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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, August 31, 1869, Image 1

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W '\ °4^Q^ \€fi/ fi *$$&&% .\im^tm^'-^l LS ft&%£ n m§^ %W$t %f\ r $ ^*1W aS&3r^4~ * -4f t \VoWWO^-At the top or the trtalrajft the entwine* of the Arcade.- Rwlaencej at <the Woodtaffflouse. OfflceSoure-From 8 to 10 A. X J to4«jdT_P.M. att-a^...* &-i J .-di..„, l t .. lrf „„„.jBtt3Mmi*ffi,.„ ;• * \ •#|L#Biw;f if,. *», **. i Dfy l,dtt 1869. G, „ -KO.lQABSBNAlSVt J^, WalOLSAtE ANJ) IbTKrAjA. wfl^ Dealers la & mhkt^^m!* %£j**>»lggi ABAooir, BOTTLOWU, TOBMBI a*n*A6M. FBSWHI . Owl3r»ipromptly aitite'adea to, iiece%r 1867. nrwIpRVV' HOITMB, WATBBTOWN, {f, T. . nxoogMj fitted up and will be kept 8tricHy HA e SSMfSRfT':.. flure PASSER w tTaoMzdLanJEiouse, • nn9XB20Tiv.y. r.*a ED. f Vi PETERSON, 8occ«i«*to€(«ir* W. Jones, late Jproprlotor. HP* Eh. PJntlMOU, will edwsys b« at home to S ect Miold Wen<U,.«ndwitli a cordial welcome to anew, .-•<-- Btace* leavothlahotMfOf a0 potata. Porier at all trains, i AU-J-43T HUBBARD & WRIGHT Attarasrs *ad cquaseljors at L#w,i3 •Office over Ho. a, Washington Street, Watertown. Haw Torn p, W.HV8BABD. «.D. WfllGHT. 0 C KNIOKKBBOOKKIU,Homeopathic ^. Phyelrlan. OrUce No. M, »d Floor, Arcade Offloehonri tram 8 to l*a.m_ *ram i to 6 p. B„ ana •toS7to , Inthettjenlng* Jfejldsnea So.47Wash 1 Baton street, W»l«rtow»i'H, X. Sir\ All bllle dne when the patient Is dlamlesaed Offlca prescriptions must be padd tor OS dolt-rary. Janl&dlv. HUTITIOSD & WIK8L0W, Attorney* ud Coanselorw at Lawr. 9&ce ovor Wo. lOWaabington St. Watertown, HI 8. H. HAJCMOND. BHADLBX WINoLOW. pCBTIS &FLVNN Will Settle Their Accounts At «l>eir«€i«!donee«Wo>.0 Sewrt Street. Watcrtown April ttrt. ra\'. J ' BAKING POWDER. ir Wkteui iiwdecr OooSry*; rfnchlbr .Fact DjachWituX! . thft latitat GXJ, IVB^VllB. FO' ula br groan g«MrmJly.^ .W, Od^OWSiV, ill* by ocifldi lunici I wotita i*y tH»t I tm no«» jiro^spUng £3ro« _ _ ItWsfPDC^S! DiELIAd, tAHTAHkB, B08S8, «xd «U o«!l« OeddlMind bqsie pl*nt« pi tbo <-ijotce» kindf P«ri^wl«ilnk\opliW!aj> «(U Sad It to tiol' idTmfittgt to examine my itoct hufore paKtuJlug ' tliewfaere, is my plant* «n\be dollvered in eww condirt n»hlchc«iinotalw«y*ti)dcmo wbonbicunght firoaa adlivuicf., Aieo all{f^auaoj, ,• Vegetable Plants ant » (ew cfcoli^ Aster and PbJdl >r«d. tC, a^l or whJcbrwlll-ha»»old to «1T« (rood tatlB&ction. Cu« F1,»T«» «* Bo^wa.^ll^-g-. PropagaUna Honao No. 8 ttlah Street Watorttywn N. a-Orders'iY rn«U filled with o>ro »nd_<U«- patcb. m<-Wo*w' e tn M Kt,A. B,SBAIIL, onable MUliner HOBBARDBIXJCK, 8K0OSD1X00H • wuiopep oh Thursday, April 29th, 1869, And wOlkaap on hands}] tandwilK*«0N *»I,K Lae«w< Rla>o»B, etc., wQtl), Tiavtai )tut been bfln^aMMt&H«wtoEX«mUb«toTiDd eqoatto any ozhn>tadiBt3d*matkBt. 0F~«rt*r» aollclccd, READY RCOFINC. TfiwiYB 01THASD, Ftcm put •xMdeaet I a* »ep*«d to tmlld ' betterssoft UunererbWorei Hcadtj.