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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, July 29, 1852, Image 1

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The ttmnfcnrd.—A Sketch. •IIMIlM'^gCTMt^ifcMmaTpyifnypji .3~Ffti^i7T\S'*iK^fa.~ tnnjtcrcmcc, Gburatton, Cijcicc CUcrairtrr, the JarnU-rj <5:rr!?, is IWannin tl)c ftssecsTTicnt Ritli Cicrpsc £cuos, arttt tljt C&nttral Jfnos of tlje-JDas- VOL 2. WATERTOWN, THURSDAY, JULY 29, 1852, NO. 48. ;;.l...:;^:.! . feconip.i hc:i 1 .-l.i! pleHn;-. fn-.elr..ri frequently iudeb.- d 'IiT.ll hi i t aleu c \ \ From t!ii' vi-r VoUld tn l thu piu^.j-,..:. v;!h,-..;i .; . i,;,,. ,. I fifadually'butsur.'lyuidtliituuipla'i'iav:.I.. ... hold,until [ l„.,,. n to f.-cllhnlth,:v »..-.- 1^7-tor ,-ArrrY-Tnnr-TTT~ : QV.sii i:i ! <]ortrn. nf K- Lb •!'•!. hiUinif . terrible \ Will yo u please le t JUO hav e part of th e m o ey^\vHci^y«li^i.M^o^a-y^i(M«fSMvi«fc t4i i tt-|,i-i e ._i«itti^l,*,.i iW (]„ ! ,«„ f t y.. 0 f wood!\ nuked a poorly clad, sottish looking] recently given birth t. i ll.-r s.-c. m:m, of ,jiis employer.us he stood b y th e partly j time.-, expressed h<r I'.- ir» tii ,i J fi.iio'icd wood-pile, which he hu d been sawing . ' i n P the course I sh-ei'd ; ii it l v.- —ol'ien against, nn IIV. a onsen :. lus .Ucmorin-.-A l a Tim .- l lJ--!..r3p•^,we ,, . br. i -'-.ah- ctiriiiuii '\ i • ! t n i n >u / ':!...•.. . i .,' .[,1 , I -ie e it- 1-= ,i ti I .liu..^ -'-- .Oct.- mother.\ v in', i.ea'Yuin- W •' , l.' U .it- i • 'tih-'ihi i •- stid' • j!Ji.. i 1-1.!.' g'.rl, \ J ti .,-rtr..i.l.ii' • i.i-vWr. g- ^p\\ i srr.rl to. i;i Hi.- ' .niii-it. But the y sho w th,.t the sy .-,:,•,! .•i'-.'-.!'s of—what,in fjict,' tin-sjj'.s.'cm iM. • Ni. povv. • •ri-ti covt-ln'i^-pve»i.rw tb«--«iirt l f fvtim tinting M.ta tint -J'^WLT ol' iitrf—«.>iitit*wv^-iid'Utei*r-tvou 'L'-.'-I. I - !i .i cupdiuiiii! Ahiji.e.iin t v l,n!.iil.iiit..ai_fi •I-I t!. I,. ,iili|: in u,». t:ui •+. Ar It'.'Ui : Ai.d|-..lK.- 1W till' rilSP! br \l ni 1. irl ivi. - •• I would mther yo u would wait until your job U doJif,\ replied tlie geritleiuan thus a d dn'ssf •iii.'.: •!..• jU'.l. returned tin? wiih it—-do d. '• I would like it very mud mm in an urgent manner. \ I IViiryou wish to,procur e Ii.pio you not—William'! \ '• No sit\ wa s the reply, i n n hesitating tone \ VVi-U, hero it in, then; but William lut m e lie: of you no t t o spen d it t o gratify tha t deprav- ed anpetiti; o f yimrs . but take it home to you r wife and children, who ar e eve n now, suffering f..r th e wan t o f the comfort* which tha t mone v won Id purchase.\ \Poor man,\ exclaimed tin- jrenlluman, with a sigh, as the ma n engurly re - ceived the~money and hurrie d away; \ th e gin\ seller will undoubtedj y receive that, an d your wile and chil !ren be left to suffer on.\ Air. Dunham—for this was-the gentleman's name—had often employe d William to do hi s odd job s for him. Ho knew nothing of his past liUtory; but , however obscure the past, the pres- ent.wns plain enough . The ma n was a drunlt- nrd—almost a hopeless one—for persuasio n rind argument hod been use d o n him b y Mr. Dunham, in vain. He had drank so deep nnd so long , that lii-s earthly course seemed to increase with the decrease o f physical energy . On th e evening ofthedajj o n which th e above conversation transpjren', Mr. Punham was pasa- ing on business, through a by-part qf the cTty-~ lu t which, b y th e way , was not so much of any- place bu t tha t every tent h house was a grogger y —.when.ho hear d issuin g from a house o n th e opposite sido of th e street, over the door o f which w..s painted in bold characters,\Grocery Store, \ j :rri«co:iJiict. curses an d imprecations. Suddenly , a man wa s ; whe n i r;„'in • leave nif when I ehe-v! \ Tinv? years haij^l^'jd sine H!thi;-t.i J hul ( ...i 1 s'.r'et nttenti ness,'v!,i'. . i,. l no'sMT'i-.-li n t h . N'\v. 'io-.ve.er , I b< \ m y r.i mi \in ni • ie ,s: fi -in'to ' • n ni. Id hi 'M' I.t.ll- 11 f.,,,,1 bii->i!n •- An.l. i T\ W A i. i \ !]f'l'.V'\!l i: curti.i •i lie :« iii-'i.l % wr : em i ol' tr'i ; ••'•'• * i t i-'>n in . -nil m l I i-e'it ' Wi T!' Ti i !'•.•.-'•.•-: TO woriU ot ' ere I s-.w l-lt!: '1 . II '.'f i.oi HI' the An.! 1 t'-ii -if I tn\ i.•!t\ i . KIV.I • i ( Ar i I liniiik mini t.iu I'luunuu of 1 lu-url ui>; Uie hi.-- o:' ! 'i-nt-iou, I i'f t not t!,e pti:-'.ut.u- t..io.|i Ol' Slim ler, mid ,Mrm , mid Dive. >;i, :•.'u e-t uue-jtu'i. Nn iiwitl bid h-iS;-., ter.ti/e and e.iiil.'^H I w o my store, f',,r d|y s lo^mher, Ie in charge o f Iho-se who lnJt!i.-i.- <m:i i-teile. to snbxt rve a s v. ell .e- :uiric: A -, a eor-tc tjuune, icireel y eis'litee!-. ninntlij ha d p i^si d before I be com e deeply hit nival, my endit b.vi'uio imp.iir ed, nnd 1 wa s obliged to elosi- up , ju-jt nlmi could have don., th,. I.,..;, h'd I given uij i. J .ei.- lion, u s 1 shoul d have dune, t o bushier. Tin - unmanne d me,and i gave mysel f up entirely to dissipation. I lied energ y lor nothing, *:u e «-e- curing means to proeitre tha t uilh whioli I might drown in oblivii.n my seu-es , in order ll.it 1 might jiotexperioii v tho-,e i'ueling-i o f regret and remors e that were <\irf to visit me in m y hours. As a matter of cour-ie, my i'.nn'o\ soon reduce d to de-titntiuu nn d disti-e- were left lo depend entirel y on their o^-. eff.nis | for gubaUtanic. Fo r a l..n,' t'.ve.v • .joaih, Ii continue d in this ioirsc.and had fi:i II • becom e ' so besotted an d dejjr idod that 1 e u d cure employment sufficient to obLii , l ry means fo r feeding t'l u dreadful (la 'u t'i.. „ fast consumin g both body _and « ,,/ JJniorJ ^/liT^Sm ' these circumstances [ determine d t o rerao'.e to I this town, nn d fur-mod the, reso ' dio n t o re r on:i ' shoul d I'succecd in obtaining emp'oymenf . 1 j succeeded, fjrbeyoi'.I m y expectation, an d V. ' ; fair for a time, lo nuke up iu pr.rt for my p-i^t 1 But r,!.«! fu r humiri r. , '-.\>];t;io b.ir.iing Ihirst, i:i.htOL'Jbv ;!,, u s , i. An.lt'.|.s v.. ; ! , -l(; i-«r, ,: ' pei t ,-n a fill ! ed I,lid;, th.. t .i cr iii n d :. i If III], pel' l .'• • d I\ ]•.••. ' - t'le.jn .'.il.lo' s • , . 0\..t •'-. • i i . be r • '. ir-t. •.!••:•. ; ere it i-i I 1II r '. Hilt - '.-tl -J-^ftt-r - y -~rt\-'i-t^t J >*i-i e l.hllf.1 VVi!'l .