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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, October 23, 1869, Image 1

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Kllnmii fclumn 4O0 800 10 OO 90 00 40 00 60O 18 00 U0f> S5 0O 6000 \7 01 14 00 aaeo eo'oo 60 O0 10 001 SO 00 SO 00 40 00 85 00 TO 00 60 00190 00 IIS 00 SOO 00 \8. W. BALLABP, 1J**DEHTAKBB.T~ fence, Jackman House, Room No. 87, Residence of BOE^ NO. 7 Goodale Oct.20.dtf STAGB8 LBAVJS WAT.EBTOWN bwvllleand Carthage at 8: A. M. & 8:45 P. x . ppenhagan and Lovrvilte 8 A. K. .0. OtoBBipsri, AO«HT. \R. W. O. R. H-, AXBIVAL Aim DE- SBB -OV TBAINB -AT WATEBTOWN.— ieforBome8[fl6i.«n,tt ; t#a,m.540p^m. Per labarghSlO a.«U10p>Ki;flp.m Leave watertfn » V. 8 20 a.m. 140 pan. 8 61) p.m. Arrive from 750 a. m. 8 45 p.m. S B6>p. m. From Ogdeae- |1115p. m. 515 p. m. Arrive at Watertown aVlnceiit740a.xa.5 45p . m. isnd&OOXA'NO'TICBS 18 cents per IPBCIALS 90 per sent, added to regular rates. MTertUemeatB numtag over ono month will _«rted in Daily olwaer fliah every other day. llpeelMl Coutwot*. aajalT at the office,No.«Ar- TATgBTOWy.H^V To TR£VBLBB£, 9K_ for Cattbagtrpop^nhreen and HwvtUe Seats e'w_W'[lr'apptoU9»<t« c - 0L °- |K at SU^'OfflM.'bio.UAjjeiiAl street, >lxcl__is«A»#rro_(^Ali 6il«reiy Irticle. Perfect imitation of real ttair. paly at No. IfiAretde. ; J, J/.JE^uS-iNQTair. —— ' __••_---—-«--•-—• SI/N_i_.V TVOTKJES. ARSENAL S^USKT JL E. CIITJBOII.—> jg at 104 A- it. an^ ^ ^ 'M. 8ab- : jSchonlatl2_i. FgraciouB revival of religion baa been ogress in this church for the p&ft few la. Meetings will be continued each |nc next week, commencing at 7c. M. public ore cocdially invited to at- btooai\ ^We have since lieWd;ta_t _Ii»% m tb at Ticini^ saw a man in the. swamp at about 2 o'clock a. m., -witli a lantem 4 Riere will probably be an explanation in a ilew days. ---We havo not in sopie timo read a bet- ter pdrody than ' the following on Poe's celebrated poem of \ The Bells;\ • See ttiose horrid dandy swells— Hcentwi awcllai\ •\- \—•*•—\\ ' ' What a irorld of rapid talk their company compos! How dlsgnstlxuc their fllriatlon And aSected adoration Ol every exclamation Of the belles. Oh l maidens, young and single, Lest yonr ears with pain BhoaJd tingle, Never listen to the j ingle Of the swells— Of _e Dwells, swells, swells, swells, Swells, swells, swells, Swells— To tae Jingling, and the Otngling of the swells, —It is amusing sometimes to see the as- surance, if not arrogance of some of our city coteniporaries, and monthly magazines, ia their demands upon the Country Press. Many of these ow modest (?) vehicles of wisdom and knowledge, seem to tbdnk that the country newspapers Bhould open their columns to the <fratu\tow publication of \ windj\ prospectuses of every periodical which may nave, the good fortune to be worked upon a \floe cylinder,''c*r whose types may be set in sixth story attic, in some Metropolitan or less populeas city— and even go so far as to add an injunction to the \compositor to \followcopy\and \ lead,\ as in the prospectus sent; for which space and pulicity to their literary wares, an '* EXOEANOK\ will be g^ven to their, rustic: cotesnporary. Now tbtis mavj all