^ tteraat the Tat *Co»e«Ort.»doolitoathorUMiAf«aa«. .M.son. ttillUMBia ' WATCH-XaML /#|#«j!at«3aijfi DtfctoUtt^liwVCtoatalM; Vakhi*. from tbt 0«li»nit«4 Ithaca aal«nd*r Clock* I JolylMlps. ' WatBWQWnH. TT. JICKSOH'S' 0ATA2BH 8NUIT ANB» TSOCBB *OWJ ER, ' A DRLIGH fVb XtO) PUSA8ANt .IBMSDV EN Catarrh .4M«Uea\eiB*«Bre«In, A»*n- BDUM Hoar—•XiBrbachttla, DeaC- B*»«« Ooautha, *e „ *c. andaUOi»order«r«iiltln«! from CO^06 In Be**, TUMat gii ?M*I Orews, bnt aMI«8BiSilt7 free*Jfi£[a«adon allflU^re matter. qoloWy mooring W Seam amd He«d»a*ei aJImya and aoothM the batrol«c •«»; in Catarrh i U ioaalla and •cvaeaU* In Its cfffecti that it poalttvelT fgr'OUSM WITHOUT S20|Zfi?i?. As a Troche Powder, ta p'le»«iatto tii«««i« and never rnuueatea: when «w*lloircd. inttasatl; lvea »the THBOAT and VOOAfc ORGAS9 », Dalicions Sensation of Ooobsss anl .Oom&rt, ie the beat VOIOBTdraOtutbe world I * Try It t S»fe,Rel!»Mft and only 35 cfs 8oId by drtunrtrta, ox mailed (roe, avddreto COOPKM, WItwV A- Co., Proprletom, Pkilaiclphta. WholNale Agwta—Detnaa afcrfm atCo. S ?,. 0. C. Oooditin 4,Co^ Bolton;' Henry A Co. Bar Ungton. CeUi rn«e. DAlfcX^IilOBMER. IPevvoBuu GoaMp. —TatQ? v^jfa to live loDtg\en9v^iito go to the pollB SMulmchecl between ttiu'Stan- ton imd-Mlae AnttoPT; •A.^fyoldBand-- •wiclitliatViUbejr^eni . . . . —Lo-po-tal,tlie celebrated Chinese pby- •icijn ip qalifoffiia, has anincouleof $7,000 per we«k, deiiypd from seven hundred patients. —Victoria wears long dresses to hide her elamBy feet, and the pretty Londoners all feel compelled to follow suit. —Da Chaillu says \ •women have as much -sense as, men.\ He states but half the truth. They have more. They admire Da Ohailla. —The two daughters of the Duchess of Alba (nieces of the Emprers), were more simply dressed than any other of the young ladios present in a recent ball at the Tutter- ies. They had robes of white tulle, trimm- ed with very narrow nounees, at least ten or twelve in number. Their centres were of plaited satin, of a pattern in which red predominated. Their hair was simply gathered up by tortoiie shell combs, and on one side a small bouquet of of red corn- flowers and green white ears. —At Nashua, N. H., on Wednesday, just as the train .^as Btartlng -off, President Grant? noticectja littfeigirl vqin^ey end^»y- ing to g^t to'tho car Wat she migh€ shake hands wifh him. The child in herdiiap- pointmen't, b§0ret into,,tears, and the Pres- ident, pfiintSigttj h#, asked some One.to bring her tohim.' Tifo mea.-$eized.he?, agd holding her above their hea&, rushed with her to the car, and the General bad just time to embrace her with both hands when the train ,boie„hU% rapidly away, many ot ghe'aro-wd fa%rt|>4act, aVd fheir parting chee!r| broijq fartft ^Joew, END O? THE OoAi^Mnrafts' BTEISVE.—The Scranton, Penn. Republican of Au^ 27iii, says, that a satisfactory arrangement be- tween the company and men. has been mm le in good faith on both tidea, and that mm ing will be fully resumed on Monday morn- ing. The following notice has been issued to the miners of tne District of Hyde Park : — At a meeting to-day In the Co-operative Hall, Hyde Parke, a dual decisiou was reached by balloting, and the result is that the basis has been 'abandbonud and Mr. Storr's proposition accepted. Work will therefore be resumed without further no- tice. Every body is jubilant, and congratulato- ry. Business men smile again. BCBESBSS PBoapEcrs.