- dtN.b -vi t I I'lile I •I'll at t i lltls-J'eT i. .^fl*td.-luUL ., ! ,U--'...i.,l ••l.d..!l.'.l!l i -t liloU'et te-t flee, I- beliufd* bi-- siilV.riiio his groiming-i. Oo d alone t.Xe'-- f f.i9A~roii£i,\iifRiT HiiTThii mere'l (>, i.t Ml F..I ••*T*7Tn~ »'<vU ;n h t g' r,- th n -fie -J 'i -;iti , •-• . - . J A , i'! 1 o n • ' e \ !• . t , , . • . I.T iii lieuteu, Hie prior creature kiiom ~ ; i\hrrwre-tc-h th-nt-rtries4viiti- 4s4ii-i «fttt I jie only knows to qt'uii! bt-m 1 :t!i the -, •,-, .--eoliini . It i s v;:in to ,-{'.evi'i, ,t i ; _' > trf.tli in relatinr. to the •>••<' •-rof A Sbe, .--v. th '.t -o,\--*eni '.'.'rh o' .- i . „ ir: :•: th,- -, 1 ,. r-,\ h\, '. '..o^-.. : ; | ,.•!,,.; -n-1 ; , , h,, JJ. . \ !'> S S id f I '' . b r,,1 (J.„- who eoibebeve Unit, win t HI-t (o- i .-. n , ' i n .\oil!\ t'lrev-jr. '• '• im-t i n-i\ tln'.t.'i'Mne under lrvoie \ r .•.-n :.n cntirelv dilfereot i-nar.ieter Uu' o-s^ nTeelHio. A till, proudi'v-t\/ni:ed 'Mti.'ii: Ahie.in, ijad been torn irony be .'.1 bi'o.i -ht iv.nisi ii le water. TlieV to!, <\f»t n'.es, and, often astomea that-plxet)jrtthe.sOTil Mi.ieli beloi.eri to God only. - 'fli \ eN^kln 4:1 eat. what eat). bc.dQJl.o3 Vifb9b • in ue il 1'. W^;. h .i e tlie.nower—wher e tl^ •mr-7-w, rbereit tin 1 mpnTtfibi'lity.''}). We can ho p il ir.iril lvi.«. if w e u«e it.- ••2.otV'e'fill, rii V t on! of ou r f-mi.ieA. if iWed thuru. 3 : 'Weeitl n-i upon the. ('hireli. and purify--thetKineltinry 1 \\\ e can' m-' upon ih e school* ajid towrj> Livh .'.qe uic- uniiie.: i... Wi'-C'DUL-fiJlDJ 1 lUjdjvidoal I .uiliiioieo in WIUM to o numerou s t o MDI'IUV. . „ „, . , „. 0 , ' M freover, th-- one Of \lVb :eco i l a »*M etO «fa^ * honi M Eet-d en d bdvatd Cletttents, I I'l'L'UVt reell W •'•J' ! lHe o f res Hi Me.e'o - to 1 1 • tii'-H. nnd e; e o ir:ige,and su s lien other* in ibiing ttn> H-inie. We can writi i\ ti .-.' 1 .iuite 'I'f .,.•'>•— w e em address publii 1 iii. s , wee HI liinn jiuuetie.i if tho ight best ve <: ; ! bri', ^ ihe i-i ieeee. intellf-t mil prineiph uv! i of (Mi i-t t o bear d evn on thi- vith th e lih'sidnir o f God.frente a n i n 11 d public lei e ,*d I 'ii i.l'9 i l oil ood to main . 1.1 ::ie sii.it 1 u.li J I' .1 ..il lb, 1 ^ were •i, nail \n t 1 wnlke.l rni d vine., vei-e 1 b.^-'.i' Al 1 nourd die melt. UiiiH .-i:vb', '1 no liiesinerie.' inelo-linUH *tr;tiu O* I.1111,11.11/.lilus kiK.hu 1.10 a.m-en, A '; o 0--.IH1 t'i Ao 1 I i m i l,ii.< •-.-< •nun.' f\ ,1,!^ 1., An i he jov-t ,r the r.n-toiiK-.! i.--;- I weeac'aeiillel t::e other In- 'lie r.'f ^ tain,. .1-1. inn \ -eeret 1 I'yi.i.-a iul p:o- necf-s.- , A.-; 1 wlicn tiio 7\ Coctv hriirht «• And flowed in «•:• b<' III lilt- H'O -\ I \ l iho iiKiruiiit,' fliu's w i'..-i^ heair n'» wak'o'c l.i-a n, ' 1 a'. '. 0 ' .'.vn;i rr !i;-irivin£r-pieaiti. 1 knew iimi my'dream was u waniinp, A::'. i pruje; ; , my Maker ni, ie.-... C; e .::. t J'OpiV'e 11.0 1'jr jeu:!.; In li«avo-. •' of: -u '» t.t' -j.- ;,ei.,:. Trtfti! v*-n. X . Y . ' ( ; 'il ' Ihnu-. Old p t\ ,\ . '• . opt' for 'iiiiio',.|i!i. •* , !' ei , •••• ' •:: :i n--.|. an y -it I - - M ' e.t •• • • •:. ino'.lnr wear on u.'.ru'i'.'id b\ hern j o n her !-: '.••.. e .t.-'i t ' e uu .1 the ••rule '•••.• o:vi, -;i rii pp ir-ntly i\g I-- '-I •. i'h Ie •i'\'t iiiom«ii1 ih • ;• ip.ni..' t e iiiSfht. Fo r all Ihei e liuHes. . ntiou«ly porhA.ne nnd ill -ileiiee. •ast she '.- nt , •-, : n , oi \.\i-ie'esa slrngjlt—'•!! t.,.i to va'u e the d lieiteha'id f • ig.irotiiui (h e tl.oiiuui sp r '1 .| p ness ! But—what, if t'i- li-d: !' .'. •nmbor, H! e utlei'y f ; \ \V J-..-- but in n . ii\' \ \V • .t f •• ty nsrl'orinnd we-n imr -'iibi i . . ! eolhed? \.'ua ! -i t ie |e r , •' v ( .i,-i : , ... if?!\- irl ' o f M vi... . r -e,-t- ••'•-. I'.-.S.. I'.:'. IV.fnrr Whi! <f i ; ' ? ' •'••• ..'e'a stotrnv :iea Wtibnvit 1 *•: . . .. t'i G..U fo.btd tuerc b e ni I * t tin 1 • \ ' • of e .'!,l e\h:ll- l rheps. ao, uuloolii. set .-,! J. I-.in ' 1'ia siiob n u : sir DO',' \ ' 1 \i':id he.jti e chief in his ow n court-*.', a-ic u-t'iif.etl t o reeeiie.-ill alteutioiis an d ht.rioi! li e Kill bore tliu ' marks o f tin iiis face. Hi.s manne r Was get lb- n.- s U'inb'o lo ciolVt:'\.-e \i. l ,(' He 1 •v.l. end ______ !i kli.il aid publi c eon-cieiiee wl.ich will bin sb liii-i impur e rieiiion Irnm theehnrehandstut. I a m feours. & e , 'with muc h Christian esteem. I f but with :• hind ill n lilt- •. I'll I. V-. ''op 'a t l'l ' •.iti f t '.\\ 1,'s ea r h\ - dniies . f .i'liful y an d eie . . 1 moi'ifr** row ird is i iVoil ll'.ll, o- W ilt p e.llt h In ' of e 1 11' Illi ' i f ll <•',' ti e 11 (•. • ' - l b.-is ki- los, o f h t m eiilir sdonifst i I'l'ol' e s upeil lie I t if v.!'- !,\ .1 110. 1 •eo-.-d-rh-nhi j ''•d, ; ud Metro, d- | oil 1 be lei ] . on.pt 7 -\A1i I : ' ' '.,, to 'isp. \ O.'.i I 1 r 'r eh'!.'! e n ,.. ; •r. o'- emu\i ISJ. t o JIV Ml. '. .not\erti' rib.- He 1 ',- .: il tlli.d. ' ,.'. i\ie oho,it bun 1 e i»iint ly. anil Wi.s t'-.-it\d tvith tendt-rne-'s He , pi.il h.-itl In-eii brtikeii by hi s suH'eriii<rs nudhi 1 1.is as ijui.-t a s a child. I iuipnred if lie wa> , .1 v .•!• 1 Iul-. wan tflj i n reply, \Alwiys. ejecjt \ .•':«•.-: 'o- t'i .._ './ ,; f i'ii.i nv.vu', r:n7 t'ril mad • ''i.: : TO;'-. Alle's- h id pcMicd, pi-id •. an d strengt h I aid hope ; bu t the undying e.rl'ect'nms o f fie . bn j .1:1:1 heart h id out lived all, an d w ere thndibiil. I 1 1 !>ix b.'ioin still, hove is stronger tha n dealh i I KIIUKI beside him ill thegirden one da y us lu- | o'i.-tl th e spade, talking/ the while t o himself in I I.A own slraiigedi.di'et, the tongue o f his uj.iil.1- j 'ondniu l hi* Imtne. and tried t o g o back with I urn in tin igiuation to the spot wheie Ife had I Ie trued it. •Tucrebeiienth th e \livin g fa-sliness\ j of f.iriK' one of At'rie's\ s.Veet fountains,\ under- I 't-a!h tie foliage of sorue one o f it s gree n an d IV iiri-mt groves, Itjid stoo d his cottage, his home. ! I'IIITC. \c princi»«(Sf\iR his tribe,\lui ha d rccji- ee \1 the'r ho'i'ge. There, as th e mild shade s 01 1 it •vpir' i-L.tit'd Uu? dav , he ha d fordl y passed 1 he 1 •,!