.V!i 1 iindBLADDEK,tlie-»e \\l__ .lave Ireu aiooi tucci-ai-fnl. tUCH DISE_biS» a»0 c_n»o(U'y VlTIATiJD BLOOD, which is generally r>roducea by i^fr u:L-emcnt ul'the UlUKSTIVfi OB- U_NS. < li-iire-.' th e V-oati-.l Blood when ever yon find it* ii_purli ex l.uji\ •n-j Ihrou^h inc. skin >n Pimples, j Eruptioui\ ur Soreo; cl-?ant!i: it when yon Unci i t ! ohsfrao'oa BB 1 fMi^uieh \n iliu vtms; cieanro it If . fi-ul. mid y rr !\iviDi>f will i-1 \ \on when. Keep I Ih -• i-'.'.i.I I-, a 1 i'.y HI d al . MO.! 1 1H' wl': T h-r H; u i- -ire l.ot a vimuu |.in. io Delight too 1 rj t\-.r|.\ ,-i\' • -n.ci.but a \_.---.••;.[ pr. pantion , , ci*ini>o'f'1 ( r ,, - 'n'-t vi-L-i-'abV' l i:ref --n u known. ...... .j.'11- 'I' ;' ]> ||'- jr V dl T '\'C, 1 ,:r • I. 'BB _AHG_ST _ZNE OT WRAPPERS, AND DRAWERS ! Now Tork Btock and IDonov XDarkot. BKroiiTjD rua O. T. rinDocs A cos EiKK. N»« ifoax, November 12, lees Steady and Dull . (' S 6'B B-20 coop. '09 115 O* M. ferla W\ L'.S.6'e f3 90 coop. 'M 1I2\ N . Y. Contral... . 181 \ U S.G> ftv-20coop.'65 I18S S^ o . . 2M),' do Nulwno. . 115V Krie, prof. 41 CHtl'i- 5 20 r»op. '61 1 l&S Kt-ndins .. ^ L'Hti'K 6 HOcoup.'68 115^4 Hodaon Rlvor , . Ift-lj- 1040 lUvl'tnre d ..UT ( hlcairo and Alton 1M 10-Mcoupona n^Jt d o do pref 153 Vlraima* oi. conp SO ,Mlch Cenu-al. ... 120 Do8'-new . 62 l_alic Shorp M)>j Tcnn 6'8 ox coop... 00 ' I olodo 4 Wabaah SAX do now 52 V, A. AT. H. . » MlMoiri nxc«. Ki A. & T U. p n f. . M Wo.lf, Farnroit C o wy Illlnole Centra' . . 137J< Adam* Eipres/. , Wl» Clovo. A Pltte W>i Amorli—n Sipre»e.. St T , (\hlcaso and K I . 10SV V. S. Kxpresa .... 5-JJ< L\hlca«t) and N W . 70 S W 1'. Teleirrapc.... .15 | do and N. W. pref 68!* Pacific Mall S-«» «;oid—wis. 8TKKLINO KXCHANOK-iio M0NBT-(ia7 AND If ew Torti Prodoco ITIarlxeta. S«n VORX . November . 12 1P6S <oTl'i.>N-Nominal-2&ili'i' mlddllnc afiandp. KLOl'a-brjy-rs l.ivor. Hocelpte 27.UOU oarieln. B_o» ti\ iXO. 5 u0&& 25 for B;ii*erflr ^ M:a'.. n r d -' -Mirr : (Jtimrro.! to choice Bi'ra . »', .'. 1.1 i 0 OO commo n in cht.lco run W.-fUrr 1 i\3.1 23 : ronunon <n cbnlrp ronrd hoo»p DM.i 5 'J-,jr, 21 HYB riXlUTt—Qtl«. Bales 100 Barroli : at 4 T54l 6 00. V11BAT-I rtetter. Rcc<!ipt--i«la.(irjo«ale«l8B,rjOiat IU No. 9Spring. 1 84 No. I da lKOl-f t WLntet. Red and Amber west- ern. 140 Amber S tato. COHN—acarcelj M Arm HccolpraHlOOO aaloi 41-,O0Oat 104J&I08 for Sotird nili r 'd weotem. OATS—Lower. Recta. 