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fa-s^, VSp * t •u J> t? 9 » teaja;::,5p: ?- ;; :3§^- tf % Sgi Somers Military Academy. W*THr^W& ««i Af6D»TI0,18W, tmra&esesr? u%^ ,& Waesr-flMaaee !»»: toth* pablfet mad* prjtfilj, fc**a*W«Jwt what «nr]«iM Wants. Mother* Imereetedia ttetoafatttBdle*10i of their Investment ! BWTSB ? «%j*^i«f3rjiOM--otaweat Intha mfam*>wx*m£**» iw*»aiflie •Ti^Wi^^VWrayi^wljwltoohmooror Invented, e.arasLbtia, 1 hath* email tin toll paper* —, ita merit* bau&Bao.'-a- avoid atlaappwuniloa, bowej**. (KQff* u e««td or moo- •^t«tinUrj<KJCmt>iutUiM ttoM«dto«;elrealiti. ofQoaaintptloa atwr Ma ease was by:f*TW%v*rtlei*\aa, Dn. MtttbataaaeoB tingle , 6o.5Jol*A|ttat^ So»«.On»W»Co.^w York. '){3tft<-\i!•-•'•' »': ;'-'- .- . : • ,Jh, securing theiemcei of Kof Bawbrth on chwlsta^f, electricity, astronomy, geolo- gy,.mechtnicBjfca j a grett acquisitionhas 'J^'TOaa^wtW^longMo iKii\\ol»«8 of teachers who belieT« that # clearer in- ugbt is given and a more lasting impress- ioi made when scholars «re and help do things, than when they merely learn to re- cite facta from the text hooks. I\or exam- ple, fche.aheinjcal text boctoteU thelrread- ers that iron and stell will burn in oxygen gas, a fact they might remember if they believed it, and might not. A student of Prof B. will not only be told this in his text book, but will be shown how to make the gas and how to burn the iron and steel, mating it .blaze \brightly as a loco foco match. Electricity, the most subtle and powerful agent known,, and so little under- stood, is interesting to read about, bat with electrical machines and galranio batteries, such as are stowed awajin the High School bnilaing, covered with the dust of ten years, in the hands of a. master like Prof. B., become themes of enchanting interest \With these he can reTeavl maa^wonderB to the youthful mind, and unfold and make plain many of the otherwise mysterious events on our globe. We think it will be the concurrent testi- mony of all scholars, that what they remem- ber beat of their school days, are those things they saw demonstrated with appa- ratuij-, Sdentiflo facta learned merely from ifce Sxt books, fade from'the mind in a few years, while ihoteimpresued upon the mem- ory br one or' more - demonstrations, last through life, affording pleasure all along the dusty track of our existence. Prof. Bosworth Witt bring with him many new and ourious acientiflo instruments, which, in addition to those we lave on* hand, will E»ke the very best collection, of Bcitntdfic Apparatus In any aca£effl? in the Staid. And what is better than all, he knows how and willbe found willing to use it, in the day tlmepr in thoeveniigv To city stu- dents all these advantages can be bad free, to non-residents the terms of tuition are very low, not more than half what is charged atmottacadamiw. If young gentlemen sad ladies from sur- rounding towns, would embrace first-rate advantages at very moderate rates, tor ac- quiring a knowledge of the higher branch- es \of education, we hare no hesitancy In recommending theWatertownJIigh School as meeting their wants in every particular. Ia the natural sciences, Prot Bosworth; in mathematics, Prof. Otis j in the languages and belles lettres, Prof. Hichols; in physi- ology and. grammsr, lilss Johnston; in drawing and German, Un. Malar, are each and ill proficients and first rate instructors. It;with, such opportunities