• i-s irh'i his wife imd bin children around. • '.. >T.V, torn n-oni thciu b y ruthles s Itarrds.' n-in r'letd of sirangors,hows idly an d tender- ' v mi 'i t li.s tlinnghts g o back ; how tenful'\ t n In sTtcn\'\fAakc lite p ntt. Well migh t h e ] -. .. .1 vwdi m ; 'dit iic ni\.ia for fr'\»i r m 'i': ^ ri- ot Alcoholic beicigi-s, i s wagin g war rg i it. Tho rest you know . At a fi.i.d result I here, and my wifei.nd cbiWrea in the u'.'u-'it'' Ititjliun . Oh tiodlmiisl tlu, c o t ; :;i;o tj :,..' ; for m y misdeeds I no joy , fi r tho fi 1 th e wH'tche.-i v Is tliere no !iop>,no p--u- y olti i ' po_: J-mi 1 r..'iJV cj-i : : ••: i iit'.jp ' - . piie'n'd headforemos t out of th e door, comin g in contact, a s lie fell, with th e hard sidu-walk, an d 110 door wa s the n slammed together . He la y there apparently insensible. Sir. Dunham pass- ed ofer t o wher e h o lay, an d to his aaluuisbuient recognized him a s Willia m Morrison , th e wood- siwyer. The blood flowing profiusoly from a de, p cut on his temple, ajid als o from his mouth , j lib- grief'. c.iotcll by th o foreing-outof two o r three of hi s I \Vij iie t!:i'i\ W'f- ih.r» i . '• f.o it teeth. M r Duahaui called l o a man who 1 Mr . Dauhaai. was pissin g on tho opposit e side of th o street. | ' Nn. no,no t fo r m_—'.ocsV.t. and with his assistance convoyed th o wounded I \ Tor the sake of year wi: _ 2 tn in t o hi s home. Mr. Dunham imiuodiately dea-' vo n not t.nako the eftbrt' ' A patched a message fora pliysiciau, audafter giv-1 broke n only by t-obs. ing th e wtfaasmalUumof mone y to meetprcs- \ I will IeaveyuutoyoarTofiactioris Wdii-.m, \ em necessities ho departed , promisingto call th o said Mr . Dunham, us he iui U t o depr., '-.'•..d m ' xt & : 'y- ~\ : may the y lead you i n L':e» rig'.it path. \ Agreeable t o hi« promise ha went ove r toMor-' The next day ho calico} upon the invalid tgi\v, ris'it'it o n th o following day . _ HQ faun d him, ind found K>.» t. . . ui s w <•„.>,•, .luim g wnu-n , in- raved almost fnccsssntly about hi i past conduct. his nbusc ofliiif.nt.lv , th e helplessnes s o f h •- Wa i Wt..) Ill 10 !.. S Ifrarnf-arn a Bkcttljcg for tlje (gome Circle. A Chapter fo r Young Ilusbunds. other da y with a valnc.l fr jiili n All Xtom 01 Two of \ 2,jci.'rntu)s.\ dnsr th e I beoii u • o m h e ••lid ! a g-ood lesson bv •lie t o (T|* I f' 0 \. 1' ' l ; :i!en : .l.iligh l o ng met, •d fi ,t i:a) h ease, an d the dreadfu l thirst tonne nto. by wh'.ch lobtered u p in bed—with hi s hosd boun d up— looking decidedly ill. As Mr. Dunham entered . Morri«on 1 lid his face in his hand s and did no t re - turn lib adulation. Mr . Dunhair. tooka stool— ' tormented . Mr . Du\h:i„ ; ivrr.t t o k U bjd- the.od y pnrtalilo seat in th e roon.—tt''d seated an d sp<.ki» kindly t o him . Ho lo ikcl up , liiuitclf by th o bed-id e o f th o poor man, an d in-' oves rolling; wildly in tl.eir nockutsuil t!; j '.s q ' rt-d kindly of him in rogard to his hcr.'.th.— ' ish ?:±»: m ui'.ling JiiTiisun groaned audibly, but uttered cot a \ Wl;o ar e you «• i-d for some time. At length ho exclaimed. I am undescrvin; 11 ii Ie tho tears course d their way dovi_ his care- IVurii cheek s : '• I wa s not alway s th e poor boaotl- d wrutch. vmi sue m e now , Mr. Duahaui. Once I ha d a s w_ s icie. •.'or- nw'. On .'ad. t oi bngn t prospects before m e nsun y onccould^isk ; but nl is! how have the y been blighted! H° vv Ii ve th e fondly cherished hopos o f tn y yout h been scattered to th e winds , by the witherin g 3 t.'M't . he cii'lai'nuii. \ ieivo of kindness. 0 1 G jd ! God! tny wife, my eiiiidreii, rm.ioii : degv impoverished, btaning! ye s STAKVINJ ; th. tho word ! O h horror! starving! t.t.ir.ii'gi\ \Calm voiirself, tny frier.e,\ slid Daub uii.-r- \your wire and 1hildxe.11 shall not aujler, rest a s sured.\ And wh y not! I've r-pen; r.l—for nun! ye i for HTM! I he.ir.l tho !:. it piece i-V coin I. po-.- thing influence of BUM! Yes , RUM has done i sessed on earth , rin g in ther uni-ueller's lid , ai si- it. ...... , .. .... . _ . . fir-t lesson in sipping the poisonous beverage.—' an d he smiled a s he received it ; but I reeded Of my past history, I belicvo, yo u know nothing. J him not , fo r I knew i t was a deceitful smhV.nnd VV,,„ld t o God i t were as effectually blotte d | my thirs t wa s culling loudly fo r th e pnlatiMi, fi om my memor y ! But i t cannot be . for i t is ' which that, niy last coin , whic h was t o leave in} p.. 1 rayed thero with a terrible distinctness. I n ' wife an d children to starve, ha d procure d ! Oil , tnv moments of reflection, th o sins o f m y past. tha t raging thirst, it is oven no w eonm.ning me' liie array themselve s before mo with such truth-i Oh God! Oh God!\ an d he sank b.u'U upon Ir s fulness tha t I shudder at, th e sight\ , P'Uow, from which he ha d partially arisen, ex - ' hausted, an d covered his face with his h n Is — ' Mr. Dunham, now took his departure, pr. mining 1 week or two b v s-cl:nes> ' • 1 mat a husb.ir.ct inigut ! t-;ng confined occanun. ' ' : r~ in Ids wa y iiiiip.nr. ' ty.! WiPiesoog !l: • -, re* ri. '1 neve r endin g . ^ ol hi s v, ,fo, who-..- I.uideu i.ml duties and - I 'ui ' - - i • 10 ; . •' ' -v r |i VJ otherwis o j ei g r a: t!.-.' in ;..!i tjiought .\'1 -' e.''pr,-I I. \ M;-TI, esp e arc c.tllod -b e thei r business ; w. •• f. • 1 :. •••.-.a, rcturn- J:S to,.' meals, nn d as thov .n \t o 1 • ' m viy t'u ,• -j:;- ,..-.-.t,i 0 of duty, fie,- !., gir, toifcink that it, ts tlicir ow n h,:i.. pm - form dri'lgerv, an d t o b e exere ; s:-d w'th a' l th e ve.g'.t 01 e t o an' re'p-jti.i-'luiiiy. Cat vi.i 1. •r.an h s go t n ve. y f.M'i; \ e.v o f th • case; h e ie di .i.t optjortu, .ly K>: Lnor.i exlooi!— i obsjr- .•T. on . nnd i l i< jx-.'. .• •; i'.r In's'..:,' r<-.-.so'.\ ti.. - . to ma y learn m /win t\ but ho ii-oul.i f.til to ob - •o rvu iu lie dt 1. Tiii\ f..cl is , tneu niton lose tln-ii ;.'. rests : . t:i, ir 1 oin-.s bv ; . -.r .u-gve t to i.:a!;e ;'A'- b -r..-s i.'.tar.\.t':ig ..-d |. et'.i.:. Jl sV,t:, J 101 .-r iia f.irgntten th.:*. th e v.- ; !'e l.-.s iior rig-it* — us sacred art r ni irr! ,g e «s lc\'.\\e—-nid n (;»cj 1 i.inbu.i'a d'-vtituui to tin; wilt, afier mirrl'g '• ill c 1 u-ode t 1 he r quite as iii.it h MtulltiOa a » ii-'. g \.u.iry d: l while .