6fl,000; sales 89,000 at 63@65 for Ne w and Western. PORK —Steady. Receipt* 430 barrels. 30 0OQ00 OO New me*» BBBK 6t(ady. CTJT-__ATS- Dnll. LAHD —Sleady. 3711 tierrea atn I317Xfor Steam Refined; lltai- 1 ^ kettle rendered BTJTI-B- \met CHKrSR- Uvrct. rsrOAK«-Fii_(>r. HflsaiOS Cnna. PBT '( -l.rfuv- Qiiot 30)4; J4J-r. •SP9 T ATBPTTSl-IOATIOJraOPrHH AMERICAN S. S. UNION. Fi.rfalc Py STKRLIX0 & M03U—R. ANALPHAllETiCAL IttDEX OP THE NEW TB8- T.»M F,>'T. Paper, 'X>;. 40c. St 60c. AMY BrjNBBLL OR l_M.BS GATI1BRK0 4oct». PSRVKRS-: Pf>»sT 45 t ta. TWENTT FIVrC ' KNT8 O R TtlK OUATaFUL IRISH BO\. 40-'? MABEL ORTHE 111T1 KB HOOT. »<:•» COl 'I T rKCORAH.S HTOKY O R TUB (JRHAT Pl.At-iUl W>l' OLlVKb 1VOIU.D. OOctJ. A TBAK IN A ST'NnAY STHOOL From Iho Journal of an old teacner. 65cts. KCRAH'8 LIFE AT DBMOLHCOH. SScte. - ALSO BUPBRT LAWRBNCB, or a Boy In Earnest. $1.50, KLLBRTON HOMES, a Story for born $1 85. IX089 YXKB. SOctj. JDLIKTTHKUBIBBfS. SOc'i CARDIGAN JACKETS In this Citj AT SMITH „ STKKKTEKS, No. 14 Woo^ uffEoaso, Wotertown, N. _\. Nov. 9, !•», j OIIY O-ffS Hair Dye oaa bo—, arored px>lsoalH« IVole.vaur Qilitoc, wtUMa repiUliOB u ao a_al;tie_l chonlst. gtrea kla at_.am.i__ the naijfct _ a«t_-artl*. an- •oaaow lint • Cristidoro's Iiciljior Hiir Dye, b»? b«u osbjected to the. prii|-er li»U la tala labora- tory, and that the results ahffw i t to be ABB0_TTT__r KAB-LMfi, as well aa admirably adapted In the porpoeea lor wbl_ it ladeahjued. This UJmpoctanl, ae tho nob- 11c haa Just been warned, by two leading eclentldc oraana, ajjalnst THIRTY DEADLY L]YEs, now before the pub'ic. CUKISTADOnO'S n.MK Pb._S_UYA1\lV'F.a-> a Dreai\ini» ncU ako a chirm on in- ball nitt r Diriiig. Try I C KidTAJ'oMO'S HAIR 1)Y_, Kor _.- t-y TURO.A PK''K r__r_l«- Wfak Back, Pains of the Side, Of Uio li.[i»_i_(1 about iho Rldncys , art- rc<l<»vrd at once >»y the ai p.lcailoo 04f ono t-i \ ALLCOCK'S POROUS PLASTERS- ••0AIW9TOWS, An., Nor.. 27, lWs. \MBSUU. TBU'. AiuoiJil ( o . DurlDi,' an ex tensive prartn-e often ycant I hav • b>- :, a frwincant witness of Ibe magical qnallll w of roar l\urc»as Plasters, lraucertifj thnllhey aro a l you claim tor them -KOtlERT b- CAMPBELL. M. D \ Dr. Alyer, u'. yarannab, G \ , aaya they ar, tbt l>e-Sv mechanics. -upuorlerB for wall* nioaclM t vor d*s- cortred . that by ibeir warniiaj; prip-i'-i'-s lb.cy brine power and health, until the t'.n'n-r>.i ol lh J mosclee aro e_t,roly reatorv-l; itrat bn kn<-»*vi. ne*.«o whore Ai'cocn's 1'astira coi.