hetfeb'.flne, fjut our \eit&.'foH? 3 should bear in mind that the provincial press has amission of ite-ownto perfomijWad pos- sesses wisdom and sagacity enouR_ to per- THIS MORNING'S i#i To tho Dally Reiormer. oy too aouu«' I'siigrspo Line—Office in Waettinetou Hall Block. TELEGRAPH. Miscellaneous Fewis. • ' • ' using ' tUeex^.ofQtherswas cut off. One man naaiedl John Pruyn, son of the lafe Samuel CwPruyn, leaped.from the front window and was killed. It is reported that others perislied in the flames. Several persons are known to have been injured at this Are. Th e loss is heavy hat ohiefly covered by insurance. ______ \3 ! h« J S J waes iJ 5t 5 as1unpb¥spHal says that ATE ST. M. E. CHURCH.—Quarterly ng with Rev. T. Richie officUting. tiing in the morning and evening at alar hours. Ijer meeting this (Saturday) evening. rrsr CHCBOH.—Preaching moning vening by the Pastor. In the a. m. son of the S. 8. School Convention; 10 evening, \The Prodigal Son at %\ a sermon for young people. BBSAxnrr -OHIIBCH.—Reverend \J. 8. pr» of Lawrence, Haas., will preach at Tniversalist Church tomorrow at the hour in the morning. •ktwrcaf. tho characteristics WASHINQTQK, Oct. 23. Yesterday a second colored compositoc, from Meadville, Pa., was placed at work in (the Government printing office. He has no card from the association, but until next meeting of the Washington- Union will work by appointment. NEW YORK, act. 23. Last night the Steamers Chauncy Vib- bard and Adelphi colided as they were ap- proaching their dock at Yonkers, the former was going down the river, and the latter was on her trip up, and the captain of each was anxious to get to the dock first., Some of the passengers allege that tho Yibbard bad. rather the right of way, and that she had slowed her engine and had her gang plank ready ti» throw to the dock, as the Adelphi dashed iorward in the hope topick up her passengers first. The current turned her 1jow a little and Bhe was forced on the Vibbard, striking the bofv as that boat.when her aide was jast forward of the wheel hoese, and was badly smashed, The Vibbard-escaped with very trifling damage. Fortunately, no person was injured by tlie-eolision. , The passengers of the Adelphi wer trans- feree to another boat and they were thus onabled to resume their_journey. The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern form-rtatd«ty>acc ep tably<tp4hel( W fc ^^J Bn f t °a' ^v* 8 ** ^^^^ Jiefeid LngilwLIS^^^^' W,t \ ' LeBrMd l0CkWO<>d whatever may be the result of the present imbroglio in Wall street, the public may- look to see every officer holding a position like that occupied by Gen. Butterfleld, not only required to be absolutely guiltless, bat to be above suspicion. The feeling here, in official quarters is that a man in that capacity, has no business to be even suspected, and I do not believe any of the requirements in the case will be abated in this instance any more than any other, and the general hope here is, that there will be no necesity for it. ? NEW ADFmTISEWEOTS DTI X? C KadiPollycnr^d without knife, Ha. I JLiJiJ'kT ture, or caustic. Nadtfentioaftom bus!nejg. Po*. tnclndins mcliclso. $5- »K. JAJM8 OIij* t i\ Q. Bss 1343, New York. Oct.ai isw Farmer's Helper _j__s ^jsssssmmsmm^ ^_?f!