-. i-.vvi. If i t i i olhur- vtso, h e mo- t generally is a t f. .'It. Take -ifeivex uii|)l,«». ligliire mirriigea vnnnc : nan v, .in d fuel sonic udiic n-y .ibnut .icivptiug n in\iiiiti.iii t u eoi.ipi.iy wnv.-j his' lauy I ihi . id itt.; u-tn iuvitcj . Aht-r inani 'g o .shoal- .vayj rsptrrieul r' D.:r,- g t!i.- d u \s of en-.-.rt. 'bin b'.s ga' l nitry wo'.:l ' ,j L . : ,i:n.j that ho nh-uil '. •1 d(e linn- ulf agreeable'lo'hur; after m irriiifre 't no t un'ru.-uoHlly h .pp-ns tost inirric d uiuri. Her fa.ing \i-en aw.y Iron home the I'Ve-hmg I :v, du.-i ig tvhi-li tile w.f j 1 -..• t idtd .it her il,i -e— ¥.'•> 'i'i 1 a' ' veni'igl o \I'ti- p : tee of a nitN\ uieiit an d Ie tvj he r t o toil in alone , unclieered nd unhappy. How olt\ii it happens Hint tier M asr s. TZo'.T\ -.' tiii.ee , ar» arli, !e ,:•. e. piid fioui .1 Nu.v l in ,!e! tin t the e I'ntTl'sClVn,'' the: lira . | ,-r(: c -rl 1 .'•- J ur.it ! if O-vt-n-.-f— ] i, .. r ieo it i\..s in- of - 1 ar't y g'Ven in '• Un : -', ,-• aat'.t lit it-, enulti only huvo been produced by gleamin g th e droit- | c on o to my I records i.f '.il.iury f.,r a '\.1 r •eiiei of venrs ' f. r 1 ;: .;.it mrti ;.-tv-» •m-'i-Heidt- 1 i or too tl a t k-uac J iVid. \ .•y-r.fiiihe ,ong, .ens dir, \Ve.-j s hy t!io cocoa troe, Andui > yudug children Uavo li.uir p^ay,, And rtik in vitiu for inc.\ A s I stood lieroguingiivsiloncc o n hini.stifb =sv thoughts thrnngtnrr my mind, th e to-irs evos as 1 reflected tha t h e must di e r y from all ho loved ; Unit\ b y th e coen-i IxU wiijavouleLwait forhimiaA-idn—ami , ebs.i\,'.;.oii duiing r 1 n'.itl'er 1 Slat y, n » ! n- t\ 1, u-h.r c th e sy.-tem bv n o means it s ivors. I Hitler m y 1 .\' 1 }• ••.* I brirf 8ta;' i:i one t f !' I te r o r tuo sineu ; n t- : is sr.id t o dUplay i:se! aspjcts . I wa s on a huntin g evp.-.'i ion,and about thir- v mile s from Ihe n. u n. Toe ••r.u.cho'* wheri I stoppe d win on th o huic'v \\f^v.V of a gloom y stream, in the heavily tiinS. red l.ot'o'n surroun- de d b y live oaks an d towering cotton wood-* heavily droned ft ith the darkly Uoiing moss,nn d n'iles Vrom'ntiy ot'ier l.uir.andwcl'i'ig. Tin pro- o-ietirof the estab'-ishra't'-.tl wr.sa bi_wny.eo..rie •I'UtiNmntl. from v-'-nsf sepl every n.l.le nr.d i •...n^.,.i,.-.f.i..liiiir. if-Buiilijyjd-eyCLltiUstvd till >eumed to Jiaro boeu, obiilerateQ through me nombinetl litBiilgen'i 0 o f pi»«i\.i nurl sppetite: ; his \rceitsfbtiied bevtr.-.go\ w;-3 wh'-iky, i'n d I oiths o f his v%mnei!l ir. fi a v.-is thi- owner o i four nlavuit, oniftof them a witnu-n. During the i t'..\ej day» 1 spcntsUiere, I hoar d no t a merry 1 laugh, I »n. i.o siroii.o x g'lcasi of hippine»» or h\pj on - In e e-'ttntf . liees o f th'iwe pn -r erea- i Uir.-s. but onach •nge'e-.-M lolik of snlliin, b'mk j ,losna ; r . The only re' g 1 they appenred to kun« wa.s ti-.g reign 1 f terror. .Been the little uhil.l I :'i..t crept Kile.nt'y v,\i n f tljuir ediin mid about j tb e e ird see .'. • 1 - - • t.,• . Ivu le rued liiet Short , •'-.-.;•. suc h a thii'2 i \ t'-e v • ^l t o w'.'uh I 0 ha d \ been doomed, u s b y. OlK'T-jiog t'i it th e po, e I tv.iui m »vus sc .roolv .b'.e t•> nfoye nbnill, wo i n ;. i.^.l th'ii reason a. a i.te.i.d i!fft Idlowing r e l-lt that the ri ,y U-ior-. s e '• (i acefdeiit .1!.. hro'to-i the Bpoiit of 11 it :: :i '..• -'ti'ttl.-.and f.o mis. hid beoticrn.-l'v be'ten. - Sh e won't bro .1: utolnur, though.' said th \ monste r to whose tender mercies Go d i'i d tn\»!ur \ii*!y enitrusteil Ulf '.wary with watching,\ finally sink down n like despair. W'hst would I no t have given could 1 hav e '..-.ken hi m bac k to ho r Onca more , and one. 1 -.iln have gaiherc d his children about hiin •'•' 'hadu.irof his own beautiful homo! Theywil ineota^ain nt the birof God,nnd He who M'- t. t h there will deal wit h them in merey^—T/. c (.V. Y.) Indcvendenl. u.u<i iDjnrloin TcmSenaiai. -' 1)1.1-, b'S d.'Sol ile , re.it ,ire, ' : .r 1 goe he r tin d Tnow curs e th e da y on which 1 took m y , now they must starve! Yes. I gav e it t o him— kindest oltices pass untib-erved .11'id unrewarded | 'T^^, '^^ vvan a'worn In, 'lif ^i Clfvl/fmn * - - * \ ....i.t , , ati m liviiKinile.nihl he r b-St en >rts.ire condemn-I t , r \i. ...1 by ih e fault-finding hnibtnd. How of'.j , it I ^ ^ Rat by th(j ^ fia , . , thp cvpnin ^' 01)t 1, ippens.evi»n w,i..„ di e ei-enng is <pe it -it home . | ; irw , , ,,,, „„ „ f ;1 , . ;aj t , , t Uui |. lti .| y wea fai •si t 0 I T drie. A 1 ofd Th ? following facts and statistics, shoul d prove •'nto t !y intero.s'tiug, but productive c f gond t•• •. LlaeJosodjit.caactaiUiuXiiuJjijuldki^^ lufiiisii uf th e filthy wood. Tn Ihe. General Cnnfereaci rf ihe M<*tkodtsL Epis- copzl Ckurck, assetnbledrin, BQSUM: CHBISIUS BHXTlHtErt:—Pormlt an, n f.'-tlow 'al.orer in th o vuioynrdf-to-nddrpss yon- in tin- tV-we-t, words I ca n jiointn md, o n a' tii«m r t o Ah'eh t h iVe duvottid*^ii?i«ideriible attention; 1 -. ter to'fnbicro. its tised^ in fashifttiablu tbrm - •u-ro a r d all over ou r land. 1 b.-Hcvo this subject his sp\cfal ehimi on vour t-nniidvr.ittiiu, :ut a Inrrgp, iiiflsionti.il , relig :•.,!« 1-.gin 12 ition. fornii'd for th e purpose of *.i- i ig t . • minis n f tuun, which I liuie nut n don' n •'l'lii. i-cntie isd-strnyiug o n n hrn.\d-.rd fearful «C-I!M. I slvt'l present a rnertmirtline <>f tn.nigbl \ hc'i I should b o g ! id to fill up . i f th e lb nib .• .old a low me Rpu'e , which I am aware it can- ,.e d<i n'. lids juncture. !tespee!i'ieil» CSlicition, Commerce, Cos/, w e rd 1 ,' on itt-ltistles of M'Mfrsgar, and on th e r e pol l of thu Secretary of t^o Treasury, fo r ti n ye r 135!. 1V0 export Tob'ceo l o 2 2 nation s rrr provin- ces of the cirth : w e import i t from 21. The GEO. TIU.SK . 1 Insauity <>f Farmeis. ' The !:;fe Amu:-! U- ;u\ t nf th e NViv Yorl 1 State l.u.T'Hc '\«\ hjm memi'in.s lea' a large pr o j pin lion o f th e inmates urn tnrmem. The flam. ' '.e t is no'. t\-d in ioi 'iit-T reports, nn d we remciu ' her 1.. h.i.e seen sini.: ir stateihjCnta from othe •pi rteis. There, i- s,infilling niiipterious a m ; op.\.s.-n to onri.rrtin '•,'tliinkiiig in this stilt? 