— Tbw Ohicago Poa^ notes an increased business rn both, freight and travel on the principal railways, and renowedactivity in many branches of trade, and remarks that the yield of wheat on the jNortb American continent has been greater-: jin the year 1868, than ever bclore. Farm e*B have good prices for their products, though they are lower than during the war but the goods they purchase have also de- clined, asa,{he proportion is relatively main- tained. Tne hotels of tho lame western cities are crojrded with buyers, and busi- ness grow active. The prospect of the tail trade seams promising. 6BBB. BHOCSB TO FLOAT \ NAVY — A learned professor of Munich publishes pome curious itttistics concerning vhaamount of boor armmlly concerned, to Etirop^;, The total quantity mAnatacturedf he estirmtes' at thft p*l^llg1«Jm fign.r> WMt .fhousand mil- lioaoflitrea; more.than enoMgn as ho as- serts, tor float tho whole Prussian osvy. The average number oi litres consumed per in- habitant in 1868, was in Bavaria, 134 ; England^m ; Belgium, 80, AustrU, 82; France, SOiPfUfiBia-, 10; Spain, 2z Russia and Italy, 1. Reirnng to the large quan- tity dnuok la his native country, the author owns that he is personally responsible for «*ix litres a day, or 2,100 btres per annum. —EaLfwty up Lookout .Mountain, the place where memory is stirred by a thous- and thrilling Associations, and where the brave boys of both armies, met & (ought hand tGrfiand, where the blood of both friend and foe was mingled together and ran down the mountain-aide in rivulets, is a smooth'fjeed rock, upon wnich a poor, wounded soldier inscribed the following ; \8.T.—1880-X.—Early in the battle I •was wotinded, and .carried to this spot by two clever \Yank.\ The; bade m* farewell as they supposed, to die, for I was so weak from loss of blood that I could but faintly thank tfcern for their kwdneaw. They left to myoanteftrfa part bottle of Plantation Bitters, to which I owe my life, for it streri- ghtened me, and kept life within me until help came and my wound was dressed. God bleasthemfdr theirkindjiess, and:, for the Plantation Bitters.; HE>BV DAVAOEL. \ Cdmpanjf B. 10th Qa. MisxoxjA WATIB.—A deWhittol.toilet atttele eupeiort*Colazno. and att»ira«!«lce. »i«tw ,-^-r^-^^. \ '••-•\- 'mmm we:50o; St* beg to announce that w* have accepted the agency or the • > KANSAS PAOinO EAILWAt^o. For the sale ol its Hew Seven Per Oent Thirty Vear Qold Loan, I*ree of Taz< T+> f s Loan amounts to {6,600,000. Fir«t MortqaQ6 Zand-Grant and Sinking J>hend Bond*, Secoredtyxm tint eneteion of trio Hallway trom Dear Sheridan, in Eastae, to Denver, Colorado, « distance of S37 mflee, of which IS mllee are eompie-: ta\ and the roet o f tie n ad is -under construction ' It 1B also a Xorgage Upon tho Rolling Stock and macchlte of- this urst&aee • Railway- bealdea, now running through the State of Kansas, And in successful operation 470 miles wo»t or ihe M'eionrl Hiver. and eareloe- enough to mem all lte expenses and eiietlntr obligations.' pe- i Bore than the Interest upon this new Loan. In addition to this une Sonde ate also secured 'idea Afore than the Interest upon this new Lion to this - \ by a nret i{ortgage of the O-overniqej and-Grant of Three on Acres. oitendlrtg tn alternate sections on either side of the truck, from the 894th mile post la Kansas to Denver,' The proceeds of the rale ot these lands are