_/S_^^E lerg^iFAHM. nua K*Wl)irroetiinp«Ffteic r ^on* <m eachtoako S100 P33R mONTM & Winter. 10,000 copies will be ma^lcii free toTarmer*. Send name and address to ZU&hVB McCJWflDV &<J0„ Philadelphia, Pa. - ' oct.214* W ANTBI»-Ageat», Toad»enli, Stindehte; Clerjy- menrPamerfl; eons-^a|^0^.an^ i g|lJ9 OvEtics3iBTOo*53AHnIexn'8TteaS!roNfl' l Vhiiti£fsi, best BuiiEwg and, must attractive fnbscrfption tooojc \\\ Sen? for Clwatei*, wttb- tennaVat S. P.uB^tSHtNGCO.. -^».ttr«a_8^ ^M everimbgitlied, oijpo, A«3NJlfl}8\ .at \•\ Wit *_5 ri_ it., . i AFTERNOON DESPATCHES. NEW YOBK, Oct. 23. The earthquake yesterday morning was also felt in Nova Scotia and New Bruxs- wick, throwing down chimneys, .and wall?, and committing ottier damage, and creating general alarm. 9hr<«»<«»r« ain and mad are -day. |Tho trial of rUggina for the murder of will probably be postponed to a lal term, called for this purpose-only. |Tha case of Ohrisholm P». Tb,e North- f Transportation Company, is still on |The Empire State Life Insurance Com- is doing a fine business at its office in York city, ^' : \ lie Arsenal Street M. E. Ohurch is on- sing repair, sns\4s nearjy xepainteo on lutaide. , . • ,, \\* '• \ new paper, \Tho Sorehead's ot * ir!tt<«0Bt«to.«serial) alary en- \ The Scalp-Healer, or Dodging the [tte-iaaEpoittodJ' ' he failure of A. F. Smith & Co., o o, recently, was o-wing to the rapid; i in wheat after large consignments 1 iem. The decline amounted to 56 cents Inel. .>,, very interesting series of meetings • held in the Arsenal street Metho- iUrch, and qoito a tanmber bare uni- ith that society, irttkin the p«t two People who are out of office, often look billions oyes on those who are in. fanectto see treason, stratagem and in every \Federal Office-holder.\ All i advised to read JEsop's fable of ix and the sour gnapes. ie proverb that \hope defemd i the heart sick,\ is being illustrated case of our Democratic friends, -who Waiting and hoping to see the Repub- (partyin this county rent assunder. can't see it yet,—our difficult; Is Jy a lover's quarrel, The last number of the Galaxy corn- that love songs and poetry are be- ug obsolete, which shows that th0 had not read our Shreds before-pro- ig his article, or he would not have 1 this statement. 'Under this head of our unknown contr) baton hiT« i Chat the love-harp Is by no means times; djiw largely from tjfeser \<cltf ^ight* # ,> it lfr&bi entiivlv onle-hided'; ne|trifes| i&u^3 tho wisdom of the land to be'foum^ where nothing but <brick and mortar meets the eje. -*-•- J_r\*TiERowrae STONES AX -CUE TKAIK. —A. 1L Greeley of Adams -was seriously injured by a stone thrown by-Mme hoyi at a train passing through MannsviOe, last week. The eoya were arrested-andi fined $26. *-* Bg^DKATa • OH AN ENOHBKB. H. J. Bean an engineer m the employ of the Borne Watertown and Ogdensburg cailfostd, sta- tioned at Potedam Junction, was killed on Saturday of hut week. He w*s repairing^ bumper between two cars, when tho^ started, catching him under a\jwheel and so inlunogbjan tfaa<fhe died m fif*«e^irBnu^a. H v teavc* • yf Qri_ irifo- He aei thfi' Jbarlh man who has been killed the storthern end