0 I thiogs.nn d several lending journal*hav e endenv oi'ed to aecontit for thu fot-t. The Phlhtdelphi Biillilin sutrct'sts a s a sololio 1 th e eonipu'utive Ivs'-elnded life o f s o uianvuf ou r farmers. Thj I farmer need not necessarily bo a hermit, but fre-' 1 ijiienily they beeome, grndnnlly, eremites, neg - 1 leitin g t o vinii their neighbors, 'hinkin g o f their 1 ert.|>s etir.linu. ly, an d brooding, perhaps, ovet , ini.'giu'iiy losses. Ma n i s a gregariou s aniithil ml re.pi.rcst o have his social feelings gratified I If thpiiveii of this pleasure, he beenmcS moros e j or ee.i'titric. 'i'hjs ma y be verilied b y nriy.per- -on ct.nwrs.int with rnral districts, for it i s i r , siicb places I list what are called \ odd characters\ ' .re generally found Now eccentricity i s bill 1 on e remove from insanity, an d often terminate . in it. If ihis view of th e case is correct, th e life of l i futHH'V, how-trrrr;enmtucivo to physiea' he-ill!:, i» i.oi the most favor.,blu for the.harmo nioos play o f ihe inUllcctiiiil and moral qualities. There is an in-tim-t i n human nature , whic h deel ires, even in th e rudes t minds, this grea' truth o f th e necehsity o f companionship fo r 1 prupir. developmen t «.| th o man . Everybody •13 is well kii\' . n, shrinks from a reserved, sullen moros e perron • TaVery bod y i t pleased will • frank nnd sociable manners. Thus the great law of Nature, ape .king in tm: common honrt o f hu- minity.pioci.iiiiis Hint ma n was orenied t o b o thi ciiipviioi: o f HI. t'ellov,a. And thus, in casu ol the violated !.•\.•.• N'-.turc .-.vpngcs^herself. What, then,shall be Ih e remedy for th e evil ii ipiesTtr.Tit- F.11 inei -, cannot ^rljoy--peysol^^ll4lltc4•.- eutir.se with tlu-ir fllows t o t tie exten t realized in cities np d t.i'.vnsUy other class.-s and pursuit s Uu t ihey'e.'.u hold cumin union with othe} and va. rions udnds by moans o f good books ana pipers an d by an relive public spirited int«refit in tht welfare of ll,« ueuliborhoci, state an d countn to w .ifh t h y beling, they t.nn b o draw n ou- p '-orn tii .t :••! ,r.,';eii b .1.11 s over their own a f t.drs t o w!.;c!i they have bcc.i pre.-ia. Let then tn-thcexp-'r 'iic.'t. andsu- oee.i themselves v/'.tl orpl.- supplies o f men'-d aiiraeiit, and, get theii hearts vu,nn v.ith inter, su l.uynnd thems»lve» - I '.'-.. 1 •- -,.,: ,- '< '. i v.'..!tl upidibriutn an d e n invm.'-' -vhkh ••• Id g1iar.11 ,tee ih o health o f th e It wooJTirtMJjfjpBqiill jf^coanceivi' uiuji'|^«nuT r > j could have deiiverei-iip t o us within tW'O* da; » ' all the guilty parties and a portiiimxififtfiepiSo'ltii articles, if he himaeif-hnd.ordered ithes^plhf'. I havealj the'erinrinafs on bourd,-ond\e*jil^i6lo take then to the UtfiteoTaState*.; No«la!r«)|d| • u s to tr-y and condemn tifera ^th«y-i%itifarisb(»- blv losenothinjf..by waitinjf.' - t. .w.-i£»>i rtfeS In crder to avoid jrll th« repflrt* wliicjr.ttj^*'. fair might giv e rise! to. o n nhouniWivalisiiiRitlio American vessel a t Zanzibar v I (iommpnlcniettti J tacts to yo u ot once , so. -that; ytm mnfi ita*0% -i| hink i t expedient . Inform the Con«al,<Jit?titli»«l*. || ted Statia (.iftheclroumatnnce.. ' •• •' h«; ar& lo „.I:::...;- ^^^ •'-?}'•? ' -Bttni Bii* Mttirdcr.' •\ •' - :'' 1 T^lE PtEA^TES. E'EEO AND CLEMSMTSV \ Wo publish th o following letter of wiir '.S»If - nil at St Thomi s ' tsi-ind, ttV sl^oW thi>-eoi]* - Hieneeso f the Spirit, fi. .tions oh board',rtWft val ships. Why Congress does niitabolfsf'jii. * iy,s!em,it.ia.diffic\ilt t o answer, when nttM'iii ' nit s-uch horribl e ite.sults How fro m it*. -'-S.*>'i ; r &BTyirSi-R-5-»The-t5iH- tif -Hie-Hv-o -iiWoiifciWa^ e'cmire'i.'nnd the'imd i f^\> recetrtly-exeentvd a t Ricdjtm.nm^r.I mi.-.!, i' ,n:etakoa's<x'i:h-4w/l or piracy «nd'imirn-r, very iVi.eltiwftyl .,.,.1 „ ,r„„., diow s th e djvadful effects o t tnteuiperfim'e-i— •§ •'nitn th e tact s i n t(fy possi'ssi'mij I r iijn'1 - Y\Ty2|(rti'«S ,-ineed that they wer e instigntt'd !> trt j-rirhfflSf^hcM Ireinifnl dee d while utider -flier* 1 fluttS/W fhel levil alcohol. It wiis tlyyirinienli^it tr) kj ^'HfieM •.aptaiti, mate, cook , an d pn.i^mger , to'tailcci-tpo3 .•e.-sel somewhere o n th e SpinMi, Mititt;, seATthjtl ; er, nnd,- 1 fts they supposw l the effpfcarr-lff'3 'alia he innney for Irise.'irgo sold atTriHiih.d , toti.'R^ lint an d go to Ca'ifurnin. Oi l trie llrst eveniSga Iter sniling from Trinidad , they s'neet.'ed's'd 'ium tillin? th e mute nn d passenger,, atid ,sefv%?'yf Kiunded'theeaptniii, when (he y •ntremm'fp.Tlil cuttle th e schooner , and nfrerwatds iniide'-(lleij, •scape in th e bout. Some few d'.yia srtiePfbJisi nehinclioly occurrence , th e VesseJ WasbttSi'Mtti uto St . Thomas b y a fishormluf, w'lio kftciB'dSJ .or IVom shipwreck . When''! tt'^rilri'd'oii^iftVilMia H^be presente d a painfully :i);nidzinaf sce'm- ;''tha W •iptu'm was'Jj-in g y n Insb..ck In.trie' ^bfif.flp-i •nrently in th\ agonie s of death, (Voiri t,!iii i-Qetta S .f a pi»ln|.-shot in his throat . After ieiuiii\ibpijio m mrtft'ulitra of the tnurderiT issln dlV'jirjiicJjiiiyi- '% ion, offering a reward', tiir th e •oftenne.iy,,>vf.o .vert,- taken shortly afteava,rdirffu;,f-I,:gii/'yf», on the Spanis h Main. Thii ffigi.to lt:in^| n (jbd donp-of-ws r Germantown liitvinsr 'tiei'i.tSi Jets 3t, Thorn; s fo r St. John, Porto RieV)Xf«fB|s- •ed Commodore Parker to desywteh, rite GetnKui- lown t e Lagiiiyrd fcf.er th e o \c u\c s, wVelf ivis promptly dune; and after a deiiy' .«1?* ^i.jii^is veelta, with a good deaf of trouble , fhejgtiyemj. •nent of Venezuela delivered th e 'men tip,'tujdtife Jnitcd States Consul, who had tl|pli) jil.u^d^nn hoard th e Germnntown. Tlie y vvem hiierjvatds iransforred to the United States steamer ISSn; md sent t o Norfolk, an d thene.q Vp.RMi|Sd, wher e they were tried, r.n'd' se^ntene'ed &M^os- TgQte»rm-i\iiT3-^tst of Jaiiilaly^go^^^l^n^ .-ear from tlie time'they eouiirtfit(vd tji'iA./qjimur. \ stay o f procoeditrgs wiiR^raiVted'lti.ljiw&Me, itid tliey were not t-xeeiiRd uhtil'^23'|, «.f Vpril last. These two men lVt w j^jqntJKdl • rom th e Unitt'd States Blobp-of-^yVr'^ariiloea at Morfollt. (her voyage being th^gif ; ilp^a'j||.whi| e m bo.ird, with othors . had been servedjif^li'llhe wi'n't rations. Shortly-attVr'tT(jjf\_'d^e5tJrge tliey shipped o n bonrd th e 'Amor.ijitVV- schttoWr , I. U. Mnnsny, n t Elizabetfi '&$% ^i'f'Sfbe West Indies. Nothihjr PftrtTcU^rdWrtt-jd^nntil the vessel arrived n t Trinid\nJl V.l ^nuijr- rlero Ree d an d Clements yveniVp'na.