-d a uorl cnau of a weak spine , i '»: to daily |ir«,-.rr,l>.'< u.i-tii \. In s practice with the happiest remiu- fx-13 lir« TpOBlAfl- IJI*1_KNT. solo ov J IHl. i fO. I 'Bil-.fl. .*i i / • • ' • • > 1.-. ' h i'ii' .-. .. -y r -em ,->;.n.i_lt, Piupxiolur. It. li. _ 4 JONAl.U i at I Druggists andQen. Agents. Sa_ Frxceltf.'oai'.i haciaxneato tial„anu 32 and M Com_-rce K. (rno»lag iro_ Meocker to Barrro-w), N. X. DO Li) BY Ai.L ni_J(KH_T8 «!_> OULBBS. W ALKilff/8 T_l_3__ BrTTHESe;, _tr Mle by TB^O, A. I**. Drrj__I«t, AGE«T_.VfANT_0 FOBTHH Sirtts 5 Secrets dr THE NATIONAL CAPITOL T HE moat startling. Instructive, and entertaining booh of th<'ii«y. Send forCi_c_«ra, aadsee o_ I5i\_8. _ddro«8 U. S. PTJBLI8HIN_ CO., Oct. ri 4 _ «H BROOMB ST.. N. Y. f_ A BPLBNDU) rAUIIX TOR BALD. In Jellorsoo lormty. Now York,on the lino o f tho Rome, Waterlu' n and Oirdenaburjrh Kailioad 18 mileo l-um Ibe city nf Walenovro, and a nilies from Cape Vlneent. and noar the village of.Thrc o Mile Bay , and eabrarlet about ON P. THO USA NI) A CUES ofrery i.n.lu.ilve i_rd Thla tnict i< e»peclalty adaplod lo^ra-.*, pud would ioa-*\ a prodtabio sr_z- Inland Di'ry Pnrm The anb.crlber ht» er_no«1, cleared ai d i\ul>daed'• and o.T.-r- '.I for > a'e nt a reasonab'e |i---e. ii .1 uo r isy ICTTH Kor partlcuU ri address W\M njt« KY. AjiblandTiir-ni.Th-i'e Mile Bar. deo__itU .laSV-raonCo.. N V. T_tTJNI_8. T_o Lari«al and rie-t Aaiortmeac ol In the City. Also Hamesies, VThlpa. TRAVELHSTG- BAGr-vS AN0 flADDLBRY GOODS, CHSAPASTHEGHBAPBST AT r»u, SO PUBLIC rQUARI ' OOBNBTR PRAA'KLIN ST., Watertown N. Y J_r-»-d_wa_ s. B. BAB - piFOBTED VrTNBS. A FULL ASSORTMENT OF 0__:or<_E BOX ILEX) IMFOH TM> WINE.. LIQUOK8! •iMtrec'itiOj A.HI.|E_l-I_OW. n J (1.1 w. ,1776, FE m^m Comblnatkn ol Iron. Phosphorns. Indino \nd O iy- cerine. A Blood, Dope. Brain and sk_ 1,'eneiv er. & LYCERINE *BLK A Fetlect Substitute ferCod Liver OU. INSTANT EASE The bast remedy in Use forCoids. Coigns andPai*. WHOLESALE AGKNT, Oc-0-3m N If. B_ITH, Dr-arlst, Watertown. N.Y. A _OU3fl AMD LOT r4»B BAI.S. t-ABSI FOD SALE. A small p)ic* of tea owes, on the 6acketc Har bor road, j nit onttsldeih* corporate limits of Water town, li is choice.land, with finit trees, water and (rood tmildlEga. Also, a WOOD LOT near by of 17 acres, t'all on thta prtmtsea, or addrots A. C. BBAMARD. Jr. Oct_ttr -stertown, N. T. No. 14 \Tillin_ Street. There is aa sh____« offrmlt of all kinds; well asder-dralnid with large stono drain tannins through the centre, an* t—a lMdlag to It. inquire oa the premises, or of ^i . M _^_ C. WITHKBBT. _?