of this road within four years. •O70SBB. Moat jtorloni aacnth of all \ha. you I hiU thj^ind return 1 !F&£t«^inteusIrfl^ th« sW^> ' ' ' ' JCieflaceaio rroelyborn'; Let Mcriflrats offered up To HI—, whoae tender love GBTOU» thia«iontlnofbeanty brjfflt, To ciwr oar hearts with freih delljht, And lilt oar tbongbu above. Not Bolomta in all his pomp, Hie Oils wis o'erarrajadl Not poet's torgne, ot p*uuef* , v hano > l Nor yet the wfcird'i magic waad, Has laght tike this portraytdl - May, with year .TlolSta, Dome lortt I Jose, bring yonr rosea, here 1 Tho' f»Ir yonr wamds in robes of green. They're fjairer, lorvclier, now I ween, And rata ma sacra datr. O, I cootd lie beoeath the trets And dream my lite away; And feict my eyee on 6e*otics rare ; Andiwinathahrjgbtleavcs in my hair; and Ifei-I'd tisac «Iw»» Octobsrr grjrc8o«ti<giOTiou month I SVer auy yonr hustla* pala,— Bnt, bright ti so_<sys la ths west, Bull glow, ontll I lleatresV; Atr4ttS»yufcd«r«al*- - D_raT. Mid his counsel, _. P.Clark, and it is ra- iBored that the house ^f Lock wood & Oo. \Will be placed in a 'Condition te relume bwiness/as a settlement with the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern road is about to be consnmated. ILate mail advices 'from Naasaue state that the Steaper Lillian, •which saUexl wltri aa-expedljdonary foroofromFlorida to Cu- ba had been captured by the British gun- beat I_pwing,and taken into Nassau where aha was released undar the ruling of the Attorney General that ahe could not be y hold. \PariiaJMi-'iiia 28.. iThe Brooks trial was reStfmed yesterday id Mr. Brooks partially identified both the prisoners. lJudge Lndlow a_d an important wit-' »KS3 for the prosecstion vras mi^lrtg tadL W wonld request the State arid United. State* authorities to •aissist in the search farbinx 'High Constable Okrk has been retnovtti* bf'Hayor Fox. He has been connocteC wHh theocdice,15 ^ears, • K\ Is\ ^tmk apposed that thertsao^t^w-out of-'liaf ostrae ductile laWjSolttJcal riot • *fa ' afrits Bflfoire'th's recent electiort - - .-- a IBianrriioron. Oot 84, the private social «candle in Washing-? tea at present ii in felation to a youn© attache of a foreign legation, who has fai- kadeeplytnlovo writh an octoroott wlth T Bnglisb Produce and 9toclt JSarkatf- LOHDOH, October S3—1 P. If. . Consols closed 98 H both. American Secarltles quiet. 6 30*a Of K63,81 X ', Ot 180&VJ1K; 1857,'aW»** 104O'»,18. . • , Krle, IIH; Illinois .Central, 08 ; Great Weiterti. *«- Tallow 47a 8d. Lrfxarooi, Octo.neiJS,, x*sna«ana fabrics at lUBtaeita.anll. «- • • S Qottoaclo«edstl2 for uplapdii Crlojtte, UV>^ t torl»,00ff-patw- - - - — • ' •\ \\ WPIf4.aU . Catlfetnl'a^heat, loifd. _a|.W««i 3o <i c '.\'.. ' 1 ^PAan-2a-a.-3b r r\ «v Ba^^flrsa. ^oetoallgjaa. \ • , <• • ; >. ' Black and GoM-mix Repellaarf: for suits, imitation Astraohan Cloakkig, and. Lama?'Fringe jult -reoeived' at the -one price corner store. ' --' 1 iiOCALBUSINBSR JOTICEB, tsw- Xaamiaov Cornrrr Conamlttw Belt «4ser tars, No. 4 American Hotel. B. B. BtDDzacox. Chiliraan. BTTo PWWTIBS—For Sale, a good Qurto kU- dlnm Rngglei Jofe Printing Xn|rin(, now in aven- tion in this olllce, in good condition, capabls at da. lne saost kisdi of job work. Warrant^' to do gooi work. Price (175; original eoat, 84i0ft. L. TSQAU81 Co. VT To BiHr.