^ujje^i^q^as the sailors ter m it, got orftt spree , il|fd.jMJseg lo -tsstrst-itr-dischiirglflg-t-htt ^^sefe-Tj^iteAeTOfi e ptence s o f that spre e were , two t yanVin t& o iriiiio o f life murdei'ad in cilrj ^I^P^'AV^II 1 moment's warning; the Very n.'mo^e's^mujif h e captain, cook , and vessel; pdftyfofi&MQy- ed States government lit an V^Mise a <\ifatpij,t 'er; thousand doflnri,,.and the 'offeii^^f.ajlrang *.m igsominion8 death o n the' gidlbv\'s.T*nM<ist ruly said \- -•---•-- - ---' *i. i -^.-«-?^^. ransgresso r Jcotia as Umtea states V'«t' s ttl. fJ4djitV|pfeKjy ifgfhil residenc e at St. ThoniuW. nuryjeiilbMo lumerons difflettltieit vvhich f nave, wSJjffijd pon t o settle between iniistets.fln^s^ilggi. itftir- •*l The Firattci, o.i[nii •• of Schooner Queen of the West * j We j}iw already n 't'Ced tho-ciptnre o f th i I schoone r Qieeu o f Ute Weatt, o f Darinoajj. I tl::»i.,an l th e in istier e of her entire crew , h i I- 1 g'togt>f s f?irtoi3i> hrt : 'fer'i,''*ntl tffb ointerrt cOliS i u f MuiigiflOir. rh.>Q,i''oft o f th e VVost snih i j ironi \os Ba h il) Njivemhuf hist, nnd Was in p j r nut of tortoise shell, a fmy leagues Irom Cu p ! Ai.iber, when sh e w s captured, pillaged on ! burnt, mi I alt h- r ew' iiiurjared. TlieNu^ Uoritnrl M ' ivui'V e mtiins Ih e p-jrticiihvrsnf't-ht •will. 111, (Id lion t o ivluft ha s been before pub • oshetl. They .u said lobe dtirit, d from a re ...vt • \M-i-ss-.'-d t o M. S do Dilngry, t'rinehCon , nl i.t Z P.ld.r, by M D.,t:ri..cp, Captain n f th . • cVeneh \term corvett e Lucliitnidn . The pi ' rotes, u s will b.- seen, have been, taken nn d itri ! 10 be brough t t o th e (J nted State s for trial nn< pniii-hme/it. The rep >rt is dated i.t Nos Beh ' Fcbm icy IT : — • The me n wh o eenmenced this net n f piracy j belon g t o No s Mitzion, chose chief, Istmiare 1 nn s fieqnenl intercourse with the SpiuighCom \ Fifteen yenn ago to-day , I rtood before, t h bridal altar, an d thera pledge d my love, protec- tion, mid support , t o oncof whom I hnvoainc e proved mysel f entirel y unworthy . How well I have kept thos e pledge s tho records of the pas t will show. Then, there wero naught hnt brigh t pro-peets nnd 11 hopeful futur e before me . Then to call again, towards evening. As the ovtining shades were fist wrtpp'rg f e eart h in darkness , Mr. D.inhn m r.gi'n wended h'|s wa y to the poverty-diickai i.bode o f t'.ie drunkard . As he entered th o s:ei: roo m b e in- |.,',-|ict.iiiii||i t u iiuuctunuiu.Quv.umi.iv . * .../.•, , . ... , ., j& , . A .... quired oflho wife as to the stat u of he r huso m 1 . trttmUsmi ea; my bMiaeatv WM good an a pat-;t . ,. ,. , . ,,.ti. .'health. Siorephid, eaifu'ly, thU.li.- Ind been ro is were m u tiply ng. I had,olsovihe warmest, 3 ' - , , . 1 „ . -,../.. nsensible for thoinnit of th.» d iv, nn d dir.ig love of a n »ft«tlonnt o and eonfiding wife, to en- , ns \\ h * ,e u ' [' _, .„ , . ( .„ -., , u . M • .„ tlut it is employe J in silo.-it r '.idi'ig. omunteoth. er w,{y th- t does no i iveognii e toe wifu's ri^jlit 1.1 sharj in th o enjov/neots even o f the fires'de. Look , ye hush up Is, a mo:iii'.lt reniember whj,t yojr wife was when vo n took her . no t from convulsion, -but fro 11 your own choice—,:t elmiee biseo , probably on wha t yon tltun considere d her su;»riority l o n.l tiilu-rs. Shu was young, p-'rhaps ihe i iol o f -i b.-ippy heiti\ ; she iv.ia g-iv .nd I) ithu is the I ;.-k, a id th e b other s and sis - ters a t tier hthor' s fireside e'lerish-d he r as :tn .',j\Ct of en d irnient. Ve t tthe left Jill tnjoin her dostiny w.tb von s ; to m ,ko your Itoinoliap- .•v. nn \ do nil tht w winn's love could prompt ' i n 1 womin's ingi-mitv lV .,,ld d v ise. t.» m c t , >our wiihes , to iiglilti tR-3 hnrd ns w nieh might press upon yo u 10 y.ur pligrimigo. She. o f e-i irsc. had l.er t xpeoi.i',.,,, t 0 ,,. tiiio oonld.K't enter!' i\ fecliegs ivh'eh pr. m s( , t s„4»n iK .| lt with- nut foritjlng soin • id\ , o f re h ,ie,ti ,n o-i \our thotitin, heiv.tsnolm.iiat . sutehewisravng par ,, ,„ ld ai , e d , a cvpt ... t ,J x ^ nM ,,>;,. Jn „, in the wildest manner . Mr . Dunham app-oaehed rj ,,,,, u.uibrm thos e ki. d nlW, o f whu-h yon i th e bedside an d gazed upo n tlie wreteiied man . were so 1 tvish i- ;' ' •••« of bu.,-„Uiinftit. iS'ie ,. I A s he stood thus, Morrison slowly opened hi s bee ,mc ymi r wofe! leit lu-r ow n !i,,nefor yiuliaiJ .ZttttStt2~%£l'ZZ — * hi \ !; ™F : r?'-^S:;;;^,5;;! .. ,_ „ / . b ,1 .„ iraze full upon Mr . Dunham. . n o oilier boumthai ' you r a flections: Itll, it nrnv I the ndf.ee o f other s ; I was ovtretnely sclf-wtll- ^ ^ . ^ ^ fi .^ ^ bi . ,,., car(j A d q ; , - . ,. , ,„,,„„ uf - U]M ^ • ed, and did no t hk o to be controlle d i n an y de - '<• '* •' ,„.,.,,„„„ ,,,,.,1., ..ind nou', what must bo he r f, clings , if sht.rr.ul - i greo. I W.B-1 formed myself-lndepcndetlt; *- u «•» m V w \* ^ ™° \ \V ,V \ ' a '^ wn,k « ,n ,hw «\«*!««' l \'\ vou'l ,J would do Mluwflt; Wtoald continu e a practice->-'^^ *» thu bedjloe! '^f 1 ' 8 f.\ e ' ',her less than before; Uut your evenings n, u ; _„,,„„. . , . . . ,, , „„ tbink\—there wa s a pause—\ I a m flying. 1 spool aoroe.d, thatyou only come houio at a! to i .or abandon it, just as was most agreeable to mc . \» J . , ^ r , Vna dl! . nallf / of s J r , m , r a „j to (illd a 1 1 woul d take a social glas s whenever I feitdis-, ha ^ °-ibuscd, nogicclrxJ, tmsnaca ^ , re , .,„;, p ,. vu ,- o r , 0 ,, r | 1L ,, d v; le 'ii weuv.ur a . posed to , whatever othors might say with regard , \ Don't talk so, William,' sobbe d the wile. |U1| . S( . ,- ol . vour ^ eh-unher when dise:is»i|! | to thu dange r of such a course . What eared I \ Don' t interrup t m o now, \ h o returned, '• for 1 Why did sh e leave th e brigV. hearth\\of- he r forth.*.. Ifanyinjuryresultedlshouldbct,^ only sutfijror.and whose business is it! Would, struggled wildly, wlulo the work o f dissolution p , y t0 A : xn J<uni . 3t0l .