__'___________. GAsTiT_orT: OAVtmo*: '' 4 WVated, CO bants) of _rci, lor vtioh ti_» h IrtrjS* prlco WOl to PsKLbT _.Bl^fc- gatf<OG^»KONQBn NEW A DV__TI3H EC-NT-. \ FREE TO BOOK AGENTS. Wo will »opd a hurd^omn p-ii'f»?r*tu*ofpur2lf__\_T I_.LXr8TJHAT_C_t PAKIXY BIBXH, loaty Ko<ik ';rr t i-e.- I rhaii'e Aaar*\* r< ATloM- AL PLBLlMll.NOC'o , Phiadolphla. PJ NOT 5 4W BOOK .idBNT* WANTKM FOR THE StrwjgUt and Triumph* *t P. T. BAENDU, TVY/l/'i '-y '.\«- t{f.- Ir. iiw lore- <) 'no TO>>IKU, — . v wj SOU Pagtt-PrlM'l »w FniUt\ __ (Tsrfsun S3 Hleff«»t Tail p_«e S-ftraTlus* ft embraos Kortr Tear* ___e_tos of hi« Bmy Life, as a Merck _ L Manazer, Banicer, Lectoror ind Shownan. No bcok pabushed to acceptable to all classes. ETtrrp one want* it- A rant* arcrag-e from S O w I00»ab«<_tbcT.i»wret Weofjbr extra In- leamsnt— tUnstrated OAuincae wd Terms to Agents sent (roe J. B BCRBACo., «nl»« ii-_»r*a ___r_t->r_ 8 «j__fl - rC 58g \PIT -?Q B«alc«llyc_rrdwt_D«__», llga- MT A I JFII^ tnrc. orraratlr.. Nodetm„_nfroi_ trasJno-s Pne. Inclndine merflclr-e. _> I)K ^AMi8 OBH. f O. Box US4S, Now _ork. _ > ^ 0ct.W t2w Farmer's Helper S HOWS E0W T0DOCBLBTHB P80FTTS OV THE 8__L and b«w fanaentand thotr son* can e-achmako (lOOf-fXI BBON—'B In Winter. 10,000 oopfea will bema-i-d free to tanner*. S«B(i name and address to _ J10L.SR—TcCURDY ACO^ Plilladelphla, Pa. 0ct_D4f w sell ANTKH- Ageota, Toaebem, S tod ants. Clergy- men, Farmers' soni anddaughtew, and allto A0RNT8 wANTKD FOR WONDERS OF THE WORLD,\ Orrn OK B TBociirtD Ir.LC8T_»TTom Tbelargeat, hpvt »f'lnir. mid must attractive sabs'-' -' n book iver published. 8«m'for 1 itn terms, race Address f. 8 POBiyibtllNGOO.. ClBroomo St , NlfW YORK OMTOB IrlORB. Th'' nanCnrd remedy for hllionsnen with tbamed - ic_l pnifes^'on Is iho Antl-Blllon* Plllol the Amort- c.<LE PhArmacopoeia. And Its repatvlo— hu bean »^ll eonnsh do-ervod. But It l» a Plll.nevortheaeM «_<1 mof t people of senstblllty leei Kimethlngabont as bl„ aa a moettng bouse comlnir Into tbetr throat, wbonovor a pill Is spoken tf-not roadd that wbon, 'tor atiroper ofTect,\iome throe, foni,fl-»_ ofiea sis mnst ho swallowed, one _Terih e other, each (tick - Ins as It eoei, that the nveilng hoora IncontlnetiUy fl\« wllh a dl»ir\»'lo(rcoi>erej{aiio_. DbDO'-lNBH- VI NE AN D l>.YIQORATOK»ct » _0H-I-'.I1 T on Uw M'laryorpsnlern ; It Irritates n_t*>- fiomacb noc lnt-e«tJne In Its operation ; and - l.at la not most os-<_tl«l if-rUie eff.et an d on inotisre a flrst lookwho) bitwhu-Y <HY I • Piy-tTANT. 