—Tho Boose No. 10 Clay fit. a xood location and > convenlentDouBo.. Enqnbe afe the Xer—anrs3ukror . J, P. MOPFSTT. . ; OCU1S3W tW FOB 6LLE.—A raroaUe Work Bom, good, •ingle or doeble, not affraid of the Cars. Bsfof xe at No. Si Court 8b. J. 0. MIFPKR, Watartote N. Y. Oct\ 211861 ^|tf 06 waaca be hss visited, the theatres andprcia^ - , IATS-OBU. so -aaico ' onaded the streets without detection, hith-jj tseta. 14,000;' aiea»*OC0st 61®l CBNew 8oati' to, awing to her light complexion, Bhe was discovered in the theatre, howewer by; the <_ref colored gactlenien who were recoBtly ejected froca •the dress circle, on| accoant of their coloi, ancP kUthy^itig \£~\ „ _cae#dn*tja-te, fled t«Te^5Tofk. ' It is now stated* that Judge Johnson, Seaatar elect from Vkgkiia, and Hr. Gib- aon,«Beof the RepMssatatirea «] still Tho standard r^eint, scaj ptofendon ise tip „ -—,.— —•»-,, , can rimanicoppei*. AKJOL ito 'rei3ut4tl6n?;hM^h atad^ioaa. people? of i?i»^)!iJlty;feel#ome^BM«lWpit.. aaJil|aKaaeettoBhonse!.(MmteifttO'tli«P; .... . wieffeya- apUl fcitpokea cf-no*,§>iaa> '£B|t>wbaitt; '^pBpBopei; et&Bt'» Mroathroe,; f&w,iawi^fteka*c nsast be —wallowred, one.aXter (ha other,;e«eh. a t ssn who. liuvrngaliandonsdttafe life, now exhibit a In vivid colors tho wnole show world Btfot* and Mi- hind (Jit Scenes, Being Tratblnl. Moral, and Hijih. toned, as well .as SeoeatlyBaJ. Bleb, aid Bacy, it outsells VI ctifer hooks, ileantifuuy illmtrntotl wlih 40 tpiritet onerailngs, siialt-page eats, 650 j>*ge», on rose-tlnteel paper. Greatest \inducements pet of. fared. Prospectttu, Sample Cop?, Boxes, anil StA- tionery, Free. For Circntar;, ixplainiiE, addrew, immealntoly PAK»1SLSB & CO., Pqbll«hei8.*ither at Philadeliibia, l'(u Cincimsatl, Ohio, *»r M'ddlo- town. Conn. Oct21 «w Great. Obmceioi Book Agents. 1 We want 10,000good reliable 'Agents to solicit for 0/ur JSTe-w-\ \West To wheal the UIQHZST CoitaussiONs will be paid, Ttifre-is no other work cow celling half as fast, awl aireaatsar»maklaartromflOO ao $*oo, par tnonilk. -JWaorssdby all leading paper* II {ae-Vo^Mf. andbufflookM th# Wertecfan,?,, »s wolfe M ?:ontaiBlng-ths most intotmatlon.J Send for ,vm tern*. Address ,' \ ' ,,' •.HASTyoaD DUStWdlKO Q(/,.Hsrtfordj t &.. • ••••• • / «;:;,-' • .octwiw- .JC'j0 i_b_J_'& V I A_. Ife-w stork Itockand IDoaav Marks*' BKroBTrD ton a. r. viooSok'U^h \a—jk\! } ' NwwYoaxi^octcb'er sa; tdea l^^er,<Wp> c;osi»is; prices of last fUnsetiled. nfeht. Dis.Vs 5-» conp.^S HO? DlB.'rrsMOconp.'lM tm tji8.e*s (HO cenv. «6» 118> >lo New Issue. in; CiB-cVwaocosp.-Mtn: uJ8.fS*s &.» coap, '6B 117:. :0<4O. Boglatscsd..,. 107M \eon5or_.-.... 1 ,,103X ex. coop . \ snow \.«... 6'sez eoap... do new:... .. MUaonrl sixes WWIB, Ftrgo * Oo.. AAama BxprSes,.... American zbesress.. TJiH. Sxpreaa V. Telegraph.... Mair.V?..... o>l«-181 ...!.' ,INO alOHANOC—I0B«< ei a Hodson Elver .-. ftt ohteago-oend Altrmr:i«J «r ^a. *&. J** 1 if Kfcb.JCeritral. »r UiieBliore:'.'. TetedoS'W»b«ih.. , «r. O. pref. tual. PAID for Agents, ma'e and femals; •'battness r>«t' maaant, Knclossai sump.' 'Vsn Allen * Co., HI «... *— ..