|.,.. gs mo;H [ ,. our cUAli<£ii t h it I ha d been th o onl y stifferer. But , alafi! was going rapidl y em One* more h o essayed <^ & caK of.yo.iir children, mid wa-uh over your inewi!, an d li.vi'ig b e n long sport for other s thr,,ogh .is » 1 em n 11 on one of t 1 0 , had bee,nne worn ou i readie d th e fi id scene. g a vein o f geiin •01 traded a li.iiiit o f grea t 1 th - plantation,-no-*' noisu\ co 1 rage me, and t o keep me in the path o f rec - titu Ie ancUftqfJaVity ; vc t ( notvyithstanding all, I full.\ host t )!J us nt a c is oil a plant (tin 1 jutl • e r m m wlin ha d h en a fi boats on tho Mississipp i uui been sold, an d h ul •• th e plantation. \ Pus nploveil lo m k od-H-in .ri-s, lie t-dk 'tiveii\S\.— ing '.;..wi'.l litis b di' t-of-liis hnl to. he hrolcen up . Oi\e r 11, -,ni ! n ing prowd unavailing, th e 1 .-n tea- resorte d lo , and fii'i'i j i n th e ri-si npplici'tion h effect n cure , hid been applied most..f.!a)-.f.ii'.lv n -ectiud time, an.l.a t tliu. lose, niingh d g'U ip..w. lt'-.\ vineg. r rul.'ie.l into h s lil.'er ,tud.(|'iiwi ingfl-ith. In d-spair th e poor wreic'i h.dwai- dored nut. into t h : pnv.nf. and th.\-i\ in hi s de-'e- .hitinn nndlonelines , ha d pensh\d o f his wound.. ir.d th 1 vjld. AH ibis b ,d i.ceurred a few d .j s before ('ID time of In - mrr.'.'e..i. Tut po\ eiX'iliirt li.idah'im.inli..-it . ••in-l this isaCiiri- ti in Inud. \ I fed vO'.i.\ \ 'id ou r t -gree. in con- elusion, f you'r e (Joing 1.. broi k 11 nigger, you've gnl t n takn hitrr^vVns-iie's young.\ iua.hel who ••-s ,- j e i 1 uii'd that h e is a mm, ca n never l'or- e-t t t,v lesson. Diigiisted nod sick rt th e Lrtitnli'y nndlontll- soine coaru'iioss o f Ilis human ogre , I ftepped ou i o l Ih o cabin nn d stood alone o n tl|« river bank. The dar k strea m was flow'm'j; t«ry?nth me; lb(- dens e and gl o uny sw.iuip-fi.resU were standing around m e ; nil iv..s s id, and rnyless, and hopeless. Ncvershnlll forget m y emotion s as I stood ther e i n vilence and iiTone, and asked why a just Gud .should permit such things to be. The # bin.ing prairie just over the tree tops , o n ourf side o f me. wa s rolling u p it s lurid volume s rf| smoke an d (lime, while, in th e opposite hc.*.veiW| the stars wore quietly-sheddingtlieirsilVB'-y ligfrtV, and th e constellation s ascendin g the ski^fStt^ i all wedded t o tho'intoxicating bowl, and<ioi)sc- conceal tho'efmotion he coul d not ronresR; ravol- qiiently stood in no danger f^om it s effects.— ] vingi n hi s min,dthesad histor y o f the decease.', oft'-.o: But I knew not th e subtl e arts of th o destroyer, and I'ta I yet to becom o acquainte d with th e po\v- | er o f appetite . '• Matters wejyi.pn, prosporQtisly fo r a time.— As I have- said* I. waned and le d t o th o alta r my blushing bride D'Arlng tho first year o f our been Then' Mma furnishing so solemn a vvaruiag ag.i.nst t.-.c u :;toxicatir.£ cap . c w. vv. niirried life wo were more than happy. ........ . , - . ., , „ , ... we h ,d somethin g given to „ to strengthen the, •omoltody'a cut off the i.therend o f it. bon d ofnuruiiio.n.tntho origlit little bo y who was soo n nfierwcfeo'mt'd to our fireside. Meanwhile , t'.e subtle destroye r ha d nqt.Veon idle. Slowly but surety was h e obtainin g a footjiold wbieh he ha s trminshantl y rptajnb l oVfr.om^hiit.day to the present , an d yet I 'know.it 110L Stealthily were his approache s made], so n.'uch sa.VdQed, tltat, \ wii'ti, .-.nd unles s y o 1 rdteudlo her wants,and in :':;.T'.' wlv ar.i'Vr.' II' j re t.i.-.:.!,'• LNpeAitioiis you raiw-d by your ntb't'tior.s before ir.:.'.i«~e, \you r.eed i;ot wonder if nhe be dejected and l«?r niiart sink into insensibility; bu t if this fa}-so-, lliir.k well wl;o is tliu can-si of it . Wo r!3jieitt» An V.ah aileron board a man-of-war, after W few wome n ir. »K« inlil-Vrent wive^ whiise laniir, • in fo.tv cr fifty tOhws* \ f the tow-lino, 'TVelin*! haw no t met with some tottttiftl shj«k ; n S mpotionMitiAits Heard to mutter tolby *ho^ ! d.»er e r.ee.oMhni.ghtle,sn«is. aHRfr -iclf-'' Bad raannt-rs- trt me, if I don't think > lnt«band«. .I t i s o-taro«nd|d ..Rinftti lkt*,ii i a'tnS^ jniity n f th u instances o f d nnesii o mjseiy * thB muti is-the .nggfessni' I • . V \ • ' thatti.'.y when G >d shoul d iwhtjB^tVrnng, ijrni pi.ur a;; awful ndinite o osfur ulpte-dark prrivi- iehct . :.i this w.ir'.d. \ WjjfjJS))*i»!l.oth h)i|'n .'ii,.n'o- h^-'d.he^-^M^Jle-a); h o for •tttetii lo t tahe\efv~fff-fljBliuii)bK'.\' ' I afti«r*«rd* iho/oirtW^Sf nt) intelligent ijonlle- ^a^Jfrte%te v ttP8tfeiiih.-.!li! -Bases,' If-hftiir.\\'\*\ 'notiavvsjifiaujsftgtielv iSruuJty; ..\-Yea wi ttpA.mu.-ie n C.iurch niiuualiy expends S50O0 . y§ otiths vile, nneotie, an d less th..n Sl.UOO. •Ji)()' on benevolent objucfb, o r for tho conversio n • if ibe world, eft. 1840, ive employe d 1,500,000 men in th e ^:i'tfvaiiiui nnd m:'.iiiif..clura o f tobacco. \ Hes'pi't'ting th e nature an d effects yf^obicco, Me r«ly cfiieliy upo n the tes'finiony of chemist s ni I physicians of Europe, an d to our\ own land •Vj repute sum o confidence, tnonw»y«r, in whut MC uurgelvt'H havi) Kt-cn, heard, an d known, . Tfw'uie of tub icco' clearly constitutes a vio- '•''>nof th e laws of life, 'physiologic illy mid •>'•• risbphienlly t-onntdered, it s usu i s .1 violation • •: pJiysieal, intellectual, ntidtriimi'l life. V)?iih respeut Ui it s initio!):o'rtthe body, we.say UbHUru: tlie Uif!h, the.'Voice,: and bro-ith. i\ -ij'fMders the TTquids of il).e^nd.there_bv brings on Wtlliounnoss, h Kimkert dheok, a cSdevcrous eyifeA discolored. Rkin.'debility.trembllno; joints , .iiidjilias power enoug h to loiid'tjie system IVoin crimen to fuot with dlseasp. Ifl the esliirtation ofitiueli authorities a s Rush, Twitchell, . Water. hiytae', tiud others , itTafteit leads-fei 'appnple-xyT ofiilejjsy, palsy, heart \ehmplatiits cineors an d Huddati' deaths. Respeettible' plrysietsnd 'have! .(itid, no t less than, fume 20,00 0 annually di e piang ui by the use of this narcotic . , * It injures thBtnina.' This 51 \ci-pas. i f \\'o nn - dereitand th e mutter: 1 , b y ill' inlensi activity and insidhp pbtv^r; 2i b y it s difeci bearing on the nervous arrangement. I n other words, mind is connected.. vsritlLiieweajs-nervoaaro brought in- to intimate conneetfc.n. with t^tai, j}arcotiu; nnd are excited arid : e^spiiSt'oa by ' it s power; an d hence min d is s o disturbedf-pressed. and pjfsViotl onwiird beyond whatib -natural,.