the youth of our diy and surrounding county grow up un- educated, the lault will be their own, or their parents, who refuse their children the needed time to attend school. The times are auspicious, for at least a local revival in the cause of education. Our school houses are in good order; the tjlerk has been active these psat few weeks in clean- ing snd painting, and all things we believe are in readiness for the commencement next week. Wo; hope to SM| at least 35 per cent added to the general attendance in the schools, and lull 60 per cent at the High School •••< Saturdsy forenoon it 8 tfcloelttbw Osttal Apprsuaengsrea farther healing in this r se.svt the Court House in mica,- -w -- ij^. Samnea. l»rl, couMel\for tha ||»te,| P asked that the appraisers should satonce determine when the ca&e woixldbel^iolaragJ ed^and to what place. He said tiiat, as counsel for the State, himself and coUeitrae could, not be- prepared ^properly to examine the evidence gives nor to produce aiiy evi- m «% P9p|fi*tion, mm embraced in the city iimitf, numbers are given for more per fec,tgr»#aIn classification,andwulsome-.. ^...^ «... ^^^ •WSSXLVS.-IU • • • - • - •• rr.._..t^ —-^^w^^rdeacrfortliB^Statehef&Mr-two ifeeaai from today, (Monday.) He loped thsat the court would -adlimrji to mee\\ la Boonville, that being»polut much nearer the scene of'thUooU^: 1 -'•* t -^ s ™-\\' • Mr. ; qhsi,- E - PooHta^ for piaiitiBV m W \nMUX>mmto#B^*bVvhcm<iAU Bool r*atm&ftmt&**faor CUrgyma^.\-Uedi- »i.i'. 1| i. 1 't')i'iiLjL l -». r Jii-jUi>'J,C',a'^.->- L.-.V.2- il, _' ' iL-. m w T _ a .._„ jiaiolrtoblBy WmW T -£+ i|paMM%»aVi|iysft: T|n» «3«vernor and Ukt Aameaisaant. The press generally ia taking up the ques- tion raised by us as to -why the Governor has not officially notified the State Depart- ; meatatW*shiriSCton of the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment by die Legisla- ture of this State. The farther the matter is sifted; the more it appears that there has been a wanton neglect of duty. Governor Hoffinan communicated a copy of the elmfndmenli to fte Eegislatore. Why did he hot by the same rule communicate its actlottfto the .• State Defeartaientl * The _ ^Toxk Post says \ it was believed to be tKejobvious duty of the OoVemor to traus- m^acerti^edjBopy p^iaconcuTrent.res- olafito f^hl*^ta?t,«t8tiia aUWash- ington.\ This was unquestionably the theory of the Legislature. No formal reqtiest was believed to be necessary, and >|on*i»j|w<PdJ!«lyiSWdsv-. When % thirteeath-and fourteenth- amendments atasSMRSKRlFCSt ment. We should be sorrpto believe that Gov, Hoffinan has failed to do his duty in this; case -because he ^d»es not liklephi' amendment, but 1 at present the mamr has an' unpleasant look for aim. The Governor •cwei it to himself and the State to explain wtehe-hM^dled to,do wJhaAheclpub/ ought to do. TheacMonofKew fork is not to be nullified uppn the mere caprice ofa<3oternor.--ilMhj/ Meprest. .At RACIL—The Pali3fsilGa»tte has hit the true erpresttcn in listing the *&m#2*m' .To nave beaten men whose pluck carried ..