— ,„... J 0 [J 0B t ££ retaw'sl* \ • * • 4w ssdway.NewYstk. fcrUwineitt.J inc «It «oei, tltat m meetln •ftiteifliie- fn Its opertttWiTted: whajt. isq^gawst esweBtia <forthe «^U^Aot.t>»tssfa^Ci5a :'J_M'B«eliig asWeaiWiB^R^etaji #m oiMoi»WiaeMl(r^r™ , ifE -'- a - :,Vl -' ctonnuDpeMotuar eBS*iioF«^nt^WPf^,!^liliS^^^ l_initli8mwodrf»Mi|*^*5#^»e» afU.h|s;Die- sAi K*^« r&k~ :*•}*&<'*'•• _.._ r ._Piayei». inform intra .« _«. ^^. *.« No tot WWtrvatJoJ'iatf lljdUift.. For .rata by ail N. r.^aBtxil,.^^JHg, iSivsd^y thepnpmi»era_rt8)ja^r'*wohandio_(i \_«*•••• ®Ji vbirsca%6vSr1W paces fncS Half yearly. |U78 \ ' ' 'j&. new end mperbMeel Peti*a4tofM.r. Boecaerpro' ; sM^Us* 'W8XAB'8-a«^ektai!»ria-fal^ SoW'Wfta^ial^-la^JwaaJa^o^;;'-^*^ -^- •~ll'j!i«-'' r l'i'i,r.lj. 1 f \ \ \ a»OM>ato »1L T*arty. »«B»djib*r« . Rxtre «Htf.lMrAlNIJr^ttN]txC0), »V0r. t BXtreordln«ry \ \sndTK* ,,. . .pfoctirlan, ^est^FChrlstianltjr^klth im-»W\«*a 'ffr,ea(nalri*; «to.«»Sra» ; 'an* 8cnoca0rgsjw.i-«*wan*af- J at Jowpr*sM«:iof,csMfi,4?aoWett,_ m ., k .. .CaWBatoa^Baiaoan* B»ward;.: JBWa that Bnrdetac Combtnatioli otntn^witlf 1 Busdetrs. jR»Wi_jmpMrea^Mai*a>i|... t&cgnil)r.3liCtman*l)fa*«tBte,'-vv.''alaitf • Dttaols CenU S6SI\ do afld'H. VT. prat B4il OUIcairo and R. I. ...105* t ObtcagOijxdN.VV... Tl ; IaSependeat, Was jjeeturaJRoom «Wl_ Deecheri-»*at Uoaeadd: f ^ect«la^a«aa*^;- *»^ \\_.\\ HSaHiw^^: & xsn t Htw Xdrk rradooa Dlaukata* Haw.rpar.Octobar,»*l9»» JTTON-^NPyjalaaHK ov'ddllne aplanCa. , T ITLQOH BBMAUTJW.' •> .*• « v ^l u * Jpla lSJJWoarrsU. 8ale*S«.0CO, 550CS«'ft>r .__ *tat^.,«^^^oostnsipn;.to» cawlcasatra staca 0 003K' 10: Oomooa to choice ronr_ boop i 4t 10OS C3* . t^ivt • K, J . Thar A» Wot A.TU**Mcv_riak, wde a* Poor HBB, Whlitoyi Proof-tspiritaf. aac rsfataXJiliow, aMtpra^ate^^awasta^il'afl; \RWior^'a^thitleadUa^lJfdBTodranken s«ss sad rots, bat arts * tnto Mtoicine, mad* irosn tt» Native Boot* •»* ,H«jbaor£aHfojr»»a, tnajroan all Aleohollc«ttmtftirta. fh«y atiriSS bBHAt \ \IJlooafeahaaltky cjVBditioD. Nupersoacaa tak» I. 41X00 wilt b« rtven tor an iacofable ,T—Btryera f*wr. , pts TIJOOO saJasPSOoeo aU4f3t 41 WtaMr, ana aahar Wsatern, lrr Ko. 9 SpVlng. jltJBt-rlQS Lower. . •!' :ec«lpt'!<O,OOOsal«sSC000at WfllOO Mew' Mixed W starn Ihsfe] oofsmM J feeaipts 900 barret*. ;KK9«steadr.- - • ' '-laaaT£iQalac> ABB-itaady.UBtierca. at WK«X8 ed ; 18K»» • '• kattis rendered ' iJJBB-^i^in. lig.'ilwaiaLX' Cteei ^pat-ROLisuis-^ii^ mms. Xew i' M for Steam ing. The verses \To Ally\ and \ To a? were not unworthy of theagiajtory Te hear a rumor thaton FrIdayo| ay of last week, »huV'^ P»»t|r'of rere out HinaTingwi^t»sM>ra(«c>aljr ; as \aahaw'amp near the •illagc ^tma, a Test and iWrt w^ie tbuiid., bt- ..witl| blood, l^^m^'wl^ki foul play. <m looking around, • tracks were diacoTared, and oa 8aa- 0T Unvet Aim Lor ron SAII.—lftqiilrft premises So,1,or at N. Whiting's Offlee. o«tsi.aat •y WAHTID.—A smart lad 14 or IS years old to work wl*h-*ertlner. alto's flrst class Plain ftlriter to whom Ihe higbest wages will be paid. Apply w Adam Meek, drainer, Marblcr, ana Decoratlvo Paper Hangar, N»31, Acadsmypt^, WatartofBNk T. -. ., .. - OcfclBatw assr- To TnalAnm.-Wrs. 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