to be in- vested by the Trustees In' he 7 per cent Bonds them- selves np tola), or in U. 8. Bonds, as A Sinking Fond for the Redemption of The Bonds. The lands embrace tome ol the finest portions of tho magnificent ''enitorv of Colorado, including a coal fieid and pinery. The Company also hales as in asset another tract of -^ Three million* of Acres in Santas, snd although not pledged as a security lor < bis Loan their poisesaion adds larsely to the Company's wealth and credit. We estimate tho value pf the Company's property, covered by this mortgage, at Twenty-three million Dollars, net. wnile the loan Is merely $'1,600,000 The Bonds have THlUTY YEARS 10 BUN, from Uaw 1,1860, and will pay Bewail Per Oent In* tereat in Oolda eejnl-annnaijy, on May 1, and fiov. 1, ma axe Free from Oowernment Taxation, the Compsny paying the tax. Principal ol the L In tne tity of New York, bnt pay&blo in Frankfort, London ot option ot tho boldir, without notice, at tbc fol lowing rates: On $1,000 Bond In N. York, f83 (go!d)each half year. \ •' London, SI 0». in •• •' \ \ Frankfort 87 dr. SOkrtzs '• Tho Agents of * he Loan, before acrjptlng tie tms\ bad the condltl- n of the road, and the country thro' which It ran.- 1 , carefully examined. 1 hfcy arc happy to jrl?o tbe loan an emptnulc endorsement as a FIUST CLASS INVESTMENT. In even retpoet porfcc-ly snro, and lftome cssen- ?nJSon t d^ ? * 0,r<,nim * nt \ < ^- . ,'iA^ABrWVAi. Q» 'wAsmas^A^^oui ODK'S ARCA BglliaiaU^snwiWitnntlwimtsaMr. MBS. HDQE18 deelree to call the attention oi her lormer patrons, and u many others a* will call, to lee her ;. f l •»-... - . New Bonets,Hat8, RibbonB, Flowers &0i| &0i Whlch«he will sell to the best advantage for her customers. We have also added to our stock a beantllul line HAIR BRAIDS, COILS & CHIGNONS, Also a full assortment ol tbeVerr Best CorsMs In every -variety iHtaer' ma-orsteal and CnSs>> Oar Pattern Bonnets, are more attractive than ever. 0AXX. AND SBB. JaUflneri jnpbled WllOKEita tVB. We can sellyouaJltlio goods yon want ae.che»D : as the cheapest- taP*Hate and Bonnets made- over Into newest styles. Easbroldery Stauaplna- done on Short Notice, We have a fan assortment of letters. , iC A.HUGHB8. aM-deod-wlTo > - i»i • i • ^XVOTaBB AHHIVAX. CV \• M DEBS. SB At The New Store. Japatnese Poplins, ^«7ash Poplins, Crrsnadinat, (Black and White, and Sight o.nartera]wldel a. rBnaxoAM's zr«w ators, laOonrt Biroet. Watcrtown, A.^ec*.aieBt«fot:Wat«towa. <toi»d*wit >T«HB BBS* WATB8 IXUM M THB CITi' at TWO DOX.X.ASI PSX aisuixx, twMtftft aASMlaBOAL- At oar Coat Yard. * Ihs Jtaemcan Cookug Stove. ANOTHBR lJrFHOVBaarNTAW01TW-O XOBS ' Alter li l\ng series ol Exptrmiftcts.we have added file Base Burolttg-pr|ao|^e Rrthls aireldr w«M*a. nownea Stove* ov iQaana Of hot- *lr chambers in .ftontan4'cafottnet%ftboxA8a»feJtnl*ter at tie pftio'Bi'arr, wia«^stmr»ovomfeiit we accomplish aeMWiowfflmeuli; ,- .; . -.