„r,^,„„ - <|W^OWniila%tom»asjntt ? oaai wifli'an S&SKSsra^ ffifflb S°gli*h University, whose patisnce sur- «!Z»m^^lSmm moultedinnumeraWeIpSuS^I' dis- tmenta in boat boildiUg, whose en- lUaraoiiorte the victor without hn- t th«ranquiih«di ' thought the counsel for the State had been given athple tine for preparatjorL The case should not be left to drag. Olsomtnts needed the money involved to enable them to resume business. The law; provided that the claimants should be heard at once. He did not think it would be at all convenient for many of the witnesses to go to Boon- ville. Mr.. Starbock, for plaintin^ also opposed to changing place, or making unnecessary delay. Mr. LeviH. Srown,for the State, thought the private interest of a few attorneys should not be allowed to stand in the way of hearing evidence, where it could best be obtained. He thought fifty witnesses from beyond Boonwille would yet be examined.. Hoped the heating would be postponed until the 18t% or SOth of September, at least. ' Mr. Earl gavve further reasons why the case should be postponed, and said that the limitation of the statute did not de- prive the appraisers of power to h«ar testi- mony, or render their decision. He beliered the question required longer time for imes- tigatfon than the counsel for ths plaintiff were willing to give. Mr. Doollttlo aid that the testimony for this primary case could and should be heard at onoe. The question as to the amount of damages, sustained by different parties, might occupy longer time. The middle of September would be a veay in- convenient time for counsel for plaintiff, as they had other esses coming thereon. Boon- vill was thirty miles away from the Noith Branch Beservo*', and he failed to see that any good could bo gained by goiDg there, Mr. Starblich: proposed that the case go on on Monday, (to-day), although bixnsolf and the State's counsel from Water-town could not be present. Mr. Brown moved to postpone until the middle of September. The Court decided that the spirit of the law was evidently to provide for the hear- ing of testimony and claims where most convenient to the sufferers. Therefore when the Oouxt adjourned, it would ad- journ to meet awt the same place on Tues- day. September 7, at 8 o'clock, A. U. The hour for sdjonmment was used at 4 F. x. The counsel for plaintiff recalled Mr. Phelps. Pew new (acta ware developed by his evidence: The water, judging by the marka, rose 18 fest just below the dams where there waa no backsaft. Between obstructions be- low and dam tibere was a fall of 75 feet.— The channel below the dam was tors out about lOd fret wider than before the flood. The water raised two feet above the high- est flowlius toward Dawson's, making it 27 feet deep. During the flood about IS feet was eicarwated below and under the old dam. This was done by water roroulug over the top, The channel was so torn out that In many place* the stream has not ran in.the old (manned since, and he could hardly find land-marks by which to recog- nize the locality, Tbewaterdidnot break through the dsam but ran over the top -and cut the embankment away. Mr. Samuel 2, Dick'oaoa, wss the next witness) called, an employee ol Dawson who bad previously had charge of theresearolr The man wlio had charge of the reservoir at the time or the accident liwed 85 miles sway by the road, and 10 miles by direct line through t&e woods. The State had never made any provision for shelter near the reservoir. At Dawson's six miles bolow the dam. tho water was not as high on eith- er the SOth or 22d of April as it has usually been during spring freshets: but on the 21st of April it rose from 11 to 12 feet above the usual high water mark. William McChsky, one of the losers by the flood testified to the damages done at BeUingertown, where the property of plain- tiff is located. Griffith Jones, surveyor, and Humphry \Williams millwright, sub- stantiated evidence already given. A.t 4 p. m, the case w^s adjourned until Tuesday, September 7th, at the County Court House in Utica. «.l^w«ae ! ,C».l(.ai.. f V- \ ^Tl»-8i»g*K.l6.