1st all raod norsx-e know. Ills MOST A OltBBABLB TO T_.KB,belr_ as p e._an- n. ih\ |._i«ti aa any dell - car o wine. Wi all kno« bun I ii> »iib 0<<1 LlTCT OU. In a pnro s s'e b I- ..lociie-.i im cu r am coo- dltionn ol dobl.i- > ar.'l .^ri_'_-)y u i^iidt-DCtes t o (_—_ _npUoa; —id yit _w. ..• He J.' i ubyslctea i docllno to pertcr '« i. -_i»na» -; -• |. adfgl.y f_fc- cn_ the patient Ire h y iy rf okna til'BOW liai-m than irtx). -. in o' d • -.—>i..-. _l ihbJJhB- •r ,.- »t a«pll-Sw comes obsolet. For «ale by n Drni ; The Charcliniattji TBBIlEsr ml . D/\> . I W.<k y ^o^fpapet W Ch tho clrr-u »1..- HIT \' ..-i n ric Prot_tt> «Dtl _pl*c- i_ .i . '• 'i.i fit E'f.r onorao_th lor cxi m im . ' J.< • t l~ W '\ new «-ab- •crtr^-'i. (• • • i >' ft- j .rl j ulruie ML H. SIALLIih Y JS ' i I i '. i ••Til II >• » •-••_—_——^—PM^— -———I sr_ciA_.N0Trc_. MERIT iuon ,._ISE ABROAD. It !s .;• - . -M\i!n-i ILL_*4 LDWG HA • r ! »» • tl-i oJercd f> r >»c Ita (rood qoa'li'-.tt ,. «_in m«ds kiown nt home and very POO_ li* lonjt-*4-i.. . a_:. «*r and _eii; now Tt il l sola i n Lear.-, no Urn; r-tornln I no Polled States , Noam.-»•- • IITH ai.d IVm. N-> tlmi'ir med- Iclco e'uniif li'i-her u I'h ube po->p'_ I'ln _ell known on » h e 1'anilc rua-t. and lib J a demtuda forlt from Pan Prnnci-f . s-icr _emo Ir Callfonna an d Port- land, *Ti'g .D , eroo from AUMtnlia large orden ar* nce-lverlli r i AI •'. -tiroaihi^dt C'snana. It H wide and fir.in-. » li-.j. w- . ai d sold i very wbere. /VM.J wVi.ir r '.i]>tain Foster ier ite*. Pcwr Buo.wp.i_ SCsrch «»d, 1W3. _c*a-». PSRTn- r •. vis * «<)K? _>•—lam p:ca«i i o ti j ?<a of v be benefit which I hare ro.I'triM Irum ALIBH'^ I OO BaUAX. hartae been troubled wtih a o(_rb OM rearal yaa past, the Bal-iim wan r-c-oirmjiidid i me. Ill meAJatel; proenrod It, sad itnhtl I; o lalisri my coagh, oore»eadll* Oianaajth kg I rar trwfl Mr WUfi>_ualso n-rd It wttb rndstW»rt»fetajrjrir_6tt_ Yoo_ vety truj*,. ^_ ' . ._. • ^ Ca»t,D.&OSTBft, O—pt- l—Taa I* a _lr>o_-rind tHilttrr. reslr3l_t •t Port Harwell, Canada SOT. 64W SO_D H_ A-l. DUtCGOISX*. QLIVE. LUti&W The Oreat_iefb_ieTof__eSt__:©, vrtio. hav.n^ubandobcdetaijellftV _o~ cjhlbits h r rid co.nri the whole allow •world £tfon and he- in.it1-'.-,itn. B8tn_Tmtb!al,_ora'« and Hfeii- u. .-,t i« tvell oa PensatiorjsJ, IVcb. sod I_wy, il o-i -t '!