- m, A COalllroaubBltBptaritvlBter by replen ishlk fee fire once In «,hoat;s. . , 4 giC A cominaoosflraean bo *ept rarohgh the •nmwr with tbwcOTsatmptiOn of less- thut 30 lbs of coal In 24 hour*, and tie oven Xept is Inatng order aiatgeportlonpfthetjmo. The coal wul' be tfi<««tighlv'«aaktaea tStihoat theosnil amotiBt oreUskers and clcder*,* and the' anoyance »rdumping the grate every.raornlae to 3 ake a &esh Are, avoided- , 4tb. Porawood Are, with t*3 moderate »ized eticft of dry wood a fire can bo Icept trotn 15 to IK h\nr» without say trouble Tots will be tonna the greatest impt-ovetac&t vetmadeinOjokingStove^. It hat all the advan- tagH Ot a t slf feeder with riluch greater econoaVVr tteuaa* wlthoat l» mconvwtswiefc .»it-i» taaV- *ecnredby loiters patent. M»na£a,ctnred by •HBAB.PA.CKARD400,, tl and X> Srecn SI, Albany, Sew-Tota\ ., I^t«3«bjHaaaoTriS* HOWABO. Vatartowa. • The Principal ot the Loan is made payable in Qold la tne my or Mew York, bnt each coupon will ho payablo in Frankfort, London or New York tla'a ovon ] cnxities* ei be tula lor ue present At 96, L »sd Accrued Zntsrast, In curxsoeyj tuo Asents reserdeg the rlf \The attention of lnxeaiora Is invited to _ redt*tiai,\Whl£h. pu rocomtaand aa one ol profitable Investment* In tho market weu secured hoods, the most. Gtald and Qovcmcneni sacarttlcs taken in payment kstvalm -'•\ Hnion«pn]lc4Upa, at Their maxke Pamphlets, at. Without coranritslona. sjipi glvlig mil information. UOS OASIfB7, DIOHOAK it Oo. Na KS KxchAngo Place, N. Y. a L&'&'Wf aaV.JsflHWIT, Bt Co. *• ****\ -?^ ^«;j>Plno btretl, New Yotk. ;,»a^Hwam.\ rpO'IlfVlIiTOstt: BOHDS FOR SAL^l sto\rp ofWlLWih»fby»athorltj of th«>Le- mo. 1-med & limited ajnoont of 130>1J8 Wh>da se a nt¥i!M»ort I7M« aiialrrav, ••\ TIOS; Ttto sftlatnt are new ofEaxen for salar Tnete Bonds are. qODD BKTOSD opd tUoai. wishing to asenra aaio 4 . SOME INTESTMENTS I hnvenowan oppo'tnn'ty. TheBOTidi c(n bo pur- •• heJaTFER80N CODITrV -SA!noNalj T. aOAMP rreslaent RBHoVB'^tOTfi' PATciKi'VBBck&S chaaM BANB; (Ang-4-owtn T- FOBOKLT LoTioa. Frapared rr. Sold Oraasi'«»- i atnd Tan tfram the.fice/irs» Pimwr'i Morn aan \ only by D •A- Dr. B a Per^ i li. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, FOB s>rain?vi]ve TBOB atxooxi^ . The reputation this'e* f-oiioiit moUcino enjoys, • Jo.ivral from Its cures. . -v of which aro trub vrUo««. Intcfcrftte ca i f «crofu!aus rtR- rufi. .fion- the i-ysic-i =Ocined fntttrntcd' v.lth corniption, fea<p I«M . ] '.trilled nt.il cu\ '. I- i* rn.-rofulan> nffpt-Uur- nn- tliioriicrs, wwi- 1, were na- gmvnte«l li> ;, u tcrotn louf oon.iii ~.ation until Ihcv trr-n T-.tl-f-tTh' nffiicting. hav< L<.en radically nucdin ^^l. n jrrcat uuml«r^ in nltr.n-t c^cn fec- liun'orihe < miiitrj .that the j.ublic »iai\cly acc-1 to be nfonnr^l of its virtue? or u.me. .-• rofulous poison I? nnc of the nmst -Icstrui-t'vt ptif rnieii of our race. Oft*.c, tins nnsccn anu nnti '•'< tennntofihcorganisnuiiulcunlnc* thci-onftituuon, onrl invHos^ionttackofonffcMlnp-'-r h.tal difoa***, witbontexciting.•»suspiilonoflts |ircs«ico. Again, it seems to breed infection fhi-oughout the body, Aiit then, on sorcefavorable Ocs'loft.rapidlv develop Into one or other of Itt hideous forms, c\tf,er on the surfhee or among tlie vitals, fn the latter, tuber- cles nay b e eudOenly.depofltort in the lunjS' Or, heart,'of rairtore rorftied in the liver, or It shows Its presence by eruptions on the j-liln.or fonl nl«?r- ationi da 'botne part Of tM body. Hence the oca- eiouril use of a bottle of chic Sarsaparilln is ad- visable, even/when no active fymptoms oTdileRto appear. Portone flffllc<fe<i^iththcIbJl8ATlnfe<iotn- )U\ .... --.... At IMPOBTAirr! \ Too Good to Keep | pnairos OAKBBIO. PA.0K8. FlgurocTand White ORGAND1K8, LAWN8, . 