^ttrveyi n g-^ ty under H. Bissell, Chief, commenced op erationg on Monday the 88d inst., starting from \ n ' J —«•*••»*»- ' '^ < •Jienra|i Bfpk, of Canton, was stracV by a locon|ptive and killed, on the 26 inst., -We are reformed that he waa standing' near the R. B. track, conversing with some ladies; he stepped back near'the rail, his bl&kltytng towardsr the »$4^''l$heB'' the t»iiipMsing,hewajuitrttfek.bj; «w cylin- der of the enjjine and instantly killed^ « —There was a pic-nio on the 8Tth irrtt., on the camp-gronnd near' PefSaUrJunction. Monday the 30th inst village. It is progressing finely; the body, which is of Potsdam sandstone, and the roofing, of purple elate with green bands and red diamonds, are nearly ' completed. The mala building IB 91 by 54 feet, the chapel 85 by 43 feet, with a rear extension 24 by 27 feet, and the tower is 185 feet in height; 62 feet of the latter is stone, the style is the Eearly Gothic. It is located on Elm St. opposite the new Normal School building. It is built in the most substan- tial manner-, doing credit to the skill and taste of the architect and adding much to the appearance of the villatre. The estimated cost is thirty \thousand dollars. •> —Mr.Robinson is also building a fine residence, after the Norman Cottage Style, for Geo. W. Bonney, on the same street, at a cost of eight thousand dollars. | —The Normal School building is com- pleted at cost of about seventy five thousand dollars. —Sheriff Tanner, of Canton, is recovering from the effects of the blow received by the escaping convict TBIALOF R&APEHS—DECIBIOH OF THB JUDOBS—THH BUCKEYE AHEAD !—We the undersigned, were present at the trial ol Self-Raking Reapers, on the farm of Al- derman P. Edmunds, TJtica, N. Y., the 35th inst, and were chosen as a Committee to render a decision in favor of the bett ma- chine. The Dodge Reaper gave an invitation to all machines to be prosent and compete. The Buckeye was the only machine which saw fit to enter the contest Each machine out about two acres of oats, and delivered the bundles sufficiently far from the standi Dg grain to allow the machine to pass on the next round without disturbing them; and also delivered the grain in nice condition for binding. The bundles of the Buckeye were not left in quite as uniform shape, which was occasioned by the frequent change and adjustment of the Rakes, at tho request ot your Committee. Your Committee are constrained to give the pre- ference to the Buckeye Machine for the followine reasons: The Rakes of the Buck- eje can be adjusted to suit the wait of the ,standing grain, and rake automatically, though the driver can vary this adjustment according to the varying weight of the standing grain by the slight pressure of the loot The Rakes of the Dodge Reaper cannot be adjusted, the size of the bundle being governed by a lever, which ia worked by the hand of the driver each time he wishes to deliver a bundle. We also pre- fer the Buckeye because we can adjust the Rakes, and send a boy, or a person unfa- miliar with tho use of the machines, to work the Reaper, since he has simply his team to drive and nothing to do with operating the machine. THO& SAVAGE, H. W. KASSOH, J. M. OATLET, P. EmrnsBB, G. T. HoiAtNGWORTH, Committee. ^ r «lrrn BA€«I « T <?