^ end^ablir^- and often bronks dowhtfisli n ftver-dnventinitni!, or n n overdriven-engine - braakrAoivn nprtn (he road,' The evils inflicted, nw 4isWdU%deve!op - i.nl. Sometimes tbjoy nppeftt' _j.il : the forms of a trftoehorous raeniory; cfoudi'dr,pBrouptipos, wjmk I iiia^inent, cow^r^e^j/^^jirtj.^^syt-ftS^ ^ e- liitnrn,; antl;BotRe§,iJBi38ilhi\ t yiu. ..mourgfiil oyer- l|irtiw : trtid $tf.pstty t^ifyunyrqtjpsht ktMifc r . -A*yhltli*'.u)f llio'ius,'ine..fa.r-.and-near, elo* fm y every ease may I ifl'3RBIic dnnKs , \ •here ar e Amerfea n 1 s liko brutes , \ .el f improperlyornot,afitfriiaVe-lj^^ifXllScIi ! nstnnces at St. Thomas., Shqm^Mmm^'m--1-1 uch (gtptatrib! they disgrnw'ffiaJteSw' 1 tfrl Sim deserve to *iift latdedt ^«HM«|S8r~ ! •lass of men who eprfhro grater'^ffdMn'iSsa. vcolvo less pa y tha n ti.e 'mffi^&M^ iarlt.abfy bravo arid aj-Tjjp itlietitt##|nfCirjS neir last dolla r With a fetlmv: , rie|fi)pir^isf^- Atnerican »niW»-Aje<Hhtf re, umf Vtav^wL- t a praetiee to fiiitdvy thei r fclhnIns,'t/aMir!rn)i Their coffiuain every inKtiitpe J ;sW c.|w*d vlt h the AiMoricah ftigj ni\ZmwM*%)Mtt w«l„-„/I ll„.ll. It.,...-, „?n^Tp-r.-.-.^-^<s.\rJ'4|«aSl •o-Were as th. The differotico between British np d American , . A Western reporte r give s th e tollowlnsr-tid- ships, is just the difference botweeii Buglish nnd | sfcription of a eoiiflagration.: \.The devastating Autoricain woiiieri. One -is al l g o ahea d and nt- , eJument, unSiitisftud witfr.fto.ida pf wnt-jr, balch kialmeas, trim.tdim , fiaaiignre' headtnnd clear ed&rth Its crimso n tinls,aij.d sprea d Otelievy lift? run; the other, stoui,' rolfesf,- ar»d 'solid, br o id,. of devastation oyer entire.. s9a.ar.es , onOiieeke-LbJ? i'eph,/' U\ero nve pMittUcs i.g.imRt,.tt,bu>,ti)t'yai:i- •fdoitd tetter;fMcino pliQ'i'r.dn.'sn't Ijlw Ui inter- torevdEH th e cotieernx rrf^Ws -t.'llmv plintor , rfnrT the.\.|i«ipei5ty\e(m%ider.(tii>ii i s tho'mily on e \- iny.jprafjtjejil aviiil.. If a mmkldsoiyn nigge r ft i s W» o'yil loss, and h u cJnuot utt'prd t o be- of^-elV\'''- I tnk i no pi^jjarjMOtflArtaiinft-1- 118 \ 0 ciri'iim- st'inces. . They lire n\ t givo't an ex.iinpli'.s of'th ttrd'nrtf? iv'otWAg o f the, sysle n. ciuelvuct- wnaldibe eondeiftrted b v thf gre-tt'ivtss of shve holdfn theras'elses, jmnrttvilvltnfd indtgnrinlfyn 1 - viihii-of espnrU is S9 219 251. T'e valu e of niipi»rts(cigirs only ) §3 5211,512. We eultlv ite 1 .11 .nh'.r.t. A s soon as wu were apprized o f th i tobacco, in 28 n f iha dtates an d Territories ol j vent, w e decided to uWct from Isinii ire th e sm rite U'liiii; tho ciillivat'i.n is o n rapid increase, r md -r o f th e guilty |> irtb-B and of such rrood (n 1851, u-a Misu ! 199522491 lbs . Kaiioun 1 i s ibey miglit hive in -thebUJanila. 'I t iii no t i f eoiisuui|)tion, IO0.0OO.00O Urs. Cost t o th e cm- | way s easy wiih these people (whoaruvery near •sitniBrs. S20030,UOO. Now Yor k c ty pays ly certun of iopiinity } to nbtatn witisfaclionnn -JMOOOO a day forcig-im: §8 SOO for hrt'iid. ''heir misdeeds. They are , t o say , wander)!\. Pn the authority of Of. Coles , I would nd d tribes; nr o vert' little cmrfiied t o their huts md a t th e le 1st fear, they tdtu refuge h i th- highlands where i t is impossibio t o pursu e thru with succt'i.8. At last Idiniarc rompliid with : tolurablf ifuol grace, bu t no t without strata •geiim. IJ e sent u s from Nos Mitzlen all th . eriinin-.ls bu t one, who had suecoeded i n resell •ng Mi d igi.Bi'r; tlier e were fifteen 6fthem- each one of tlii'in brotiglitliis shar e o f thobiSo- ty;.*reC(.lh-i<ted n stirii v.f HOOZ, silver'brae e lets Koine piecc-t n f tortoise shell ; they onl ) 1.10k th e Silver an d eitoh objects a s cnnld be o a sily carfiw! hway, their pirogues no t bein g largr enough to eirry off Ih o merchandize'. * : - At'tet 1 about im honr,M vtrirlt of plundery ther cut down th u nmsis. nnd made us g o f tlft m t< fire ttif vessel, which eontiillft'd biitniilg 'until nex t morning . V^e havo e«t iblisHed a, eotdUiit toe o f inquiry, ill orde r t o obtain a' knoWte.(lj*l of iiiniiu f.o'ts. \and ospediilly^oTnillfe stwerthirt all the men iyho hav e beet) give n u p f-0-iis an- indeed tins giiilty parties. 7VH th e depositionv ng e e totretheT. • The iirst, who WIIH Wkeiialoiii uiid immediately interrogated , i s quitts a- ydiihf/ nvinT^vl«vtltwuigl^fttaR,'atid. i n tlJt!.lirJpea ! l)l' .«£_ ving hia life, ha s eh lively reVonted th e conBpi?ii! ey. ConfroiiU'd with th u others,-vyhbib pbih'ol defence Imd been porfeetly concerted;'-although void of prohnbility. h o obliged them f<i tell'the truth . Confounde d by Ms Rppenrhneo, they'don eealed nothin g further, an d explained to\d* bow they ha d proceeded.- We even know Whokilleo' eneh h dividua l n f ihe crew, The captain* ««d Ms brothe r wore ssBSufc'mated i n th e ftfotn* 'Stlte which the villains Imd in'doced tliem to deacetld on pretenuoot ' buying goridst \ •' ' ',' Thernwei'eliv e pumon^ on'b'oard.nW&ft'^Wfiotri was a ship-boy. Tho latU'r-wa s not'killed,; Iii hitvinsr hit! himself i n thoholn'andperi'ghed^tere . either by firu or. in • t)oB«e0.titf«co- ef'tHcWnKinb of-th o selroon'-y. A snilnr arthed wi,n a'thre r or fum' barrelled rSi*thl, -five;* oflf-BacK iSfl'el snecossivelv. but withou t hitting; any o f the;p i rates, Svaio f whom thre w thcirtkelvWI'lito? ti n son, a t th e fiWTjisT^^iT^euM.lHat hij-wa, hfiont-'t^he'fevrircnfite'. hn 4aerfvtift 1 d'1n 1 (t-r).]!ke s , •wi^e j'tlTP I'tihhVrs teiOght'hiirr'tiear thb'IStil'Wark' imd mncileredh-imo.- : •.- 1 ' • \• » ^'e con Id not ftt)d out t(io precise'diiyon. whit-b ibis crime was' eofnmiUed ; we ate nearl y err . Hiently diet*anon after hjnattu'Ic. iiF.'lwllr4 believe i s the casein al l tri.piyiij ; . , ' , -^ M - ..avo wjtnn^grt with' muc h -'— - •-' • bow of'the ~ 'haphiinat St . fTorts to rjroaiMetnespiruii.'. l tVetf;jjC<>D atMi havo birefi ern'Whed with twucli'>icc)psf, vms& ad fr^&.-itly 1 ifat ««W 'lOltnsthe siiilbfii, W(iieh fullf eqiiyifiM t .ind and cohiddyfnte.^aiftajn's irt .du^JBiotf WMm loroove r that, lll^aieatinj t !iq,iiof JH#MIO«- •rand cauijo of iti»ubordinatiba,ai d aeyers'troaC ncnt . 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