'MUSLINS, AC. 4C. 4C. All Now and Ohoap mt PRBBMAN'S. IV YOU WANT TO BUY NEW GOODS AND AT Low Prices! Oall st PBBSBtAH'Bl is Court Bt Ha» juat returned from New York' with . The Best Assortment of FAMILY. GROCERIES BVBB OFFERBO IN THE OITT OP WATERTOWH, His stock wan bought jastaStheBBBTOXatE to Good Bargains that has Seen this season, enabling htm to offer Great Inducements to the Public. Each and all are In vtted to call and examine his stock and prices. Juit think oi It: Good Japan Tea for 90 Cents, i t - i Very good Green Imperial, 90, '' Choice Young Hyson $1 Twenty different kinds and prices' aa cheap as the above, in proportion to qualla. , Green, Roasted and Ground COf F E'l: aocha, Old Government Java, Maracabo. tagnlra, and Hlo, The beat .qualltlea Chaap^ .., S U Q AF* ^ To Sweeten that will astonish the natJves,ari(l we My without fear of contradiction, the BJtiT aad 0HKAPEST la this city. Porexample: t . Eight and a half pound* qf Real 6*6d,1r Brown Sugar for One Dollar ! \ YKLLOW AND WHITE COFPBB STJGAHB, Of the very beat qtallty, CHEAP as tho Cheapest I Choice Srrnpa, for 11.O0, Choice Halalna, oaalf ie Cents, Pmnes, Cheapar ft till, Dried and lawied afrulti r all klods. Best Table Butter & Cheese. NewYork State Sngar-cnred Hams.' Chicago Dried Beef, Smoked, Pickled and Dry Fish, Unued Oil, White Lead, Faints dis.\ OSWEOO AND WATEBIOWN Pastry & Spring WheatFlour, Ashton factory Pilled andOomiacrn om. the Backer Barrel, kept constantly Under Cover* VT Jtsameataver thft'Pltct- Sigh' of The QROD SAMARITAN, under tho UapU»t$hnrch. ta**- WeatlllhWdto our Old tnoito- i \Tho Ktm- M Ihree Spool Thread PorlO deats, at FXtmptAlVf. June 17, dw is Court otxeot. W B wou ^o%a%o^a x 8r riOK WALL PAPER ! 2 o H Tetter, Soil Rkeuni, Smltl Bead, BiHgtcontfi «.— «,— .._ - • —'^r. emtition— in. Also u >tf«, Dro, Sore Euest, Unrv Earn, awl other efntitions or visible fprms of Snatitrou* (lisfn^a Ai?0 in the? '-• -—' -- —— ... >>«,„»•' moTc concealeil forms, as V\ Bean JHxoatr. yit» tinck the rarinns I 'frrmAr lar ahd nprvo'i* svRtem<. Syphilis or Vrhrycttf stn1 HrrVtlrtttl DliC(U)>3 err* rnred liv it.tho-jph :i loriRtimcif- rtqnired for fttbcUiuw thi'«p nl»titinfe miihulipx lit nnv n:cdiclne. hut long <-ontimie*l uso of thV mfilliThe will cure • the complaint. ><&ruimTMa?«or 177/lifr*, fTfeHite '. rtfrvttiions, mui ?•»>«»*• rM»f««A.-, Arp ••om- irti 10,000 Holla Ohoap.Browa^. 10,000 Rolls Ch* w&. 3,000 Bolls 8a a,ooo itoiis emu Beceteved and belne opened daily at HANFORD& WOOD'S. This Urge Stock of out Wall paper we are now oderlng at Cost, tocloss ont. Mr. N. EPIEEC E„ Long and Favorably known as i iklllfal Paper Haaager, Cpntlnnea injoor employ. Wearepreparsd to- HaUvd mi tiffin Any Decorative br Flail Fa^'BislWi*2}ttby ns. as VUmprptin, Droittm , _^._, - — , EpUepWu, S-turafffla, VTe can fnralsli any PscataU^p^pfojaaMlafS roonly toon relie\eij nrc\ ijymnaph ctirvd hv its ' lnvrifjiiip and.ie\&oi'nriw«f <SnV-'f. '.VTittitc nirc^ «. tioiis for each M «P hre ibif ml Ih \W Attnanac 5 , enp- ?* plieil irritis. 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