\ y\ •&b ,-m — $a,|0|\lli Premiums t ,J*5fTflOB >WD ANNUAL WBBT1NO SyracofliDriTing Park Association, AT BYRAC0CJB ON THB 7th, 8th and 9th of Sept. 1869; v BIUH>» W. JONK8, Pwatflont JOHH Q. DUNK, Bec>. -ft&w - ^-p:y;•yi^^fx^t8;•Itea^^:^.; > , i ^yASHINGTON BALL. On© Night Only. SATURDAY V7BNINQ, SEPT. 4TB. THB ASSOCIATED ABTISTS OF KELLY.&lLEaii'S MINSTRELS Pi om 740 Broadway, New Tort, In NewSongB, Danoes, Burlesqueis, &o, Their entertainment will ba given unabridged Tlie Toute gamble .inpoiatof efegancewlll be the none whleh han eatabllihed thoir'fiame In Mew York with tho Burlesque Opera, ^^\ Ihf' WOU > fleveii TherbeautifuTand wond.2£V* and mind undereo .« SSf. ga»as !!ILW\»«MS»aaiSSa GRAIN-D 13TJXO&S3I Admlsilon, 85 Cents BeierVea Beats. W CesU. Tlckou for Beterred Beau can be had ax Parry a CO'B Moilc Store. * For particulars see-programmes. Doora open at 7 o'clock. Performance to com- mence at 8. \» ^ auxiSdtd OHARLK9 MBLVILLB. BualBesB Manager. mssssp i ^.^\\^w^^worten^fisa 'wlth0MpeDtlc SMIISMS^^ nays or me Kyelid^i PreMe£tI»Bf.S!l before toe-Sye*. wiMX»M?«i5£! of Sight, mnt'ot M^^M^SmKtusjfi •J£5P«M. with BomtTfe%^I»*«fe^ • they more iSread, for fear orThME^PtEK % TheMhyinptoin».ir(^ 0 ^* t \w^aM\ t * ^ ledtcme invariably remoreiuJMSfeWkli —President Grant will visit TJtica as the guest of Senator Conkling on the 6th ami 7th of September. TO THOSE WHOLOVB MUSIC! THB , Who can *ay that these eMeaiiilMfi^^ hr followed bythoae dh^nia5S»sM«w: Oonaamptlonf The record?wSSfflia•** and the metanchoto deaths S to2SSffl' , St amplewltaeai w^e trn™oflfflaSB»* Lunatio Anlmna th» aacst.a^SifflfeJa. ^Wtaha^afsfBHS^viiidaVli *• how tubes Moads a^'SaSllit WhlUt we regwt the e*Ut«ct\^iki^i ooMeqoenee. Hsucaou)*! BMit? fiESMS* jhon>Jtara*OTo*BtJCXD. The»kv2ffl2o& It it i»axr>ncaor of hope toafrqeSPT- patient, and tblt1» the toaSmowrti affSBJfeS Med or preecrtn«d It. ^ m \*• \WW** SJSJSST- x>eMrlbe *ww$< ^Addreii H. T. HBLBBOLD. Dfir'smfli^t Warehon*. SM Droadwiy, a. •%?, ^SSfig* ORGANS AND MELODEONS or E. P. NEEDHAM k SON, Zjato Oarhart & Noedham, Are commended by such men at Morgan--- JBristctc —-King. TB8TIM0MAL8: Unni. CAXH4BT A S atsaAa : Gentlemen:—lean tttte that my ronncr opinion of the One and inperior quality of yoor large and (mall lnitromenti, remain* unaltered, with one ex- ception, which t» that yon hare addad and (really lmprored your Cnnrch Organ*, which make Uiem an ezceedlngly good aubatttBte for a s onraa. Toe uaill Parlor oriruia, with new Combination Swell. are alto a great lmproTeau&t, and If ant reference la mado to ma ro»pectlng any of them, I can with pleaaure speak of them In tho hlahoat terrna. Mo«t roapectfalljrand faithfully, QIO W. MORGAN, & Orcamat of Grace Chorch. Muui 0A«MA>T a Naaoaaa: Gentlemen ;—It girt* me groat plemauro tob« able once mora to bear teatlmony to the aupcrJortty of of the Parlor ; yon bay* lurpaiaed all your former efltortJ, when, hy a almpla moTcment of tho foof \ may be drawn on or off at your cenlua In yoar bite ImproTement c Organ, by the addition of the \Combination 8i nt of the foot, th» atopt the option of th« player, t beantlful oflBcta. Tha tharoby proanclni the moat compactneas and almpllctty, combined with aurh excellent woramanatiip, cannot fall to meat with laattng (ncceas. You certaiiily h*Te, la ray hnmhe Jndrauent, maintained the great refutation jfor which your honae baa been to celebrated, and I hope row enter- prbe and energy will meet w'th tbe reward yn so JMIIT merit. QKORQB F. BKteTO W. Unsaa. CABBABT * Sintui. Gentlemen—It afford* me much pltajore to TOI- unteer my toatlmony In Uror of TOUT now IwproTed Organ*. 