-< si I < -Vr tiooka. Bcautlf-illv fllust'Stcd Willi la •• .'.•/ .-,1 ,. •••ivirni'. it i;l -p-aj;' 1 \''\Is. OSO p g-e*. on i .et - \-'-ilpipr. uroaie?t ire 1 ';-^inienl*' «•! <'l- i r i ;••-••.-,]•. Mi.nolo Cff:. _•<_.•». and b'n- •i t.-v.p-ree r .-\i ircnlsr, uplainln?, .idclre«i«. r_-i<-i'-.'e'i rSRMKLKEftCO.PnUUslieis. • Itber n / •• •-.'•' i h pj I ::Tanal, Ohio. <>: M. ddle- It'wu. i i.nu. Ort-n 4» Great Cha_ce iot ^ook Agents. TTe want 10,00.)god ratiable Ageata to soilcl t for Our^ew West. To .whom the _*a_* «^__ffl«o*_ wfll ba*pald. Tuerc la to other work now eefflnf half aa hat, aild A_dtits aro maklne from MOO is 9>3O0 p_r utootA. Endorsed hv all loac__c ntners at the xatiett and but Spot on tiu Watt extant as well is containing\'* n»o»t fnformatlrjn. Bend lor otir terms. Ad_«fa IIARTffOSBBtrBLIS-iNG 00,. HarUord, Ct. t Oot-Msw RHELTMATISM, _EU_ALG1_. 13 _-_»07__:E_tX_-. 4 _E¥ER--VlI_rNG REMEDY. E«_tr PABSS- gnbo_»> nan IT. _*_s-r LcaBiB_*s»notn.Dnavs rr. IVas-r t*t,zun SB. n.D HAVTI IT ITHT Knsnan«AK snotn-n RAT. IT, KT_CT T_aT«!_asH*rt.(>iriVBi T &_—KT 8o_ort B en> ptD vara IT. Kv-BllT Pn T __»!•• - .»»«Or) SHOULD KAT1 IT. Bras- v P««iir ts <rm WORLDsnomD Ban r_ Aad C_ h»v thy *' l lii.\-'r tie l earoet Drnggt-tt «nd boring a bu;>la of FA1S_ KILLER. Prl< o: 25 and 5.1 els. per bottle, Biy n< no brt iiiegeiclno m«dsbv i _I4« -JT D iVt - 4 !>«N. BT\ fold b% a'l M-dw ne Pealm* N. B4ir _U_H 1^..^ ~A ___B A—i(>_T___-> Of •__« aaic_;idre_ I« _wrs at BaptlldwK D. », _A»FO«» * CO. $1C0 \ MOUTH SALARY fCLTO fcr Ag sr I •, m.i o and fem«!o; basl now fnr- |_-_t. .Vclow I s. et tmo. Van AUea A 6..» in |r_*rl#y ^owTarb. lOllp ont, _arl N',V_ _V aan.ia_a.sntl f» A Wal »• _ _»_«»_wlVE.N fikATIS to eyery live _an who wlu act as ageat in a aes, tight «•• _oaor»hle bnalners, pajlue >30 » day Kb gilt »ni_rpr„e. Volmmbn?. Ko> mosay wanted la <4*-oce. -ddrt-aa fi. _OVBO_ Kz___DY _ Co., P tabnrfib, P_ €w NATURES 0m VITALIZE *\**! sgjgp^y* F-rSOel^ TflBO^A. lrBO_..Dni_ri#t. •^TOTiCB <• h -r9br^»en,.ttfat -oh We_*o„«J%HoT _ndr«_it Jiiroea w .li MM|| at Oris office, to _*_ , .* t * f-tenfy ' «BKM4»rto.__Jl!oa__»„ nud to and o>- -i» d conw. .oi thr- sc&ood MoorJiv £nJirir__y, 14TO --^T jR_tF__guB_». ••t OJerfc Cow_i tiSrwMHo —if \on iwani . i_o Old Jar* Oaffoo, Fertctiy Pn[»4fj|wtty titmwd awd Uroonil _30rtoR, it my p__t!&*_rfn.dtir _u »t Sco, a Ccjnrt St. ttWtl.) <% W. t AWRgJ^O^ tf *<? ? I

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