1 hare had trequant opportunities of conparins their merit* with thoia ot home and fnrelrnrnann- fucture, and the raperlorty «f the Cazhart Ontan oxer all other* I can with confidence testify to and endorse. They approach the Pipe Orgsa psarer, both is quaji ijr and volume of tone, ibau any iniirument I have ever seen, which, n gather riui tho simplicity and durability of con«trncOoo, ontittea them to be ranked a« tbe first and beet among lnsthitnente Of their kind. Verj reapoctfo Uy, WM. A KING, Orpanlft kc . Cbureh of TransfUursUon N. Y. 1^ Married BDTlLrNOAMB-VrNOH—At the re-.|(t*>n<-> nf the bride's fother, Aug. S3d, ISO. by Prof. J N Frfid»n bnrsh, of Oene«ee Weeleyan Remiuin. Oeonro H BUT THB BnrTitijrame of Pillar Point, N Minor of Point Peninsula, N T. Y. to Mlse Frances A. XJieci. NrTLLIB-Ia this city. Angnit 33th, James NOUIB aged 03 years. Parties th.o bftve reached here direcc from Fort Smifcb, Axkansas, report the In- dian tribes in that vjoimty as very qtuot and ifld-nstriooaty engaged in farming opor- atiotis generslly. The orops in that section or tne State ire inlhe most flonriahlno; con- dition, the cotton promising an unusxully large yield. EneladianB in the Fort Smith Reservation are said to be well pleased with the sobsrJtutiOB el the military for civil offi- cers to conduct the business of the govern* merit with them. —A Welsh member ot*the British Pisvrlla- menthaaajBiiOTinwdhiB purpose of intro- ducelng a meaarare next season, for the dit* establlsbjnentof thl Episcopal Chureji In the frineipatity ofWales. MBw than i3m fourths of the Welsh people are Methodists, who are oppoaed to the support by the State to the Episcopal Ohurch. Weobeerre howeTer.thltatne leading English joarnsls which favored diiestablishment in IrelSiiaC are utterly oppxjstd to it in Wee, —ponjHhe rebel breastworks before Peteribtirg has firown up a eontiflouB Iks i f St^r* 01 ^\ ,^ *$* to^e *tea tt»- fiuitiwhlie on picket duty, cast the seed aaidej*ndnow«Mre ajfeatt oae oontirruous line bfibrty-flww miles of oeaotiitit t*e*i, yielding the greatest yffayt'toBm ftmitt »• »v^ « •.*;.\'-c i ''»l' jya.Dum WO»LISN: isi^LS. For Sale. This I«iflno opportunity fbroneortwoeneneiio men. Thsrc u a 8to>e tod other property for oalo U Silver Tongue\ ' Commerd Tn*Ksn.7E* by Their PURITY Of TONE, Their eWTJOTNUIB, Their FOWBB, Their B1.I10ABIT OASIXJGh Their LOW PRICES, . Their BTTHABELITT. Thoir £lepntation, I« that of CAKHAKT 3s NKSI>iUM, istubilshed ill 184B. V9~ SpecialDlecunts lor Church*!* and Snudty Schools. Tae rosiAltiona «f BaalikTt - It Is ldl-j to expect health UO«pr«o)atiaua«v pry to «eccaro It are negtected. Theh*aa«rrw, Jza'ion Ua deliato piece of autbaaaStaiwC' qnlrya a* mnch IntaUlgmt carerand waltMjSiVt*. keep it in ordur at are reojililte In tht auttra^ of the moat MnpUcated comolaaUoa atVei wbee a and p ilo ia. ^ w ^ A 'tfU» «*• CS it the rear the body U ptMiatrr tvenalUTe, be- aaielt tttrreatly wttkwsd moittaJ by the contb no it beat The akin In lama* wlS Iti mllUoni ofporaa wide opea, It a TerrojiaW •ort ortcgima ltlrom the corapaetllliraoi coiuisr which It b cod u under the action ol tht wllSrt co d. Tht laa.cloa. too, are coBptrtllvtly iitOL trjo.nerrei tttanion*, tho blood poor indue tho* . ome lewOSjibltoi enduring uljruaadnurjw' dltsaie, than in cool wheather. Then M, MM ol a deprestad condition ol th* rltal SbnM If* K many unmlatakablo hint* that nUur* stall rait- Ordinary stlmulaaU will not efltct tail tfKt-tlit- )Jcct. They Inflimo and eiclte, bat do M(-'KM» The only preparation which eta M teagj ofcli ITthen. _ _ ed ttpoa to inapart'tt*\mlnil vtror to ta* .toIns eadsra thaordau eft \ without ttrlrsg way under th* ,ej Inflame and «xi i pontol enable It to eadura the ordi way aader th. r htSoH BITTIEfti , taxalwa, •ottUtfy t ri aft^c%<cUc6»»' \ than tha aihawtt ttwjr are aapjcyfi t«v«iiwk^ •say be Mmtoli5a»W^^*niir u mwm* which araeoaabuas with thow of a tom..WH a ,' tucompoiitloB. keeps tha bowaii BWWM... ami parfccUr ncaiar, wkU* th» work af twifwaV.. ton tht l»«plnaroa. Tawanm blood diya**^)***'... hcKaito(ifjma«xdtar»al« aabapijf' S neata, •• that It ttertlGK pmni^a **«J;iaj«a*S' a iyat*« alajultaaeouirr. - •;\oy\~,- Atamat an tsapoiltloasstoti ta«p»o|^aMI«aea fcilowUitia»||lorW«a «r^s..»(«vrifV«;': •oaxiriT m poitomu who a*n aacarot ted hair ayas, taat«a«af fta** thi hair. but»*jatr»ti«»it»aai. .Ufmm:- n \ WHO MMYHO* TI| VmTAXT; \ ahould b* pot dots bylaw. Cristadoro'* tmhm^fWJk ia offarad under th* gnarautH of Jwasa* Oliltae I th* famoni avcalytical chaabtaiuaiciNt, Pars aad MmnOm^mtSSSl^lL^ K t OKIOTADOBO'S HA1E «SaWJ*OTMTJ ' Preatlng acts Uk* a charm ea dw >»^a*« Was' Trylt. ; , *; „ BoidbyanDroBrlats. '*?' '\ <-H J - QHISTADOBO'S m&2g$&&S§g&$ Tobhg*Derby CopaiiloB-j'awJl' •mparlor to »ny oth«r*,or ua pifc .^ Mam , t Dlttempcr, Worms. Bot«,Con*h*HJd«*g>l^ •- *c in Home.: and Cold*. Oam^gm^Q* : \ Black Tongue, Horn tihtaBp^seggjjWjSji.i o«i, uaed tbeaafcr J^arfcJJhMtoi^ Jeromo Baca Cour*«i fotdhaafc g>.i»J^ t'*l*l! Sffc-^CWS <i Kith It. Situated on Qras* Blver and Ogdeashnrsh , MdlAkeChamplttnEailrotd, well located for Wool B«nd lor Ulnsirated Cltalogno 6nd Price List— and for Home Trade. Mill 40 X 80 leet—Sicelient i (mailed water Power—All in good order and in operation • VA.H 8I0KLBR, Ued tree) to AngSOdwlw* A. ' Madrid, BU tawrenceTca'N. Y. \pXCELUOB FISH SI4nKkT AND HBW MBAT MAEKBT. NO. *0 COURT STREET. 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To Investors. They do not expote those who use them to any dan- cr, but belugas aafs as aalutary. Rttractfroma Lrtterto Dr. BraniTttK/rim G. J. Tay, Etq., P. M., ffammonton if. J. In 18981 was In poor hcaith,andm]r friendaai wall as myself (apposed that my earthly voyage would KNOWLTON BROTHKHS offer fdr tale flret class w>0 \ tem ^*^- Bat «f« *»&SS One *»* of »»*»• aioitgageion Jefftraon Oonnty Heal Ksute, in sum* 4reth'» Pills, I began to fefll better. tWBU slr% Whan °'rCS fb?StoawsDaasbefore j^x, !970 . Ih * dnied \J T?.I *\\\ ^'it \'*'?**? atconTeftlenceofpnrchaier. ^ * man-myweighthavtaggonefroml«ponfidsttpV» Watertown, Aug. SO, 1869. IBS ponndt. -I then ordered a e'Hpply, and betw»*n P av>sn wimimn>« ' tn *\t\ a6 undthapreaehtItaveietailad thro thoua- aa-aua BSLSVBKZIBBT, aA ^^^ M(a& 0 , ^^ 1^0,1,10 puu, *& „» a _ i A second hand Cylinder Paper Machine with two 9 mte eon that l have therebr bees taatramaatal ia flinders-tha iron work Of threeiBagEnglne* *o. 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